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Monthly Country Chart  
August 31, 2020 through September 30, 2020

3344.253471TAYLOR SWIFTBetty8
2069.11552ERIC CHURCHStick That In Your Country Song13
1927.313103KELSEA BALLERINIHole In The Bottle27
1802.612324LUKE COMBSLovin' On You57
1790.115185RUNAWAY JUNEWe Were Rich13
1746.9514126TIM MCGRAWI Called Mama19
1500.3512547MORGAN WALLENMore Than My Hometown19
1397.21428MICKEY GUYTONBlack Like Me17
1238.75102310ASHLEY MCBRYDEOne Night Standards55
123584411RANDY TRAVISFools Love Affair8
1227154612ORVILLE PECK & SHANIA TWAINLegends Never Die6
1187.8121113GABBY BARRETTThe Good Ones57
1078.416 NEW 14BON JOVI f/ JENNIFER NETTLESDo What You Can9
1008.6511915LADY AChampagne Night24
989.7104016BROTHERS OSBORNEAll Night19
913.492117MITCHELL TENPENNYBroken Up11
866.6226118THE CHICKSSleep At Night9
821.663419CAROLINE JONESAll Of The Boys47
811.272920MARTINA MCBRIDEGirls Like Me20
799.958121MADDIE & TAEDie From A Broken Heart101
785.858622THOMAS RHETTBe A Light26
780.6108623DANIELLE BRADBERRYNever Have I Ever12
779.3102224BRETT YOUNGLady22
769.9582525BRAD PAISLEYNo I In Beer23
762713926MICKEY GUYTONHeaven Down Here8
760.9594527KEITH URBANSuperman8
751.6581728RASCAL FLATTSHow They Remember You15
741.784129TENILLE ARTSSomebody Like That43
741.483530CHRIS PETERSENEdge Of Eighteen13
728.7585731LITTLE BIG TOWNWine, Beer, Whiskey37
654.683032SPENCER CRANDALLSummer Us13
648.565233PARKER MCCOLLUMPretty Heart53
645.694234JIMMIE ALLEN f/ NELLYGood Times Roll9
642.283635LINDSAY ELLWant Me Back12
640.6561936MAREN MORRISTo Hell And Back81
611.266337RUSSELL DICKERSONLove You Like I Used to33
524.858 NEW 38CHRIS STAPLETONStarting Over5
523.641412839DAN & SHAYI Should Probably Go to Bed9
516.3569540JORDAN DAVISAlmost Maybes16
514.95610041KENNY CHESNEYHappy Does19
509.5583742MACKENZIE PORTERThese Days64
49843143MARK CHESNUTTI Found Another (And She Hates Me Too)23
488.974344SOPHIA SCOTTBeauty In The Flaws24
484.577845JESSE LABELLETwo Hearts And A Diamond13
480.6914 NEW 46KEITH URBAN f/ PINKOne Too Many2
471.955847JUSTIN MOOREWhy We Drink50
466.6592848KELSEA BALLERINI & HALSEYThe Other Girl27
462.25 NEW 49CARLY PEARCENext Girl2
462.175950COLE SWINDELLSingle Saturday Night17
447.266251OLD DOMINIONNever Be Sorry13
432.9619552DARIUS RUCKERBeers And Sunshine8
428.5572053BRETT ELDREDGEGabrielle23
416.8542654MARGO PRICELetting Me Down14
416.474855INGRID ANDRESSThe Stranger28
411.3567956BRANTLEY GILBERTHard Days17
401.9610757SPENCER CRANDALLSay In This13
400.157158BLAKE SHELTON & GWEN STEFANIHappy Anywhere9
398.4546759LEE BRICEOne Of Them Girls25
386.8549260JIMMIE ALLEN & NOAH CYRUSThis Is Us28
379.6549161HIGH VALLEYGrew Up On That26
37843362JON PARDIAin't Always The Cowboy29
374.352763CAMRedwood Tree17
373.4710964SAMANTHA LLOYDBurning Light9
