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Adult Contemporary Monthly Chart  
May 31, 2021 through June 30, 2021

PointsChartsLMTM ArtistSongWeeks
5848.254311JESSIE WAREPlease5
2933.954522BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON.PAAK & SILK SONICLeave The Door Open13
2880.51833RINA SAWAYAMA f/ ELTON JOHNChosen Family57
259726 NEW 4JESSIE WAREHot N Heavy0
2249.12185ELTON JOHN f/ YEARS & YEARSIt's A Sin2
2196.2941 NEW 6PINKAll I Know So Far4
1564.51557WILL YOUNGDaniel5
1472.3516 NEW 8LAURA MVULAGot Me2
1238.5822109TEXASMr. Haze8
1208.15161410BARBARA PRAVIVoila8
1087.810912KYLIE MINOGUEDance Floor Darling30
1086.86131313JACK SAVORETTI f/ NILE RODGERSWho's Hurting Who4
1082.51381214YEARS & YEARSStarstruck8
1020.512415JESSIE WARERemember Where You Are47
961.95111116GJON'S TEARSTouts L'Univers11
779.81111918LOLA LENNOXWherever You Go8
730.05134919MAJID JORDANWaves Of Blue4
652.6727 NEW 20JOHN MAYERLast Train Home0
583.36621STEPS & MICHELLE VISAGEHeartbreak In This City13
575.62101822GIVEONHeartbreak Anniversary50
550.74106025PALOMA FAITHMonster3
530.97222226OLIVIA RODRIGODriver's License21
519.59727PINK & WILLOW SAGE HARTCover Me In Sunshine15
504.3961628HOOVERPHONICThe Wrong Place13
502.644029MICKY DOLENZDifferent Drum7.14
490.636330EDDY GRANTI Belong To You4
483.25102332INGRID ANDRESSLady Like39
478.59122633BEN PLATTImagine6
449.9160 NEW 34COLDPLAYHigher Power4
437.833535PAUL ANKA & OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHNPut Your Head On My Shoulder4
429525336JOAN ARMATRADINGAlready There2
42942737T'PAUGuess Who's Sorry Now6
420.331738KYLIE MINOGUE & DUA LIPAReal Groove30
402.5552139DELTA GOODREMAll Of My Friends6
376.4515041SIMPLY REDEarth In A Lonely Space2
369.23112543GRIFFBlack Hole19
33833245JESSIE WARESpotlight65
32035746VANJESSSlow Down12
297.6210549JAKE & PAPABET Uncut10
288.3628150MARINAMan's World27
28728351MUNGO JERRYThe Colour The Love4
281.12515852ALANIS MORISETTERest2
27124753QUEEN NAIJA f/ ARI LENNOXSet Him Up7
270.43 NEW 54TIFFANYHey Baby0
268.442955PAUL CARRACKYou're Not Alone16
267.4314156ANTHONY HAMILTONYou Made A Fool Of Me3
266220657MEAKUOn My Way1
262.627658ROGER MANNING JR.Love's Never Half As Good13
236.83 NEW 59WILL YOUNGElizabeth Taylor-1
234.8222460ALY & AJSlow Dancing23
233.9174561FOREST BLAKKIf You Love Her24
2312 NEW 62ZELLA DAYDance For Love0
228.245663GARY KEMPAhead Of The Game4
223.6214064MATT HOYWonderland2
211.47916965TIXFallen Angel2
208.8311866MERCYMEOn Our Way9
202.053 NEW 69WE THE KINGDOMChild Of Love17
200.4539570THE ISLEY BROTHERS f/ SNOOP DOGGFriends & Family7
200113671HIGH SOUTHGhost Town15
19426176RUFUS WAINWRIGHTDevils And Angels46
191.259377H.E.R. f/ CHRIS BROWNCome Through6
190.626578BLACKMORE'S NIGHTSecond Element11
190.268580AJ MCLEANLove Song Love5
1862 NEW 81MARTI PELLOWBlack Horse-1
181.79127983DUNCAN LAURENCEArcade19
181.623184JESSIE WAREWhat's Your Pleasure?49
175217885BRANDYStarting Now2
175110686JASON SCHEFFWill You Still Love Me3
172.05111589CITIZEN QUEENY1
165116291BILL CHAMPLINReason To Believe21
165113892JOHNNY GILLGiving My All To You15
16518293LUCY SPRAGGANSober27
16513794PAUL YOUNG & LOS PACAMINOSPrarie Serenade4
165111295STEPSTo The One25
16519196VERONICA GREENStars8
157216099TANKCan't Let It Show12
155192100WANG CHUNGRain5
152.42186101KYLIE MINOGUEMiss A Thing29
147199102JAKE & PAPASpell It In Diamonds7
1471225103JOHN LODGEThe Sun Will Shine3
1471154104JOSH GROBANI'll Stand By you9
1471220105PALOMA FAITHLast Night On Earth32
