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Monthly Alternative Chart  
May 31, 2021 through June 30, 2021

PointsChartsLMThis MonthArtistSongWeeks
3056.8841 NEW 1CHVRCHES f/ ROBERT SMITHHow Not To Drown0
3037.74612BILLIE EILISHYour Power5
3009.02361023MANESKINZitti E Bouni1
2672.493185JAPANESE BREAKFASTBe Sweet13
2561.453326CHVRCHESHe Said She Said6
2528.093167WOLF ALICESmile6
2445.23248TWENTY ONE PILOTSShy Away8
1930.4924239JAKE BUGGLost3
1913.932542310OLIVIA RODRIGOBrutal1
1885.08302611WILLOW f/ TRAVIS BARKERTransparant Soul5
1784.57202012GARBAGENo Gods No Masters5
1736.0320313WOLF ALICEThe Last Man On Earth13
1723.82166014THE VACCINESHeadphones Baby2
1651.7721715ROYAL BLOODTyphoons19
1638.05261016MARINAPurge The Poison6
1637.45201117THE CHEMICAL BROTHERSThe Darkness That You Fear6
1582.45176618MARINAAncient Dreams In A Modern Land2
1466.69301619IMAGINE DRAGONSFollow You12
1355.63231420MANCHESTER ORCHESTRABed Head15
1354.64171921BEACH BUNNYCloud 913
1334.1514522BEABADOOBEELast Day On Earth11
1172.2414924ROYAL BLOODBoilermaker7
1145.62121326GARBAGEThe Men Who Rule The World9
1106.55128827SELF ESTEEMI Do This All The Time2
1094.118124128VANCE JOYMissing Piece1
1061.15112429CANNONSBad Dream12
1057.85604030COLDPLAYHigher Power4
1057.681388431MANESKINI Wanna Be Your Slave1
1033.282612732BLEACHERSStop Making This Hurt2
1005.47194233MODEST MOUSEWe Are Between4
965.62104934THE NEIGHBOURHOODStargazing24
955.22212135ALICE MERTONVertigo8
927.0513 NEW 37WOLF ALICEHow Can I Make It Okay0
911.28119138JOYWAVEEvery Window Is A Mirror3
910.381346139TWENTY ONE PILOTSSaturday.1
903.572240PENDULUMCome Alive6
870.3412 NEW 41NOTHING BUT THIEVESFutureproof-1
865111742MEG MYERSThe Underground27
855.8153143ALL TIME LOWOnce In A Lifetime10
836.46113244WEEZERI Need Some Of That6
832.22117645BOWLING FOR SOUPGetting Old Sucks (But Everybody's Doing It)3
828.5102846GIRL IN REDSerotonin12
794.4194547ROYAL BLOODOblivion4
763.981127949HOLLY HUMBERSTONEThe Walls Are Way Too Thin1
725.28123850THE BAND CAMINO1 Last Cigarette13
718.4810452INHALERWho's Your Money On4
714.061716554GREEN DAYPollyanna2
711.457055VHS COLLECTIONThe Dark5
707.741217856KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKERHollywood Sucks3
701.031219557SAINT MOTELIt's All Happening2
691.3762958ANGELS & AIRWAVESEuphoria2
659.93101261ST. VINCENTPay Your Way In Pain13
631.6588962HEALTH f/ NINE INCH NAILSIsn't Everyone?4
616.59174163GLASS ANIMALS f/ IANN DIORHeat Waves47
613.7556864HARD FEELINGSHolding On Too Long3
601.994766PORTER ROBINSONLook At The Sky18
59955467THE HAPPY FITSHold Me Down39
596.06112768ASHE & FINNEASTill Forever Falls Apart13
579.39107269BLIND CHANNELDark Side14
577.1373970THE JOY FORMIDABLEInto The Blue11
571.856171ROOSEVELTEasy Way Out13
54035772BEACHY HEADDestroy Us9
535.8426073SMALL BLACKPostcard2
531.84424376BOBBY GILLESPIE f/ JEHNNY BETHChase It Down3
521.511015277ELIZA & THE DELUSIONALSYou3
520.0652978TEENAGE WRISTEarth Is A Black Hole30
517.469679ISHI VUThis is Your Life4
515.1575180TWIN XLSlow Heart10
502.884681MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAKeel Timing10
502.2768282PANDAS & PEOPLEBad Honey17
498.664883VISTASStart Again8
497.847584SIXTH FLOOR MEMORIESLittle Light4
492418485GIRL IN REDYou Stupid Bitch6
489.476286SYDNEY SPRAGUEObject Permanence12
486.344 NEW 87BREEZERAlive0
485.548188EASY LIFESkeletons6
470.636789THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Fall Into Me17
465.6569390DREAMERSPalm Reader8
463.3471891DAYGLOWClose To You19
461.58312592BILKBad News4
455743293ATLAS GENIUSElegant Strangers1
450.171427295ST. VINCENTDown3
448712496PROSPAWant Need Love4
442324797GREAT GOOD FINE OKReal5
430.681114298KINGS OF LEONEchoing15
428.55438599YONAKACall Me A Saint3
426487100JOYWAVEAfter Coffee10
419.8915101ROYAL BLOODLimbo10
414.78680103TEENAGE WRISTWear U Down16
414344104THE KNOCKS f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLEAll About You30
413.15855105PALE WAVESFall To Pieces15
406.131043106RISE AGAINSTNowhere Generation11
400.39778107THE MAINESticky11
394.64218109BACHELORStay In The Car3
391.754113110ART D'ECCOHead Rush14
3843166112ALFIE TEMPLEMANWait, I Lied3
381.995115113FRANK TURNERThe Gathering3
380.833347114WEEZERAll The Good Ones4
380.735 NEW 115IDLES f/ GANG OF FOURDamaged Goods0
377.63276116MOGWAICeiling Granny2
371.334445117SURF CURSEFreaks9
370.244216118I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MENew Invention34
369.64316119DARKSIDEThe Limit7
367.64209121BURIALDark Gethsemane4
366.056164122CITIZENDeath Dance Aprroximately8
365.954 NEW 123THE REYTONSAntibiotics0
365.485159124HALF ALIVEWhat's Wrong6
361.276248125WOLF ALICENo Hard Feelings2
359.43286126REAL LIESLate Arcades6
3552399127WAVVESHelp is On The Way3
349.44187128THE NEW DIVISIONBroken15
343.63103130CHAZ CARDIGANMiddle Of The Road18
343.394133131BOXTELESYou Can't Fall In Love For The Sake Of It15
3433201132GLASS ANIMALSSpace Ghost Coast To Coast6
340.736 NEW 134THE MARIASHush-1
3402413135SOLARSTONESeven Cities2
339.575120136ARKELLS f/ K.FLAYYou Can Get It10
335.36452137THE SHERLOCKSEnd Of The Earth8
3333107138BBNO$Help Herself15
332.63185139DUPLEX HEARTKeep Coming Back To The Start4
330.26530140THE SNUTSGlasgow8
3303171142THE PROTOTYPESReason6
329.87434143WORKING MEN'S CLUBX8
327.576148144DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979One + One17
325.52 NEW 145RAMKOTAm I Alright Now0
322.336108148ALMOST MONDAYLive Forever10
321.385 NEW 149BRISTON MARONEYBottle Rocket0
315.7619 NEW 151FOO FIGHTERSMaking A Fire17
312.44 NEW 154SOPHIE AND THE GIANTSDon't Ask Me To Change1
312.24 NEW 155KING PRINCESSHouse Burn Down-1
3122 NEW 156COLISIONHell Will Wait0
3102183158PIXEYThe Mersey line9
309.693344159LANA DEL REYBlue Banisters2
307.37485160TEENAGE WRISTYellowbelly19
3072186161ROLLANo Violence1
304.193110162THE DATSUNSDehumanise4
300.27325163INHALERCheer Up Baby11
297.62 NEW 165TA TOY BOYDark Fantasy0
297.62237166THE JAPANESE HOUSEDionne40
295.183221167ESKIMO JOE99 Ways16
2942326169JAPANESE BREAKFASTSavage Good Boy2
291.62537170SPORTS TEAMHappy (God's Own Country)6
290.882174171RUN THE JEWELS f/ ROYAL BLOODThe Ground Below48
2907 NEW 172KAT VON DExorcism0
288.23137173ROOSEVELTFeels Right33
2842593175NEW CANYONSPost Nothing3
283.855193177CLEOPATRICKFamily Van5
283.75550178LANA DEL REYWhite Dress11
2792225180BAD VISUALSShaking4
275.62258181PIROSHKAScratching At The Lid4
2752 NEW 182GEORGIAGet Me Higher0
274.85365183TEN TONNESEverything You Got8
274.63490184ALL TVVINSSomething Special2
273.174172185JULIEN BAKERHeatwave12
272.6299187KERO KERO BONITOThe Princess And The Clock14
270.723135188ONR f/ SARAH BARTHELMust Stop28
270.722422189SORE LOSERSYeah Yeah yeah1
269.762265190THE REYTONSJealous Type17
266.0814134191THE BLACK KEYSCrawling Kingsnake6
265.922196192ANDY BELLSkywalker13
265.6292193PORTER ROBINSONUnfold4
2652252194ONE NIGHT ONLYSay You Don't Want It15
263.333 NEW 195DU BLONDEAll The Way0
258.62331197PETTICOATWhere Will I Go?2
