New Direction, New Music Recommendations and an Amazing Artist


I know it’s been a while since I put out music recommendations here. There is going to be somewhat of a direction change coming to Beyond Radio that will be more recommendations and playlists and less chart centric. I have learned through my podcast and the help of others that my focus needs to shift.

I believe that this shift will help me to impact more people on a positive level. The way music affects me is visceral and personal but I now realize that is a gift to share with the world.

Appropriately the next podcast is a showcase for the amazing vocalist and songwriter Caitlyn Smith. It was recorded in May 2018 but maybe it was meant to take this long to get out since just today Caitlyn Smith debuted a new song. It will be featured at the top of the following episode, another Old Man Rant & Rave, hopefully out in a few weeks.

Here, on what is called a side stage episode, I introduce Jeff to my favorite new female vocalist and knowing his love (hiccup) for country music we will see how he responds. I compare her to Sheryl Crow and Maria McKee, we talk about the state of country radio and we side step on the side stage for a taste of cowpunk (Yes it is a thing).

If you are looking for a 90’s hip-hop throwback with a dance beat check the new song from DJ Shadow with De La Soul.

I was looking for a new Electro-Pop fix and found it in the new Joywave song “Obsession”

Here are 2 songs that were elevated by the addition of another artist. First the song “God Only Knows” by For King and Country. There have been EDM  remixes of this song (blah) and one from Timbaland and Echosmith (more blah) but the Dolly Parton version adds an emotional gut punch ’cause she’s Dolly Parton.

With Jack Savoretti’s “Youth and Love” I was lukewarm on the original. Add Mika, a beat  and stuttering disco guitar and BAM!. A fun upbeat nugget.

By: Radio Tim 
Sep 13, 2019