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Beyond Radio’s Untapped Hot AC Charts

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Untapped Hot AC Chart  
May 29, 2017 through June 12, 2017

11ED SHEERANGalway Girl102833.2
22HURTSBeautiful Ones42353.26
43IMAGINE DRAGONSThunder31872.65
34STEPSScared Of The Dark91464.23
165HAIMWant You Back21287.26
57BLONDIELong Time8828.95
108PARAMORETold You So2740.5
149SERENA RYDERElectric Love4726.15
1510KRISTIAN KOSTOVBeautiful Mess7713.37
1111ONEREPUBLICNo Vacancy2708.1
1212MICHELLE BRANCHBest You Ever9693.8
913MUNAI Know A Place23647.19
714JOHN MAYERStill Feel Like Your Man10603.27
815MICHELLE BRANCHHopeless Romantic14600.4
3217JOHN MAYERIn The Blood4527.5
2118SCOTT HELMANKinda Complicated7523.38
1919ONE OK ROCKAmerican Girls8488
1720RUTH B.Superficial Love38477.18
1821LADY GAGAJohn Wayne29457.9
3722LUCIE JONESNever Give Up On You16450.98
1324SHEPPARDKeep Me Crazy9417.4
3125CEMETERY SUNSleeping It Off11412.7
2726OLLY MURSYears And Years25395.6
4327O'G3NELights And Shadows2395.57
5928HANSONI Was Born1385.3
10729SAFETYSUITPerfect Color-1379.3
3330STEPSStory Of A Heart4369.34
4431JACK SAVORETTIWe Are Bound4366.73
2232THE KENTSSomething About Her20364.5
4633INCUBUSState Of The Art7364.21
4034MIGHTY OAKSBe With You Always10349.8
4835ONE OK ROCKI Was King8345.9
2936ROBBIE WILLIAMSBruce Lee27343.1
2037DANNY GOKEYIf You Ain't In It20336.2
3838JAMES TWEx13329.6
10139HARRY STYLESSweet Creature2315.5
27940NATHAN TRENTRunning On Air-1313.32
2641BIFFY CLYROFlammable18312.06
4242KATE VOEGELECatch Me On Fire5312
2443HIFI SEAN f/ CRYSTAL WATERSTestify19309.7
5744TEXASTell That Girl6309
2845TWIN WILDAnother Stranger36307.3
3646CROWDERShouting Grounds8289.3
3047TAKE THATGiants13287.6
4148THE 1975A Change Of Heart60287.49
6150MICHELLE BRANCHFault Line6271.2