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Monthly Rock Chart  
November 30, 2020 through December 31, 2020

3351.974231FOO FIGHTERSShame Shame8
2821.293412ROYAL BLOODTrouble's Coming14
2410.652123AC/DCShot In The Dark12
2190.052574SYSTEM OF A DOWNProtect the Land8
1460.942665BRING ME THE HORIZONTeardrops9
1216.551486GRETA VAN FLEETMy Way, Soon12
928.99152619MAMMOTH WVHDistance5
899.64162810TEENAGE WRISTEarth Is A Black Hole8
796.19131212CHRIS CORNELLPatience23
717.2371813AYRON JONESTake Me Away27
693.2511915PEARL JAMGet It Back11
625.8595816WITHIN TEMPTATIONThe Purge5
610.2862217IN THIS MOMENTAs Above, So Below41
608.7561018COREY TAYLORBlack Eyes Blue22
593.9381120EVANESCENCEUse My Voice21
580.1893921SYSTEM OF A DOWNGenocidal Humanoidz8
541.4910 NEW 22CHRIS CORNELLWatching The Wheels2
535.48 NEW 23EVANESCENCEYeah Right3
532.3474324THE DIRTY NILBlunt Force Concussion12
526.5882625THE BLUE STONESLet It Ride15
511.3564426BLACK STONE CHERRYAgain21
491.1381527DAUGHTRYWorld On Fire20
455.155 NEW 28RADKEYUnderground3
430.833629BLUE OYSTER CULTTainted Blood13
410.8343830ROB ZOMBIEThe Triumph Of King Freak8
388.474 NEW 31PUSCIFERFake Affront4
387.3542432BAD WOLVESLearn To Walk Again22
38525233THIRD DAYSky Falls Down10
368.8853435THREE DAYS GRACESomebody That I Used To Know23
362.410 NEW 36TEENAGE WRISTTaste Of Gasoline4
357.5345337SEVENDUSTDying To Live10
355223438PALACEWay Up Here12
336.03525740THE OFFSPRINGChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)6
329.38528741POP EVILBreathe Again5
32426842THIRD DAYWhat Good10
320.9844243MARILYN MANSONDon't Chase The Dead13
302.436144BRANDON LAKEI Need A Ghost15
301.7347245KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARDAutomation10
291.64 NEW 47ESCAPE THE FATEChristmas Song4
284210948WILDNESSCold Words7
283221349RECKLESS LOVELoaded18
283216350PINNACLE POINTNothing At All16
282.914 NEW 51TEN TONNESGirl Are You Lonely Like Me?4
278235052LIONVILLEI'll Never Give My Heart Away10
275.614 NEW 53CHRIS STAPLETONArkansas4
275.433054THE VIOLENTFly On The Wall30
274.7794656AGAINST THE CURRENTThat Won't Save Us8
273.155457BUSHThe Kingdom22
265.45421959A DAY TO REMEMBERBrick Wall5
261.53 NEW 60BLACK VEIL BRIDESScarlet Cross4
258.3725462NATURAL MYSTERY MUSEUMSixes And Sevens15
258.1532163POWDERFINGERDay By Day14
257.62 NEW 65THE DARKNESSChristmastime (Don't Let The Bells End)3
255.623566EVANESCENCEThe Game Is Over26
255.4331467TOKYO MOTOR FISTMean It24
254226568WIG WAMNever Say Die6
249.437969BEHOLD THE BELOVEDCome Alive10
249414070AC/DCDemon Fire6
240.3335172ALTER BRIDGENative Son14
239.2212373SLASHWhere Do I Begin8
235.6211474OZZY OSBOURNE & ELTON JOHNOrdinary Man49
23426475PRIDE OF LIONSCarry Me Back19
231.624876SCOTT STAPPFace Of The Sun36
