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BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks Nov. 30

Americana, Irish folk-punk, 70’s style classic rock, Alt-folk edginess, quirky Brit pop and folk meets world music, what’s not to love!

Listen to/Watch all the songs featured on this pick list on this YouTube Playlist.


Watkins along with her brother Sean are members of the Americana band Nickel Creek whose 1st album came out in 1993. Isn’t wasn’t until 2000 that they received widespread attention and in 2003 won a Grammy for best Contemporary Folk album. The song “Destination” is from their 6th album in 2014, “A Dotted Line”. On songs like ‘Move’ (with a little mannequin challenge in the video) and “Young In All The Wrong Ways”, the title song from her current 3rd solo album, the fiddle player exhibits a somewhat harder edge than with the band. Not that all her solo material is like that.


FIDDLER’S GREEN    Perfect Gang

Staying in the fiddle mode for a second this German band, formed in 1990, plays straight up bar style Irish folk rock. 15 albums in, they have spearheaded a mini German Irish-folk enclave of bands, including In Search Of A Rose. 2 songs from their latest album “Devil’s Dozen” are “Bottoms Up” and “Down”. In a similar vein the Dropkick Murphy’s have just released a new song “Blood” although more bagpipe than fiddle. 



Moving up north to Sweden we have Imperial State Electric, the latest project from Nicke Andersson. Here they pay homage to 70’s rock, power pop and glam on songs like “Get Off The Boo Hoo Train” and “All Through The Night”. He is also a member of the heavy metal band Entombed and was formerly the leader the Swedish Grammy winning garage rock band Hellacopters.


GIN WIGMORE    Dirty Mercy

Now down under to New Zealand. Wigmore sounds like a harder edged Elle King on ‘Mercy’, her latest single. On the previous “Willing To Die” she employs rappers Suffa and Logic, a song with a haunting mid-tempo groove that would sound great on alternative, AAA or pop radio. It strikes a balance between familiar but different. On “Written In The Water” the sound is completely different but the vocals connect all the dots on these songs.


MAN & THE ECHO    Distance Runner

On their Facebook page they describe their music as oddball pop and if “Operation Margarine” and “Honeysucker” are any indication, the moniker is correct. Retro styles abound and they oh so very British. 


JAIN    Come

This song was a hit in a number of countries earlier this year and it’s sound signifies her multi-cultural upbringing. She was born in France while spending time in Dubai, the Congo and Madagascar during her childhood and teen years. The song is starting to impact at AAA radio and with it’s strummy folkiness combined with the world music feel could mean a left field radio hit in the U.S.

BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks Nov. 8

Listen to/Watch all the songs featured on this pick list on this YouTube Playlist.

BROS    Tell Me

I had featured the Sheepdogs on the last Adult Alternative pick list and when deciding on this one I did not realize that this duo was a side project for the 2 brothers Ewan and Shamus Currie of the band. There is a completely different feel to this project. The Sheepdogs are steeped in classic rock while Bros, still retro, go in a funky 70’s and baroque pop direction. “Tell Me”, “Brazil” and “Sometimes You Got Be Sad” are all different yet paint a cohesive picture for the project.



Joshua Ostrander, L.A. singer-songwriter is Mondo Cozmo. On ‘Shine”, which is starting to impact at AAAradio, he embraces a 70’s folk rock vibe with a slight gospel bent. His other current single “Hold On To Me” is a bit more straightforward. He was the lead singer of the Philly alt band Laguardia (check out “Butterfly”) who put out an album in 2003, and Eastern Conference Champions who released a number of albums between 2007-2015, before going the solo route. “In Search Of Fuller Moons” shows their penchant for heartland rock.




This married folk duo from South Carolina have been kicking around since 2008 and have released 5 albums, including the recently released “Little Seeds”, featuring ‘Know’ and “Botched Execution”. They like to add a harder edge to their brand of folk rock as can be seen on “O’ Be Joyful” from 2012.




Another band that got their start in 2008, this time from Minneapolis. I would also put them in that heartland rock category that was born out of the 70’s. They have released 4 albums to date. “Hurt No More” reminds me of another band in that category, Wild Feathers who were a featured artist in early September.



LAKE KOMO    Milwaukee

Staying with the Milwaukee theme for a moment, this UK band claims disparate influences, including Bruce Hornsby, Kanye West and Thom Yorke of Radiohead. On this and “Weight Of Fear And Doubt” they don’t really sound like any of them.



