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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Monthly Alternative Chart,March(to date)  
April 30, 2017 through May 31, 2017

9958.87421LORDEGreen Light3
8699.43682BLEACHERSDon't Take The Money2
7547.53153KASABIANYou're In Love With A Psycho3
7286.23514DEPECHE MODEWhere's The Revolution?4
6865.823435COLD WAR KIDSLove Is Mystical4
6010.728426ALT-JIn Cold Blood2
5777.45411417ROYAL BLOODLights Out2
5241.533348PORTUGAL, THE MANFeel It Still3
482921169DREAMCARKill For Candy3
4768.2181510WEEZERFeels Like Summer3
3990.9131111THE XXSay Something Loving5
3878183012SIR SLYHigh2
3714.3161213GLASS ANIMALSPork Soda4
3703.42616114LANA DEL REY f/ THE WEEKNDLust For Life2
2965.5153217GORILLAZ f/ JEHNNY BETHWe Got The Power3
2939.1142918MAXIMO PARKGet High (No I Don't)3
2934.6511319IMAGINE DRAGONSBeliever4
2924.423 NEW 20PHOENIXJ-Boy1
2730.49251021INCUBUSNimble Bastard4
2476.2165722GORILLAZ f/ D.R.A.M.Andromeda2
2441.3121723THE AMAZONSBlack Magic4
2440.34594824PARAMOREHard Times2
2346.6106225PERFUME GENIUSSlip Away2
2334.51217126OH WONDERUltralife2
2250.8102827BRITISH SEA POWERKeep On Trying3
2197.691428MALLORY KNOXCitalopram (Better Off Without You)5
2152.1112429RIDECharm Assault3
2124.891931TEMPLESStrange Or Be Forgotten5
1955.294434CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMENOxygen3
1937.5162335CAGE THE ELEPHANTCold Cold Cold15
1900.7710636DARLIABallad Of Black And White2
1900.123 NEW 37HAIMWant You Back1
1876.6713238CIGARETTES AFTER SEXApocalypse2
1866177239DISCIPLESOn My Mind3
1850.2816640SLOWDIVESugar For The Pill2
1843.32243441SPOONHot Thoughts5
1826.8201842TWENTY ONE PILOTSHeavyDirtySoul14
1759.81111143K.FLAYHigh Enough3
1758.5135344LOWER THAN ATLANTISHad Enough6
1757.141636045THE KOOKSBe Who You Are2
1752.2412046CLOSENESSMore Romantic2
1707.8714547FICKLE FRIENDSHello Hello2
1691.874648VHS COLLECTIONWide Awake4
1687.8511749GINGER SNAPSNumber Crunching2
1667.812 NEW 50NOTHING BUT THIEVESAmsterdam1