230.1537178PAPA ROACHThe Ending5
226210179FIREFLIGHTWho We Are8
225.021257980KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKEREstella5
220.4834181I PREVAILEvery Time You Leave26
21427686BAD WOLVESSober66
212.4223987ALICE COOPERRock & Roll5
212222588REVOLUTION SAINTSComing Home42
209.226989DISCIPLEDarkness Dies17
204.62 NEW 91STAN BUSHBorn To Fight12
202.7337492SAULKing Of Misery17
200110593POETIC DESCENTShallow Graves22
200113794MAJESTICAGhost Of Marley6
200124795CHAOTIC RESEMBLANCEUnto The Lamb6
200134596ASHLEY PURDYWon't Take Me Alive8
2001 NEW 97GRAVITY OFFNatura4
2001 NEW 98GULCHShallow Reflective Pools Of Guilt13
199.6225199SAPPHIRE EYESDo You Think About Us18
191.465172101BLACK HONEYI Like The Way You Die9
189.983155102FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHLiving The Dream13
187.9399103GORIJAAnother World13
185189104NAKED ROOTCiern10
184.86155105HELLOGOODBYEA Reminder To Me9
184.2367106CROWN THE EMPIREBlurry (Out Of Place)20
183.6298107THE JADED HEARTS CLUBReach Out I'll Be There21
178.56437108TEENAGE WRISTSilverspoon20
178.324416109TALK SHOW HOSTThis Monologue6
1751119110BLACK SMOKE TRIGGERCaught In The Undertow15
1751180111COREY TAYLORHwy 66616
1751112112SMITH & MYERSNew School Shiver6
1751135113DEAD SARAHands Up7
1751315114BUTCHER BABIESBottom Of A Bottle8
174.6212171115BRUCE SPRINGSTEENGhosts13
173.74975116THE STRUTS f/ ALBERT HAMMOND JR.Another Hit Of Showmanship18
173.42113117BLACK STONE CHERRYIn Love With The Pain6
172232119BAD OMENSLimits26
169317120SIXX: A.M.Maybe It's Time19
1681 NEW 122ANTAGONIZERS ATLBlack Clouds10
1681 NEW 123HAKENInvasion4
167.955138124SEVENDUSTBlood From A Stone14
1651192125TOKYO MOTOR FISTMonster In Me24
1651102126W3APONSBye Baby Gone27
165187127ZERO THEOREMSwarm18
1651131128ARMORED DAWNZombie Viking26
165192129WILDNESSNowhere Land7
1651215130REV THEORYRemember Me?13
1651 NEW 131W.E.T.Big Boys Don't Cry3
164.93225132BRING ME THE HORIZONParasite Eve26
162.62 NEW 133POPPYI Won't Be Home For Christmas4
161.2233135BLUE OYSTER CULTThat Was Me18
155185136TOKYO MOTOR FISTYoungblood33
1551179137WORK OF ARTGotta Get Out26
1551214138DIAMANTEServes You Right26
1551169139AWAKENStained Glass10
1551 NEW 140LUKATOMDesert Run4
153.982174141ATREYUSave Us10
1471235143RELENTLast Days10
1471 NEW 144LEPROUSCastaway Angels4
145.473198145HEAVENWARDIn A Dream11
144.563154146STUCK ON PLANET EARTHGhosts On The Radio30
144.33373147THROUGH FIREDoubt13
144.23 NEW 148GRETA VAN FLEETAge Of Machine3
143.628649149DES ROCSThis Is Our Life12
142.9519139150I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MELeave Me Alone21
141.42 NEW 151LOVE AND DEATHDown2
140.162 NEW 153OCEAN GROVEDream4
1391186154GRAND DESIGNRight Away39
1391110155WILDNESSDie Young7
1391176156SUSPECT208Long Awaited6
