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Monthly Country Chart  
October 31, 2017 through November 30, 2017

2591.052111LUKE COMBSWhen It Rains It Pours5
2060.72052MAREN MORRISI Could Use A Love Song17
1955.352223KANE BROWN f/ LAUREN ALAINAWhat Ifs11
1936.242044MIRANDA LAMBERTTin Man8
1917.851975THOMAS RHETTUnforgettable5
1771.72136KENNY CHESNEYAll The Pretty Girls6
1693.851997CARLY PEARCEEvery Little Thing13
1291.3514118BLAKE SHELTONI'll Name The Dogs3
1237.4914179KELSEA BALLERINILegends6
1233.9141010ERIC CHURCHRound Here Buzz9
1211.25151411LAUREN ALAINADoin' Fine10
1199.05141312CHRIS JANSONFix A Drink7
1072.814613JON PARDIHeartache On The Dancefloor10
1054.510814SARA EVANSMarquee Sign6
912.85112815LANCOGreatest Love Story10
885.6101816RUNAWAY JUNEWild West7
855.04112917CHRIS YOUNGLosing Sleep5
846.98125218TIM McGRAW & FAITH HILLThe Rest Of Our Life2
841.9142019EASTON CORBINA Girl Like You11
841.45121920ZAC BROWN BANDRoots6
822.4591221DUSTIN LYNCHSmall Town Boy10
821.98103122MIDLANDMake A Little4
814.5102623LUKE BRYANLight It Up4
788.5105524MAREN MORRIS f/ VINCE GILLDear Hate2
769.45122125BROTHERS OSBORNEIt Ain't My Fault12
760.672226RAELYNNLonely Call7
750.9593327DARIUS RUCKERFor The First Time5
715.9583028GARTH BROOKSAsk Me How I Know8
714.99112429AARON WATSONOutta Style11
705.29133230CHRIS STAPLETONBroken Halos8
674.6573631KIP MOOREMore Girls Like You11
621.473432HUNTER HAYESRescue5
604.4993733BRETT YOUNGLike I Loved You5
594.391534BRAD PAISLEYLast Time For Everything8
565.8674035LADY ANTEBELLUMHeart Break6
560820636THOMAS RHETTMarry Me2
558.3101637JASON ALDEANThey Don't Know7
514.0384738HIGH VALLEYShe's With Me14
498.6109939CHRIS LANE f/ TORI KELLYTake Back Home Girl2
490.672740BRETT YOUNGIn Case You Didn't Know16
489.3175041LITTLE BIG TOWNWhen Someone Stops Loving You9
485.88133942SHANIA TWAINLife's About To Get Good7
484.2876443MORGAN EVANSKiss Somebody2
477.8455444WALKER HAYESYou Broke Up With Me8
468.263545JOE NICHOLSNever Gets Old2
458.2574246THOMAS RHETT & MAREN MORRISCraving You8
435.5778547JON PARDIShe Ain't In It6
433.1983848SCOTTY MCCREERYFive More Minutes7
418.764449JUSTIN MOOREKinda Don't Care7
408.1365750OLD DOMINIONWritten In The Sand4