258.0310470198LONDON GRAMMARLord It's A Feeling7
2572320199BRAIN TANCalm Down2
256.762 NEW 200BILKI Got Knocked Out The Same Night England Did0
256.62267201THE MIDNIGHTNeon Medusa12
254.023170202TEENAGE WRISTNew Emotion11
253.433350203THE ROSADOCSSettle Down4
250.859138206SARA KAYSRemember That Night?17
2502484207PORIJNobody Scared2
248.759205209JADE BIRDOpen Up The Heavens14
248.642604210GLASS ANIMALSTangerine42
2484226211ONRIt Gets To A Point9
248264212SLEEPWALKUnderneath The Shade7
246.82242214BOB MOSESOrdinary Day7
246.722182215LAST DAYS OF APRILEven The Good Days Are Bad8
246.722605216LOUIS & THE SHAKESLosing My Mind2
246.55192217THE BLUE STONESOne By One10
244.82533218TALK SHOW HOSTCrisis Actors4
243.883117219MIDDLE KIDSQuestions19
243.383177220PEACH TREE RASCALSChange My Mind6
2422651222INDIA JORDANWatch Out!2
24221235223YOURS TRULYSiamese Souls2
2412141224FICKLE FRIENDSCosmic Coming Of Age6
240.23251227ROSE GRAYSave Your Tears10
238.954 NEW 228AESPANext Level1
2362 NEW 230FLORLMHO40
235.62140231FRED VIcarus10
233.62584232HANDFUL OF SNOWDROPSChange My Mind4
232.3710885233SLEATER KINNEYWorry With You2
231.22 NEW 234MUSECitizen Erased1
228.783275235LANA DEL REYWildflower Wildfire2
228.63246236PACO VERSAILLESSomething New8
227.82145237JULIEN BAKERHardline19
226.63581238DESPERATE JOURNALISTPersonality Girlfriend2
225.62198240MAGIC GANGSomebody Like You30
2252 NEW 242GOTH DADCold0
224.62550243OCEANSBreak My Fall3
224.44471244ROYAL BLOODMillion And One4
222.639119245AJRWay Less Sad15
222.62415246CLIPPINGSay The Name40
220.62309247MARTHAGUNNGiving In6
220.585179248BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARDNew Age Millennial Magic5
219.43289251DAYGLOWWoah Man4
218.52261253ANNIEAmerican Cars50
218.01758255WEEZERAll My Favorite Songs18
2182354256CHLOE MORIONDOBodybag3
216.037126258THE STRUMBELLASGreatest Enemy14
215.953122259CASSANDRA JENKINSHard Drive14
214.662191260TIGERS JAWHesitation19
2142139261YOUNG RISING SONSSunday Sunshine13
213.673144262MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ BLACKBEARMy Ex's Best Friend42
211.76357264WILDERADOHead Right11
211.012456265JAWS THE SHARKLoose Change2
210.861171266LONDON GRAMMARHow Does It Feel12
210.821129267THE LOTTERY WINNERSTimes Are Changing1
2102473268BROTHERTIGERDancer On The Water4
209.922369269MOLLY AND THE KRELLSExpectations26
209.733459270MOTHER MOTHERI Got Love13
208.75129271DAYTIME TVZombie6
204.4335272BABY QUEENDover Beach6
203.163220273THE STROKESThe Adults Are Talking54
202.766244274THE OFFSPRINGLet The Bad Times Roll15
202.562433275THE KILLERSDying Breed42
2022213276DRY CLEANINGStrong Feelings13
200.5437957277DURAN DURANInvisible2
2001317278ALEX LAHEYOn My Way2
2001318279ALVVAYSParty Police2
2001474281DOFLAMEBat House2
2001739284ERIKA DE CASIERDrama13
2001327287LEON VYNEHALLAn Exhale5
2001330288MURCOFDividing Spaces4
2001333289RELAY TAPESDaylighter16
2001335290ROENTGEN LIMITIER19942
20011122296WILD YOUTHWeekend Rockstars1
198.45598297TWENTY ONE PILOTSChoker4
198.353202298THE RASMUSBones2
197.572217299MIDDLE KIDSToday We're The Greatest11
196.13151300FOUSHEEDeep End27
1961293301BEABADOOBEEWorth It38
1961455302TOPOGRAPHIESFalse Desire21
1963234303YOUNG RISING SONSHappy26
195.73428305ROSTAMFrom The Back Of The Cab4
193.22545306HOKOBig Mistake2
1921390307FIDDLEHEADMillion Times7
189.722100310CANNONSFire For You42
189.42483312PONDPink Lunette5
189.23536313FICKLE FRIENDSWon't Hurt Myself3
187.1386315THE NIGHT GAMEBeautiful Stranger16
1872167316GUMOut In The World53
1861419317CARVE A PATHBloom4
1861365318DMA'SRound & Around32
1861421320TEENAGE WRISTSilverspoon42
185.28263321KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKEREstella27
1851481325MOTHER MOTHERHayloft21
1851143326SCHILLER & ALPHAVILLESummer In Berlin10
1851382327SOLALast Lines11
1851383328THE STARGAZER LILIESPurple Sunshine8
1851848329YA TSEEN f/ PORTUGAL THE MANKnives6
184.632472330JUSTIN COURTNEY PIERREFootsteps8
184.42591331MINT JULEPWesterly2
184.32333332EVERYTHING EVERYTHINGSupernormal11
181.62199333KRAKOTATake Me There7
181.252457334THE ANIX f/ JULIEN KYour Lies Are Like Fire2
180.863417335HOLDING ABSENCEBeyond Belief11
180.434273336THE HUNNABad Place5
180.44537337REZZ f/ DOVE CAMERONTaste Of You2
1802658338STRATHSinking In2
179.342180339CULTURE WARSLeave Me Alone27
177.62391341GORILLAZ f/ SCHOOLBOY QPac-Man44
177.61355342GRIFF CLAWSONChasing Highs5
177.61468343TIGERS JAWLemon Mouth25
177.61256344VANITIESWasted All My Days3
176.82 NEW 346CLINICFine Dining-1
175.772112348CITIZENI Want To Kill You18
1751370350ARAB STRAPFable Of The Urban Fox3
1751377351ISLA INVISIBLEAlong The Spine11
1751 NEW 352JOANNA SERRATDemons0
17511085353LOW ISLANDDon't Let The Light In6
1751592354MISS LIThe Manual2
1751518355MITSKIWashing Machine Heart11
1751617358PARANNOUL WorldBeautiful5
1751 NEW 359SOFIA KOURTESISBy Your Side0
1751175360TENNIS SYSTEMTruth Hurts7
1751980361THE HAPPY FITSTwo Of Many3
1751558362WHITE LIESFalling Out Without Me79
174.366567363DYLAN CARTLIDGEAnything Could Happen8
174.053702364WEEZERGrapes Of Wrath17
1742691365NIGHT CAFEThink It Over2
1733219366THE JOY FORMIDABLEBack To Nothing3
172.051531367SAINT NOMADNothing To Lose19
171.824312368THE DARCYSSwerve5
1702403371ICEAGEShelter Song9
168.82315372SQUID f/ MARTHA SKYE MURPHYNarrator18
1681430373TEENAGE WRISTWasting Time11
167.962282375TEENAGE WRISTTaste Of Gasoline26
167.82496376SIR SLYWelcomes The Pressure3
166.22203377THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Run13
165.06569378KINGS OF LEONThe Bandit21
1651235379AMBER MARKWorth It6
1651435381CHAIDonuts Mind if i Do32
1651737383DANGERS OF LOVEGloria2
1651 NEW 384DEEP TANHollow Scene0
1651738385DRUG CHURCHTawny3
1651647386FOXINGSpeak With The Devil14
1651912389KALI MASIFree2
1651439390LAURELScream Drive Faster38
1651 NEW 392MATT MALTESEAs The World Caves In-1
1651618395SOFTCULTTake It Off5
1651718396SOFTKILLSea Of Doubt1
1651280397THE CRAYON SETMoment9
1651719398THE EVESBrand New Day2
16421267399ONLY SUNSwitch Off, Fall Off4
163.22810401BEACHY HEADMichael2
163.23 NEW 402VISTASDayglow1
163.162162403BILLIE EILISHTherefore I Am29
162.052241405BOSTON MANORBrand New Kids23
161.99659406FOO FIGHTERSWaiting On A War19
159.943368407RINSETamaryn (Wherever I Am)15
158.444156409SMASHING PUMPKINSRamona31
158.41577410PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETSHymn For A Droid11
158.37383412BLOXXEverything I've Ever Learned9
158.22254413DJANGO DJANGOGlowing In The Dark27
1583 NEW 414MAGGIE LINDEMANNDifferent1
156.62426415BLU DETIGERVintage15
155.622366416DOGLEGKawasaki Backflip64
155.22773417STILL WOOZYRocky2
1551706419BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROADTrack X19
1551324420EXUMDark Kept Secret7
1551436421FLOREA Thousand Years4
1551478427LIELA MOSSAtoms At Me48
1551 NEW 428LOSER PUPPYI F****1
1551744431POTTY MOUTHLet Go8
1551425432SINEAD O'BRIENKid Stuff4
1551233434SPELLINGLittle Deer2
1551954435SWIM SCHOOLOutside2
1551338436TATA BOJSHolka Z Plakatu8
