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Monthly Alternative Chart  
February 28, 2021 through March 31, 2021

PointsChartsLMThis MonthArtistSongWeeks
3679.454611ROYAL BLOODTyphoons6
2547.73278172MANCHESTER ORCHESTRABed Head2
2429.1931 NEW 3WOLF ALICEThe Last Man On Earth0
2197.1325134DAYGLOWClose To You6
1856.993835FOO FIGHTERSWaiting On A War6
1674.6222 NEW 6ST. VINCENTPay Your Way In Pain0
1638.552087THE KNOCKS f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLEAll About You17
1574.193428KINGS OF LEONThe Bandit8
1544.11879WEEZERAll My Favorite Songs5
1379.8317610KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKEREstella14
1357.06101211MOGWAIRitchie Sacramento6
1187.1132112TEENAGE WRISTYellowbelly6
1150.6211113PALE WAVESEasy6
1120.37143414DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979One + One4
1116.8516515LANA DEL REYChemtrails Over The Country Club7
1112.1724 NEW 16IMAGINE DRAGONSFollow You-1
1109.693017JULIEN BAKERHardline6
1097.5292018GLASS ANIMALSHeat Waves34
1094.5132619FKA TWIGS f/ HEADIE ONE & FRED AGAINDon't Judge Me4
1034.49169920AJRWay Less Sad2
1023.4915221THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Fall Into Me4
1016.03134722PORTER ROBINSONLook At The Sky5
943.3131723TEENAGE WRISTEarth Is A Black Hole17
917.61151024CANNONSFire For You29
852.04212226ALL TIME LOW f/ BLACKBEAR & DEMI LOVATOMonsters41
847.0413427GORILLAZ f/ BECKThe Valley Of The Pagans19
840.27 NEW 28DOSSPuppy-1
815.66120029THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Distorted (By You)2
795.288130PALE WAVESFall To Pieces2
778.1141431BABY QUEENRaw Thoughts6
769.92111632THE AVALANCHES f/ MGMT & JOHNNY MARRThe Divine Chord12
742.27618434RINSETamaryn (Wherever I Am)2
736.56 NEW 35KERO KERO BONITOThe Princess And The Clock1
727.6222936BILLIE EILISHTherefore I Am16
727.4313 NEW 37MEG MYERSThe Underground14
725.09102938MAXIMO PARKAll Of Me6
722.36 NEW 39THE REYTONSBroke Boys Cartel0
711.6192840MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ BLACKBEARMy Ex's Best Friend29
710.41229141DOTTERLittle Tot2
698.61021042MIKE SHINODA, IANN DIOR & UPSAHLHappy Endings2
693.0210 NEW 43EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGSupernormal-2
686.113 NEW 44LANA DEL REYWhite Dress-2
666.48 NEW 45BEABADOOBEELast Day On Earth-2
659.6698946BOSTON MANORBrand New Kids10
652.51342547ASHNIKKO f/ KELISDeal With It6
641.7420049RINSE f/ HATCHIEBack Into Your Arms15
641.2810750ALFIE TEMPLEMANEverybody's Gonna Love Somebody2
624.6574551JANE WEAVERHeartlow4
613.9821 NEW 52THE OFFSPRINGLet The Bad Times Roll2
610.62132753ROYAL BLOODTrouble's Coming23
605.4118655SLAYYTERTroubled Paradise5
599.8517656SOPHIE AND THE GIANTSRight Now3
596.85368257RAG 'N' BONE MANAll You Ever Wanted4
583.021569658GREEN DAYHere Comes The Shock2
582.95123559MOD SUN f/AVRIL LAVIGNEFlames6
552.35202560FOO FIGHTERSNo Son Of Mine8
550.27642661THE NIGHT GAMEBeautiful Stranger3
547.9295162THE STROKESThe Adults Are Talking41
547.7855863THE REYTONSJealous Type4
546.455764SQUID f/ MARTHA SKYE MURPHYNarrator5
542.0474465ONR f/ SARAH BARTHELMust Stop15
53861566PALE WAVESShe's My Religion10
533.1271967TEENAGE WRISTTaste Of Gasoline13
526.85911168CITIZENI Want To Kill You5
506.27524369THE NEIGHBOURHOODStargazing11
500.66 NEW 71BILLY NOMATESHeels0
491.239 NEW 72GROUPLOVEDeadline-2
489.227 NEW 73INHALERCheer Up Baby-2
487.6843974RUN THE JEWELS f/ ROYAL BLOODThe Ground Below35
485.461875ROOSEVELTFeels Right20
483.1447076TOPOGRAPHIESFalse Desire8
481.0515 NEW 78RISE AGAINSTNowhere Generation-2
481610379THE HAPPY FITSHold Me Down26
478.857 NEW 80AFILooking Tragic1
477.645682PALE WAVESYou Don't Own Me4
477.16611083THE SNUTSSomebody Loves You3
469.18610684FOUSHEEDeep End14
466.710 NEW 85ASHE & FINNEASTill Forever Falls Apart0
460.18655486BBNO$Help Herself2
455.9584287THE BLACK KEYSKeep My Name Outta Your Mouth8
455.6286988NOTHING BUT THIEVESImpossible24
448.2776789DES ROCSThis Is Our Life21
440.0865390DREAMERSTrue Crime15
439.11166991KINGS OF LEONEchoing2
430315895MAGIC GANGSomebody Like You17
427.13850696LILHUDDYThe Eulogy Of You And Me2
4086112897BLACK HONEYDisinfect2
424.5847698BAD SUNSBaby Blue Shades19
420313899BIG IDEASHighway6
414.665120101FRANCES FOREVERSpace Girl2
412.48564102YOU ME AT SIXSuckapunch13
411.63 NEW 103APREWithout Your Love24
411.441850104LONDON GRAMMARLose Your Head8
408.445128105BACKSEAT LOVERSKilby Girl22
408.085 NEW 106GENDER ROLESDead Or Alive1
406.9449107BIFFY CLYRONorth Of No South6
4023353109FAITHLESSI Need Someone31
399.386 NEW 110GIRL IN REDSerotonin-1
3963108111MEADOWLAKESay My Name5
391.44245112LIMON LIMONNeon Lights In The Rain4
389.63 NEW 113ASPYERSymphony1
384.44127114WILD YOUTHChampagne Butterflies6
3823119115KID BLOOMBlood Sugar14
380.9513 NEW 116THE STRUMBELLASGreatest Enemy1
376.27862117NOTHING NOWHEREFake Friend7
3752 NEW 118ALBA AUGUSTLights1
373.443 NEW 119THE ANCHOREESThe Art Of Losing0
3705802120PERFUME GENIUSDescribe51
369.84188121PALE BLUE MOVIESMotionless2
369.41432122DECLAN MCKENNARapture25
3652 NEW 123THE HAUNTED YOUTHTeen Rebel1
364.995 NEW 124THE PALE WHITEThat Dress-1
364.84218125BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROADTrack X6
362.24149126CLIENT LIASONIntervention17
361.74151127MIDDLE KIDSQuestions6
3613 NEW 128ELAINE MAI & MAYKAYNo Forever1
360.38372129BAD RELIGIONEmancipation of The Mind5
359.33 NEW 130PORTER ROBINSONMusician0
354.3495132GOAT GIRLBadibaba5
352.829101133BRING ME THE HORIZONTeardrops18
352.134159134BABY STRANGEClub Sabbath5
345.6280135PLANET MERCURYComatose5
3432172136TOTAL DRAGHoney5
339.255 NEW 137SYDNEY SPRAGUEObject Permanence-1
3392117138THE RANDELLSKaren4
336.186 NEW 139LADYHAWKE & BROODSGuilty Love-1
335.826 NEW 140ALL TIME LOWOnce In A Lifetime-3
333.9523 NEW 141POST MALONEOnly Wanna Be With You0
333.31473142AFITwisted Tongues6
332.83 NEW 143JULIPER SKYAnother Life0
331.784442144PAERISHMike & Susan2
331.63198145ICHIKO AOBAPorcelain18
330.2415 NEW 146LONDON GRAMMARHow Does It Feel-1
330.25 NEW 147ROOSEVELTEasy Way Out0
328.067 NEW 148AGAINST THE CURRENTWeapon-2
3283 NEW 149BEACH BUNNYCloud 90
327.878132150BAKAR1st Time17
324.84482151ORLA GARTLANDMore Like You5
3242211152W.H. LUNGSecond Death Of My Face5
322.183142153MILLINGTONSnow Miser/Heat Miser6
319.23759154GREYWINDAm I Asleep?2
319.09345155SIR SLYMaterial Boy23
317.6423157HOT CHIP f/ JARVIS COCKERStraight To The Morning19
315.563153158PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATIONThe Back Seat5
315.272668159THE HARABlack Soul Ceremony2
313.62330161CHET FAKERGet High4
311.9612154162RITT MOMNEYPut Your Records On23
309.63 NEW 165LAVA LA RUEMagpie1
308.743167166A CAUSE IN DISTRESSModern Commerce4
307.24 NEW 167MATING RITUALHaven't Had Enough (Of Being Young)-1
303.65483168MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ HALSEYForget Me Too22
3032 NEW 169BLUE CANOPYMotovun-3
302.95833170FOO FIGHTERSShame Shame17
302.83447171THE CARSLEEPERSHeartbeat2
298.43187172CHAZ CARDIGANMiddle Of The Road5
296.263549173TV PRIESTPress Gang8
293.762359174TV PRIESTThis Island26
291.464351176TEENAGE WRISTWear U Down3
291.44 NEW 177BABY QUEENThese Drugs0
290.62212178CHELSEA WOLFE & EMMA RUTH RUNDLEAnhedonia4
290.283 NEW 179THE STAYAWAKESIt's Cool, It's Rad1
289.84 NEW 180THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Run0
289.693 NEW 181AIRWAYSWill It Tear Us Apart0
289.14133182THE HOLYMuseum Of Modern Hearts13
2892144183BOOTCHY TEMPLELost Future11
288.93155184THE ROTANASSpinner4
2872 NEW 185MONTAIGNETechnicolour-1
283.83398187SEA GIRLSNothing Breaks Like A Heart3
283.43123188CAROLINE POLACHEKBreathless11
282.62 NEW 189TIMELOSTLove My Way1
279.689 NEW 191SARA KAYSRemember That Night?4
279.23 NEW 192SCHILLER & ALPHAVILLESummer In Berlin-3
278.73 NEW 193SIR CHLOEMichelle0
2782215195LA POREBlame5
275.522467197CLOUD NOTHINGSNothing Without You4
275.522433198TIGERS JAWHesitation6
272.62161200QUEEN'S PLEASUREPanic From Dublin4
272.64134201YVES TUMORKerosene47
272.62716202BLINDLACELavender Feel2
271.683 NEW 203ELECTRIC ENEMYVoices1
269.52 NEW 204FIGHTMILKIf You Had A Sister1
269.33387205THE BEACHESDesdemona13
268.423195207MEG MYERSAny Way You Wanna Love22
267.542 NEW 208THE COG IS DEADAcross The Sea1
266.913 NEW 209THE HORRORSLout0
265.52849210HOUSE OF HARMVicious Pastimes31
265.43649211THE NEW DIVISIONBroken2
264.582905212JACOB COLLIERSleeping On My Dreams28
262.43171213REAL LIESOh Me, Oh My4
260.68252214YUNGFriends On Ice6
260.62190215ALICE GLASSSuffer And Swallow6
2592743216BAD VISUALSSo Broken2
258.494247217CITIZENBlue Sunday2
258.433113218GLASS ANIMALSTangerine29
257.7448219ERIC PRYDZNOPUS15
257.43217220EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGViolent Sun30
256.322 NEW 221DEADLETTERFall Of The Big Screen1
255.45559222HAYLEY WILLIAMSMy Limb4
255.16 NEW 223SAID THE WHALEHoney Lungs-3
252.253 NEW 225MIDDLE KIDSStacking Chairs-1
252.23121226BIIG PIIGFeels Right13
251.293 NEW 227DINOSAUR JR.I Ran Away0
250.683240228REZZ & GRABBITZSomeone Else45
250.62 NEW 229YOUNG RISING SONSSunday Sunshine0
250.184 NEW 230AFIBegging For Trouble1
250.182 NEW 231TEENAGE WRISTNew Emotion-2
249.821019232TEENAGE WRISTSilverspoon29
2492 NEW 233FOR THOSE I LOVEBirthday/The Pain-2
248.9231001234BOXTELESYou Can't Fall In Love For The Sake Of It2
248.62 NEW 236FINNEASWhat They'll Say About Us26
246.42532237RELAY TAPESDaylighter3
243.62193238SOFT BLUE SHIMMERCherry-Cola Abyss13
243.62122239LOU HAYTERTime Out Of Mind6
2402 NEW 240VAMPIRE MONEYOutcast Club1
239.233130242SHAMENigel Hitter8
238.771215024324KGOLDN f/ IANN DIORMood31
235.793162245HUNDREDTHOut Of Sight21
234.922 NEW 247DROPKICK MURPHYSMiddle Finger1
234.285 NEW 248THE BAND CAMINO1 Last Cigarette0