369.4565165KACEY MUSGRAVESOh, What A World128
365314166JON WOLFEFeels Like Country Music9
364.65510567JAKE OWENMade For You26
363.857268INGRID ANDRESSWaste Of Lime12
35934769LITTLE BIG TOWNSugar Coat43
3544470MIRANDA LAMBERTBluebird56
333.7565671KANE BROWNCool Again23
329.837372RYAN HURDEvery Other Memory16
313.849874SAM HUNTBreaking Uo Was Easy In The (0's9
31235575FLORIDA GEORGIA LINEI Love My Country27
309.3814376MORGAN WALLEN7 Summers6
305.45516277TYLER JOE MILLERI Would Be Over Me Too13
301.43 NEW 78MIRANDA LAMBERTSettling Down4
300.636979THE DESERT CITY RAMBLERSHillbilly Rollin' Stone9
287.847480TIM MCGRAWHere On Earth9
286.2518981ZAC BROWN BANDThe Man Who Loved You The Most15
2842 NEW 82REBECCA LYNN HOWARDA Good Place To Turn Around7
275312083KIP MOOREShe's Mine57
268415984RANDALL KINGHey Cowgirl8
264.7415085DEAN BRODYCanadian Summer13
257.557686LUKE BRYANDown To One6
256.645887SARA EVANSHard To Say I'm Sorry23
252.7537088MATT STELLEverywhere But On55
23721489MICKEY GUYTONWhat Are You Gonna Tell Her?29
234.15311290LAUREN ALAINAGetting Good53
232.153 NEW 91ROBERT COUNTSWhat Do I Know5
231.391410892KANE BROWN f/ SWAE LEE & KHALIDBe Like That12
228.5534993MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIERThe Bones84
225.6212995INGRID ANDRESSMore Hearts Than Mine78
2252 NEW 97CARRIE UNDERWOODLet There Be Peace4
217.8223398CODY JINKSAin't A Train8
214.2538999JASON ALDEANGot What I Got25
212.64111100TRACE ADKINSBetter Off13
202.82 NEW 101THE SHIRESCrazy Days3
200138102CAYLEE HAMMICKSmall Town Hypocrite28
2001175103TIFFANY WOYSLoved By You9
197.454124104NIKO MOONGood Time57
195.82 NEW 105CODY JOHNSONDear Rodeo5
192.82238106CLARE DUNNSalt And Lime11
185197108MIRANDA LAMBERTDark Bars12
185175109CHRIS STEPHENHome8
175.75299111HARDY f/ LAUREN ALAINAOne Beer36
1751122112DEAN BRODY & THE REKLWSCan't Help Myself32
1751197113RANDY ROGERS & WADE BOWENRodeo Clown9
171.95477114DUSTIN LYNCHMomma's House36
171.853191115PARMALEE & BLANCO BROWNJust The Way39
170381116KEITH URBANChange Your Mind8
167.22103117TRAVIS DENNINGWhere's The Beer Been13
16513118SAM HUNTHard To Forget32
165164119CAMTill There's Nothing Left33
661125120JESSE COLIN YOUNG f/ STEVE MILLERGet Together13
1651171121JOE & MARTINA f/ JOHN BERRYGive me Back The 90s8
1651117122LORI MCKENNAGood Fight9
1651 NEW 123INGRID ANDRESSLady Like4
1551131124RUTHIE COLLINSDang Dallas17
1551106125OLD DOMINIONGoes Without Saying13
1551172126RUNAWAY JUNEI Am Too82
1551 NEW 127WHISKEY MYERSBury My Bones6
1471217129LAUREN ALAINARun9
1471 NEW 130MIRA GOTONobody Warned Me4
146.82227131SOPHIA SCOTTOverdressed8
146.25368132DYLAN SCOTTNobody33
144.62 NEW 133MIRANDA LAMBERTMess With My Head60
143.42241134ELI YOUNG BAND & JUMMY BUFFETTSaltwater Gospel5
140.752144135JAMESON RODGERSSome Girls43
140.6293136LADY A f/ LITTLE BIG TOWNThe Thing That Wrecks You12
