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Monthly Alternative Chart  
November 30, 2018 through December 31, 2018

3218.58327031GRIMES f/ HANAWe Appreciate Power2
2381.341832THE 1975It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)3
2084.391824TWENTY ONE PILOTSMy Blood5
1963.821595PANIC! AT THE DISCOHigh Hopes7
1591.6620746MO f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLEBlur2
1588.21947FRIENDLY FIRESHeaven Let Me In3
1535.6513138INTERRUPTERSShe's Kerosene7
1226.94147610SAM FENDERThat Sound3
1192.96102211THE BLUE STONESBlack Holes (Solid Ground)6
1136.6663312BILLIE EILISHWhen The Party's Over3
1127.5691513THE 1975Love It If We Made It6
1105.66106714SUNDARA KARMAOne Last Night On This Earth3
1094.2495315THE VACCINESAll My Friends Are Falling In Love2
1066.271416STRUTS f/ KESHABody Talks6
1054.71101017SIGRIDSucker Punch3
1041.075718MUSEThe Dark Side5
1027.78164219FIDLARCan't You See3
1017.9872320BOB MOSESBack Down6
1010.28132021YOUNG THE GIANTSuperposition4
969.429522WEEZERCan't Knock The Hustle3
893.8911 NEW 23THE RACONTEURSSunday Driver1
871.31872824TWILIGHT SADVTr2
858.953225IDLESDanny Nedelko6
815.1913111926CIRCA WAVESMovies2
814.8161227NOTHING BUT THIEVESTake This Lonely Heart3
783.295928BILLIE EILISHYou Should See Me In A Crown6
779.05134429MARSHMELLO f/ BASTILLEHappier5
732.7374530JUST LOUD & BLONDIESoul Train3
732.264031CHEMICAL BROTHERSFree Yourself3
731.067 NEW 32SHE DREW THE GUNSomething For The Pain1
726.2974333BARNS COURTNEY994
704.3811034MOTHER MOTHERGet Up3
703.9673735THE WOMBATSBee-Sting4
701.326636NOTHING BUT THIEVESForever And Ever More5
685.94104937IMAGINE DRAGONSBad Liar2
681.9647838SUNFLOWER BEANCome For Me3
679.321839LANA DEL REYMariners Apartment Complex4
673.7142440PARQUET COURTSFreebird II4
668.4736441POPPY2 f/ GRIMESPlay Destroy2
651.58736542THE WOMBATSOceans2
643.916 NEW 43CONFIDENCE MANSanta's Comin' Down Your Chimney1
629.95417644SAID THE WHALEUnAmerican3
627.627116845BLOOD RED SHOESHowl2
621.45141146MUMFORD & SONSGuiding Light4
607.8343147ASYLUMSGraveyard Tourism2
602.4312948LIL PEEP & XXXTENTACIONFalling Down3
596.11611249DEATH CAB FOR CUTIENorthern Lights3
595.205550DJ SHADOW f/ RUN THE JEWELSNobody Speak29

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