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Monthly Alternative Chart  
June 30, 2020 through July 31, 2020

PointsChartsLMThis MonthArtistSongWeeks
3012.1746161THE KILLERSMy Own Soul's Warning7
2920.554512THE 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)15
2017.453223THE KILLERSCaution21
1838.551764KENNYHOOPLAHow Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway24
1654.817156PERFUME GENIUSOn The Floor20
1612.833147TWENTY ONE PILOTSLevel Of Concern17
1592.79191238NOTHING BUT THIEVESReal Love Song6
1201.1414109BIFFY CLYROTiny Indoor Fireworks12
1155.89141210GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)23
1149.517811TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday31
1094.15131913EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGArch Enemy11
1075.23142914REZZ & GRABBITZSomeone Else15
1066152115MACHINE GUN KELLYBloody Valentine14
1035.0710516NOTHING BUT THIEVESIs Everybody Going Crazy?21
997.73113318DAYGLOWCan I Call You Tonight?15
939.4101819IDLESMr. Motivator11
925.3113720SAINT MOTELA Good Song Never Dies20
918.93202821RINA SAWAYAMAXS22
904.4142322HAYLEY WILLIAMSDead Horse15
903.3610 NEW 23FONTAINES DCTelevised Mind5
870.15182224SEA GIRLSDo You Really Wanna Know14
860.35146825POPPYAll The Things She Said9
816.171427DMA'SThe Glow15
785.73163628NEON TREESNew Best Friend11
780.07271329POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEEDeath Bed (Coffee For Your Head)22
763.21044930CREEPERBe My End6
749.48 NEW 31SAINT MOTELPreach4
735.12102032DECLAN MCKENNAThe Key To Life On Earth16
720.484133FOSTER THE PEOPLELamb's Wool 10
713.64132434JACK GARRATTBetter14
704.651735EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGIn Birdsong14
703.45102536INHALERFalling In11
697.1786537WE ARE SCIENTISTSI Cut My Own Hair11
677.5494638THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENTCome On Out18
674.189 NEW 39FUTURE ISLANDSFor Sure4
658.9283242AWOLNATIONMayday!!! Fiesta Fever25
643.12910744WHITE REAPERReal Long Time54
639.38 NEW 45KATY J PEARSONTake Back The Radio5
637.2488546TAME IMPALABreathe Deeper25
632.76115947THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus18
630.8381148FONTAINES DCA Hero's Death14
601.01106249MATT MAESONHallucinogenics18
589.53109150BOB MOULDAmerican Crisis9
576.785151ANNIEAmerican Cars7
573.84127153ASHEMoral Of The Story24
571.997854VISTASEverything Changes In The End9
562.91815256THE SNUTSElephants8
560.838 NEW 57GLASS ANIMALSHeat Waves4
558.38112758THE STROKESBad Decisions24
552.17 NEW 59SEA GIRLSAll I Want To Hear You Say99
548.9103560CHARLI XCXForever16
548.5486761BOSTON MANORPlasticine Dreams18
543.466 NEW 62THE BETHSOut Of Sight5
536.11913163THE NIGHT GAMEMagic Trick9
535.77713764BLOXXThinking About Yourself8
530.645065070 SHAKEGuilty Conscience26
525.9610166THE RADIO DEPT.You Fear The Wrong Thing, Baby18
524.28710667WALLOWSAre You Bored Yet?79
516.5223169BENEE f/ GUS DAPPERTONSupalonely21
506.276170MAGIC GANGTake Back The Track14
503.0397471BLUE OCTOBEROh My My21
488.456 NEW 72HURTSSuffer6
477.87987324KGOLDNCity Of Angels20
471.8877374TENNISNeed Your Love28
471.84615475BOSTON MANORRatking11
471.1810 NEW 76JUICE WRLD & MARSHMELLOCome & Go4
470.6721077MISTERWIVESRock Bottom14
462.45913578PROSPAEcstasy (Over & Over)10
435.6566681CHRISTINE & THE QUEENSI Disappear in Your Arms12
429.35 NEW 83CHRISTINE & THE QUEENSEyes Of A Child5
428.265 NEW 84NECK DEEPFall5
420.53514585UNLIKELY CANDIDATESHigh Low9
419.93713086CHAZ CARDIGANNot OK!16
419.67103887U.S. GIRLS4 American Dollars25
419.287 NEW 88SILVERSUN PICKUPSToy Soldiers4
4173 NEW 89MRS. PISSKnelt5
412.251312091AMY SHARKEverybody Rise6
405.92414892ANGELS & AIRWAVESAll That's Left Is Love15
404.5857694BEST COASTEverything Has Changed27
401.41513495FONTAINES DCI Don't Belong8
400.0449096SPORTS TEAMHere's The Thing23
400262097SQUARE KIDSAbove6
398.443098THE LUKA STATEFeel It14
392.445899TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUBTiptoes8
118.835298100THE FLAMING LIPS f/ KACEY MUSGRAVESFlowers Of Neptune9
3883601101CLOCKWORKSThe Future Is Not What It Was8
385.84 NEW 102TEMPESSTOn The Run5
385.733563103HOCKEY DADGood Eye6
358.424 NEW 104DMA'SLearning Alive5
385.21982105MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSONDon't Let Me Down14
380.86165106WINONA OAKOxygen9
375.32852108BIFFY CLYROInstant History24
373.811548109TONES AND IUr So F**** Cool9
373.584325110SPORTS TEAMCamel Crew8
372.43110111THE MYSTERINESI Win Every Time11
370.945181112CREEPERAll My Friends10
370349114RUN THE JEWELSYankee And The Brave18
368.385353115TESSA VIOLET f/ MISTERWIVESBored9
367.73647116RAZORLIGHTBurn, Camden, Burn14
367.236155117BILLIE EILISHIlomilo70
365.76383118PROTOMARTYRProcessed By The Boys15
3623 NEW 119PLASTIC ESTATEThis Place5
361.657421120THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Philosophy of Love11
359.663113121RUBY WATERSRabbit Hole11
358.9753122LOVELYTHEBANDLoneliness For Love25
354.64350123PROTOMARTYRMichigan Hammers8
353.6375124THE ALLERGIESFelony15
350.98545125THE BETHSDying To Believe16
347.84312126PERFUME GENIUSDescribe21
346.954 NEW 127BEABADOOBEECare2
330.45550128JUDAH & THE LIONBeautiful Anyway11
330.154179129OLIVER TREELet Me Down11
321.43 NEW 132LIELA MOSSAtoms At Me5
3324 NEW 133KAIRONAn Bat None5
317.762197134ALL TIME LOWWake Up, Sunshine18
315.625230135COLD WAR KIDSWho's Gonna Love Me Now24
313.43 NEW 136SHAMIROn My Own5
310.815635137ALIEN ANT FARMEverything She Wants11
309.122 NEW 138LARKIN POEHoly Ghost Fire5
297.922103139SPECTORWhen Did We Get So Normal18
297.18555141RUN THE JEWELSOoh LA LA18
295.23 NEW 142DAY ACHESAfter Glow5
294.722112143GRAVEYARD CLUBValens14
294.4342144HAYLEY WILLIAMSSimmer28
294.44 NEW 145THE STRIKENothing New16
292.57357146LOTTERY WINNERSLove Will Keep Us Together12
290.62173147BDRMMA Reason To Celebrate11
287.043 NEW 148THE LUKA STATEReal Thing5
2872 NEW 149GUMAirwalkin'5
286.465 NEW 150COLD WAR KIDSYou Already Know5
274.562 NEW 151HOT MILKCalifornia's Burning4
2862108152LEMONILLEWhen I Come Back12
281.716 NEW 153DMA'SCriminals4
281.663201154POETS OF THE FALLMoments Before The Storm17
2782 NEW 155CLEWERSONNotado5
276.75389156ALL TIME LOW f/ BLACKBEARMonsters11
275.522288157OWEN PALLETTA Bloody Morning11
272.63228158DIVE INGive Me A Reason14
272.62617159DRAB MAJESTYEllipsis67
272.62933160DRAB MAJESTYDot In The Sky18
