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Beyond Radio’s Genre Charts

Monthly Alternative Chart  
February 28, 2018 through March 31, 2018

2169.414561CHVRCHESGet Out2
2059.91332THE VACCINESI Can't Quit3
18028143SUPERORGANISMEverybody Wants To Be Famous3
1523.41285FRANZ FERDINANDFeel The Love Go3
1514.69286THE WOMBATSCheetah Tongue3
1486.841347PORTUGAL, THE MANLive In The Moment8
1391.81268THE WOMBATSTurn4
1349.391279IMAGINE DRAGONSWhatever It Takes11
1340.915 NEW 10MUSEThought Contagion2
1304.89111THE WOMBATSLemon To A Knife Fight5
1258.28 NEW 12MGMTMe And Michael2
1028.7781913FOSTER THE PEOPLESit Next To Me9
1003.211514THE KILLERSRun For Cover9
911.1102015THE NEIGHBOURHOODScary Love4
889.781817DJANGO DJANGOIn Your Beat4
88381118FRANZ FERDINANDAlways Ascending6
824.3291019ST. VINCENTLos Ageless7
813.853620DREAM WIFEHey Heartbreaker3
802.651721NOTHING BUT THIEVESParticles5
80182322SIR SLY&Run9
765.3881323WALK THE MOONOne Foot7
761.287124UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRAAmerican Guilt2
747.85225MGMTLittle Dark Age6
737.864626FREAKEveryone's The Same3
719.1893128RISE AGAINSTHouse On Fire7
711.971630MGMTWhen You Die4
683.643731MGMTHand It Over3
669.6410333TONIGHT ALIVEDisappear3
63456634THE HUNNAFlickin' Your Hair3
617.445936SUNFLOWER BEANCrisis Fest3
608.457237CITY CALM DOWNIn This Modern Land4
595.224539DJ SHADOW f/ RUN THE JEWELSNobody Speak20
594.371540TAME IMPALAList Of People (To Try And Forget About)5
590.56126341JACK WHITEConnected By Love3
58444942OK GOObsession4
577.1717243THE VACCINESNightclub2
549.8412845HOOKWORMSStatic Resistance2
548.167646SLAVESI'd Rather See Your Star Explode5
539.432247SUNFLOWER BEANI Was A Fool5
533.7572648BASTILLEWorld Gone Mad5
532.812749EMPIRE OF THE SUNOn Our Way Home5
529.269950GAZ COOMBESDeep Pockets3