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Beyond Radio’s Untapped Resources Alternative Chart

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Untapped Alternative  
March 6, 2017 through March 20, 2017

22DEPECHE MODEWhere's The Revolution?62489.52
33BIFFY CLYROFlammable92189.85
64TEMPLESStrange Or Be Forgotten81622
45BRITISH SEA POWERBad Bohemian101297
106MALLORY KNOXCitalopram (Better Off Without You)91278.4
97MAXIMO PARKRisk To Exist81143.5
128BLOSSOMSHoney Sweet301118.4
79SLOWDIVEStar Roving91110.6
2110CIRCA WAVESFire That Burns71020.1
511THE XXSay Something Loving10993.95
2312VANTDo You Know Me?92913.5
813GROUPLOVEGood Morning26902.33
2714DECLAN MCKENNAThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home9882.89
1715PHANTOGRAMSame Old Blues19774.72
1516THE ORWELLSBlack Francis8763.6
2917BONOBO f/ NICK MURPHYNo Reason8698.7
1118THE BEACHESGive It Up18658.8
9619COINI Don't Wanna Dance3640.7
2420CIRCA WAVESWake Up16620.4
20721THE AMAZONSBlack Magic3620.2
3122ARTIFICIAL PLEASUREI'll Make It Worth Your While9604.5
3723MUNAI Know A Place14581.09
5024LOWER THAN ATLANTISHad Enough14576.11
4825AFISnow Cats19568.48
6726GRIMES f/ JANELLE MONAEVenus Fly66565.3
5827RAG'N'BONE MANSkin6558.05
4328DESPERATE JOURNALISTResolution9552.3
2629LONDON GRAMMARRooting For You10544.08
1330THE AMAZONSLittle Something16540.1
3331DEAF HAVANAFever7535.6
1633THE JESUS AND MARY CHAINAmputation13520.7
3034DAY WAVEWasting Time17507.8
2235KAISER CHIEFSWe Stay Together21507.6
9037SUNDARA KARMAFlame88501.4
4938HOLLERADOBorn Yesterday10490.69
2039CRYSTAL FIGHTERSGood Girls20486.1
28240CIGARETTES AFTER SEXAffection8473.3
1441A TRIBE CALLED QUESTWe The People17460.85
3242RUN RIVER NORTH2953459.9
11243THE CREASESEverybody Knows8459.1
2544HARLEAYou Don't Get It8458.1
3945JAPANDROIDSNear To The Wild Heart Of Life18455.1
NEW 47PRONOUNA Million Other Things1443
6048RUN THE JEWELSThursday In The Danger Room5438.8
6249PENGUIN PRISONShow Me The Way74431.6
13250THE HEYDAZEHurt Like Hell9429.58