End of Summer: New Addition, New Playlist and some changes on horizon


As the end of the summer season approaches I have decided to bring in a new feature and change the frequency of the BR250. It has been on a bi-weekly schedule the last 2 months and will remain that way. On the alternating week I am adding the Untapped Resources 250. Since Beyond Radio is more focused on a broad spectrum of new music from around the world and not getting radio exposure this should be a welcome addition.

You can see the first installment on the BR250 page. I am toying with changing the policy for what is considered an untapped resource as well. Clearly “Cut To The Feeling” is a big Beyond Radio hit, peaking at #2 for 5 weeks (with virtually no airplay) while there are 6 songs in the top 25 that are considered untapped. With the current policy U.S. airplay saturation is the sole factor in determining if a song graduates from untapped status.

The state of music consumption has certainly shifted away from radio being the only indicator and international hits can be easily added to individual’s playlists on streaming services. I also believe the personal chart community is a great indicator of what great new music is available.

I hope as the changes unfold it will free up more time for me to put together playlists and genre specific pick lists that I have been doing for the last year. With that I have put together an End of Summer New Music playlist on Spotify, YouTube and Napster (search Beyond Radio New Music End Of Summer Edition).

Also expect a Beyond Radio 250 playlist and Untapped Resources playlist in the coming weeks.

By: Radio Tim 
Aug 26, 2017