154.942429437BABY STRANGEClub Sabbath18
154.923458438BLAME MY YOUTHFantastic34
154.182301439THE FOXIESScrews4
153.963229440LANA DEL REYTulsa Jesus Freak10
153.472602441BEAR GHOSTBig Town Banky Blaine's Rockabilly BBQ18
153.412340442MILLINGTONSnow Miser/Heat Miser19
153.022492443MXPXCan't Keep Waiting7
151.83828444ZOLASI Feel The Trabsition33
148.81502447PREY DRIVEO.M.G.10
148.81393448RANDELLSHoliday In the Sun3
148.612854449STILL CORNERSWhite Sands16
148.572559450THE WRECKSOut Of Style61
148.42277451WORKING MEN'S CLUBValleys40
148.086766452NESSA BARRETT f/ JXDNLa Di Die15
147.62 NEW 453THE JOY FORMIDABLEChimes-1
1471 NEW 454ASHLEY NINELIVESByproducts0
1471508455BIKINI FATALI Have Never Been In Love2
1471542458DOUSEDStrawberry Blonde2
1471613462GREYWINDAm I Asleep?15
1471514463HIGH SCHOOLDe Facto1
1471402464HOUSE OF HARMVicious Pastimes44
1471477466JULIPER SKYInto The Outer Light33
1471516467LAMPHEADResart My Heart6
1471590468MICRAUndercover Lover5
1471230469PERFUME GENIUSDescribe64
1471308471SONS OF RAPHAELRevolution4
1471896472THE AVALANCHESWherever You Go42
145.62664473SAINT RAYMONDTalk6
145.32927474BIIG PIIGAmerican Beauty1
143.82 NEW 475ORVILLE PECKBorn This Way-1
141.297341476LIFEHOUSECut & Run8
141.121852478VIAGRA BOYSAin't Nice32
141.1211048479WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKSIf It Happens5
140.62904480DJANGO DJANGOKick The Devil Out2
1391538484BEN HEMSLEYWe Are Sound6
1391321485BURIALShock Power Of Love4
1391253487CLAIRE GEORGEPink Elephants5
1391995488DIRTY LOOPSBreakdown2
1391541489DJ ROZWELLCumming In Socks1
1391709490FAKE SHARKFeel Alive5
1391222491FOR THOSE I LOVEBirthday/The Pain11
1391 NEW 494KORELESSBlack Rainbow0
1391772496MINUIT MACHINEBasic Needs2
1391278498POLICE CAR COLLECTIVEI Think I Think too Much9
1391553499SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY f/ IF I DIE FIRSTBloodstainedeyes7
137.951300501KINGS OF LEON100,000 People21
135.62730504WATERPARKSYou'd Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To get You)4
135.222784505TIGERCUBBlue Mist In My Head7
133.62568507SAINT MOTELFeel Good11
133.282264509YOU ME AT SIXSuckapunch26
133.22607510JETTY BONESNothing13
132.534304511BRING ME THE HORIZONTeardrops31
1311 NEW 512ALWAYS YOUBlack City Nights0
1311507513BEACH VACATIONLost In Sight4
1311837515CATHEDRAL BELLSRewind1
1311322516CHOIR BOYIt's Over11
1311374518FOR TRACY HYDESister Carrie9
1311649520IF I DIE FIRSTMy Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies6
1311360521MALL GRAB & EFFYFMG4
1311130522PANAMA WEDDINGFly To Panama8
1311332523PRINZE GEORGETenderly7
13111249524SQUIDMatch Bet3
130.942560525ORANGE SKYLINEShine On8
129.982206527NINTH WAVEI'm Only Going To Hurt You6
129.692 NEW 528MARQUIS DRIVE21st Century Gospel0
128.381452529DZ DEATHRAYSFear The Anchor10
127.682259530HOLDING ABSENCEIn Circles10
126.912270531LILHUDDYThe Eulogy Of You And Me15
125.761271534LINN KOCH-EMERYBlow My Mind11
125.761672536WEEKEND DEBTNobody Everyone2
1241573538BIIG PIIGLavender7
12411096540HAYLEY WILLIAMSSugar On The Rim60
1241515542JUPE JUPEHow Can We Both Be In Love22
1241 NEW 545NEW CANYONSBreathe0
1241978547SUSPECTSThe Mental Health Act2
1241 NEW 548SWEET TRIPChapters0
123.073434552THE SUBWAYSFight4
122.892274553CHEEKFACEWe Need A Bigger Dumpster4
122.82153554CHLOE MORIONDOI Eat Boys5
122.62665555WILD YOUTHChampagne Butterflies19
121.746451556GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTYI Hear The Ax Swinging12
121.5211003557IDA MARIADirty Money2
121.22580558FOXINGGo Down Together6
120.62704559BAD SOUNDS f/ BROODSMove Into Me17
120.62 NEW 560SHE DREW THE GUNCut Me Down-1
119.94363561MIKE SHINODA, IANN DIOR & UPSAHLHappy Endings15
119.041358562AMENDS f/ LAURA JANE GRACEWalking Backwards3
1181 NEW 565BETWEEN FRIENDSAffection0
1181642567BLUE CANOPYMotovun10
1181 NEW 571ELKKABurnt Orange0
1181 NEW 572FOXLANEFlashy Lights, Underground0
1181 NEW 573GEORGIARunning Up That Hill25
1181106577PENDULUMNothing For Free36
1181364578PHANTOM WAVEDepth Charge11
117.723830581THE STROKESOde To The Mets44
117.12489582FLIGHT FACILITIESLights Up3
115.3211042584JACK GARRATTCircles49
115.321661585POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEEDeath Bed (Coffee For Your Head)65
114.69128588RAG 'N' BONE MANAll You Ever Wanted17
113.281498592FIDDLEHEADHeart To Heart6
1121582595EX:REWhere The Time Went15
1121679596JAGWAR TWINDown To You3
1121405597LAURELYou're The One7
1121917600REMI WOLFHello Hello Hello26
1121552601ROISIN MURPHYKingdom Of Ends14
11211011602SALUTEWant U There2
1121841603SORRYCigarette Packet8
1121523605THE REDS, PINKS AND PURPLESDon't Ever Play In a Church On My Street8
109.761398607HARU NEMURIBang18
109.741526608MEET ME @ THE ALTARHit Like A Girl8
109.372855609GIRLFRIENDS f/ TRAVIS BARKERWhere Were You12
108.93623610CHARLOTTE CARDINMeaningless14
108.862752611DAVE JAKESCaterwaul19
108.234207612ALL TIME LOW f/ BLACKBEAR & DEMI LOVATOMonsters54
1071155613ARTBAT & SAILOR & IBest Of Me9
1071789614BAIODead Hand Control15
1071816616CAVETOWNDevil Town14
1071372617CLAUDSoft Spot18
1071646618COACH PARTYI'm Sad7
1071540619DEB NEVERSomeone Else5
1071973621FIJI BLUEIt Takes Two13
1071867622HOT DADI Never Wanted You5
1071996623KALI MASIHurts To Laugh1
1071713624MOBLEYJames Crow15
1071480625MOON TIDE GALLERYSublunar Swing4
1071362626PALE WAVESShe's My Religion23
1071715629RINSEWithout You9
106.21947633TOKYO MOTOR FISTBlow Your Mind8
105.412639634THE MUCKERSSo Far Away15
105.42722635HOT CHIP f/ JARVIS COCKERStraight To The Morning32
104.861753636BARTEES STRANGEBoomer39
104.861926637FERRAROSugar Rush21
104.861453638IDA MARIAI'm Busy5
104.82284639ROOSEVELTSee You Again11
104.161859640STILL CORNERSThe Last Exit5
104.161987641THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENTEnd of The Great Credibility Race2
103.4921308643NOTHINGFamine Asylum30
103.443608644ST. VINCENTThe Melting Of The Sun9
102.721356645JACOB COLLIERSleeping On My Dreams41
102.721638646WILL JOSEPH COOKBe Around Me22
1021650649INDIA JORDANOnly Said Enough4
1021684652SCANDROIDLess Than Zero2
1021554653SETH BOGARTLavender Heights5
100.821206654BIG STORYLosing Sleep2
100.72277655THE STRUTS f/ PARIS JACKSONLow Key In Love6
99.9611071658THE NEIGHBOURHOODDevil's Advocate40
99.961755659YOU ME AT SIXBeautiful Way36
99.511694660WASTING TIMEGrow Up3
992295661ROYAL BLOODTrouble's Coming36
97.921761662DECLAN MCKENNAYou Better Believe38
97.921762663ISLANDMy Brother3
97.82136665THE SNUTSSomebody Loves You16
97.61288666BEACHY HEADHiddensee5
97.611154667BLACK DRESSESUnderstanding7
97.61771668KID BLOOMBlood Sugar27
97.61950672MICHLDeserve You2
97.61296673VISTASStuck In Your Head4
96.822307675NOTHING BUT THIEVESImpossible37
96.5821210676SAINT NOMADStay7
95.651693677SIR SLYMaterial Boy36
95.422427678THE SUNSET KIDSI Wanna Be27
941400679BUDDHIST BUBBLEGUMBuddhist Bubblegum18
941793681HAYIENLove Song Without Love13
941975682HOTEL APACHELive2Change10
941482685PIKESPower Ranger5
941411687SILVERSUN PICKUPSDon't Know Yet96