272.54543161SPORTS TEAMGoing Soft14
2713171162JAMES BLAKEYou're Too Precious14
2692 NEW 163REAL LIESBoss Trick21
263.232406165MOON PANDASlow Drive6
273.422767166GRAVEYARD CLUBDreamland8
2662 NEW 167KLASS IIInovane5
263.62 NEW 169CHRIS SCHWEIZERDon't Be Scared5
262.083111170DEARSThe Worst In Us18
262.085 NEW 171GERARD WAY f/ JUDITH HILLHere Comes The End4
2622238172LUCIA & THE BEST BOYSCity of Angels23
259.784144173SPANISH LOVE SONGSKick28
2592 NEW 174JESSIE FRYEThe One4
256.762 NEW 175BULLYWhere To Start5
256.322 NEW 176HUMFolding5
255.6384177THE 1975Me & You Together Song28
254.75639178BILLIE EILISHEverything I Wanted38
254.285109179NIKO BWho's That What's That8
251.853248180BLUE OCTOBERThis Is What I Live For9
250.943460181ELECTRIC ENEMYHeartache Melody6
250.294 NEW 182STAND ATLANTICJurassic Park5
249.3513183183JAKE BUGGRabbit Hole14
239.233391184THE HOWL & THE HUMHostages9
248.642241185JORGE ELBRECHTTuesday Morning9
247.23582186MARTHAGUNNWe Don't Need Each Other18
246.18356187BLOXXLie Out Loud14
73.82441188THE MAKEMAKESMillion Euro Smile14
245.6444189THE 1975Guys12
245.62204190LESNEULooking For You18
245.62349191ORVILLE PECKNo Glory In The West6
244.0514167193PEARL JAMRetrograde18
243.63140194THE ACADEMICAnything Could Happen11
242.843469195THE SLOW READERS CLUBAll I Hear26
2422205196KYTESTake Me Home9
2412232197THE HOLYTwilight Of The Idiots18
240.82 NEW 198ANORAK PATCH6 Week Party5
239.22 NEW 200WORKFORCEHeart Crossed5
239.12392201ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVERFalling Thunder14
229.253 NEW 202TORO Y MOIOrdinary Guy4
237.42564203ORLA GARTLANDDid It To Myself8
236.837121204JJ WILDEThe Rush23
236.84 NEW 205THE ACADEMICActing My Age4
235.62333206PYTHIUS & BLACK SUN EMPIREKepler9
235.484 NEW 207NARROW HEADNight Tryst4
234.82 NEW 208WILD FRONTConfetti5
234.62668209PORTER ROBINSONSomething Comforting18
234.23464210THE SOUNDSThings We Do For Love16
232.433 NEW 211E^STI Wanna Be Here5
232.275 NEW 212HUMStep Into You4
231.55369213MID CITYForget It20
230.82457214ONRHuman Enough11
229.64105215CHILD OF THE PARISHRelic Of The Past18
229.62 NEW 216SALTWATER CURETogether High5
227.64 NEW 219THE RADIO DEPT.You're Lookin' At My Guy5
223.62 NEW 220ARCATime5
223.44334221SAINT RAYMONDRight Way Round8
221.284 NEW 222GUS DAPPERTONPost Humorous4
220.94158223PALAYE ROYALELonely20
220.83299224YVES TUMORGospel For A New Century18
220.83499225THE BLINDERSMule Track8
219.074 NEW 226DECLAN MCKENNADaniel, You're Still A Child4
215.42372228THE GO SETMixed Tapes14
2133297229THE 88At Least It Was Here9
2122 NEW 230DANIEL AVERYInfinite Future5
210.93213231THE RADIO DEPT.The Abscence Of Birds23
210.63 NEW 232BLANKSSilly People4
209.813 NEW 233COLD YEARSElectricity4
209.83191234LELAND BLUELying To Myself33
209.783139235STUCK ON PLANET EARTHHigher Than The Drugs16
209.764239236CAR SEAT HEADRESTHollywood15
209.42 NEW 237COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSGoodbye Now5
208.783 NEW 238DOMINIC FIKEChicken Tenders4
208.2713157239BILLY TALENTI Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)18
207286240JOYWAVEHalf Your Age28
2073 NEW 241KORINEFate5
205.82185242DES ROCSUsed To The Darkness58
202.831047244THE AVALANCHES f/ RIVERS CUOMORunning Red Lights18
201.62 NEW 245KRAKOW LOVES ADANAThe Ocean Between Us5
200.93291246SPITFIRESTear This Place Right Down!16
2001 NEW 247CAPITOLWeathered5
2001 NEW 248EKTORHere And Now5
2001 NEW 249HIGHASAKITEUnder The Sun5
200188250I BREAK HORSESThe Prophet12
2001 NEW 251JULY TALKGood Enough3
2001 NEW 253TRANCE WAXNorthern Sky5
199.83128254HOT CHIPMelody Of Love61
197.7621138255EGYPTIAN BLUENylon Wire8
1972 NEW 256CRACK CLOUDOuster Stew5
196.22311257JULIAN LAMADRIDCigarette6
1961279258TALKERSuck Up16
194.62187259DIM3NSION & DJ NANOFeel The Waves9
194.54 NEW 260LITTLE HURTAlaska5
1932785261EMPRESS OFCall Me6
1921118263HINDSGood Bad Times25
191.22 NEW 264YUKSEK, BREAKBOT & IFRANEThe Only Reason5
189.784104265HOKOOK OK10
188.592 NEW 266GRUMPYNATORSStill Alive5
187.782425267THE JACKSThrew It All Away14
1861146269TAME IMPALAIs It True22
1861301270THE NATIONAL PARKSI Can Feel It6
1851172271I BREAK HORSESNeon Lights20
185193272MOUNT MURALWorld11
1851309273SUGAR DADDIESJosephine11
1851 NEW 274SUPER AMERICANHow Big Is Your Brain?5
1851371275SWEETESTWhen You Sleep11
1851 NEW 276TASH SULTANAGreed5
1851807277THE WANTSMotor8
1851 NEW 278WOLF SAGAThrough This Night3
183.635366279JULY TALKGoverness Shadow16
182.347159280THE KILLERSFire In Bone15
182.053 NEW 281MY MORNING JACKETFeel You3
181.83294282RECLAIM VIENNAChange The Echo16
181.692163283HANDS LIKE HOUSESThrough Glass75
181.6297284YVES TUMORKerosene17
180.63629286JOYWAVEComing Apart21
178.752243287BE QUIET, SHOUT LOUD!Take Me To Electric Town9
178.42247288BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARDHollywood Actors8
177299289RUN THE JEWELSWalking In The Snow8
176.623175290PEARL JAMDance Of The Clairvoyants28
175.32290291GLASS ANIMALSDreamland14
175.033 NEW 292PALAYE ROYALEAnxiety4
1751 NEW 293A.A. WILLIAMSMelt5
175177294CHARLI XCXI Finally Understand14
1751346295CHELSEA WOLFELittle Grave6
1751614296COLD SHOWERSMeasured Man11
1751 NEW 297EARTHMortal Combat3
1751618298EDITORSEvery Little Piece9
1751 NEW 299HIGHASAKITELover, Where Do You Live5
1751380300LOLO ZOUAIIt's My Fault9
1751510301NO SUITS IN MIAMIWhat We Have9
1751463302RENO AND ROMEJealous Of Us8
1751 NEW 303SKULLCRUSHERDay of Show5
1751 NEW 304THE LIVING TOMBSTONEGoose Goose Revolution5
1751485305TIRED LIONWaterbed9
174.62 NEW 306TYLER GLENNSomebody To Tell me5
171.156 NEW 307JESSIE WAREThe Kill5
170.56681308THE ARKELLSYears In The Making23
169.82281309SONDRE LERCHEWhy Would I Let You Go14
169.62317310LIME CORDIALEOn Our Own16
169.342368311NECK DEEPWhen You Know16
1681474312BLINK 182No Heart To Speak Of18
1681 NEW 313MILK TEETHSharks3
167.42494315FRIENDLY FIRESOffline41
167.042277316BOSTON MANORWelcome To The Neighbourhood14
165.57408318HELEN LOVESongs From My Teens9
165.43188319KID BLOOMLemonhead26
1651264321COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSAlone Together14
1651433322EMPRESS OFLove Is A Drug16
1651435323FOREIGN AIRDon't Use My Name6
1651379324GOGO PENGUINKora6
1651266325HELEN LOVE1234 Dee Dee Ramone9
1651 NEW 326HIGHASAKITESince Last Wednesday5
1651 NEW 327INDOOR VOICESPasserby5
1653 NEW 328MUZZKnuckleduster5
