A playlist series with a mix of spiritual, positive and happy songs to put you in the right mood for a killer day.

A handful of selections from Positively Happy 3

Betty Boo “Get Me To The Weekend”

Party song that uses the music from Human League’s “Love Action” to great effect.

Lo Moon “Dream Never Dies”

Gorgeously plaintive song reminding us to hold on to the memories of youth and never give up on hope.

Triumph “Magic Power”

We may not all have the magic power of music in us but we can all use the power of music to create magic.

Harry Styles “Treat People With Kindness”

This ’70s inspired 2019 track became my favorite song of 2020 and the video certainly helped solidify its happiness quotient. It exudes joy.

The Wonder Stuff “The Size Of a Cow”

This toe-tapper was a UK top 5 single in 1991