93.492346689POM POM SQUADHead Cheerleader6
92.56294691KINGS OF LEONStormy Weather13
92.51834693WASHED OUTFace Up26
92.121811695WINGS OF DESIREChance Of A Lifetime13
91.732992696THE BEACHESBlow Up2
90.61313697A CERTAIN RATIOKeep it Together7
90.61 NEW 699BLOOD RED SHOESA Little Love0
90.61643701CHARLIE CLARKDon't Be A Cow, Man6
90.61838702COLD CAVEPayer From Nowhere2
90.611036703DRAB MAJESTY39 By design7
90.61475704ERIKA DE CASIERBusy2
90.61822705GORILLAZMomentary Bliss69
90.61549706MARTHA HILLChange5
90.61407707NAVY BLUERitual1
90.241574708A CAUSE IN DISTRESSParaffin4
90.241579710SPANISH LOVE SONGSOtis16
89.72622711EVE 6Can We Combine5
89.665463712FOO FIGHTERSNo Son Of Mine21
88.7911069713STAND ATLANTICBlurry42
88.791754714WEEZERAloo Gobi2
88.211045715TAME IMPALABorderline31
88.22726716WOLFCLUBJust Drive14
871932717BEACHY HEADDistraction1
871306718EKTORDalsi Kamen4
871555719SHAED f/ TWO FEETPart Time Psycho3
871 NEW 720SOLACan't You See0
86.981500721HOLDING ABSENCEAfterlife12
86.981850722MAXIMO PARKArdour2
86.981851723MOGWAIRitchie Sacramento19
85.82780725SAM THE ASTRONAUTMonster Squad (Love So Crazy)41
85.261599726BLOXXComing Up Short66
84.62880727TONICTo Be Loved15
84.26179728THE AVALANCHES f/ MGMT & JOHNNY MARRThe Divine Chord25
84.12497730EELKEI'm A Man24
84.073809731THE MAINEApril 7th7
841105732ALFIE TEMPLEMANEverybody's Gonna Love Somebody15
841869734MAGIC GANGMake Time For Change44
82.61 NEW 741RX NEPHENWEarly Age Death0
82.511041743THE COMET IS COMINGImminent25
8111142744REAL LIESBirds28
80.911291745DON BROCOManchester Super Reds No. 1 Fan2
80.9111157746SYMLStay Close15
80.641670748DIRTY FENCESHeartache Parade4
79.954281749KINGS OF CONVENIENCERocky Trail4
79.954971750THE ACESDon't Freak4
79.3811174751ORIGAMI ANGELFootloose Cannonbal Brothers2
79.32972752COLD WAR KIDSCalm Your Nerves3
79.0512882753LIZ PHAIRSpanish Doors6
78.82633754RED RUM CLUBBallerino39
78.121 NEW 755FASTEST LAND ANIMALAnswer In My head1
781 NEW 756BEACH VACATIONBreak The Ice0
7811022757FLORA CASHThe Bright Lights2
781586758KERO KERO BONITOWell Rested6
781380759MACH-HOMMYThe Stellar Ray Theory1
781329760MANKIND f/ BLACKHAINEMinimal Violence9
781223761THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Distorted (By You)15
781844762THE JACKETSSteam Queen3
781921763W.H. LUNGSecond Death Of My Face18
77.986990764LUCY DACUSHot & Heavy6
77.761292765AFILooking Tragic14
77.7611047766THE PALE WHITETake Your Time37
77.51725769WHILE SHE SLEEPSNervous10
77.193749770TAI VERDESA-O-K4
77.1521070771THE BEACHESBlow Up2
76.443571772YUKON BLONDEYGTT15
75.331257773FRANCES FOREVERSpace Girl15
75.33184774LANA DEL REYChemtrails Over The Country Club20
74.933 NEW 778OSCAR AND THE WOLFJames1
73.542958781MAXIMO PARKPartly of My Making8
72.611076782FRANKMUSIKAll I See2
72.61 NEW 783WELCOME FAMILIAREverything Is Noise14
72.541420785DINOSAUR JR.Garden8
72.5411269786LANA DEL REYWild At Heart10
722632788SOPHIE AND THE GIANTSRight Now16
71.151565789ORIGAMI ANGELTom Holland Oates3
70.683777791CHRIS CORNELLShowdown24
70.61371792CASSANDRA JENKINSCrosshairs5
70.6195793DRY CLEANINGUnsmart Lady8
70.61965795RED RUM CLUBThe Elevation35
70.32534796KAT AND THE HURRICANESorry That I'm Like This7
68.61 NEW 802HAYIENAcracy21
68.611104803HAYLEY WILLIAMSMy Limb17
68.61698804ICHIKO AOBAPorcelain31
67.7811032807SHAMEWater In The Well25
67.7811019808TIGERS JAWCan't Wait Forever12
67.521781809TAME IMPALAIs It True65
67.422504810SPORTS TEAMCamel Crew51
67.21596811CLEOPATRICKGood Grief23
672803812CAPITAL SOIREEPop Band5
66.822991813WORK DRUGSRunning Scared4
66.82984814LENNOFeel A Little Love14
66.611086815MILLIE TURNERPull Me Under2
65.861986816MOVEMENTSSkin To Skin9
65.661 NEW 817DAYGLOWCan I Call You Tonight?58
65.271564818JAGUAR JONZECurled In13
6511007819EX:REMisery Is A Butterfly5
651348822NATALIA LAFOURCADEAlfonsina Y El Mar9
64.3221014823CREEPERMy, My, Hey hey (Out Of The Blue)2
63.941181824DIRTY FENCESOne In Ten7
63.941970825THE REYTONSBroke Boys Cartel13
63.82447826WITH CONFIDENCECult2
63.72703827THE HOLYMuseum Of Modern Hearts26
63.611021828CHERRY GLAZERRBig Bang14
63.52 NEW 831HOTEL MIRAThe Eyes On You0
63.421028832MOD SUNAmnesia3
62.721097833BENEEHappen To Me30
62.411151834BOSTON MARRIAGEIdols19
62.41985835DEAD DEADSDeal With Me8
62.331598836LYERRDoctors Orders11
62.195352837OF MONSTERS AND MENDestroyer8
62.042900838ROOSEVELTCloser To My Heart13
621 NEW 841PERFUME GENIUSNothing At All36
61.62700842WEATHERSC'est La Vie37
61.54266843MOGWAIIt's What I Want To Do, Mum4
61.243748844DEAD POET SOCIETYCoda9
60.611049846CLIENT LIASONIntervention30
60.611077848KEUNINGBad Instincts2
60.015311850POST MALONEOnly Wanna Be With You13
6011056851GRETTA RAYReadymade12
59.61931852ANORAK PATCHBlue Jeans7
59.61699853BILLY NOMATESHeels13
59.61806854FICKLE FRIENDSMillion26
59.611127855LOU HAYTERTelephone2
59.61 NEW 856VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINICMiddle Of Nowhere6
58.81 NEW 858MILLIE TURNERConcrete Tragedy14
58.72418859SAID THE WHALEHoney Lungs10
58.5611068861HONORARY ASTRONAUTFinal Dream Machine40
58.263450862BLACK VEIL BRIDESFields Of Bone7
57.61949866ELDER ISLANDSacred19
57.611302867SLEAFORD MODSMork 'n Mindy29
57.611184869TWIN XLLemonade22
57.431349870THE SLOW READERS CLUBThe Wait41
57.421218871BROCKHAMPTONThe Light8
57.221 NEW 872NINTH WAVEEverything Will Be Fine22
56.611040875MATERIAL GIRLMaterial Girl Meets The Devil, pt. 222
56.61 NEW 876SKRAIDUBurglar0
56.61232877TIGERCUBStop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum)13
56.61150878WILL SPARKSStand By Me9
56.361835879CITIZENBlue Sunday15
56.261733880THE NIGHT GAMEI Feel Like Dancing40
561158881MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ HALSEYForget Me Too35
55.811109883JANE WEAVERThe Revolution Of Super Visions32
55.81118884PALE WAVESEasy19
55.511099885GENEVIEVE STOKESParking Lot11
55.511057886SOCCER MOMMYNight Swimming51
55.31668887THE PALE WHITEThat Dress12
551495888HAYLEY WILLIAMSColour Me In6
5511306889JULIPER SKYAnother Life13
551913890LAURELBest I Ever Had32
54.681901891AWOLNATIONThe Best82
54.681689892MID CITYGood For It26
54.51778893GORILLAZ f/ BECKThe Valley Of The Pagans32
54.51662894THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENTWhen The Dust Settles5
54.321116895THE ELECTRIC SOFT PARADELeft Behind62
53.91779896FONTAINES DCA Hero's Death57
53.91757897NOTHING NOWHEREFake Friend20
53.91807898SMASH INTO PIECESReal One13
53.582983899MONOWHALESOut With The Old18
53.5711136901MAXIMO PARKI Don't Know What I'm Doing26
53.1211101902THE STAYAWAKESIt's Cool, It's Rad14
52.8231348903BROCKHAMPTONDon't Shoot Up The Party8
52.811233904BURIALSpace cadet3
52.811124905CABARET VOLTAIREUniversal Energy10
52.81388906GLASVEGASShake The Cage7
52.81683907METHYL ETHELNeon Cheap2
52.811260908THE PALE WHITESonder6
52.811480909TUNSWe Stand United7
52.511132910BILLY TALENTI Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)61
52.511133911SOCCER MOMMYBloodstream78
52.3311115912VICESLooking For Faces18