1391258158COLLISION OF INNOCENCESorrows End6
138.22 NEW 159THIRD DAYOtherside4
137.220128160NOTHING BUT THIEVESImpossible15
137.15362161THE PRETTY RECKLESSDeath By Rock And Roll32
134.14 NEW 162YUNGBLUDMars4
133.441202163FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKESBattlefield9
133.2345164NOTHING BUT THIEVESUnperson17
133.183305165THEORY OF A DEADMANStrangers5
133.143613166THE PALE WHITEGlue5
132.22157168COLDQuiet Now35
131.62182169THE BLACK MOODSI Need To Know9
131183170EGO KILL TALENTThe Call17
131196171SKILLETDead Man Walking14
1311149172SEVENTH DAY SLUMBERWaymaker10
131193173STARDUSTPerfect Obsession9
1311 NEW 174200 STAB WOUNDSMaggot Casket2
1311 NEW 175SERJ TANKIANHayastane4
129.022 NEW 176JEFF ROSENSTOCKHang In The Heart3
127.783 NEW 177CLEOPATRICKGood Grief1
125.883 NEW 178SHAMEWater In The Well3
125.761 NEW 179HUMAN IMPACTGenetic12
125.761 NEW 180HUMAN IMPACTRespirator2
125.62422181AC/DCSystems Down6
1241147183ASHLEY PURDYZero14
1241185184STATIC-XDead Souls12
1241291185LACEY STURMThe Decree30
1241 NEW 187VINCE DICOLA f/ STEVE WALSHSuffer The Children2
122.62 NEW 188SPIRITBOXConstance2
122.044 NEW 189YUNGBLUD f/ MACHINE GUN KELLYActing Like That3
118.933275190SONS OF SILVERDeep Division9
1181177191REDThe War We Made40
1181233192COLDCheck Please19
1181218193LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFTWorlds Away8
117.42361195EDDIE VEDDERMatter Of Time5
116229196MARILYN MANSONWe Are Chaos22
114.332167197NICKELBACKThe Devil Went Down To Georgia19
113.733 NEW 198ZERO 9:36Adrenaline3
113.484200199JJ WILDEBest Boy18
113.281129200THE BARE MINIMUMParty Martyr6
112.32126201AC/DCKick You When You're Down6
1121208202NEAL MORSESeemingly Sicere39
1121170204OF FEATHER AND BONEBaptized In Boiling Phlegm5
1121246205TOUCHTomorrow Never Comes9
1121300206THE PROTESTGreater22
1121 NEW 207THE ODDEVENAgain4
110.983 NEW 208W3APONSBroken Promises4
107.823 NEW 209NOTHINGCatch A Fade4
1071162210BECOMING SONSIlluminate15
1071122211WILDNESSBurning It Down7
1071188212DRAGONYGods Of War6
1071 NEW 213ELLEFSONFreewheel Burning4
1071 NEW 214WAR ON WOMENWonderful Hell4
106.62221215HONEYMOON SUITEFind What You're Looking For26
105.42439216HOLLYWOOD UNDEADHeart Of A Champion19
1051249217MACHINE GUN KELLYConcert For Aliens20
104.12232218ELECTRIC ENEMYDo What You Want19
103.53 NEW 219BABY STRANGEMore! More! More!35
1021121220STARDUST2nd Hand Love9
1021124221I AM THE AVALANCHEYou're No Good To Me Dead8
1012 NEW 222ALICE COOPEROur Love Will Change The World2
100.4513143223SMASHING PUMPKINSCyr17
99.62141224THE BETHSDying To Believe37
991408226DJERV(We Don't) Hang No More8
98.73317227BAD NERVESNew Shapes6
97.6127228SHINEDOWNAtlas Falls39
97.61106229FOR THE WOLVESThe Devil You Know18