1651 NEW 329PHANTOGRAMDear God18
1651369330PULSEDRIVERLiving On Video14
1651252331SHURAElevator Girl18
1651 NEW 332UTAKEMEBACKTO99Deliverance (Failures Reward)5
163.22 NEW 333YOURS TRULYTogether5
162.751300334STAFF PARTYThe End Is Nigh13
162.62612335SIR SLYAll Your Love11
1622 NEW 336TWOCOLORSLovefool3
160.8420274337FIONA APPLEShameika16
160.62 NEW 338SILVERBACKSDunkirk5
159.13 NEW 339DYLAN CARTLIDGEYellow Brick Road4
158.982132340DEATH BY UNGA BUNGANot Like The Others9
158.41 NEW 341PHOXJAWYou Don't Drink A Unicorn's Blood13
158.41198342RHEAUnder My Skin9
158.41451344VELTPUNCHNew Cinema Paradox13
157.62176345PORTER ROBINSONGet Your Wish14
157.35579346PEARL JAMSuperblood Wolfmoon24
156.292788347GANG OF FOURForever Starts Now8
156.22199348BONIFACEIt's A Joke11
155.248758349BAKARHell N Back35
1551 NEW 350BEARCUBSEveryplace Is Life4
1551636351CHARMING LIARSFlames8
1551 NEW 352IZEThis Is Not A Drill5
1551268353JEHNNY BETHHeroine8
1551225354LOATHETwo-Way Mirror26
1551341355MISTERWIVESThe End33
1551348356MODERN TIESPoor Connection6
1551 NEW 357MOSES SUMNEYBystanders4
1551 NEW 361STAR CROSSED LOVERSEnemy Of The Heart5
1551263362THE 1975What Should I Say10
154.82192363HINDSJust Like Kids14
153.4521520364PHOEBE BRIDGERSKyoto16
152.062 NEW 366THE LEMON TWIGSLive In Favor Of Tomorrow4
151.91336367PVRISDead Weight21
151.91 NEW 368THE GROWLERSDream World4
151.62 NEW 370OCEAN ALLEYWay Down5
1512 NEW 371APRELive It Up5
149.42480372NIK MYSTERYBy A Thread16
148.923293373X AMBASSADORS f/ K.FLAY & GRANDSONZen11
148.81224374FAIRCHILDI Said13
148.81208375THE BETHSI'm Not Getting Excited11
147.52186376CHARLI XCXEnemy14
1471 NEW 377AKA ORANGESystem5
1471 NEW 378AMARIONETTECounterfeits5
1471401379BECCA MANCARIHunter8
1471 NEW 380BISHOP NEHRUMeathead5
1471 NEW 381BOY HARSHERCome Closer5
1471 NEW 382CULT FIGURESLights Out5
1471459383FIELD STUDIESMoney Of America12
1471258384GLIAYou're Right11
1471 NEW 385HATCHIEHer Own Heart55
1471 NEW 386JESSIE FRYEOcean4
1471509387MATING RITUALThe Bungalow8
1471 NEW 388MURA MASA & CLAIROI Don't Think I Can Do This Again47
1471 NEW 389PACIFICLast Life5
1471141390SPRAYEverybody Dance (To Digital Music)9
1471 NEW 391WONK UNITSummer Time5
146.112 NEW 392REMO DRIVEA Flower And A Weed4
146.064515393MAJOR LAZER f/ MARCUS MUMFORDLay Your Head On Me18
145.033492394TONES AND IBad Child21
144.151446395SLAVESTalk To A Friend18
144.061 NEW 396BULLYEvery Tradition3
144.061318397LONELY THE BRAVEBound18
143.572 NEW 399THE FLAMING LIPSMy Religion Is You5
142.463559401IRONTOMBig Shot19
142.32791402SPINNStuck On A Feeling6
141.62221404MOANINGFall in Love23
140.42189405CAROLINE POLACHEKSo Hot You're Hurting My Feelings44
139.22 NEW 406TRANSIT METHODDrag The Ghouls5
139.0121006407THE TREWSGod Speed Rebel16
1391153408ANOTHER SKYBrave Face25
1391 NEW 409BERWYNGlory5
1391 NEW 410CODE ORANGEUnderneath5
1391376411EKKAHRoom 4 Love6
1391 NEW 413HYLATake Eyes5
1391528414I LIKE TRAINSThe Truth11
1391 NEW 415KESTRELSGrey And Blue5
1392820416NADINE SHAHKitchen Sink11
1391511417OWL EYESSilver And Gold9
1391507418PALE WAVESDrive18
1391 NEW 419SNARLSWhat's It Take5
1391244420STARFLYER 99This Recliner9
138.822 NEW 421THE NIGHT GAMEOne Phone Call3
138.181424422FRONT BOTTOMSCamouflage31
137.32339423DREAM WIFEHasta La Vista14
136.221322425DO NOTHINGLebron James31
136.221355426TWILIGHT SADPublic Housing42
134.62 NEW 427ELECTRIC ENEMYHollow Eyes5
133.52227428RUBY WATERSSupernatural21
133.441524429LANA DEL REYHappiness Is A Butterfly48
133.441 NEW 430MACHINE GIRLInfinite Potentiality2
133.441740431PALAYE ROYALETonight Is The Night I Die9
132.892 NEW 432BOWLING FOR SOUPErase Me5
132.7117489433TRAVISA Ghost9
131.42821434HALF THE ANIMALNot Today6
131.22 NEW 435PORTLANDAlly Ally5
1311 NEW 436ANOTHER SKYFell In Love with The City5
1311344437BRANDON BOYDMyth10
1311292438HAARMTake Me Away12
1311577439HMLTDBlank Slate6
1311 NEW 440MIDI MATILDAKiller You Want5
1311 NEW 442SPECIAL REQUESTSpectral Frequency5
1311 NEW 443SPRINTSThe Cheek5
39.31 NEW 444THE OAKSTONESOver Again5
128.381 NEW 445THE VAN T'SSeeing Stars5
1311343446WHETTMAN CHELMETSSurround Me With Songs Of Deliverence11
129.753641447ZOLASEnergy Czar7
129.642713448JJ WILDEBreakfast In Bed6
1292215449THE STROKESAt The Door25
128.762 NEW 450GANG OF YOUTHSThe Heart Is A Muscle135
128.43385451BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARDDouble Denim Hop8
128.381136452QUEEN'S PLEASURESitter11
127.62 NEW 453DON'T BRING STACEYMight Not Make It Home5
1272889454THE ORIELLESBobbi's Second World9
126.22149455CLIPPINGBlood Of The Fang42
126.22838456YELLOWaba Duba6
125.761 NEW 457ALTERED BY MOMLife Is A Video Game5
125.761443458INCUBUSOur Love26
125.761 NEW 459PHOXJAWTeething5
125.62 NEW 460ALFIE TEMPLEMANObvious Guy4
124.22129461HAYLEY WILLIAMSSugar On The Rim17
1241 NEW 462AVENUE EIGHTDays To Come5
1241395463BLEACHEDSomebody Dial 91133
1241 NEW 464EMMA RUTH RUNDLEStaying Power3
1241378465FULL COLOURTimes Change8
1242115466HAYLEY WILLIAMSOver Yet17
1241310468IST ISTYou're Mine11
1241 NEW 469KATIE MALCOAnimal5
1241 NEW 470LIZ LAWRENCEHope (Or Something Like That)3
1241 NEW 471METRICSParallel5
1241342472OWL EYESTokyo18
1241337473SAN CISCOReasons15
1241 NEW 474SOUL BLINDFalling Asleep5
1241512475SWITCHFOOTLet It Happen82
1241580476WASHINGTONDark Parts9
123.621200477ALLIE XSuper Duper Party People8
123.62 NEW 478BONIFACEHappy Birthday4
123.362779479BRIGHT EYESOne And Done8
123.2821121480THE 5:55Slow Down64
122.692164481JIMMY EAT WORLDCall To Love11
122.626491482LOCAL NATIVESDark Days18
121.723219483ASYLUMSCatalogue Kids26
120.62521484HMLTDMikey's Song11
120.42332485CANDIDPulling Away9
119.562160486DOGLEGKawasaki Backflip21
119.041 NEW 487JAPANDROIDSYoung Hearts Spark Fire3
119.041730488MARIKA HACKMANBlow11
119.041 NEW 489TEENAGE JOANSBy The Way4
118.62 NEW 490DREAM WIFETemporary4
1181 NEW 491CATNAPPDamage3
1181 NEW 492CJ ANTZPower Up5
1181396493EASY PREYGasoline Mouth11
1181709495HUSKYLight A Cigarette6
1181526496LOVELYTHEBANDThese Are My Friends15
1181 NEW 497MISTERWIVESDecide To Be Happy4
1181658498MOSES SUMNEYCut Me14
1181 NEW 499SWEETESTFalling5
1181 NEW 500VERNON JAMESDrugs You Do5
116.232196502THE 5:55Paint It Gold8
1162245503THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Do You Mind?11
115.83328504SWIM DEEPWorld I Share26
115.442174506AWOLNATIONThe Best39
