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Beyond Radio Rock picks Dec. 12, 2016

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This song is the current #2 song on the Untapped Resources Rock chart. Carter was the lead singer of British hardcore punk band Gallows from 2005 to 2011. After that he had a stint as the singer of Pure Love which was more guitar heavy alt rock before forming his own group. The new band incorporates both styles (but not nearly as hardcore as the original band). Check out “Wild Flowers” and “Snake Eyes”. All of these from their debut album “Blossom”.



This London band started off as a hardcore punk band as well in 2007 and have evolved into a more melodic hard rock sound on songs like ‘Had’, “Work For It” and “Criminal” which was a top 25 song on my personal chart about a year ago.



6 piece progressive metal band from Ontario that melds the prog rock of the 70’s with metal riffs and melodic vocals. While ‘Sun’ is a pretty straightforward example, the opening track “Hypnos”, from 2016’s “Coral Throne” album takes the listener on a bit of a ride. “Scared Fires” opens with a nice bass groove.


KISSIN’ DYNAMITE Living In The Fast Lane

This German outfit gets their name from an AC/DC song and have had 4 albums since 2008. While you can probably guess where their style lies they try to be trendy on “Hashtag Your Life” (at least in title). “If Clocks Were Running Backwards” is a classic rock ballad.


ONE OK ROCK    Taking Off

Japanese rock band whose name in Japan means one o’clock. Since 2006 they have had a number of Japanese hits including “Mighty Long Fall” and “Clock Strikes”.


Making inroads at radio and currently all in the Untapped Resources Rock top 10.
STARSET    Monster

POP EVIL    If Only For Now
I PREVAIL    Stuck In Your Head


Beyond Radio Rock picks Nov. 18, 2016

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Let’s start with the latest rock “supergroup” featuring members of Alice In Chains, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan and The Mars Volta (found a cool song from 2012 by them, “Aegis”). The song “Everyone Gets Everything They Really Want” has an interesting sound; a nice groove with a number of different aural textures, not sounding like any particular style of the moment. I likey.

The first single, “Crucifixtion” was released in June and their album “Broken Lines” in September. It debuted at a not super #85. 



This new L.A. band debuted this song in early September and released their EP “Temper” early this month. I like they way the song “Soap” starts off with a propulsive, melodic beat, leading up to a slowed down but tough chorus.


BLAKWALL    Something To Believe In
Can’t find anything about this band on Google. They have released an EP “Covers Vol. 1”. Nice version of the Poison hit here. Also included are remakes of Metallica, Nirvana and Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”.


YOU ME AT SIX    Night People

10 year old pop-punk from the UK who are harder edged than other bands of the same ilk. Over the course of their career each album released has performed better than the last, with 2014’s “Cavalier Youth” reaching #1 on the UK album chart and the single “Lived A Lie” reaching #11 on the singles chart.

They will be releasing their fifth album in early 2017 and have previewed it with the singles “Plus One”, “Give” and the title track. My favorite song by the band is also from 2014’s ‘Youth’. “Room To Breathe” reached #10 on my personal chart.


BLEEKER    Highway

Currently this Canadian band led by siblings Taylor and Cole Perkins is making some inroads on Alternative radio in the U.S., #29 this week. They released 4 albums between 2004-2013 as Bleeker Ridge. Why the name change? They grazed my top 150 in 2014 with the song “Last Cigarette”.

Sixx A.M. vocalist James Michael produced their 2016 album “Erase You”. It features a range of styles from the Royal Blood-esque “Where’s Your Money” to the pop-punk cover of Elvis Costello’s “Radio Radio”. Sixx A.M. also just released a cover of Nilsson’s 1972 #1 hit “Without You” that will be on their upcoming album.


Beyond Radio Rock picks Oct. 30, 2016

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DE STAAT    Witch Doctor

In Dutch De Staat means The State. This band from the Netherlands has put out 4 albums since 2009 and a rather quirky bunch. It’s hard to categorize them. Hard rock-sort of, Alternative-well, yeah. One of a kind-pretty likely. This is one of their most recent singles form 2015.

