Dua Lipa makes a Big Leap-a on the BR250 for November and the Latest Therapy Playlist


Dua Lipa reaches #1 out of the box on the November BR 250. With a margin of only 12 points, she displaces Post Malone, pushing “Circles” back to #2. Coldplay also leaps into the top 5 with “Orphans”. They also debut 2 other titles in the top 100 with “Arabesque” at #23 and “Everyday Life” at #62.

2 former One Direction boys move into the top 10, with Niall Horan at #5 and Harry Styles at #8.

Billie Eilish releases a new tune, “Everything I Wanted” even while “All The Good Girls” builds at Pop radio and this eclipses that one by debuting at #9. 

Haim debuts at #13 with “Now I’m In It” a song that is poppier and more along their previous style that the jazzy “Summer Girls” which peaked at #28.

Tame Impala place a 3rd song in the top 15 this year with “It Might Be Time” debuting at #14.

The latest Music Therapy playlist is a progressive playlist titled “From Darkness Into Light”. It is meant to be played in order instead of on shuffle. This was inspired by a friend who was in a dark place and was looking for music to embrace the darkness and then move out of it. I would imagine I’ll have other playlists in this progressive style and things move forward. Later this week I’ll have some commentary to accompany the songs on the Music Therapy playlist page.

By: Radio Tim 
Dec 3, 2019