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Monthly Country Chart  
June 30, 2021 through July 31, 2021

2742.6729 NEW 1ELLE KING & MIRANDA LAMBERTDrunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)22
2579.5523 NEW 2KELSEA BALLERINI f/ KENNY CHESNEYHalf Of My Hometown21
1927.116 NEW 3THOMAS RHETTCountry Again16
1797.0515 NEW 4BROTHERS OSBORNEI'm Not For Everyone17
175018 NEW 5MADDIE & TAEWoman Got You18
1666.412 NEW 6LAUREN ALAINA f/ JON PARDIGetting Over Him28
1414.614 NEW 7TENILLE ARTSBack Then, Right Now9
1362.312 NEW 8RYAN HURD & MAREN MORRISChasing After You24
1296.0516 NEW 9BRETT YOUNGNot Yet15
1291.759 NEW 10LAINEY WILSONThings A Man Oughta Know41
1228.914 NEW 11CHRIS STAPLETONYou Should Probably Leave35
119310 NEW 12CHRIS YOUNG f/ KANE BROWNFamous Friends37
1186.0513 NEW 13MIRANDA LAMBERTSettling Down48
1075.611 NEW 14LADY ALike A Lady21
10368 NEW 15CARLY PEARCENext Girl46
1013.5512 NEW 16OLD DOMINIONI Was On A Boat That Day10
101312 NEW 17DUSTIN LYNCH f/ LAUREN ALAINAThinking 'Bout You68
1006.69 NEW 18TRAVIS DENNINGAbby19
998.159 NEW 19TAYLOR SWIFTMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's version)17
952.3510 NEW 20JORDAN DAVISBuy Dirt7
950.69 NEW 21LUKE BRYANWaves17
899.258 NEW 22KENNY CHESNEYKnowing You64
891.89 NEW 23ELVIE SHANEMy Boy37
789.26 NEW 24MORGAN WADEWilder Days16
766.7510 NEW 25KELSEA BALLERINI f/ LANYI Quit Drinking7
739.6512 NEW 26BRANTLEY GILBERT f/ TOBY KEITH & HARDYThe Worst Country Song Of All Time6
6667 NEW 27WALKER HAYESFancy Like5
637.756 NEW 28MATT STELLThat Ain't Me No More24
6244 NEW 29ALAN JACKSONWhere Have You Gone12
6095 NEW 31INGRID ANDRESSLady Like48
568.76 NEW 32CHRIS MORENOShot At Your Heart11
521.956 NEW 33KEITH URBAN f/ PINKOne Too Many46
492.86 NEW 35ASHLIE AMBEROpen10
476.156 NEW 36CALLISTA CLARKIt's Cause I Am19
463.85 NEW 37JOE NICHOLSHome Run15
454.26 NEW 38ADAM DOLEACCoulda Loved You Longer13
453.2414 NEW 39YOLADiamond Studded Shoes15
448.96 NEW 40DAN & SHAYGlad You Exist26
445.156 NEW 41ZAC BROWN BANDSame Boat7
425.85 NEW 42TAYLOR ACORNTrue Crime18
417.65 NEW 43CHRIS LANESummer Job Money12
416.45 NEW 44JIMMIE ALLEN f/ BRAD PAISLEYFreedom Was A Highway26
404.15 NEW 45PARKER MCCOLLUMTo Be Loved By You26
397.057 NEW 46JON PARDITequila Little Time28
383.954 NEW 47JUSTIN MOOREWe Didn't Have Much43
369.756 NEW 48JAMES BARKER BANDOver All Over Again11
357.253 NEW 49GARY ALLANTemptation10
338.254 NEW 50RUSSELL DICKERSONHome Sweet57
319.24 NEW 51GABBY BARRETTFootprints on The Moon6
301.23 NEW 52BROTHERS OSBORNEYounger Me13
282.63 NEW 53DREW PARKERWhile You're Gone10
255.353 NEW 54LARRY FLEETWhere I Find God41
254.22 NEW 55KYLIE FREY f/ RANDY HOUSERHorse In Heaven25
248.24 NEW 56DARIUS RUCKERMy Masterpiece20
239.23 NEW 57BLAKE SHELTONMinimum Wage28
2352 NEW 58COLE SWINDELLSingle Saturday Night61
228.754 NEW 60HARDYGive Heaven Some Hell34