CRUEL YOUTH    Diamond Days

New three piece girl band from the UK fronted by Teddy Sinclair who used the moniker Natalia Kills from 2010-2014 as a solo artist. Before that she had a single in 2005 under the name Verbalicious. In her solo incarnation she  was going for an alt-pop/Lady Gaga feel on songs like “Wonderland”. With Cruel Youth, on songs like ‘Days’, “Mr. Watson” and “I Don’t Love You” the band elicits an Amy Winehouse meets Elle King through a hip-hop/pop filter kind of sound.



TUNS    Mind Over Matter

We started the list in Canada and end in the same place (geographically and influence era). This time it’s kind of a Canadian “indie rock supergroup” comprising members of 90’s era bands Sloan (who achieved some stateside success), The Inbreds and Super Friendz. On ‘Matter’, “Throw It All Away” and “Mixed Messages” they showcase a harmony based sound that owes much to their power pop predecessors, America (the band) and the Beatles. You can hear that on the 1996 Sloan single “Everything You’ve Done Wrong” as well.


BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks Oct. 15

As is usually the case, thematically this pick list’s flow was not planned. It moves through a number of different styles and goes from female to male. It starts with retro soul, segues into Americana which naturally leads to the male dominated classic rock sound and finally lands in a swirl of dreamy guitar and lilting vocals.


SIMI STONE        Benny

Woodstock, NY native Stone, real name Simi Sernacker is also a touring member of the New Pornographers. As a solo artist she brings a bit of the Motown sound into the modern era.

Natural Grace/Pyramid

More evidence of her sunny pop disposition.

SUFFRAJETT       Cry Baby

Back in 2003 she was lead singer and violinist for this garage rock band based in Chicago, the almost complete opposite of her current style.

THE DUKE AND THE KING             If You Ever Get Famous

She was also in this folk rock band in the late 2000’s. Call her Ms. Diversity.


MELISSA ETHERIDGE       Hold On I’m Coming

Her new album “Memphis Rock and Soul” is a covers record and she shine’s on this reworking of the Sam & Dave hit. While much of her more recent work has gone in a middle of the road direction, this showcases her raspy vocal and funky guitar work.

Respect Yourself (People Stand Up)/I’m A Lover

The album takes songs from the famous Stax Records songbook. Some of Stax artists included Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, The Staple Singers and Isaac Hayes.



Well this Canadian singer sounds as if she recorded this song in that same Stax era.

The First Man/Walk (Back to Your Arms)

More often she veers towards the vintage country sound.



San Diego’s Midnight Pine fronted by Shelbi Bennett won Best Americana album of 2014 in the San Diego Music Awards. This is from the self titled third album.


This song was featured on Bravo’s show “Girfriend’s Guide To Divorce”


GRETTA RAY       Drive

18 year old Melbourne, Australia singer-songwriter. Her new single evokes a Sheryl Crow vibe, a pulsing country-pop, lyrically dense song.

Unexpected Feelings

Her debut EP “Elsewhere” from earlier this year, was more acoustic in nature. Once she finishes high school she plane to go to Nashville to record her full length album.


THE SHEEPDOGS               Back Down

Now the boys. This Canadian band from Saskatoon have a clear classic rock sound, in my opinion most resembling the Allman Brothers. This song pulls from the bluesy Southern rock of that band which if stripped down, would evolve from a similar place of Gretta Ray.

Bad Lieutenant/I’m Gonna Be Myself

All three of these songs have reached the Canadian rock top 20 in the past 12 months, ‘Gonna Be’ reached the top 5.


WHITE DENIM   Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)

Moving down to Austin, Texas this foursome also takes its lead from the classic rock of the 70’s, at least on these songs. This one reached the top 25 on AAA radio.

Had 2 Know (Personal)/Take It Easy

All of these tracks are from the 7th album “Stiff” released earlier this year. Their first record came out in 2008 so they have been prolific in the last 8 years. Older material shows a more diverse group of influences.


STEPHEN’S SHORE            Ocean Blue

Five piece band from Stockholm that actually bring to mind the jangly dream pop of early 90’s band The Ocean Blue. Me thinks this is an homage.

SWIMMING TAPES          Souvenirs

Another five piece, this time from London, playing in the same waters.

THE OCEAN BLUE             Cerulean/Sad Night, Where The Morning?

