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AAA Monthly Chart  
February 28, 2021 through March 31, 2021

2614.283411KINGS OF LEONThe Bandit8
1837.333222TAYLOR SWIFT f/ HAIMNo Body, No Crime11
1822.63893FOO FIGHTERSWaiting On A War6
1528.4831 NEW 5WOLF ALICEThe Last Man On Earth0
1453.23676RAG 'N' BONE MANAll You Ever Wanted4
1316.591837LONDON GRAMMARLose Your Head8
1056.7715 NEW 8LONDON GRAMMARHow Does It Feel-1
996.218119WEEZERAll My Favorite Songs5
969.3330410TAYLOR SWIFTWillow12
967.97178011HAIM f/ TAYLOR SWIFTGasoline36
965.18812ARLO PARKSHope13
931.5416513CELESTELove Is Back9
886.991314JULIEN BAKERFaith Healer18
849.2891615THE STROKESThe Adults Are Talking41
805.791013216FRATELLISNeed A Little Love2
729.211114417KINGS OF LEONEchoing2
720.5581418JADE BIRDHeadstart16
7008 NEW 19LAURA MVULASafe Passage0
693.8492120THE CORALFaceless Angel4
686.6255421DAYGLOWClose To You6
683.259 NEW 22ALANIS MORISETTEPredator0
654.0371823PHOEBE BRIDGERSKyoto46
641.98741124LORD HURONNot Dead Yet2
605.4413 NEW 26THE STRUMBELLASGreatest Enemy1
592.01151527CANNONSFire For You29
570.2717628CROWDED HOUSETo The Island2
569.2393529BEN HOWARDWhat A Day5
566.7871730GABRIELSLove And Hate In A Different Time11
555.4377232FLEET FOXESSunblind17
553.97 NEW 33LPOne Last Time-2
546.48131034GORILLAZ f/ BECKThe Valley Of The Pagans19
542.892535ARLO PARKSCaroline13
533.011035436AMY MACDONALDStatues2
523.3222 NEW 37ST. VINCENTPay Your Way In Pain0
520.0952038PHOEBE BRIDGERSI Know The End35
517.738 NEW 39JAMESAll The Colours Of You0
51257840TUNE-YARDSHold Yourself4
508.283941BAKAR1st Time17
496.73112642THE AVALANCHES f/ MGMT & JOHNNY MARRThe Divine Chord12
491.0397043JON BATISTEI Need You3
455.98617244LAKE STREET DIVEHypotheticals2
444.499 NEW 45SARA KAYSRemember That Night?4
439.784446AARON FRAZEROver You19
438.7245247JESSIE WAREThe Kill35
435.8863148MICHIGANDERLet Down22
430.83 NEW 49DREW HOLCOMB & THE NEIGHBORSI Need To Go Somewhere0
423.5386950BLACK PUMASColors74
414415752RINSE f/ HATCHIEBack Into Your Arms15
404.8541453RICHARD ASHCROFTBring On The Lucie (Freeda Peeple)2
382.9755654ARLO PARKSHurt28
370.858856JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITOverseas27
369.7772457CHRIS CORNELLWatching The Wheels11
361.834059ZELLA DAY f/ WEYES BLOODHolocene4
355.227660JESSIE WAREAdore You107
349.9455061FUTURE ISLANDSPlastic Beach19
347227162SEAN TOBINSt. Patricks Day Forever2
340.3541963BRUCE SPRINGSTEENGhosts22
331.138 NEW 64JADE BIRDOpen Up The Heavens1
328.73814965SERENA RYDERBetter Now6
326.91298767GLASS ANIMALSHeat Waves34
325.95310668THE LICKERISH QUARTETDo You Feel Better8
322.5649869EVE 6Black Nova4
317.5627970DEL AMITRIIt's Feelings2
314.544871TAYLOR SWIFTChampagne Problems11
313.638472THE LICKERISH QUARTETSovereignty Blues8
311.64210773THE WEATHER STATIONParking Lot2
307.9893074PAUL MCCARTNEYFind My Way10
307.3884675THE BLACK KEYSKeep My Name Outta Your Mouth8
305.84 NEW 76PAUL WELLERCosmic Fringes0
299211377MORCHEEBASounds Of Blue4
298.933878DAVID BOWIETryin' To Get To Heaven9
297.8253280GARY NUMANIntruder6
296.1842781THE KILLERSC'est La Vie4
295.96435882JULIEN BAKERFavor2
290.6219983PEARL CHARLESImposter3
287.4124 NEW 84IMAGINE DRAGONSFollow You-1
286.3633385SMITH & BURROWSParliament Hill9
275.48416687NATHANIEL RATELIFFRedemption9
273.6312288PEARL CHARLESOnly For Tonight5
273.073 NEW 89CHARLOTTE CARDINMeaningless1
272.6210190THE WAR AND TREATYFive More Minutes28
271.132892OF MONSTERS AND MENVisitor25
268.834 NEW 93LPHow Low Can You Go13
267.53510894FRANCES FOREVERSpace Girl2
263.03540796UNKLEDo Yourself Some Good2
262.0551297CHRIS STAPLETONCold22
261.857398CHRIS STAPLETONArkansas13
253.332219100SPARKSLeft Out In The Cold41
252.35247101DURAN DURANFive Years8
246.334538103VALERIE JUNECall Me A Fool3
240274104MADLIBRoad Of The Lonely Ones5
238.494 NEW 105MIDDLE KIDSQuestions6
237.733274106LUCEROBack In Ohio4
236.883142107KATHLEEN EDWARDSGlenfern4
231.966292108RINSETamaryn (Wherever I Am)2
230.892 NEW 109NATHAN GRAY f/ FRANK TURNERSay Anything19
229.154298110HISS GOLDEN MESSENGERSanctuary3
228.292 NEW 111MELPO MENEOnce Had It All4
226.591093112MAXIMO PARKAll Of Me6
220.52 NEW 113SMITH & BURROWSOld TV Shows-2
219.17265114GRANDBROTHERSWhat We See9
218264115STURGILL SIMPSONI Don't Mind18
217.75355117TAYLOR SWIFT f/ THE NATIONALConey Island12
217.344478118TONICTo Be Loved2
217.241183119MAMMOTH WVHDistance14
216.5358120HONORARY ASTRONAUTFinal Dream Machine27
213.33114122H.E.R.Fight For You4
207.733120123SON MIEUX19924
203.86371124LIANNE LA HAVASWeird Fishes36
203.642 NEW 125PHOEBE BRIDGERSChinese Satellite23
2001239126NADJIWANRebound Girl2
200181127THE CHICKSSleep At Night31
2001205128JOSHUA RADINBetter Life5
2001 NEW 130RADIO DAYSI Got A Love0
197.372296131DAVID BOWIEMother4
196.98349132FIONA APPLEUnder The Table44
196.8285133TAYLOR SWIFTTolerate It11
195.02267134PHOEBE BRIDGERSSavior Complex13
1921169135SOCCER MOMMYCircle The Drain56
190242136RINGO STARRHere's To The Nights9
