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Untapped Rock Chart  
October 31, 2018 through November 30, 2018

11WITHIN TEMPTATIONThe Reckoning11547.34
1152BRING ME THE HORIZONWonderful Life6522.09
173GRETA VAN FLEETLover, Leaver8495.59
34RED SUN RISINGVeins31432.37
375THE DIRTY NILThat's What Heaven Feels Like6412.83
NEW 6VIRGINMARYSLook Out For My Brother4404.88
NEW 7SLIPKNOTAll Out Life4381.34
2438GRETA VAN FLEETYou're The One5378.92
1429CELLAR DARLINGInsomnia5377.19
211A PERFECT CIRCLESo Long And Thanks For All The Fish31355.58
13912THE BLACK MOODSBella Donna11353.4
614THE BLUE STONESBlack Holes (Solid Ground)19322.6
10115DISTURBEDA Reason To Fight6312.97
24216P.O.D.Listening For The Silence5301.92
1317LIVELove Lounge21297.51
NEW 18LORDINaked In My Cellar4281.25
6119SHININGSmash It Up!5281.25
NEW 20WITHIN TEMPTATIONRaise Your Banner3274.38
NEW 21VREIDSokrates Must Die4260.16
NEW 22GRAND DESIGNLove Shouldn't Hurt35260.16
NEW 24DIAMANTEBulletproof4246.09
4025PALAYE ROYALEYou'll Be Fine9242.83
NEW 26LIPZGet it On4232.03
NEW 27SEVEN SHOTS FROM SOBERSouth On Sierra4231.41
8828THREE DAYS GRACERight Left Wrong35227.57
NEW 29DOG FASHION DISCOAlbino Phino3218.59
730CHEVELLESleep Walking Elite7218.25
NEW 31EURINGERDetroit And Only halfway Thru The Tour3217.97
NEW 32W.A.S.P.I Wanna be Somebody4217.97
NEW 33RIVAL SONSBack in The Woods3217.19
4435JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTSFresh Start12212.8
2936TOKYO POLICE CLUBSimple Dude13211.72
837THRICEOnly Us11210.81
NEW 38BONAFIDEStraight Shooters4206.72
NEW 39REBEL DUCKRockstar4196.94
NEW 40FOLLOW TH CIPHERTitan's Call4195.47
1041SMASHING PUMPKINSSilvery Sometimes (Ghosts)11194.71
NEW 42HORISONTBoston Gold4193.75
NEW 43HORISONTWithout Warning4184.22
NEW 44KOBRA AND THE LOTUSLosing My Humanity37184.22
NEW 46LUCIFERCalifornia Son27174.38
14647TENACIOUS DHope9169.28
12049JONATHAN DAVISBasic Needs21162.92
NEW 50HORISONTNight Line3157.34

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