224.83 NEW 61GARY ALLANWaste Of A Whiskey Drink52
221.63 NEW 62CHASE RICE f/ FLORIDA GEORGIA LINEDrinkin' Beer Talkin' God Amen35
2122 NEW 64GEORGE CANYONHaunting Me14
201.22 NEW 65CAROLINE JONESCome In (But Don't Make Yourself Comfortable)15
2001 NEW 66ASHLEY MCBRYDESparrow20
2001 NEW 68PARKER MCCOLLUMYoung Man's Blues24
190.83 NEW 69YOLAStand For Myself10
1851 NEW 71TREY LEWISDicked Down In Dallas34
180.62 NEW 72CARLY PEARCE2924
179.62 NEW 73KANE BROWNWorship You39
178.854 NEW 74DIERKS BENTLEYGone41
1751 NEW 75ANDREW HYATTNeverland31
165.954 NEW 78CHRIS BANDIWould Have Loved Her10
1651 NEW 79BLAINE HOLCOMBI Drink She Drives5
1651 NEW 81JAMIE O'NEALCloser To Closure39
1651 NEW 82THOMAS RHETTBlame It On A Backroad11
161.82 NEW 83BRETT ELDREDGEGood Day53
1551 NEW 84CLAY WALKERNeed A Bar Sometimes46
1551 NEW 85HANNAH DASHERGirls Call The Shots4
1552 NEW 86JAMESON RODGERS f/ LUKE COMBSCold Beer Calling My Name52
144.752 NEW 88LEE BRICEMemory I Don't Mess With41
143.62 NEW 89LUKE COMBSForever After All40
142.73 NEW 90MICHAEL RAYWhiskey And Rain41
142.253 NEW 91LUKE COMBSCold As You3
1391 NEW 92ALEXANDRA KAYAll The Cowboys4
1391 NEW 93INGRID ANDRESSAnything But Love6
1391 NEW 94TAYLOR SWIFTFearless (Taylor's Version)16
1391 NEW 95TYLER RICHBetter Than You're Used To13
137.62 NEW 96JAKE HOOT f/ KELLY CLARKSONI Would've Loved You26
1311 NEW 97TRISTON MAREZDay Drinking11
127.953 NEW 98PRISCILLA BLOCKJust About Over You41
1241 NEW 99ASHLEY MCBRYDEMartha Divine53
1241 NEW 100JASON ALDEANBlame It On You37
121.22 NEW 101MORGAN WALLENSand In My Boots24
117.153 NEW 103TOBY KEITHOLd School3
1172 NEW 104CHRISTIE LAMBKiss About It5
113.82 NEW 105CLARE DUNNUnread22
113.43 NEW 106TENILLE ARTSSomebody Like That87
1121 NEW 107HAILEY WHITTERSHeartland17
1121 NEW 108WALKER COUNTYBits & Pieces9
111.82 NEW 109SHENANDOAH f/ BLAKE SHELTONThen A Girl Walks In17
1071 NEW 111KEITH URBANLive With45
1071 NEW 112MORGAN WADEDon't Cry14
1062 NEW 113CASEY BARNESCome Turn Me On20
1021 NEW 115JASON ALDEANSome Things You Don't Forget32
1021 NEW 116LUKE COMBSWithout You13
100.52 NEW 118NELLY JOYI Don't Give A Truck2
99.42 NEW 119BROTHERS OSBORNESkeletons41
99.42 NEW 120MO PITNEYLocal Honey15
97.61 NEW 121CHASE WRIGHTMissing You2
96.352 NEW 122SCOTTY MCCREERYYou Time41
941 NEW 123JORDAN DAVISAlmost Maybes60
941 NEW 124KASSI ASHTONBlack Motorcycle20
941 NEW 125MIDLANDSunrise Tells The Story4
90.61 NEW 126KYLIE MORGANShoulda5
841 NEW 127JOHNNY GATESReckless7
811 NEW 128TEBEYSong Of The Summer9
811 NEW 129UNA HEALYSwear it All Again15
751 NEW 131JESS MOSKALUKELeave Each Other Alone24
751 NEW 132NATE BARNESYou Ain't Pretty19
751 NEW 133SAM HUNTBreaking Up Was Easy In The 90's53
72.92 NEW 134AARON GOODVINBoy Like Me7
72.61 NEW 135COOPER ALANToo Soon14
72.61 NEW 136LOGAN MIZEGone Goes On And On24
72.61 NEW 137MEGHAN PATRICKMy First Car (Was A Pickup Truck)31
