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Adult Contemporary Monthly Chart  
October 31, 2019 through November 30, 2019

PointsChartsLMTM ArtistSongMonths
1625.552711PET SHOP BOYS f/ YEARS & YEARSDreamland12
843.259 NEW 2DJ SPOONY f/SUGABABESFlowers6
842.162623KYGO f/ WHITNEY HOUSTONHigher Love23
762.7511124CELINE DIONImperfections11
7627 NEW 5WESTLIFEMy Blood4
743.510 NEW 6GEORGE MICHAELThis Is How (We Want You To get High)4
710.21037MANDY MOOREWhen I Wasn't Watching10
668.0716158FREYA RIDINGSCastles27
583.27119JEFF LYNNE'S ELOFrom Out Of Nowhere10
561.8510910CELINE DIONLying Down10
559.2516311MAISIE PETERSThis Is On You9
523.17 NEW 12TAYLOR SWIFTBeautiful Ghosts1
518.216 NEW 13BASTILLECan't Fight This Feeling1
515.27514BEN PLATTRain12
51541715JODIE WHITTAKERYellow8
497.52281316MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIERThe Bones41
463.75303617MAROON 5Memories10
446.117418JAMES BLUNTCold12
4333 NEW 19SONIAA Night That's Never Ending4
428614920MIKADear Jealousy10
422.8130821TAYLOR SWIFTLover15
417.1211422LEWIS CAPALDISomeone You Loved53
40642023SIMPLY REDThinking Of You15
399.2591824TONI CORNELLFar Away Places9
399.263325RICK ASTLEYEvery One Of Us11
395.4416426JAMES BLUNTMonsters6
349.445 NEW 27ADAM LAMBERTCloser To You8
319.86 NEW 28MANDY MOOREI'd Rather Lose5
316.824129WILL YOUNGGround Running23
311.79 NEW 30COLDPLAYEveryday Life4
291.654231CAITLYN SMITHPut Me Back Together12
290.113632JACK SAVORETTI f/ MIKAYouth And Love41
286.659733CELINE DIONCourage10
280.92410234ADAM LAMBERTOverglow7
277.4441635EMELI SANDEShine20
277.23 NEW 36RUFUS WAINWRIGHTTrouble In Paradise4
275.7143037JACK SAVORETTIGreatest Mistake15
275.62 NEW 38ALICIA KEYSTime Machine1
260.556739LOUISENot The Same6
257.4579240BANANARAMALooking For Someone34
255.82 NEW 41LEA MICHELEChristmas In New York1
253.4018342THE WEEKNDDie For You152
250.834 NEW 43GRACE POTTERLove Is Love14
246.95246344DAN & SHAY, JUSTIN BIEBER10,000 Hours9
242.44 NEW 45PET SHOP BOYSBurning The Heather1
236.964 NEW 46A GREAT BIG WORLDFall On Me1
235.43 NEW 47B*WITCHEDHold On4
234.4348648JACK SAVORETTILove Is On The Line37