2342 NEW 249HAYDEN CASEYEverything is Changing-1
2342 NEW 250MASC & FAST EDDIERise Up-2
233.62165251MACKINTOSHMillions And Billions5
2332 NEW 252HAYIENLove Song Without Love0
232.852174253BEACH BUNNYGood Girls (Don't Get Used)12
232.72334254VACATION MANORCan't Run Forever5
232.63135255ELIO f/ CHARLI XCXCharger6
232.42567256STILL CORNERSWhite Sands3
232.262286257YOU ME AT SIXBeautiful Way23
231.944642258PANDAS & PEOPLEBad Honey4
231.924224259CULTURE WARSLeave Me Alone14
231.62 NEW 262GENESIS OWUSUGold Chains-2
2312318263MIDDLE PART& Cry!4
230.82894264KYNSYElephant In The Room2
2302241266THE BESNARD LAKESOur Heads, Our Hearts On Fire Again9
2302806267GUMOut In The World40
229.623267268DMA'SRound & Around19
228.34290269WEEZERGrapes Of Wrath4
227.63265271DJANGO DJANGOGlowing In The Dark14
227.55536272BILLIE EILISH & ROSALIALo Vas A Olvidar6
225.178156273JADE BIRDHeadstart16
225.024197274TEN TONNESGirl Are You Lonely Like Me?13
221.183237276DECLAN MCKENNABe An Astronaut29
220.82 NEW 277VANITIESI'd Rather Die (Than Have A Job In A Tie)-1
2203139278VIAGRA BOYSGirls & Boys6
2202733279S9Get it Right2
219.913818280ESKIMO JOE99 Ways3
219.82225281ELFLNever Or Right Now6
2183220282YOUNG RISING SONSHappy13
217.733238283THE KILLERSDying Breed29
217.56285284BEABADOOBEEWorth It25
2172 NEW 286THE BIRTHDAY MASSACREThe NeverEnding Story-3
216.19566287YUNGBLUD f/ MACHINE GUN KELLYActing Like That12
215.62 NEW 288YATTEStay-2
215.185 NEW 289MOTHER MOTHERI Got Love0
215.13 NEW 290ROSTAM4Runner-1
214.62 NEW 291PETIT BISCUITDrivin' Through The Night0
214.22275292DRAB MAJESTYEllipsis97
213.62850293PARIS JACKSONEyelids6
213.123246294NOTHING BUT THIEVESCan You Afford To Be An Individual?17
212.863257295SPORTS TEAMCamel Crew38
212.52 NEW 296LENNOFeel A Little Love1
2122189298JON HOPKINSDawn Chorus9
211.883102299YARD ACTDark Days4
211.582 NEW 300VIOLETFade1
210.23 NEW 302WOLFCLUBJust Drive1
210.144 NEW 303MAXIMO PARKWhy Must A Building Burn?1
209.723183304MOLLY AND THE KRELLSExpectations13
208.542369305THE SNUTSFatboy Slim53
2073 NEW 306YONAKAOrdinary-2
206.75355307KINGS OF LEON100,000 People8
204.6291309SOFT CHEESEBad News5
204.52 NEW 310THE WIGGLESElephant (triple j Like A Version)0
204.413 NEW 311CITIZENBlack And Red-1
202.933386314THE STRUTS f/ JOE ELLIOTI Hate How Much I Want You21
202.272270315OSCAR LANGDrinking Wine23
202.184 NEW 316ROYAL BLOODLimbo-3
201.52803317THE TEMPER TRAPThick As Thieves15
2001141318TAI VERDESStuck In The Middle13
2001109319BALL PARK MUSICCherub22
2001299320MIRAPlease Feel8
2001287321TEEZO TOUCHDOWNSocial Cues2
2001375322CAROLINE POLACHEKSo Hot You're Hurting My Feelings74
2001412323BUDDHIST BUBBLEGUMFellini24
2001572324GORILLAZ f/ SCHOOLBOY QPac-Man31
2001606325WU-LU f/ LES AMORSouth3
2001 NEW 326ROOSEVELTCloser To My Heart0
2001 NEW 328MOGWAIHere We, Here We, Here We Go Forever0
2001 NEW 329CHROMATICSShadow1
2001560330TEMPESSTOn The Run35
2001 NEW 332STATSThe Truth Is Naked1
2001828333HEALTHMajor Crimes5
2001 NEW 334ARAB STRAPHere Comes Comus!-1
2001 NEW 335BBNO$Bad Thought-2
2001 NEW 336THE CHASEBlack Cloud-2
2001 NEW 337ADREYN CASHKillshot-2
198.63 NEW 340COACH PARTYEverybody Hates Me1
197.693 NEW 341ARKELLS f/ K.FLAYYou Can Get It-3
197.62 NEW 342TUNGZWhat For?-2
197.382388343BLACK FOXXESI Am8
196.982774344THE SLOW READERS CLUBEverything I Own4
1961757345THE LATHUMSFoolish Parley15
19621067346MECHANICALIn The Shell2
195.8378347YUNGBLUDCotton Candy21
195.83114348RED RUM CLUBThe Elevation22
195.6121149349MIDDLE KIDSCellophane (Brian)3
195.22234351FICKLE FRIENDSMillion13
194.986248352TONES AND IFly Away15
194.32546353THE MUCKERSSo Far Away2
192.84 NEW 356SLAYYTERClouds0
1921781358LINN KOCH-EMERYLinn RIP2
188.352841359THE SUNSET KIDSI Wanna Be14
188.22712360WHOLE DAMN MESSNothing In The World Feels Better3
187.023104361TAME IMPALAIs It True52
186.82 NEW 362THE PRESSURESaturday Night-3
1862 NEW 363VIVIIOne Day-2
185.74 NEW 364ART D'ECCOHead Rush1
185.613 NEW 365MIDDLE KIDSToday We're The Greatest-2
1851301366THERE'S TALKGolden8
1851290367CAT & CALMELLDramatic5
1851344368CABARET VOLTAIREWhat's Goin' On14
1851347369NIGHTCRUSHI Call You6
1851374370TYZO BLOOMTV6
1851660371FAMILY OF THINGSReal Strong Woman4
1851 NEW 374BOW ANDERSONNew Wave0
1851625375CHARMING LIARSIn Reflection Of Blood4
1851 NEW 376TAI VERDESDrugs1
1851 NEW 377SHADERRunaway-2
1851 NEW 378ALTIN GUNYuce dag basinda-2
183.063771380I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MENew Invention21
182.2821077381BLU DETIGERVintage2
1822235382SUN MAHSHENEThe Righteous One5
181.843 NEW 383IMAGINE DRAGONSCutthroat-2
181.31276385DENTISTDon't Let Me Catch You3
181.31 NEW 386WSTRAll The Rage0
181.31 NEW 387SINGLE BY SUNDAYHelter Skelter0
180.983207388PALAYE ROYALEBlack Sheep9
180.912 NEW 389GLASS VIOLETHourglass-1
180.62 NEW 390FRED VIcarus-3
178.62647392THE LAZY EYESWhere's My Brain?2
1782283393LUCIA & THE BEST BOYSPerfectly Untrue24
1783 NEW 394TIGERCUBStop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum)0
177.61730396THE ATOM AGEI Was A Rock N Roll Narcissist2
177.127173397GABRIELSLove And Hate In A Different Time11
176.88231398I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MELeave Me Alone30
176.82 NEW 399TELEPOPMUSIKDreams0
176.82996400ROYAL & THE SERPENTOverwhelmed29
176.22 NEW 401BAD/LOVEFeel Good1
175.63 NEW 402PROSPABurns No More0
175.62178403SLEAFORD MODS f/ AMY TAYLORNudge It6
175.42875404AXEL VINDENESYesterday2
175.42181405THE KILLERSMy Own Soul's Warning37
1751272406LOUNGE SOCIETYBurn The Heather13
1751304407ZHEANISkin Walker4
1751370408SLANDER & AU5Anywhere2
1751 NEW 410DRY CLEANINGStrong Feelings0
1751 NEW 411SPECIAL REQUESTVellichor0
1751 NEW 413ALFA MISTRun Outs1
1751 NEW 414ELI BROWN f/ TALK SHOWTrouble0
1751 NEW 415ECHODRONEMy Life0
1751 NEW 416TRAUMA RAYDeadpan-2
1751 NEW 417DJ ROZWELLIt gets So Much Worse-1
1751 NEW 418ELDER ISLANDPurely Educational-1
1751 NEW 419YOUTH 83 AND TIMAUnfold-3
1751 NEW 420KASIMIR1441Wein Fur Mich-3
174.44238421LIFE ON VENUSEverything Ends Here7
174.043 NEW 422CHARLOTTE CARDINMeaningless1
1742 NEW 423DAYGLOWSomething1
173.577698425FLEET FOXESSunblind17
172.051 NEW 426TWILIGHT CREEPSDeath Becomes Her-2
171.52285427JXDNDrivers License5
170.32 NEW 428GOLDPARKBeautiful Desperation-2
169.42 NEW 429THE GO! TEAMWorld Remember Me Now-2
169.07387430OF MONSTERS AND MENVisitor25
1681327431LINKIN PARKShe Couldn't28
1681322432DOLLAR SIGNSBad News3
1681439433THE BETHSJump Rope Gazers11
1681618434BOSTON MARRIAGEIdols6
1681 NEW 435SHAMEGreat Dog-1
167.43356436SOFT SET7 On Up27
167.23160437VICESLooking For Faces5
1673 NEW 438SAINT MOTELFeel Good-2
166.9741000439MONOWHALESOut With The Old5
1651288440ELDER ISLANDSmall Plastic Heart6
1651295441HAYLEY WILLIAMSSugar On The Rim47
1651292442JANTOJEBad Minded13
1651300443SKIES OF EMBERThirst In The Open Sea10
1651498446THE SEA AT MIDNIGHTAfterglow24
1651790447CLIPPINGPain Everyday20
1651 NEW 449KERO KERO BONITOTime Today31
1651 NEW 450AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULTBy Any Other Name1
1651 NEW 451JEHNNY BETHFrench Countryside-1
1651 NEW 452LOUISAHHHLove Is A Punk-2
1651 NEW 453FLOATING POINTSMovement 1-3
1651 NEW 454INITIAL TALKSkydiving-2
1651 NEW 455STANTON WARRIORSSomali Funk-2
164.982316456TALK SHOW HOSTThis Monologue15
1642278457FOSTER THE PEOPLELamb's Wool 40
1642 NEW 458SKEGSSValhalla0
163.66271459FONTAINES DCA Hero's Death44
163.22670461EELKEI'm A Man11
163.22510462SYLVAN ESSONumb4
162.751 NEW 463TWILIGHT CREEPSSame Old Fashioned-2
161.86261464JENNIE VEEOut For Blood6
161.798 NEW 465JAMESAll The Colours Of You0
161.71613466THE RAMONASFrom Belgium With Love3
161.71 NEW 467SAMMY BRUEPaint It Blue0
158.41321468GLASS ANIMALSDomestic Bliss15
158.41582469VELTPUNCHShe Knows9
158.41 NEW 470MODERATE REBELSPerfect Grey Day0
158.41 NEW 471WOLF ALICESpace & Time-3
157.62898472ZOLASEnergy Czar37
157.4331240473NESSA BARRETT f/ JXDNLa Di Die2
157.393 NEW 474DATSUNSBrain To Brain0
1574 NEW 475JOYWAVEAfter Coffee-3
1572 NEW 476SOLALast Lines-2
155.62672477BUNBurn Out4
1551112478THE DREAMTODAYDon't Miss It6
1551421480ARIESFool's Gold15
1551416481TUNICFade Out5
1551630482SILVERSUN PICKUPSDon't Know Yet83
1551 NEW 483KITTENAmerican Football1
1551 NEW 484I BREAK HORSESDeath Engine53
1551 NEW 485SNUSKEBAZNGatling Jack 20221
1551 NEW 486EUTWhat Gives You The Kicks0
1551632488PERRY FARRELLVast Visitation4
1551968489GREG PUCIATODown When I'm Not22
1551 NEW 490KIDS WITH BUNSBad Grades0
1551 NEW 491PEELDyna-2
1551 NEW 492DOUBLE MIXTE & DESIREFuture Lights-2
1551 NEW 493TALAMASCALady Sweet Dream-2
1551 NEW 494DEATH OF HEATHERLiving Slow Disaster-2
1551 NEW 495JUST MAKE ME CRYLooking For Love (Without The Love)-1
1551 NEW 497THE AVALANCHES f/ RIVERS CUOMORunning Red Lights48
1551 NEW 498ROSE GRAYSave Your Tears-3
1551 NEW 499JANE WEAVERSunset Dreams-2
1551 NEW 500PARANNOULTo See The Next Part Of The Dream-2
1551 NEW 501CRUMBTrophy-2
1551 NEW 502RUN THE JEWELSYankee And The Brave48
154.9818434503CHEVELLESelf Destructor8
154.83 NEW 504LOUNGE SOCIETYCain's Heresy1
154.6268505LOVELYTHEBANDBuzz Cut30
154.562274506CLEOPATRICKGood Grief10
154.52991507ONE NIGHT ONLYSay You Don't Want It2
153.862 NEW 508BLACK MIDIJohn L-3
153.782 NEW 509THE BLOSSOMHardcore Happy0
153.747503510CHRIS CORNELLJump Into The Fire11
153.62 NEW 511HOTEL APACHELive2Change-3
153.451 NEW 512HORROR SECTIONCan't Stop The Party0
153.4246513WORKING MEN'S CLUBJohn Cooper Clarke16
1532994514HAUSE PLANTSVisual Diaries2
152.742403515GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)53
152.333 NEW 516HEAVENWARDMJ-12-1
152.152 NEW 517WEEZERIt's Always Sunny In Bikini Bottom-2
151.91309518DO NOTHINGGangs17
151.62367519GOD IS AN ASTRONAUTFade6
151.62 NEW 520HAR MAR SUPERSTARWhere We Began-1