72.62 NEW 138TYLER JOE MILLERFighting30
702 NEW 139PETRICKids28
68.61 NEW 140ADAM SANDERSBible Versus11
68.552 NEW 141GABBY BARRETTThe Good Ones101
651 NEW 142OWEN BARNEYYou Make Me Wanna16
63.61 NEW 143BUCK TWENTYCut Me Off6
63.61 NEW 144CHRIS LANEFill Them Boots14
63.61 NEW 145MARTY STUARTSkip A Rope6
63.61 NEW 146THOMAS RHETTGrowing Up20
63.62 NEW 147GARTH BROOKSThat's What Cowboys Do35
621 NEW 148KEVIN MCGUIRESeeing Things11
59.61 NEW 149TENILLE TOWNESCome As You Are13
57.61 NEW 150ALAN JACKSONWay Down In My Whiskey16.57
57.61 NEW 151HEATH SANDERSOld School's In21
56.61 NEW 152WARD THOMAS f/ CAMDon't Be A Stranger23
55.81 NEW 153CAMThe Otherside40
55.81 NEW 155REBA MCENTIRESomehow You Do13
55.81 NEW 156SMITH & WESLEYUnder It With You Tonight3
53.41 NEW 158LADY AChance Of Rain4
521 NEW 159ERIC CHURCHHeart Of The Night16
521 NEW 160MIRANDA LAMBERTWhite Trash4
50.61 NEW 161KENNY CHESNEYYou Don't Get To6
50.61 NEW 162MICKEY GUYTONBlack Like Me61
501 NEW 163CHRIS STAPLETONStarting Over49
48.61 NEW 164TRACE ADKINSHeartbreak Song12
47.41 NEW 165LAINEY WILSONNeon Diamonds4
47.41 NEW 166RODNEY ATKINSA Little Good News25
46.41 NEW 167ERIC CHURCHLove Shine Down5.57
46.41 NEW 168MIRANDA LAMBERTTequila Does4
45.81 NEW 169JORDAN DAVISNeed To Not20
45.22 NEW 170HUNTER HAYESThe One That Got Away28
44.81 NEW 171BRELAND f/KEITH URBANThrow It Back6
42.41 NEW 172GRANGER SMITHHate You Like I Love You47
40.81 NEW 174IAN MUNSICKLong Haul15
38.71 NEW 175ALEEGuys Like You3
33.61 NEW 176CHRIS STAPLETONArkansas35
32.751 NEW 177DEAN BRODYLightning Bug11
321 NEW 178ERIC CHURCHHell Of A View41
281 NEW 179LINDSAY ELLGood on You19
23.51 NEW 180HUNTER BROTHERSBeen A Minute18
22.651 NEW 181TIM & THE GLORY BOYSMe Without You11
21.751 NEW 182NATE HALLERLightning In A Bottle16
21.451 NEW 183MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIERThe Bones128
211 NEW 184MEGHAN PATRICKNever Giving Up On You18
18.151 NEW 185TENILLE TOWNESGirl Who Didn't Care4
17.151 NEW 186GORD BAMFORDHeaven On Dirt13
16.251 NEW 187MATT LANGIn A Bar9
15.51 NEW 188JADE EAGLESONAll Night To Figure It Out23
15.151 NEW 189TYLER JOE MILLERSometimes I Do4
14.651 NEW 190JAKE OWENBest Thing Since Backroads0
14.41 NEW 191WASHBOARD UNIONNever Run Outta Road10
13.21 NEW 192ANNIKAI Really Don't Want To4
131 NEW 193JESS MOSKALUKENothin' I Don't Love About You1
12.51 NEW 194RILEY GREENIf It Wasn't For Trucks45
11.951 NEW 196ROBYN OTTOLINITell You Everything9
11.851 NEW 197DAVID JAMESDon't Mind If I Do15
11.851 NEW 198RAQUEL COLEThink About You1
11.61 NEW 199ROAD HAMMERSGive'r0
11.351 NEW 200TEIGEN GAYSEI Don't Wanna Fall In Love16
11.11 NEW 201INGRID ANDRESSMore Hearts Than Mine122
7.051 NEW 202MIRANDA LAMBERTBluebird100
6.451 NEW 203TAYLOR SWIFT f/ DIXIE CHICKSSoon You'll get Better100
3.451 NEW 204KELSEA BALLERINIHomecoming Queen?99
3.451 NEW 205LADY AWhat If I Never Get Over You116

