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AAA Monthly Chart  
June 30, 2020 through July 31, 2020

1576.262022FIONA APPLEShameika16
1503.812173PHOEBE BRIDGERSKyoto16
1444.1329104HAIMDon't Wanna10
1418.91715THE ROLLING STONESLiving In A Ghost Town15
1300.581756TRAVISA Ghost9
1243.313237THE KILLERSCaution21
1220.2819888SEMISONICYou're Not Alone6
1067.6117139PERFUME GENIUSOn The Floor20
1018.6314910PEARL JAMRetrograde18
980.78111411THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus18
941.3463512THE KILLERSMy Own Soul's Warning7
921.24131913ARLO PARKSBlack Dog13
895.3311414THE STROKESBad Decisions24
807.35101715KATIE PRUITTExpectations20
797.9131616JAKE BUGGRabbit Hole14
747.16118617LIANNE LA HAVASCan't Fight11
741.62171118TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday31
732.1913619THE CHICKSGaslighter22
650.4910820U.S. GIRLS4 American Dollars25
632.851612821THE PRETENDERSDidn't Want To Be This Lonely9
626.4582322NICOLE ATKINSDomino18
587.5873623LAURA MARLINGHeld Down17
583.4971224THE KILLERSFire In Bone15
579.2373925MICHAEL KIWANUKARolling14
547.686 NEW 26JESSIE WAREThe Kill5
546.946 NEW 27SUFJAN STEVENSAmerica4
530.47 NEW 28THE CHICKSMarch March5
529.5872629HELEN LOVESongs From My Teens9
496.7888730BAKARHell N Back35
479.424 NEW 31PHOEBE BRIDGERSI Know The End5
460.41132132JACK GARRATTBetter14
444.189433LIAM GALLAGHERSad Song22
434.969 NEW 34FUTURE ISLANDSFor Sure4
434.9346135JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITDreamsicle9
424.39634636DERMOT KENNEDYGiants6
412.2513 NEW 37AMY SHARKEverybody Rise6
411.1286538TAME IMPALABreathe Deeper25
398.1845139KATHLEEN EDWARDSOptions Open9
395.25 NEW 40CARO EMERALDWake Up Romeo5
392.3863741LOCAL NATIVESDark Days18
369.64 NEW 42SAULTWildfires5
365.464043RAY LAMONTAGNEStrong Enough9
364.835 NEW 44ELVIS COSTELLONo Flag5
364.35102545ALANIS MORISETTEDiagnosis15
362.7555746MARCUS KINGOne Day She's Here11
361.985547BLACK PUMASFire70
361.8773848FLORENCE & THE MACHINELight Of Love15
361.22143149GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)23
358.5674350NEIL FINN f/ STEVIE NICKS & CHRISTINE MCVIEFind Your Way Back Home10
34946751LENNY KRAVITZRide9
323.05231452REAMONNPromise (You And Me)9
337.7148954PHOEBE BRIDGERSI See You9
329.23 NEW 55HAIMLos Angeles4
304.4475456TENNISNeed Your Love28
298.124 NEW 57DOVESPrisoners4
294.8149958RUTH B.If I Have A Son6
293.3233259PEARL JAMDance Of The Clairvoyants28
281.863 NEW 60FIONA APPLECosmonauts14
287.4242261COLDPLAYChampion Of The World79
285.9551862HAIMThe Steps22
275.6213063CAITLYN SMITHFly Away21
272.6362964NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGESJuly.44
264.63 NEW 66HAIM3am5
263.1926367SONDRE LERCHEWhy Would I Let You Go14
261311268THE JAYHAWKSDogtown Days12
256.239570LUCY ROSEQuestion It All8
248.5296271MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSONDon't Let Me Down14
245.6215172ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONESCall Me76
243.5867173MONDO COZMOUpside Down15
241.082 NEW 74DIZZYRoman Candles4
