Cure for Gaga


Lorde holds for a 3rd week and the point difference between it and the potential follow ups is large enough that she could hold on 1 more week. Lady Gaga may have the cure for her radio presence and be the one to dethrone based on the explosive week she had this week, 21 adds and a leap from 68-11. Harry Styles had a 3rd week of double digit adds and would seem to be poised to take the lead as I see the Chainsmokers starting to stagnant.

Kendrick Lamar sees another good week, up 22-14, while Royal Blood charges 87-22 in their 4th week out.

Outside the top 25 Paramore has the 2nd most added song with “Hard Times”, moving 214-32. Other big moves into the top 100 belong to Luis Fonsi (189-46), Cheat Codes (133-58), Kendrick Lamar (166-66) and DNCE (215-77)with one of the cutest videos ever.

The return of TLC also cracks the top 100 up to 97 from 313. The song, which also features Snoop Dogg, is sure to bring back memories of the 90’s.

By: Radio Tim 
May 8, 2017