Beyond Radio’s Country Chart and Playlists


Monthly Rock Chart, November 2021

1              WALKER HAYES f/ KESHA              Fancy Like

2              JASON ALDEAN & CARRIE UNDERWOOD If I Didn't Love You

3              SAM HUNT          23

4              REBA MCENTIRE & DOLY PARTON             Does He Love You

5              KANE BROWN    One Mississippi

6              CARLY PEARCE & ASHLEY MCBRIDE          Never Wanted To Be That Girl

7              MORGAN WADE               Wilder Days

8              AARON LEWIS    Am I The Only One

9              KELSEA BALLERINI f/ LANY            I Quit Drinking

10           MORGAN WALLEN          Sand In My Boots

11           DUSTIN LYNCH f/ LAUREN ALAINA            Thinking 'Bout You

12           ZAC BROWN BAND          Same Boat

13           OLD DOMINION I Was On A Boat That Day

14           CHRIS STAPLETON           You Should Probably Leave

15           JACLYN REINHART            Takes A Little Time

16           JORDAN DAVIS  Buy Dirt

17           MIRANDA LAMBERT       If I Was A Cowboy

18           KEITH URBAN    Wild Hearts

19           GABBY BARRETT               Footprints on The Moon

20           JUSTIN HOLT      Hangin' On

21           LAINEY WILSON Things A Man Oughta Know

22           ADAM DOLEAC  Coulda Loved You Longer

23           KEITH URBAN    Crimson Blue

24           TIM MCGRAW   7500 OBO

25           RYAN HURD & MAREN MORRIS  Chasing After You

26           TOBY KEITH         Old School

27           DEAN BRODY      I'd Go To Jail

28           INGRID ANDRESS & SAM HUNT  Wishful Drinking

29           LUKE COMBS     Cold As You

30           JIMMIE ALLEN f/ BRAD PAISLEY  Freedom Was A Highway

31           LOGAN MIZE      If You Get Liucky

32           JOHNNY GATES Will i Still Love You

33           ELLE KING & MIRANDA LAMBERT              Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)

34           MICKEY GUYTON              Remember Her Name

35           CARRIE UNDERWOOD    Strechy Pants

36           SCOTTY MCCREERY          Damn Strait

37           KELSEA BALLERINI f/ KENNY CHESNEY      Half Of My Hometown

38           YOLA     Stand For Myself

39           TYLER JOE MILLER            Sometimes I Do

40           LOGAN MIZE      George Strait Songs

41           DANIELLE BRADBERRY    Stop Draggin' Your Boots

42           DAN & SHAY       Steal My Love

43           RUTHIE COLLINS               Hypocrite

44           KEITH URBAN    Soul Food

45           RIVER TOWN SAINTS      What Ya Doin' Tonight

46           BROTHERS OSBORNE      I'm Not For Everyone

47           GABBY BARRETT               The Good Ones

48           ERIC CHURCH     Look Good And You...

49           RUPAUL f/TANYA TUCKER            This is Our Country

50           LAINEY WILSON Neon Diamonds

51           CASEY BARNES  God Took His Time On You

52           THOMAS RHETT Summer Slow Down

53           CHASE RICE         If I Were Rock & Roll

54           KENNY CHESNEY               Knowing You

55           CHEAT CODES f/ LEE BRICE & LINDSAY ELL             How Do You Love

56           SARA EVANS      She's Got You

57           WALKER HATES AA

58           RUSSELL DICKERSON      Home Sweet

59           CHARLEY CROCKETT        Round This World

60           MICHAEL RAY     Whiskey And Rain

61           JESSIE JAMES DECKER     Not In Love With You

62           LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Scream

63           RAELYNN             Small Town Prayer

64           ZAC BROWN BAND          Fun having Fun

65           MACKENZIE PORTER       Pickup

66           PRISCILLA BLOCK              Just About Over You

67           DAN & SHAY       Officially Christmas

68           MICKEY GUYTON              Different

69           MATT LANG       In A Bar

70           BRETT YOUNG   Not Yet

71           JON PARDI          Tequila Little Time

72           HANNAH DASHER            Shoes

73           CHRIS YOUNG & MITCHELL TENPENNY    At The End Of The Bar

74           CALLISTA CLARK                It's Cause I Am

75           JAMES BARKER BAND     Over All Over Again

76           NATALIE HEMBY               Heroes

77           JAKE OWEN        Best Thing Since Backroads

78           CHRIS JANSON  Bye Mom

79           TENILLE ARTS     Back Then, Right Now

