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Monthly Rock Chart  
November 30, 2018 through December 31, 2018

1133.931611GHOSTDance Macabre8
810.9817162GRETA VAN FLEETYou're The One3
704.333 NEW 3DAUGHTERSSatan In The Wait1
633.8491305PAPA ROACHNot The Only One2
612.36936SLIPKNOTAll Out Life2
608.341287THE BLUE STONESBlack Holes (Solid Ground)5
533.897538THE GLORIOUS SONSSawed Off Shotgun (S.O.S.)12
517.39769RIVAL SONSDo Your Worst4
482.6871910VIRGINMARYSLook Out For My Brother2
470.326511DISTURBEDAre You Ready5
438.8481412BRING ME THE HORIZONWonderful Life3
406.2853513JONATHAN DAVISBasic Needs6
405.94162314INTERRUPTERSShe's Kerosene2
373.2851315RED SUN RISINGVeins6
366.6771716A PERFECT CIRCLESo Long And Thanks For All The Fish8
362.335417SLASH f/ MYLES KENNEDYDriving Rain5
353.284 NEW 18WITHIN TEMPTATIONFirelight1
352.447 NEW 19METALLICAHalo Of Fire1
351.815 NEW 20BADFLOWERHeroin1
331.3751022THE DIRTY NILThat's What Heaven Feels Like3
303.35410824ICE NINE KILLSA Grave Mistake2
300.62203025TWENTY ONE PILOTSMy Blood2
297.11102927STRUTS f/ KESHABody Talks6
295.815 NEW 28BREAKING BENJAMINTourniquet1
285.9952029THE BLACK MOODSBella Donna4
270.7954631GODSMACKWhen Legends Rise7
268.0954032FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHWhen The Seasons Change4
267.72519533QUEENSRYCHEMan The Machine2
265.0412 NEW 34THE RACONTEURSSunday Driver1
257.4433635CHEVELLESleep Walking Elite3
257.245936FEVER 333Made In America7
249.593737PAPA ROACHWho Do You Trust?3
248.2846838ROYAL TUSKAftermath3
244.736 NEW 39NOTHING MORELet Em Burn1
239.36418640THE MOTORLEAGUEAlone In The Universe2
219.7733441GRETA VAN FLEETWhen The Curtain Falls6
209.472 NEW 42EQUILIBRIUMUnbesiegt1
208.47330943DAUGHTERSThe Reason They Hate Me1
203.64518144POP EVILBe Legendary3
203.5341245SHINEDOWNGet Up5
203.3444346PALAYE ROYALEYou'll Be Fine3
192.583 NEW 47ARCH ENEMYReason To Believe1
175.253 NEW 50A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATHLove The Ones You Hate1

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