941298231POWERMAN 5000Black Lipstick27
941226232TORN DOWNOcean21
941263233BAND-MAIDThe Dragon Cries15
93.93222234LINKIN PARKShe Couldn't19
92.72332235THE STRUTSThe Ol' Switcheroo10
92.41 NEW 236RED CITY RADIOApocalypse, Please!2
90.61310238JANET GARDNERYour Place In The Sun13
90.61273240SILVERANo Air9
90.61 NEW 241LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMESKilling What's Underneath2
90.241 NEW 243CHRIS CORNELLJump Into The Fire2
89.752267244BRKN LOVECrush9
87.342190246THE DIRTY NILDoom Boy17
871333248NAPALM DEATHAmoral10
871458249BRKN LOVEBuried6
84.822199250THE STRUTSCan't Sleep9
841187251SCOTT STAPPWorld I Used To Know10
841311252BARRY BLAIRDown In The Lowlands6
841 NEW 253DEAD POSEYHead Of The Snake2
83.223281254AWOLNATION f/ GROUPLOVERadical9
82.81347255THE GLORIOUS SONSPink Motel71
813240256SALEMDestroy Me9
811244257NEW YEARS DAYDone With You22
811 NEW 258LUKATOMRewind13
811181259SMITH & MYERSRockin' In The Free World9
811316261STRYPERDo Unto )thers6
80.4350264THE STRUTS f/ JOE ELLIOTI Hate How Much I Want You12
80.283253265WEEZERBeginning Of The End19
80.12476266THE K'STV13
781283269WHITESNAKEEasier Said Than Done13
781 NEW 271SMITH & MYERSThe Weight Of It All1
76.983280272BAD RELIGIONWhat Are We Standing For11
751322274SPOKENAwaken Me6
751 NEW 275BLUE OYSTER CULTThe Alchemist1
751 NEW 276FATES WARNINGNow Comes The Rain2
74.519146277BEABADOOBEEWorth It16
72.61125279KANSASJets Overhead97
72.61206280SAINT ASONIAFlawed Design22
70.61 NEW 281PARADISE NOWMonsters2
70.22156282AC/DCThrough The Mists Of Time6
70.082318283DEATH BY UNGA BUNGALive Until I Die9
70.082475284THE STRUTSWho Am I?10
69.92144285NOTHINGBernie Sanders13
68.73 NEW 286IDLESKill Them With Kindness4
68.615728710 YEARSThe Shift32
68.6163288MOTIONLESS IN WHITESomebody Told Me15
68.61323289ASFIREFALLSOut Of Line6
68.61 NEW 2903 NAIL LIFEI Believe2
68.61 NEW 291ROB MORATTIWhere Do We Go From Here4
68.552320292ASKING ALEXANDRIAThey Don't Want What We Want39
68.133303293BLACK PISTOL FIREHope In Hell13
66.61107294HELLRIPPERVampire's Grave10
66.61245295RANDOM HERODesperate Measures15
66.61365296FEE WAYBILLFaker13
66.61 NEW 298SAMURAIChippin' In2
65.861 NEW 299CHRIS CORNELLShowdown2
65.661127300BRING ME THE HORIZONDear Diary7
65.468 NEW 302YOU ME AT SIXSuckapunch4
651220304MASSIVE WAGONSHouse Of Noise26
651358305DUKES OF THE ORIENTThe Dukes Return10
651381306THE WHITE SWANTell it To The Sky7
651423307DAVID LEE ROTHSomewhere Under The Rainbow Bar And Grill5
651 NEW 308PENDRAGONEverything3
63.94180309BILLY TALENTI Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)39
63.61326310BLACK SMOKE TRIGGERYou Can Have It All14
63.61340311FALCONE RISINGBrother10
63.61231312TENACIOUS DTime Warp9
63.61344313CAVOMuscle Memory10
