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Beyond Radio’s Untapped Rock Charts

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Untapped Rock Chart  
October 30, 2017 through November 13, 2017

72QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEFeet Don't Fail Me7880.34
23JET & THE BLOODY BEETROOTSMy Name Is Thunder14747.54
34ALERT THE MEDICCorporate Kid19622.76
65REVOLUTION SAINTSLight In The Dark9546.9
126MARILYN MANSONWe Know Where You F'ing Live8538.1
107NIGHT RANGERRunning Out Of Time14473.3
928ROYAL BLOODHow Did We Get So Dark?11472.1
179THE DARKNESSSolid Gold10439.3
410FOO FIGHTERSThe Line7432.8
811QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Evil Has Landed11419.28
1312THE USEDOver And Over Again8396.3
1613ROYAL BLOODHook, Line And Sinker24389.6
1814PROPHETS OF RAGERadical Eyes8380.3
1915GRETA VAN FLEETFlower Power11379.5
3716REDStill Alive6366.05
917HARRY STYLESKiwi25338.68
2818ADELITAS WAYNotorious10329.8
2219DIAMANTEComing In Hot14327.5
4420HAREM SCAREMOne Of Life's Mysteries4327.1
NEW 21BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUBLittle Thing Gone Wild7325.92
1422GUNShe Knows10322
10423AIRBOURNEHotter Than Hell2318
2025TRIVIUMThe Sin And The Sentence11310.4
2726LEPROUSFrom The Flame10299.5
2927ONLY SHADOWSFight Milk4288.33
5628JACKYLRedneck Punk3286.3
4329PINNACLE POINTDamage Is Done7280.8
5930ARCANE ROOTSIndigo7279.3
2331THE DARK ELEMENTMy Sweet Mystery6277.1
10732L7Despatch From Mar-a-Lago3274.7
4536CRAZY LIXXWalk The Wire14263.4
6837BLOODLUSTDeath The Conqueror3261
3838WAAXWild & Weak24260.1
3639ELEPHANT STONEManipulator62259.5
NEW 41FOO FIGHTERSSoldier1253.7
4042LIONSVILLEShow Me The Love18253.3
2643PAPA ROACH f/ SKYLAR GRYEPeriscope23251.7
2444NIGHT RANGERDon't Let Up29249.3
4245TARJAAn Empty Dream16244.4
3546SHINEDOWNBlack Cadillac10243.7
NEW 47TUSKYYou Will Not Regret This (Please Hold Still)4239.82
6948BLOODLUSTBlack Hymn To Death3235.8
3249ALICE COOPERGenuine American Girl12229.6
16450PROTECT THIS CITYWhy Do We Fall2226.5