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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Monthly Alternative Chart,March(to date)  
February 28, 2017 through March 31, 2017

8296.743141DEPECHE MODEWhere's The Revolution?2
5547.1226343COLD WAR KIDSLove Is Mystical2
5071.1922115BIFFY CLYROFlammable3
4471.719106TEMPLESStrange Or Be Forgotten3
4365.763317THE XXOn Hold5
424117158GROUPLOVEGood Morning4
3802.534249RAG'N'BONE MANHuman8
3757.3161310YOUNG THE GIANTSilvertongue8
3731.117711BRITISH SEA POWERBad Bohemian3
3387.714912SLOWDIVEStar Roving3
3209.2123513MAXIMO PARKRisk To Exist3
3206.6251214TWENTY ONE PILOTSHeavyDirtySoul12
3170.5144115MALLORY KNOXCitalopram (Better Off Without You)3
3146.715616THE XXSay Something Loving3
2957.516817COINTalk Too Much11
2858.814518A TRIBE CALLED QUESTWe The People5
2838.2126819BLOSSOMSHoney Sweet4
2796.3132720PHANTOGRAMSame Old Blues4
2682.4157021CAGE THE ELEPHANTCold Cold Cold13
2680.91411322CIRCA WAVESFire That Burns3
2525.788223VANTDo You Know Me?6
2298.942455824INCUBUSNimble Bastard2
2297.262825THE ORWELLSBlack Francis3
1906.4814726BONOBO f/ NICK MURPHYNo Reason3
1888.8152027MILKY CHANCECocoon5
1879.592328THE BEACHESGive It Up5
1857.4141829JAPANDROIDSNear To The Wild Heart Of Life5
1856.8128730DECLAN MCKENNAThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home3
1850.3172231K.FLAYBlood In The Cut8
1815.284832SILVERSUN PICKUPSLatchkey Kids16
1792.12244433ARCADE FIRE f/ MAVIS STAPLESI Give You Power3
1783.6104534HOLLERADOBorn Yesterday3
1775.4114035AFISnow Cats5
1739.1109836MISSIOMiddle Fingers2
1718.651737THE AMAZONSLittle Something4
1668.282638CIRCA WAVESWake Up4
1655.44253939THE SHINSName For You3
1639.2102940EMPIRE OF THE SUNHigh And Low8
1591.71013541DEAF HAVANAFever3
1590.1126042LOWER THAN ATLANTISHad Enough4
1574.575143ARTIFICIAL PLEASUREI'll Make It Worth Your While3
1565.462544KAISER CHIEFSWe Stay Together5
1560.322022645KINGS OF LEONReverend5
1529.257447DESPERATE JOURNALISTResolution3
1510.3913148THE HEYDAZEHurt Like Hell3
1500891149THE AMAZONSBlack Magic2
1474.975050HARLEAYou Don't Get It3