These playlists can be therapeutic but clearly some of them are meant to be tongue in cheek. You can follow all my playlists on Spotify by typing beyondradio (as one word) in the search box. Go down to profiles and you’ll see mine, Tim Harris. Some upcoming playlists include “Radical Remake Therapy”, “Put a Little Jangle in Your Step”, “I’m With Her” and “Between a Rock and A Dance Place”.


Fun In the Country Music Therapy

The new Brothers Osborne song “All Night” reminded me that I haven’t posted a new music therapy playlist in a while. This one has been in progress for a while. If you’re in a happy country music mood this playlist should keep the party going all night.

Radical Remake Music Therapy

Just what is sounds like, remakes that turn the song upside down.


From Darkness Into Light Music Therapy

This is a progressive playlist that is meant to be played in order instead of on shuffle. This was inspired by a friend who was in a dark place and was looking for music to embrace the darkness and then move out of it. I would imagine I’ll have other playlists in this progressive style and things move forward. Later this week I’ll have some commentary to accompany the songs on this page.


Your Jazz is Popped with Sophistication Music Therapy

A mix of Pop, Rock, and R&B with Jazz undertones in additional to a sub-genre of music labeled Sophisti-Pop.

40th High School Reunion Music Therapy

An extensive playlist of music from the late 70’s that I made for my 40th.

I’m Bryan Adams and You’re Not Music Therapy

A look back at pop rock over the last 50 years.

Rock Decompression Music Therapy

Made to help you release the rage of your workday.

Positively Happy Music Therapy

A mix of spiritual, positive and happy songs to put you in the right mood for a killer day.

Boy Band Music Therapy

A 50 year history of boy bands (I think you might be smiling)

Music Therapy for a 50 Something Gay Man

An effervescent dance party for a 50 something gay man’s birthday (actually made for my friend Joe’s 50th)