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Monthly Country Chart  
April 30, 2018 through May 31, 2018

1730.3927691CARRIE UNDERWOODCry Pretty2
1714.9622252KACEY MUSGRAVESHigh Horse2
1702.21683KACEY MUSGRAVESButterflies3
1699.831864BRETT YOUNGMercy4
1690.651515LUKE BRYANMost People Are Good6
1533.5316177MAREN MORRISRich16
1456.351438JASON ALDEANYou Make It Easy5
1445.881249JON PARDIShe Ain't In It12
1313.91131310BROTHERS OSBORNEShoot Me Straight6
1186.45111211LUKE COMBSOne Number Away6
1143.3412712LAUREN ALAINADoin' Fine16
1094.28121013ASHLEY MCBRYDEA Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega13
1082.793314DAVID LEE MURPHY & KENNY CHESNEYEverything's Gonna Be Alright7
1034.25101415KANE BROWNHeaven8
1012.1591116LINDSAY ELLCriminal11
1010.15131817KACEY MUSGRAVESSpace Cowboy3
988.0591518DIERKS BENTLEYWoman, Amen5
957.381919ALAN JACKSONThe Older I Get7
928112920JAKE OWENI Was Jack (You Were Diane)3
878.3581621BLAKE SHELTONI Lived It7
861.18113422CARLY PEARCEHide The Wine7
850.35102323LADY ANTEBELLUMHeart Break12
801.772724SARA EVANSAll The Love You Left Me7
789.592225DAN & SHAYTequila5
783.293226DARIUS RUCKERFor The First Time11
772.93102427JUSTIN MOOREKinda Don't Care13
743.3584929MICHAEL RAYGet To You10
6211011430MIRANDA LAMBERTKeeper Of The Flame2
594.559531THOMAS RHETTMarry Me8
584.5284532KIP MOORELast Shot6
566.9584133KEITH URBAN f/ JULIA MICHAELSComing Home3
558.873734JILLIAN JACQUELINEReasons12
555.254235TRAVIS DENNINGDavid Ashley Parker From Powder Springs3
553.372136SCOTTY MCCREERYFive More Minutes13
548.2468037KENNY CHESNEYGet Along2
53682838HIGH VALLEYShe's With Me20
502.773539JORDAN DAVISSingles You Up11
472.7975340KEITH URBANParallel Line5
463.4875141CHASE RICEThree Chords And The Truth10
457.3974042TRENT HARMONYou Got 'Em All4
453.4987143COLE SWINDELLBreak Up In The End4
444.1265444KACEY MUSGRAVESSlow Burn2
435.7863145CHRIS JANSONDrunk Girl6
432.5764346JIMMIE ALLENBest Shot4
431.27947CHRIS STAPLETONBroken Halos14
425.62714948MIDLANDBurn Out3
422.876449AARON WATSONRun Wild Horses5
404.434850CAITLYN SMITHContact High5