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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Monthly Rock Chart  
October 31, 2017 through November 30, 2017

30174011FOO FIGHTERSThe Sky Is A Neighborhood4
1303.12272ROYAL BLOODI Only Lie When I Love You6
1255.81663NOTHING MOREGo To War5
118220164THEORY OF A DEADMANRx (Medicate)4
11271945GRETA VAN FLEETHighway Tune6
1061.72226QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Way You Used To Do6
1042.31957FOO FIGHTERSRun6
1027.6730158THIRTY SECONDS TO MARSWalk On Water4
881.317310NINE INCH NAILSLess Than5
877.8154111MARILYN MANSONKill4Me3
862.4133712QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEFeet Don't Fail Me3
785.3121114JET & THE BLOODY BEETROOTSMy Name Is Thunder5
758.113815HIGHLY SUSPECTLittle One15
7311618816A PERFECT CIRCLEThe Doomed2
683.88917ALERT THE MEDICCorporate Kid5
656133318SEETHERBetray And Degrade4
652.3101219RISE AGAINSTThe Violence7
6489202010 YEARSNovacaine4
631.6111921PALAYE ROYALEGet Higher5
589.961722STONE SOURSong #37
53242223REVOLUTION SAINTSLight In The Dark3
529.592124PAPA ROACHAmerican Dreams7
524.161325QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Evil Has Landed4
509.74151826DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979Freeze Me5
478.576227MARILYN MANSONWe Know Where You F'ing Live3
473.374028NIGHT RANGERRunning Out Of Time5
446.41112829ROYAL BLOODHow Did We Get So Dark?4
432.862330FOO FIGHTERSThe Line3
402.21011731STONE SOURRose Red Violet Blue2
398.32444532U2You're The Best Thing About Me3
396.374233THE USEDOver And Over Again3
389.663834ROYAL BLOODHook, Line And Sinker7
386.893635KORNBlack Is The Soul5
385.882636PROPHETS OF RAGELiving On The 1105
379.535237GRETA VAN FLEETFlower Power4
371.51011238REDStill Alive3
369.462539GREEN DAYRevolution Radio13
365.445140PROPHETS OF RAGERadical Eyes3
35755041SHAMAN'S HARVESTThe Come Up5
327.525842DIAMANTEComing In Hot5
327.1313843HAREM SCAREMOne Of Life's Mysteries2
326.91313744HARRY STYLESKiwi7
32234845GUNShe Knows3
31825346LINKIN PARKLeave Out All The Rest5
318224148AIRBOURNEHotter Than Hell2
317.68132949NOTHING BUT THIEVESAmsterdam3
310.435450TRIVIUMThe Sin And The Sentence4