150.62384521RYN WEAVERPierre6
150.143 NEW 522INTO IT. OVER ITWe Prefer Indoors8
149.063242523LANA DEL REYLet Me Love You Like A Woman19
148.854470524BAHAMASTrick To Happy4
148.81323525THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONESThe Final Parade4
148.81395526ALEX THE ASTRONAUTI Think You're Great5
148.81396527GEORGE HENNESSEYPurified4
148.81400528VIAGRA BOYSAin't Nice19
148.81 NEW 529WILL JOSEPH COOKBe Around Me9
148.81 NEW 530PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETSSawtooth Monkfish0
148.81 NEW 531TEENAGE WRISTWasting Time-2
147.782471532BALL PARK MUSICSpark Up!48
1471409533WHYESI'm At War13
1471437535ONLY SUNWeird Wins4
1471454536A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERSEverything Always Goes Wrong6
1471492537ALICIA WIDARDown In A Hole11
1471592539FRIENDS AT THE FALLSPretend You're Ok3
1471 NEW 540DJ COUNSELINGEvery Day The Sun Comes Up0
1471 NEW 542YUKO ANDOShogeki0
1471598543ANOTHER SKYSun Seeker11
1471748544STOMP TALK MODSTONESlowly Ghost2
1471 NEW 546VANDOLIERSEvery Saturday Night-2
1471418547THE COMET IS COMINGImminent12
1471 NEW 548DIGITALISMNo Holiday6
1471 NEW 549THE PAPER KITES f/ AINSLIE WILLISSteal My Heart Away-2
146.735261550CAGE THE ELEPHANTSkin & Bones22
1462913551BAD SOUNDS f/ BROODSMove Into Me4
145.12352552MAGDALENA BAYSky2Fall11
144.62 NEW 553ICEAGEVendetta-2
144.13140554PARIS JACKSONLet Down18
143.812136555AFIEscape From Los Angeles5
142.852177556HAYLEY WILLIAMSTeardrop6
142.62294557VALLEYSucks To See You Doing Better17
142.43258558KING PRINCESSOnly Time Makes It Human20
142288559INHALERWhen It Breaks19
141.121502560ALTERED BY MOM(Still) Waiting For My Accolades2
141.121 NEW 561DEWOLFFHalf Of Your Love0
141.121 NEW 562DU BLONDE f/ EZRA FURMANI'm Glad That We Broke Up0
141.121 NEW 563HOWLERSI Don't Love You All The Time-3
139.683216564HONORARY ASTRONAUTFinal Dream Machine27
139.51357565DANNY VERARollercoaster10
139.22 NEW 566SQUIDPaddling-3
1391293567KALAXOut Of Time56
1391312568METZA Boat To Drown In31
1391414569PASTEL COASTDial8
1391423570DANTE KNOWSLaced11
1391461571GODFORDCan't get Over You4
1391685572IF I DIE FIRSTIs It Me Or Your Secrets That Keep You Up At Night13
1391 NEW 573PETEY & MIYA FOLICKHaircut0
1391 NEW 574JUNIOREUn Jour Ou L'Autre0
1391 NEW 575SPORTSThe Look1
1391 NEW 576GRETTA RAYReadymade-1
1391 NEW 577THE COMET IS COMINGSuper Zodiac0
1391 NEW 578MODERN TIES(Good To be) Loved1
1391 NEW 579THE UMALAUTSBoiler Suits & Combat Boots-2
1391 NEW 580CLOVESManic-2
1391 NEW 581METTEPetrified-2
1391 NEW 582SEMATARYSkin Mask 2-2
1391 NEW 583JOJO GUN & THE BULLETSWorst Case Scenario-2
138.62562584BILL WURTZHere Comes The Sun5
138.056615585BLACK VEIL BRIDESScarlet Cross13
137.14517586JESSIE WAREThe Kill35
1372728587THE ROYAL CONCEPTGirls Girls Girls4
136.82251588CHOUXOn A Sunday9
136.82697589HEARTRACERBetter Off2
136.42222590KITEHand Out The Drugs13
136.323280591BUGSOld Youth Feeling11
136.221 NEW 592WATERPARKSSnow Globe-1
136.221 NEW 593THE ROTANASManic0
133.553 NEW 594THE BLUE STONESOne By One-3
133.441794595KID KAPICISardines2
133.441920596SPANISH LOVE SONGSLosers46
133.4411136597STARBENDERSGreen Eyes2
132.862578598THE DARCYSToo Late19
132.692536599NOTHING BUT THIEVESPhobia20
132.62 NEW 600JANE WEAVERThe Revolution Of Super Visions19
1311226601MAGIC GANGMake Time For Change31
1311 NEW 604SONAR50/500
1311 NEW 605JULIEN BAKERHeatwave-1
1311 NEW 607KATZ19850
1311761608FRANCOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAINSHolly Golightly2
1311930609BUDDHIST BUBBLEGUMBuddhist Bubblegum5
1311 NEW 610SMERZBeliever1
1311791611NIK TENDOMala Bis4
1311877612TIARRA GIRLSCan't Stop The World3
1311 NEW 613MOTHER MOTHERHayloft8
1311 NEW 614THE STRIKELooking For Love1
1311 NEW 615LAURA LESHaunted-2
1311 NEW 616DECEMBER STREETSLast Forever-2
1311 NEW 617SHIMMERANCELook At Me-2
1311825618OCTOBER DRIFTLosing My Touch74
1311 NEW 619PEACHESP**** Mask-3
1311 NEW 620BRODKA & SCOTTIBRAINSWrong Party-2
130.73552621SON MIEUX19924
130.22143622NEWDADI Don't Recognise You9
130.22 NEW 623WILLIAM DOYLENothing At All0
129.42 NEW 624MANSIONAIRMore0
129.43 NEW 625WHILE SHE SLEEPSNervous-3
129.271609626'68The Knife, The Knife, The Knife5
128.964 NEW 627KINGS OF LEONStormy Weather0
128.772313628BARTEES STRANGEBoomer26
128.381 NEW 629SIDEWALK SURFERSDrunk Together0
126.422665630MIKE SHINODAOpen Door35
126.222364631LONELY THE BRAVEChasing Knives5
125.765651632PEKING DUK f/ THE WOMBATSNothing To Love About Love17
125.761581633THE WHOLLSBig Man6
124.853 NEW 634THE WRECKSI Want My Life Back Now-1
124.072923635DO NOTHINGUber Alles4
1241116636SEGA BODEGA f/ LAPSLEYMake U Stay9
1241230637GUS DAPPERTONPost Humorous34
1241593638IAN DANIEL KEHOEDon't Stop Fallin in Love4
1241600639FRITZDie Happy3
1241599640CODES IN THE CLOUDSSixes and Seventeens2
1241687641BABY QUEENWant Me15
1241739642STAY OUTSIDEAbandon Everything4
1241 NEW 643DANCE SYSTEM & MARK BROOMBack To Business0
1241 NEW 644BENEFITSFlag0
1241 NEW 645WIDOWSPEAKMoney1
1241 NEW 646CODEX480pADD-3
1241 NEW 647HAICH BER NA87 Days-2
1241 NEW 648ISLA INVISIBLEAlong The Spine-2
1241 NEW 649SYLPHBraid-3
1241 NEW 650LOLITAS LOVERSBreakfast-3
1241 NEW 651JAZZ SPASTIKSColours-2
1241 NEW 652RAW PLASTICHeart Rush-2
1241 NEW 653CHOIR BOYIt's Over-2
1241 NEW 654CHERYMKisses On My Cards-2
121.831 NEW 655THE PEELERSPrizefight0
121.521 NEW 657JAGUAR JONZECurled In0
121.5211025658A CERTAIN RATIOAlways In Love31
119.52 NEW 659WINONA OAK f/ ELIONobody Loves Me0
119.041548660MOVEMENTSDon't Give Up Your Ghost8
119.041976661THE RUMJACKSGoodnight & Make Mends2
118.777987662CHRIS CORNELLShowdown11
118.42543663FOSTER THE PEOPLEWalk With A Big Stick 11
1181296664EMMA RUTH RUNDLEHollywood9
1181319665PALE WAVESTomorrow2
1181339666APREI Know I'll Find It15
1181408667VNV NATIONWhen Is The Future?5
1181622668BILLY WOODS & KENNY SEGALSpider Hole3
1181657669PENDULUMNothing For Free23
1181 NEW 670ALFIE TEMPLEMANObvious Guy34
1181 NEW 671DEATH FLAGSInto My heart0
1181912672SIBILLE ATTARSombody's Watching2
1181848673TWIN XLProblematic23
1181 NEW 674CHASE & STATUSEngage0
11811047675JOANWant You Back36
1181 NEW 676OVERSELFAnew-2
1181 NEW 677MARE COGNITUMAtaraxia Tunnels-2
1181 NEW 678STONEFuse-2
1181 NEW 679VEGYN f/ JESHII See You Sometimes-3
1181 NEW 680YOUNG MOUNTAINLovely-3
1181 NEW 682LOREM IPSUMSergei-2
1181 NEW 683BEST FRENZUgly Ending-2
117.83522684FLOCK OF DIMESTwo4
1172239686WORKING MEN'S CLUBValleys27
115.641 NEW 689SHAMIROn My Own35
115.62 NEW 690KULEVirtualini ja-3
115.52822691FLUME f/ TORO Y MOIThe Difference52
115.42383692XIU XIU f/ LIZ HARRISA Bottle Of Rum5
115.321 NEW 693REX ORANGE COUNTYBest Friend-2
114.42 NEW 694ROOSEVELTSee You Again-2
114.33 NEW 696LANA DEL REYTulsa Jesus Freak-3
114.22 NEW 697THE POST WARBend-1
113.281232699GLITTERERAre You Sure?11
113.281397700GORILLAZ f/ ROBERT SMITHStrange Timez25
113.2811082701TIGERS JAWNew Detroit3
113.281655702TIGERS JAWLemon Mouth12
113.281 NEW 703GOLDFINGERWallflower20
113.281 NEW 704DECLAN MCKENNAYou Better Believe25
112.923948705MAY-ATime I Love To Waste2
1121346706LETTERS TO ANNIKASummercrush13
1121338707ANORAAKFire Inside4
1121336708CRAIG CONNELLYWhat Are You Waiting For2
1121605710VOODOO CHAMBERSSkin Me Raw17
1121 NEW 711CHILDEChild1
1121 NEW 712KERO KERO BONITOOnly Acting0
1121 NEW 713HANNAH PEELEmergence In Nature1
1121 NEW 715WELCOME FAMILIAREverything Is Noise1
1121 NEW 716OLD SOUL DIES YOUNGThe Spiral Obsession0
1121 NEW 717JULIPER SKYInto The Outer Light20
1121 NEW 718KESMARBack Up-2
1121 NEW 719THE KENSINGTONSSilence And Shame-2
1121 NEW 720AJRWorld's Smallest Violin-3
109.863401723MACHINE GUN KELLYBloody Valentine44
109.632206724ADRIANNA LENKERAnything22
109.365516725FUTURE ISLANDSPlastic Beach19
109.062904726MAXIMO PARKI Don't Know What I'm Doing13
108.42463727ARAB STRAPCompersion Pt. 113
108.22715728BIIG PIIGCuenta Lo3
107.922126729THE BEACHESLame22
107.62724731MID CITYGood For It13
1071705734SWEET SOULThe Moment5
1071935736CLIPPINGCheck The Lock6
1071 NEW 737FRANKMUSIKPeople Go1
1071 NEW 739GARDENLove Me To Death1
1071 NEW 741MITSKIThe Baddy Man0
1071 NEW 742BRENDAN MACLEANSensational1
1071 NEW 744BANDITPeppermints Don't Hide Everything0
1071179745DANIEL KNOXFool In The Heart9
1071 NEW 746LIELA MOSSAtoms At Me35
1071298747JOHNNY PIERCE & THE DRUMSAmbulance6
1071 NEW 748OCCULT XLove-2
1071 NEW 749THE NATVRALSun Dials-2
1071 NEW 750SAM PADRULYour Light-2
106.022779751AGAINST THE CURRENTThat Won't Save Us17
105.022 NEW 752JENNIE VEEWild Flower1
1051 NEW 753DUBSTARI Can See You Outside13
104.161 NEW 755MATT MAESONI Just Don't Care That Much-3
103.621105756PENGUIN PRISONBetter19
103.488 NEW 757JADE BIRDOpen Up The Heavens1
103.292 NEW 758SMASH INTO PIECESReal One0
103.042 NEW 759LANA DEL REYDark But Just A Game-3
1021145760CLIPPING96 Neve Campbell22
1021420761ZHEANII Won't Sell My Soul4
1021602762KEVIN & THE BIKESIntellectual Bean-Spill5
1021708764FOSTER THE PEOPLEUnder The Moon14
1021732765KALI MASITrophy Deer3
1021767766ANE BRUNCloser3
1021807767THE NOTWISTWhere You Find Me2
10211099768LAURELScream Drive Faster25
1021 NEW 769TELEVERGhost-1
1021 NEW 770TRAUMA RAYSeen-3
100.84842771EVE 6Black Nova4
100.742118772SMASHING PUMPKINSAnno Santana21
100.742 NEW 773NORMANDIEBabylon-1
100.352 NEW 774SPINNBillie-2
99.961 NEW 777GARDEN PARTYBetter (Than You)1
99.882129778NATURAL MYSTERY MUSEUMSixes And Sevens24
99.7731233779JJ WILDEMercy13
99.511650780SYMLStay Close2
98.82891781PUSH BABYHolding On Is Holding You Back26
98.62329782TYNE-JAMES ORGANNot Ready For Love18
98.483957783BLUE OCTOBERMoving On (So Long)14
97.61508784GOAT GIRLThe Crack12
97.61675786WE WERE SHARKSBring Me Down5
97.61863787PRIZMYou Should Know4
97.61931788MELT YOURSELF DOWNBucky Done Gun2