Blues Is Dead/Make The Call, Leave It All/Peptalk
A trio of songs from their 2016 album “O” that show this ain’t straight forward rock ‘n roll.



UK foursome who have released 3 singles and an EP, have a rocking, yet melodic sound. Not easy to find a lot of info about them. It seems many band websites and Facebook pages eschew a bio keeping the mystery alive.

Stay With Me/Ultraviolet
The current state of radio in the U.S. doesn’t easily find a place for this band. Mainstream rock is more metal driven and Alternative rock is either synthy retro or folk leaning rock, not the grunge or the distorted guitar of the 90’s. 


GREYWIND    Afterthoughts

Moving a little further west we have a sibling duo from Ireland. Steph (vocals) and Paul (guitar) O’Sullivan decided to forge ahead unabashedly with their vision of touring the world after the suicide of their uncle. While odds are usually low and the path long to success, their initial trajectory has been relatively swift. Within a week of uploading the demo of “Afterthoughts” they had industry and radio interest.


Safe Haven/Car Spin
The band has put out 4 singles in 2016, in advance of their full length album which can be pre-ordered through their Facebook page.



After starting out as the band Park Lane in 2007, by 2009 the name changed to the current one, but leader Mike Keller seemed to have a revolving search for the right lead singer. And it seemed elusive. Even working with Evanescence member Ben Moody as producer they stumbled through mediocre success. 2 singles “Zombies In The Sun” and a cover of the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” saw minor chart success. Switching gears, they have brought on female vocalist Alexa Kabazie and this could be the defining moment.

Perfect Life/Mother Misery
These are the first 2 cuts on the recently released album “Worth The Pain” and along with ‘Give’ show a band now with a mission. And the fact that rock radio only has 2 female led bands getting significant airplay, Halestorm and the Pretty Reckless, there is ample room for this band to join them in the upper reaches of the charts. Both of those bands have hit #1 on rock radio. The Pretty Reckless have the current radio #1 with “Take Me Down” and earlier this year Halestorm scored their 4th top 10 from the album “Into The Wild Life” with “Mayhem”.



Jefferson City, Missouri’s Shaman’s Harvest have been plugging away since 1999 with most of their chart success coming in the last 3 years. Their highest charting song “In Chains” came in 2015. They re-leased this song to radio after it’s success.

In The End/Silent Voice/The End Of Me
While recording their most recent album “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns” lead singer Nathan Hunt was diagnosed with throat cancer. Wondering if this trio of songs were written in response to that.


Rapid Rising Radio pick
GHOST    Square Hammer

I featured this band on the Sept. 1 picks list. This song, from their deluxe edition of the album Meliora is currently #29 on Beyond Radio and #11 on rock radio. It’s a nice mix early 90’s alternative and melodic metal. Sounds different than anything on rock radio right now. One of 5 new tracks, also new is a cover of the Eurythmics “Missionary Man”, one of my favs by that band.

Rock picks October 7


BAD SEED RISING             Fighting Gravity

Baltimore newcomers led by 18 year old vocalist Franceska Pastor just released their debut album on Sept. 30. There are a lot more female fronted rock bands than most people realize.

Bad Seed Rising


Last year they were able to secure the end credit spot of the movie Spy with this song. Surprised this got no exposure at that time. Supposedly the youngest band to ever sign with a major label. Not sure about that but I like this song.

Wolves At The Door

If you like melodic hard rock this band might be for you.


NEW VOLUME   Back To Blood

Another new band, this time from London by way of South Africa. The high school friends decided to move to London together in 2013 to pursue their dreams.

One Touch

Interesting that their sound brings thoughts of Young Guns because of the teetering between mainstream rock and alt rock. They have toured with that band.


TWIN WILD         My Heart

Another UK band that first started making waves in 2014.

Another Stranger


THE TREWS         Rise In The Wake

Canadian hard rock band formed in 1997. They released their first full length album in 2003. This is from their most recent studio album in 2014.