And here is the influence. This Hershey, Pennsylvania band had four alternative radio top 10’s between 1989 and 1993. “Cerulean” hit #16 in 1991. After a 14 year hiatus in 2013 they released the album “Ultramarine” featuring the single ‘Sad Night’. They followed with another album “Waterworks” in 2014.



BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks Sept. 28

THE DEAR HUNTER          The Revival

This started as a side project for Belchertown, Massachusetts Casey Crescenzo, the keyboardist for emo band The Receiving End of Sirens. This side project is now 7 albums deep and his music sources are varied.

Whisper/A Night On The Town

He was asked to leave his band in 2006 and decided to expanded the scope of the project to a six-album story set at the dawn of the 20th century. The story revolved around the birth, life, and abrupt death of a boy known only as “The Dear Hunter.” Too much to go into here but you may want to delve into his catalogue. Clearly there is a theatrical nature to the band’s music. The lyric video to “A Night On The Town” is a testament to that.




King Of Swords (Reversed)

Being a tarot fan I had to include this song. In tarot the reversed meaning is distrustful or suspicious. The bright an upbeat sound of this song seems to belie that. Although the meaning of belie is to disguise or contradict, so nevermind.

ELIOT SUMNER Information

The daughter of the legendary Sting and actress Trudie Styler released this single in 2015. She released an album called “The Constant” in 2010 under the moniker I Blame Coco.

Halfway To Hell/After Dark

2 songs from the current album, “After Dark” is currently in the Adult Alternative radio top 30.

I BLAME COCO  SelfMachine

Single from 2010 that had minor impact on charts in the UK, Belgium and Germany.

STING   I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Sharing space on AAA radio with his daughter, this is the first single from his upcoming “57th & 9th”, his 12th solo album. Interesting to note, he has necver reached #1 on the album chart in the U.S. as a solo artist but has reached #2 3 times.


VIOLET HILL        Catching Fire

4 piece band from Bergen, Norway. Their Facebook biography states: From warm, grand, and good-feel, to experimental and fascinating; emotionally gripping, and intellectually tingling-the sound and feeling of Violet Hill.


A little U2-ish guitar and then goes into some funky dance rock groove until ending with a sonic blast. This song was used in advertising for the Socchi Olympics


I Just Wanna Dance

Here they go into full disco mode.




This blue-eyed soulster has gotten most of his radio exposure at Adult Alternative. He grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan and in almost porn star fashion his stage name is a combination of his middle name and the street he grew up on (it’s supposed to dog’s name and street, right?).

Maybe So, Maybe No

From his 2009 debut release, this song showcases his general style, borrowing heavily from 60’/70’s soul.

KRAAK & SMAAK f/ MAYER HAWTHORNE           I Don’t Know Why

As you might garner from the band title, these guys are from The Netherlands. They are a production trio that has been putting out electronic music since 2003. This is their latest single.

KRAAK & SMAAK f/ PARCELS      Stumble

This is more the chill side of electronic.


Going in a completely opposite direction is this north Carolina band that has been around for almost 25 years. This latest release from them is more roots rock than their typical tongue in cheek alt-country.

Liquored Up & Lacquered Down/Soul City/Too Much Pork For Just One Fork

These songs show the varied styles they incorporate into their hodge podge of white trash trailer park culture. A little rockabilly, surf guitar, mariachi and more.


I had featured the song “Heading Up High” on a dance picks email in July, a collaboration with DJ Armand Van Buuren and currently in my personal chart top 5. The Dutch rock band usually deals in big anthemic songs like this current single, as evidenced with the fist pumping at the beginning of the video..

Streets/All For Nothing

These 2 songs made my top 40 of the year in 2015, “All For Nothing’ spent 2 weeks at #1.


Their first single from 2010.


This Vancouver based duo has released 4 albums since 2007. In 2013 the band won a Sirius XM award for best blues band of the year.

In And Out Of Love/Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To (Axe Mix)



BEYOND RADIO Bonus picks, Butch Walker: A musical History

Some of these songs are only available on YouTube. Hear all the songs featured on this playlist:

BUTCH WALKER                East Coast Girl/Stay Gold

Butch has had a long and varied career in numerous bands of different styles, solo performer and as a prolific songwriter and producer for a divergent array of artists including Pink, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Katy Perry, Default, The Wombats, Sevendust, Carly Rae Jepsen and Keith Urban to name some. In his solo incarnation he has developed a heartland-ish pop/rock & folk persona. Certainly a Springsteen-esque vibe in the songs here.