1471130106TOM SPEIGHTSoak Up7
142.662155109GARY BARLOW f/ BEVERLEY KNIGHTEnough Is Enough18
1391126110JOE MCELDERRYBaby Had Your Fun18
1391121111PET SHOP BOYSWill O The Wisp71
139190112ROZALLAI Feel It Slipping Away21
1391166113TONY TERRYEverlasting Love15
1311146115BEN PLATTEase My Mind119
1311163117JOSH GROBANI Can See Clearly Now7
1311165119THE BLOW MONKEYSTime Storm39
130.353124120STOKLEY f/ BONFYRECascade19
128.39119121SZAGood Days22
1272102122MARISHA WALLACEFaith17
1241226123MICHAEL MCDONALDRiver Rise2
124189124RICHARD MARXLimitless3
1241200125THE OUTFIELDSuburbia15
123.45110127TAYLOR SWIFTWillow25
121.82143128LAURA PAUSINISeen (Io Si)19
121.22184129DAN HILLOn The Other Side Of Here6
119.2329182130THE WEEKND f/ ARIANA GRANDESave Your Tears63
116.943167131D-NICE f/ NE-YO & KENT JONESNo Plans For Love10
115.442 NEW 132BIFFY CLYROSpace41
111.87443133FRATELLISNeed A Little Love15
109.853284134DAVID CROSBY f/ MICHAEL MCDONALDRiver Rise1
108.51175136TAYLOR SWIFTMarjorie24
1071100140KYLIE MINOGUECelebrate You29
98.352185142JAM & LEWIS f/ BABYFACEHe Don't Know Nothin' Bout It28
98.35266143ROBIN THICKELook Easy16
97.61120144KRISTINE WNo One17
94.22223148DI-RECTWild Hearts15
94184151ERASUREShot A Satellite47
941227153PET SHOP BOYSBeautiful Laundrette4.57
93.7115154STEPSTo The Beat Of My Heart26
92.935172155THE WEEKNDBlinding Lights78
90.752343157TONE STITHDevotion7
90.6159158DANIEL JAMESSet Your Spirit Free9
90.6173160ROBIN THICKETake Me Higher11
90.61181161STEPSHold My Heart27
90.61208162TAYLOR SWIFTThe 144
90.12396163MAT KEARNEYCan't Look Back22
87.4239164TINA ARENAChurch5
871139165LOLA LENNOXLa La Love Me22
87177166STARJETSTitanic Town15
871234167YOUNG GUN SLIVER FOXWho Needs Words15
85.52156168SEBASTIAN MIKAELExit11
84.42187169MERCYMESay I Won't24
841255170COREY HART f/ DANTE HARTShoreline14
84174171DENNIS DEYOUNGIsle Of Misanthrope10
83.053168172FOR KING & COUNTRYAmen18
82.772114173TAYLOR SWIFTLove Story (Taylor's Version)16
81.6333 NEW 174MARSHMELLO f/ JONAS BROTHERSLeave Before You Love Me2
811 NEW 176VANESSA WILLIAMSBubble Kisses43
80.775250177CELESTETonight Tonight17
79.82317178COREY HARTMorning Sun2
781148179MARIAH CAREYHere We Go Around Again34
751179181H.E.R.I Can't Breathe49
751241182MARTIN & GARPTold You Straight5
74.91219183LIANNE LA HAVASBittersweet64
72.6922260184DUA LIPALevitating61
702229188ROGER MANNING JR.Is It All A Dream13
69.042111189ALANIS MORISETTEI Miss The Band7
68.61242190PAUL MIDDLETONWhen Love Takes Over26
66.3394192AMY SHARK f/ KEITH URBANLove Songs Ain't For Us13
65.092122193HARRY STYLESTreat People With Kindness73
64.22108194SAM RYDERWhirlwind14
63.421134195SARA EVANS6th Avenue Heartache21
621266196DENNIS DEYOUNGThe Last Guitar Hero2
621235197MEAKU f/ MASTERKRAFTRewind15
61.25248198PASSENGERSword From The Stone19
61.2252199BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHTWhat I'd Do For You10
59.61194201DAVID ARCHULETABe That For You5
59.61296202JAMIE MILLERHold You 'Til We're Old12
58.81159203BUSTA RHYMES f/ MARIAH CAREYWhere I Belong28
58.81 NEW 204H.E.R.Change-1
57.6167205BARRY GIBB f/KEITH URBANI've Gotta Get A Message To You18
57.4923218206DUA LIPAWe're Good15
56.61282207BILL CHAMPLINLove Lives On1
56.6155208PATTY SMYTHOnly One13
56.61263209STEPSWhat The Future Holds38
55.81123211OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN & CHLOE LATTANZIWindow In The Wall19
55.8158212RICK ASTLEYUnwanted8
54.75237213KEITH URBAN f/ PINKOne Too Many37