185179137KATIE PRUITTExpectations50
1851115138JOHN FOGERTYWeeping In The Promised Land8
1851152139ANNA TERNHEIMWhen You Were Mine8
1851 NEW 141BRUNO PERNADASTheme Vision-3
1851 NEW 142MICHAEL KIWANUKAYou Ain't The Problem77
184.44263143CELESTETonight Tonight4
183.83995144BANNERSSomeone To You36
182.864 NEW 145GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTYI Hear The Ax Swinging-1
182.583 NEW 146FLOCK OF DIMESTwo4
181.442190147HONORARY ASTRONAUTGold10
179.862253148BILLIE EILISHTherefore I Am16
179.813 NEW 149SIR CHLOEMichelle0
178.75389151THE WEATHER STATIONRobber9
178.52845152FOO FIGHTERSShame Shame17
177.61151153SOCCER MOMMYBloodstream65
177.61195154NALA BLUNothing Lasts Forever5
1751126155HORACE ANDYLick Shot5
1751175156HOLLY MACVEBe My Friend2
1751 NEW 157CHRIS WILSONThe Tendieman1
172.042137158ROGER MANNING JR.The Quickening28
171.51276159SUFJAN STEVENSTell Me You Love Me3
169.397 NEW 160ONR f/ SARAH BARTHELMust Stop15
168.96229161FLEET FOXESCan I Believe You23
1681133162BILL RYDER-JONESMither5
1681150163ESKOBARLiving In The Sky17
1681189164BENEDIKT & TUVABANDMy Killer2
1681235165ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGENHurricane2
1681258166THE CHARLATANSSonic21
1681 NEW 167NEWFAMILIARHow Can I?-1
165.892 NEW 169BIRDYDeepest Lonely-2
1651162171L.A.B.In The Air46
1651178172HAIMDon't Wanna40
1651200173SONS OF THE EASTYou Might Think5
1651223174BRIAN RAYWhiskey Train4
1651 NEW 175DANIEL DOCHERTYBroken Bird1
1651 NEW 176LEELA GILDAYGiants1
1651 NEW 177MATILDA'S SCOUNDRELSJousting Crowd1
164.82163178BRANDI CARLILEBlack Hole Sun7
1642268179ALL STAR UNITEDTake Me Away19
1643 NEW 180LAURA MVULAChurch Girl-3
162.751 NEW 182DUBSTARI Can See You Outside13
162.123 NEW 183DINOSAUR JR.I Ran Away0
160.723 NEW 184THE CORALLover Undiscovered-3
159.914540185CHET FAKERLow21
159.752174186ZACH BRYANHeading South3
158.41170187MIDNIGHT OILFirst Nation21
158.41 NEW 188SOCCER MOMMYAllison1
155.883127190BLACKMORE'S NIGHTFour Winds5
155.233165191ALANIS MORISETTELosing The Plot22
1551270193KATIE PRUITTOhio18
1551 NEW 194NOAH REIDHonesty44
153.862111195DOVESCathedrals Of The Mind26
152.44209196SUZI QUATROThe Devil In Me5
152.283229197THE DIRTY KNOBSIrish Girl3
150.313194198TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVERExile30
148.42237199THOM YORKE, BURIAL & FOUR TETHer Revolution13
147.847121200PASSENGERSword From The Stone6
147.42 NEW 201CLARY f/ LADY ZMoving Forward1
146.783 NEW 202TOM PETTYYou Saw Me Comin'0
144.843 NEW 203FRATELLISHalf Drunk Under A Full Moon-2
144.552237204DEATH CAB FOR CUTIEWaterfalls4
144.19243205THOM YORKE, BURIAL & FOUR TETHis Rope13
144.151193206ROSS CURRYMost Beautiful21
144.061109207HAIMFeel The Thunder15
144.061145208FOUR TETParallel 45
144.061146209THE MULLINSPart Of Me3
144.061430210THE WEATHER STATIONAtlantic5
141.121236211SOCCER MOMMYLucy75
141.121285212SOCCER MOMMYOut Worn2
141.121 NEW 213SOCCER MOMMYNight Swimming38
140.142140214AARON LEE TASJANUp All Night7
139.51148215DANNY VERARollercoaster10
139.38357216KINGS OF LEON100,000 People8
1391154217AARON FRAZERBad News22
1391311218THE PRETENDERSYou Can't Hurt A Fool26
1391 NEW 219ANN WILSONThe Hammer1
138.772 NEW 221BEN HOWARDSorry Kid-3
138.42349222RUSTON KELLYUnder The Sun7
138.182451223THE VAPORSIn Babylon9
137.63275224NEW ORDERBe A Rebel26
136.711207225THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus48
136.711159226BETTER THAN EZRAIn Your Eyes19
133.82244227BLACK PUMAS f/ LUCIUSStrangers4
133.441210228MOONEYEBright Lights6
133.441 NEW 229WILLIAM DOYLEAnd Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)5
133.441 NEW 230ANACHNIDChina Doll1
132.62 NEW 231RUEN BROTHERSCookies And Cream0
1311222232BRIAN RAYGot A New Thing4
1311 NEW 234VALERIE JUNEWhy The Bright Stars Glow0
1311 NEW 235MUCK & THE MIRESI'm Your Man-1
130.572291236MIDDLE KIDSR U 4 Me?19
130.562334237RED CITY RADIOApocalypse, Please!11
129.18390238HAYLEY WILLIAMSGood Grief2
128.381218239RICHARD WALTERSNew Air13
127.52 NEW 240GARY NUMANI Am Screaming-1
126.42 NEW 241JOSE GONZALEZEl Invento0
124.42238242HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWSHurry Back Baby47
1241243243THEE SINSEERSWhat's His Name6
1241253244MEN I TRUSTTides2
123.854119245THE BLACK CROWESCharming Mess6
121.622129246CELESTEI'm Here13
121.521 NEW 247THE CHILLSMonolith2
120.66397248TAME IMPALAIs It True52
120.42136249PETE YORNThey Don't Know4
119.52 NEW 250LAURA MVULAGreen Garden1
1181 NEW 251NERVOUS DATERFarm Song1
1181180252THEE LAKESIDERSParachute11
1181380253THE BLOODSHOTSNo Way Out2
117.92 NEW 254POPPY AJUDHAWeakness0
116.73 NEW 255THE ANCHOREESThe Art Of Losing0
116.632290256I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MELeave Me Alone30
115.444100258DECLAN MCKENNARapture25
115.321206259DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONSCircles17
113.652143260NILUFER YANYACrash18
113.182168261DODIEHate Myself5
113.162147262THE KILLERSMy Own Soul's Warning37