97.61932789ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVERLong Road Home21
97.611013790JUPE JUPEHow Can We Both Be In Love9
97.61 NEW 791NIGHTCRUSHNocturnal Violet0
97.61 NEW 792FOXINGSpeak With The Devil1
97.61 NEW 793RUSTIN REINERSI Wish I Was-3
97.61 NEW 794BABIIShadow-2
97.61 NEW 795LETRASETSWait-2
96.6321250796SMASHING PUMPKINSRamona18
962271797LARRY PINK THE HUMANWasted Days (Inbetweens)15
962 NEW 798LUNA BAYBlue0
95.651539799PUPFree At Last17
95.651796800FERRAROSugar Rush8
95.651855801BEABADOOBEECharlie Brown19
95.651 NEW 802UPSAHLDrugs66
95.23275803MATT BERNINGEROne More Second37
94.562754805SYLVAN ESSOFerris Wheel31
94.22 NEW 806RED RUM CLUBBallerino26
941268807FAR WESTBack Together2
941342808PALE WAVESHeavenly29
941462809VBIVFallen Angels5
941688810IANN DIORSick And Tired13
941982811EX:REWhere The Time Went2
941 NEW 812TRUE TIDESI Can't Wait0
941 NEW 813NEVER KNOWS BESTCastaways-3
941 NEW 814CRUMBGhostride-2
941 NEW 815KYNSYHappiness Isn't A Fixed State-2
941 NEW 816U.S. GIRLSJunkyard-1
941 NEW 817THE KEEP LEFT SIGNSMake It Shine-1
941 NEW 818THE XRAY5Unsatisfied-2
93.71441819THE STRUTS f/ ALBERT HAMMOND JR.Another Hit Of Showmanship27
93.71815820BIG THIEFNot79
93.71 NEW 821ANDY BELLSkywalker0
93.71 NEW 822LOWLIVESI Don't Like You-2
931772823ROSS CURRYMost Beautiful21
92.82 NEW 825GENGAHRUnder The Skin-2
92.742228826AWOLNATION f/ GROUPLOVERadical18
92.564252827THE KILLERSC'est La Vie4
92.51626828JOSEF SALVATOne More Night3
92.121755829JESS LOCKEDead And Gone6
90.622 NEW 830THE NIGHT GAMEOur Generation-1
90.61273831DMX KREWOverseer5
90.61345832ADA ROOKDistanceless Gentleness3
90.61373833LUCIA & THE BEST BOYSCity of Angels53
90.61458834DRAB MAJESTYLong Division17
90.61518835MINT JULEPBlack Maps2
90.61 NEW 836LET'S BUILD AN EMPIREFernandez0
90.61 NEW 837FIJI BLUEIt Takes Two0
90.611140838MARIAN HILLEat U Alive3
90.62 NEW 839THE MIDNIGHTNeon Medusa-1
90.61 NEW 841LYERRDocters Orders-2
90.61 NEW 842THE BESNARD LAKESFeuds With Guns-3
90.59692843JULIEN BAKERFaith Healer18
90.241131844THE DUNTSIndividuation11
90.241 NEW 846WOLF ALICESadboy-3
90.23 NEW 847LAUREN HIBBERD f/ THE REGRETTESHow Am I Still Alive?-3
89.22 NEW 848CANNONSBad Dream-1
88.7911209849DZ DEATHRAYSAll Or Nothing5
88.21800850THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus48
87.6411652851PALE WAVESChange15
87.51723852DISCLOSURE f/ AMINE & SLOWTHAIMy High34
87.442776853TKAY MAIDZAKim4
87.312 NEW 854AUSTIN WARDAnother Day In The Neighborhood0
871682857LITTLE DRAGON & MOSES SUMNEYThe Other Lover6
871826858TIMESHARESThe Boot3
871865859THE WARLOCKSDouble Life9
871966860DANIEL KNOXLook At Me5
871 NEW 862VARGAS & LAGOLABig Hearted-1
871 NEW 863MAJOR MURPHYIn The Meantime1
871 NEW 864FLORRIEHours0
872 NEW 865WE WERE SHARKSProblems-1
871 NEW 866PORTLAND ROWFriends0
871 NEW 867GUSGUSOur World-1
871 NEW 868BOSCO ROGERSPolar Moves-2
86.981363869PERRY FARRELLLet's All Pray For This World35
86.981836870GLASVEGASDying To Live2
86.82 NEW 871NOVACUBFantasies1
85.53956872PEARL CHARLESOnly For Tonight5
85.261205873SHAEDNo Other Way19
85.261 NEW 874THE NEIGHBOURHOODSilver Lining-2
84.261 NEW 875THE PEELERSGlad To See The Back Of You-2
84.2421034876MIDDLE KIDSR U 4 Me?19
841366877TWO FEETFire6
841448878PACO VERSAILLES2020 Say Goodbye6
841679879LATE NIGHT FINALSlow Release4
841 NEW 880LARKINSTV Dream0
841 NEW 882CATHEDRAL BELLSDayflower0
841 NEW 883CAVETOWNDevil Town1
841 NEW 885NIGHTMANEFall Apart-2
841 NEW 886GIANT LOWThe Other Me-2
83.521580887ARCADE STATEThe Rabbit Hole9
83.521701888SPANISH LOVE SONGSBrave Faces, Everyone13
83.343164889HAYLEY WILLIAMSGood Grief2
82.61 NEW 890MILLIE TURNERConcrete Tragedy1
82.562 NEW 891WORK DRUGSOut Of Time1
82.321553892YOU ME AT SIXGlasgow6
81.381537893LANA DEL REYYou'll Never Walk Alone10
81.362501894WHITE VOIDThis Apocalyse Is For You5
81.22 NEW 895HOLDING ABSENCEBeyond Belief-2
811555896HOT DADChildren Love The Meat Tank2
811878897VOYDGet Away2
811897898THE EVENINGTold Ya4
811928899TRIXIE MATTELBlsiter In The Sun2
811927900FAMILY DINNEREyes2
811 NEW 901KUCKANo Good For Me1
811 NEW 902IS TROPICALCalling Out0
8111076903PORRIDGE RADIOGive/Take8
811 NEW 904BLACK HONEYBeaches30
811 NEW 905PENFRIENDCancel Your Hopes-2
811 NEW 906PORRIDGE RADIOLet's Not Fight-1
811 NEW 907KANGAMoscow-3
80.911576908STUCK ON PLANET EARTHGhosts On The Radio39
80.641654909THE BETHSDying To Believe46
80.641852910FLYING COLORSOK2
802859911KID BLOOMWounded/Surrounded14
79.82 NEW 912JETTY BONESNothing0
79.381925913TOKIO HOTELMonsoon20
79.381873914AWOLNATIONThe Best69
78.42 NEW 915THE VACCINESFire1
781468916347AIDANDancing In My Room14
781737918JOSEF SALVATPeaches3
781 NEW 919PROSPAThe Thrill15
781 NEW 920ELECTRIC CENTURYTill We're Gone1
781 NEW 921KERO KERO BONITOWhen The Fires Come0
781 NEW 922DANZ CMI Don't Neeed A Hero-2
781 NEW 923VAST HILLSomehow-2
781 NEW 924A MINOR RPOBLEMWhatever-2
77.82889925NEON TREESWhen The Night Is Over6
77.761 NEW 926FRONT BOTTOMSLone Star-0.14
77.51643927JOJI f/ DIPLODaylight30
77.22973928ROISIN MURPHYMurphy's Law52
76.632 NEW 929GIRLFRIENDS f/ TRAVIS BARKERWhere Were You-1
76.621065930ZOLASI Feel The Trabsition20
76.441332931THE HOLYDada Love17
76.441795932FERRAROFool's Paradise13
75.2621053933ALT FICTONCan't Get It Right13
751262934GEORGIARunning Up That Hill12
751348935TRUE FAITHFeel6
751340936CAMP KUBRICKJohnny's Online6
751714937ALBERTINE SARGESThe Girls5
751 NEW 938SHOP WINDOWOut Of Reach6322.71
751 NEW 939ART D'ECCOTV God1
751254940GLADESGet In The Way6
751 NEW 941OH WONDERAll We Do-2
751 NEW 943MITSKIWashing Machine Heart-2
74.91 NEW 944MILLIE TURNERUnderwater20
74.881 NEW 945LINN KOCH-EMERYBlow My Mind-2
74.692691946BEND SINISTERWhy Can't We Be Happy?20
73.51147948FONTAINES DCTelevised Mind35
73.51354949MID CITYYou Can't Know Why13
73.42393950SEA GIRLSThis Is The End12
73.322640951NILUFER YANYACrash18
72.61192952CHERRY GLAZERRRabbit Hole12
72.61202953HAYIENNot Yet, There Is Still One Projectile Left4
72.61683954A COVENANT OF THORNSChoke2
72.611003955SIBILLE ATTARDream State8
72.61405956CLASSIX & LOCAL NATIVESFrancesca6
72.61 NEW 957WEATHERSLosing Blood-1
72.541390958THE ATOM AGEHoneybees4
72.081 NEW 959LANA DEL REYWild At Heart-3
721 NEW 960KID KAPICIFirst World Goblins0
721 NEW 961DAGGERPLAYEastbound Subway Train-3
71.342305962MELPO MENEOnce Had It All4
70.89819964THE CORALFaceless Angel4
70.61589965BAIODead Hand Control2
70.61279967VIAGRA BOYSCreatures6
70.61 NEW 968NASTY CHERRYHer Body-3
70.443753970THE STROKESOde To The Mets31
70.247853971THE DIRTY NILBlunt Force Concussion21
701917973STEVE LACYAtomic Vomit6
69.71259974BLACK FOXXESBadlands30
69.71547975GRIMES4 AEM62
69.71804976WALLOWS f/ CLAIROAre You Bored Yet?109
69.51922977WASHED OUTFace Up13
69.51 NEW 978MOGWAIMidnight Flit-3
69.191481979BEAR GHOSTBig Town Banky Blaine's Rockabilly BBQ5
68.61378981KAIRONAn Bat None35
68.61204982KELLY LEE OWENSJeanette6
68.61256983BARRY CAN'T SWIMSome Day I Will6
68.61658984CAROLINE POLACHEKDoor86
68.61 NEW 987MELT DOWN YOURSELFBorn In The Manor1
68.611006988MOON ATTENDANTSleepy Sleep24
68.492124989GRANDBROTHERSWhat We See9
68.182690990WEATHERSC'est La Vie24
67.9241337991TONICTo Be Loved2
67.82 NEW 992BLACK HONEYBack Of The Bar-3
67.82 NEW 993CLEOPATRICKThe Drake-2
67.82 NEW 994SAM THE ASTRONAUTMonster Squad (Love So Crazy)28
67.781999995PREVIOUS LOVEHatemouth22
67.781 NEW 996WORK DRUGSDrive0
67.521266997NOTHING BUT THIEVESUnperson26
66.747778999PHOEBE BRIDGERSKyoto46
66.613061000FINNEASCan't Wait To Be Dead19
66.617101001LOUIS THE CHILD f/ COINSelf Care18
66.618311002GOOD SAD HAPPY BADBlessed5
66.61 NEW 1003ARIESDitto-0.14
66.61 NEW 1004STATSNaturalise Me1
66.61 NEW 1006LEA PORCELAINOhio-3
66.61 NEW 1007CHARLI XCX f/ KIM PETRAS & JAY PARKUnlock It-3
65.513711009HAYLEY WILLIAMSInordinary3
6518661010GLITTERERDidn't Want It11
6519631011JULIPER SKYMagnetize11
651 NEW 1012CAMEO HABITATTrace Of Self0
65110021014GRETTA RAYPassion8
64.92212021015JORDIEscape Route3
64.0828161016JXDNAngels And Demons28
6422141017FLYTEI've Got A Girl19
63.9416191018SAMSARUHRadio Silence9
63.94111101019SHAMEBorn In Luton3
63.81 NEW 1020'68Bad Bite1
63.71 NEW 1021RETRO VIDEO CLUBCheckmate-2
63.71 NEW 1022DOGLEGKawasaki Backflip51
63.61 NEW 1023ELIZA SHADDADBlossom-3
63.61 NEW 1024SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVEThe Server Is Immersed-3
63.111 NEW 1025MEG MYERSRunning Up That Hill104
62.982 NEW 1026PAERISHYou & I-3
62.8819861027COLD WAR KIDSBeyond The Pale65
62111021029POM POKOMy Candidacy6
621 NEW 1030LE YOUTHBrian Freeze0
621 NEW 1031BAD VISUALSClosing Doors1
621 NEW 1032MURDER CAPITALDon't Cling To Life1
621 NEW 1033LARRY PINK THE HUMANEleven11_Gtr_song-3
621 NEW 1034PHANTOM WAVEHigh Dive-3
621 NEW 1035DELILAHSWheels-2
61.06110331036THE BAND CAMINORoses11
60.7619581037THE SPILL CANVASThe Firestorm5
60.682 NEW 1038ISLANDS(We Like To) Do it With The Lights On-3
60.614461039BEACH BUNNYBlame Game6
60.612361040BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROADScience Fair16
60.615331041SOFT KILLMatty Rue13
60.617861042THE JUNGLE GIANTSIn Her Eyes12
60.6110291043RED TELEPHONEVictoria Park20
60.619031044MOBLEYJames Crow2
60.2145351045THE BLUE STONESLet It Ride24
60.1418011046GLASVEGASMy Body Is A Glasshouse (A Thousand Stones Ago)11
60111121047SOCCER MOMMYCircle The Drain56
59.941 NEW 1048SHANNEN JAMESSuperstitious-2
59.618621049ONLY SUNExtraordinary13
59.619791050DUTCH CRIMINAL RECORDFeel Good3
59.6110171051HUNDREDTHBurn Slow13
59.61 NEW 10523OH!3Last Breath-1
59.61 NEW 1053MOTORSStar Field0
59.6111441054BOB MOSESThe Blame17
59.5219751056GLASS ANIMALSWaterfalls Coming Out Of Your Mouth17
59.5219881057SALEMDestroy Me18
59.521 NEW 1058SLOTHRUSTCranium-1