113.862924507ENTER SHIKARISatellites11
113.62295508BT f/ ROB DICKINSONAlways20
113.42906509THE NAKED AND FAMOUSDeath9
113.281699510SPANISH LOVE SONGSSelf-Destruction (As A Sensible Career Choice)12
113.097498511FLORENCE & THE MACHINELight Of Love15
112.82687512MOBYToo Much Change13
112.422236513LOTTERY WINNERSI Don't Love You19
11213455159TH HOUSELyra8
1121 NEW 516ARCAMachote4
1121360517CHEAP CUTS f/ PETE WENTZCheck Your Phone15
1121 NEW 518COACH PARTYBleach5
1121 NEW 519FOGNocturne5
1121 NEW 520JENNY O.I Don't Want To Live Alone Anymore4
1121 NEW 521JULIPER SKYAfterglow5
1121 NEW 522KELSY KARTERStick To Your Guns4
1121481524PHANTOGRAMIn A Spiral40
1121495525PROTOMARTYRA Private Understanding6
1121 NEW 526YOUNG EJECTACheese5
111.62 NEW 527BRIGHT EYESMariana Trench5
110.862803528LEWIS DEL MARThe Celing9
110.82319529TASH SULTANAPretty Lady15
110.42627530ASYLUMSA Perfect Life In A Perfect World16
110.253 NEW 531JADE HAIRPINS(Don't Break My) Devotion5
110.184124532CAGE THE ELEPHANTBlack Madonna63
1102 NEW 533AGAINST ALL LOGICDeeeefers5
109.761125534HOCKEY DADIn This State16
109.761444535SIMPLE CREATURESOne More Lie6
109.741997536HIGHER POWERRewire9
109.562964537EVERY AVENUETell Me I'm A Wreck13
109.442671538NAKED NEXT DOORNoise8
109.42657539WILD FRONTSelhurst Park11
109.183122540AWOLNATION f/ RIVERS CUOMOPacific Coast Highway In The Movies14
108.852237541THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENTHollywood Park15
1082548542GEORGIA24 Hours31
107.93604543POETS OF THE FALLDancing On Broken Glass17
107.521 NEW 544LIGHTNING ORCHESTRAFor Those Who Are yet To Be Born5
107.412626545ANGELS & AIRWAVESKiss & Tell43
107.42 NEW 546MIKE SHINODAOpen Door5
1071 NEW 547ANE BRUNDon't Run And Hide16
1071 NEW 549ARCAMequetrefe4
1071 NEW 550COVETParachute5
1071 NEW 551DEAD PONYEverything Is Easy5
1071403552GENIXGiant Steps8
1071 NEW 553JOSEF SALVATModern Anxiety4
1071 NEW 556MY KID BROTHERDaydream5
107196558PURITY RINGStardew22
1071 NEW 559SPECTRESDreams5
1071546560VALLEYThere's Still A Light In The House70
106.92862561SUB FOCUS & WILKINSONJust Hold On14
104.861246562JARV ISHouse Music All Night Long18
104.832296563DEARSI Know What You're Thinking And It's Awful15
104.643184564LEVELLERSCalling Out8
104.12 NEW 565DJ SHADOWOur Pathetic Age5
104.082452566BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUBI Can Hardly Speak31
103.42 NEW 567THE ALLERGIESGet Yourself Some1
102.912372568REMO DRIVEStar Worship11
102.721587569GRIMESDelete Forever25
102.721 NEW 570MACHINE GIRLScroll of Sorrow13
102.721567571THIEF CLUBDeath Valley Super Bloom13
102.721276572TOM LUMEY THE BRAVE LIASONShrink12
102.62420573JANE HOLIDAYAll Yours25
102.312 NEW 574LONELY THE BRAVEDistant Light5
102.143590575DREAMERS f/ GRANDSONHeat Seeker22
1021482576ALFIE TEMPLEMANMy Best Friend8
1021278577ALISON MOSSHARTRise16
1021456578CHICANO BATMANBlank Slate13
1021453579CIRCA WAVESSad Happy25
1021598581DJ SHADOW & DE LA SOULRocket Fuel52
1021575582RICHARD WALTERSBig Joy14
1021 NEW 583TROPHY SCARSArtist, Artists. 20202
1021 NEW 584WILD FRONTHouse Of Cards5
100.144476585THE HEAD AND THE HEARTHoneybee70
99.961416586MARSICANSThese Days8
99.961969587THE REFLECTORSChampagne8
99.665389588TKAY MAIDZAShook11
99.511 NEW 589AVI KAPLANI'll get By21
99.511847590THE LEMON TWIGSMoon22
98.882728591THE BIRTHDAY MASSACREThe Last Goodbye20
98.322519592BEN KWELLERHeart Attack Kid49
97.921 NEW 593JAMES BLAKEAre You Even real?4
97.921885594THE LUKA STATERoom's On Fire9
97.611115596BALL PARK MUSICDay And Age9
97.61 NEW 597EGYPTIAN BLUEFour Is The Last Four3
97.61 NEW 598EKTORTo Five5
97.61 NEW 599HOOPSFall back5
97.62282600JOANLove Me Better14
97.61761601MAT KEREKESI Wish I Was Cool78
97.61 NEW 602ROBIN ZOOTCzech Florida3
97.61 NEW 603SILVERBACKSMuted Gold5
97.61 NEW 604SMITH & BURROWSAll The Best Moves5
97.61 NEW 605TEMNOWhat You Left Behind5
97.61 NEW 606WRENNInternet Gaming5
95.651 NEW 607YELLOWCARDThe Hurt Is Gone4
941508608ART SCHOOL GIRLFRIENDBending Back9
941733609DEER GROVEThe Men On The Moon22
941619610GEORGIAAbout Work The Dancefloor71
941 NEW 611KERO KERO BONITOIt's Bugnax!1
941373612LAURAN HIBBERDOld Nudes12
941162613PURITY RINGPeacefall20
941 NEW 614ROBIN ZOOTLady And Trap5
941633615SEILAIn A Remote House11
941 NEW 616SLEEP TOKENDark Signs5
941486617TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUBHands Off My Cash, Monty8
941166618ZUZUSkin And Bone18
93.7170619DMA'SLife Is A Changing Game26
93.71 NEW 620IRONTOMLoverboy5
93.71664621PAPER MILLBlack Mirror9
93.71235622TAME IMPALAPosthumous Forgiveness35
92.812195623THE LEMON TWIGSThe One22
92.51646624THE MOUNTAINSThe Valleys9
91.972606625FLYING COLORSMask Machine9
90.61 NEW 627ANTEROSFool Moon5
90.61 NEW 628BLUE OCTOBERFight For Love5
90.61466629CONTROL ROOMI Woke Up And Everything Was Moving15
90.61375630DAYGLOWFalse Direction8
90.61749631GEORGIAThe Thrill14
90.61404632HAYLEY WILLIAMSWatch Me While I Bloom8
90.61270633MONTAIGNELove Might Be Found44
90.61 NEW 634NIK TENDOGoodbye5
90.61842635SEAFRETBe My Queen6
90.61 NEW 636SELF TALKFood Court5
90.61 NEW 637STAR CROSSED LOVERSNot Everyone Has Friends5
90.61555638THE 1975Then Because She Goes8
90.61 NEW 639THE HUNNAI Wanna Know3
90.61 NEW 640WHITE LIESHurt My Heart45
90.61271641WOLF SAGAHeroes8
90.313390642THE ROYAL FOUNDRYOkay?11
90.241755643KANDLELittle Bad Things12
90.241359645THE SEWER RATSMy Sweet Chun-Li11
89.824314646COLDPLAYChampion Of The World79
88.592581647WINNETKA BOWLING LEAGUEKangaroo8
871673649CHELSEA WOLFEHighway18
871954650EMAROSASo Bad8
871 NEW 651PARK HYE JINLike This5
86.981448653REAL SICKIESWashed My Hands16
86.83194654NOBRODon't Die11
862 NEW 655FLIPTURNDarling5
85.924907656THE ACESDaydream21
85.42209657LOTTERY WINNERS18 To 30's19
85.062356658JIMMY EAT WORLDCriminal Energy26
841660659ALMOST MONDAYCome On Come On8
841490660BILLIE EILISHNo Time To Die25
841 NEW 661BOB MOSES f/ ZHUDesire3
841 NEW 663FAKE SHARKL-ectric Touch3
841265664GREET DEATHCircles Of Hell8
841 NEW 665HAPPYNESSVegetable5
841857666JOANWant You Back6
841695667MARBLE ARCHReminiscence68
841306668MAX LEONECautious16
841 NEW 669MISSIOWolves1
841202670RELAY TAPESPlanetarium14
841 NEW 671SUPERDRONEWashed In The Sky5
842182672THE MAKEMAKESHeyo35
841260673TOPSColder And Closer16
84194674WORKING MEN'S CLUBWhite Rooms And People18
83.521 NEW 675CARIBOUHome43