1121310263LAKE STREET DIVENobody's Stopping you Now6
1121 NEW 264ELISAPIEAsuguuq1
111.82131267PJ HARDING f/ NOAH CYRUSDear August2
111.142346268LIANNE LA HAVASBittersweet51
110.993287269SAM ROBERTS BANDTake Me Away6
109.183188270THE STROKESOde To The Mets31
1083245271SOFT SET7 On Up27
107.62 NEW 272PAUL MCCARTNEY f/ DOMINC FIKEThe Kiss Of Venus-2
107.522278273QUANTICNineteen Hundred and Eighty Five6
1071299274ERLEND OYE & LA COMITIVALockdown Blues2
1071293275WAXAHATCHEECan't Do Much44
1071 NEW 276MADISON CUNNINGHAMBroken Harvest-2
1071 NEW 277MXMTOONProm Dress-3
106.762 NEW 278MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAKeel Timing-3
1051368280ALANIS MORISETTEAblaze30
104.861 NEW 281BEN HOWARDFar Out-2
103.61 NEW 282ALANIS MORISETTEDiagnosis45
102.84212283CHEAP TRICKLight Up The Fire5
102.721265284MARBLE WAVESCaught In A Current22
102.721338285GENEVIEVE STOKESSurface Tension2
102.721302286FRONT BOTTOMSMontgomery Forever34
100.742422288THE SEAHORSESBlinded By The Sun7
99.82 NEW 289SISTER HAZELWhen Love Takes Hold-1
97.932 NEW 290PREPTurn Up The Music-3
97.921134291MIESHA AND THE SPANKSWanna Feel Good10
97.921 NEW 292PEARL JAMRetrograde48
97.921 NEW 293MOLLY BURMANFool Me With Flattery-2
97.61177295PETE YORNThe World45
97.61283296BOBBY OROZAI Got Love2
97.61 NEW 297ALDOUS HARDINGTreasure1
97.61158298KT TUNSTALL & ALAN CUMMINGCaledonia5
97.61282299AARON FRAZERLive On13
97.61 NEW 300BLACK PUMASFire100
97.61 NEW 301LEON BRIDGES & KEITE YOUNGLike A Ship-0.29
97.61 NEW 302NEW WALES199333
97.61 NEW 303TONY JOE WHITEBoot Money-1
97.61 NEW 304KATIE PRUITTGrace Has A Gun44
97.122479305PSYCHEDELIC FURSWrong Train27
96.173185306LANA DEL REYLet Me Love You Like A Woman19
94.675192307CAGE THE ELEPHANTSkin & Bones22
941241308ANN WILSONRooster9
941 NEW 309MICHAEL KIWANUKASolid Ground66
941 NEW 310DESIREE DORIONBeautiful People-2
92.45277311JAKE BUGGAll I Need16
92.41 NEW 312ALANIS MORISETTENemesis-3
92.22345313TOAD THE WET SPROCKETStarting Now22
92.162141314HAYLEY WILLIAMSTeardrop6
92.121393315JARV ISSwanky Modes13
90.781191316LUZThe Author13
90.61128317CAITLYN SMITHFix You23
90.241197318LITTLE BARRIERest In Blue4
90.241 NEW 319JULIANA HATFIELDMouthful of Blood-3
90.212447320SOMETHING FOR KATECome Back Before I Come To My Senses20
89.82 NEW 321THE ACCIDENTALSWildfire-1
89.223418322BADFINGER f/ RICK SPRINGFIELDLove Is Gonna Come At Last6
88.791 NEW 323CELESTEHear My Voice20
87.913 NEW 324KALEOBreak My Baby57
87.51 NEW 325EVANGELINE GENTLEThe Strongest People Have Tender Hearts-3
87.42 NEW 326SARA KAYSPicture Of You-2
87.322130327BEN HOWARDCrowhurt's Meme4
871300328MESKEREM MEESSeasons Shift4
871372329MEGAN NASHQuiet4
871 NEW 330MEN I TRUSTShow Me How1
871 NEW 331TWIN FLAMESBattlefields-1
871 NEW 332CATIE TURNERHide And Seek-2
86.981 NEW 333SUFJAN STEVENSRun Away With Me21
86.642246334SAINT NOMADNothing To Lose6
86.33 NEW 335TEENAGE FANCLUBThe Sun Won't Shine On Me-2
862413336LAKE STREET DIVEMaking Do21
85.26136337BADBADNOTGOODThe Chocolate Conquistadors9
841 NEW 338EVANGELINE GENTLEThe Strongest People Have Tender Hearts-1
84168339SEMISONICBasement Tapes24
841110340KATIE PRUITTLook The Other Way22
841309341FAYE WEBSTERKingston9
841404342HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWSI Am There For You42
83.883304343MEG MYERSAny Way You Wanna Love22
83.72 NEW 344CORY WONG & CODY FRYComing Back Around-2
82.682505346JACOB COLLIERSleeping On My Dreams28
82.51 NEW 347DAN SULTANTarred And Feathered1
811153348ISKWE & TOM WILSONBlue Moon Drive11
811254349BLACKMORE'S NIGHTOnce Upon December11
811 NEW 350VAN MORRISONNo More Lockdown1
811250351BRANDI CARLILESearching With My Good Eye Closed5
80.763233352GLASS ANIMALSTangerine29
80.641 NEW 353NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDSBalcony Man-3
79.782501354LONDON GRAMMARBaby It's You29
79.381357355BLANCMANGEThis Is Bliss13
79.21 NEW 356LEN DREAMSI Follow Rivers1
79.22267357THE KILLERS f/ WEYES BLOODMy God27
78.992317358THE LICKERISH QUARTETThe Dream That Took Me Over8
78.82230359ELLE KINGAnother You11
781 NEW 360JOE BONAMASSABeyond The Silence-3
781224361LILY CORNELL SILVERBlack Gives Way To Blue13
76.441 NEW 363PHOEBE BRIDGERSGarden Song48
75.5821183364ED SHEERANAfterglow10
751139365THE SHADOW OF KNIGHTWild Man11
751 NEW 366KATIE PRUITTIt's Always Been You44
74.41 NEW 367REX ORANGE COUNTYBest Friend-2
73.743 NEW 368LANA DEL REYTulsa Jesus Freak-3
72.722 NEW 369VACATION MANORCan't Run Forever5
72.541348370DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONSListen To Your Heart14
72.484463371PANDAS & PEOPLEBad Honey4
72.22 NEW 372SUZI QUATROI Sold My Soul Today5
721 NEW 373GENEVIEVE STOKESParking Lot-2
70.61 NEW 374RHIANNON GIDDENSWaterfalls-2
70.561 NEW 375JAX ANDERSONToo many Cups Of Coffee For One Night-3
70.324305376TEN TONNESGirl Are You Lonely Like Me?13
69.123330378DECLAN MCKENNABe An Astronaut29
69.012 NEW 379AMY MACDONALDThe Hudson25
68.61371380CAROLINA EASTHunger2
68.043333381THE KILLERSDying Breed29
