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Beyond Radio’s Untapped Country Charts

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Untapped Country Chart  
October 30, 2017 through November 13, 2017

11RUNAWAY JUNEWild West27885.6
22RAELYNNLonely Call24760.6
43HUNTER HAYESRescue18621.4
734THOMAS RHETTMarry Me3560
55JOE NICHOLSNever Gets Old15468.2
106MORGAN EVANSKiss Somebody12435.85
127JON PARDIShe Ain't In It67435.57
68JUSTIN MOOREKinda Don't Care65418.7
39GARY ALLANMess Me Up23400.1
1610DELTA RAENo Peace In Quiet31385.9
3911KANE BROWNHeaven2377.9
1412NASHVILLE CAST f/ LENNON & MAISYTennis Shoes12367.5
813LAUREN ALAINADoin' Fine38363.38
714SHANIA TWAINSwinging With My Eyes Closed14358.15
1115TYLER FARRI Should Go To Church Sometime24336
916DIERKS BENTLEYWhat the Hell Did I Say21315.2
2317RYAN KINDERStill Believe In Crazy Love9310
1318JANA KRAMERI've Done Love10293.7
NEW 19CAMDiane1292.4
5820THE LAST BANDOLEROSRiver Man4283.3
3621THOMAS RHETT f/ RHETT AKINSDrink A Little Beer2282.2
6822JERRY KILGOREHag2269.6
3223JOEY FEEKSee You There26264.1
8224KANE BROWNFound You2261.4
2126SHANIA TWAINWe Got Something They Don't14255.04
3327JESSE LABELLEAnother You4247.2
3528THE LAST BANDOLEROSFly With You4243.5
3729MAREN MORRIS f/ VINCE GILLDear Hate4236.55
7730OLIVIA LANEWrong Girl2234
1531LADY ANTEBELLUMHeart Break22226.34
4132THOMAS RHETTLike It's The Last Time12220.7
17733CODY JINKSNo Words10213.6
1734SARA EVANSMarquee Sign21210.9
5035HUNTER HAYES f/ THE SHADOWBOXERSYou Should Be Loved4206.7
NEW 36CYNDI LAUPERHeartache By The Numbers1202
1837CHARLIE WORSHAMCut Your Groove31196.7
2438RYAN HURDLove In A Bar27196.5
4639RONNIE DUNNThat's Why They Make Jack Daniels6195
4540MONTGOMERY GENTRYBetter Me3193.7
4741MEGAN MCKENNAFar Cry From Love8192.8
5142KANE BROWNHometown7192.4
2543ASHLEY MCBRYDEA Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega24192.2
5644DYLAN SCOTTHooked10187.59
2046LITTLE BIG TOWNFree14180.2
9947JAY ROBIt's A Redneck Thing2175.9
4448LUKE BRYANWhat Makes You Country2175
3149GLEN CAMPBELLAdios26174.8
1950KELSEA BALLERINIHigh School5173.3