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Beyond Radio Hot AC Monthly Chart  
February 28, 2021 through March 31, 2021

2122.34361432RAG 'N' BONE MANAll You Ever Wanted4
1819.654523OLIVIA RODRIGODriver's License8
1755.5745124DUA LIPAWe're Good2
1733.054335THE WEEKNDSave Your Tears50
1727.743356TOM GRENNENLittle Bit Of Love7
1387.8738327AVA MAXMy Head & My Heart14
1228.912248HARRY STYLESTreat People With Kindness60
1177.213019TAYLOR SWIFTWillow12
1020.1735 NEW 10JUSTIN BIEBERHold On0
1007.2629 NEW 11NICK JONASThis Is Heaven0
847.6924 NEW 12ELLA HENDERSON & TOM GRENNANLet's Go Home Together2
832.7223 NEW 13POST MALONEOnly Wanna Be With You0
819.49182714MILEY CYRUSAngels Like You13
777.33201315SAM FISCHER & DEMI LOVATOWhat Other People Say4
728.55311516DUA LIPALevitating48
690.19101417TEXAS & WU-TANG CLANHi13
662.3821618HARRY STYLESGolden62
653.1911 NEW 19ELLE KING & MIRANDA LAMBERTDrunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)0
603.9412 NEW 20JAMES ARTHURMedicine0
595.01209221CONAN GRAYOverdrive2
592.64111122PALE WAVESChange15
576.5428923JUSTIN BIEBERAnyone9
520.7931 NEW 24WOLF ALICEThe Last Man On Earth0
517.0824825MILEY CYRUS f/ DUA LIPAPrisoner14
511.2884526MAGGIE LINDEMANNCrash And Burn5
508.8815727GWEN STEFANILet Me Reintroduce Myself12
508.7224 NEW 28IMAGINE DRAGONSFollow You-1
504.24166829AJRWay Less Sad2
492.5919 NEW 30MAROON 5 f/ MEGAN THEE STALLIONBeautiful Mistakes0
469.4494731MAT KEARNEYCan't Look Back9
466.6595432HUNTER HAYESThe One That Got Away6
463.38 NEW 33TOBYMACHelp Is On The Way2
423.9514 NEW 34MAISIE PETERSJohn Hughes Movie-1
416.53202535TAYLOR SWIFTLove Story (Taylor's Version)3
415.3216736ALL TIME LOW f/ BLACKBEAR & DEMI LOVATOMonsters41
393.1214 NEW 37JAMES NEWMANEmbers0
391.27211038ED SHEERANAfterglow10
384.9614539MCFLYYou're Not Special4
384.181013140FRATELLISNeed A Little Love2
370.55242141NATHAN EVANS, 220 KID & BILLEN TEDWellerman5
356.24223942BILLIE EILISHTherefore I Am16
354.7184443FOREST BLAKKIf You Love Her11
348.69137544DUNCAN LAURENCEArcade6
345.4321 NEW 45BEBE REXHASacrifice0
338.0617 NEW 46STEPS & MICHELLE VISAGEHeartbreak In This City0
325.061025047AMY MACDONALDStatues2
319.08134948DUA LIPAIf It Ain't Me2
316.38181849ARIANA GRANDEPositions19
310.81163350TATE MCRAEYou Broke Me First31
310.864151IAN MCCONNELLBoyfriend2
308.39192252STEPSTo The Beat Of My Heart13
308.03175053SIA f/ DAVID GUETTAFloating Through Space4
30645654KYLE FALCONERStress Ball2
303.9574355JP SAXEA Little Bit Yours23
290.3121656MILEY CYRUSMidnight Sky29
283.0582857HANSONNothing Like A Love Song15
279.67 NEW 58GWEN STEFANISlow Clap-1
275.2532059MCFLYTonight Is The Night21
268.251211160RITT MOMNEYPut Your Records On23
265.9674061PASSENGERSword From The Stone6
259.252962FITZHead Up High19
258.947963ECHOSMITH f/ MAT KEARNEYTell Her You Love Her6
257.837164MILEY CYRUSGimme What I Want13
255.57131965JASON DERULO f/ ADAM LEVINELifestyle6
252.9692366SAM SMITHDiamonds24
249.141715767HAIM f/ TAYLOR SWIFTGasoline36
247.63242468ARIANA GRANDE34 + 3518
247.3851769LIAM GALLAGHERAll You're Dreaming Of14