139.752151137TENILLE TOWNESCome As You Are9
139.62146138TRACY LAWRENCEWhen The Cowboy's Gone20
1391154139CHRIS PETERSENCowboy Coming Home9
1391 NEW 140COLTER WALLHappy Reunion5
1391 NEW 141ADAM SANDERSDrink Drank Drunk2
138.64360142THE CHICKSMarch March13
135.22137143KEITH URBANSame Heart17
134.63 NEW 144PHIL VASSARPostmarked Birmingham3
133.9365145MIDLANDCheatin' Songs39
1311167146KENNY CHESNEYKnowing You20
1311140147THE OUTLAWSHeavenly Blues13
1311 NEW 149COLTER WALLCowpoke5
130.352271150CHASE RICELonely If You Are69
129.82 NEW 151KEITH URBANOn The Cage2
129.22 NEW 152SPENCER CRANDALLOne Of Those Nights5
1241258153DALLAS SMITHLike A Man24
124115154CHRIS JANSONDone43
1241203155CARLY PEARCEIt Won't Always Be Like This36
119.353177157TEBEYHappened On A Saturday Night9
1181132158JANA KRAMERUntouchable17
1181 NEW 159JOSH TURNER f/ RUNAWAY JUNEYou Don't Seem To Miss Me5
1181 NEW 160LOGAN MURRELLWe Keep Coming Back1
114.22119161SHY CARTERGood Love13
114239162PRYOR & LEEY'allsome13
1132200163GARY ALLANWaste Of A Whiskey Drink8
1121101164TIM HICKSNo Truck Song31
110.52279165CHRIS LANEBig Big Plans55
108.82 NEW 166KEITH URBANSay Something2
1071211167SHANE OWENSLove Me To Death8
104.42 NEW 168GRANGER SMITHHate You Like I Love You3
1032157169TYLER FARRSoundtrack To A Small Town Sundown9
102183170STEPHANIE QUAYLEWhatcha Drinkin 'Bout33
98.42118171GONE WESTSlow Down30
97.6153172GORD BAMFORDJust Let Go24
97.61123173TRISHA YEARWOODWhen Lonely Calls24
97.61 NEW 174JORDAN DAVISCool Anymore43
97.61207175DAVE MCELROYTrucker Hat8
97.61188176JASON ALDEANTattoos And Tequila6
941161177CARRIE UNDERWOODBacksliding11
912236179AARON WATSONWhisper My Name11
90.61134180EMILY SCOTT ROBINSONGhost In Every Town9
90.61176181GEORGE STRAITSome Nights9
871184182LITTLE BIG TOWNQuestions17
841 NEW 183LINDSAY ELLI Don't Love You45
841181184MORGAN WALLENChasin' You90
841 NEW 185BRAD COXGive Me Tonight24
841220186ABBY ANDERSONI'll Still Love Ypu12
82.55250187KEITH URBANGod Whispered Your Name31
81.58487188DIPLO f/ MORGAN WALLENHeartless55
80.22 NEW 189ERIC CHURCHHow 'Bout You1
79.452179190JOJO MASONChemical9
781138191OLD DOMINIONSome People Do62
781213193TRISTIN MAREZFar From Good9
781127194RENEE BLAIRHeatin' Up The Summer6
781 NEW 195CAROLINE JONESIntimacy3
752152196JASON MCCOY & FRIENDSWe Are One20
751231197CHRISSY METZTalking To God9
72.6124198SARA EVANSIf I Can't Have You26
72.6196199SAMMY KERSHAWMy Friend Fred33
72.61252200MARY CHAPIN CARPENTERSecret Keepers6
72.61 NEW 201CASEY BAKERWe Don't Care To Fight Anymore5
72.22281202JADE EAGLESONClose15
70.752 NEW 203TIM HICKSWreck This Town2
70.61235204BRETT KISSELShe Drives Me Crazy33
70.61153205WALKER HAYESTrash My Heart18
69.752201206NICE HORSECowgirl9
68.61173207CAROLINE JONESChasin' Me80
651174208MIRANDA LAMBERTFooled Around And Fell In Love54
63.61163209BRETT ELDREDGEGood Day9