80           CHRIS BANDI      Would Have Loved Her

81           KEITH URBAN    With You

82           BLAKE SHELTON                Come Back As A Country Boy

83           SOPHIA SCOTT   Fallback

84           OLIVIA EVANS   Of Course i Do

85           LUKE BRYAN       Up

86           JADE EAGLESON f DEAN BRODY  More Drinkin' Than Fishin'

87           REBA MCENTIRE               Fancy (Dave Aude Remix)

88           GARY ALLAN       Temptation

89           DARIUS RUCKER               My Masterpiece

90           GEORGE CANYON            Haunting Me

91           MICKEY GUYTON              Do You really Wanna Know

92           CHRIS BANDI      Probably At A Bar

93           MELANIE DYER  Run Out Of Road

94           JESS MOSKALUKE            Nothin' I Don't Love About You

95           MATT STELL        Boyfriend Season

96           LADY A  Fire

97           SPENCER CRANDALL       Made

98           STEVEN LEE OLSEN          Relationship Goals

99           PARKER MCCOLLUM       To Be Loved By You

100         KEITH URBAN    Better Than I Am

Country Picks Playlists 2021

Country Picks Playlists 2020

Country Top 150 of 2020

1              GABBY BARRETT            I Hope
2              MIRANDA LAMBERT       Bluebird
3              TAYLOR SWIFT   Betty
4              SAM HUNT          Hard To Forget
5              MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIER           The Bones
6              INGRID ANDRESS             More Hearts Than Mine
7              CAM      Till There's Nothing Left
8              ASHLEY MCBRYDE            One Night Standards
9              MICKEY GUYTON              Black Like Me
10           MADDIE & TAE  Die From A Broken Heart
11           CARRIE UNDERWOOD    Drinking Alone
12           KELSEA BALLERINI            Hole In The Bottle
13           MICKEY GUYTON              What Are You Gonna Tell Her?
14           CARLY PEARCE f/ LEE BRICE          I Hope You're Happy Now
15           KELSEA BALLERINI & HALSEY        The Other Girl
16           THOMAS RHETT Be A Light
17           LADY A  Champagne Night
18           ERIC CHURCH     Stick That In Your Country Song
19           BRETT ELDREDGE             Gabrielle
20           MAREN MORRIS               To Hell And Back
21           CHRIS STAPLETON           Starting Over
22           BON JOVI f/ JENNIFER NETTLES  Do What You Can
23           BLAKE SHELTON & GWEN STEFANI           Nobody But You
24           TIM MCGRAW   I Called Mama
25           SARA EVANS      If I Can't Have You
26           MARTINA MCBRIDE        Girls Like Me
27           CAYLEE HAMMICK           Small Town Hypocrite
28           MIRANDA LAMBERT       Settling Down
29           KELSEA BALLERINI            Homecoming Queen?
30           JUSTIN MOORE Why We Drink
31           GABBY BARRETT               The Good Ones
32           RUSSELL DICKERSON      Love You Like I Used to
33           BROTHERS OSBORNE      All Night
34           RUNAWAY JUNE               We Were Rich
35           BRETT YOUNG   Lady
36           LUKE COMBS     Lovin' On You
37           LAUREN ALAINA               Getting Good
38           KEITH URBAN f/ PINK     One Too Many
39           RASCAL FLATTS How They Remember You
40           MATT STELL        Everywhere But On
41           LUKE COMBS f/ ERIC CHURCH     Does To Me
42           MORGAN WALLEN          More Than My Hometown
43           THOMAS RHETT f/ JON PARDI     Beer Can't Fix
44           INGRID ANDRESS             The Stranger
45           SAM HUNT          Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's
46           ORVILLE PECK & SHANIA TWAIN Legends Never Die
47           KIP MOORE         She's Mine
48           LITTLE BIG TOWN             Wine, Beer, Whiskey
49           MICKEY GUYTON              Heaven Down Here
50           LINDSAY ELL        Want Me Back
51           CARLY PEARCE   Next Girl
52           PARKER MCCOLLUM       Pretty Heart
53           TENILLE ARTS     Somebody Like That
54           JON PARDI          Ain't Always The Cowboy
55           CAM      Classic
56           CHRIS JANSON  Done
57           LITTLE BIG TOWN             Over Drinking
58           MARGO PRICE   Letting Me Down
59           THE CHICKS        Gaslighter
60           MELANIE DYER  Memphis T-Shirt
