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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Monthly Rock Chart  
August 31, 2017 through September 30, 2017

1481.22811FOO FIGHTERSRun4
1458.1431752FOO FIGHTERSThe Sky Is A Neighborhood2
1330.072623QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Way You Used To Do4
1223.092844NINE INCH NAILSLess Than3
924.519105GRETA VAN FLEETHighway Tune4
729.132756DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979Freeze Me3
714.6316117HIGHLY SUSPECTLittle One13
694.012138ROYAL BLOODLights Out6
675.271279ROYAL BLOODI Only Lie When I Love You4
659.521411710QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Evil Has Landed2
640.6917611STONE SOURSong #35
633.5419912RISE AGAINSTThe Violence5
598.814813GREEN DAYRevolution Radio11
586.1326 NEW 14NOTHING BUT THIEVESAmsterdam1
553.4112415ROYAL REPUBLICBaby4
508.35143216NOTHING MOREGo To War3
499.995617SKILLETThe Resistance2
493.08112218ALERT THE MEDICCorporate Kid3
471.63102720PROPHETS OF RAGELiving On The 1103
434.241921NIGHT RANGERDon't Let Up6
419.8472122ARCANE ROOTSOff The Floor3
405.710 NEW 23PLACEBOLife's What You Make It1
355.0272525NICKELBACKMust Be Nice4
353514626SHINEDOWNBlack Cadillac2
340.4693327PAPA ROACHAmerican Dreams5
331.364628THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRASomething Mysterious3
318.1471430ROYAL BLOODHook, Line And Sinker5
281.8195931PALAYE ROYALEGet Higher3
281.0298232KORNBlack Is The Soul3
277.8473433PAPA ROACH f/ SKYLAR GRYEPeriscope4
273.6666634THE DARKNESSAll The Pretty Girls3
268.53 NEW 35REVOLUTION SAINTSLight In The Dark1
257.537136ALL 41After The Rain4
248.561018137SEETHERBetray And Degrade2
241.2652038SKILLETBack From The Dead17
237.79263039THE NATIONALThe System Only Dreams In Total Darkness5
235.94621440DON BROCOTechnology2
235.7661741METALLICANow That We're Dead10
235.782424210 YEARSNovacaine2
232.433143WHITE WIDDOWLast Chance For Love6
219.238444ZOLA JESUSExhumed3
215.5257045GREEN DAYTroubled Times9
214.1459446STYXHundred Million Miles From Home3
210.29714947THEORY OF A DEADMANRx2
207.121831749THIRTY SECONDS TO MARSWalk On Water2
204.86422850THE DARKNESSSolid Gold2