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Beyond Radio’s Untapped AAA Charts

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Untapped AAA Chart  
January 16, 2017 through February 6, 2017

11KINGS OF LEONFind Me9628.3
33MAGGIE ROGERSDog Years6595.35
55ELBOWMagnificent (She Says)1582.8
77KENSINGTONDo I Ever13426.5
88LEONARD COHENYou Want It Darker12389.65
99LAURA MARLINGSoothing1379.5
1010THE SHINSDead Alive7350.1
1111AGNES OBELIt's Happening Again5331.4
1212HANNAH GEORGASEvelyn3322.6
1313LONDON GRAMMARRooting For You-2316.4
1414FOXYGENFollow The Leader4305.55
1515IMAGINE DRAGONSLevitate3301.7
1616LIVWings Of Love7270
1717THE DEAR HUNTERKing Of Swords (Reversed)51246.2
1818GRETTA RAYDrive14245.85
1919SAM ROBERTS BANDFiend11241.96
2121DU TONCKeep Movin'-1238.8
2222BLUE RODEOI Can't Hide This Anymore5235.4
2323JUNIOR EMPIREWest Coast11218.4
2525THE SHINSName For You-2201.9
2626JAMES ARTHURSay You Won't Let Go15198.72
2727COLDPLAYA Head Full Of Dreams42198.6
2929GABRIELLE APLINMiss You6182.7
3030NORAH JONESFlipside16182.38
3131LETTERS TO CLEOCan't Say10181.3
3232LOUISE BURNSStorms-1180.4
3333BON IVER33 God14175.36
3434KATE BUSHAnd Dream of Sleep (Live)4174.7
3535THE FRANKLIN ELECTRICI Know The Feeling3169.4
3636THE DEAR HUNTERThe Revival16168.2
3737LPOther People2167.4
3838THE XXOn Hold6166.91
3939JASON ISBELLGod Is A Working Man39155.3
4040THE DEAR HUNTERA Night On The Town13153.2
4141TENNISIn the Morning I'll Be Better-2149.8
4242JACK SAVORETTII'm Yours3149.5
4444BEAR'S DENDew On The Vine14147.4
4545C DUNCANOther Side1143.9
4646RYAN ADAMSTo Be Without You-1142.6
4747BROSTell Me8141.3
4848SUNSET SONSRemember100141.2
4949KINGS OF LEONWalls12139.4