Beautiful And Tragic

New single from their greatest hits album “Time Capsule”

Not Ready To Go

Their first Canadian rock #1 from 2003.


WAAX   This Everything

Another female fronted band, this time from Brisbane, Australia. This is their current single. They released their first single “Wisdom Teeth” in 2014.


Holy Sick

Earlier this year they also released a 4 song EP “I For An Eye”. They definite subscribe to a somewhat punkish vibe.


SIXX A.M.            Prayers For The Damned

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue formed Sixx A.M. in 2007 as a side project and now they are 4 albums deep. This song is currently #12 on the rock chart. They have had 5 #1’s on my personal chart.

You Have Come To The Right Place/Accidents Can Happen

The stamp of this band is clearly around the vocals of James Michael. He has been a prolific record producer, songwriter and engineer. He has worked with artists ranging from Kelly Clarkson to Meat Loaf, Alanis Morissette and Halestorm.


Rock picks September 15



Current single from the Kentucky southern rockers who have gone more mainstream rock recently. This is currently in the rock top 40. Their first release was in 2006  and initial single “Lonely Train” was definitely more along the lines of the current songs while their best chart year was 2011 with 2 top 10’s “White Trash Millionaire” and “In My Blood” (a #1 on my chart) along with “Blame It On The Boom Boom” a top 25.

The Way Of The Future

JUNKYARD DRIVE            Drama Queen

Now from the band name and the sound of the song you’d say these guys were also hard rockers from the south. Well they may be from the south of Denmark, their homeland. Their sound is steeped in old school  bar rock.

The Devil’s Boogie Woogie

CHEMIA               I Love You So Much

If you are still in a party rock mood then this song by Poland’s Chemia is certainly one to consider. Interesting that in a review this song was likened to Black Stone Cherry. A humorous video accompanies the song.

She/Fun Gun

These 2 songs display their penchant for melodic hard rock on the edge of metal, non-threatening but certainly not in a bad way.

FANGCLUB         Loner

If you’re looking for some 90’s style grunge-influenced music  you can look to Dublin’s Fangclub.

Bullet Head

2 minutes of Nirvana/Foo Fighters thrash.

YOUNG GUNS   Mad World

This British alternative band burst onto the rock airwaves in 2013 with their #1 song “Bones”. They go between harder material like that and more alt leaning offerings. This single veers more in the hard rock direction.


To date “Daylight” is one of two top 20 songs on my personal chart in 2015. Their most current single (new album being released tomorrow) “Echoes” upon first listen could make a run for the upper reaches of my chart. Both these songs teeter between what is deemed mainstream & alternative rock.

HIGHLY SUSPECT             My Name Is Human

Returning to the States, this time Cape Cod Massachusetts, this preview into Highly Suspect’s second album shows them staying with the formula brought them 2 top 10 singles “Lydia” and “Bloodfeather” (reaching #4 on my personal chart this past April). The photogenic trio, including twin brothers have been compared to Royal Blood and Kings of Leon. Originally a cover band doing the cape and southern Mass. bar circuit, they were nominated for 2 Grammies last year, best rock album for their debut “Mister Asylum” and rock song for previously mentioned “Lydia”.

Bath Salts


Rock picks Sept. 1

DECADE                Daisy May

Some straight ahead pop/rock from Brit band Decade and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.


From their debut CD in 2013 which they self funded.

GHOST B.C.        He Is

Loved this line from their Spotify biography, “a band rife with contradictions, Sweden’s Ghost preach extreme Satanic viewpoints over surprisingly lightweight heavy metal.” This song, which I love (guess I’m a lightweight), fits that bill, sounding like a Christian rock band. Their song “Cirice”  won this year’s Grammy for best metal performance.


FEEDER Universe Of Life

35th single from this Welsh band who have had 5 of their 8 albums reached the UK top 10 and 11 of their singles have gone top 20. Their latest CD will be released on Sept. 30.