67.822544382CHARLOTTE CARDINDaddy6
67.722 NEW 383TRAVISWaving At The Window20
67.552231384FLAWESWhat's A Boy To Do7
67.21 NEW 385MATT MAESONI Just Don't Care That Much-3
66.61 NEW 386ARLO PARKSEugene52
66.61 NEW 387LORETTA LYNN & MARGO PRICEOne's On The Way0
66.61445388MEN I TRUSTTailwhip63
66.482 NEW 389LANA DEL REYDark But Just A Game-3
66.42 NEW 390WILDERADOHeadlight-2
65.674 NEW 391MAXIMO PARKWhy Must A Building Burn?1
65.282543392DAVID GRAYHeart & Soul2
651 NEW 393JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITBe Afraid55
64.21331394SYMLStay Close2
63.61 NEW 396ISKWENight Danger-1
62.41 NEW 397MARBLE WAVESTipsy-2
61.941232398THE STROKESWhy Are Sundays So Depressing8
61.21431399HIGH SOUTHMake It Better13
61.061 NEW 400JUDE COLEStarry Eyes5
61.061 NEW 401THE HOLD STEADYSpices-0.14
60.61 NEW 402MORCHEEBAOh Oh Yeah0
60.451385403DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONSDon't You Know6
59.61226405SHERYL CROWIn The End27
59.61350407SHEMEKIA COPELANDClotilda's On Fire4
59.61 NEW 408SERATONESBetter Than This-2
59.521 NEW 409TOM GOSSIrreplaceable-3
59.52122410DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTENImpossible Weight25
59.521 NEW 411MATT BERNINGERLet It be2
59.391316412SHRED KELLYUnderground33
59.15199413THE STROKESSelfless11
58.862498414THE SUNSET KIDSI Wanna Be14
58.62356415ALL STAR UNITEDLa La Land19
58.61392416JUDE COLEThe Dark5
58.61326417KATIE PRUITTGeorgia44
58.564369418RUFUS WAINWRIGHTDevils And Angels33
58.42 NEW 419RINGO STARRZoom In Zoom Out-2
58.032 NEW 420KANDLEHoney Trap-3
57.821324421ARCADE FIREEverything Now14
57.61 NEW 422NANCY WILSONYou And Me-1
57.61465423BRUCE SPRINGSTEENSong For Orphans3
56.61164424KATIE PRUITTOut Of The Blue44
56.61202425KHRUANGBINTime (You And I)43
56.61284426MICHAEL KIWANUKAFinal Days30
56.61415427SAMM HENSHAWAll Good4
56.61434428TYLER CHILDERSLong Violent History6
56.442124429ROGER MANNING JR.Operator28
56.361217430BETTER THAN EZRAGrateful39
55.845204431LIAM GALLAGHERAll You're Dreaming Of14
55.81280432TYLER CHILDERSNose On The Grindstone17
55.81458433FIONA APPLEHeavy Balloon44
55.81 NEW 434SEMISONICDon't Make Up Your Mind24
55.51378435L.A.B.Why Oh Why3
55.431 NEW 436TAME IMPALABoderline18
55162438KATHLEEN EDWARDSHard On Everyone31
551 NEW 439WILLIE NELSONThat's Life-1
551453440HOWARD JONESWe're In This Together18
551 NEW 441SILVER FOXESTake It Easy0
54.681454442SUFJAN STEVENSSugar22
54.21 NEW 443LOW CUT CONNIEHelp Me22
54.21424444STURGILL SIMPSONOh Sarah5
52.81336446ARLO PARKSGreen Eyes19
52.81 NEW 447NITTY GRITTY DIRT BANDThe Times Are A Changing0
52.81 NEW 448BRUCE SPRINGSTEENI'll see You In My Dreams-1
52.51461449BOSTON MARRIAGEIdols6
52.51288450LANA DEL REYYou'll Never Walk Alone10
52.272123451THE HOLD STEADYFamily Farm7
521 NEW 452JOHN HIATTAll The Lilacs In Ohio-2
51.741208453SAM ROBERTS BANDAll Of Us13
51.41 NEW 454RICHARD CHEESEThe Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald-3
51.261112455LONDON GRAMMARCalifornian Soil22
512469456EELKEI'm A Man11
511364457JOSEPH WILLIAMSLiberty Man9
50.61 NEW 460HAIMMan From The Magazine35
50.61 NEW 461LAURA MVULASing To The Moon1
50.582155462JENNIE VEEOut For Blood6
50.522 NEW 463BLACKMORE'S NIGHTSecond Element-2
50.41303464BLACKMORE'S NIGHTNature's Light2
501 NEW 465JUDE COLETaking Away My Home5
49.921 NEW 466MIESHA AND THE SPANKSI Want Fire-3
49.94286467BRANDY CLARK f/ BRANDI CARLILESame Devil22
49.51377468GLASS ANIMALSDomestic Bliss15
49.51 NEW 469MODERATE REBELSPerfect Grey Day0
49.371269470ARKELLSQuitting You31
49.21 NEW 471SERENA RYDERWaterfall16
48.961 NEW 472KEANEYou Don't See Me-2
48.8166473TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVEREvermore12
48.61417474DAVID GRAYLaughing Gas2
48.581 NEW 476THE HOLD STEADYHeavy Covenant6
47.732408477GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)53
47.41 NEW 478FRUIT BATSThe Balcony0
47.41 NEW 479REAL ESTATEHalf A Human0
46.8138848154-40Embassy Supreme8
46.81375482DAVID SHAWShaken21
46.524421483BAHAMASTrick To Happy4
46.51405484ALEX THE ASTRONAUTI Think You're Great5
46.51 NEW 485LANA DEL REYWild At Heart-3
46.41410486JOY OLADOKUNWish You The Best3
46.41 NEW 487STING f/ SHIRAZEEEnglishman/African In New York-3
46.061323488IAN STORMKayleigh3
45.41390489KATIE PRUITTAfter The Gold Rush18
45.033263490PARIS JACKSONLet Down18
44.541 NEW 491THE 1975Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America48
43.581 NEW 492LONDON GRAMMARTilted-1
43.51403493LAURA MARLINGHeld Down47
43.51 NEW 494PAUL WELLERGlad Times-1
43.474 NEW 495KINGS OF LEONStormy Weather0
43.12467496BASH & POPOn The Rocks10
42.921 NEW 497BEN HOWARDFollies Fixture-2
42.81320498MAYER HAWTHORNERare Changes11
42.1260499TAYLOR SWIFTGold Rush11
41.941474500PAUL MCCARTNEYSlidin'2
41.761442501MARC ALMONDChaos19
41.551 NEW 502THE LICKERISH QUARTETSnollygoster Goon15
41.522456504THE DARCYSToo Late19
40.961234505FIONA APPLEFetch The Bolt Cutters23
40.131116507CELESTETell Me Something I Don't Know4