63.61 NEW 314DARK TRANQUILITYEyes Of The World2
63.61 NEW 315RADKEYTwo-Face2
63.61 NEW 316WE ARE VESSELLight Broke The Darkness1
63.22331317AC/DCCode Red6
62.6727295318OF MONSTERS AND MENVisitor16
621355319WHITESNAKEAlways The Same35
621357320AD INFINITUMSee You In Hell33
621173321ORIANTHISinners Hymn17
621 NEW 323MACHINE HEADMy Hands Are Empty2
61.532639324FROM ASHES TO NEWScars That I'm Hiding22
61.21197325JUNKBUNNYAnother Summer Song22
61.061 NEW 326CHRIS CORNELLSad Sad City2
60.63 NEW 327SPYRESI Don't Care4
60.61193328THE BIRDSONGSKeep On Fighting22
60.61293329SILVERCHAIRPins In My Needles6
60.352353330ROYAL BLISSMedication20
601464332NOTHING BUT THIEVESCan You Afford To Be An Individual?8
59.61100333DISTURBEDIf I Ever Lose My Faith In You15
59.61 NEW 334SAMUEL DAYRise15
59.552117335SMITH & MYERSNot Mad Enough19
59.521348336TROPHY SCARSMother14
59.167372337SMASHING PUMPKINSAnno Santana12
58.858212338MACHINE GUN KELLYBloody Valentine35
58.53362339SMASHING PUMPKINSThe Colour Of Love18
58.181329340HANDS LIKE HOUSESSpace26
57.962456342THE STRUTSThese Times Are Changing10
57.61241343KORNFinally Free9
57.61 NEW 344THE MAYFIELD FOUREden (Turn The Page)4
57.221347345BRAD ARNOLDWicked Man19
56.61 NEW 346TOUCHE AMORELament2
56.61 NEW 347W.E.T.Got To be About Love2
56.42404348BOHEMESWould You8
56.41145349BOB MOULDSiberian Butterfly15
56.41 NEW 350BARELY CIVILBox For My Organs4
55.81452351GREY DAZESyndrome12
551 NEW 352TEMONTITake You With Me4
551 NEW 353TOUCHE AMOREReminders2
54.341 NEW 354NEW FOUND GLORYDecember's Here2
54.21 NEW 356KANSASThe Absence Of Presence3.86
53.41309358STEEL PANTHERLet's Get High Tonight35
53.41398360UNRULY CHILDUnderwater44
53.41 NEW 361ARCHITECTSBlack Lungs3
52.8810459362THE BEACHESLame13
52.81623363THEORY OF A DEADMANWorld Keeps Spinning47
52.82165364VIOLET NIGHT(If) You Are The Ocean (Then) I Would Like...13
52.81334365FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHWrong Side Of Heaven (Acoustic)8
52.51335366PUPA.M. 18020
52.51426368SALEMFall Out Of Love6
52.031386369JEFF ROSENSTOCKOhio Tpke24
521468371THROUGH FIREDie Sober24
521 NEW 372NEAL MORSEBuilding A Wall1
521 NEW 373SLASH f/ FERGIEBeautiful Dangerous4
51.482 NEW 374DAGGERPLAYLet's Have A Peaceful Christmas2
51.261427375DINOSAUR PILE-UPIt's Tricky39
50.643412376HANDS LIKE HOUSESThe Water17
50.61410377ENUFF Z'NUFFFatal Distraction33
50.61168378WAYFARERThe Iron Horse (Gallows Frontier, Act II)10
50.61 NEW 379HOOBASTANKDisappear4
50.582583380PUPNothing Changes9
50.222496381ALTERED BY MOMTunes, Moves, Tricks And Fun6
501 NEW 382SAGATired World3
49.51484383NOTHINGApril Ha Ha5
49.51488384CASEY'S CALLChased Down8
49.216 NEW 385MID CITYGood For It4
49.21465386THE MANY COLORED DEATHDrown24
49.21387387TYLER BRYANT AND THE SHAKEDOWNHoldin' My Breath13