83.521 NEW 677THE STREETS f/ IDLESNone Of us Are getting Out Of This Life Alive4
83.467 NEW 678CHRIS CORNELLPatience2
83.12689680BIFFY CLYROSunrise20
82.92647681CHRISTINE & THE QUEENSPeople, I've Been Sad76
82.42497682COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSFeel18
82.321 NEW 683SPITFIRESStart All over Again5
82.321100684THE HUNNADark Times68
8111040685BALLYHOO!Message To the World8
811377686ERMITAZIt Ain't This8
811218687FILIBUSTERSticky Wicket15
811 NEW 688FOSTER THE PEOPLEThe Things We Do1
811102689JAMIE XXIdontknow16
811 NEW 690LIME CORDIALEScrew Loose3
811738691LOLO ZOUAIAlone With You9
811 NEW 692LOVE FAME TRAGEDYEverything Affects me Now2
811711694STILL CORNERSBlack Lagoon103
80.911470695SAINT MOTELVan Horn42
80.641 NEW 696PERRY FARRELLLet's All pray For The World5
79.43999698JPEGMAFIACutie Pie8
79.381 NEW 700STEREO HONEYWake Up2
79.381 NEW 701THE WRECKSFeels So Nice5
78.773 NEW 702MUTE CHOIRBasement3
78.121 NEW 703SONSOMBREOne Thousand Graves4
781 NEW 704CHILD OF THE PARISHMake It Better5
781 NEW 705CORELLACome Around5
781 NEW 706CRACK CLOUDTunnel Vision5
781 NEW 707GLIAPigment4
781725708GUM COUNTRYSomewhere15
781 NEW 709HAPPY.Sick Is The New Sane3
781 NEW 710LOVELYTHEBANDidwgtyp5
781778711THE S.L.P.Trance44
781572712WHITE LIESFalling Out Without Me36
77.82384713LOTTERY WINNERSHawaii36
77.761388714HAZEL ENGLISHShaking32
76.441324715BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUBDo You Feel Loved?21
76.24216716CHARLI XCXClaws14
76.126690717MONDO COZMOUpside Down15
751434718FICKLE AND VICEDon't Hang Up (I Want You Back)8
751553719MALIBU KEN1+1=1312
751615720MARTHAGUNNIt's Over13
751707721MOSESCause You Got Me14
751 NEW 722MOSES SUMNEYPolly18
751 NEW 723SAN CISCOMessages4
751 NEW 724THE RADIO DEPT.Could You Be The One4
74.881114726DECLAN MCKENNABeautiful Faces26
74.881716727FOALSLike Lightning39
74.881 NEW 728WORK DRUGSThird Degree5
24.62 NEW 729DIZZYRoman Candles4
73.432203730MARSHALLThis Is It7
73.0821034731JEFF ROSENSTOCKScram11
72.61 NEW 732BLEACHEDDaydream45
72.61800733DAUGHTERSOur Queens (One Is many, Many Are One)11
72.61863735JULIPER SKYHeaven47
72.61 NEW 736MAN ON MANDaddy5
72.611076737MUZZRed Western Sky15
72.61 NEW 739THE ORBHouse Of Narcotics5
72.61 NEW 740YOUNG EJECTACrayon Cactus5
72.42 NEW 741COBRA STARSHIPPete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous6
72.32516742NICK MULVEYBegin Again8
721754743KILLING ROYApplier18
712644744MOBSBig World36
70.61 NEW 745DREAM STATEAre You Ready To Live?5
70.61316747POWFUI'm Used To It16
70.61320748PROTOMARTYRWorm In Heaven14
70.61 NEW 749SHALLOU f/ ASHEGood Together4
70.61 NEW 751THE 1975I Think There's Something You Should Know2
70.61 NEW 752THE BIG MOONWhy4
702410754POTTERYTexas Drums Pt.116
702364755SHADERTime Is Right8
69.942622756FURIOUS MONKEY HOUSEEchoes52
69.71358757DEWOLFFLive Like You11
69.532207758ORVILLE PECKSummertime16
69.52922759THE STREETSI Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him8
69.191 NEW 760MYSTERY JETSCity Of Blood5
69.091989761WEEZERThe End Of The Game48
68.61 NEW 764GLEEMERBrush Back3
68.61805765KING KRULECellular15
68.61 NEW 766RED RUM CLUBEleanor5
68.61777767SARPA SALPAForwards Backwards9
68.22688768TRUE TIDESSurvive14
67.972558769RHEAStuck In The Middle39
67.781666770BOWLING FOR SOUPWhen The Angels Sing14
67.781756771GRIMESMy Name Is Dark35
67.781996772THE AMAZONSHeart Of Darkness28
67.643 NEW 773BLINDLOVEI Wanna Be Okay4
66.61 NEW 775AGNES OBELBroken Sleep30
66.61 NEW 776DELTA SPIRITHow Biut It5
66.61 NEW 778HALLOWEENSDivinty Pools4
66.61798779MIDDLE KIDSReal Thing70
66.61 NEW 780OUR KRYTON SONWhite Sun5
66.052488781THE SHERLOCKSOne Day23
65.994 NEW 782BADFLOWER303
65.861 NEW 783LARKIN POETears Of Blue To Gold5
65.861 NEW 784WILLIE J HEALEYFashun3
65.661367785DROPKICK MURPHYSMick Jones Nicked My Pudding26
65.522 NEW 786ASHNIKKO f/ GRIMESCry3
65.511139787SAN HOLOHonest9
651849788EASYGolden Birds8
651 NEW 789FUZZY SUNWarm Nights5
651 NEW 790GHUMCalifornia4
651 NEW 791HAELOSUnknown Melody5
651374792LIAR LIARBetter Off13
64.973607793ANYWAY GANGEyes Of Green25
64.21 NEW 794THE STROKESOde To The Mets1
64.0231102795OK GOThe One Moment8
63.941450797OF MONSTERS AND MENWild Roses55
63.941802798PAPER MILLGet Real16
63.81411799JACK GARRATTCircles6
63.71665800LONGWAVEIf We Ever Live Forever39
63.71465801THE WRECKSOut Of Style18
63.61 NEW 802BRING ME THE HORIZONplusab31
63.61 NEW 803METRICSDying Light3
63.61313804RUN THE JEWELSA Few Words For The Firing Squad (Radiation)8
63.61117805THE FAMILY RAINTriumph & Disaster14
63.61 NEW 806TY SEGALLShe's A Beam4
63.61837807XTR HUMANHearst8
63.172413808ALL TIME LOWGetaway Green18
62.632447809GREEN DAYOh Yeah!29
621856811BOY PABLOHey Girl8
621693812CHARLOTTE LAWRENCEJoke's On You29
621 NEW 813CUT COPYCold Water5
621 NEW 814HOOFSCrash5
621430815LUCKY BLUEAlone11
621 NEW 816OLD MAN CANYONA grand Facade80
621 NEW 817ORVILLE PECKSmalltown Boy4
621253818PERFUME GENIUSEye In The Wall44
621 NEW 820WITHARD & DRUMMASTERZLife Is Wonderful5
61.941 NEW 821CAGE THE ELEPHANT f/ IGGYPOPBroken Boy66
61.833729822NADA SURFSo Much Love31
61.5641056823JEFF ROSENSTOCKLeave It In The Sun11
61.552589824WHITE REAPERHeadwind30
61.42721825ALMOST MONDAYBroken People44
60.61867827MILLTOWN BROTHERSF.I.L.A. (Falling In Love Again)8
60.61 NEW 828ROOSEVELTSign2
60.22415829LITTLE HURTBetter Drugs15
6011014830OF MONTREALPeace To All Freaks36
59.61242831CHOOSING SIDESBreakfast11
59.61600832DRAB MAJESTYDolls in The Dark46
59.61834833HAYLEY WILLIAMSWhy We Ever15
59.61 NEW 834JOANBrokenhearted2
59.61514835THE RESIDENTS f/ BLACK FRANCISDie! Die! Die!8
59.521522836SAMSARUHI Am A Woman18
59.521 NEW 837THIEF CLUBChicago3
59.391417838FOALSWash Off21
59.332698839GROUPLOVEInside Out21
591670841GRIMES & i_oViolence47
591945842VH X RRA Little Bit Sweeter6
58.8621028843OK GOI Won't Let You Down8
58.81 NEW 844KRAAK & SMAAKSommeron5
58.82844845YOU ME AT SIXOur House (The Mess We Made)24
58.61 NEW 846CAR SEAT HEADRESTWeightlifters3
58.61 NEW 847FRIDA SUNDEMOAnything5
58.61661848GIRL IN REDSay It8
58.61697849GREET DEATHStrain8
58.61 NEW 850NEW POLITICSTherapy5
58.411722851KING PRINCESSOhio25
58.411418852THE O'REILLYS & THE PADDYHATSMillions10
58.181315853CARIBOUNever Come Back26
58.181393854ENTER SHIKARIThe Great Unknown16
57.61 NEW 855AMTRACTeenage Love1
57.61 NEW 856CHROMATICSYou're No Good5
