New Music Recommendations


This week’s recommendations are all from artists who have been around for over 20 years. I’ve made a YouTube playlist that you can access below.

Jeff Lynne’s ELO (he can’t just use Electric Light Orchestra because of legal issues) have released a new album “From Out Of Nowhere” The song “One More Time” is a fun upbeat retro nugget.

Going back even further, The Who have a new song called “Ball And Chain”. This previews their new album “WHO” due out on Nov. 22. This one sounds like it come have come out of the 70’s era catalogue.

If you think of the Tiffany from over 30 years ago you might be surprised by the bluesy “Waste Of Time”, kinda out of the Melissa Etheridge playbook. From the 2018 album “Pieces Of Me”.

Jimmy Eat World broke through with the 2001 album “Bleed American” but their 1st album was released in 1994. “All The Way (Stay)” from their 10th album “Surviving”, is a perfect slice of pop rock with a sax solo that is a nice touch.

80’s hitmakers Simply Red have retrospectively been classified as “Sophisti-Pop”, a variety of artists who mixed Pop, Jazz and Soul. Funny I have been working on a Jazz-Pop Music Therapy playlist so we’ll see what I name it now. “Thinking About You” veers to the dancier side of their style.

If you can believe it, it’s been 25 years since the gargantuan album “Cracked Rear View” by Hootie and The Blowfish came out. Darius Rucker has spent the last decade or so honing his country chops to much radio success. The band has re-grouped for the anniversary and released an album of new music, “Imperfect Circle”, 2 weeks ago. Had no idea I missed them but the heartland rocker “Hold On” is a welcome return. 

About a year ago, Nov. 8 2018 to be exact, Hanson, who also recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, released an album called “String Theory”. It was a mix of old and new tunes recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Some of you may know that I am a big Hanson fan and I’m just starting to digest this album now. The new version of “Where’s The Love” is about to hit my top 10 this week. It will never eclipse the original, one of my all time favorite songs, but it a great version as well. 

Finally, Simple Minds who have surpassed the 40 year mark, also incorporate a symphonic quality of the new song “For One Night Only”. It took 3 years from their April 1979 debut to hit it big with “Promised You A Miracle” but these early purveyors of New Wave has amassed quite a resume including 18 studio albums and 7 live albums. And look, to round out the sampler I’ve included a symphonic version of “Alive and Kicking” from 2018.

Beyond Radio’s Heritage Music Sampler, November 2019

By: Radio Tim 
Nov 14, 2019