40.121344508CHRIS CORNELLPatience32
39.8151509AMY MACDONALDFire12
39.332329510DEACON BLUERiding On The Tide Of Love12
38.161 NEW 511BLOSSOMSIf You Think This Is Real Life56
371161512AARON FRAZERIf I Got It (Your Love Brought It)5
36.21 NEW 513MT. JOYStrangers53
361 NEW 514JOSEPH WILLIAMSNever Saw You Coming13
361 NEW 515QKUMBA ZOOHarbour Song-1
35.761262516PERFUME GENIUSOn The Floor50
35.41406517GORILLAZ f/ ROBERT SMITHStrange Timez25
35.41 NEW 518DECLAN MCKENNAYou Better Believe25
35.31 NEW 519PETE YORNMore Than This1
34.32264520REA GARVEYThe One14
34.262306521ADRIANNA LENKERAnything22
34.082504522MAXIMO PARKI Don't Know What I'm Doing13
341 NEW 523AARON FRAZERHave Mercy-3
33.481256524DAYGLOWCan I Call You Tonight?45
32.822 NEW 525JENNIE VEEWild Flower1
32.563342526SIR SLYMaterial Boy23
32.041 NEW 527GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTYChief Of Police-1
31.81 NEW 528BRANDI CARLILEI Remember Everything-3
31.561 NEW 529GUIDED BY VOICESFree Agents-1
31.41361530TRAVIS f/ SUSANNA HOFFSThe Only Thing27
30.61 NEW 531LANA DEL REYYosemite-3
30.41 NEW 532THUNDERCATFunny Thing47
30.361 NEW 533BLACKMORE'S NIGHTFeather In The Wind-2
29.991 NEW 534JULIA STONEFire In Me-2
29.951 NEW 535MICHIGANDERBetter-3
29.762184536MATT BERNINGEROne More Second37
29.691485537THE SEAHORSESLove Is The Law7
29.552476538SYLVAN ESSOFerris Wheel31
29.521 NEW 539BLACKMORE'S NIGHTThe Twisted oak-2
29.31 NEW 540JON BATISTECry0
29.281489541BIG THIEFNot79
29.281 NEW 542ANDY BELLSkywalker0
29.281216543JAMES BAYChew On My Heart34
29.122 NEW 544POETS OF THE FALLStay Forever-2
28.31 NEW 545SONDRE LERCHEKing Of Letting Go1
27.751515546PAUL STANLEY'S SOUL STATIONCould It Be I'm Falling In L;ve4
27.341435547WELSHLY ARMSI Will Overcome6
26.561499548INSPIRAL CARPETSThis Is How It Feels14
26.41277549NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSWe're Gonna Get There In The End8
26.282395550GRETA VAN FLEETMy Way, Soon21
26.242 NEW 551CHEAP TRICKBoys & Girls & Rock N Roll-2
26.171 NEW 552THE KILLERS f/ KD LANGLightning Fields28
25.82 NEW 553WORK DRUGSOut Of Time1
24.31 NEW 554FRONT BOTTOMSLone Star-0.14
23.971 NEW 555DMA'SSilver69
23.41 NEW 556LINN KOCH-EMERYBlow My Mind-2
23.41502557LIAM GALLAGHERSad Song52
23.342470558BEND SINISTERWhy Can't We Be Happy?20
22.91486559GREENTEA PENGSpells10
22.562 NEW 560AUSTIN WARDAnother Day In The Neighborhood0
22.461 NEW 561ROGER MANNING JR.Funhouse0
22.04192562TAYLOR SWIFTMarjorie11
21.781487563WALLOWS f/ CLAIROAre You Bored Yet?109
21.781 NEW 564LANA DEL REYDance Till We Die-3
21.61160565LOCAL NATIVES f/ CLASSIXXWeekends11
21.241 NEW 566JACK GARRATTCircles36
21.181 NEW 567WORK DRUGSDrive0
20.881514568THE LEMON TWIGSNo One Holds You (Closer Than The One You haven't Met)30
20.641518569MXMTOONFever Dream8
20.21 NEW 570GREENTEA PENGNah It Ain't The Same-2
19.651510571COLD WAR KIDSBeyond The Pale65
19.21 NEW 572STING f/ HERBIE HANCOCKMy Funny Valentine-2
19.081441573NEEDTOBREATHEWho Am I33
18.91 NEW 574SERENA RYDERKid Gloves11
18.62547575BLU DETIGERVintage2
18.61509576GLASS ANIMALSWaterfalls Coming Out Of Your Mouth17
18.181522577TAME IMPALAPosthumous Forgiveness65
18.181512578ALANIS MORISETTEMissing The Miracle2
17.841 NEW 579MEG MYERSRunning Up That Hill104
17.281481581STEREOLABHousehold Names3
16.741423582BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXONWhat You Gonna Do???31
16.261475583ANDY BELLLove Comes In Waves28
16.261436584MAXIMO PARKBaby, Sleep19
15.841450585TAME IMPALABreathe Deeper55
15.11 NEW 586JON BATISTEFreedom-3
151 NEW 587MATT MAESONWe Were The Same13
14.852 NEW 588SUNSET SONSCan't Explain-2
14.581528589WORK DRUGSNever Say Die30
14.152525590THE BLACK KEYSEagle Birds18
13.441 NEW 591STEVEN WILSONPersonal Shopper1
12.92529593MIKE SHINODAOpen Door35
12.541493594DAVE JAKESCaterwaul6
12.241 NEW 595WORK DRUGSTender Age-2
11.82181596TEDDY SWIMSBroke24
10.891 NEW 597COLD WAR KIDS1 X 142
10.532524598COBIFaith In Tomorrow19
9.41533600JESS LOCKEDead And Gone6
8.71490601SHAEDNo Other Way19
8.371527602COLD WAR KIDSFine Fine Fine65
7.451526603RAY LAMONTAGNERoll Me Mama, Roll Me33
7.331332604DISPATCHMay We All14
7.331339605MY MORNING JACKETRun It14
7.331541606PARKER MILLSAPThe Real Thing2
7.162 NEW 607COREY HART f/ DANTE HARTShoreline1
6.981340608DAWESFree As We Wanna Be4
6.871 NEW 609ROGER MANNING JR.Love's Never Half As Good0
6.61539610ALEX LITTLE & SUSPICIOUS MINDSAcross The City6
6.51 NEW 611MOON TAXISay1
6.131516612CAAMPOfficer Of Love21
5.981 NEW 613SOFIA VALDESHandful of Water-3
5.971 NEW 614ROGER MANNING JR.Is It All A Dream0
5.681 NEW 615ISRAEL NASHDown in the Country-3
5.611 NEW 616HALF MOON RUNJello On My Mind66
5.511 NEW 617WYN STARKSCircles54
3.591550620AMY SHARKEverybody Rise36
3.251536621CONAN GRAYHeather39
2.651542622THE GLORIOUS SONSPink Motel80
2.061553623LOONYBe Cool5
2.061 NEW 624GRAESoft0
21412625POWDERFINGERDay By Day23
1.761506626RHYEBlack Rain17
1.161554627LEWIS CAPALDIBefore You Go66