49.21 NEW 388STARDUSTCan't Stop Lovin' You2
49.122 NEW 389GLASVEGASMy Body Is A Glasshouse (A Thousand Stones Ago)2
48.61 NEW 390ZERO THEOREMTranslucent4
47.93505391SPORTS TEAMHere's The Thing44
47.822319392YUNGBLUDStrawberry Lipstick22
47.81395393CHEMIAModern Times17
46.94586395OSCAR LANGAntidote To Being Bored14
46.81406396STRYPERMake Love Great Again21
46.81 NEW 397GEMINI SYNDROMEReintegration4
46.51463398THE BETHSOut Of Sight26
46.451116399THE DIRTY NILDone With Drugs27
45.81204401FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHA Little Bit Off39
45.81324402DAEMON GREYStoned & Alone25
45.41382403BRKN LOVEFlies In The Honey21
45.41 NEW 404STEEL PANTHERF*** 20202
44.81441405THIRD DAYForever10
44.81450406AC/DCWitch's Spell6
44.41431407THROUGH FIREIf You Love Me Leave Me8
44.11501408SPANISH LOVE SONGSLosers Pt. 247
43.41 NEW 409EGYPT CENTRALHunted4
42.953279410MONOWHALESAll Or Nothing18
42.81 NEW 411CROWN THE EMPIRERed Pills1
42.81 NEW 412THE DEFIANTSStay4
42.722380413COLD YEARSLife With A View19
42.621434414JEFF ROSENSTOCKScram32
42.242159416BAD NERVESPalace13
41.71399417CHEAP TRICKRebel Rebel13
41.71483418KITCHENS OF DISTINCTIONDrive That Fast8
41.71 NEW 419HUMWaves18
40.41424420SCOTT STAPPName70
40.023 NEW 421ROYAL REPUBLICMagic4
39.31307422SLOW PULPAt It Again15
39.31 NEW 423MILLYStar Thistle Blossom2
39.0811538424JULY TALKThe News9
391 NEW 425DIAMANTEI Love Myself For Hating You4
38.942 NEW 426BAD NERVESTerminal Boy4
38.462 NEW 427THE RAVEONETTESSnowstorm4
38.447296428YUNGBLUDCotton Candy12
38.161328429VANILLA MUFFINSMommy, How Can We Stay Young?13
37.622448430BLAME MY YOUTHFantastic12
37.441470431SLAVESEye Opener14
37.363 NEW 432ALT FICTONCan't Get It Right4
37.21605433RHEAIf Only6
36.52607434A CERTAIN RATIOYo Yo Gi15
361153435MASTODONFallen Torches21
35.95445436BACKSEAT LOVERSKilby Girl13
35.643 NEW 437ELECTRIC ENEMYTake Me Up4
35.522259438STARBENDERSCan't Cheat Time11
35.41390439BLACK FOXXESJungle Skies9
35.41621440RHEACouldn't Care Less6
35.41 NEW 441BLACK FOXXESMy Skin Is1
35.41 NEW 442GLITTERERAre You Sure?2
35.342462443DEAD PONY23, Never Me6
35.21415445NOTHING MOREGone10
35.177285446BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXONWhat You Gonna Do???22
34.924306448DREAMERSLittle New Moon11
34.22411449CIRCETen Girls14
33.61420451VELTPUNCHSuicide King18
33.422413452HANDS LIKE HOUSESStranger9
332196453JEFFERSON STARSHIPIt's About Time27
32.64184454THE STRUTS f/ TOM MORELLOWild Child10
32.42 NEW 455SHAMESnow Day3
32.41402456BON JOVIBeautiful Drug12
32.41 NEW 457SEETHERWasteland15
32.11377458BLACK FOXXESBadlands21
32.083467459FONTAINES DCA Lucid Dream20
31.263432460REZZ & GRABBITZSomeone Else36
31.21392461NARROW HEADPonderosa Sun Club16
31.11 NEW 462SLAVESCursed1
