Battle of the ladies


Even though Taylor Swift gained more points and more adds over the last 2 weeks she couldn’t manage to leap to #1. Pink has the second most added song and is on 14 more charts than Swift so that sealed the 9-1 move. Just outside the top 10 the Foo Fighters make a healthy move from 195-14 with “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” and have back to back songs as “Run” holds at 13 after its #4 peak.

6 more songs enter the top 25 for the first time including Sara Evans “Marquee Sign” which was a recent #1 on the UR250 and does not look like it will reach the Country airplay Top 50. Its video, however , is getting exposure on CMT. It is also sort of a test of the new untapped resource system. By reaching the top 25 is should be removed from untapped status but I am going to wait a few weeks before I decide to completely remove it.

As I have stated previously songs that reach a certain critical mass in airplay are removed from the untapped arena but if it short-lived then they will be added back in. That is the fate of Julia Michael’s “Uh Huh” this week as it could not reach the top 30 on Pop radio. Currently it is #114 on the BR250, its highest chart position to date.

With the start of fall there are a lot of tent pole releases and they are making their way on the BR250. This includes Beck (#60), Sam Smith (#91), Kelly Clarkson (#92), another from Taylor Swift (#98), , Thirty Seconds To Mars (#125), Zayn (#150), Maroon 5 (#152) and U2 (#219).

By: Radio Tim 
Sep 20, 2017