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Monthly Rock Chart  
September 30, 2018 through October 31, 2018

1664.082641GHOSTDance Macabre6
1264.411912BRING ME THE HORIZONMantra3
933.371283THRICEThe Grey5
789.981525GRETA VAN FLEETWhen The Curtain Falls4
730.7214156SHINEDOWNGet Up3
725.481537SLASH f/ MYLES KENNEDYDriving Rain3
688.211289BREAKING BENJAMINTorn In Two5
664.41251710STRUTSBody Talks4
652.78142911THREE DAYS GRACEInfra-Red4
651.5141312DISTURBEDAre You Ready3
594.95101213ALICE IN CHAINSNever Fade3
591.78123614WITHIN TEMPTATIONThe Reckoning2
589.19121115RED SUN RISINGVeins4
552.3911516THE GLORIOUS SONSSawed Off Shotgun (S.O.S.)10
525.5587517RIVAL SONSDo Your Worst2
513.36123318THE BLUE STONESBlack Holes (Solid Ground)3
460.86281919IMAGINE DRAGONSNatural3
439.1384521BAD WOLVES f/ DIAMANTEHear Me Now6
406.1563122A PERFECT CIRCLESo Long And Thanks For All The Fish6
390.910623PRETTY VICIOUSMove3
348.35282324TWENTY ONE PILOTSJumpsuit3
332.483425NOTHING MOREJust Say When4
316.641428526SMASHING PUMPKINSSilvery Sometimes (Ghosts)2
315.783927FOZZYBurn Me Out3
290.23624528FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHWhen The Seasons Change2
260.1862430LIVELove Lounge4
243.0436032THE AMITY AFFLICTIONFeels Like I'm Dying3
240.6847633HIGH ON FIREElectric Messiah2
239.725334PEARL JAMCan't Deny Me8
235.354 NEW 35CHEVELLESleep Walking Elite1
231.1331036SLAVESCut And Run5
230.48610637ASKING ALEXANDRIAAlone In A Room10
229.165538GODSMACKWhen Legends Rise5
225.347353910 YEARSBurnout11
223.666640KOBRA AND THE LOTUSVelvet Roses4
211.8552042TOTOHash Pipe3
192.1752743COHEED AND CAMBRIAUnheavenly Creatures4
188.286 NEW 44TROPICAL FUNK STORMYou Let Me Tyres Down1
180.635 NEW 46PAPA ROACHWho Do You Trust?1
179.7528547ALTER BRIDGEFrom The Cradle To The Grave11
177.7764948BULLET FOR MY VALENTINELetting You Go5
176.9364449PARKWAY DRIVEPrey5
167.335 NEW 50NIGHT RANGERTruth1

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