Ho Ho Hanson Holiday, Finally


December is always a time of year for chart slow down as end of year lists start to pop up. This is evident in the top 25 where movement is minimal. Half of the top 10 increase in points and half decrease, most notably Pink. However she also jumps into the top 25 at #18. Also moving in to the top 25 is Portugal, The Man giving both artists 2 songs in that realm. Rita Ora almost keeps pace with Ed Sheeran on point gain bringing her up to #2.

Two rock veteran bands blast into the BR250 this week as Stone Temple Pilots enter at #75 with “Meadow” and Green Day clocks in at #83 with a new song from their Greatest Hits package “Back In the U.S.A.”. Both bands retain their signature sounds and STP’s new lead singer Jeff Gutt has a striking resemblance to Scott Weiland.

With the holiday season in full swing I wanted to highlight a few new Christmas songs. All fun but my favorite being the adorable song “Finally It’s Christmas” by one of my favorite bands, Hanson. It starts in a ‘Glee’ style, goes into the typical Christmas sound and then brings in that oh so Hanson pop rock, incorporating soaring guitar, honky tonk piano and sax. How could it not make you happy.

Next week I will post the BR250 of 2017 along with the regular charts. You might be surprised by the #1 song of the year, or maybe not.

By: Radio Tim 
Dec 13, 2017