52.031211913MAXIMO PARKAll Of Me19
51.41836916CAT & CALMELLDramatic18
51.062396920BEN HOWARDSorry Kid10
50.6911103923GORILLAZ f/ ROBERT SMITHStrange Timez38
50.691530924NOTHING BUT THIEVESCan You Afford To Be An Individual?30
50.611333926SLAYYTEROver This!2
50.371114927BLACK MIDIJohn L10
49.6611177929AGAINST THE CURRENTThat Won't Save Us30
49.511131930ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGENHurricane15
49.51955931LONDON GRAMMARCalifornian Soil35
49.3411175932JENNIE VEEOut For Blood19
49.3141416933NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSWe're Gonna Get There In The End21
49.211161935BEACH BUNNYApril.6
49.211079936MOTHER MOTHERForgotten Souls4
49.022812938CHRIS CORNELLJump Into The Fire24
48.61634939MIDDLE KIDSR U 4 Me?32
48.3611172941SOFT SET7 On Up40
47.81 NEW 942VAN GO GOBig Mistake-1
47.231299945GOLDPARKBeautiful Desperation11
47.21945946YUNG BAE f/ AWOLNATIONDisco Body Parts12
47.061858947CITIZENBlack And Red12
4711187948FINNEASAmerican Cliche9
46.841832949MIDDLE KIDSStacking Chairs12
46.811226950KIWI JR.Waiting In Line18
46.511098951CHRIS CORNELLSad Sad City24
46.511160952FRONT BOTTOMSMontgomery Forever47
46.511217953THE KILLERS f/ WEYES BLOODMy God40
46.51878954DUBSTARI Can See You Outside26
45.8421382956AMY SHARKBaby Steps10
45.81157957JOHN GRANTBoy From Michigan3
45.411162959HEARTRACERBetter Off15
44.8811300960THE BEACHESWant What You Got4
44.644929961THE BLACK KEYSGoing Down South4
44.4911105962LONELY THE BRAVEKeeper19
44.333982963BADFLOWERF*** The World12
44.225 NEW 964RISE AGAINSTThe Numbers4
43.971939965DECLAN MCKENNAThe Key To Life On Earth59
43.971149966SHADEJump Into Heaven8
43.8441005967CHET FAKERLow34
43.77446968MANCHESTER ORCHESTRATelepath4
43.581 NEW 969STEVEN WILSON12 Things I Forgot26
43.41600971THE CARSLEEPERSHeartbeat15
43.042666972TKAY MAIDZASyrup7
42.811195973THE IRREPRESSIBLESLet Go (Everybody Move Your Body Listen To Your Heart)18
42.6211192975VACATION MANORCan't Run Forever18
42.5311224976THE ROTANASSpinner17
42.411212977KID BLOOMWounded/Surrounded27
422786978ASHNIKKO f/ PRINCESS NOKIASlumber Party8
41.661813980CAGE THE ELEPHANTSkin & Bones35
41.045756981CHEVELLESelf Destructor21
40.961 NEW 982TOKIO HOTEL f/ VIZEBehind Blue Eyes0
40.821166983PEARL CHARLESOnly For Tonight18
39.311325987KANDLEHoney Trap10
39.311237988SOCCER MOMMYAllison14
391624989MNDR f/ BIG DATASave Yourself2
391397990TWO FEETFlatline6
38.463941991THE CORALLover Undiscovered10
38.33946992DINOSAUR JR.I Ran Away13
38.2111276993TYLER POSEY f/ PHEM & TRAVIS BARKERShut Up11
38.211248994HAR MAR SUPERSTARWhere We Began12
37.821875995INTO IT. OVER ITWe Prefer Indoors21
37.811113996UTOPIATESAnything You Want4
37.41168998BIG IDEASHighway19
37.21 NEW 999THE BARE MINIMUMBitter Pill1
37.06113301000SIR SLY f/ GARY CLARK JR.Citizen16
36.6517871001JOJO GUN & THE BULLETSWorst Case Scenario11
36.5313611002THE LICKERISH QUARTETDo You Feel Better21
36.29112801004SALEMWilliam, It Was really Something3
35.9112841006LILHUDDYAmerica's Sweetheart5
35.76110161007SUNFLOWER BEANMoment In The Sun36
35.7613101008VAMPIRE MONEYOutcast Club14
35.6112881009TAI VERDESStuck In The Middle26
35.53113101010SLATER & FILSOh Yeah!13
35.52113091011YUNGBLUD f/ MACHINE GUN KELLYActing Like That25
35.4819691012ONE OK ROCKRenegades6
35.4816881013THE DATSUNSSuspicion9
35.4113111014JULIANA HATFIELDMouthful of Blood10
35.4112661015KIRA PIRUIdiot8
35.16211141016JAMESAll The Colours Of You13
34.88113661018THIRTY SECONDS TO MARSHail To The Victor2
34.8147501019TUNE-YARDSHold Yourself17
34.76210631020FLOCK OF DIMESTwo17
34.64312681022THE CORALVacancy6
34.4112991024FLYTEEveryone's A Winner7
34.4112811025KIRA PIRUSay Something8
34.215611026MAGDALENA BAYSky2Fall24
33.96113771027MANCHESTER ORCHESTRADinosaur4
33.6113141028BALLYHOO! f/ COLLIE BUDDZThe Come Up3
33.22113181030WE WERE SHARKSOver This7
33.218051031LIMON LIMONNeon Lights In The Rain17
32.92113191032LOCAL NATIVES f/ CLASSIXXWeekends24
32.8113221033THE FAMILY RAINMemorabilia4
32.812691034TUNGZWhat For?11
32.64113241035IDLESModel Village41
32113291037THE DOLLYROTSEasy6
31.412981039CAROLESDAUGHTERTrailer Trash6
31.3113311040TEN TONNESGirl Are You Lonely Like Me?26
30.84212111044FUTURE ISLANDSPlastic Beach32
30.818531045HUNNYXbox Luvr3
30.77113401046DZ DEATHRAYSMake Yourself Mad2
30.77112751047TOKIO HOTELMonsoon33
30.6919671048DINOSAUR JR.Take It Back6
30.61 NEW 1049TEENAGE FANCLUBEverything Is falling Apart-1
30.3619591050FLOCK OF DIMESPrice Of Blue2
30.13114101052AMY SHARKWorst Day Of My Life4
30.11210721053BLACK VEIL BRIDESScarlet Cross26
30.05314421054THE GLORIOUS SONSDaylight2
30.04210651055TOM ODELLMonster10
29.52110171056THE OFFSPRINGBreaking These Bones4
29.426091057LONDON GRAMMARAmerica8
29.15211061059KALEOBreak My Baby70
28.2112941060JAMESBeautiful Beaches6
27.514911063BABY QUEENRaw Thoughts19
26.78112571065LANA DEL REYBreaking Up Slowly5
26.7113671067FRIDA SUNDEMOBackbone11
26113731068PEKING DUK f/ THE WOMBATSNothing To Love About Love30
25.7113641069JOSEF SALVATSwimming Upstream18
25.24312431070THE BLUE STONESSpirit15
25.216311071FLEET FOXESSunblind30
24.8111811073BROCKHAMPTONWhen I Ball8
23.56113841076ROGER MANNING JR.The Quickening41
23.4113801077YVES TUMORKerosene60
22.64112251078MAY-ATime I Love To Waste15
22.211091080SLAYYTERTroubled Paradise18
22.0516301081LONDON GRAMMARLose Your Head21
20.9113951084YVES TUMORGospel For A New Century61
20.83112521085WEEZERIt's Always Sunny In Bikini Bottom11
20.58114261086TYNE-JAMES ORGANLondon's Calling3
20.417231087THE OFFSPRINGWe Never Have Sex Anymore8
20.14513931088BARENAKED LADIESFlip7
19.44113971090CHRIS CORNELLPatience45
18.78214811092BROCKHAMPTONCount On Me8
18.65414181093THE SHEEPDOGSKeep On Loving You5
18.6113941094JAMIE N COMMONSFor Franca7
18.6113871095KRAFTWERKHome Computer 20212
17.99313681098GARY NUMANSaints And Liars8
17.98114151099OF MONSTERS AND MENVisitor38
17.88112551100SUFJAN STEVENSRun Away With Me34
17.76212141101PHOEBE BRIDGERSI Know The End48
17.6417881102JJ WILDEMercy26
17.32214441104PHOEBE BRIDGERSICU47
16.921080110524KGOLDN f/ IANN DIORMood44
16.74113581106THE DIRTY NILDoom Boy39
16.62214071107RITT MOMNEYPut Your Records On36
16.5113701108JULIEN BAKERFavor15
16.5114111109THE WEATHER STATIONParking Lot15
16.44214551110JJ WILDEOff The Rails2
16.2114271111CHARLOTTE LAWRENCEYou13
15.85112391113SON MIEUX199217
15.75114211114AUSTIN WARDAnother Day In The Neighborhood13
15.5114171116COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSIgnite6
15.42111981117KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARDIntrasport26
14.7114471118GARY NUMANNow & Forever4
14.36313891119THE LICKERISH QUARTETSovereignty Blues21
13.9114321121KATE NASHMisery2
13.62114131122DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTENImpossible Weight38
13.59114531123THE BLACK KEYSPoor Boy A Long Way From Home2
13.44110461124SARA KAYSPicture Of You11
13.32113831125PRIZMMove Me41
13.1114521126BOMBA ESTERODeja9
13.1114051127GARY NUMANI Am Screaming12
