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Monthly Country Chart  
January 31, 2018 through February 28, 2018

1045.82181CHRIS STAPLETONBroken Halos11
979.251763SCOTTY MCCREERYFive More Minutes10
956.631774LAUREN ALAINADoin' Fine13
932.351525THOMAS RHETTMarry Me5
899.617116LUKE BRYANMost People Are Good3
822.81517MAREN MORRISI Could Use A Love Song20
730.8413128MIDLANDMake A Little7
677.613109JON PARDIShe Ain't In It9
667.85141510RUSSELL DICKERSONYours10
646.1915511TIM McGRAW & FAITH HILLThe Rest Of Our Life5
613.8122012ERIC CHURCHRound Here Buzz12
594.01111413RUNAWAY JUNEWild West10
591.47111814LADY ANTEBELLUMHeart Break9
566.412415BRETT YOUNGLike I Loved You8
562.9413916LITTLE BIG TOWNWhen Someone Stops Loving You12
547.19133117LINDSAY ELLCriminal8
528.88143018SUGARLANDStill The Same3
524.291319KELSEA BALLERINILegends9
512.05102920BRETT ELDREDGEThe Long Way8
489.9102321CHRIS YOUNGLosing Sleep8
445.67114322CARLY PEARCEHide The Wine4
43492823DARIUS RUCKERFor The First Time8
424.1592424OLD DOMINIONWritten In The Sand7
417.4123225KEITH URBANFemale4
408.44104026KANE BROWNHeaven5
407.2984427MICHAEL RAYGet To You7
403.97101928DANIELLE BRADBERYSway8
399.8102729JUSTIN MOOREKinda Don't Care10
397.71102630TAYLOR SWIFTNew Year's Day3
376.771731BLAKE SHELTONI'll Name The Dogs6
370.382532KANE BROWN f/ LAUREN ALAINAWhat Ifs14
362.575233ASHLEY MCBRYDEA Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega10
358.472234LANCOGreatest Love Story13
351.3483435HIGH VALLEYShe's With Me17
35153336ALAN JACKSONThe Older I Get4
350.9496037CHRIS JANSONDrunk Girl3
342.0593638CHRIS LANE f/ TORI KELLYTake Back Home Girl5
337.761639MAREN MORRIS f/ VINCE GILLDear Hate5
312.1974840DAVID LEE MURPHY & KENNY CHESNEYEverything's Gonna Be Alright4
302.0565341DEVIN DAWSONAll On Me10
297.61810242LUKE COMBSOne Number Away3
286.01816843DIERKS BENTLEYWoman, Amen2
282.6953944JORDAN DAVISSingles You Up8
269.0173745BRAD PAISLEYHeaven South5
266.263846DELTA RAENo Peace In Quiet11
262.768147SARA EVANSAll The Love You Left Me4
259.465748MONTGOMERY GENTRYBetter Me5
252.0684249MORGAN EVANSKiss Somebody5
251.2711250BROTHERS OSBORNEShoot Me Straight3