Beyond Radio’s Monthly Adult Alternative Charts

AAA picks Mar/Apr 2021

AAA picks Jan/Feb 2021

AAA picks Nov/Dec 2020

AAA picks Sept/Oct 2020

AAA picks July/Aug 2020

AAA picks May/June 2020

AAA Sub Genre Charts, March 15

Adult Leaning Alternative

1              1              KINGS OF LEON The Bandit          10
3              2              FOO FIGHTERS  Waiting On A War            8
new       3              WOLF ALICE        The Last Man On Earth   2
6              4              CANNONS           Fire For You        31
22           5              RAG 'N' BONE MAN         All You Ever Wanted       6
7              6              WEEZER                All My Favorite Songs     7
4              7              LONDON GRAMMAR      Lose Your Head 10
new       8              MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA           Bed Head             4
new       9              DAYGLOW           Close To You      8
2              10           GORILLAZ f/ BECK             The Valley Of The Pagans              21
16           11           GLASS ANIMALS               Heat Waves        36
9              12           THE STROKES     The Adults Are Talking    43
new       13           KINGS OF LEON Echoing 4
new       14           FRANCES FOREVER          Space Girl            4
12           15           JADE BIRD           Headstart            18
8              16           THE AVALANCHES f/ MGMT & JOHNNY MARR     The Divine Chord              14
5              17           THE BLEACHERS f/ BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Chinatown          16
13           18           JULIEN BAKER    Faith Healer        20
33           19           MAXIMO PARK All Of Me             8
10           20           LANA DEL REY    Chemtrails Over The Country Club            9
26           21           BAKAR  1st Time               19
53           22           THE CORAL         Faceless Angel   6
new       23           ST. VINCENT       Pay Your Way In Pain      2
11           24           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor   27
14           25           THE BLACK KEYS                Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth            10
new       26           ONR f/ SARAH BARTHEL Must Stop           17
new       27           RINSE    Tamaryn (Wherever I Am)            4
new       28           THE STRUMBELLAS          Greatest Enemy 3
19           29           PHOEBE BRIDGERS          I Know The End 37
23           30           PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto    48
61           31           FUTURE ISLANDS              Plastic Beach      21
new       32           FRATELLIS            Need A Little Love           4
18           33           CLAIRO Sofia      22
94           34           RINSE f/ HATCHIE             Back Into Your Arms       17
82           35           FLEET FOXES      Sunblind              19
21           36           DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTEN Impossible Weight           27
new       37           SARA KAYS          Remember That Night? 6
24           38           THE AVALANCHES f/ LEON BRIDGES & ALAN PARSON PROJECT    Interstellar Love               19
32           39           TAME IMPALA   Is It True              54
20           40           GABRIELS            Love And Hate In A Different Time            13
15           41           DECLAN MCKENNA         Rapture 27
29           42           SIR SLY  Material Boy      25
37           43           HONORARY ASTRONAUT              Final Dream Machine     29
30           44           ROMY   Lifetime               24
34           45           GARY NUMAN   Intruder               8
25           46           KINGS OF LEON 100,000 People 10
27           47           MICHIGANDER  Let Down             24
35           48           THE KILLERS        C'est La Vie         6
44           49           DURAN DURAN Five Years            10
new       50           JANE WEAVER   Heartlow             6

Roots (Roots Rock, Americana, Folk, Heritage Pop)

2              1              TAYLOR SWIFT f/ HAIM  No Body, No Crime          13
1              2              TAYLOR SWIFT   Willow  14
4              3              JULIEN BAKER    Faith Healer        20
6              4              JADE BIRD           Headstart            18
New      5              HAIM f/ TAYLOR SWIFT  Gasoline              38
3              6              PAUL MCCARTNEY           Find My Way      12
11           7              BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     Ghosts  24
8              8              CHRIS CORNELL Watching The Wheels    13
44           9              FLEET FOXES      Sunblind              19
New      10           AMY MACDONALD          Statues 4
9              11           CHRIS STAPLETON           Cold       24
New      12           LORD HURON    Not Dead Yet     4
19           13           TAYLOR SWIFT   Champagne Problems    13
New      14           ALANIS MORISETTE         Predator              2
New      15           CROWDED HOUSE           To The Island     4
12           16           MICHIGANDER  Let Down             24
20           17           BRANDY CLARK f/ BRANDI CARLILE           Same Devil          24
30           18           BARRY GIBB        Butterfly              11
New      19           LAKE STREET DIVE            Hypotheticals    4
New      20           RICHARD ASHCROFT       Bring On The Lucie (Freeda Peeple)         4
5              21           LIAM GALLAGHER            All You're Dreaming Of  16
24           22           CHRIS STAPLETON           Arkansas              15
New      23           PAUL WELLER     Cosmic Fringes  2
17           24           PASSENGER        Sword From The Stone  8
39           25           JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT    Overseas             29
42           26           CAITLYN SMITH f/ OLD DOMINION           I Can't   53
58           27           SERENA RYDER  Better Now         8
15           28           BIRDY    Surrender           8
124         29           BLACKMORE'S NIGHT     Four Winds         7
New      30           THE WEATHER STATION Parking Lot          4
40           31           THE WAR AND TREATY   Five More Minutes          30
14           32           MATT BERNINGER           One More Second            39
53           33           ILLITERATE LIGHT & DEVON GILFILLIAN  Freedom             7
New      34           DEL AMITRI        It's Feelings        4
116         35           NATHANIEL RATELIFF     Redemption       11
29           36           CHEAP TRICK      Light Up The Fire              7
35           37           RUFUS WAINWRIGHT    Devils And Angels            35
New      38           SEAN TOBIN       St. patricks Day Forever 4
New      39           BIRDY    Loneliness           5
7              40           COLDPLAY           Flags      12
137         41           KATHLEEN EDWARDS     Glenfern              6
117         42           HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER           Sanctuary            5
27           43           TAYLOR SWIFT   Tolerate It           13
22           44           SEMISONIC         Basement Tapes               26
23           45           TAYLOR SWIFT f/ THE NATIONAL               Coney Island      14
18           46           STURGILL SIMPSON        I Don't Mind       20
125         47           BADFINGER f/ RICK SPRINGFIELD              Love Is Gonna Come At Last         8
New      48           LP           How Low Can You Go     15
26           49           DEACON BLUE   Riding On The Tide Of Love          14
13           50           RINGO STARR    Here's To The Nights       11

