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Beyond Radio’s Untapped Country Charts

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Untapped Country Chart  
January 16, 2017 through February 6, 2017

22CANDI CARPENTERBurn The Bed4742.8
33JENNIFER NETTLESHey Heartbreak13476.1
77JESSIE JAMES DECKERLights Down Low66335.9
88BROTHERS OSBORNEIt Ain't My Fault3272.1
99SETH ENNISWoke Up In Nashville7257.4
1010DAVID NAIL w/ BROTHERS OSBORNEGood At Tonight16256.6
1111RYAN FOLLESEPut A Label On It13249.1
1313RONNIE DUNN f/ KIX BROOKSDamn Drunk18200.19
1414STEPHANIE QUAYLEDrinking With Dolly21191.3
1515MORGAN WALLENThe Way I Talk16188.8
1616DEAN BRODYTime4184.56
1717HUNTER HAYESYesterday's Song12179.99
1818AARON WATSONOutta Style-1174.8
1919GEORGE STRAITGoin' Goin' Gone13160.1
3620MARTINA MCBRIDEJust Around The Corner43312
2222LOVE AND THEFTCandyland12143.3
2424DREW BALDRIDGERebound17129.7
2525LINDSEY STIRLING f/ DAN & SHAYThose Days6127.8
2626LOCASHRing On Every Finger9124.68
NEW 28CONWAY TWITTYSlow Hand3243.1
2929LUKE COMBSHurricane16120.48
3030CHRIS LANEHer Own Kind Of Beautiful8118.5
3131DALLAS SMITHSide Effects6114.2
3232MIRANDA LAMBERTUgly Lights2113.9
3333MO PITNEYEverywhere20109.2
3434RYAN KINDERKiss Me When I'm Down12107.8
NEW 35RICKY SKAGGSHighway 40 Blues3230.5
3838MARTINA MCBRIDEWe'll Pick Up Where We Left Off2102.3
3939DOLLY PARTONOutside Your Door18102.3
4040CHRISTIE LAMBFlamethrower1101.2
4141HIGH VALLEYI Be U Be5100.9
4242AARON LEWISNorthern Redneck3100.7
4343RYAN KINDERSorry3100.4
4444CHRIS LANEAll, The Time399.8
4545MIDLANDDrinkin' Problem-295.3
4646BROOKE EDENDiamonds1395.1
4747CHRIS YOUNGUnder The Weather890.1
4848FAREWELL ANGELINAIf It Ain't With You789.5
4949TIM HICKSSlow Burn687.41
5050JAKE OWENAmerican Love1886.9