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Monthly Rock Chart  
May 31, 2021 through June 30, 2021

1941.336641MANESKINZitti E Bouni1
1221.8619172FOO FIGHTERSMaking A Fire17
1106.7917253GREEN DAYPollyanna2
1065.662114ROYAL BLOODTyphoons19
923.959 NEW 5VOLBEATWait A Minute My Girl0
790.0331116WOLF ALICESmile6
782.381397MAMMOTH WVHDon't Back Down9
778.231038DAUGHTRYHeavy Is The Crown11
756.291429ROYAL BLOODBoilermaker7
679.8381010GRETA VAN FLEETHeat Above15
647.8514811THE BLACK KEYSCrawling Kingsnake6
629.4910412RISE AGAINSTNowhere Generation11
6056 NEW 13POPPYFear Of Dying (Jack off Jill)1
576.95151915ALL TIME LOWOnce In A Lifetime10
561.5112 NEW 16NOTHING BUT THIEVESFutureproof-1
552.263917AYRON JONESMercy16
512.5292618ROYAL BLOODOblivion4
485.1562119CHEVELLEMars Simula6
481.9371820SEETHERBruised And Bloodied44
439.9652921CLEOPATRICKFamily Van5
433.3654622RISE AGAINSTThe Numbers4
429.7341423THE PRETTY RECKLESSAnd So It Went20
428.844824SAVE THE WORLDMiss Muse2
415.634025MAMMOTH WVHYou're To Blame16
402.195726CHEVELLESelf Destructor21
39538627MOON FEVERPayphone Blues4
387.6351529THE PRETTY RECKLESSOnly Love Can Save Me Now15
377.5551230EVANESCENCEBetter Without You13
373.8103631BLIND CHANNELDark Side14
347.8247532ROYAL BLOODMillion And One4
343.0863134ANY GIVEN SINThe Way I Say Goodbye8
338.854 NEW 35SPIRITBOXSecret Garden0
335.5252036TEENAGE WRISTEarth Is A Black Hole30
324.654137DIRTY HONEYCalifornia Dreamin'11
314.2763539THE OFFSPRINGLet The Bad Times Roll15
289.713 NEW 41WOLF ALICEHow Can I Make It Okay0
287.0423443EVE 6Can We Combine5
286.9252444FOO FIGHTERSNo Son Of Mine21
286.4418545NIGHT RANGERBreakout1
283.242746FOO FIGHTERSMedicine At Midnight17
281.0848447LILITH CZARAnarchy5
270.849548ROYAL BLOODLimbo10
267.664549TEENAGE WRISTWear U Down16
260.986650FOO FIGHTERSWaiting On A War19
260.934585110 YEARSThe Unknown44
260.071112752BOWLING FOR SOUPGetting Old Sucks (But Everybody's Doing It)3
259214553FOO FIGHTERSCloudspotter17
257.623854KEITH WALLENDream Away18
251.7531656MICK JAGGER f/ DAVE GROHLEazy Sleazy7
248.629057FEE WAYBILLHow Dare You16
247.3533358THE BLUE STONESSpirit15
2472 NEW 59POPPYEat-1
239.2213660WE THE KINGDOMCages10
236.1668961CITIZENDeath Dance Aprroximately8
233.626662GHOSTLife Eternal12
227.6216363CHEZ KANEBetter Than Love11
226.65126864THE BAND CAMINO1 Last Cigarette13
226.1835365CHRIS CORNELLShowdown24
2242 NEW 66AC/DCWitch's Spell28
224216267MIDNITE CITYAtomic13
223.6212569SPIRITBOXCircle With Me5
223.238370THE VIOLENTImpression8
221.171223871KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKERHollywood Sucks3
218.8315172MANAFESTSave You9
216.03743473ANGELS & AIRWAVESEuphoria2
211.3468174DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979One + One17
2102 NEW 75RAMKOTAm I Alright Now0
205.78311876THE TREWSI Wanna Play6
205.4144977BRING ME THE HORIZONTeardrops31
200111078BEHOLD THE BELOVEDClenched Fists15
20016579DIAMANTEGhost Myself51