59.3915401059COACH PARTYReally OK On My Own15
59.391 NEW 1060PUPScorpion Hill1
591 NEW 1062CLAIRE RIDGELYAll I Ever Wanted1
591 NEW 1063HARU NEMURIBang5
58.611961065DJANGO DJANGOFree From Gravity6
58.615241066HINDSWaiting For You19
58.61 NEW 1069CLAN OF XYMOXBlack Mirror1
58.61 NEW 1070THE PAPER KITESCrossfire-2
58.61 NEW 1071BRAIDSYoung Buck23
58.2212491072SOMETHING FOR KATECome Back Before I Come To My Senses20
58.18111381073TAME IMPALAPosthumous Forgiveness65
58.09910261074BEN HOWARDWhat A Day5
57.821 NEW 1075THE VACCINESFunnel of Love0
57.613431076SEA GIRLSAccident Waiting To Happen18
57.613141077QUANTICTheme From Selva13
57.612211078JOENSU 1685All Around You19
57.617851081EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGBig Climb23
57.617841082COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSNo Mistakes5
57.6111001083LAURELBest I Ever Had19
57.61 NEW 1084BUNAs I Sit Down And Watch The Rain-3
57.61 NEW 1085WESTERMANConfirmation19
57.619781086BLOOD RED SHOESI Just Wanna Lie In Bed And Drink My Wine2
57.61 NEW 1087LIGHTSOutdoor Sports-2
57.4317581088TWIN WILDFumes14
57.2217511089STARBENDERSCan't Cheat Time20
57.221 NEW 1090BABY STRANGEMore! More! More!44
57.144 NEW 1091GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTYI Hear The Ax Swinging-1
56.994 NEW 1092BADFLOWERF*** The World-1
56.7211351093HONORARY ASTRONAUTGold10
56.612811094THE PROTOTYPESPassion10
56.613601095GABRIELI Wanna Ahah!3
56.61 NEW 1098LIME CORDIALENobody Takes Me Seriously1
56.61 NEW 1099YOUTH 83250-3
56.61 NEW 1100PIZZAGIRLVar Freshener Aftershave-3
56.462 NEW 1101DEAD POET SOCIETYGetawayfortheweekend0
56.451 NEW 1102KENNYHOOPLAHow Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway54
55.81 NEW 1104CAVETOWNPaul-1
55.8112041105MATING RITUALTell Me You Don't Love Me3
55.81 NEW 1106HOLDING ABSENCEIn Circles-3
55.81 NEW 1107GIRLFRIENDSJessica-1
55.61 NEW 1108SCUARCEHillside-2
55.5110521109SOCCER MOMMYBloodstream65
55.5111461110NALA BLUNothing Lasts Forever5
55.4711371111LONELY THE BRAVEKeeper6
55.4314271113PERFUME GENIUSOn The Floor50
55.317701114STEREOLABHousehold Names3
55.31 NEW 1115YUNGBLUDGod Save Me But Don't Drown Me Out24
55110241116MATERIAL GIRLMaterial Girl Meets The Devil, pt. 29
55111631117EMMA RUTH RUNDLERecurrence6
54.992 NEW 1118SARA KAYSPicture Of You-2
54.513151120COLD YEARSGood As Hell6
54.212821121JOSEF SALVATFirst Time12
54.21 NEW 1123REDHOOKBad decisions1
54.21 NEW 1124KALI MASIThe Stray1
54.2111511125THE BESNARD LAKESRaindrops18
54.21 NEW 1126MANDELBROHow To Get Over Me-2
54.21 NEW 1127THE CHASEI Just Can't Believe That we Share The Same Name-3
54.21 NEW 1128ART SCHOOL GIRLFRIENDIn The Middle-3
53.91 NEW 1129CLOCKWORKSFeels So Real-3
53.91 NEW 1130THE WRECKSOut Of Style48
53.5715451131IDLESKill Them With Kindness13
53.5713991132EAT DEFEATEverything Is Broken6
53.5719061133THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENTCome On Out48
53.571 NEW 1134MONOWHALESAll Or Nothing27
53.4110861136RUBY WATERSDifficult13
53.41 NEW 1137SLEAFORD MODSElocution0
53.413811138RADIO SUPERNOVAEroosio5
53.41 NEW 1139TWIN XLSlow Heart-3
53.121 NEW 1140WINGS OF DESIREChance Of A Lifetime0
53.0758051141PHOEBE BRIDGERSI Know The End35
52.822601142FLEET FOXESCan I Believe You23
52.817021143NOTHINGCatch A Fade13
52.818471144JUDAH & THE LIONBeautiful Anyway41
52.81 NEW 1145COINSprite-2
52.5110091147BILL RYDER-JONESMither5
52.5110501148ESKOBARLiving In The Sky17
52.5111321149BENEDIKT & TUVABANDMy Killer2
52.5111901150ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGENHurricane2
52.5112111151THE CHARLATANSSonic21
52.51 NEW 1152NEWFAMILIARHow Can I?-1
52.4514731153BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXONWhat You Gonna Do???31
52.3311481154FONTAINES DCYou Said13
52.25512221155TUNE-YARDSHold Yourself4
52.0317291156ANDY BELLLove Comes In Waves28
52.031 NEW 1157ELECTRIC ENEMYTake Me Up13
52.0315071158MAXIMO PARKBaby, Sleep19
5213501159BENEEHappen To Me17
52111231160HUMAN LOVEGoldmine31
52112161161SLEAFORD MODSShortcummings13
521 NEW 1162ROYAL & THE SERPENTI Can't Get High9
521 NEW 1163HOLDING ABSENCEAfterlife-1
51.8913941164DAYGLOWCan I Call You Tonight?45
51.7417981165SAMIAFit N Full14
51.723 NEW 1166THE ELECTRIC SOFT PARADELeft Behind49
51.412771167LASTLINGSOut Of Touch11
51.419291168COSMO'S MIDNIGHTIdaho17
51.4110661169FLYTELosing You31
51.4111371170THE MEETING PLACESMillions31
51.41 NEW 1171CHASE & STATUS f/ TOM GRENNANAll Goes Wrong0
51.41 NEW 1172CHILD OF THE PARISHMake It Better35
51.41 NEW 1173THE MIDNIGHTBecause The Night-3
51.2619191174SPANISH LOVE SONGSLosers Pt. 256
51.26111851175LILHUDDY21st Century Vampire3
50.9619081176DO NOTHINGGlueland13
50.6918511177THE 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)45
50.6178311783OH!3I'm So Sad5
50.61 NEW 1179ROISIN MURPHYKingdom Of Ends1
50.616661180JENNY LEWIS & SERENGETIUnblu9
50.5826951181JEFF ROSENSTOCKHang In The Heart12
5018811183CHARLI XCXForever46
50110921184THE TWILIGHT SADTell Me When We're Having Fun15
50110971185GOD IS AN ASTRONAUTBurial8
50111331186CUT COPYCold Water35
50111831187PEACH TREE RASCALSI'm Sorry28
50111501188HATCHIEWithout A Blush105
49.97413911189CHET FAKERLow21
49.661 NEW 1190GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTYChief Of Police-1
49.5111131191MIDNIGHT OILFirst Nation21
49.51 NEW 1192SOCCER MOMMYAllison1
49.3418681193SHAMESnow Day12
48.819541195FROCK DESTROYERSHer Majesty13
48.81 NEW 1196PROSPABoy Racer-3
48.62210691197ROGER MANNING JR.The Quickening28
48.614291198ALFIE TEMPLEMANShady15
48.616041199VALYRILightning Strikes In The Darkest Places5
48.619331200THIS IS THE KITThis Is What You Did31
48.61 NEW 1201CUFFED UPSmall Town Kid52
48.61 NEW 1202PROTOMARTYRThe Aphorist1
48.47313821203YUKON BLONDEYGTT2
48.221 NEW 1204DO NOTHINGContraband34
48.122 NEW 1205YUNG BAE f/ AWOLNATIONDisco Body Parts-1
48.1211641206THE STRUTSWho Am I?19
481 NEW 1207MATT MAESONWe Were The Same13
47.818831208MINT JULEPA Rising Sun2
47.81 NEW 1209TYNE-JAMES ORGANSunday Suit-1
47.81 NEW 1210THE JOY FORMIDABLEInto The Blue-2
47.81 NEW 1211ALMOST MONDAYLove Forever-3
47.522 NEW 1212SUNSET SONSCan't Explain-2
47.431 NEW 1213LANA DEL REYYosemite-3
47.411751214ALMOST MONDAYBroken People74
47.418331215STILL CORNERSStatic3
47.4110221216WATERPARKSLowkey As Hell22
47112481217070 SHAKEGuilty Conscience56
46.814661218YVES TUMORGospel For A New Century48
46.816231219IGLOOGHOSTSylph Fossil2
46.8111411220THOUGHT BEINGSSatellite5
46.66111861221WORK DRUGSNever Say Die30
46.661 NEW 1222PREY DRIVEO.M.G.-3
46.5111671223CHRIS CORNELLSad Sad City11
46.4111221224JAMES BLAKEBefore19
46.41 NEW 1226LOUIS THE CHILDLittle Things-2
46.3823891227THOM YORKE, BURIAL & FOUR TETHer Revolution13
45.8918211229NOTHINGBernie Sanders22
45.8111241231STILL CORNERSCry9
45.471 NEW 1232CLOCKWORKSThe Future Is Not What It Was38
45.419951233HIPERSONCrashing Into Daylight9
45.41 NEW 1234THE JAPANESE HOUSEDionne27
45.31 NEW 1235HAYLEY WILLIAMSFirst Thing To Go-1
45.0624431236THOM YORKE, BURIAL & FOUR TETHis Rope13
44.881 NEW 1237PUPMorbid Stuff-1
44.83210941238SMASH INTO PIECESBend The Rules14
44.4869551239MICHIGANDERLet Down22
44.41 NEW 1240TASH SULTANAGreed35
44.4112171241JOYWAVEComing Apart51
44.1111911242SOCCER MOMMYLucy75
44.1112421243SOCCER MOMMYOut Worn2
44.11 NEW 1244SOCCER MOMMYNight Swimming38
44.08110391245HEAVENWARDIn A Dream20
44.08111171246THE WONDER YEARSOut On My Feet6
43.79111561247DMA'SLearning Alive35
43.51 NEW 1248JULIEN BAKERSong In E-1
43.4111161249LIMON LIMONAway3
43.41 NEW 1250CHVRCHESScience/Visions-3
43.22213811251CHARLOTTE CARDINDaddy6
43.08312441252LAWSONFour Letters27
43.0117221253BOSTON MANORLiquid23
43.011 NEW 1254STEVEN WILSONPersonal Shopper1
42.92111871255THE SLOW READERS CLUBAll I Hear56
42.62111711256STARBENDERSSomething Ain't Right29
42.53112101257THE VACCINESHigh Horse3
42.42110201258RINA SAWAYAMAXS52
42.41 NEW 1259POTTERYHot Heater22
42.361 NEW 1260SUB-RADIOWhat You Want To Hear1
42.3611951261THE BLUE STONESSpirit2
41.81 NEW 1263REDHOOKDead Walk2
41.81 NEW 1264GORILLAZMomentary Bliss56
41.7111651265MOONEYEBright Lights6
41.715191266WILLIAM DOYLEAnd Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)5
41.71 NEW 1267ANACHNIDChina Doll1
41.7112521268BIF NAKEDBroke Into Your Car8
40.81 NEW 1269STATUE OF GOAT(Welcome To) My Little Machine46
40.81 NEW 1270ANNIEForever '921
40.5713071271DEVON KAY & THE SOLUTIONSOh My, Oh My, We're Far Past That Now3
40.571 NEW 1272WINNETKA BOWLING LEAGUECome To The Beach18
40.419461273SERENA ISIOMASensitive6
40.1312081274BLAME MY YOUTHFantastic21
40.1318341275DAVE JAKESCaterwaul6
40.131 NEW 1276TIGERS JAWCan't Wait Forever-1
39.9618571277THE STROKESWhy Are Sundays So Depressing8
39.81 NEW 1278SQUIDSludge48
39.41 NEW 1279HUNNYSports With Strangers-3
39.3112121280BRING ME THE HORIZONParasite Eve35
39.171 NEW 1282WORK DRUGSTender Age-2
391 NEW 1283DZ DEATHRAYSFear The Anchor-3
391 NEW 1284DANNY L. HARLETake My Heart Away0
391 NEW 1286MOGWAITo The Bin My friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth-2
391 NEW 1287PERFUME GENIUSWhole Life-3
38.927921288NEW ORDERBe A Rebel26
38.6112131289SMASH INTO PIECESAll Eyes On You51
38.61 NEW 1290NETSKYLet Me Hold You14
38.615881291AJRMy Play10
38.61 NEW 1292ORVILLE PECKNothing Fades Like The Light-2
38.16310351293THE SCORE f/ AWOLNATIONCarry On26
38.1614021294THE STROKESSelfless11
38.091 NEW 1295DMA'SSilver69
37.8110581296ICHIKO AOBAPilgramage6
37.81 NEW 1297DAFT PUNKVoyager22
37.8111971298SOFT SETNever Die24
37.81 NEW 1299SMALLPOOLSScience Fiction-3
37.064 NEW 1300EMOTIONAL ORANGES f/ BIIG PIIGBody & Soul-1
37112801301JPEGMAFIAFree The Frail66
36.651 NEW 1303THE NEIGHBOURHOODDevil's Advocate27
36.54212381304KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARDIntrasport13
