Big moves and the song of the summer?


As I play the summer catch up game we see some nice moves within the top 25 including, Calvin Harris, The Killers, Lorde, Kesha, Dj Khaled, Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert. I would imagine we may see more volatility on the next chart planned for Aug. 21. After that I should go back to a weekly chart schedule.

I have to admit that Arcade Fire at #1 was a surprise for me, but certainly not unwelcome. While ‘Despacito” is arguably the song of the summer it seems that the radio non-starter “Cut To The Feeling” which sounds like a summer classic, and “Feels” are impacting the broader Beyond Radio community more. The return of the Killers also is a nice upbeat change of pace for the band.

It’s great to see the diversity in the top25 that sometimes seems to be lacking pop radio.

By: Radio Tim 
Aug 11, 2017