57.61161857DRAB MAJESTYNo Rain12
57.61708858DVNAHalf Past Sober9
57.61 NEW 859MACHINEGUMKubes5
57.61 NEW 860RUN THE JEWELSThe Ground Below5
57.61193861THE ORIELLESSpace Samba26
57.431419862SPORTS TEAMLander8
57.431852863STAND ATLANTICWavelength11
56.82753864THE HOWL & THE HUMHall of Fame64
56.61723865BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROADSunglasses53
56.61854866HOT MILKWide Awake65
56.61 NEW 867KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENSHorizon's Glow5
56.61 NEW 868NIK TENDONeni Limit3
56.61 NEW 869xxHeartache melody5
56.41 NEW 870JACK LEOPARDS & THE DOLPHIN CLUBLook What You Made Me Do3
561732871RUN THE JEWELSGoonies vs. E.T.8
55.816 NEW 872SUFJAN STEVENSAmerica4
55.81255873COACH PARTYBreakdown23
55.81630874DAY WAVEStarting Again18
55.81 NEW 875FEWSCharm5
55.81702876GIRL IN REDMidnight Love14
55.81 NEW 878LUMINOUS KIDThe Gutter Of Our Ecstasy5
55.81397879MAPSBegin Again26
55.81 NEW 880ROYKSOPPHere She Comes Again2
55.81905881THE MIDNIGHT CITYWasting My Time6
55.62475882LOTTERY WINNERSElizabeth19
55.51804883KALEOI Want More28
55.31870884COLD WAR KIDS1 X 112
55.311254885MATT BERNINGERSerpentine Prison7
55.31 NEW 886SEMANTICSBluelight4
55.31 NEW 887SPANISH LOVE SONGSRoutine Pain3
551902888ANTI FLAGThe Disease29
551873889APREGo Somewhere15
551 NEW 890DAY ACHESFluorescent5
551442891MGMTIn The Afternoon35
551 NEW 892WATERPARKSReboot5
5511069893WILD FRONTTwo14
54.341142895MONTAIGNEDon't Break Me25
54.21472896CAVETOWNSweet Tooth22
54.21 NEW 897KITETeenage Bliss5
54.21594898ORVILLE PECKTurn To Hate30
54.21 NEW 899TOM MORELLOStand Up4
53.91423900HOCKEY DADItch24
53.41 NEW 901FRIDA SUNDEMOBacklashing5
53.41748902RUBY WATERSQuantum Physics11
53.121 NEW 903BETCHAJuly.3
53.121562904KENNYHOOPLAPlastic Door11
52.81 NEW 905EASYShadow Train5
52.81951906LITTLE DRAGONWhere You Belong8
52.81330907MILK TEETHBetter20
52.262764908THE MIDNIGHTDeep Blue12
52.21645909OH WONDERKeep On Dancing14
52.142 NEW 910HEY OCEAN!Happy Now5
52.031156911FRONT BOTTOMSEveryone Blooms15
521 NEW 912JOHNOSSIWrecking Ball5
51.41 NEW 913NZCA LINESPrisoner Of Love4
51.261768915RUN RIVER NORTHSpiders8
51.151588916TAYLOR JANZENDevotion14
50.961 NEW 917DO NOTHINGContraband4
50.61929918DREAM WIFESo When you Gonna...10
50.61797919FOSTER THE PEOPLEIt's Ok To Be Human15
50.61 NEW 920POP ETCSame Mistake15
50.61 NEW 921THUNDER JACKSONGuilty Party78
501570922CAR SEAT HEADRESTMartin18
501848923HAYLEY WILLIAMSMy Friend15
501 NEW 924THE HOTELIERHousebroken3
49.682934925OK GOAll Together Now10
49.51890926HANNAH GEORGASThat Emotion16
49.21405928JAY SOMLucy8
49.21 NEW 929THE WANTSThe Motor22
49.22843930BORN RUFFIANSBreathe15
48.924 NEW 931PHOEBE BRIDGERSI Know The End5
48.6163932FLUME f/ TORO Y MOIThe Difference22
48.61950934JR JRGood Old Days4453.43
48.61223935SILVERSUN PICKUPSDon't Know Yet53
47.81832936BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUBLose You to Love Me10
47.811011937THE SEA AT MIDNIGHTMedicine26
47.81 NEW 938ZOLASCome Back To Life3
47.631 NEW 939THE REGRETTESI Love Us3
47.422719940REX ORANGE COUNTYFace To Face36
47.41813941HATCHIEKiss The Stars11
47.41 NEW 942LA PRIESTBeginning14
47.223 NEW 943NEW FOUND GLORYStay Awhile5
47.061839944LANA DEL REYDoin' Time64
46.81 NEW 945JR JRThe Way I Do5
46.81672946LUCIA & THE BEST BOYSLet Go9
46.81168947THE 1975Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)9
46.81760948TRANSVIOLETDon't Say You Love Me12
46.661 NEW 949BAMBARAHeat Lightning25
46.661 NEW 950RHEABaby I'm Sorry67
46.41178952CIGARETTES AFTER SEXYou're All I Want9
45.891853953DEARSHeart Of An Animal15
45.891 NEW 954DIRK.Hit16
45.861810955SIMPLE CREATURESDrug80
45.861 NEW 956THE WRECKSInfinitely Ordinary4
45.81 NEW 959LOVE REGENERATORLive Without Your Love1
45.81783960SORRYRight Round The Clock35
45.81 NEW 961YEHAN JEHANNothing To Prove4
45.761744962JOSEPH OF MERCURYPretenders40
45.681517963FOALSThe Runner46
45.51700964MENZINGERSFarewell Youth6
45.51523965WOJTEK THE BEARA Long Wait For Bad News42
45.41 NEW 966DROOLFun4
45.41 NEW 967HEART BONESLittle Dancer16
45.384955968TONES AND IDance Monkey65
45.21 NEW 969BOB MOULDForecast Of Rain1
451427970O'BROTHER f/ SIMON NEILHallogen Eye14
44.931977971MODEST MOUSEIce Cream Party36
44.81694972DIVE INIf You Want It (Come And Get It)9
44.81 NEW 973HEARTRACERSound Of Fear5
44.81565974ORVILLE PECKDead Of Night32
44.81 NEW 975SAINT PHNXBones5
44.541585976LOTTERY WINNERSI Know19
44.491851977THE STRANGLERSSweet Smell Of Success15
44.41468978HOLY FUCKDeleters24
44.41987980YOURS TRULYComposure15
44.11990981BLACK VEIL BRIDESThe Vengeance31
44.0261218982THE DIRTY NILDone With Drugs6
43.971544983TWIN ATLANTICOh! Euphoria!23
43.91952984SARAH AND THE SAFE WORDYou're All Scotch, No Soda26
43.81 NEW 985!!! (CHK CHK CHK)So We Can5
43.81965986CHILD OF THE PARISHBefore The Moment's Gone25
43.81 NEW 987SHOPPINGBody Clock9
43.511667989RETRO VIDEO CLUBYouth35
43.41692990MOBSI'll Be Back25
42.9211001991DZ DEATHRAYSRun To Paradise14
42.811039992BLACK FERNSWalking Away12
42.41948993PATRICK STUMPSpotlight (Oh Nostalgia)13
42.411073994SHOW ME THE BODYCamp Orchestra77
42.0511064995OF MONSTERS AND MENVulture, Vulture14
41.551 NEW 997STAND ATLANTICSkinny Dipping5
41.482 NEW 998YUKON BLONDEGet Precious3
41.411025999COLONY HOUSEOriginal Material22
41.41 NEW 1000VACATION MANORThoughts In Progress5
41.2228831001SOCCER MOMMYCircle The Drain26
41.1828171002MAGIC GIANTDisaster Party28
41.09110741003ASomething;'s Going On9
40.9619851004SEA GIRLSWhy Won't You Admit22
40.812261005DAGNYCome Over24
39.962 NEW 1009TRICKYFall Please4
39.8110301010CASTLECOMERFire Alarm65
39.782 NEW 1011FRONT BOTTOMSMontgomery Forever4
3918611012COCOROSIESlow Down Sun Down15
39110331013FREINDS AT THE FALLSJust A Little More18
391 NEW 1014KING NO-ONERoll Of The Dice4
3918011015METHYL ETHELCharm Offensive9
391 NEW 1017PORRIDGE RADIOGood For You4
38.781 NEW 1018THE BETHSLittle Death3
38.61 NEW 1019BLACK MASSHouse vs House61
38.46210571020HAIMNow I'm In It39
38.2110771021EDITORSFrom The Outside14
38.2110381022LOTTERY WINNERSYoung Again19
38.217521023THE HUNNAIf This is Love9
38.21 NEW 1024TOM MORELLOMarching On ferguson5
38.09112151025GREEN DAYMeet Me On The Roof26
37.8319441026THE STRANGLERSNever To Look Back15
37.56210511027CAAMPBy And By27
37.4415601028SPORTS TEAMThe Races35
37.214261030THE STROKESThe Adults Are Talking11