Summer’s Gone/Comfort In Sound

My #20 song of 2004 and #67 of 2003. Much of the songs on the corresponding album dealt with the suicide death of their drummer Jon Lee.

POETS OF THE FALL         Drama For Life

Finnish band who have seen all but one of their 6 albums go to #1 in their homeland.

Locking Up The Sun/Carnival Of Rust

Two of the 3 singles that made the Finnish top 3 between 2006/2008.

QUEEN OF DARTS            Can You Get Enough

Four piece band from Adelaide, Australia whose influences include Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age and Soundgarden.

Rock picks Aug. 17

TREMONTI          Dust

Lead by Mark Tremonti, the lead guitarist of Creed and Alter Bridge, the band started out as a solo project. The band has released 3 cd’s since 2012. This was released in April and reached the rock top 40.

ALTER BRIDGE   Show Me A Leader

Formed upon the breakup of Creed, basicallt replacing the lead singer Scott Stapp with Myles Kennedy, one of the best voices in rock music. They have had 6 top 10 songs. This is their just released new single, currently #35 on the U.S. rock chart.

ALTER BRIDGE   Watch Over You

My #3 song of 2009, discovered 2 years after its release. An amazing rock ballad and probably in my top 50 of all time now, definitely top 100. This grazed the Adult top 40 at #40.

MAYFIELD FOUR               Always

The band Myles Kennedy fronted in the late 90’s This was my #21 song of 1998. He was born in Boston in 1969 and grew up in Spokane, Washington. He has also been a featured vocalist on Slash’s mist recent cd’s.

DINOSAUR PILE-UP         11:11

British band formed in 2007 whose sound is most often compared to the grunge scene of the 90’s. 2 of their 3 cd’s charted in both the UK and Japan.

Arizona Waiting

This reached #68 on the Japanese airplat chart in 2013.

SKILLET Back From The Dead

This Christian rock band from Memphis released their first album in 1996. The co-ed band consists of a husband/wife team of John and Korey Cooper plus Jen Ledger on drums and Seth Morrison on lead guitar. They have release 58 singles in the past 20 years with 19 of them reaching #1 on a variety of charts.

THE LIVING END               Keep On Running

Australian punk band formed in 1994, coming out of the same corner of alt rock that Green Day and the Offspring sprung from. With this song they seemed to have mellowed out their sound a bit.

The Second Solution

A #4 song in Australia from 1997. Here you can see the similarity to the aforementioned bands.

STRUTS                 Dirty Sexy Money

Glam rock is alive and well in 2106 thanks to British band the Struts. They have had 2 top 10 alternative singles in the past year, “Could Have Been Me” and “Kiss This”. Their sound is completely infectious and this was one of the biggest songs on my personal chart this summer, spending 5 weeks at #1. An awesome party song and band.

Put Your Money On Me

With influences ranging from Queen to Def Leppard, Oasis and My Chemical Romance, interestingly the band name came from the fact that lead singer/songwriter “struts around a lot”. Think Freddie Mercury/Mick Jagger. This is their current single and has a poppier vibe and could cross over to adult pop radio with the right push.



Rock picks July 31

SUM 41 Fake My Own Death

This Canadian pop-punk band formed in 1996 and reached #1 on alternative radio with their first single “Fat Lip” in 2001 and remains their biggest hit. This is their first release since 2011 and the full cd will be released in October..

BILLY TALENT Afraid Of Heights

Another Canadian band that was born out of the pop punk scene, from 1993-1999 they were known as Pezz, until an American band with the same name challenged them for rights. It wasn’t until 2003 that they released their first full length, major label, cd.

Try Honesty

Their first single from 2003.


This British progressive rock band has put out 11 cd’s since their debut in 1999.

Simple As That


Another this blues rock band hails from long Beach, California, they have seen their best success on the Canadian rock chart, placing four songs in the top 5 between 2011 and 2014. They have also seen European success. There latest cd, “Hollow Bones”, released in February of this year placed in the top 10 in 4 countries, including Sweden, Norway and Finland, while also hitting the top 15 in the UK and Germany. They have failed to reach the top 100 in the U.S. with any of their 5 releases.

