My Latest Personal Chart and All January Charts are posted


I haven’t posted my personal chart since early November and there are a lot of strong songs on it including 2 destined to make my all-time list. In addition, the January charts are all updated with “Blinding Light” moving 2-1 on the BR250. Other #1’s this month include Ozzy Osbourne on the Rock chart, Billie Eilish-Alternative, Dua Lipa-top 2 on Dance and Alanis Morisette on both AAA and Heritage Artists. The 2000 graduates to that chart include Coldplay, Pink and Maroon 5. That band should have been eligible for that chart previously because they were Kara’s Flowers before changing their name.

12           1              LOTTERY WINNERS          Little Things        1              2

After 4 months and only 2 #1’s (Hanson and Glorious Sons) I needed a new song to put me in a different frame of mind. Along comes this slice of pop-rock that belies its lyrical content with upbeat giddiness. I expect this to dominate February. Perfect to get you out of the winter doldrums.

2              2              POETS OF THE FALL         My Dark Disquiet             2(2)        9

I thought this one would hit #1 but not looking likely with the ascent of the Lottery Winners. Still a great  theatrical, moody and propulsive rock tune. This is the 2nd time the Finnish rock band has reached my top 10. In 2017 they reached #8 with “Once Upon A Playground Rainy”.

1              3              HANSON              Where’s The Love (String Theory)      1(6)        16

6 weeks at #1 for a new version of one of my all-time favorite songs with a full symphony. You can’t even know how emotional this makes me. Different enough for it to have its own life on my chart. From the album “String Theory” which re-works 2 dozen songs from their catalog.

6              4              INTERRUPTERS  Bad Guy               4              14

Not a fan of Billie Eilish but this ska version shows that it is a good song. Every element of this version excites me (amazing how off putting Eilish is to me). Once the horns kicked in, I was hooked. 8 weeks in my top 10 and still climbing.

4              5              CLARE DUNN     Money’s All Gone            2(3)        13

Dunn almost got a 2nd #1 on my chart but nothing could eclipse “Where’s The Love”. She’s a country guitar slinger who gets no love at country radio. If you are looking for a car song with the windows down at 75mph crank this tune. If not that a great headphone song.

3              6              KID BLOOM        Sugarcoat            3              18

An easy going slice of late 70’s style pop. It’s amazing how a song can transform you to another place. It makes sense he’s from L.A. considering the laid-back feel. He recently reached #1 on my personal chart with “Does It Make Me Wrong?”

5              7              THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light           5              17

Hard to believe that this is the 1st song by the Black Keys to reach my top 10. The song has the right mix of blues and groove. It’s starting to get some radio love too.

7              8              DEXTER FREEBISH             Save The Last Dance       7              11

This band’s 2000 album “A Life Of Saturdays” is one of my all-time favorite albums. The band hit my top 5 7 times across their 1st 2 albums. I recently discovered their 2010 release and along with this gem I am charting “Wide Awake” (at #22 this week).

20           9              DUA LIPA             Future Nostalgia               9              5

Love that she is changing the dance-pop game. The funk groove of this is just what the dancer in me needs. I love the title and the lyrics are great (future nostalgia is retro and new at the same time). I love that after the bridge at 2:10 the piano is playing a dissonant chords against the chorus. Brilliant! And so great that her disco nugget “Don’t Start Now” is currently in the pop top 5.

18           10           CAITLYN SMITH Long Time Coming           10           4

Well if you follow me you know of my love for Caitlyn Smith (check out the podcast episode Castlist 003 – Ep. 7 from Sept. 13, 2019 if you want to know more). She will be going for a 6th #1 with this bluesy showcase. Like the last song a little after 2 minutes in a guitar solo takes the song to another level.

8              11           THE GLORIOUS SONS     Pink Motel          1(10)      20

What can I say about a 10-week reign at #1? This song punches you in the gut. It should have been a contender at the Grammys for best rock song. “Pink Motel” is my favorite song of 2019 and has earned its place near the top of my all-time favorites.

10           12           DUA LIPA             Don’t Start Now 10           12

11           13           HEY MAJOR        Wax And Wane 11           10

2 Canadian brothers show a lot of promise on this piano driven ditty from their debut album. This still has a chance to turn around and reach the top 10. There’s just so much competition right now.

16           14           ADAM LAMBERT               Loverboy             14           8

Lambert is hitting home runs with his new music. I keep going back and forth between which new song I like the best. There’s a lot of funk in there (and on brand new song “Roses” with Nile Rodgers of Chic). In the last 2 months he’s had 6 songs reach my top 30 (“Superpower” just peaked at #10). This should go higher.

17           15           A GREAT BIG WORLD & CHRISTINA AGUILERA     Fall On Me          15           8

The last time this duo teamed up with Christina Aguilera they reached #5 on my chart in 2014 with “Say Something”. While similar in style, this is a much more hopeful and grander song. To me it also conjures up the people in your life that are gone and the strength they can bestow on you. Just gorgeous.

9              16           THE ZANGWILLS               Sunlight At Midnight       9              26

6 months in my top 150 and this finally peaked last week at #9. The guitar line and chorus over time just embedded in my brain.

13           17           ADAM LAMBERT               Superpower       10           17

14           18           WINNETKA BOWLING LEAGUE   Kombucha          14           17

Another song that has a hooky guitar line while also paying homage to another southern California band, the Beach Boys.

22           19           MISTERWIVES   Coming Up For Air            16           11

This NYC band has been floating around my chart since 2014 but this is the 1st song that has been able to crack my top 20.

27           20           HARRY STYLES    Adore You           20           6

Proving to be the John Lennon of One Direction (there I’ve said it), Styles latest album “Fine Line” is more diverse than his debut and he wears his old soul vibe well. I’m hoping this breezy love song can reach the pop top 10.

24           21           ADAM LAMBERT               Stranger You Are              20           12

28           22           DEXTER FREEBISH             Wide Awake      22           10

26           23           WHITE LIES          Falling Out Without Me 23           10

29           24           ADAM LAMBERT               Closer To You     24           11

25           25           WILDERADO       Surefire 21           16

By: Radio Tim 
Feb 5, 2020