241.52113770KEITH URBAN f/ PINKOne Too Many24
240.4376571KATE VOEGELEThis Is Home15
234.17 NEW 72AMY SHARK f/ KEITH URBANLove Songs Ain't For Us0
233.9484673LANYIf This Is The Last Time33
229.5410674TOM ODELLNumb2
226.2745175JOSHUA BASSETTLie Lie Lie5
225.5693176BANNERSSomeone To You36
217.7727 NEW 78THE KID LAROIWithout You12
216.435979ALANIS MORISETTELosing The Plot22
215.25210980LUCAS HAMMINGFalling4
211.8966081BRYNN ELLIOTTTell Me I'm Pretty5
205.24 NEW 82HOOVERPHONICThe Wrong Place0
204.114 NEW 83JAMES SMITHMy Oh My0
195.836385COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSNight Avenue8
194.0475386AVA MAXKings & Queens50
175.84 NEW 87THE MAINESticky-2
173.25315688GARY BARLOW f/ BEVERLEY KNIGHTEnough Is Enough5
173.116 NEW 89ZAK ABELBe Kind-1
165.1589091NOTHING BUT THIEVESImpossible24
161.9637292SHAWN MENDESTeach Me How To Love12
161.57713393SHAWN HOOKTake Me Home5
158.4115294THE WEEKNDBlinding Lights65
1501 NEW 96RAE MORRISDo It-2
15016697SIA1 + 12
149.2912489824KGOLDN f/ IANN DIORMood31
148.03312599LAWSONFour Letters27
147.5413107100SIGALA & JAMES ARTHURLasting Lover26
147.31234101DEACON BLUERiding On The Tide Of Love12
133.362 NEW 102INGRID MICHAELSON & ZAYNTo Begin Again-2
139.5187103FOREST BLAKKTread Lightly3
139.098114104BLACK PUMASColors74
138.751 NEW 105IAN MCCONNELLI Don't Mind-3
138.6499106MORGAN WALLEN7 Summers28
138.3619273107MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ BLACKBEARMy Ex's Best Friend29
137.953277108TAYLOR SWIFT f/ HAIMNo Body, No Crime11
137.25236109CAROLINE JONESIntimacy25
134.1811 NEW 110LOUD LUXURY f/ STEPHEN PUTHLike Gold14
133.21161111HURTSAll I Have To Give26
133.21113112KAISER CHIEFSMy Life14
132.986231113THE NIGHT GAMEBeautiful Stranger3
132.26755114JASON DERULOTake You Dancing31
129.153 NEW 115THE RUBENSMuddy Evil Pain0
129.041 NEW 116ISAK DANIELSONI Can't Lose You-3
126.72369117THE SCORE f/ AWOLNATIONCarry On26
125.784 NEW 118DEAN LEWISFalling Up-1
124.74395119DMA'SRound & Around19
123.751 NEW 120CLINTON KANERemember The Mornings1
123.751119121THE CORONASCold4
123.491 NEW 122ALANIS MORISETTEDiagnosis45
123.396177123TYLER SHAWWhen You're Home6
122.061158124ALANIS MORISETTEAblaze30
120.386110125DUA LIPAThat Kind Of Woman2
118.8213 NEW 126THE STRUMBELLASGreatest Enemy1
117.533105127DUA LIPABreak My Heart49
116.251122128BON JOVIBeautiful Drug21
116.25130129SIAHey Boy14
113.33293130DI-RECTWild Hearts2
112.763151131JP SAXE & MAREN MORRISLine By Line6
111.61168132MILEY CYRUSHeart Of Glass22
110.251209133ALL AMERICAN REJECTSStab My Back3
110.251150134SHEPPARDLearning To Fly9
110.141 NEW 135ALANIS MORISETTENemesis-3
109.842100136JOHN KHappiness23
108.111124137ZEDD f/ JASMINE THOMPSONFunny32
107.142257138ALEX SAMPSONPlay Pretend5
105.84191139HAIMNow I'm In It69
104.69276140SIACourage To Change22
104.25186141AMERICAN AUTHORSCounting Down26
104.251 NEW 142KAISER CHIEFSThe Power Of Love0
101.72112143RUELAs Long As You Care24
100.53 NEW 144TAYLOR SWIFT f/ MAREN MORRISYou All Over Me-3
97.4310 NEW 145ASHE & FINNEASTill Forever Falls Apart0
