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Monthly Alternative Chart  
February 15, 2019 through March 15, 2019

4846.163971VAMPIRE WEEKENDHarmony Hall2
3169.7324833BILLIE EILISHBury A Friend2
2593.13252074CAGE THE ELEPHANTReady To Let Go2
2509.1813125WHITE LIESTokyo2
2436.3820 NEW 6FOALSOn The Luna1
2391.6331 NEW 7THE BLACK KEYSLo/Hi1
2322.181718CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMENLongshot2
1632.720389TWENTY ONE PILOTSChlorine5
1556.513210GRIMES f/ HANAWe Appreciate Power4
1483.7815 NEW 11CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMENFluctuate1
1415.9314 NEW 12THE AMAZONSMother1
1374.8111313WALK THE MOONTimebomb2
1156.55103714INTERRUPTERSGave You Everything6
1136.53844815CHEMICAL BROTHERSGot To Keep On2
1114.94122117YOUNG THE GIANTSuperposition6
1047.0819 NEW 18YUNGBLUD & HALSEY f/ TRAVIS BARKER11 Minutes1
1003.038819MO f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLEBlur4
991.136 NEW 20THE DRUMSBody Chemistry1
990.6513 NEW 21FOALSSunday1
965.471914123FLORENCE & THE MACHINEModeration2
919.831360224SAM FENDERPlay God6
918.43107926HALF ALIVEStill Feel6
858.8888827BARNS COURTNEY996
857.0391028PANIC! AT THE DISCOHigh Hopes9
845.5593229THE 1975Love It If We Made It8
833.6324230STAND ATLANTICLost My Cool3
813.058 NEW 31SAM FENDERHypersonic Missiles1
808.4869832TEN TONNESBetter Than Me4
798.458 NEW 33ONLY SHADOWSAt The Door Knocking1
793.6524534THE 1975Sincerity Is Scary5
777.432 NEW 35EMPIRE OF THE SUNChrysalis1
775.2715 NEW 36THE NATIONALYou Had Your Soul With You1
756.87121437BRING ME THE HORIZONMedicine2
749.58 NEW 38HATCHIEWithout A Blush1
745.3510339THE RACONTEURSNow That You're Gone3
725.65676640BRING ME THE HORIZONNihilist Blues2
722.5102641IMAGINE DRAGONSBad Liar4
721.687 NEW 42WEEZERHigh As A Kite1
710.489 NEW 43DEMOB HAPPYLess Is More1
695.2521944BILLIE EILISHWhen I Was Older2
694.389 NEW 45BILLIE EILISHWish You Were Gay1
683.1352546SUB FOCUS & DIMENSIONDesire5
679.587547THE RACONTEURSSunday Driver3
66523348METRICNow Or Never Now6
663.13514549FUNERAL ADVANTAGEBlack House2
653.6322950STARCRAWLERHollywood Ending3

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