200111280RECKLESS LOVELoaded40
20019981THROUGH FIRESick And Tired9
200110082TOKYO MOTOR FISTMean It46
198.345483TEENAGE WRISTYellowbelly19
195.9635084DEAD POET SOCIETYCoda9
192.363021185WILLOW f/ TRAVIS BARKERTransparant Soul5
186.4332288BLACK VEIL BRIDESFields Of Bone7
185110489A KILLER'S CONFESSIONRemember17
182.79412690THE SHEEPDOGSKeep On Loving You5
181.9835191BEARTOOTHThe Past Is Dead10
181.624392THE RELENTLESSCat's In The Cradle6
176.891115293KINGS OF LEONEchoing15
175.91630194THE VACCINESHeadphones Baby2
175112295ARCHETYPES COLLIDEYour Misery17
17512896LILITH CZARLola8
175113497THE LETTER BLACKRise11
173.2217298THE RELENTLESSRookie5
171.4211999FEE WAYBILLMeant To Be Alone16
169.6357100FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHDarkness Settles In4
168.4332102LIGHT THE TORCHWilting In The Light6
1681128103BILLY TALENTI Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)61
1651203104BLUE OYSTER CULTEdge Of The World10
1651204105CHEZ KANEToo Late For Love19
1651192106DEVIN WILLIAMSEvery Eye10
1651176108LACEY STURMState Of Me15
1651207110SERJ TANKIANRumi5
160.62106111FEE WAYBILLFaker35
159.035109112THE BLUE STONESOne By One10
156.86256113CHRIS CORNELLJump Into The Fire24
156.242297114BIG STORYLosing Sleep2
1551218115DEMON HUNTERI Will Fail You (Resurrected)10
1551231116MEMPHIS MAY FIRWatch Out6
1551 NEW 118THE WARNINGChoke0
154.952257119BAD OMENSNever Know34
153.45247120ROYAL BLOODTrouble's Coming36
151.984 NEW 121BREEZERAlive0
149.983263122FOUNDRYNot This Time13
149.162 NEW 123MUSECitizen Erased1
148.81121124CHRIS CORNELLSad Sad City24
147.283245125GEMINI SYNDROMEDie With Me8
1471154126EARSHOTBeen A Long Time9
1471111127HALESTORMLong Live Rock10
1471222128KISSSword And Stone (1896 Demo)8
1471133130MANORAWired To Obey15
1471232131MULLETT80's Girl7
141.84382133BADFLOWERF*** The World12
141.297102134LIFEHOUSECut & Run8
1391191135BITE THE BULLETFalling7
1391195137LACUNA COILBad Things (Live)7
138.43 NEW 138ARCHITECTSDead Butterflies19
138.23165139OH! THE HORRORTears of Gold13
134.42148140THE ARMEDAn Iteration7
1311155142HARDLINEFuel To The Fire4
1311171143TETRARCHYou Never Listen16
1311196144THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRAIf Tonight Is Our Only Chance44
126.33362146MYLES KENNEDYIn Stride14
1241345147GREY DAZEMorei Sky5
1241 NEW 148RED FANGArrows1
1241156149REMEDY DRIVEDragons15
124178150THE MAVENS f/ LILITH CZAR & STARBNDERSI Don't Believe In Love6
122.333 NEW 153FOZZYSane0
1201209154CARVE A PATHBloom4
1201210156TEENAGE WRISTSilverspoon42
119.2285157POP EVILBreathe Again27
119.041 NEW 158THE BARE MINIMUMBitter Pill1
1181249159EPICAThe Skeleton Key8
1181219160EVANESCENCEFar From Heaven7
118197161JENNA PARRThe Runaway15
1181 NEW 162OF MICE AND MENObsolete19
1181274163ORIANTHIRescue Me18
1181214164TOUCHLet It Come8
117.16363165BLACK PISTOL FIRELook Alive15
114.364 NEW 166THE REYTONSAntibiotics0
113.4269167CITIZENI Want To Kill You18
113.252200168CROWN LANDSRight Way Back11