Chrissie Hynde

Showing off his acoustic side.

#1 Summer Jam

My #9 song of 2006. From his 2004 album “Letters”. Love the lyrics and the unabashedly upbeat music that juxtaposes them.

1969       Save A Place

Walker was the lead singer and bassist for this band in the mid 2000’s. This is a Breaking Bad compilation video. Not sure if this song was featured in the show as I’ve only seen a few episodes, but it reminds me of “Breathe Me” by Sia, which was amazingly used in the end sequence of Six Feet Under. Made me weep uncontrollably. This is a gorgeous song.

VARIOUS ARTISTS            Open Happiness

From 2009 and written by Walker, this was recorded for Coca-Cola and features Cee-Lo Green, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Brandon Urie of Panic at the Disco, Travie McCoy and Janelle Monae.

MARVELOUS 3  Every Monday

In the late 90’s he fronted this band that had a top 5 modern rock hit with “Freak Of The Week”.

FLOYD’S FUNK REVIVAL                Independence Day

In the mid 90’s he released 2 albums, the second one just under the name The Floyds. Here is goes back to his Georgia roots with a rootsy, funky, classic Southern rock style.

THE FLOYDS        Superman

SOUTHGANG     Tainted Angel

This is part of why I love doing these pick lists. His first “major” band in the early 90’s was hair metal all the way. This video is taken from MTV’s Headbangers Ball, ROFL. It’s actually kind of a fun song. Previously he was in 2 80’s bands, Badd Boyz and Byte The Bullet.

KEITH URBAN    Even The Stars Fall 4 U

Walker produced 3 songs and co-wrote one on Urban’s “Fuse” album. This was my #7 song of the year in 2013.

FRANK TURNER                The Next Storm

Walker was sole producer of Turner’s 2015 album “Positive Songs For Negative People”.

PANIC AT THE DISCO      The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Walker co-wrote this song and co-produced the band’s entire 2011 album. Vices and Virtues. This was yet another #7 song of the year for me. He also co-wrote Fall out Boy’s comeback song “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”.

BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks Sept. 7

THE DIVINE COMEDY     Catherine The Great

This band has been a vehicle for the strange and humorous mind of Neil Hannon since 1989. The band’s greatest chart success in the UK was between 1996-1999 with songs like “Something For The Weekend” and “National Express”. These 2 current singles keep the tongue in cheek going.

How Can You Leave Me on My Own

The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count

Much of the band’s music is of a retro Brit-centric style. This was first released on their 1993 album ”Liberation” and re-recorded in 1999, becoming one of their top 20 hits.

WILD FEATHERS               Help Me Out

Nashville foursome who came together because of a love for Tom Petty, Neil Young, the Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin. They had a top 10 on adult alternative radio in 2013 with “The Ceiling”.

I Can Have You

THE RECORD COMPANY               Rita Mae Young

Transplanted from Milwaukee, Pennsylvania & NY to Los Angeles, this trio is steeped in vintage rock ‘n roll with nice smattering of blues.

Don’t Let Me Get Lonely

This seems straight out of the late 50’s/early 60’s underground rock scene.

CHRIS CORNELL                Our Time In The Universe

Ever since the former Soundgarden lead singer went solo he has dabbled in a myriad of styles. His amazing voice sparkles here on this upbeat, Indian influenced track. This was a recent #2 on my personal chart.

Before We Disappear/Dead Wishes

2 acoustic songs from his most recent album “Higher Truth”.

FAKE SHARK       Something Special

We close out this pick list with another strange band, this one from Canada that formerly was called Fake Shark-Real Zombie! and released their first album in 2007. This video is a fun American Idol spoof.

Cheap Thrills

Bass driven alt-dance song.


Not sure why they changed their name. This has a Chili Peppers feel to it.

BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks August 23

ORION  No One Owns The Sky

OK this is a fun little retro pop ditty, definitely check out the video. In trying to research this I found it is part of a video blog that features campy VHS videos. It also lead me to this guy Jimmy “Orion” Ellis who had a country career, is an Elvis soundalike and wore a batman style mask on all his album covers. Weird stuff.