13.1114331128UNKLE f/ THE BIG PINKFind The Outsider8
12.29214821130BIFFY CLYROSpace41
12.1216601131PALAYE ROYALENightmares In Paradise8
11.96313541132BLACK PISTOL FIRELook Alive15
11.8114611133GRACIE ABRAMSMess It Up4
11.7113501135BLEACHERS f/ BRUCE SPRINGSTEENChinatown27
11.6214621136GARY NUMANIntruder19
11.2114121137BEN HOWARDWhat A Day18
11.161 NEW 1138SUB FOCUSAirplane-1
10.5114661140RUBY WATERSBlow7
9.92111761141TONES AND IFly Away28
9.57514871142TRAGICALLY HIPOuch1
9.51413651143FRATELLISNeed A Little Love15
9.25114991144FRATELLISStrangers In The Street1
9.25114431145SWITCHFOOTI Need You To Be Wrong4
8.94113791146TOM ODELLMoney3
8.79114601147FUTURE ISLANDSThe Moon Is Blue9
8.7114361148PUSCIFERBullet Train To Iowa7
8.33114491150RED CITY RADIOApocalypse, Please!24
8.1114571151BRING ME THE HORIZON f/ BABYMETALKingslayer29
7.95114721152FOUSHEESingle AF26
7.85213711153PALE WAVESChange28
7.67714351156SON MIEUXDrive5
7.58314581157GRETTA RAYBigger Than Me9
7.5113451158THE DIRTY NILBlunt Force Concussion34
7.42110431159MACHINE GUN KELLYBloody Valentine57
6.88114761161ISLANDS(We Like To) Do it With The Lights On10
6.5114911163THE CHILLSWorlds Within Worlds2
6.5114381164THE CORALFaceless Angel17
6.2114851167EMOTIONAL ORANGESAll That32
6.2115071168JULIA STONEBreak4
6.15114841169SHADOut Of Touch4
5.86114751171AARON LEE TASJANUp All Night20
5.6818041173AREA21La La La7
5.66114951174FLORENCE & THE MACHINECall Me Cruella2
5.66114561175PHOEBE BRIDGERSChinese Satellite36
5.5214971177POETS OF THE FALLStay Forever11
5.4414941178BLUE OCTOBERMoving On (So Long)27
4.65114501180THE BLUE STONESLet It Ride37
4.58113991181FRATELLISHalf Drunk Under A Full Moon11
4.2114281182THE VAPORSTogether61
4.16115011183FLAWESWhat's A Boy To Do20
3.84112211184RAG 'N' BONE MANCrossfire3
3.54115061185KYLE FALCONERRake It In4
3.24114651186FIONA APPLEUnder The Table57
2.82115221187GRETA VAN FLEETMy Way, Soon34
2.36112871188SMITH & BURROWSBuccaneer Rum Jum6
2.07115191189COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDSNight Avenue21
1.93114011190MAY-ASwing Of Things2
1.93115201191JUDAH & THE LIONSpirit7
1.86215231192SAM ROBERTS BANDTake Me Away19
0.92215211193BANNERSSomeone To You49
0.68115251194HALF MOON RUNHow Come My Body4
0.651 NEW 1195HALF MOON RUNOn And On1

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Alternative Sub Genre Charts, May 15 2020

Alt Pop/Electro

1              1              WOLF ALICE        The Last Man On Earth   11
25           2              TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Shy Away             6
12           3              YEARS & YEARS Starstruck            6
7              4              BEABADOOBEE Last Day On Earth             9
new       5              CHVRCHES          He Said She Said               4
2              6              IMAGINE DRAGONS        Follow You          10
4              7              LONDON GRAMMAR      How Does It Feel              10
new       8              BILLIE EILISH       Your Power        3
6              9              JAPANESE BREAKFAST   Be Sweet             11
new       10           COLDPLAY           Higher Power    2
new       11           MARINA              Purge The Poison             4
5              12           ST. VINCENT       Pay Your Way In Pain      11
3              13           DAYGLOW           Close To You      17
228         14           ALICE MERTON Vertigo 6
16           15           MEG MYERS       The Underground            25
new       16           THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS            The Darkness That You Fear         4
11           17           GLASS ANIMALS f/ IANN DIOR    Heat Waves        45
28           18           ASHE & FINNEAS              Till Forever Falls Apart   11
38           19           MAGGIE LINDEMANN    Crash And Burn 16
8              20           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Supernormal      9
new       21           PENDULUM        Come Alive         4
49           22           THE JOY FORMIDABLE    Into The Blue     9
113         23           CANNONS           Bad Dream          10
19           24           LANA DEL REY    White Dress       9
47           25           GIRL IN RED        Serotonin            10
10           26           THE KNOCKS f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLE         All About You     28
22           27           ALL TIME LOW   Once In A Lifetime           8
20           28           PORTER ROBINSON         Look At The Sky 16
26           29           SARA KAYS          Remember That Night? 15
336         30           WORKING MEN'S CLUB  X             6
13           31           POST MALONE  Only Wanna Be With You              11
new       32           BABY QUEEN      Dover Beach       4
42           33           THE BAND CAMINO        1 Last Cigarette 11
233         34           TEN TONNES      Everything You Got         6
17           35           DOSS     Puppy   10
45           36           SYDNEY SPRAGUE            Object Permanence        10
172         37           VISTAS  Start Again          6
18           38           AJR         Way Less Sad     13
new       39           WILLOW f/ TRAVIS BARKER          Transparant Soul              3
new       40           MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ KELLIN QUINN   Love Race            3
27           41           PALE WAVES      Fall To Pieces     13
new       42           JAKE BUGG         Lost        1
15           43           BILLIE EILISH       Therefore I Am  27
36           44           MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ BLACKBEAR        My Ex's Best Friend         40
new       45           WEEZER                I Need Some Of That       4
57           46           ROOSEVELT        Easy Way Out    11
14           47           LONDON GRAMMAR      Lose Your Head 19
31           48           GROUPLOVE      Deadline              9
41           49           THE HAPPY FITS Hold Me Down  37
new       50           THE STRUTS f/ PARIS JACKSON   Low Key In Love 4

Alt Rock

2              1              ROYAL BLOOD   Typhoons            17
New      2              ROYAL BLOOD   Boilermaker       5
5              3              ROYAL BLOOD   Limbo    8
New      4              WOLF ALICE        Smile     4
3              5              MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA           Bed Head             13
1              6              FOO FIGHTERS  Waiting On A War            17
6              7              RISE AGAINST    Nowhere Generation     9
10           8              TEENAGE WRIST               Earth Is A Black Hole       28
14           9              INHALER              Cheer Up Baby  9
New      10           ALL TIME LOW   Once In A Lifetime           8
New      11           THE BLACK KEYS                Crawling Kingsnake         4
7              12           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Supernormal      9