112.81287170KALEOBreak My Baby70
112173171CREYEFind A Reason17
110.283336175DAMN TRUTHThis Is Who We Are Now11
108.74115177THE BLACK KEYSGoing Down South4
108.362159179TEENAGE WRISTTaste Of Gasoline26
106.21291181TOKYO MOTOR FISTBlow Your Mind8
104.16192183CLEOPATRICKGood Grief23
1042215184ECONOLINE CRUSHFight Like The Devil21
1021190185ANTHONY VINCENTLike A stone7
1021169186PARADISE NOWYoung Guns15
1021266187STAN BUSHNever Give Up17
1021124188STARDUSTCan't Stop Lovin' You24
101.482225189ATREYU f/ TRAVIS BARKERWarrior11
98.725217191FRANK TURNERThe Gathering3
98.5310281192THE NEIGHBOURHOODStargazing24
97.61234195THE LONELY ONESChange The Station9
96.362108196BLACK VEIL BRIDESScarlet Cross26
96.173441197THE GLORIOUS SONSDaylight2
941 NEW 198DEE SNIDERI Gotta Rock (Again)1
941220199EVANESCENCEWasted On You58
941265200FIT FOR A KINGLocked (In My Head)39
90.92235201RUN THE JEWELS f/ ROYAL BLOODThe Ground Below48
90.61182203SYSTEM OF A DOWNGenocidal Humanoidz30
87.242331206TIGERCUBBlue Mist In My Head7
871293207ABOVE ONLYListen Friend4
871167208DEATHLESS LEGACYLegion Of The Night2
87193210THE OFFSPRINGThis is Not Utopia6
86.82188211HONEYMOON SUITEFind What You're Looking For48
85.261187212PUSCIFERBullet Train To Iowa7
84.62 NEW 213SORE LOSERSYeah Yeah yeah1
84.32287214THE REYTONSJealous Type17
84172215CHEZ KANERocket On The Radio15
841183217MASSIVE WAGONSChanges5
841260218RECLAIM THE DAYSentenced To Life7
82.293 NEW 219DU BLONDEAll The Way0
811320220SCOTT STAPPRed Clouds14
79.383228222TEENAGE WRISTNew Emotion11
79.381255223BRING ME THE HORIZON f/ BABYMETALKingslayer29
781259224FIGHT THE FADEOld Wounds7
781389225PENDRAGONAfraid Of Everything1
781323226SAINT ASONIASay Goodbye15
77.12431227LOUIS & THE SHAKESLosing My Mind2
76.52413228TALK SHOW HOSTCrisis Actors4
751322230GREY DAZESometimes61
751286231THE DEVIL WEARS PRADAChemical61
74.521267232CHRIS CORNELLPatience45
73.5155234THE DIRTY NILBlunt Force Concussion34
73.182164235ALL GOOD THINGSFor The Glory7
72.61303238GREEN DAYGraffitia67
70.81240239MEET ME @ THE ALTARHit Like A Girl8
70.61349240JOHN ELEFANTEStronger Now2
70.61 NEW 241LACUNA COILApocalypse (Live)1
70.562356242GIRLFRIENDS f/ TRAVIS BARKERWhere Were You12
70.1223237243MANCHESTER ORCHESTRABed Head15
68.61216245CORY MARKSBlame It On The Double4
67.79571247KINGS OF LEONThe Bandit21
67.21414248THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENTEnd of The Great Credibility Race2
67.082251249TIGERS JAWHesitation19
662137250ANDREW W.K.I'm In Heaven4
65.952309251DANKO JONESI Want Out10
65.942382252JAWS THE SHARKLoose Change2
65.225198253DAYTIME TVZombie6
64.21292254WASTING TIMEGrow Up3
63.61123255RECLAIMERSSay What You Will19
60.61332256ATTACK ATTACK!All My Life24
60.61 NEW 257BUCKCHERRYHellbound0
601353259FIDDLEHEADMillion Times7
59.61 NEW 262MASTODONForged By Neron1
58.81328264FEAR FACTORYDisruptor7
58.61256265ALICE COOPERSocial Debris16
58.24261267KINGS OF LEONStormy Weather13