36.3111741305EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGArch Enemy41
36.31 NEW 1306MOGWAIPat Stains-1
36.21 NEW 1309PENGUIN PRISONAll Your Love0
36.21 NEW 1310CLIPPINGSay The Name27
36.21 NEW 1311THE AVALANCHESWherever You Go29
35.871 NEW 1312THE NEIGHBOURHOODCherry Flavoured31
35.761 NEW 1313TAME IMPALABoderline18
35.37211111314DODIEHate Myself5
3515421316KENNYHOOPLA f/ GRANDSONLost Cause22
34.851 NEW 1317COLD WAR KIDS1 X 142
34.691 NEW 1318JULIAN CASABLANCASAlien Crimelord0
34.419141319MOD SUNBetterman2
34.181 NEW 1320TV PRIESTDecoration17
34112311321WASHED OUTToo Late23
33.9210511322HOLLY HUMBERSTONEVanilla12
33.761 NEW 1323LANA DEL REYDance Till We Die-3
33.6212411324QUANTICNineteen Hundred and Eighty Five6
33.61771325SHAMEWater In The Well12
33.61 NEW 1326LE YOUTHUnderwater1
33.61 NEW 1327THE HUNNAYoung & Faded24
33.4812091328LOCAL NATIVES f/ CLASSIXXWeekends11
33.413411329GUS DAPPERTONMedicine2
33.314171330PERFUME GENIUSYour Body Changes Everything6
33.26312661331THE LICKERISH QUARTETDo You Feel Better8
32.921 NEW 1332JACK GARRATTCircles36
32.731 NEW 1333LAURAN HIBBERDOld Nudes42
32.6112251334I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MESugar Pills17
32.51 NEW 1335DIGITALISMOffline-3
32.4110161336EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGLost Powers23
32.36112321337THE LEMON TWIGSNo One Holds You (Closer Than The One You haven't Met)30
32.181 NEW 1338DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979Modern Guy-3
32.1112181339MARBLE WAVESCaught In A Current22
32.1112781340GENEVIEVE STOKESSurface Tension2
32.1112511341FRONT BOTTOMSMontgomery Forever34
32312291342THE LICKERISH QUARTETSovereignty Blues8
31.8212691343THE WEATHER STATIONParking Lot2
31.8111211344WASHED OUTTime To Walk Away31
31.68211481345HOLLY HUMBERSTONEFalling Asleep At The Wheel39
31.28213061346RED CITY RADIOApocalypse, Please!11
31.11 NEW 1347THE BETHSOut Of Sight35
311 NEW 1348FRIDA SUNDEMOBackbone-2
311 NEW 1349CABARET VOLTAIREUniversal Energy-3
30.81 NEW 1350MOD SUN f/ BLACKBEARHeavy-2
30.64312921351KALEOBreak My Baby57
30.6110101352MIESHA AND THE SPANKSWanna Feel Good10
30.6111151353LUZThe Author13
30.61 NEW 1354MOLLY BURMANFool Me With Flattery-2
30.61 NEW 1355MARTHAGUNNHonest-2
30.5310411356DAVID BOWIETryin' To Get To Heaven9
30.3959971357GARY NUMANIntruder6
30.381 NEW 1358THE SPILL CANVASDarkside-0.14
30.3112551359CLAUDGuard Down2
30.2413581360JULIEN BAKERFavor2
30.21 NEW 1361MORGXN & SMALLPOOLSWonder31
29.22310081362SMITH & BURROWSParliament Hill9
28.8927491363JAKE BUGGAll I Need16
28.8112471364PRIZMYou Know That You Love Me2
28.32111181365CHRIS CORNELLPatience32
28.31 NEW 1366SAINT RAYMONDSoft Landing-1
28.21 NEW 1368JULIANA HATFIELDMouthful of Blood-3
27.791013571370FRATELLISNeed A Little Love2
27.75112771371KAISER CHIEFSMy Life14
27.75113161372HURTSAll I Have To Give26
27.5111931373PRIZMAll Night77
27.413 NEW 1374AMY SHARKBaby Steps-3
27.241 NEW 1375WHITE VOIDThe Shovel And The Cross1
27.181 NEW 1376SUFJAN STEVENSRun Away With Me21
27.08211921377SAINT NOMADNothing To Lose6
26.973 NEW 1378TEENAGE FANCLUBThe Sun Won't Shine On Me-2
26.84513691379UNKLEDo Yourself Some Good2
26.78111761380COLD WAR KIDSFine Fine Fine65
26.4112451381JOSEF SALVATSwimming Upstream5
26.32111691382LITTLE BARRIERest In Blue4
25.871 NEW 1384THE CRIBSSiren Sing-Along12
25.85213231385SPARKSLeft Out In The Cold41
25.75211251386DURAN DURANFive Years8
25.68112141387THE STRUTSCan't Sleep18
25.441 NEW 1388SUB-RADIOClark Kent34
25.21 NEW 1389NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDSBalcony Man-3
24.93213481390LONDON GRAMMARBaby It's You29
24.75212211391THE KILLERS f/ WEYES BLOODMy God27
24.67112431392HEARTRACERTime's Up58
24.67112601393KITCHENS OF DISTINCTIONDrive That Fast17
24.618711394ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER f/ THE WEEKENDNo Nightmares18
24.5519721395TAME IMPALABreathe Deeper55
24.22413361396BLACK PISTOL FIRELook Alive2
23.562 NEW 1397NATHAN GRAY f/ FRANK TURNERSay Anything19
23.461 NEW 1398PEARL JAMRetrograde48
23.0522641399JULY TALKThe News18
22.64112541400DENZEL CURRYSo Incredible2
22.51 NEW 1401GENEVIEVE STOKESParking Lot-2
22.52 NEW 1402SMITH & BURROWSOld TV Shows-2
22.43812701403LANYIf This Is The Last Time33
22.41 NEW 1404DAVID BOWIE & MORRISSEYCosmic Dancer (Live)1
22.29312641405COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSNight Avenue8
22.05112301406HAIMNow I'm In It69
22.051 NEW 1407JAX ANDERSONToo many Cups Of Coffee For One Night-3
21.78113001408THE DIRTY NILDoom Boy26
21.5111811409THE STRUTSThese Times Are Changing19
21.41 NEW 1410JPEGMAFIABald!51
21.361 NEW 1411WHITE VOIDThere Is No Freedom But The End-2
21.2111591412SONS OF SYLVIA50 Ways15.57
20.98212971413THE BLACK KEYSEagle Birds18
20.782 NEW 1414PHOEBE BRIDGERSChinese Satellite23
20.5819101415AMY SHARKAll The Lies About Me11
20.54111981416THE STRUTSThe Ol' Switcheroo19
20.14213391417DAVID BOWIEMother4
20.1311311418FIONA APPLEUnder The Table44
19.9212061419PHOEBE BRIDGERSSavior Complex13
19.51 NEW 1421MARBLE WAVESTipsy-2
19.08112941422DINOSAUR PILE-UPIt's Tricky48
19.081 NEW 1424THE HOLD STEADYSpices-0.14
18.61 NEW 1425TOM GOSSIrreplaceable-3
18.612031426DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTENImpossible Weight25
18.61 NEW 1427MATT BERNINGERLet It be2
18.24312391429THE WEATHER STATIONRobber9
18.142 NEW 1430KANDLEHoney Trap-3
17.6129021431BIFFY CLYROSpace28
17.61 NEW 1432NOTHING NOWHERENightmare18
17.5113341433EMOTIONAL ORANGESBonafide6
17.5113351434SUFJAN STEVENSTell Me You Love Me3
17.46212191435FLAWESWhat's A Boy To Do7
16.721 NEW 1438ASHNIKKO f/ GRIMESCry33
16.54213411439EMOTIONAL ORANGESAll That19
16.5112911440BRING ME THE HORIZON f/ AMY LEEOne Day The only Butterflies6
16.5113141441KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARDStraws In The Wind5
16.43 NEW 1442THE CORALLover Undiscovered-3
16.3429711443THE HOLD STEADYFamily Farm7
16.26112651444RINA SAWAYAMAWho's Gonna Save U Now?45
16.0219091445LONDON GRAMMARCalifornian Soil22
16.02112791446THE ACESLost Angeles46
15.881 NEW 1447CHAZ CARDIGANLive A Little-3
15.7212751448DOVESCathedrals Of The Mind26
15.6112461449THE ACESSleepy Eyes2
15.61 NEW 1450MIESHA AND THE SPANKSI Want Fire-3
15.421 NEW 1451SUB-RADIOCool-3
15.181 NEW 1453THE HOLD STEADYHeavy Covenant6
14.783 NEW 1454FRATELLISHalf Drunk Under A Full Moon-2
14.75213281455DEATH CAB FOR CUTIEWaterfalls4
14.7112721456HAIMFeel The Thunder15
14.7113011457FOUR TETParallel 45
14.7113021458THE MULLINSPart Of Me3
14.7113751459THE WEATHER STATIONAtlantic5
14.52111541460CHARLOTTE LAWRENCETalk You Down5
14.3212991461AARON LEE TASJANUp All Night7
14.162 NEW 1462BEN HOWARDSorry Kid-3
14.1213771463THE VAPORSIn Babylon9
13.921 NEW 1464THE 1975Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America48
13.621 NEW 1465LONDON GRAMMARTilted-1
13.47213331466BASH & POPOn The Rocks10
13.1113221468RICHARD WALTERSNew Air13
13.012 NEW 1469GARY NUMANI Am Screaming-1
12.417061470THE CHILLSMonolith2
11.68212711472GRETA VAN FLEETMy Way, Soon21
11.341 NEW 1473DEAD POET SOCIETYI Never Loved Myself Like I Loved You-3
11.22113071474JEFF ROSENSTOCKIllegal Fireworks And Hiding Bottles in The Sand6
10.71 NEW 1475BEN HOWARDFar Out-2
10.28213731476THE SEAHORSESBlinded By The Sun7
9.992 NEW 1477PREPTurn Up The Music-3
9.91213851478PSYCHEDELIC FURSWrong Train27
9.85913181479BANNERSSomeone To You36
9.4113651480JARV ISSwanky Modes13
9.361 NEW 1481MICHIGANDERBetter-3
9.06313511482SAM ROBERTS BANDTake Me Away6
8.91212951483BEN HOWARDCrowhurt's Meme4
8.7110271484BADBADNOTGOODThe Chocolate Conquistadors9
8.25112371485NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSWe're Gonna Get There In The End8
8.13213211486COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSCrash And Burn5
8.1113561487BLANCMANGEThis Is Bliss13
8.06213441488THE LICKERISH QUARTETThe Dream That Took Me Over8
7.99113111489ARKELLSQuitting You31
7.81 NEW 1490PHOEBE BRIDGERSGarden Song48
7.719261491SOPHIEIt's Okay to Cry4
7.08113541492BAD CHILD$1,000,000 6
6.912 NEW 1493TRAVISWaving At The Window20
6.6113551494LOONYBe Cool5
6.61 NEW 1495GRAESoft0
6.25113531496NEON DREAMSHouse Party13
6.242 NEW 1497POETS OF THE FALLStay Forever-2
6.17113601499OBGMSAll My Friends14
6.16213681500LANYNobody Else14

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Alternative Sub Genre Charts, March 15 2020

Alt Pop/Electro

new       1              WOLF ALICE        The Last Man On Earth   2
2              2              LONDON GRAMMAR      Lose Your Head 10
5              3              THE KNOCKS f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLE         All About You     19
14           4              DAYGLOW           Close To You      8
6              5              CANNONS           Fire For You        31
7              6              WEEZER                All My Favorite Songs     7
1              7              BILLIE EILISH       Therefore I Am  18
9              8              PALE WAVES      Easy       8
3              9              GORILLAZ f/ BECK             The Valley Of The Pagans              21
18           10           GLASS ANIMALS               Heat Waves        36
11           11           ALL TIME LOW f/ BLACKBEAR & DEMI LOVATO    Monsters            43
8              12           PALE WAVES      Change 17
67           13           PORTER ROBINSON         Look At The Sky 7
37           14           BABY QUEEN      Raw Thoughts   8
43           15           JULIEN BAKER    Hardline               8
4              16           THE BLEACHERS f/ BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Chinatown          16