MOLOTOV JUKEBOX       Pineapple Girl

Natalia Tena is better known as an actress, her first role in About A Boy, more recently she played Nymphadora Tonks In Harry Potter and Osha in Game Of Thrones. Here she is the lead vocalist and accordion player (well that certainly makes sense). The band mixes varied styles but the CD title really says it all, Tropical Gypsy.

Just The Thrill

This falls more in the ska/swing realm.’



Spotify identifies related artists that are often bands no one has ever heard of. I had to check this out and it was well worth it. And I can see how it’s related.

SCENIC ROUTE TO ALASKA           Coming Back

Indie folk-rock from Edmonton Canada

VAULTS                Midnight River

British electronic band that has released to EP’s since 2014. This single was released in early 2016. It has nice easy, hypnotic feel.

One Last Night

This song was featured on the Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack.


Folk rock duo from Texas who have been putting out records since 2011.


BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks August 10

FAST ROMANTICS            Julia

This Toronto based indie band recently won the SOCAN songwriting prize for this single. This is a Canadian music rights organization hosts an annual competition and nominees are picked by a panel of music experts and voted on by the public.  This has a totally retro 60’s/70’s feel to it in the best way and the video features Fred Astaire’s famous ceiling and wall dance.


Funeral Song

OK so I had to feature this as well. Great intro before the song kicks in.

MODERN SPACE               It’s Only A Dream

Another indie band from Canada who released their debut single “Pen To Paper” (also a SOCAN nominee) at the beginning of the year. Their sound is comparable to Fast Romantics. Their use of organ in these songs give them a late 60’s feel. This is the song that caught my attention first, a fun upbeat ditty with an equally fun video. Who can resist a video with Twister, Rock’em Sock‘em Robots and my favorite toy as a kid, Hot Wheels.

Rule Britannia

THE VEILS            Low Lays The Devil

UK band whose first release was in 2001. Lead singer Finn Andrews has been compared to David Bowie and Nick Cave. That comparison is more evident on the second featured song. He will be in the new vesion of Twin Peaks and his father Barry, was a founding member of XTC and Shreikback.


BONNIE RAITT   Need You Tonight

Raitt’s take on the INXS classic. From her 17th album “Dig In Deep”. Her first release was in 1971.

TIGER ARMY      Prisoner Of The Night

In staying with the decidedly retro sounding theme of this picks list, this is totally a late 50’s/early 60’s throwback. This L.A. band’s style is termed Psychobilly which is a combination of punk rock, rockabilly and dark English pop.  Formed in 1996, the only constant member has been singer-songwriter Nick 13.

Forever Fades Away

A #1 song on rabled L.A. rock station KROQ in 2007.

BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks July 12


This is the stage name for Montreal based singer-songwriter Laurel Sprengelmeyer. She was born in Iowa and her music is a blend of folk, pop and art rock.

NEEDTOBREATHE             Hard Love

Christian rock band from South Carolina who have crossed over to adult alternative and adult pop on numerous occasions. This tune should have no problem doing the same with it’s anthemic quality. Last year they teamed up with Gavin Gegraw on the song “Brother” that was a top 20 adult pop and #1 Christian hit.

Great Night

Another new song featuring the band Shovels & Rope, a folk duo also from South Carolina. The new cd is being released this Friday.

STEVE MASON  Planet Sizes

This Scottish musician has been in a number of bands over the years, most notably The Beta Band. This is a breezy, acoustic-tinged song that evokes the calmness of the universe. From his third solo cd,

recorded with Elbow keyboardist and producer Craig Potter.

ELBOW New York Morning

Progressive rock outfit from the UK who have released 6 cd’s since 2001. This is from 2014 and reminds me of 80’s band Marillion.

TOM ODELL        Magnetised

Currently a top 5 song in the UK and top 25 on AAA radio in the U.S. His initial cd “Long Way Down” reached #1 in the UK in 2013 and his just released followup, “Wrong Crowd” hit #2 .

SERENA RYDER  Got Your Number

Back to a Canadian female to round out this week’s list. She received the Juno award (Canadian equivalent of the Grammys) for Best New Artist in 2008.


I believe Elle King owes her some credit to Ryder for her style. Check this out from 2012.