53.41188214HERB ALPERTZoo Train 214
52.8169215PHIL HENDRIKSRadio Blaring Out From A Burning Car7
52.81270216VANJESS f/ PHONY PPLCaught Up16
52.012149217MICKEY GUYTONBlack Like Me52
51.42 NEW 218LAUREN DAIGLEHold On To Me14
50.82197219CHRIS CORNELLWatching The Wheels24
50.61291220ALOE BLACCMissing Piece8
50.61132221TOM JONESOne More Cup Of Coffee8
49.682 NEW 222JP SAXELike That2
49.423202223JAZMINE SULLIVANPick Up Your Feelings25
48.61145224JESSIE WARESoul Control49
48.6175225JIMMY SOMERVILLEEverything Must Change13
47.81176226STEPSSomething In Your Eyes30
47.662216227SERENA RYDERBetter Now19
47.522302228CELESTEStop This Flame74
461285229TAYLOR SWIFTCardigan44
45.41295231BRENDAN MURRAYHere To Stay6
44.2413245233NICK JONASThis Is Heaven13
43.762116234ARLO PARKSHurt41
42.81183235KENNY LOGGINSThe Great Adventure17
41.41142236THOMAS ANDERSCosmic Rider19
41.021331237DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONSMorning in America2
38.631310238SAM SMITHKids Again30
35.61324240FRANKIE VALLIHow High The Moon2
35.1814287241MAROON 5 f/ MEGAN THEE STALLIONBeautiful Mistakes13
35.161309242MATT CARDLEWe're The Butterflies10
34.622300243ALOE BLACC f/ LEAN RIMESI Do67
34.6186244JESSIE WARESave A Kiss57
33.61314245BIRDYThe Otherside3
311144247LEELA JAMESComplicated11
28.81 NEW 248LEWIS CAPALDISomeone You Loved131
28.241221249KAINE FRANCESCOLast Song I'll Ever Write7
28.081244250LIAM GALLAGHERAll You're Dreaming Of27
281332251J. BROWNVibe16
281329252KEYSHIA COLEI Don't Wanna Be In Love15
25.51189253AFTER 7Bittersweet7
23.042273255BRETT ELDREDGEGood Day44
21.751334256GWEN BUNN & FAITH EVANSBetween The Lines15
19.51340257PASTOR MIKE JR.I Got It7
18.151350259CPT KIRK AND THE DEVIL HORNSAlways The Same2
17.651338260GIGI VEGAWatchu Tryna Do?2
17.65168261JENNIFER HUDSONAin't No Mountain High Enough11
17.151344263MIYA GUGGSSituationships11
17.151347264VORYThis Side2
16.651342265GABBY BARRETT f/ CHARLIE PUTHI Hope116
16.251345266LAVENDINEOpen Up A Window2
15.91209268TORI KELLYUnbothered41
15.151349269ALEX HARRISFalling For You11
14.546308271MAISIE PETERSJohn Hughes Movie12
14.441353272LEWIS CAPALDIBefore You Go79
12.791327273DUA LIPABreak My Heart62
121 NEW 274WALEOn Chill96
11.821341275HARRY STYLESGolden75
11.362203276ED SHEERANAfterglow23
10.061271278AVA MAXKings & Queens63
9.822315279SAM RYDERTiny Riot10
9.84326280JUSTIN BIEBERAnyone22
9.384328281JESSIAI'm Not Pretty19
9.044348282DELANEY JANEJust As Much17
8.561357283CHRIS BROWN vs. YOUNG THUGGo Crazy55
7.8129428450 CENT, NLE CHOPA & RILEYY LANEZPart Of The Game21
7.531361285HARRY STYLESWatermelon Sugar79
6.64339287TATE MCRAEYou Broke Me First44
6.21320288YUNG BLEU f/ DRAKEYou're Mines Still24
6.152356289BANNERSSomeone To You49
4.293362290ELIJAH WOODSLights18
4.171230291MILEY CYRUSMidnight Sky42
3.091364292DRAKEWhat's Next13
3.022367293TYLER SHAWWhen You're Home19
1.582372295RITT MOMNEYPut Your Records On36
1.261373296SURF MESA f/ EMILEEILY (I Love You Baby)56
0.981370297SHAWN HOOKTake Me Home18
0.711371299JUSTIN BIEBER f/ BENNY BLANCOLonely32
0.41374300LADY GAGA & ARIANA GRANDERain On Me54

Beyond Radio's Monthly Adult Contemporary/Soft Rock Chart and Playlists

AC Picks Playlists

AC Top 150 of 2020

1              KYLIE MINOGUE               Say Something
2              JESSIE WARE       Spotlight
3              DUA LIPA             Don't Start Now
4              MILEY CYRUS     Midnight Sky
5              KYLIE MINOGUE               Magic
6              JESSIE WARE       Save A Kiss