96.659 NEW 146SARA KAYSRemember That Night?4
96.291 NEW 147TAYLOR SWIFTAutumn-2
94.085 NEW 148DEMI LOVATODancing With The Devil-3
91.652 NEW 149POETS OF THE FALLStay Forever-2
90.552149150LANYNobody Else14
90.152 NEW 151WALK OFF THE EARTHHow It Is-2
88.51159152JOHN KILYM8
84.752180154ALL AMERICAN REJECTSMe Vs. The World13
82.98538155JUSTIN BIEBER f/ BENNY BLANCOLonely19
82.42 NEW 156AUSTIN WARDAnother Day In The Neighborhood0
80.251 NEW 157PUBLICSplash0
77.972103158HOLLY HUMBERSTONEVanilla12
76.51 NEW 160WRABELMagic0
76.51102161CHARLOTTE CARDINPassive Aggressive13
75.62282162DAN & SHAYI Should Probably Go to Bed31
75.052 NEW 163BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHTWhat I'd Do For You-3
74.251 NEW 1653JSVreemde Leegte-2
73.942132166COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSCrash And Burn5
73.622 NEW 167WEEZERIt's Always Sunny In Bikini Bottom-2
73.352 NEW 168HANSONGot A Hold On Me0
73.21198169SHEPPARDSolid Gold13
73.21 NEW 170ALPHABEATShadows22
72.862129171HOLLY HUMBERSTONEFalling Asleep At The Wheel39
722 NEW 173THE RUBENSThank You0
69.452 NEW 174HUNTER HAYESIf You Change Your Mind-3
68.634134175WHY DON'T WEFallin' (Adrenaline)22
68.08185176JAMES BAYChew On My Heart34
68.081144177KATY PERRYSmile34
67.951170178MAT KEARNEYGrand Canyon15
67.951179179ISAK DANIELSONWhen You Believe4
67.463139181RUTH B.Slow Fade17
67.313220182JOY OLADOKUNBreathe Again2
66.96270183BIFFY CLYROSpace28
66.32 NEW 184BANNERSIf I Don't Have You-2
66.151146185BETTER THAN EZRAIn Your Eyes19
64.743 NEW 186AMY SHARKBaby Steps-3
64.44373187MILEY CYRUS f/ BILLY IDOLNight Crawling13
631 NEW 188ANSON SEABRABroken1
62.127 NEW 190JESSIAI'm Not Pretty6
61.652 NEW 191TOM GRENNENNever Be A Right Time-2
60.471208192THE WEEKNDIn Your Eyes50
59.5715 NEW 193MEDUZA f/ DERMOT KENNEDYParadise17
58.053183194MAGGIE LINDEMANNKnife Under My Pillow26
57.74297195SAM SMITHKids Again17
57.62173196MAT KEARNEYPowerless4
56.65880197SHAWN MENDES & JUSTIN BIEBERMonster14
56.16174198AURA DIONEWorn Out American Dream6
55.2716 NEW 199DAYABad Girl4
55.187289200CHRIS BROWN vs. YOUNG THUGGo Crazy42
54.451210201ECHOSMITHLost Somebody9
54.451 NEW 202HALEY REINHARTHeroes1
52.422104203GABRIELLE APLINWhen The Lights Go Out7
51.932262204ALICIA KEYSLove Looks Better24
50.443192205SON MIEUX19924
50.43101206PALOMA FAITHGold17
49.951212207SCOTT HELMANGood Problems4
49.81235208MARINAMan's World14
49.39178209AMY SHARKAll The Lies About Me11
49.241 NEW 210SUB-RADIOWhat You Want To Hear1
48.751116211DAVID COOKStrange World13
48.752216212ANSON SEABRAWalked Through Hell2
47.97284213ROXETTEPiece Of Cake14
47.951 NEW 214FREYA RIDINGSHoly Water0
47.95183215WE THE KINGSFalling So In Love6
46.51 NEW 217TOM GRENNENIf Only-2
45.791130218NEEDTOBREATHEWho Am I33
44.961 NEW 219SHANNEN JAMESSuperstitious-2
44.641169220JOHN KParachute15
44.361126221CONAN GRAYHeather39
44.361 NEW 222BLOSSOMSIf You Think This Is Real Life56
43.022 NEW 226AMY MACDONALDThe Hudson25
42.451 NEW 227SCOUTING FOR GIRLSThe Look Of Love0
42.271204228ALANIS MORISETTEMissing The Miracle2