61           PETRIC  Something To Do With You
62           MITCHELL TENPENNY     Broken Up
63           CAROLINE JONES              All Of The Boys
64           MORGAN WALLEN          7 Summers
65           BRAD PAISLEY    No I In Beer
66           THE CHICKS        Sleep At Night
67           CHRIS PETERSEN               Edge Of Eighteen
68           SOPHIA SCOTT   Beauty In The Flaws
69           RUNAWAY JUNE               Head Over Heels
70           LUKE BRYAN       One Margarita
71           LUKE COMBS     Even Though I'm Leaving
72           LEE BRICE            One Of Them Girls
73           MORGAN WALLEN          Chasin' You
74           KEITH URBAN    Superman
75           DAN & SHAY       I Should Probably Go to Bed
76           JIMMIE ALLEN f/ NELLY  Good Times Roll
77           KEITH URBAN    God Whispered Your Name
78           MACKENZIE PORTER       These Days
79           OLD DOMINION Never Be Sorry
80           CHRIS PETERSEN               Cowboy Coming Home
81           JIMMIE ALLEN & NOAH CYRUS   This Is Us
82           BLAKE SHELTON & GWEN STEFANI           Happy Anywhere
83           SAM HUNT          Kinfolks
84           SPENCER CRANDALL       Summer Us
85           CAM      Redwood Tree
86           GONE WEST        What Could've Been
87           KENNY CHESNEY               Here And Now
88           GORD BAMFORD              Just Let Go
89           GRYFFIN & CHRIS LANE  Hold You Tonight
90           LINDSAY ELL        I Don't Love You
91           FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE I Love My Country
92           LITTLE BIG TOWN             Sugar Coat
93           LADY A  What If I Never Get Over You
94           MIDLAND            Cheatin' Songs
95           SPENCER CRANDALL       My Person
96           MAREN MORRIS               Better Than We Found It
97           THOMAS RHETT What's Your Country Song?
98           ERIC CHURCH     Monsters
99           COLE SWINDELL Single Saturday Night
100         MICHAEL RAY     Whiskey And Rain
101         MARK CHESNUTT             I Found Another (And She Hates Me Too)
102         JORDAN DAVIS  Almost Maybes
103         CLARE DUNN     Money's All Gone
104         DARIUS RUCKER               Beers And Sunshine
105         KANE BROWN    Cool Again
106         RAELYNN             Bra Off
107         KACEY MUSGRAVES        Oh, What A World
108         HARDY f/ LAUREN ALAINA            One Beer
109         JASON ALDEAN Got What I Got
110         ALEE      No One Like You
111         SOPHIA SCOTT   Hard To Love
112         SPENCER CRANDALL       Say In This
113         SCOTTY MCCREERY          In Between
114         SOPHIA SCOTT   I Ain't Me Without You
115         DALLAS SMITH   Like A Man
116         TRAVIS DENNING             After A Few
117         CHRIS YOUNG   Drowning
118         ERIC CHURCH     Hell Of A View
119         KELSEA BALLERINI            Club
120         CAROLINE ROSE Feel The Way I Want
121         KEITH URBAN    Tumbleweed
122         JAMESON RODGERS       Some Girls
123         RANDY TRAVIS  Fools Love Affair
124         SARA EVANS      Hard To Say I'm Sorry
125         MACY MARTIN  Don't Be The Reason
126         RILEY GREEN      I Wish Grandpas Never Died
127         CHRIS STEPHEN Home
128         JESSE LABELLE    Two Hearts And A Diamond
129         FILMORE              London
130         DANIELLE BRADBERRY    Never Have I Ever
131         BRANDY CLARK Who You Thought I Was
132         LUKE BRYAN       Down To One
133         DAN & SHAY, JUSTIN BIEBER        10,000 Hours
134         SAMANTHA LLOYD          Burning Light
135         JAKE OWEN        Made For You
136         GONE WEST        Slow Down
138         SOUTHBOUND f/ SHANNON NOLL            Find Our Way
139         KENNY CHESNEY               Happy Does
140         BRANDY CLARK f/ BRANDI CARLILE           Same Devil
141         BRETT KISSEL     She Drives Me Crazy
142         LUKE BRYAN       What She Wants Tonight
143         TIM HICKS           No Truck Song
144         BRANTLEY GILBERT          Fire't Up
145         PRYOR & LEE      Y'allsome
146         DEAN BRODY & THE REKLWS       Can't Help Myself
147         OLD DOMINION Some People Do
148         CAYLEE HAMMICK           Just Friends
149         CHAD BROWNLEE            Money On You
150         CODY JOHNSON & REBA MCINTIRE           Dear Rodeo