New Playlists, Pages and Navigation: Boy Bands, Gay Man Therapy and My Chart for Nov. 3


This weeks playlists include a 50 year history of boy bands (I think you might be smiling), an effervescent dance party for a 50 something gay man’s birthday (actually made for my friend Joe’s 50th) and my favorite songs this week starting with number one. I like to call it a countup instead of a countdown.

The above Navigation bar has gone through some changes. I’ve eliminated some aspects and added new pages for Music Therapy Playlists, 2019 Playlists and Flashback Playlists.

As discussed before the Music Therapy Playlists can be therapeutic but also have an element of cheekiness to them. Upcoming playlists include “I’m Bryan Adams and You’re Not Therapy”, “Radical Remake Therapy” and “I’m With Her Therapy”.

The 2019 Playlists include the BR250 which includes all songs that have hit that chart in 2019, Genre playlists updated every 2 months and what I call Countups (the opposite of countdowns). They give you instant gratification by starting with #1.

The Flashback Playlists include countdowns of my previous personal charts from 10, 20 etc. years ago. In addition it will feature comprehensive playlists of music from past years. I will be updating playlists frequently. 


By: Radio Tim 
Nov 4, 2019