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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Monthly Alternative Chart  
January 31, 2018 through February 28, 2018

2744.51621THE WOMBATSLemon To A Knife Fight4
2717.11912MGMTLittle Dark Age5
1987.214253THE VACCINESI Can't Quit2
1857.112344PORTUGAL, THE MANLive In The Moment7
1796.41355THE KILLERSRun For Cover8
1568.91537FRANZ FERDINANDAlways Ascending5
1504.711168IMAGINE DRAGONSWhatever It Takes10
1335.361089WALK THE MOONOne Foot6
1236.9111010TAME IMPALAList Of People (To Try And Forget About)4
1227.3814911ST. VINCENTLos Ageless6
1214.3111312THE WOMBATSTurn3
1141.9910013FRANZ FERDINANDFeel The Love Go2
1104.9102114MGMTWhen You Die3
978.361115NOTHING BUT THIEVESParticles4
939.562016SUNFLOWER BEANI Was A Fool4
93894017DJANGO DJANGOIn Your Beat3
92232218LCD SOUNDSYSTEMTonite7
895.4413619SUPERORGANISMEverybody Wants To Be Famous2
873.81131720BASTILLEWorld Gone Mad4
866.674421VANTTalk Like Thunder3
851.3102322SIR SLY&Run8
836.361523THIRTY SECONDS TO MARSWalk On Water7
810.09101924FOSTER THE PEOPLESit Next To Me8
803.181225ARCADE FIRECreature Comfort8
799101426THE NEIGHBOURHOODScary Love3
748.433727EMPIRE OF THE SUNOn Our Way Home4
718.34103128ROYAL BLOODI Only Lie When I Love You9
704.69101629FOO FIGHTERSThe Sky Is A Neighborhood7
696.883333WOLF ALICEBeautifully Unconventional6
692.0894534BISHOP BRIGGSDream5
690.83116735RISE AGAINSTHouse On Fire6
689.262436WOLF ALICEDon't Delete The Kisses8
686.35101837THE NATIONALDay I Die7
663613938MGMTHand It Over2
662.3113239WEEZERHappy Hour5
653.5854841FRATELLISThe Next Time We Wed4
653.372642THE HORRORSSomething To Remember Me By7
629.543843DECLAN MCKENNAWhy Do You Feel So Down6
629.274344YUNGBLUDI Love You, Will You Marry Me5
62832946STRUTSOne Night Only8
620.663647YUNGBLUDTin Pan Boy3
616.855148BRETTEmperor Tho3
60635449THE ORIELLESLet Your Dogtooth Grow3