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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Monthly Rock Chart, March (to date)  
March 31, 2017 through April 30, 2017

3178.82921INCUBUSNimble Bastard3
2518.22212NICKELBACKFeed The Machine3
1897.518243SEETHERLet You Down2
1661.21584PAPA ROACHHelp3
1482.410195MAN WITH A MISSIONDead End In Tokyo2
1420.91666BREAKING BENJAMINNever Again10
1260.51337GHOSTSquare Hammer8
1234.26129NIGHT RANGERSomehow Someway4
1193.914410SHINEDOWNHow Did You Love9
1181.79911METALLICAMoth Into Flame8
1145.375612NEW FOUND GLORYHappy Being Miserable3
1056.2141113MASTODONShow Yourself3
1010.3101014THE PRETTY RECKLESSOh My God9
844.47715THRICEBlack Honey8
770.76254516TWENTY ONE PILOTSHeavyDirtySoul4
748.533917ONE DESIREHurt3
739.6132218HIGHLY SUSPECTMy Name Is Human8
725.272620KORNTake Me9
723.861321THROUGH FIREBreathe7
714.48542122IMAGINE DRAGONSBeliever2
707.632024KNIGHT AREAMemories4
644.982826SKILLETBack From The Dead12
632.4173227CIRCA WAVESFire That Burns4
62371628GRACE MITCHELLKids (Ain't Alright)4
612.8620629ROYAL THUNDERApril Showers2
600.836330WHITE WIDDOWWild At Heart4
59774231AMY LEELove Exists2
594.776832YOU ME AT SIXGive10
592.8313833WAAXSame Same5
580.8731335DANKO JONESMy Little RnR3
562.526236BODY COUNTNo Lives Matter2
558.858037GREEN DAYTroubled Times4
544.841438CRYSTAL FAIRYCrystal Fairy3
541.9315639PAPA ROACHCrooked Teeth7
52932341GIRAFFE TONGUE ORCHESTRAEveryone Gets Everything They Really Want12
52781842METALLICAAtlas Rise6
515.6515843AT THE DRIVE-INIncurably Innocent2
515.472744SIXX A.M.We Will Not Go Quietly6
514.944645HELLYEAHLove Falls5
511.787946ALTER BRIDGEMy Champion13
510.9417247RED SUN RISINGAmnesia8
508.387848ART OF ANARCHYThe Madness8
48023749PRIDE OF LIONSAll I See Is You4