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Beyond Radio’s Untapped Rock Charts

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Untapped Rock Chart  
March 19, 2018 through April 9, 2018

NEW 1SLAVESI'd Rather See Your Star Explode57959.5
112FOO FIGHTERSThe Line29956.59
13A PERFECT CIRCLEDisillusioned13722.6
44ROYAL BLOODLook Like You Know10629
25QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEFeet Don't Fail Me29551.95
NEW 6REDGone1484.5
57ANDREW WKMusic Is Worth Living For13484.5
NEW 8ROYAL BLOODHole In Your Heart36480.76
179THE GLORIOUS SONSSawed Off Shotgun14480.26
2210THE GLORIOUS SONSJosie25456.08
35011JUDAS PRIESTNever The Heroes5454
NEW 12PEARL JAMCan't Deny Me3450.33
8013OCEANS OF SLUMBERThe Banished Heart10415
914BLACK PISTOL FIRELost Cause25407.25
3016QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEDomesticated Animals11387.25
2317UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRAAmerican Guilt10373.68
1218JUDAS PRIESTLightning Strike13370.68
1619A PERFECT CIRCLETalkTalk9349.85
2520ALERT THE MEDICWhat Are The Odds?18338.25
321ANDREW WKEver Again9336
1822MYLES KENNEDYYear Of The Tiger16331.28
22623QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEHead Like A Haunted House27330.5
12924UNDEROATHOn My Teeth6328.75
7025NINE LASHESBreaking Out8327.5
3726DEDHate Me10326.68
727FOO FIGHTERSSunday Rain11321.25
5928NIGHT RANGERComfort Me17314.75
16329STONE TEMPLE PILOTSRoll Me Under9310.25
2730GOODBYE JUNEGood Side18294
5732SCORPIONSFollow Your Heart19278.75
8533JUDAS PRIESTFirepower6277
9234STATIC SHIFTWide Awake10263.81
15435HAREM SCAREMThings I Know6252.5
NEW 36W.E.T.Urgent1250
15037GOLD FRANKINCENSE & MYRRHStuck In My Suicide10250
3938DUKES OF THE ORIENTStrange Days11250
11139OCEANS OF SLUMBERThe Decay Of Disregard10250
31540RED SUN RISINGFascination5246.25
5441TOTOSpanish Sea13243.25
642GREEN DAYBack In The U.S.A.20238.05
10943STONE FOXESFight16236.75
NEW 44JUDAS PRIESTEver Never Dies1231.25
NEW 45PAPA ROACHNone Of The Above48231.25
9446MEMPHIS MAY FIREVirus23231.25
4747STEVE WALSH w/ JEROME MAZZANow Until Forever14231.25
3349DIAMANTEHad Enough6224.75
NEW 50SEVENDUSTDirty3222.86