57.6359269EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGSupernormal11
57.61230270MARSHMELLO f/ A DAY TO REMEMBERRescue Me24
56.642384271THE ANIX f/ JULIEN KYour Lies Are Like Fire2
56.523359273HOLDING ABSENCEBeyond Belief11
55.81304275MOISTTarantino (Bullet Kill Sex Love Thrill)17
55.61 NEW 276PERTURBATORDeath Of The Soul0
55.51335277GRIFF CLAWSONChasing Highs5
55.51392278TIGERS JAWLemon Mouth25
55.51279279VANITIESWasted All My Days3
55.43152281VAMPIRE MONEYOutcast Club14
551348282AC/DCThrough The Mists Of Time28
551 NEW 283DIRTY HONEYTied Up9
53.571252284THE DIRTY NILDoom Boy39
53.41367285ALBORNCause To Create8
53.41347287WHITESNAKEWell I Never14
53.3911340288WEEZERI Need Some Of That6
53.2210452289ELIZA & THE DELUSIONALSYou3
52.8142290MAMMOTH WVHFeel5
52.81412291SUMO CYCOBystander6
52.51373292TEENAGE WRISTWasting Time11
52.41 NEW 294AUTARKHClouded Aura0
52.21166295DON BROCOManchester Super Reds No. 1 Fan2
52.031271296CHEAP TRICKBoys & Girls & Rock N Roll11
50.642272301BOSTON MANORBrand New Kids23
50.61381302FAME ON FIREI'm Fine13
50.61254303PAPA ROACHLast Resort Reloaded17
50.41 NEW 304FASTEST LAND ANIMALAnswer In My head1
501314307THE ARMEDAll Futures16
49.51421308PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETSHymn For A Droid11
49.341158310KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARDIntrasport26
49.2195311ASHLEY PURDYSever The Ties13
48.751 NEW 312NEW YEARS DAYBreak My Body43
48.422371313BABY STRANGEClub Sabbath18
48.413385314BLAME MY YOUTHFantastic34
48.182317315THE FOXIESScrews4
47.942324316MILLINGTONSnow Miser/Heat Miser19
47.822399317MXPXCan't Keep Waiting7
47.81401318ZERO THEOREMSilence is Golden2
47.41 NEW 319CANDLEBOXMy Weakness11
47.21454320GORIJAThe Chant1
47.13430321BILKBad News4
46.51409322PREY DRIVEO.M.G.10
46.51354323RANDELLSHoliday In the Sun3
45.761227325THE OFFSPRINGBreaking These Bones4
44.665483327TRAGICALLY HIPOuch1
44.11488328VIAGRA BOYSAin't Nice32
43.734532329YONAKACall Me A Saint3
42.81444332SWEETStand Up4
40.922415334ORANGE SKYLINEShine On8
40.81436335WE ARE PIGSMoot5
40.622262336NINTH WAVEI'm Only Going To Hurt You6
40.41 NEW 337JOE SATRIANIConflicted12
39.92280338HOLDING ABSENCEIn Circles10
39.662289339LILHUDDYThe Eulogy Of You And Me15
39.31451341WEEKEND DEBTNobody Everyone2
39.041497342GORIJABorn For One Thing11
38.863520344WEEZERAll The Good Ones4
38.78137345PALAYE ROYALENightmares In Paradise8
38.463377346THE SUBWAYSFight4
37.784484347I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MENew Invention34
37.21337348AMENDS f/ LAURA JANE GRACEWalking Backwards3
36.361350351CITIZENBlue Sunday15
36.31202352ARCHITECTSLittle Wonder14
36.291306354CHEAP TRICKLight Up The Fire18
35.651363355KINGS OF LEON100,000 People21
35.41405357FIDDLEHEADHeart To Heart6
35.21278358ESCAPE THE FATELightning Strike6
35.161288359THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENTWhen The Dust Settles5
35.044435360BOXTELESYou Can't Fall In Love For The Sake Of It15