Retro Soul (R&B, Soul Pop, Jazz Pop, Disco, Throwback Hip Hop)

5              1              JESSIE WARE       Remember Where You Are          36
2              2              SZA        Good Days          11
1              3              KYLIE MINOGUE & DUA LIPA       Real Groove       19
3              4              LONDON GRAMMAR      Lose Your Head 10
new       5              BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON.PAAK & SILK SONIC   Leave The Door Open     2
4              6              CELESTE                Love Is Back        11
11           7              TEXAS & WU-TANG CLAN             Hi            15
7              8              ARLO PARKS       Hope     15
6              9              ARLO PARKS       Caroline               15
24           10           H.E.R.    Damage               21
13           11           BAKAR  1st Time               19
new       12           GABRIELLE          Stop Right Now 5
72           13           JON BATISTE       I Need You          5
9              14           GABRIELS            Love And Hate In A Different Time            13
new       15           NONAME            Rainforest           3
17           16           BLACK PUMAS   Colors   76
12           17           JESSIE WARE       What's Your Pleasure?   38
new       18           LAURA MVULA  Safe Passage      2
new       19           TUNE-YARDS      Hold Yourself     6
18           20           AARON FRAZER Over You              21
37           21           ZELLA DAY f/ WEYES BLOOD        Holocene             6
new       22           LAKE STREET DIVE            Hypotheticals    4
20           23           ARLO PARKS       Hurt       30
10           24           KYLIE MINOGUE               Magic    25
26           25           JESSIE WARE       Adore You           109
30           26           VICTORIA MONET            Experience         38
19           27           LIANNE LA HAVAS            Weird Fishes      38
22           28           JESSIE WARE       The Kill  37
new       29           JAZMINE SULLIVAN         Pick Up Your Feelings     14
50           30           SERENA RYDER  Better Now         8
15           31           SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR     Crying At The Discotheque           25
27           32           JESSIE WARE       Save A Kiss          46
32           33           PAUL STANLEY'S SOUL STATION Ooh Child            6
new       34           MOSES BOYD & JOE ARMON-JONES        2 Far Gone          32
99           35           MORCHEEBA      Sounds Of Blue  6
31           36           MARIAH CAREY Here We Go Around Again           23
new       37           PEARL CHARLES Only For Tonight               7
new       38           REBECCA FERGUSON f/ NILE RODGERS   No Words Needed          2
34           39           MADLIB Road Of The Lonely Ones              7
new       40           ROXEN  Amnesia              2
122         41           SAULT   Free       23
new       42           VANJESS f/ PHONY PPL  Caught Up           5
new       43           YUNO    Somebody          2
14           44           DISCLOSURE f/ KELIS       Watch Your Step              28
8              45           LOLA LENNOX    La La Love Me    11
new       46           PINK SWEAT$ f/ KEHLANI              At My Worst       6
new       47           ADELINE               Whisper My Name          5
44           48           JESSIE WARE       Soul Control       38
new       49           L.A.B.    Why Oh Why     5
88           50           PAUL STANLEY'S SOUL STATION Could It Be I'm Falling In L;ve       6