21           17           MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ BLACKBEAR        My Ex's Best Friend         31
new       18           AJR         Way Less Sad     4
28           19           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Impossible          26
41           20           BENNY BLANCO f/ MARSHMELLO & VANCE JOY  You        6
new       21           FRANCES FOREVER          Space Girl            4
new       22           ASHNIKKO f/ KELIS           Deal With It        8
27           23           ROOSEVELT        Strangers             13
16           24           ROOSEVELT        Feels Right          22
new       25           PALE WAVES      Fall To Pieces     4
10           26           THE AVALANCHES f/ MGMT & JOHNNY MARR     The Divine Chord              14
32           27           RITT MOMNEY  Put Your Records On       25
40           28           AJR         Bang!    56
new       29           ALFIE TEMPLEMAN         Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody        4
85           30           SLAYYTER             Troubled Paradise            7
15           31           HOT CHIP f/ JARVIS COCKER        Straight To The Morning               21
new       32           DOTTER                Little Tot              4
new       33           POST MALONE  Only Wanna Be With You              2
new       34           ST. VINCENT       Pay Your Way In Pain      2
new       35           PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto    48
69           36           MOD SUN f/AVRIL LAVIGNE        Flames  8
new       37           KERO KERO BONITO        The Princess And The Clock          3
30           38           ONR f/ SARAH BARTHEL Must Stop           17
13           39           CLAIRO Sofia      22
17           40           PALE WAVES      She's My Religion             12
22           41           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor   27
92           42           FUTURE ISLANDS              Plastic Beach      21
new       43           THE HAPPY FITS Hold Me Down  28
26           44           SIR SLY  Material Boy      25
24           45           DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTEN Impossible Weight           27
107         46           FOUSHEE             Deep End             16
57           47           PALE WAVES      You Don't Own Me          6
44           48           DREAMERS         True Crime          17
new       49           SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS              Right Now           5
58           50           BAD SUNS           Baby Blue Shades            21

Alt Rock

3              1              ROYAL BLOOD   Typhoons            8
1              2              FOO FIGHTERS  Waiting On A War            8
2              3              KINGS OF LEON The Bandit          10
4              4              FOO FIGHTERS  No Son Of Mine 10
9              5              KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKER            Estella   16
8              6              CHEVELLE            Self Destructor  10
40           7              DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979            One + One          6
13           8              TEENAGE WRIST               Yellowbelly         8
5              9              ROYAL BLOOD   Trouble's Coming             25
11           10           MOGWAI            Ritchie Sacramento         8
10           11           TEENAGE WRIST               Earth Is A Black Hole       19
new       12           MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA           Bed Head             4
6              13           FOO FIGHTERS  Shame Shame   19
new       14           THE OFFSPRING Let The Bad Times Roll   4
new       15           GREEN DAY         Here Comes The Shock  4
14           16           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Teardrops           20
7              17           TEENAGE WRIST               Taste Of Gasoline             15
27           18           CITIZEN I Want To Kill You             7
new       19           KINGS OF LEON Echoing 4
new       20           THE REYTONS    Broke Boys Cartel             2
31           21           RUN THE JEWELS f/ ROYAL BLOOD            The Ground Below          37
44           22           BOSTON MANOR             Brand New Kids 12
25           23           DES ROCS            This Is Our Life   23
32           24           CHRIS CORNELL Jump Into The Fire           13
16           25           THE DIRTY NIL    Blunt Force Concussion 23
15           26           THE BLACK KEYS                Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth            10
new       27           TIGERCUB           Beauty  5
new       28           THE REYTONS    Jealous Type      6
59           29           NOTHING NOWHERE      Fake Friend         9
new       30           GENDER ROLES  Dead Or Alive    3
17           31           CLEOPATRICK    Hometown         35
33           32           GRANDSON        Dirty      24
35           33           BLACK VEIL BRIDES          Scarlet Cross      15
22           34           THE BLUE STONES            Let It Ride            26
new       35           TOPOGRAPHIES False Desire        10
new       36           THE HARA           Black Soul Ceremony     4
18           37           BEABADOOBEE Care       34
30           38           YOU ME AT SIX  Suckapunch        15
168         39           THE NEIGHBOURHOOD Stargazing           13
new       40           LILHUDDY            The Eulogy Of You And Me           4
115         41           BABY STRANGE Club Sabbath     7
new       42           VAMPIRE MONEY            Outcast Club      3
43           43           PLANET MERCURY           Comatose           7
new       44           AFI         Looking Tragic    3
19           45           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor   27
26           46           AFI         Twisted Tongues              8
80           47           BEABADOOBEE Worth It               27
50           48           BACKSEAT LOVERS           Kilby Girl              24
41           49           FONTAINES DC  A Hero's Death  46
20           50           KINGS OF LEON 100,000 People 10


1              1              MOGWAI            Ritchie Sacramento         8
3              2              FKA TWIGS f/ HEADIE ONE & FRED AGAIN             Don't Judge Me 6
25           3              SQUID f/ MARTHA SKYE MURPHY              Narrator               7
245         4              JANE WEAVER   Heartlow             6
10           5              TOPOGRAPHIES False Desire        10
39           6              BICEP    Sundial 8
17           7              ICHIKO AOBA     Porcelain             20
9              8              BICEP    Apricots               22
6              9              BICEP    Saku      15
11           10           FONTAINES DC  A Hero's Death  46
new       11           THE HAUNTED YOUTH    Teen Rebel         3
70           12           BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD     Track X  8
127         13           MEADOWLAKE  Say My Name    7
new       14           THE RANDELLS  Karen    6
14           15           GOAT GIRL          Badibaba             7
116         16           CHET FAKER       Get High               6
new       17           BILLY NOMATES Heels     2
136         18           TOTAL DRAG      Honey   7
268         19           TV PRIEST            Press Gang          10
22           20           BOOTCHY TEMPLE           Lost Future         13
new       21           CASSANDRA JENKINS     Hard Drive           3
new       22           HAYIEN Branded               4
236         23           HOUSE OF HARM             Vicious Pastimes              33
52           24           SHAME Nigel Hitter         10
56           25           ALICE GLASS       Suffer And Swallow         8
7              26           THOM YORKE, BURIAL & FOUR TET           Her Revolution  15
5              27           YUNG    Friends On Ice   8
8              28           THOM YORKE, BURIAL & FOUR TET           His Rope              15
66           29           CHELSEA WOLFE & EMMA RUTH RUNDLE              Anhedonia          6
new       30           BAD VISUALS     So Broken           4
new       31           THE HORRORS   Lout       2
4              32           BIIG PIIG              Feels Right          15
40           33           FONTAINES DC  Televised Mind 8
47           34           BLACK FOXXES   Badlands              3
35           35           SOFT BLUE SHIMMER     Cherry-Cola Abyss           15
46           36           MADLIB Road Of The Lonely Ones              7
new       37           THE LAZY EYES   Where's My Brain?          4
new       38           PALE BLUE MOVIES         Motionless         4
new       39           MELPO MENE    Once Had It All   6
new       40           STILL CORNERS  White Sands       5
153         41           MIDDLE PART    & Cry!   6
88           42           LOUNGE SOCIETY             Burn The Heather            15
13           43           SEGA BODEGA f/ LAPSLEY             Make U Stay       11
new       44           RELAY TAPES      Daylighter           5
23           45           TRUDGE               Strast    8
12           46           SHAME Water In The Well            14
97           47           DRAB MAJESTY Ellipsis   99
45           48           THE BESNARD LAKES       Our Heads, Our Hearts On Fire Again       11
new       49           DEADLETTER       Fall Of The Big Screen    3
53           50           YARD ACT            Dark Days            6

Alternative Top 250 of 2020