Untapped Resources AAA top 10, July 4

1              THE 1975              A Change Of Heart

2              CLARE MAGUIRE              Elizabeth Taylor

3              DAVID BOWIE   I Can’t Give Everything Away

4              RICHARD ASHCROFT      Hold On

5              COLDPLAY           Up&Up

6              CHEAP TRICK     When I Wake Up Tomorrow

7              MANIC STREET PREACHERS         Together Stronger

8              LAURA MVULA Phenomenal Woman

9              TOM ODELL        Magnetised

10           RUN RIVER NORTH          Run Or Hide

Beyond Radio Tim YouTube AAA playlist, July 10

KT TUNSTALL     All Or Nothing

THE DIVINE COMEDY     Catherine The Great

CASE, LANG & VEIRS      Best Kept Secret

DAGNY f/ BORNS             Fool’s Gold

FRUIT BATS         Good Will Come To You

FAST ROMANTICS            Julia

SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS          Midnight Rider


STEREOPHONICS              White Lies

BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks June 27

THE HEAD AND THE HEART         All We Ever Knew

This indie folk band from Seattle formed in 2009. They had a #1 song on the adult alternative radio chart in 2011 with “Lost In My Mind”. This has just entered the top 10 in airplay.

THE EDITORS      All The Kings

British alternative band that released its first cd in 2005. Their sound is typically of a darker, more goth style than this.

The Racing Rats, from 2008

PANIC! AT THE DISCO    Death Of A Bachelor

Channeling Frank Sinatra on this atypical song from the quirky alt band. More along the lines of the Las Vegas band’s style is “Don’t Threaten Me…” which borrows the classic riff from “Rock Lobster”.

Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time


An instrumental  hip-hop and jazz musical group based out of Boulder, Colorado. They combine electronic beats with live saxophone and drums instrumentation.

TRAIN   What Is And What Should Never Be

Train’s latest cd is a total reworking of Led Zeppelin II.

BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks June 20


This song brings me back to the  Brit rock of the 90’s.

DODGY You Give Drugs A Bad Name

Speaking of 90’s Brit rock, Dodgy have not released a song in about 7 years and had a string of UK hits during the mid-90’s with the biggest being Good Enough, #4 in 1996. These 2 songs are quite different from each other.

Good Enough

THE KENTS          The Stakes

Indie pop band from Ontario formed in 2014. The is their first single, released in April and EP released on June 1. I’ve said it before, so much great music coming out of Canada.

CITY & COLOUR                Lover Come Back

Another Canadian, acoustic folk singer-songwriter Dallas Green released his 1st cd in 2005. This second single from his latest, showcases his lilting vocal style. A gentle song that sounds like summer to me.

Harder Than Stone

My favorite of his so far, from 2013, peaked at #3 on my personal chart. He also had a collaboration cd with Pink last year under the name You + Me, quite a departure for her.

BLITZEN TRAPPER            Mystery And Wonder

Another folk/rock tune from last year’s cd “All Across the Land” from this Portland, Oregon based band. This is their 8th cd release since 2003. They have been always been at the forefront of the alt-country/Americana genre.

Beyond Radio Tim AAA picks June 13

FUTURE STUFF  Act Like You Love Me

THE STONE ROSES           Beautiful Thing

ANGELS & AIRWAVES    Chasing Shadows

JESUS JONES      How’s This Even Going Down?

SHILPA RAY        Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp

GRACE POTTER Look What We’ve Become

LAKE STREET DIVE            Mistakes



BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks June 13

NEW ORDER       Singularity

Long enduring British new wave band. Third single from their 10th studio album Music Complete.

And another from 1988, Fine Time

WELSHLY ARMS               Legendary

A little rock, soul & blues from this Cleveland band

and another, Love In A Minor Key

VIOLA BEACH    Swings And Waterslides

OK so I had no idea when I decided to feature this song that this indie band from the UK all died in a car crash in Stockholm on Feb. 13 along with their manager. Car went off a bridge. Crazy

TIGERTOWN      Lonely Cities

A little alt-pop from Australian newcomers

HONNE                Gone Are The Days

Jazzy alternative from this Uk electronic-soul duo

BEYOND RADIO Adult Alternative picks June 13

LAITH AL SAADI                Morning Light

Singer from the voice, gospel-y blues

LOSING ABBY Since You’re Not Around

Independent band from Miami

TRAIN Thank You

Channeling Led Zeppelin. New CD is Train does Led Zeppelin II

JANE’S PARTY    Coming On Strong

Canadian band from Toronto who have been together for 10 years and released 3 albums,

CHEAP TRICK     No Direction Home

New power pop from the band’s 17th studio album released in April.

May 29th BeyondRadioTim You Tube picks