AAA Top 200 of 2020

1              THE KILLERS        Caution
2              THE KILLERS        My Own Soul's Warning
3              THE CHICKS        Gaslighter
4              TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVER          Exile
5              PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto
6              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday
7              THE STROKES     Bad Decisions
8              PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants
9              THE ROLLING STONES    Living In A Ghost Town
10           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor
11           SEMISONIC         You're Not Alone
12           LONDON GRAMMAR      Baby It's You
13           NEW ORDER       Be A Rebel
14           THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus
15           FUTURE ISLANDS              For Sure
16           DOVES  Carousels
17           FIONA APPLE     Shameika
18           TAME IMPALA   Is It True
19           CELESTE                Stop This Flame
20           PERFUME GENIUS           On The Floor
21           THE CHICKS        Sleep At Night
22           COLDPLAY           Champion Of The World
23           SUFJAN STEVENS             Video Game
24           HAIM    Don't Wanna
25           HAIM    The Steps
26           DOVES  Prisoners
27           ALANIS MORISETTE         Smiling
28           TRAVIS A Ghost
29           U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars
30           ALANIS MORISETTE         Reasons I Drink
31           KATIE PRUITT     Expectations
32           PHOEBE BRIDGERS          I Know The End
33           BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     Letter To You
34           DAYGLOW           Can I Call You Tonight?
35           FLEET FOXES      Can I Believe You
36           THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light
37           BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXON    What You Gonna Do???
38           NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGES  July.
39           GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!
40           LONDON GRAMMAR      Californian Soil
41           ALANIS MORISETTE         Ablaze
42           ROMY   Lifetime
43           LIANNE LA HAVAS            Can't Fight
44           PEARL JAM         Retrograde
45           GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)
46           MICHAEL KIWANUKA     Hero
47           THE GO-GO'S     Club Zero
48           ARLO PARKS       Hurt
49           LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love
50           ARLO PARKS       Black Dog
51           JAMES BAY          Chew On My Heart
52           BAKAR  Hell N Back
53           SHERYL CROW   In The End
54           SEMISONIC         All It Would Take
55           THE KILLERS        Fire In Bone
56           JAKE BUGG         Rabbit Hole
57           MORRISSEY        Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?
58           MATT MAESON Hallucinogenics
59           MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIER           The Bones
60           TAME IMPALA   Breathe Deeper
61           JESSIE WARE       The Kill
62           BECK      Uneventful Days
63           THE PRETENDERS             The Buzz
64           ALANIS MORISETTE         Diagnosis
65           SAINT MOTEL     Van Horn
66           MAGGIE ROGERS             Love You For A Long Time
67           THE STROKES     At The Door
68           PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon
69           THE STROKES     The Adults Are Talking
70           BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted
71           PHOENIX             Identical
72           BLACK PUMAS   Colors
73           GLASS ANIMALS               Heat Waves
74           EOB        Shangri-La
75           CHRIS CORNELL Patience
76           THE PRETENDERS             Didn't Want To Be This Lonely
77           FRATELLIS            Six Days In June
78           SAM FENDER      Hold Out
79           BLACK PUMAS   Fire
80           DERMOT KENNEDY          Giants
81           RAY LAMONTAGNE         Strong Enough
82           MORRISSEY        Knockabout World
84           WHITE REAPER  Real Long Time
85           KALEO   I Want More
86           TENNIS Need Your Love
87           BLOSSOMS         The Keeper
88           WHITE REAPER  Might Be Right
89           LOCAL NATIVES f/ SYLVAN ESSO Dark Days
90           AMY SHARK        Everybody Rise
91           JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT    Dreamsicle
92           AMY MACDONALD          The Hudson
93           HAIM    Hallelujah
94           MICHAEL KIWANUKA     Rolling
95           COLDPLAY           Everyday Life
96           CAGE THE ELEPHANT      Black Madonna
97           SAINT MOTEL     Preach
98           DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTEN Impossible Weight
99           TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern
100         BANNERS            Someone To You
101         THE KILLERS        Blowback
102         FOO FIGHTERS  Shame Shame
103         LAURA MARLING             Held Down
104         SOCCER MOMMY             Circle The Drain
105         TOM PETTY         Leave Virginia Alone
106         NATHANIEL RATELIFF     And It's Still Alright
107         GERRY CINNAMON         Where We're Going
108         TRAVIS f/ SUSANNA HOFFS          The Only Thing
109         CELESTE                Little Runaway
110         BLOSSOMS         If You Think This Is Real Life
111         TAYLOR SWIFT   Seven
112         PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOTT             A Good Day Is Hard To Find
113         SUFJAN STEVENS             My Rajneesh
115         LIANNE LA HAVAS            Weird Fishes
116         NICOLE ATKINS Domino
117         GORILLAZ f/ BECK             The Valley Of The Pagans
118         HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS             While We're Young
119         SAM FENDER      All Is On My Side
120         MY MORNING JACKET   Feel You
121         OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Wars
122         SAULT   Wildfires
123         THE ROLLING STONES f/ JIMMY PAGE     Scarlet
124         JAKE BUGG         All I Need
125         JACK GARRATT  Better
126         BILLIE EILISH       Therefore I Am
127         JADE BIRD           Headstart
128         BEST COAST        Everything Has Changed
129         CANNONS           Fire For You
130         DECLAN MCKENNA         The Key To Life On Earth
132         THE KILLERS f/ WEYES BLOOD     My God
133         CAITLYN SMITH Long Time Coming
134         KATHLEEN EDWARDS     Hard On Everyone
135         ALANIS MORISETTE         Reckoning
136         JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT    Be Afraid
137         DECLAN MCKENNA         Beautiful Faces
138         LIAM GALLAGHER            Sad Song
139         PETE YORN          I Wanna Be The One
140         KHRUANGBIN    Time (You And I)
141         TAYLOR SWIFT   Willow
142         THE CHICKS        March March
143         PSYCHEDELIC FURS          Don't Believe
144         MANDY MOORE               Save A Little For Yourself
145         FIONA APPLE     I Want You To Love Me
146         LEON BRIDGES  Sweeter
147         ZELLA DAY           My Game
148         CELESTE                A Little Love
149         MARGO PRICE   Letting Me Down
150         CHRIS STAPLETON           Cold
151         OVERCOATS       The Fool
152         LP           The One That You Love
153         ELLE KING           The Let Go
154         LUMINEERS        Salt And The Sea
155         KHRUANGBIN f/LEON BRIDGES  Texas Sun
156         KATHLEEN EDWARDS     Options Open
157         FLORENCE & THE MACHINE         Light Of Love
158         BON IVER            AUATC
159         WEEZER                Hero
160         LEWIS CAPALDI Before You Go
161         SAM FENDER      Will We Talk?
162         BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     Ghosts
163         COLDPLAY           Arabesque
164         I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME          Leave Me Alone
165         DAWES Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
166         KACEY MUSGRAVES        Oh, What A World
167         CELESTE                I Can See The Change
168         LANA DEL REY    Mariners Apartment Complex
169         NATHANIEL RATELIFF     Time Stands
170         THE HEAD AND THE HEART          Honeybee
171         COLDPLAY           Orphans
172         SAM FENDER      The Borders
173         DERMOT KENNEDY          Outnumbered
174         PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOTT             You And Me (Were Meant To Be Together)
175         HELEN LOVE       Songs From My Teens
176         THE HIGHWOMEN           Crowded Table
177         OASIS    Don't Stop
178         CAROLINE ROSE Feel The Way I Want
179         THE LICKERISH QUARTET               Lighthouse Spaceship
180         TAYLOR SWIFT   The Last Great American Dynasty
181         YOLA     I Don't Wanna Lie
182         LIANNE LA HAVAS            Bittersweet
183         SUNFLOWER BEAN          Moment In The Sun
184         ZZ WARD             Break Her Heart
185         HARRY STYLES    Sunflower Vol. 6
186         THE LEMON TWIGS         The One
187         SHRED KELLY      Underground
188         SEMISONIC         Basement Tapes
189         BRIGHT EYES       Mariana Trench
190         COLDPLAY           Trouble In Town
191         MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSON             Don't Let Me Down
192         SAM FENDER      Winter Song
193         HALF MOON RUN            Favourite Boy
194         ROGER MANNING JR.     The Quickening
195         NEIL FINN f/ STEVIE NICKS & CHRISTINE MCVIE   Find Your Way Back Home
196         BASTILLE              Survivin'
197         THE KILLERS f/ KD LANG Lightning Fields
198         REAMONN          Promise (You And Me)
199         AJR         Bang!
200         PATTY SMYTH    Drive