34.655428361ARKELLS f/ K.FLAYYou Can Get It10
34.224290364THE SHERLOCKSEnd Of The Earth8
33.891504365GRETA VAN FLEETMy Way, Soon34
33.75236367THE SNUTSGlasgow8
33.664244368WORKING MEN'S CLUBX8
33.41456369DIAMANTEAmerican Dream3
32.942443370THE MUCKERSSo Far Away15
32.342585372NOTHINGFamine Asylum30
32.041465375AGAINST THE CURRENTThat Won't Save Us30
31.81142376STYXCrash Of The Crown4
31.621139377THE OFFSPRINGWe Never Have Sex Anymore8
31.043417378THE DATSUNSDehumanise4
30.643208379INHALERCheer Up Baby11
30.61467380ISLANDMy Brother3
30.361360382CITIZENBlack And Red12
30.142525383KALEOHey Gringo6
301501384BUTCHER BABIESLast Dance5
29.765253385SPORTS TEAMHappy (God's Own Country)6
28.21418386A CAUSE IN DISTRESSParaffin4
28.21423388SPANISH LOVE SONGSOtis16
27.181407389HOLDING ABSENCEAfterlife12
27.181487390MOGWAIRitchie Sacramento19
26.22 NEW 391BILKI Got Knocked Out The Same Night England Did0
25.863524392THE ROSADOCSSettle Down4
25.21450394DIRTY FENCESHeartache Parade4
24.31307396AFILooking Tragic14
24.31529397THE PALE WHITETake Your Time37
24.241 NEW 398A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATHBelieve In Something (You Are Lost)1
23.131199400A DAY TO REMEMBEREverything We Need17
22.921511401SLATER & FILSOh Yeah!13
22.51538403THIRTY SECONDS TO MARSHail To The Victor2
22.321587404GORIJAInto The Storm5
21.422531407MOLLY AND THE KRELLSExpectations26
21.181528408SHAMEWater In The Well25
21.181523409TIGERS JAWCan't Wait Forever12
20.581514410MOVEMENTSSkin To Skin9
20.271491411RED CITY RADIOApocalypse, Please!24
20.243480412THE RASMUSBones2
20.162485413MIDDLE KIDSToday We're The Greatest11
20.12519414CREEPERMy, My, Hey hey (Out Of The Blue)2
201508415BEABADOOBEEWorth It38
201542416TOPOGRAPHIESFalse Desire21
19.981241417DIRTY FENCESOne In Ten7
19.981510418THE REYTONSBroke Boys Cartel13
19.51513419DEAD DEADSDeal With Me8
19.381173420ZERO 9:36Adrenaline25
18.842547421JUSTIN COURTNEY PIERREFootsteps8
18.352364422SAID THE WHALEHoney Lungs10
18.32464423CULTURE WARSLeave Me Alone27
17.881 NEW 425NINTH WAVEEverything Will Be Fine22
17.763580426WEEZERGrapes Of Wrath17
17.281449428THE PALE WHITEThat Dress12
16.51351429GLASVEGASShake The Cage7
16.51568430THE PALE WHITESonder6
16.174453431SMASHING PUMPKINSRamona31
16.163394432BLOXXEverything I've Ever Learned9
15.882530433DOGLEGKawasaki Backflip64
15.841410434NOTHING BUT THIEVESCan You Afford To Be An Individual?30
15.662563435BEAR GHOSTBig Town Banky Blaine's Rockabilly BBQ18
15.162552437THE WRECKSOut Of Style61
14.881457438THE BLUE STONESLet It Ride37
14.761316439GOLDPARKBeautiful Desperation11
13.741212441SHADEJump Into Heaven8
13.62500442YOU ME AT SIXSuckapunch26
13.11539443DZ DEATHRAYSFear The Anchor10
12.542503445CHEEKFACEWe Need A Bigger Dumpster4
12.41630447IDA MARIADirty Money2
11.941573448TYLER POSEY f/ PHEM & TRAVIS BARKERShut Up11
11.916611449WOLF ALICENo Hard Feelings2
11.821492450INTO IT. OVER ITWe Prefer Indoors21