371 NEW 1031CIRCA WAVESThere She Goes5
35.619321033JULIPER SKYInfinite Jets14
35.61 NEW 1034SOMOSIron heel5
35.6110751035WILD NOTHINGDizziness26
10.65212381036REAMONNPromise (You And Me)9
35.4629811037HANDS LIKE HOUSESHeadrush21
35.419921038BROKEN BELLSGood Luck43
35.41 NEW 1039HANGTIMEToo Many Days5
35.317711040JEHNNY BETHHeroine10
35.31 NEW 1041JOSEF SALVATPlayground Love5
35.31 NEW 1042STILL WOOZYWindow5
35.21 NEW 1043THUNDERSTARSRide26
34.691 NEW 1044STATE CHAMPSCrying Out Loud5
34.46411771045PHOEBE BRIDGERSI See You9
34.412501046INHALERWe Have To Move On26
34.3110221047COCOROSIEBurning Down The House15
34.21 NEW 1048GROUPLOVEDancing On My Own5
33.9619311049MUMFORD & SONSForever8
33.61 NEW 1050JEFF ROSENSTOCKOhio Tpke3
33.41 NEW 1051LIZ LAWRENCECalifornia Screaming4
33.12111531052PHANTOM PLANETBalisong22
33.12210151053JAKE BUGGSaviours Of The City14
33.021 NEW 1054WORK DRUGSPrime5
32.81 NEW 1055LOATHEIs It really You?5
32.8110091056LOTTERY WINNERSHeadlock22
32.641 NEW 1057MATT BERNINGERDistant Axis7
32.612401058FUZZY SUNI Ain't Right14
32.11 NEW 1059MATT BELLAMYUnintended5
31.21 NEW 1060SUB-RADIOClark Kent4
3117431061ACTIVE CHILDIn Another Life14
30.91111751063PHANTOM PLANETParty Animal32
30.6111291064SOCCER MOMMYNight Swimming8
30.61 NEW 1065COLOR THEORYJuggernaut5
30.424 NEW 1066DOVESPrisoners4
30.3815691067THE MYSTERINESLove's Not Enough22
30.154 NEW 1068NEON DREAMSSick Of Feeling Useless11
30.1521191069THE BLACK KEYSShine A Little Light56
30.141 NEW 1070LEVELLERSGeneration Fear4
30211191071FAST ROMANTICSPick It Up9
88.083 NEW 1072FIONA APPLECosmonauts14
29.28111481073POETS OF THE FALLThe Sweet Escape18
27.91 NEW 1075LION BABECan't Get Enough5
27.34111741077GRIMESYou'll Miss Me When i'm Not Around18
26.04111681078ASHDarkest Hour Of The Night26
25.142 NEW 1079PUSCIFERApocalyptical11
25.08110371080BRIGHT EYESPersona Non Grata18
23.86512191081PHANTOM PLANETOnly One9
23.4111721082BADLY DRAWN BOYTony Wilson Said6
23.38311941083LAURA MARLINGStrange Girl15
234 NEW 1084PSYCHEDELIC FURSCome All Ye Faithful5
22.5111281085OCEAN GROVEJunkie$21
22.436 NEW 1086HURTSVoices12
21.78111141087HOLLY HUMBERSTONEFalling Asleep At The Wheel9
21.781 NEW 1088TEN TIMES A MILLIONBorn Tomorrow5
21.1815611089SAM FENDERHold Out21
21111611090CORNERSHOPEverywhere That Wog Army Roam15
20.62 NEW 1091THE WATERBOYSMy Wanderings In The Weary Land5
20.5211651092BLOSSOMS f/ MILES KANEThe Less I Know The Better11
-141 NEW 1093HURTSRedemption1
19.981 NEW 1094TWILIGHT DRIVINGPerfect Symmetry5
19.5218681095ROISIN MURPHYMurphy's Law22
19.515841096BON IVERPDLIF15
19.452 NEW 1097MECHA MAIKOPhones12
19.22312351098BEN GIBBARDProxima B9
18.561 NEW 1100BENEENight Garden3
18.5111881101TRAVISKissing In The Wind35
18.08211901102THE GLORIOUS SONSCloser To The Sky31
17.852 NEW 1104KESHAChildren Of The Revolution5
17.72311571105NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSCome On Outside23
17.51 NEW 1107MY MORNING JACKETMagic Bullet3
16.98111011109FINNEASLet's Fall In Love For The Night35
16.92211961110THE GLORIOUS SONSSpirit To Break36
16.8112171111JPEGMAFIAKenan vs. Kel6
16.5112341113SPARKSI'm Toast18
16.22312261114HARRY STYLESSunflower Vol. 629
16.021 NEW 1115FAST ROMANTICSOnly People5
15.421 NEW 1118THE ACES8011
15.181 NEW 1119CITY MOUTHCoping Machine5
15.18110841120SAM FENDERThe Borders46
14.71 NEW 1121THE WATERBOYSThe Soul Singer2
14.041 NEW 1123LOCAL NATIVESI Saw You Close Your Eyes3
13.92111521124POPPYFill The Crown28
12.94212401125CAROLINE ROSEFeel The Way I Want31
12.54112211126OVERCOATSFire & Fury25
12.4112561127PHOEBE BRIDGERSGarden Song18
12.3437571128BADLY DRAWN BOYI Need Someone To Trust11
11.82112221129NEW FOUND GLORYHimalaya11
11.8112131130FOUR TETSchool8
11.72111701131JPEGMAFIA & KENNY BEATSPuff Daddy83
11.68212321132NOVASTARWord's Out70
11.581 NEW 1133THE ACESKelly5
11.2212591134JANE'S PARTYChange Her Mind6
11.21 NEW 1135PHOEBE BRIDGERSHalloween4
11.21 NEW 1136TOM ROSENTHALAlbert Camus5
11.121 NEW 1137SAM ROBERTS BANDAscension3
10.8618271139HAIMI Know Alone14
10.7110921140FIONA APPLERelay14
3.15212751141BANNERSSomeone To You6
10.42 NEW 1142TRAVISValentine4
10.2112481143THE MOWGLI'SWasting Time28
10.218981144THE NATIONALNever Tear Us Apart21
10112031145FIONA APPLEI Want You To Love Me15
9.78212371146THE CORAL f/ BLOSSOMSDreaming Of You8
9.76112451147IAN SKELLYCaptain Caveman8
9.7617891148PSYCHEDELIC FURSNo One21
9.76112311149SHRED KELLYDisconnect6
9.74110081150WHITE REAPERMight Be Right62
9.7219631151ELWINSTake Me All The Way17
9.41 NEW 1152SHRED KELLYRoman Candle Eyes5
8.96512791153POST MALONECircles48
8.7112301154BAXTER DURYSay Nothing6
8.71 NEW 1155HONNELa La La That's How It Goes3
8.71 NEW 1156SHRED KELLYUnderground3
8.54211171157SHRED KELLYDead Leaves22
8.4112251158COLDPLAYTrouble In Town22
7.261 NEW 1159SUFJAN STEVENSMy Rajneesh3
6.88112521160SUB URBANFreak11
6.741 NEW 1161HOTEL MIRABetter On Your Own3
6.71312801162FITZ AND THE TANTRUMSI Just Wanna Shine53
6.66112241163SHRED KELLYYou Almost Meant The World To Me8
6.66112231164SPARKSOne For The Ages14
6.36112501165HONNENo Song Without You6
6.341 NEW 1166DEARSInstant Nightmare!2
6.33112461167TONES AND INever Seen The Rain54
6.081 NEW 1168VALLEYNevermind2
6.06112641169CITY AND COLOURStrangers57
6.06112721170LANYGood Guys6
5.76112671172BAXTER DURYSlumlord26
5.73110191173FERRAROYou Look Good Like That19
5.681 NEW 1174LUNDBroken3
5.66112471175HAIMSummer Girl51
5.58112691176BANNERSAlways Yours8
5.58112391177SARAH HARMERJust get Here15
5.341 NEW 1178BADBADNOTGOODTriangle3
5.27112611179MEG MYERSRunning Up That Hill74
5.26312271180FRATELLISSix Days In June24
5.06112441181REUBEN AND THE DARKWe Will Get There11
4.921 NEW 1182SUFJAN STEVENSThe Only Thing5
4.831 NEW 1183SAN CISCOOn The Line5
4.73111841184COSMO'S MIDNIGHTYesteryear7
4.641 NEW 1185ELBOWThe Delayed 3:155
4.541 NEW 1186CITY AND COLOURMurderer5
4.44112651187ROISIN MURPHYNarcissus39
3.8516231188PEARL JAMQuick Escape19
3.51 NEW 1189BECKStratosphere28
3.481 NEW 1190THE MOWGLI'SWeight On Me16
3.42112761191PHANTOM PLANETTime Moves On8
3.21112731192X AMBASSADORSHold You Down62
2.711 NEW 1193LANYIf This Is The Last Time3
2.531 NEW 1194FIONA APPLEUnder The Table14
2.031 NEW 1196FAST ROMANTICSHallelujah, What's It To Ya?3
1.48112771197HIGHLY SUSPECTThese Days26
0.58112821198HALF MOON RUNGrow Into Love9