7              KYGO & TINA TURNER    What's Love Got To Do With It
8              HARRY STYLES    Falling
9              HARRY STYLES    Adore You
10           JESSIE WARE       What's Your Pleasure?
11           LADY GAGA        Stupid Love
12           STEPS    What The Future Holds
13           OZZY OSBOURNE & ELTON JOHN               Ordinary Man
14           THE WEEKND     Blinding Lights
15           ERASURE             Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)
16           TAYLOR SWIFT   Cardigan
17           MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIER           The Bones
18           KYGO & DONNA SUMMER           Hot Stuff
19           LADY GAGA & ARIANA GRANDE Rain On Me
20           PALOMA FAITH Better Than This
21           DUA LIPA             Break My Heart
22           VICTORIA MONET            Experience
23           BRETT ELDREDGE             Gabrielle
24           KELLY CLARKSON             I Dare You
25           SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR     Crying At The Discotheque
26           SAM SMITH        Diamonds
27           BON JOVI f/ JENNIFER NETTLES  Do What You Can
28           STEPS    Something In Your Eyes
29           HARRY STYLES    Watermelon Sugar
30           PET SHOP BOYS Monkey Business
31           THOMAS RHETT Be A Light
32           JEFFERSON STARSHIP     It's About Time
33           THE WEEKND     In Your Eyes
34           PET SHOP BOYS I Don't Wanna
35           DOJA CAT            Say So
36           LEWIS CAPALDI Before You Go
37           KYLIE MINOGUE               I Love It
38           POST MALONE  Circles
39           MELANIE C          Who I Am
40           ALANIS MORISETTE         Smiling
41           AVA MAX            Kings & Queens
42           PALOMA FAITH Gold
43           GABBY BARRETT f/ CHARLIE PUTH             I Hope
44           MAROON 5         Memories
45           MARINA              Man's World
46           LIANNE LA HAVAS            Can't Fight
47           TONI BRAXTON Dance
48           ROXETTE              Let Your Heart Dance With Me
49           CELINE DION      Courage
50           JONAS BROTHERS            What A Man Gotta Do
51           ALICIA KEYS        Underdog
52           MANDY MOORE               Save A Little For Yourself
53           MARIAH CAREY f/ LAURYN HILL  Save The Day
54           THE MAMAS      Move
55           JP SAXE f/ JULIA MICHAELS          If The World Was Ending
56           JOHNNY HATES JAZZ       Spirit Of Love
57           DELTA GOODREM            Paralyzed
58           CALVIN HARRIS f/ THE WEEKND Over Now
59           JESSIE WARE       Ooh La La
60           DARYL BRAITHWAITE      Love Songs
61           THE WEEKND     Scared To Live
62           MELANIE C          Blame It On Me
63           THE KILLERS        Caution
64           DAN & SHAY, JUSTIN BIEBER        10,000 Hours
65           SAM SMITH        To Die For
66           SHAWN MENDES              Wonder
67           ERASURE             Nerves Of Steel
68           USHER  Bad Habits
70           ALICIA KEYS f/ KHALID    So Done
71           JESSIE WARE       Soul Control
72           BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG I Think We're Alone Now
73           BON JOVI            Limitless
74           STEVIE NICKS     Show Them The Way
75           MANDY MOORE               Tryin' My Best, Los Angeles
76           KYLIE MINOGUE               Real Groove
77           BEN PLATT          Ease My Mind