11.581596452SIR SLY f/ GARY CLARK JR.Citizen16
11.341575453SALEMWilliam, It Was really Something3
11.221577454LILHUDDYAmerica's Sweetheart5
11.21534455HARU NEMURIBang18
11.11586457YUNGBLUD f/ MACHINE GUN KELLYActing Like That25
10.956597458WILDERADOHead Right11
10.71591460BARTEES STRANGEBoomer39
10.71615461FERRAROSugar Rush21
10.71540462IDA MARIAI'm Busy5
10.51621463L.A. RATSI've Been Everywhere1
10.381589464WE WERE SHARKSOver This7
10.32509466NOTHING BUT THIEVESImpossible37
10.21592467IDLESModel Village41
10.21640469THE NEIGHBOURHOODDevil's Advocate40
10.21594470YOU ME AT SIXBeautiful Way36
10.021432472BRUCE SPRINGSTEENGhosts35
9.982442473THE SNUTSSomebody Loves You16
9.542518474POM POM SQUADHead Cheerleader6
9.41604475WINGS OF DESIREChance Of A Lifetime13
9.362629476THE BEACHESBlow Up2
9.061638477STAND ATLANTICBlurry42
9.061593478WEEZERAloo Gobi2
8.71562479BLOXXComing Up Short66
8.131617481TEA PARTYSummertime2
8.11646482ORIGAMI ANGELFootloose Cannonbal Brothers2
8.043560483MIDDLE KIDSQuestions19
7.872639484THE BEACHESBlow Up2
7.275463486BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARDNew Age Millennial Magic5
7.261555487ORIGAMI ANGELTom Holland Oates3
6.882550490SPORTS TEAMCamel Crew51
6.712 NEW 491MARQUIS DRIVE21st Century Gospel0
6.681632493PSYCHOSEXUALDevil From Hell7
6.661554494JAGUAR JONZECurled In13
6.52581495THE HOLYMuseum Of Modern Hearts26
6.482 NEW 496HOTEL MIRAThe Eyes On You0
6.361559498LYERRDoctors Orders11
6.151637499SONS OF SILVERRude Awakenings2

Beyond Radio's Monthly Mainstream Rock Chart and Playlists


Rock Picks Playlists 2021

Rock Picks Playlists 2020

Top 75 Countup, September 2020

Rock Top 150 of 2020

1              ROYAL BLOOD   Trouble's Coming
2              OZZY OSBOURNE & ELTON JOHN               Ordinary Man
3              SEETHER               Dangerous
4              AC/DC   Shot In The Dark
5              SHINEDOWN      Atlas Falls
6              DEFTONES           Ohms
7              PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon
8              CHRIS CORNELL Patience
9              THE ROLLING STONES    Living In A Ghost Town
10           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Parasite Eve
11           WEEZER                Hero
12           BUSH     Flowers On A Grave
13           FOO FIGHTERS  Shame Shame
14           OZZY OSBOURNE             Under The Graveyard
15           THE PRETTY RECKLESS    Death By Rock And Roll
16           THE BLUE STONES            Shakin' Off The Rust
17           BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)
18           BEABADOOBEE Care
19           EVANESCENCE  Use My Voice
20           DAUGHTRY         World On Fire
21           EVANESCENCE  Wasted On You
22           PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants
23           EVANESCENCE  The Game Is Over
24           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Is Everybody Going Crazy?