Beyond Radio’s Monthly Alternative Charts

Alternative picks playlists July/Aug 2020

Alternative picks playlists May/June 2020


Alternative picks playlists March/April 2020


Alternative picks playlists 2020 Jan/Feb


Alternative SubGenre Charts, July 15 2020

Alt Pop/Electro

1              1              THE 1975              If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) 12
2              2              TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern              14
10           3              PERFUME GENIUS           On The Floor      17
3              4              POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEE            Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)            19
4              5              BENEE f/ GUS DAPPERTON          Supalonely          18
8              6              GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)        20
88           7              ERASURE             Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)                 5
9              8              RINA SAWAYAMA            XS           19
7              9              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday             28
17           10           THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus           15
25           11           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Arch Enemy        8
23           12           JACK GARRATT  Better   11
32           13           SAINT MOTEL     A Good Song Never Dies               17
14           14           SEA GIRLS            Do You Really Wanna Know         11
15           15           DMA'S  The Glow             12
5              16           CHVRCHES          Forever 14
11           17           DECLAN MCKENNA         The Key To Life On Earth               13
21           18           REZZ & GRABBITZ             Someone Else    12
16           19           MACHINE GUN KELLY     Bloody Valentine             11
54           20           POPPY  All The Things She Said   6
19           21           HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Dead Horse         12
13           22           U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars           22
6              23           JESSIE WARE       Spotlight              19
64           24           DAYGLOW           Can I Call You Tonight?  12
38           25           NEON TREES       New Best Friend               8
40           26           INHALER              Falling In              8
new       27           ANNIE   American Cars   4
42           28           TONES AND I      Ur So F**** Cool             6
26           29           LOTTERY WINNERS          Love Will Keep Us Together         9
12           30           BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted       35
76           31           VISTAS  Everything Changes In The End   6
35           32           ASHE     Moral Of The Story          21
43           33           FOSTER THE PEOPLE        Lamb's Wool      7
60           34           TAME IMPALA   Breathe Deeper 22
new       35           AMY SHARK        Everybody Rise 3
44           36           NIKO B  Who's That What's That 5
new       37           KATY J PEARSON              Take Back The Radio       2
22           38           CHARLI XCX        Forever 13
18           39           HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Simmer 25
72           40           WHITE REAPER  Real Long Time  51
48           41           MAGIC GANG    Take Back The Track        11
179         42           THE NIGHT GAME            Magic Trick          6
new       43           JESSIE WARE       The Kill  2
41           44           070 SHAKE          Guilty Conscience            23
new       45           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Planets 3
27           46           LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love         22
new       47           HURTS  Voices   9
56           48           BLUE OCTOBER Oh My My           18
59           49           TENNIS Need Your Love 25
57           50           TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB           Tiptoes 5

Alt Rock

3              1              WEEZER                Hero      10
2              2              KENNYHOOPLA How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway          21
6              3              BIFFY CLYRO       Tiny Indoor Fireworks    9
1              4              NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Is Everybody Going Crazy?           18
new       5              BRING ME THE HORIZON              Parasite Eve        2
new       6              NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Real Love Song  3
9              7              PEARL JAM         Retrograde         15
4              8              THE STROKES     Bad Decisions    21
new       9              IDLES     Grounds              3
10           10           BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)        15
8              11           AWOLNATION   Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever  22
24           12           INHALER              Falling In              8
31           13           WE ARE SCIENTISTS         I Cut My Own Hair            8
11           14           LOTTERY WINNERS          Love Will Keep Us Together         9
18           15           YUNGBLUD         Weird    11
5              16           FONTAINES DC  A Hero's Death  11
15           17           THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT       Come On Out     15
35           18           ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER    Cars In Space     22
new       19           FONTAINES DC  Televised Mind 2
new       20           THE BETHS          Out Of Sight        2
6              21           PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon  21
23           22           BOSTON MANOR             Plasticine Dreams            15
52           23           BOB MOULD      American Crisis  6
new       24           CREEPER              Be My End           3
137         25           FONTAINES DC  I Don't Belong    5
49           26           BLOXX   Thinking About Yourself 5
159         27           ASYLUMS            Platitudes            5
64           28           ANGELS & AIRWAVES     All That's Left Is Love      12
80           29           BOSTON MANOR             Ratking 8
27           30           24KGOLDN          City Of Angels    17
191         31           THE SNUTS         Elephants            5
40           32           CHAZ CARDIGAN              Not OK! 13
28           33           WINNETKA BOWLING LEAGUE   CVS        19
170         34           ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER    Cameo  6
22           35           SPORTS TEAM    Going Soft           11
25           36           PROTOMARTYR Processed By The Boys   12
12           37           THE LUKA STATE               Feel It    11
14           38           THE BETHS          Dying To Believe               13
90           39           CREEPER              All My Friends   7
30           40           SPORTS TEAM    Here's The Thing               20
10           41           BIFFY CLYRO       Instant History   21
34           42           THE MYSTERINES             I Win Every Time              8
45           43           SPANISH LOVE SONGS   Kick        25
new       44           THE FLAMING LIPS f/ KACEY MUSGRAVES             Flowers Of Neptune       6
19           45           THE GO SET         Mixed Tapes      11
16           46           THE ARKELLS      Years In The Making        20
74           47           ALL TIME LOW   Wake Up, Sunshine         15
17           48           BLOXX   Lie Out Loud       11
21           49           MID CITY              Forget It               17
95           50           SPORTS TEAM    Camel Crew        5



1              1              FIONA APPLE     Shameika            13

7              2              PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto    13

5              3              EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Arch Enemy        8

new       4              IDLES     Grounds              3

4              5              IDLES     Mr. Motivator   8

3              6              EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           In Birdsong         11

2              7              FONTAINES DC  A Hero's Death  11

new       8              FONTAINES DC  Televised Mind 2

16           9              THE RADIO DEPT.             You Fear The Wrong Thing, Baby               15

122         10           FONTAINES DC  I Don't Belong    5

19           11           THE HU Wolf Totem        66

59           12           HYLA      Deserve               5

new       13           TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB           Tiptoes 5

6              14           BICEP    Atlas      15

new       15           ARCA f/ ROSALIA              KLK         2

8              16           PROTOMARTYR Processed By The Boys   12

new       17           MRS. PISS            Knelt     2

new       18           RUN THE JEWELS              Ooh LA LA           15

15           19           SPORTS TEAM    Here's The Thing               20

13           20           SORRY   Perfect 7

160         21           CLOCKWORKS   The Future Is Not What It Was    5

new       22           MATERIAL GIRL Flood     2

23           23           RUBY WATERS   Rabbit Hole         8

17           24           TKAY MAIDZA    Shook   8

150         25           JPEGMAFIA        Cutie Pie              5

new       26           LIELA MOSS        Atoms At Me     2

20           27           ANOTHER SKY    Brave Face          22

26           28           DOGLEG               Wartortle            11

new       29           DAY ACHES         After Glow          2

9              30           JAMIE XX             Idontknow          13

32           31           BDRMM               A Reason To Celebrate  8

90           32           PROTOMARTYR Michigan Hammers         5

22           33           SONDRE LERCHE               Why Would I Let You Go               11

new       34           CLEWERSON       Notado 2

new       35           RUN THE JEWELS              Walking In The Snow      5

25           36           DOGLEG               Kawasaki Backflip             18

31           37           JAMES BLAKE     You're Too Precious        11

new       38           MOON PANDA  Slow Drive           3

new       39           KLASS II Inovane 2

63           40           OWEN PALLETT A Bloody Morning            8

84           41           PYTHIUS & BLACK SUN EMPIRE  Kepler   6

49           42           JORGE ELBRECHT              Tuesday Morning             6

new       43           DRAB MAJESTY Dot In The Sky   15

41           44           LESNEU Looking For You 15

new       45           SUNBEAM SOUND MACHINE      Worry Wart        2

new       46           ANORAK PATCH 6 Week party     2

48           47           THE RADIO DEPT.             The Abscence Of Birds   20

69           48           CAR SEAT HEADREST       Hollywood          12

new       49           THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Be Gone              2

129         50           PERFUME GENIUS           Describe              18