9              13           CHEVELLE            Self Destructor  19
4              14           KINGS OF LEON The Bandit          19
8              15           TEENAGE WRIST               Yellowbelly         17
New      16           THE BAND CAMINO        1 Last Cigarette 11
66           17           THE SNUTS         Glasgow               6
New      18           ROYAL BLOOD   Oblivion               2
32           19           TEENAGE WRIST               Wear U Down    14
New      20           WORKING MEN'S CLUB  X             6
New      21           PENDULUM        Come Alive         4
13           22           KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKER            Estella   25
15           23           CITIZEN I Want To Kill You             16
New      24           MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ KELLIN QUINN   Love Race            3
11           25           THE OFFSPRING Let The Bad Times Roll   13
New      26           WILLOW f/ TRAVIS BARKER          Transparant Soul              3
209         27           THE SHERLOCKS End Of The Earth              6
17           28           FOO FIGHTERS  No Son Of Mine 19
27           29           BLIND CHANNEL               Dark Side             12
New      30           WEEZER                I Need Some Of That       4
New      31           SPORTS TEAM    Happy (God's Own Country)        4
New      32           BLACK VEIL BRIDES          Fields Of Bone   5
39           33           KINGS OF LEON Stormy Weather               11
12           34           GREEN DAY         Here Comes The Shock  13
16           35           DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979            One + One          15
50           36           HEAVENWARD  MJ-12    10
18           37           AGAINST THE CURRENT Weapon               9
22           38           BRING ME THE HORIZON              Teardrops           29
24           39           THE NEIGHBOURHOOD Stargazing           22
New      40           LIFEHOUSE          Cut & Run            6
35           41           ROYAL BLOOD   Trouble's Coming             34
30           42           VAMPIRE MONEY            Outcast Club      12
23           43           BLACK MIDI        John L    8
28           44           THE SNUTS         Somebody Loves You     14
19           45           BOSTON MANOR             Brand New Kids 21
184         46           PALAYE ROYALE Nightmares In Paradise  6
25           47           KINGS OF LEON Echoing 13
112         48           BLOXX   Everything I've Ever Learned       7
31           49           CHRIS CORNELL Jump Into The Fire           22
56           50           THE BLUE STONES            One By One        8


4              1              BEACH BUNNY  Cloud 9 11
1              2              DOSS     Puppy   10
8              3              BEN HOWARD   Sorry Kid              8
new       4              SLEEPWALK        Underneath The Shade 5
9              5              BEACHY HEAD    Destroy Us          7
2              6              BLACK MIDI        John L    8
84           7              DRY CLEANING  Unsmart Lady    6
new       8              GIRL IN RED        Body And Mind 2
100         9              BICEP    X             16
15           10           CASSANDRA JENKINS     Hard Drive           12
new       11           INDIA JORDAN  For You 45
134         12           GRAZER Nostalgia Seed  7
new       13           GORIJA Amazonia            5
21           14           PALE BLUE MOVIES         Motionless         13
new       15           SQUID   Pamphlets          2
32           16           WILL SPARKS      Stand By Me       7
new       17           JOHN GRANT     Boy From Michigan          1
23           18           MEADOWLAKE  Say My Name    16
new       19           ELIZA SHADDAD Heaven 4
new       20           TENNIS SYTEM   Truth Hurts         5
new       21           TRAMPOLENE    Oh Lover              3
20           22           PERFUME GENIUS           Describe              62
93           23           THE UMLAUTS  Boiler Suits & Combat Boots        9
new       24           HEALTH f/ NINE INCH NAILS         Isn't Everyone? 2
133         25           SALUTE Jennifer 7
new       26           HER NEW KNIFE Emilio    4
14           27           FOR THOSE I LOVE           Birthday/The Pain            9
new       28           MOGWAI            It's What I Want To Do, Mum      2
new       29           ISLAND Everyone's The Same     4
7              30           SQUID   Paddling               8
new       31           ST. VINCENT       The Melting Of The Sun 7
31           32           RUSTIN REINERS               I Wish I Was        8
18           33           ARAB STRAP       Here Comes Comus!       10
new       34           EKTOR   Dalsi Kamen       2
187         35           COURTING          Grand National  6
60           36           SVALBARD          Silent Restraint 7
41           37           RELAY TAPES      Daylighter           14
42           38           KYNSY   Elephant In The Room    13
109         39           BDRMM               Push/Pull             42
96           40           MANKIND f/ BLACKHAINE            Minimal Violence             7
54           41           JACOB COLLIER  Sleeping On My Dreams 39
58           42           SOCCER MOMMY             Night Swimming               49
146         43           THE AFFECTIONATE PUNCH         Please Don't Make Me Kill You   17
new       44           EXUM   Dark Kept Secret              5
new       45           SHINE    Shine     3
new       46           BURIAL Shock Power Of Love      2
new       47           PARANNOUL     To See The Next Part Of The Dream         3
new       48           HOLY VISION     Interest 4
45           49           NATALIA LAFOURCADE  Alfonsina Y El Mar            7
new       50           GIRL IN RED        You Stupid Bitch               4

Alternative Top 250 of 2020

1              THE KILLERS        Caution
2              THE KILLERS        My Own Soul's Warning
3              THE 1975              If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
4              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday
5              BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted
6              TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern
7              BEABADOOBEE Care
8              BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXON    What You Gonna Do???
9              NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Is Everybody Going Crazy?
10           GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)
11           KENNYHOOPLA How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway
12           TAME IMPALA   Is It True
13           WEEZER                Hero
14           POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEE            Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)