25           BAD WOLVES     Sober
26           BREAKING BENJAMIN    Far Away
27           COREY TAYLOR  Black Eyes Blue
28           DIRTY HONEY     Rolling 7's
29           10 YEARS             The Shift
30           MARILYN MANSON         We Are Chaos
31           TOOL     Pneuma
32           STARSET               Trials
33           SYSTEM OF A DOWN       Protect the Land
34           ALTER BRIDGE   Godspeed
35           BILLY TALENT     Reckless Paradise
36           THE GLORIOUS SONS     Closer To The Sky
37           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Teardrops
38           GRETA VAN FLEET            My Way, Soon
39           THE USED            Paradise Lost, A Poem By
40           SIXX: A.M.           Maybe It's Time
41           CLEOPATRICK    Hometown
42           BADFLOWER      30
43           WITHIN TEMPTATION    Entertain You
44           PEARL JAM         Retrograde
45           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Ludens
46           GREY DAZE          What's In The Eye
48           THE HU Wolf Totem
49           FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH         Inside Out
50           VOLBEAT             Die To Live
51           SLIPKNOT            Nero Forte
52           THE VIOLENT     Fly On The Wall
53           THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light
54           NIGHTWISH        Noises
55           THE BLACK MOODS         Sunshine
56           BAD OMENS       Limits
57           TEENAGE WRIST               Silverspoon
58           KILLSWITCH ENGAGE     I Can't Be The Only One
59           GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!
60           AYRON JONES    Take Me Away
61           SKILLET Save Me
62           PEARL JAM         Get It Back
63           ARCHITECTS       Animals
64           GREY DAZE          Sickness
65           BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXON    What You Gonna Do???
66           THE BLACK MOODS         Whatcha Got
67           FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH         A Little Bit Off
68           VOLBEAT             Leviathan
69           THE STROKES     Bad Decisions
70           FOALS   The Runner
71           BRIAN POSEHN New Music Sucks
72           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Unperson
73           DEFTONES           Genesis
74           METALLICA         All Within My Hands
75           DEEP PURPLE     Throw My Bones
76           POST MALONE f/ OZZY OSBOURNE          Take What You Want
77           SCOTT STAPP     Face Of The Sun
78           THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA  Divinyls
79           MOTIONLESS IN WHITE  Another Life
80           THE BLUE STONES            Let It Ride
81           KENNYHOOPLA How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway
82           POETS OF THE FALL         My Dark Disquiet
83           THREE DAYS GRACE         Somebody That I Used To Know
84           KANSAS Throwing Mountains
85           PEARL JAM         Quick Escape
86           POWDERFINGER              Day By Day
87           EVANESCENCE  The Chain
88           BAD WOLVES     Learn To Walk Again
89           TOKYO MOTOR FIST        Youngblood
90           AVATAR               Colossus
91           DIAMANTE         Obvious
92           IN THIS MOMENT             As Above, So Below
93           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Real Love Song
94           I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME          Leave Me Alone
95           OZZY OSBOURNE             Straight To Hell
96           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor
97           ADELITAS WAY  Habit
98           BREAKING BENJAMIN f/ LACEY STRUM   Dear Agony
99           AC/DC   Realize
100         TEENAGE WRIST               Earth Is A Black Hole
101         JEFFERSON STARSHIP     It's About Time
102         ASKING ALEXANDRIA     Antisocialist
103         NIGHTWISH        Shoemaker
104         I PREVAIL             Hurricane
105         JJ WILDE               The Rush
106         BUSH     Japanese Freight Train
107         DISTURBED         Hold On To Memories
108         I PREVAIL             Every Time You Leave
109         TRIVIUM              Bleed Into Me
110         ONE DESIRE        After You're Gone
111         A DAY TO REMEMBER    Mindreader
112         BOB MOULD      American Crisis
113         MASSIVE WAGONS         House Of Noise
114         AWOLNATION   Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever
115         THE ROLLING STONES f/ JIMMY PAGE     Scarlet
116         STONE TEMPLE PILOTS  Fare Thee Well
117         THE DIRTY NIL    Done With Drugs
118         SAINT ASONIA   Blind
119         THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT       Come On Out
120         BLACK STONE CHERRY    Again
121         SEVENDUST        The Day I Tried To Live
122         BOSTON MANOR             Plasticine Dreams
123         KORN    Can You Hear Me
124         IDLES     Model Village
125         THE BETHS          Dying To Believe
126         A DAY TO REMEMBER    Resentment
127         THE AMITY AFFLICTION Soak Me In Bleach
128         RED        The War We Made
129         BUSH     The Kingdom
130         PALAYE ROYALE Hang On To Yourself
131         MACHINE GUN KELLY     Bloody Valentine
132         BILLY TALENT     Forgiveness I + II
133         AMARANTHE     Viral
134         PASSION              Trespass On Love
135         RIVAL SONS        Shooting Stars
136         BLUE OYSTER CULT          That Was Me
137         MATT CAMERON             Down The Middle
138         THROUGH FIRE  Listen To Your Heart
139         THE GLORIOUS SONS     Spirit To Break
140         SMASHING PUMPKINS  Cyr
141         NIGHTWISH        Harvest
142         AWOLNATION   The Best
143         THE STRUTS f/ ALBERT HAMMOND JR.    Another Hit Of Showmanship
144         SHINEDOWN      Creatures
145         LEPROUS             I Lose Hope
146         GREEN DAY         Meet Me On The Roof
147         GODSMACK       Unforgettable
148         REZZ & GRABBITZ             Someone Else
149         HANDS LIKE HOUSES       Headrush
150         CROWN THE EMPIRE      Blurry (Out Of Place)