41.851 NEW 229FOREST BLAKKFoolish-2
41.251 NEW 230MAT KEARNEYPontiac-0.14
41.251 NEW 231OLLIE WRIDEJuliette27
40.682137232NEW ORDERBe A Rebel26
40.662164233FLAWESWhat's A Boy To Do7
40.651 NEW 234DAVID COOKFire-2
40.5510 NEW 235TRAVIS SCOTT & HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)6
40.051 NEW 236MICHAEL SCHULTEFor A Second15
40.0112 NEW 237MASKED WOLFAstronaut in The Ocean3
38.451185239THE ACESLost Angeles46
38.3515191240SABRINA CARPENTERSkin5
37.951214241HANSONUp All Night10
37.51195242BIRDS OF TOKYOWeekend14
37.51206243DOTANThere Will Be A Way11
37.441167244THE ACESSleepy Eyes2
37.243115245GABBY BARRETT f/ CHARLIE PUTHI Hope103
36.831 NEW 246MATT CARDLEWe're The Butterflies-3
36.472193247ROGER MANNING JR.The Quickening28
36.271199248HARRY STYLES & SELENA GOMEZFalling To Love Me (Mash Up)6
36.161 NEW 249LANYWhat I Wish Just One Person Would Say To Me-1
35.851 NEW 250SUB-RADIOCool-3
35.851 NEW 251HANSONBest Of Times0
35.782154252LIL NAS XHoliday16
35.642223253SMASH INTO PIECESBend The Rules14
35.11175254LINDSEY STIRLINGLose You Now6
34.881 NEW 255WILL JOSEPH COOKBe Around Me9
34.881 NEW 256VIRGINIA TO VEGASJust As Much-2
34.81 NEW 257GOO GOO DOLLSLights-3
34.81 NEW 258HANSONI Don't Wanna Go Home5
34.783249259TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVERExile30
34.051251260JONATHAN ROYLost4
33.614280261DELANEY JANEJust As Much4
33.61284262OLD DOMINIONNever Be Sorry35
33.192261263EMILY BURNS f/ JP COOPERIs It Just Me?6
33.081123264MARSHMELLO & IMANBEK f/ USHERToo Much19
32.63162265BLOSSOMSPure Pop12
31.752226266COBIFaith In Tomorrow19
31.51258267HARRY STYLESFalling60
30.871248268MARSHMELLO & HALSEYBe Kind44
30.7210263269POP SMOKEWhat You Know Bout Love22
30.531 NEW 270JAMES TWButterflies-3
30.31 NEW 271SHEPPARDM.I.A.1
29.851203272DEXTER FREEBISHEverybody Knows Somebody19
29.571 NEW 273SUB-RADIOClark Kent34
29.251148274SASHA SLOANLie28
28.351142275THE CORONASHaunted36
28.351 NEW 276TOM ODELLMonster-3
27.781264277BLOSSOMSSomething For The Mind4
27.781 NEW 278LANYSad1
27.721 NEW 279EVANESCENCEWasted On You45
27.151 NEW 280PICTURE THISOne Night69
26.942238281TEDDY SWIMSBroke24
26.41 NEW 282HANSONYoung And Dumb0
25.491239283THE SCOREThe Only One2
25.281 NEW 284LANYCowboy In LA23
25.232166285ANT CLEMONS & JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEBetter Days11
25.076241286THE KID LAROISo Done15
25.031254287KYGO f/ ONEREPUBLICLose Somebody46
24.751268288ROB THOMASIt's Only Love65
24.621 NEW 289DIXIE D'AMELIOOne Whole Day10
24.31252290BAD WOLVESSober75
23.131272291MARSHMELLO & DEMI LOVATOOk Not To Be Ok25
22.771165292LESLIE ODOM JR. f/ SIACold22
21.242 NEW 293THE NIGHT GAMEOur Generation-1
19.26161294AMY MACDONALDFire12
16.942 NEW 295SARA KAYSPicture Of You-2
16.935234296JOEL CORRY f/ MNEKHead & Heart35
16.833298297ESKIMO JOE99 Ways3
16.341259298MADISON OLDSBest Part Of Me13
14.311285299THE BAND CAMINORoses11
14.311 NEW 300JUDE COLEStarry Eyes5
13.381 NEW 301MEG MYERSRunning Up That Hill104
11.881276302THE 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)45
