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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Beyond Radio Hot AC Monthly Chart: March (to date)  
May 31, 2017 through June 30, 2017

6377.856811HARRY STYLESSign Of The Times3
4676.955632PARAMOREHard Times3
3551.53253BLONDIELong Time3
2814.75324LORDEGreen Light4
2804.2762155LADY GAGAThe Cure3
2449.3528106HURTSBeautiful Ones3
2406.9553837MILEY CYRUSMalibu2
2325.1538128ED SHEERANGalway Girl4
2133.435379THE CHAINSMOKERS & COLDPLAYSomething Just Like This5
2041.2536610ED SHEERANCastle On The Hill6
2023.8201311SERENA RYDERElectric Love3
1858.53414112HAIMWant You Back2
1836.49477313SHAWN MENDESThere's Nothing Holding Me Back2
1577141414SCOTT HELMANKinda Complicated3
1566.5272615IMAGINE DRAGONSThunder2
1470.3547416KATY PERRY f/ SKIP MARLEYChained To The Rhythm5
1419.67291817DNCE f/ NICKI MINAJKissing Strangers3
1378.79231118STEPSScared Of The Dark2
1258.74366019NIALL HORANSlow Hands2
1182.244820ED SHEERANShape Of You6
1105.6540921BRUNO MARSThat's What I Like6
1046.15423822ZEDD & ALESSIA CARAStay4
994.7117723TRAINDrink Up5
979.92388424KATY PERRY f/ MIGOSBon Appetit2
961.03461725IMAGINE DRAGONSBeliever5
933.2592226MUNAI Know A Place5
874.48243227TLC f/ SNOOP DOGGWay Back2
867.2102828MICHELLE BRANCHBest You Ever4
850.9101929JOHN MAYERStill Feel Like Your Man4
850.872330ONEREPUBLICLet's Hurt Tonight9
815.6439 NEW 31CHARLIE PUTHAttention1
759.410 NEW 32NEEDTOBREATHEHard Love1
738.78332933JULIA MICHAELSIssues6
718.08234834THOMAS RHETT & MAREN MORRISCraving You3
699.4711836NICKELBACKSong On Fire2
697.85104537PARAMORETold You So2
694.354138ONE OK ROCKAmerican Girls4
672.95282039THE WEEKND f/ DAFT PUNKI Feel It Coming7
651.07234440SAM HUNTBody Like A Backroad4
640.3151641ADELEWater Under The Bridge20
633.89114742NEW POLITICSOne Of Us4
620.9138743ONEREPUBLICNo Vacancy2
584.4113944TRAINPlay That Song10
582.966245CEMETERY SUNSleeping It Off4
582.6423346SAFETYSUITPerfect Color2
582.6103547RUTH B.Superficial Love4
576.36285248KEITH URBAN f/ CARRIE UNDERWOODThe Fighter13
564.2163349JAMES ARTHURSay You Won't Let Go10
552.4821350GRACE MITCHELLNow2