30.93435463ROYAL REPUBLICSuperlove17
30.841364464NOTHINGSay Less16
30.6178465IDLESModel Village19
30.61343466KEITH RICHARDSHate It When You Leave7
30.61 NEW 467MODERN COLORSmiling Face2
30.514508468ARKELLSQuitting You22
30.422507469SPANISH LOVE SONGSLosers37
30.361494470COLD YEARSToo Far Gone14
302363471HANGTIMERadio Don't Care12
29.362525472BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONGI Think We're Alone Now40
29.281 NEW 473SWERVEDRIVERJuggernaut Rides2
29.14 NEW 474TWIN WILDFumes5
28.793 NEW 475JJ WILDEMercy4
28.62 NEW 476DON'T BRING STACEYWaiting For It4
28.42489477THE SNUTSAlways12
28.081527478BOB MOULDAmerican Crisis30
283633479FONTAINES DCTelevised Mind26
27.92269480YUNGBLUDGod Save Me But Don't Drown Me Out15
27.6297481LESS THAN JAKELie To Me12
26.822 NEW 482STARCRAWLERI Need To Know2
26.414524483CULTURE WARSLeave Me Alone5
26.11482484GLASVEGASKeep Me A Space19
25.72 NEW 487THE HOLYMuseum Of Modern Hearts4
25.562394488ELECTRIC ENEMYHollow Eyes26
25.33546489THE HOLYThe Rocket Song14
25.21572490CREEPERNapalm Girls21
25.184230492YOU ME AT SIXBeautiful Way14
252 NEW 493THE CRIBSSiren Sing-Along3
24.31515494THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENTCome On Out39
24.31442495SPANISH LOVE SONGSRoutine Pain24
24.31 NEW 496SWERVEDRIVERPlanes Over The Skyline2
24.32 NEW 497BURIALChemz1
24.282516498RICH PEOPLEUnlove10
24.242510499HIMALAYASWe Love To Hate21

Beyond Radio's Monthly Mainstream Rock Chart and Playlists


Rock Top 150 of 2020

1              ROYAL BLOOD   Trouble's Coming
2              OZZY OSBOURNE & ELTON JOHN               Ordinary Man
3              SEETHER               Dangerous
4              AC/DC   Shot In The Dark
5              SHINEDOWN      Atlas Falls
6              DEFTONES           Ohms
7              PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon
8              CHRIS CORNELL Patience
9              THE ROLLING STONES    Living In A Ghost Town
10           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Parasite Eve
11           WEEZER                Hero
12           BUSH     Flowers On A Grave
13           FOO FIGHTERS  Shame Shame
14           OZZY OSBOURNE             Under The Graveyard
15           THE PRETTY RECKLESS    Death By Rock And Roll
16           THE BLUE STONES            Shakin' Off The Rust
17           BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)
18           BEABADOOBEE Care
19           EVANESCENCE  Use My Voice
20           DAUGHTRY         World On Fire
21           EVANESCENCE  Wasted On You
22           PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants
23           EVANESCENCE  The Game Is Over
24           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Is Everybody Going Crazy?