11.571286303HEARTRACERTime's Up58
11.391282304BEBE REXHA & DOJA CATBaby, I'm Jealous21
11.071290305DMA'SLearning Alive35
10.621278306CHRIS CORNELLPatience32
10.531 NEW 307ROGER MANNING JR.Funhouse0
9.994295308LADY GAGA & ARIANA GRANDERain On Me41
9.941291309LEWIS CAPALDIBefore You Go66
7.884 NEW 311TAKISAll Time0
7.791288312RINA SAWAYAMAWho's Gonna Save U Now?45
7.464 NEW 314FELIX CARTAL f/ KIIARAHappy Hour2
7.412201315ROXANNE BRUNEAUA Ma Maniere13
7.381 NEW 316DMA'SSilver69
7.011283317TRAVIS f/ SUSANNA HOFFSThe Only Thing27
6.713 NEW 318CHARLOTTE CARDINMeaningless1
6.252 NEW 319NIKO MOONGood Time79
5.671296320HARRY STYLESAdore You65
5.282292321JAWSH 685 f/ JASON DERULOSavage Love36
5.231301322POST MALONECircles78
4.771302323BON JOVI f/ JENNIFER NETTLESDo What You Can31
4.131265324HARRY STYLESWatermelon Sugar66
3.91297325GUY SEBASTIANLove On Display22
3.572299326BLACKBEARHot Girl Bummer72
3.211313327JEROME 50Tokebakicitte2
3.211308328JAMES ARTHURTrain Wreck15
2.911310329AMY SHARKEverybody Rise36
2.821 NEW 330GUY SEBASTIANOnly Thing Missing1
2.652269331ELIJAH WOODSLights5
1.781 NEW 333WYN STARKSCircles54
1.632320335CHARLOTTE CARDINDaddy6
1.521233336TOPIC & A7SBreaking Me48
1.371305337OLIVIA PENALVALove Me22
0.772318338LOCALS ONLY SOUNDMove With Me14
0.361304339JOHNNY ORLANDOEverybody Wants You22

Beyond Radio’s Monthly Hot AC/Adult Pop Chart and Playlists

Hot AC Picks Playlists 2021

Hot AC Picks Playlists 2020

Hot AC Top 150 of 2020

1              THE WEEKND     Blinding Lights
2              LADY GAGA & ARIANA GRANDE Rain On Me
3              MILEY CYRUS     Midnight Sky
4              DUA LIPA             Break My Heart
5              THE KILLERS        Caution
6              HARRY STYLES    Watermelon Sugar
7              DUA LIPA             Don't Start Now
8              DUA LIPA             Levitating
9              TAYLOR SWIFT   Cardigan
10           THE WEEKND     In Your Eyes
11           DOJA CAT            Say So
12           LADY GAGA        Stupid Love
13           HARRY STYLES    Adore You
14           BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted
15           AVA MAX            Kings & Queens
16           GABBY BARRETT f/ CHARLIE PUTH             I Hope
17           HARRY STYLES    Golden
18           LEWIS CAPALDI Before You Go
19           KATY PERRY        Daisies
20           24KGOLDN f/ IANN DIOR              Mood
21           MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIER           The Bones
22           SAM SMITH        Diamonds
23           ALANIS MORISETTE         Smiling
24           THE 1975              If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
25           ALANIS MORISETTE         Reasons I Drink
26           KELLY CLARKSON             I Dare You
27           KATY PERRY        Smile
28           MARSHMELLO & HALSEY               Be Kind
29           BTS         Dynamite
30           POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEE            Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)
