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Beyond Radio’s Untapped Hot AC Charts

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Untapped Hot AC Chart  
May 1, 2017 through May 15, 2017

11ED SHEERANGalway Girl102386.65
NEW 2STEPSScared Of The Dark92137.7
233HURTSBeautiful Ones41404.15
85JOHN MAYERStill Feel Like Your Man10863.59
96BLONDIELong Time8829.18
57MICHELLE BRANCHHopeless Romantic14827
48MUNAI Know A Place23813.34
39TAKE THATGiants13797.45
4910SERENA RYDERElectric Love4724.49
611LADY GAGAJohn Wayne29712
1413MICHELLE BRANCHBest You Ever9599.1
1214SHEPPARDKeep Me Crazy9598.74
6415PARAMOREHard Times4565.23
716BIFFY CLYROFlammable18562.38
1317ONE OK ROCKAmerican Girls8537.5
2118SCOTT HELMANKinda Complicated7536.37
1619RUTH B.Superficial Love38485.26
2020TWIN WILDAnother Stranger36446.6
2921THE KENTSSomething About Her20443.5
2722DANNY GOKEYIf You Ain't In It20423.8
1523HIFI SEAN f/ CRYSTAL WATERSTestify19411.7
1824JULIA BRENNANInner Demons23378.91
3025SHEPPARDWe Belong27371.1
3126CEMETERY SUNSleeping It Off11365
2427LINDSEY STIRLINGLove Is Just A Feeling10356.8
2628MIGHTY OAKSBe With You Always10352.1
1729EMELI SANDEHighs And Lows14345.5
2230AMY MACDONALDDream On18329.89
2831ADELEAll I Ask77328.6
3732ROBBIE WILLIAMSBruce Lee27322.6
6033THE MAINEBad Behavior8321.2
7934INCUBUSState Of The Art7319.13
4535OLLY MURSYears And Years25306.7
3537KATE VOEGELEWorld Stops Spinning5295
6338JP COOPERPassport Home5284.4
3439LITTLE HOURSWater10282.6
8240THE 1975A Change Of Heart60278.16
4641HALF THE ANIMALSaturday Night12274.4
4442AMERICAN AUTHORSI'm Born To Run29273.9
43435 SECONDS OF SUMMERThe Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place20273.8
7744JORDAN GABLEDidn't Mean It4264.8
6945SEPTEMBER 1987.Bad Dream Baby5259.1
1946JP COOPERSeptember Song28255.63
13747KATE VOEGELECatch Me On Fire5250
11248JACK SAVORETTIWe Are Bound4248.78
NEW 49LANYGood Girls10248.6
8850CROWDERShouting Grounds8248.5