621244210LUKE COMBS f/ ERIC CHURCHDoes To Me34
621246211BROTHERS OSBORNEHatin' Somebody9
621 NEW 212ANDREW FARRISSCome Midnight5
60.6166213CLARE DUNNMoney's All Gone48
59.61136214KENNY CHESNEYYou Don't Get To9
59.61 NEW 215SPENCER CRANDALLThings I Can't Say1
59.123276216ZACH WILLIAMS & DOLLY PARTONThere Was Jesus51
58.72215217TENILLE ARTSEverybody Knows Everybody8
57.61204218COLE SWINDELLAll Nighter33
57.61 NEW 219CHASE RICEIn The Car3
57.5284220MADELINE MERLOKiss Kiss22
56.61245221ERIC CHURCHBad Mother Trucker9
56.61218222GEORGE STRAITSometimes Love8
55.81230223LUKE BRYANWhat She Wants Tonight49
55.81228224JAMES DUPREYou're Probably Drunk Right Now8
55.81 NEW 225DERYL DODDLet Me Hold You Tonight4
55116226LUKE BRYANOne Margarita26
52.81225227CHASE RICEYou10
522 NEW 228AARON GOODVINEvery Time You Take Your Time2
51.523130229THE CHICKSGaslighter30
51.4185230GONE WESTWhat Could've Been63
51.41240231WHEELER WALKER JR.Drunk As F***8
50.61212232MELANIE DYERMemphis T-Shirt28
50.61187233JOSH GRACINDrink It Gone16
50.61221234CHRIS YOUNGIt That Ain't God9
50.61 NEW 235KEITH URBANLive With1
501 NEW 236LUKE COMBSBetter Together1
48.61259237RUSSELL DICKERSONHome Sweet13
48.61248238MO PITNEYAin't Bad For A Good Ol' Boy9
48.61 NEW 239CLAY HOLLISHere I go Again5
47.41266240CAITLYN SHADBOLTEdge of The Earth5
47.41 NEW 241RILEY GREENIf It Wasn't For Trucks1
46.81243242GONE WESTKnew You7
46.81 NEW 243LOCASHBeers To Catch Up On2
46.41149244LUKE BRYANBuild Me A Daddy13
46.41 NEW 245BRETT KISSELA Few Good Stories1
46.082185246DOLLY PARTONWhen Life Is Good Again17
45.41 NEW 247CAYLEE HAMMICKJust Friends5
44.81 NEW 248KEITH URBANBig Promises2
44.41224249PAYTON SMITHLike I Knew You Would9
44.41 NEW 250CLAY WALKERNeed A Bar Sometimes2
43.81249251TIM MCGRAWIf I Was A Cowboy6
43.81 NEW 252ERIC ETHRIDGEKiss Me Goodbye3
43.81 NEW 253CJ SOLARWatered Down Whiskey2
43.751265254REKLAWSWhere I'm From22
42.41121256KEITH URBANSteal My Thunder17
42.41 NEW 257A THOSAND HORSESA Song To Remember2
41.41168258RANDY ROGERS BANDYou, Me And A Bottle9
40.81 NEW 259SOUTHERN HALODon't Let Another Day Go By2
40.41 NEW 260KYLIE FREYSpur Of The Moment2
39.81247261KEITH URBANPolaroid19
39.81263262CASSADEE POPELet Me Go12
391219263EMILY REIDWine15
38.21260264MAREN MORRISJust For Now13
37.41264265GONE WESTI'm never Getting Over You6
32.751267266WASHBOARD UNIONDock Rock17
30.81 NEW 267CAROLINE JONESIntimacy1
281273268MATT LANGGetcha15
22.651280269JAMES BARKER BANDSummer Time13
18.321277271HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISHLosing My Religion9
17.651275272OWEN BARNEYThank Her For That19
15.91165273HUNTER BROTHERSHard Dirt13
13.751282274MEGHAN PATRICKGirls Like Me9
12.121283276THE AVETT BROTHERSBleeding White17
11.351 NEW 277AARON PRITCHETTNever Seen Me Like This2

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