31           5 SECONDS OF SUMMER              Wildflower
32           HARRY STYLES    Falling
33           HALSEY You Should Be Sad
34           ALANIS MORISETTE         Ablaze
35           SAM SMITH        To Die For
36           THE WEEKND     Save Your Tears
37           JAWSH 685 f/ JASON DERULO     Savage Love
38           SAINT JHN           Roses
39           JAMES BAY          Chew On My Heart
40           THE CHICKS        Gaslighter
41           BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG I Think We're Alone Now
42           KEITH URBAN f/ PINK     One Too Many
43           JASON DERULO Take You Dancing
44           AJR         Bang!
45           ARIANA GRANDE             Positions
46           JONAS BROTHERS            What A Man Gotta Do
47           SZA f/ JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE          The Other Side
48           ALICIA KEYS        Underdog
49           POST MALONE  Circles
50           TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern
51           TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVER          Exile
52           TAYLOR SWIFT   The Man
53           ALANIS MORISETTE         Diagnosis
54           CAMILA CABELLO f/ DABABY       My Oh My
55           JP SAXE f/ JULIA MICHAELS          If The World Was Ending
56           SELENA GOMEZ Rare
57           BIFFY CLYRO       Space
58           CALVIN HARRIS f/ THE WEEKND Over Now
59           KELSEA BALLERINI & HALSEY        The Other Girl
60           MILEY CYRUS f/ DUA LIPA             Prisoner
61           TONES AND I      Dance Monkey
62           SHAWN MENDES              Wonder
63           BENEE f/ GUS DAPPERTON          Supalonely
64           ONEREPUBLIC   Didn't I
65           JUSTIN BIEBER f/ QUAVO              Intentions
66           LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love
67           DUA LIPA             Future Nostalgia
68           ARIANA GRANDE & JUSTIN BIEBER            Stuck With U
69           NIALL HORAN    Put A Little Love On Me
70           ADAM LAMBERT f/ NILE RODGERS            Roses
71           TOPIC & A7S       Breaking Me
72           BLOSSOMS         The Keeper
73           AMY SHARK        Everybody Rise
74           ZEDD f/ JASMINE THOMPSON    Funny
75           KYGO f/ ONEREPUBLIC  Lose Somebody
76           KANE BROWN f/ SWAE LEE & KHALID      Be Like That
77           KYGO & TINA TURNER    What's Love Got To Do With It
79           BANNERS            Someone To You
80           DAN & SHAY, JUSTIN BIEBER        10,000 Hours
81           ONEREPUBLIC   Better Days
82           BLOSSOMS         If You Think This Is Real Life
83           SHINEDOWN      Atlas Falls
84           SEMISONIC         You're Not Alone
85           NIALL HORAN    Nice To Meet Ya
86           JONAS BROTHERS f/ KAROL G     X
87           DAN & SHAY       I Should Probably Go to Bed
88           MARSHMELLO & DEMI LOVATO Ok Not To Be Ok
89           DAUGHTRY         World On Fire
90           EVANESCENCE  Wasted On You
91           CONAN GRAY    Heather
92           NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGES  July.
93           MAROON 5         Memories
94           ALANIS MORISETTE         Reckoning
95           SELENA GOMEZ Lose You To Love Me
96           NEW ORDER       Be A Rebel
97           MCFLY  Happiness
98           JOEL CORRY f/ MNEK      Head & Heart
99           TAYLOR SWIFT   Willow
100         ASHE     Moral Of The Story
101         BILLIE EILISH       My Future
102         DEMI LOVATO   I Love Me
103         NIALL HORAN    No Judgement
104         HAIM    Now I'm In It
105         GREEN DAY         Dreaming
106         THE STRUTS f/ROBBIE WILLIAMS               Strange Days
107         HALSEY Finally/Beautiful Stranger
108         HARRY STYLES    Treat People With Kindness
109         BASTILLE              Survivin'
110         KATE VOEGELE  Anxious
111         SAM FISCHER     This City
112         FINNEAS              Let's Fall In Love For The Night
113         THOMAS RHETT Be A Light
114         SIA         Together
115         COLDPLAY           Orphans
116         SCOTT HELMAN Wait No More
117         DAUGHTRY         Alive
118         TATE MCRAE      You Broke Me First
119         NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Impossible
120         NIALL HORAN    Black And White
121         MARTIN GARRIX f/ DEAN LEWIS Used To Love
122         PALE WAVES      Change
123         MAROON 5         Nobody's Love
124         JUICE WRLD & MARSHMELLO     Come & Go
125         BILLIE EILISH       Therefore I Am
126         TAYLOR SWIFT   Cruel Summer
127         LIVE LOUNGE ALLSTARS Times Like These
128         THE SIDE DEAL   Ghosts
129         HALSEY Graveyard
130         FREYA RIDINGS Love Is Fire
131         LOUIS TOMLINSON         Walls
132         PALOMA FAITH Better Than This
133         MEGAN THEE STALLION f/ BEYONCE        Savage
134         CALLUM BEATTIE              Salamander Street
135         OLD DOMINION Never Be Sorry
136         SHAWN HOOK   I Don't Wanna Dance
137         MARINA              Man's World
138         LESLEY ROY         Story of My Life
139         VIZE f/ TOM GREGORY   Never Let Me Down
140         MEGHAN TRAINOR f/ NICKI MINAJ           Nice To Meet Ya
141         SMITH & THELL  Goliath
142         LIZZO     Cuz I Love You
143         KATY PERRY        Never Worn White
144         KATE VOEGELE  French
145         SURFACES           Sunday Best
146         TAYLOR SWIFT   August.
147         ECHOSMITH       Diamonds
148         5 SECONDS OF SUMMER              No Shame
149         WALK OFF THE EARTH    Oh What A Feeling
150         HANSON              In The City