25           BAD WOLVES     Sober
26           BREAKING BENJAMIN    Far Away
27           COREY TAYLOR  Black Eyes Blue
28           DIRTY HONEY     Rolling 7's
29           10 YEARS             The Shift
30           MARILYN MANSON         We Are Chaos
31           TOOL     Pneuma
32           STARSET               Trials
33           SYSTEM OF A DOWN       Protect the Land
34           ALTER BRIDGE   Godspeed
35           BILLY TALENT     Reckless Paradise
36           THE GLORIOUS SONS     Closer To The Sky
37           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Teardrops
38           GRETA VAN FLEET            My Way, Soon
39           THE USED            Paradise Lost, A Poem By
40           SIXX: A.M.           Maybe It's Time
41           CLEOPATRICK    Hometown
42           BADFLOWER      30
43           WITHIN TEMPTATION    Entertain You
44           PEARL JAM         Retrograde
45           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Ludens
46           GREY DAZE          What's In The Eye
48           THE HU Wolf Totem
49           FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH         Inside Out
50           VOLBEAT             Die To Live
51           SLIPKNOT            Nero Forte
52           THE VIOLENT     Fly On The Wall
53           THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light
54           NIGHTWISH        Noises
55           THE BLACK MOODS         Sunshine
56           BAD OMENS       Limits
57           TEENAGE WRIST               Silverspoon
58           KILLSWITCH ENGAGE     I Can't Be The Only One
59           GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!
60           AYRON JONES    Take Me Away
61           SKILLET Save Me
62           PEARL JAM         Get It Back
63           ARCHITECTS       Animals
64           GREY DAZE          Sickness
65           BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXON    What You Gonna Do???
66           THE BLACK MOODS         Whatcha Got
67           FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH         A Little Bit Off
68           VOLBEAT             Leviathan
69           THE STROKES     Bad Decisions
70           FOALS   The Runner
71           BRIAN POSEHN New Music Sucks
72           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Unperson
73           DEFTONES           Genesis
74           METALLICA         All Within My Hands
75           DEEP PURPLE     Throw My Bones
76           POST MALONE f/ OZZY OSBOURNE          Take What You Want
77           SCOTT STAPP     Face Of The Sun
78           THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA  Divinyls
79           MOTIONLESS IN WHITE  Another Life
80           THE BLUE STONES            Let It Ride
81           KENNYHOOPLA How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway
82           POETS OF THE FALL         My Dark Disquiet
83           THREE DAYS GRACE         Somebody That I Used To Know
84           KANSAS Throwing Mountains
85           PEARL JAM         Quick Escape
86           POWDERFINGER              Day By Day
87           EVANESCENCE  The Chain
88           BAD WOLVES     Learn To Walk Again
89           TOKYO MOTOR FIST        Youngblood
90           AVATAR               Colossus
91           DIAMANTE         Obvious
92           IN THIS MOMENT             As Above, So Below
93           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Real Love Song
94           I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME          Leave Me Alone
95           OZZY OSBOURNE             Straight To Hell
96           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor
97           ADELITAS WAY  Habit
98           BREAKING BENJAMIN f/ LACEY STRUM   Dear Agony
99           AC/DC   Realize
100         TEENAGE WRIST               Earth Is A Black Hole
101         JEFFERSON STARSHIP     It's About Time
102         ASKING ALEXANDRIA     Antisocialist
103         NIGHTWISH        Shoemaker
104         I PREVAIL             Hurricane
105         JJ WILDE               The Rush
106         BUSH     Japanese Freight Train
107         DISTURBED         Hold On To Memories
108         I PREVAIL             Every Time You Leave
109         TRIVIUM              Bleed Into Me
110         ONE DESIRE        After You're Gone
111         A DAY TO REMEMBER    Mindreader
112         BOB MOULD      American Crisis
113         MASSIVE WAGONS         House Of Noise
114         AWOLNATION   Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever
115         THE ROLLING STONES f/ JIMMY PAGE     Scarlet
116         STONE TEMPLE PILOTS  Fare Thee Well
117         THE DIRTY NIL    Done With Drugs
118         SAINT ASONIA   Blind
119         THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT       Come On Out
120         BLACK STONE CHERRY    Again
121         SEVENDUST        The Day I Tried To Live
122         BOSTON MANOR             Plasticine Dreams
123         KORN    Can You Hear Me
124         IDLES     Model Village
125         THE BETHS          Dying To Believe
126         A DAY TO REMEMBER    Resentment
127         THE AMITY AFFLICTION Soak Me In Bleach
128         RED        The War We Made
129         BUSH     The Kingdom
130         PALAYE ROYALE Hang On To Yourself
131         MACHINE GUN KELLY     Bloody Valentine
132         BILLY TALENT     Forgiveness I + II
133         AMARANTHE     Viral
134         PASSION              Trespass On Love
135         RIVAL SONS        Shooting Stars
136         BLUE OYSTER CULT          That Was Me
137         MATT CAMERON             Down The Middle
138         THROUGH FIRE  Listen To Your Heart
139         THE GLORIOUS SONS     Spirit To Break
140         SMASHING PUMPKINS  Cyr
141         NIGHTWISH        Harvest
142         AWOLNATION   The Best
143         THE STRUTS f/ ALBERT HAMMOND JR.    Another Hit Of Showmanship
144         SHINEDOWN      Creatures
145         LEPROUS             I Lose Hope
146         GREEN DAY         Meet Me On The Roof
147         GODSMACK       Unforgettable
148         REZZ & GRABBITZ             Someone Else
149         HANDS LIKE HOUSES       Headrush
150         CROWN THE EMPIRE      Blurry (Out Of Place)


Rock Picks Playlists 2020

Top 75 Countup, September 2020