GOJIRA  Stranded

Formerly known as Godzilla, this French heavy metal band have released 6 cd’s since 1996. They are noted for their environmentally-themed lyrics. I would imagine not many metal bands can claim that.

Rock picks July 10

MIRACLE OF SOUND       Here We Go Again

Music project of Irish artist Gavin Dunne who is big in the gaming community. This sounds like an anthemic rock song from a musical which is not necessarily a bad thing.

STANDSTILLS      Orleans

Canadian duo that formed in 2009. This has a great driving beat and hook. This went top 5 on rock radio in Canada. Reminds me of  the UK’s Royal Blood.

ROYAL BLOOD   Ten Tonne Skeleton

This went top 30 in Canada earlier this year.

FAILURE ANTHEM            Just A Wasteland

From Greensboro, NC this duo has had 2 rock chart entries in the last 6 months. Lead vocalist JD Eubanks worked as a chef under Wolfgang Puck for a period of time.

3 DOORS DOWN               Us And The Night

Title track from band’s latest cd. Best known for their international hit Kryptonite in 2000, this Mississippi band had a long string of pop and rock hits between 2000 and 2008.

Rock picks June 27

YOUNG GUNS   Bulletproof

British alt band that had a #1 rock song in the U.S. with “bones” in 2013. They have straddled the mainstream rock/alternative fence throughout their career as evidenced by “I Want Out”.

I Want Out

THE HEAVY         Since You Been Gone

This British indie came on the scene in 2009 fueled by “How Do You Like Me Now” which was widely used in TV, film and a Kia Sorento commercial. They incorporate a more bluesy funk rock style.

Turn Up

CILVER  I’m America

Female fronted NY band Cilver grazed the Rock chart earlier this year with this song. Melodic anthemic metal.


Another female fronted metal band with a much more aggressive style. Hailing from L.A., they formed in 2010, releasing 2 Ep’s in 2012 and 2014, with a full length cd in 2015. Intial single “Finally Free” reached the rock top 20 late last year.

ELIXBRIS               Harmony Of The Spheres

Polish metal band who have released three cd’s since 2013. This has classic metal underpinnings without the guttural screams of many current bands.

Rock picks June 20


Canadian band from Halifax, Nova Scotia that formed in 2001 and first hit the Canadian charts in 2007.

Most recently they reached #1 on the alternative and rock charts in Canada with Amerika.

TARJA   No Bitter End

The former lead singer of the Finnish symphonic metal band NIghtwish. She helmed the band form 1997-2004.

SALIVA Tragic Kind Of Love

Also in 1997 Saliva released their first cd with the height of their career from 2001-2009. Their 2 biggest hits from this Memphis, TN band were “Always” and “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

TWIN ATLANTIC               No Sleep

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland this new single has a much harder edge then most of this alternative band’s output so far.

ANDREW WATT Ghost In My Head

This song recently reached the top 40 of the U.S. rock chart. In 2013 he was in a supposed supergroup California Breed with Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple and Jason Bonham of Foreigner & Led Zeppelin.

Here is Midnight Oil by California Breed.

Rock Picks June 6

EMAROSA           Helpless

This band from Lexington Kentucky started out almost 10 years ago with

More of a metal sound and has evolved into a more alt/pop/rock sound

EMAROSA           The Past Should Stay Dead (2008)

ERIC CHURCH w/ LZZY HALE         That’s Damn Rock ‘n Roll

One of my favorite songs of 2015. Other than his vocal no hint of

country here. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm is awesome, every element of this song

hits my buttons.

3 TIMES DRIVEN               Learn To Fly

Christian metal band from Alabama

MANIC BLOOM False Prophet

Independent band from Nashville that has been putting some amazing music

for the last 7 years.

ROYAL TUSK       Fever

Very catchy first single from Canadian band’s latest cd Dealbreaker.