How to use the Beyond Radio website

What is Beyond Radio?

Beyond Radio is the most extensive site for the discovery of new music based on a worldwide audience of personal music chart contributors. Launched in 1995, the site tracks information on over 200 personal charts from around the globe, tapping into the music preferences of a passionate audience. Through the charts and the Beyond Radio “Personal Music Assistant”, the intention is to make the discovery of new music as easy as possible for our readers.  There is a public access side and a member only side to Beyond Radio.

Public Access

On the public side you will have access to the top 50 on each of over 30 charts, plus the BR250 (the 250 biggest songs of the week as calculated from the personal chart contributors), the Curator chart (my personal weekly chart), links to many of the contributors, public playlists on Spotify and YouTube and links to emerging artists websites. With all that it is easy to discover a ton of music and see what the biggest hits are in the world.


Beyond Radio membership benefits a casual music fan that doesn’t have time to search out music, in addition to a true music chart geek. As a member you would have expanded chart information so that can you can view an entire chart, whatever the length. More importantly for the casual fan, as a member you unlock the Personal Music Assistant which allows you to

  1. Discover new music in your selected genres through email. Typically 5 artists and up to 15 plus songs each time. Short bio and anecdotes about the artists and songs, sometimes related to my history as a music chart geek. The frequency of the emails would typically be every 2-3 weeks for each genre.

  2. Access to member only genre pages featuring all the songs sent out via email throughout the year. You would have access to all genre pages, not just the ones selected for email delivery. Spend a quiet Sunday or evening immersed in new music discovery.

  3. Links to private Spotify, Napster and YouTube playlists featuring all the songs plus additional bonus selections.

  4. Membership is only $20 for the year, allowing you to discover hundreds of songs in each genre that may never get played on radio. You can be the go to friend for all things new music or simply not get stuck in the stale radio rut.

How to navigate the site

The main page features previews of the BR250 and monthly genre charts plus a running blog featuring commentary on the weekly BR250 and cool songs to check out. There are also links to affiliate forums, a voting page where you can submit your own favorites.

The pull down menus bring you deeper into the charts

Playlists-Public playlist links

Hybrid-Charts that span multiple genres including Rhythmic (Pop, Dance, R&B & Hip Hop), Heartland (Country, Adult Alternative, Mainstream Rock & Christian) and Heritage (featuring artists with a 20 year plus career, a great way to see if your favorite artists of old are still putting out music).

Untapped Resources-This is my favorite part of the site. These are the songs receiving little or no radio play but impacting our personal chart contributors. Arranged by genre, includes deep album tracks and songs by emerging artists.

BR250-These are the 250 biggest songs each week, spanning all genres. These are the true hits worldwide based on our passionate panel of personal charters. The top 25 is featured on the left side of the main page.

Trending-Another great place to see what is new and exciting. See which songs in each genre are getting the most upward movement based on overall point increase and by a formula based on points vs. # of weeks in release.

Genres-These charts feature the biggest songs each month in specific genres. Links to these charts are also on the right side of the main page.

Curator’s Chart-My weekly personal chart. The top 25 is located on the right hand side with a link to the full chart.

Spotlight Artists-Links to independent and emerging artist’s websites

Flashbacks– Where you can find out about the history of Beyond Radio