1              THE KILLERS        Caution
2              THE KILLERS        My Own Soul's Warning
3              THE 1975              If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
4              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday
5              BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted
6              TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern
7              BEABADOOBEE Care
8              BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXON    What You Gonna Do???
9              NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Is Everybody Going Crazy?
10           GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)
11           KENNYHOOPLA How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway
12           TAME IMPALA   Is It True
13           WEEZER                Hero
14           POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEE            Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)
15           THE 1975              Me & You Together Song
16           PERFUME GENIUS           On The Floor
17           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Real Love Song
18           I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME          Leave Me Alone
19           HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Simmer
20           24KGOLDN f/ IANN DIOR              Mood
21           ROYAL BLOOD   Trouble's Coming
22           GLASS ANIMALS               Heat Waves
23           THE STROKES     Bad Decisions
24           PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants
25           BILLIE EILISH       No Time To Die
26           AJR         Bang!
27           BENEE f/ GUS DAPPERTON          Supalonely
28           GROUPLOVE      Deleter
29           BILLIE EILISH       My Future
30           MACHINE GUN KELLY     Bloody Valentine
31           GORILLAZ            Aries
32           DAYGLOW           Can I Call You Tonight?
33           THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light
34           SMASHING PUMPKINS  Cyr
35           AWOLNATION   The Best
36           SAINT MOTEL     Preach
37           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Violent Sun
38           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor
39           GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!
40           REZZ & GRABBITZ             Someone Else
41           ROMY   Lifetime
42           TAME IMPALA   It Might Be Time
43           CHARLI XCX        Forever
44           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Impossible
45           LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love
46           RINA SAWAYAMA            XS
47           PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon
48           BILLIE EILISH       Therefore I Am
49           SAINT MOTEL     A Good Song Never Dies
50           FOALS   The Runner
51           BEABADOOBEE Worth It
52           BEST COAST        Everything Has Changed
53           CANNONS           Fire For You
54           DECLAN MCKENNA         The Key To Life On Earth
56           BIFFY CLYRO       Instant History
57           DECLAN MCKENNA         Beautiful Faces
58           THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus
59           070 SHAKE          Guilty Conscience
60           FONTAINES DC  A Hero's Death
61           MATT MAESON Hallucinogenics
62           TAME IMPALA   Breathe Deeper
63           SPORTS TEAM    Here's The Thing
64           CHVRCHES          Forever
65           BIFFY CLYRO       Tiny Indoor Fireworks
66           DMA'S  Life Is A Changing Game
67           NEON TREES       Used To Like
68           HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Dead Horse
69           MGMT  In The Afternoon
70           FONTAINES DC  Televised Mind
71           SAINT MOTEL     Van Horn
72           JOJI        Run
73           ALL TIME LOW f/ BLACKBEAR & DEMI LOVATO    Monsters
74           PHOENIX             Identical
75           MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ BLACKBEAR        My Ex's Best Friend
76           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           In Birdsong
77           JOYWAVE            Half Your Age
79           HOT CHIP f/ JARVIS COCKER        Straight To The Morning
80           ASHE     Moral Of The Story
81           DISCLOSURE f/ AMINE & SLOWTHAI         My High
82           DMA'S  The Glow
83           WHITE REAPER  Real Long Time
84           AWOLNATION   Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever
85           TENNIS Need Your Love
86           LUCIA & THE BEST BOYS Perfectly Untrue
87           JUICE WRLD & MARSHMELLO     Come & Go
88           WHITE REAPER  Might Be Right
89           U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars
90           DJANGO DJANGO            Spirals
91           THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT       Come On Out
92           SEA GIRLS            Do You Really Wanna Know
93           THE STRUTS f/ROBBIE WILLIAMS               Strange Days
94           BOSTON MANOR             Plasticine Dreams
95           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Arch Enemy
96           BASTILLE              Survivin'
97           IDLES     Model Village
98           THE BETHS          Dying To Believe
99           NEON TREES       New Best Friend
100         CAGE THE ELEPHANT      Black Madonna
101         SIR SLY  Material Boy
102         TAME IMPALA   Posthumous Forgiveness
103         CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS            People, I've Been Sad
104         TEENAGE WRIST               Silverspoon
105         GLASS ANIMALS               Tangerine
106         WALLOWS f/ CLAIRO      Are You Bored Yet?
107         IDLES     Grounds
108         THE KILLERS        Dying Breed
109         GORILLAZ f/ BECK             The Valley Of The Pagans
110         WHITE LIES          Falling Out Without Me
111         OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Wars
112         LONDON GRAMMAR      Baby It's You
113         ARKELLS               Years In The Making
114         MISTERWIVES   Rock Bottom
115         THE STRUTS f/ ALBERT HAMMOND JR.    Another Hit Of Showmanship
116         DEFTONES           Ohms
117         JACK GARRATT  Better
118         SILVERSUN PICKUPS       Toy Soldiers
119         GEORGIA             24 Hours
120         GUS DAPPERTON             Post Humorous
121         NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Unperson
122         CHRIS CORNELL Patience
123         TEMPLES              Paraphernalia
124         CARIBOU             Never Come Back
125         HOT CHIP             Positive
126         SILVERSUN PICKUPS       Don't Know Yet
127         NEW ORDER       Be A Rebel
128         IDLES     Mr. Motivator
129         PENDULUM        Nothing For Free
130         WORKING MEN'S CLUB  Valleys
131         MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ HALSEY Forget Me Too
132         FUTURE ISLANDS              For Sure
133         BRING ME THE HORIZON              Parasite Eve
134         FLUME f/ TORO Y MOI   The Difference
135         CLAIRO Sofia
136         CLIPPING             Say The Name
137         BICEP    Apricots
138         PROTOMARTYR Processed By The Boys
139         DECLAN MCKENNA         Daniel, You're Still A Child
140         MAGIC GANG    Take Back The Track
141         BLUE OCTOBER Oh My My
142         LOTTERY WINNERS          Love Will Keep Us Together
143         BLOXX   Off My Mind
144         AMY SHARK        Everybody Rise
145         RUN THE JEWELS              Ooh LA LA
146         SAM FENDER      Will We Talk?
147         BIFFY CLYRO       End Of
148         YVES TUMOR     Gospel For A New Century
150         GLASS ANIMALS               Tokyo Drifting
151         RUN THE JEWELS              Yankee And The Brave
152         TOOL     Pneuma
153         SPANISH LOVE SONGS   Kick
154         WEEZER                Beginning Of The End
155         LANA DEL REY    Mariners Apartment Complex
156         SYLVAN ESSO     Ferris Wheel
157         COLD WAR KIDS Who's Gonna Love Me Now
158         BOSTON MANOR             Ratking
159         COLDPLAY           Champion Of The World
160         GRIMES Delete Forever
161         BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB I Can Hardly Speak
162         INHALER              When It Breaks
163         GRIMES 4 AEM
164         LELAND BLUE     Lying To Myself
165         FOO FIGHTERS  Shame Shame
166         GORILLAZ f/ ROBERT SMITH         Strange Timez
167         YUNGBLUD         Strawberry Lipstick
168         CREEPER              Be My End
169         24KGOLDN          City Of Angels
170         FOSTER THE PEOPLE        Lamb's Wool
171         TEENAGE WRIST               Earth Is A Black Hole
172         TONES AND I      Dance Monkey
173         INHALER              Falling In
174         TONES AND I      Never Seen The Rain
175         BLINK 182            Quarantine
176         ANNIE   American Cars
177         CAROLINE POLACHEK     So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings
178         JJ WILDE               The Rush
179         GORILLAZ            Momentary Bliss
180         DMA'S  Criminals
181         FRIENDLY FIRES Offline
182         THE GLORIOUS SONS     Closer To The Sky
183         POPPY  All The Things She Said
184         INHALER              We Have To Move On
185         PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto
186         MID CITY              Forget It
188         ROOSEVELT        Feels Right
189         FKA TWIGS          Sad Day
190         THE 1975              Guys
191         BOB MOULD      American Crisis
192         BRING ME THE HORIZON              Teardrops
193         MONTAIGNE     Don't Break Me
194         YOU ME AT SIX  Beautiful Way
195         ANOTHER SKY    Brave Face
196         ALFIE TEMPLEMAN         Obvious Guy
197         THE STROKES     At The Door
198         CREEPER              Cyanide
199         TONES AND I      Ur So F**** Cool
200         THE STROKES     The Adults Are Talking
201         THE LEMON TWIGS         The One
202         GLASS ANIMALS               It's All So Incredibly Loud
203         YUNGBLUD         Weird
204         BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
205         BICEP    Atlas
206         MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSON             Don't Let Me Down
207         DECLAN MCKENNA         Be An Astronaut
208         TONES AND I      Bad Child
209         JOJI f/ DIPLO      Daylight
210         WEEZER                The End Of The Game
211         CLEOPATRICK    Hometown
212         THE LUKA STATE               Feel It
213         THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA  Impossibile
214         THE BIG MOON Take A Piece
215         PERFUME GENIUS           Describe
216         HINDS   Good Bad Times
217         BIFFY CLYRO       Weird Leisure
218         ROISIN MURPHY               Something More
219         THE BETHS          Out Of Sight
220         THE RADIO DEPT.             You Fear The Wrong Thing, Baby
221         ROYAL REPUBLIC              Superlove
222         ROOSEVELT        Echoes
223         HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Over Yet
224         COLD WAR KIDS You Already Know
225         THE ALLERGIES  Felony
226         JON HOPKINS    Luminous Spaces
227         PROSPA               Ecstasy (Over & Over)
228         DEARS   The Worst In Us
229         FONTAINES DC  A Lucid Dream
230         WALLOWS           OK
231         GRIMES My Name Is Dark
232         CHAZ CARDIGAN              Not OK!
233         YVES TUMOR     Kerosene
234         INCUBUS             Our Love
235         BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB Is It Real
236         MEG MYERS       Any Way You Wanna Love
237         SAM FENDER      Saturday
238         LINKIN PARK      She Couldn't
239         PROTOMARTYR Michigan Hammers
240         THE BLUE STONES            Shakin' Off The Rust
241         LOTTERY WINNERS          Little Things
242         LOVE REGENERATOR      Live Without Your Love
243         CREEPER              Annabelle
244         BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)
245         CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS            I Disappear in Your Arms
246         BONIFACE           Oh My God
247         KENSINGTON    Island
248         FLEET FOXES      Can I Believe You
249         JAMIE XX             Idontknow
250         FOALS   Neptune