15           THE 1975              Me & You Together Song
16           PERFUME GENIUS           On The Floor
17           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Real Love Song
18           I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME          Leave Me Alone
19           HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Simmer
20           24KGOLDN f/ IANN DIOR              Mood
21           ROYAL BLOOD   Trouble's Coming
22           GLASS ANIMALS               Heat Waves
23           THE STROKES     Bad Decisions
24           PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants
25           BILLIE EILISH       No Time To Die
26           AJR         Bang!
27           BENEE f/ GUS DAPPERTON          Supalonely
28           GROUPLOVE      Deleter
29           BILLIE EILISH       My Future
30           MACHINE GUN KELLY     Bloody Valentine
31           GORILLAZ            Aries
32           DAYGLOW           Can I Call You Tonight?
33           THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light
34           SMASHING PUMPKINS  Cyr
35           AWOLNATION   The Best
36           SAINT MOTEL     Preach
37           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Violent Sun
38           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor
39           GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!
40           REZZ & GRABBITZ             Someone Else
41           ROMY   Lifetime
42           TAME IMPALA   It Might Be Time
43           CHARLI XCX        Forever
44           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Impossible
45           LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love
46           RINA SAWAYAMA            XS
47           PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon
48           BILLIE EILISH       Therefore I Am
49           SAINT MOTEL     A Good Song Never Dies
50           FOALS   The Runner
51           BEABADOOBEE Worth It
52           BEST COAST        Everything Has Changed
53           CANNONS           Fire For You
54           DECLAN MCKENNA         The Key To Life On Earth
56           BIFFY CLYRO       Instant History
57           DECLAN MCKENNA         Beautiful Faces
58           THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus
59           070 SHAKE          Guilty Conscience
60           FONTAINES DC  A Hero's Death
61           MATT MAESON Hallucinogenics
62           TAME IMPALA   Breathe Deeper
63           SPORTS TEAM    Here's The Thing
64           CHVRCHES          Forever
65           BIFFY CLYRO       Tiny Indoor Fireworks
66           DMA'S  Life Is A Changing Game
67           NEON TREES       Used To Like
68           HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Dead Horse
69           MGMT  In The Afternoon
70           FONTAINES DC  Televised Mind
71           SAINT MOTEL     Van Horn
72           JOJI        Run
73           ALL TIME LOW f/ BLACKBEAR & DEMI LOVATO    Monsters
74           PHOENIX             Identical
75           MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ BLACKBEAR        My Ex's Best Friend
76           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           In Birdsong
77           JOYWAVE            Half Your Age
79           HOT CHIP f/ JARVIS COCKER        Straight To The Morning
80           ASHE     Moral Of The Story
81           DISCLOSURE f/ AMINE & SLOWTHAI         My High
82           DMA'S  The Glow
83           WHITE REAPER  Real Long Time
84           AWOLNATION   Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever
85           TENNIS Need Your Love
86           LUCIA & THE BEST BOYS Perfectly Untrue
87           JUICE WRLD & MARSHMELLO     Come & Go
88           WHITE REAPER  Might Be Right
89           U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars
90           DJANGO DJANGO            Spirals
91           THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT       Come On Out
92           SEA GIRLS            Do You Really Wanna Know
93           THE STRUTS f/ROBBIE WILLIAMS               Strange Days
94           BOSTON MANOR             Plasticine Dreams
95           EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           Arch Enemy
96           BASTILLE              Survivin'
97           IDLES     Model Village
98           THE BETHS          Dying To Believe
99           NEON TREES       New Best Friend
100         CAGE THE ELEPHANT      Black Madonna
101         SIR SLY  Material Boy
102         TAME IMPALA   Posthumous Forgiveness
103         CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS            People, I've Been Sad
104         TEENAGE WRIST               Silverspoon
105         GLASS ANIMALS               Tangerine
106         WALLOWS f/ CLAIRO      Are You Bored Yet?
107         IDLES     Grounds
108         THE KILLERS        Dying Breed
109         GORILLAZ f/ BECK             The Valley Of The Pagans
110         WHITE LIES          Falling Out Without Me
111         OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Wars
112         LONDON GRAMMAR      Baby It's You
113         ARKELLS               Years In The Making
114         MISTERWIVES   Rock Bottom
115         THE STRUTS f/ ALBERT HAMMOND JR.    Another Hit Of Showmanship
116         DEFTONES           Ohms
117         JACK GARRATT  Better
118         SILVERSUN PICKUPS       Toy Soldiers
119         GEORGIA             24 Hours
120         GUS DAPPERTON             Post Humorous
121         NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Unperson
122         CHRIS CORNELL Patience
123         TEMPLES              Paraphernalia
124         CARIBOU             Never Come Back
125         HOT CHIP             Positive
126         SILVERSUN PICKUPS       Don't Know Yet
127         NEW ORDER       Be A Rebel
128         IDLES     Mr. Motivator
129         PENDULUM        Nothing For Free
130         WORKING MEN'S CLUB  Valleys
131         MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ HALSEY Forget Me Too
132         FUTURE ISLANDS              For Sure
133         BRING ME THE HORIZON              Parasite Eve
134         FLUME f/ TORO Y MOI   The Difference
135         CLAIRO Sofia
136         CLIPPING             Say The Name
137         BICEP    Apricots
138         PROTOMARTYR Processed By The Boys
139         DECLAN MCKENNA         Daniel, You're Still A Child
140         MAGIC GANG    Take Back The Track
141         BLUE OCTOBER Oh My My
142         LOTTERY WINNERS          Love Will Keep Us Together
143         BLOXX   Off My Mind
144         AMY SHARK        Everybody Rise
145         RUN THE JEWELS              Ooh LA LA
146         SAM FENDER      Will We Talk?
147         BIFFY CLYRO       End Of
148         YVES TUMOR     Gospel For A New Century
150         GLASS ANIMALS               Tokyo Drifting
151         RUN THE JEWELS              Yankee And The Brave
152         TOOL     Pneuma
153         SPANISH LOVE SONGS   Kick
154         WEEZER                Beginning Of The End
155         LANA DEL REY    Mariners Apartment Complex
156         SYLVAN ESSO     Ferris Wheel
157         COLD WAR KIDS Who's Gonna Love Me Now
158         BOSTON MANOR             Ratking
159         COLDPLAY           Champion Of The World
160         GRIMES Delete Forever
161         BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB I Can Hardly Speak
162         INHALER              When It Breaks
163         GRIMES 4 AEM
164         LELAND BLUE     Lying To Myself
165         FOO FIGHTERS  Shame Shame
166         GORILLAZ f/ ROBERT SMITH         Strange Timez
167         YUNGBLUD         Strawberry Lipstick
168         CREEPER              Be My End
169         24KGOLDN          City Of Angels
170         FOSTER THE PEOPLE        Lamb's Wool
171         TEENAGE WRIST               Earth Is A Black Hole
172         TONES AND I      Dance Monkey
173         INHALER              Falling In
174         TONES AND I      Never Seen The Rain
175         BLINK 182            Quarantine
176         ANNIE   American Cars
177         CAROLINE POLACHEK     So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings
178         JJ WILDE               The Rush
179         GORILLAZ            Momentary Bliss
180         DMA'S  Criminals
181         FRIENDLY FIRES Offline
182         THE GLORIOUS SONS     Closer To The Sky
183         POPPY  All The Things She Said
184         INHALER              We Have To Move On
185         PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto
186         MID CITY              Forget It
188         ROOSEVELT        Feels Right
189         FKA TWIGS          Sad Day
190         THE 1975              Guys
191         BOB MOULD      American Crisis
192         BRING ME THE HORIZON              Teardrops
193         MONTAIGNE     Don't Break Me
194         YOU ME AT SIX  Beautiful Way
195         ANOTHER SKY    Brave Face
196         ALFIE TEMPLEMAN         Obvious Guy
197         THE STROKES     At The Door
198         CREEPER              Cyanide
199         TONES AND I      Ur So F**** Cool
200         THE STROKES     The Adults Are Talking
201         THE LEMON TWIGS         The One
202         GLASS ANIMALS               It's All So Incredibly Loud
203         YUNGBLUD         Weird
204         BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
205         BICEP    Atlas
206         MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSON             Don't Let Me Down
207         DECLAN MCKENNA         Be An Astronaut
208         TONES AND I      Bad Child
209         JOJI f/ DIPLO      Daylight
210         WEEZER                The End Of The Game
211         CLEOPATRICK    Hometown
212         THE LUKA STATE               Feel It
213         THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA  Impossibile
214         THE BIG MOON Take A Piece
215         PERFUME GENIUS           Describe
216         HINDS   Good Bad Times
217         BIFFY CLYRO       Weird Leisure
218         ROISIN MURPHY               Something More
219         THE BETHS          Out Of Sight
220         THE RADIO DEPT.             You Fear The Wrong Thing, Baby
221         ROYAL REPUBLIC              Superlove
222         ROOSEVELT        Echoes
223         HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Over Yet
224         COLD WAR KIDS You Already Know
225         THE ALLERGIES  Felony
226         JON HOPKINS    Luminous Spaces
227         PROSPA               Ecstasy (Over & Over)
228         DEARS   The Worst In Us
229         FONTAINES DC  A Lucid Dream
230         WALLOWS           OK
231         GRIMES My Name Is Dark
232         CHAZ CARDIGAN              Not OK!
233         YVES TUMOR     Kerosene
234         INCUBUS             Our Love
235         BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB Is It Real
236         MEG MYERS       Any Way You Wanna Love
237         SAM FENDER      Saturday
238         LINKIN PARK      She Couldn't
239         PROTOMARTYR Michigan Hammers
240         THE BLUE STONES            Shakin' Off The Rust
241         LOTTERY WINNERS          Little Things
242         LOVE REGENERATOR      Live Without Your Love
243         CREEPER              Annabelle
244         BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)
245         CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS            I Disappear in Your Arms
246         BONIFACE           Oh My God
247         KENSINGTON    Island
248         FLEET FOXES      Can I Believe You
249         JAMIE XX             Idontknow
250         FOALS   Neptune