78           BTS         Dynamite
79           ZELLA DAY           My Game
80           JORJA SMITH      By Any Means
81           USHER f/ ELLA MAI          Don't Waste My Time
82           KATY PERRY        Daisies
83           ALANIS MORISETTE         Diagnosis
84           THE EXPLORERS CLUB     One Drop Of Rain
85           TIM MCGRAW   I Called Mama
86           MELANIE C          In And Out Of Love
87           T'PAU    Be Wonderful
88           LOUISE Hurt
89           TONI BRAXTON f/ MISSY ELLIOTT               Do It
90           HALSEY You Should Be Sad
91           RONAN KEATING & EMELI SANDE             One Of A Kind
92           SELENA GOMEZ Lose You To Love Me
93           FLEETWOOD MAC            Dreams
94           H.E.R.    I Can't Breathe
95           MARC ALMOND Slow Burn Love
96           JESSIE WARE       Remember Where You Are
97           LEON     And It Breaks My Heart
98           JAWSH 685 f/ JASON DERULO     Savage Love
99           THE GO-GO'S     Club Zero
100         ARLO PARKS       Hurt
101         ALICIA KEYS        Love Looks Better
102         LIANNE LA HAVAS            Weird Fishes
103         NIALL HORAN    Put A Little Love On Me
104         ARLO PARKS       Black Dog
105         JAMES BLUNT    Monsters
106         BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted
107         BECKY HILL          Forever Young
108         BLOSSOMS         The Keeper
109         LIVE LOUNGE ALLSTARS Times Like These
110         MARIAH CAREY f/ ARIANA GRANDE & JENNIFER HUDSON              Oh Santa!
111         STEPS    Under My Skin
112         THE FIZZ               The World We Left Behind
113         PINK SWEAT$     17
114         JOHN LEGEND    Conversations In The Dark
115         MARIAH CAREY All I Want For Christmas Is You
116         PET SHOP BOYS Happy People
117         DOLLY PARTON When Life Is Good Again
118         CHRIS BROWN vs. YOUNG THUG               Go Crazy
119         SZA f/ JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE          The Other Side
120         TAYLOR SWIFT   The 1
121         ALICIA KEYS        Time Machine
122         ZOE WEES            Control
123         SIA         Together
124         IDINA MENZEL   Into The Unknown
125         LEON     Chasing A Feeling
126         TAYLOR SWIFT   The Man
127         LEWIS CAPALDI Someone You Loved
128         KIESZA  All Of The Feelings
129         JOHNNY HATES JAZZ       New Day Ahead
130         CAMILA CABELLO f/ DABABY       My Oh My
131         JESSIE WARE       Step Into My Life
132         ADAM LAMBERT               Believe
133         YEBBA   Distance
134         CELESTE                Stop This Flame
135         MAROON 5         Nobody's Love
136         DAN & SHAY       I Should Probably Go to Bed
137         MANDY MOORE               Fifteen
138         LIAM GALLAGHER            All You're Dreaming Of
139         JAMES BLUNT f/ WARD THOMAS              Halfway
140         WILL YOUNG      Forever
141         STEVE LUKATHER             Run to Me
142         KELSEA BALLERINI & HALSEY        The Other Girl
143         CAT STEVENS     Butterfly
144         TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern
145         BRANDY               Borderline
146         CLIFF RICHARD  Falling For You
147         FOR KING & COUNTRY f/ KIRK FRANKLIN & TORI KELLY     Together
148         RICHARD MARX Let Go
149         TAYLOR SWIFT   Epiphany
150         DIODATO             Fai Rumore