233.83520375PHANTOM PLANETOnly One9
233.5367076LUMINEERSSalt And The Sea41
231.362 NEW 77NICK MULVEYBegin Again8
230.834878MORRISSEYKnockabout World23
23029679WYN STARKSCircles24
229.73104480DECLAN MCKENNAThe Key To Life On Earth16
229.12312481LAURA MARLINGStrange Girl15
228.885 NEW 82KACEY MUSGRAVESOh, What A World120
225.44 NEW 83PSYCHEDELIC FURSCome All Ye Faithful5
224.69233684LIANNE LA HAVASWeird Fishes6
220.0132785CELESTEI Can See The Change10
218.95411186THE JAYHAWKSThis Forgotten Town12
218.64 NEW 87BEN FOLDS20205
218.634188HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWSWhile We're Young34
218.26423789MARGO PRICELetting Me Down6
215.836890MORRISSEYBobby, Don't You Think They Know?30
213.6311491DONNA MISSALHurt By You9
213.239392MORRISSEYJim Jim Falls12
212.8474693LOVELYTHEBANDLoneliness For Love25
207.8211594DONNA MISSALLet You Let Me Down6
205.63 NEW 95KHRUANGBINPelota4
204.86325596OK GOThe One Moment8
201.882 NEW 97THE WATERBOYSMy Wanderings In The Weary Land5
200.0842898KHRUANGBINTime (You And I)13
200113399KATIE PRUITTGeorgia14
2001 NEW 100SERATONESOver You41
199.95247101THE STROKESAt The Door25
199.582 NEW 102GANG OF YOUTHSThe Heart Is A Muscle135
195.62121103SEAN TOBINSuburbanite6
194.693201104HARRY STYLESSunflower Vol. 629
194.28442105PETE YORNI Wanna Be The One25
193.26385106BADLY DRAWN BOYI Need Someone To Trust11
192.518 NEW 107JAMES BAYChew On My Heart4
1921193108OF MONTREALPeace To All Freaks36
191.8110125109MATT MAESONHallucinogenics18
191.212251110BRIGHT EYESOne And Done8
189.72 NEW 111PASSENGERQueenstown2
188.363291113BEN GIBBARDProxima B9
188.352202114OK GOI Won't Let You Down8
1882 NEW 115SERENA RYDERCandy3
187.62188116THE ALLERGIESSince You've Been Gone12
187.153481117MOON TAXIHometown Heroes15
186233118OASISDon't Stop14
185.799240119WHITE REAPERReal Long Time54
1851 NEW 120SAULTStop Dem4
1851223121SILVER FOXESHandle With Care8
182.053 NEW 122MY MORNING JACKETFeel You3
181.31109123TRAVISKissing In The Wind35
180.88634124ALANIS MORISETTESmiling24
168.343 NEW 125ALANIS MORISETTEReckoning4
177.61100126KALEOI Want More28
175.268 NEW 127GLASS ANIMALSHeat Waves4
1751132128JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITWhat've I Done To Help?19
1751106130NICK HAKIMQadir8
1751 NEW 131ZAKI IBRAHIMSunrise5
172.982 NEW 133BRIGHT EYESMariana Trench5
172.051 NEW 134NEIL FINNLast Day of June5
171.51 NEW 136MY MORNING JACKETMagic Bullet3
170.35359137NATHANIEL RATELIFFTime Stands11
166.852 NEW 138HEY OCEAN!Happy Now5
166.77274139ZELLA DAYMy Game9
1651210140DANNY VAUGHNKelly's Gone14
1651 NEW 141MOE.Undertone3
1651 NEW 142NEW WALES19933
1651148143NYLOPHONESummer Feeling6
165182144THUNDERCATInnerstellar Love13
162.42 NEW 145NEEDTOBREATHEYou Are Here6
161.71281146SPARKSI'm Toast18
1602 NEW 147UMPHREY'S MCGEESuxity5
159.03273148LIANNE LA HAVASPaper Thin11
158.41137149HANNAH GEORGASThat Emotion16
158.41 NEW 150JESSIE WAREAdore You77
158.41 NEW 151NORAH JONESTo Live5
155.63167152DEVON GILFILLIANThe Good Life11
155.224101153THE HEAD AND THE HEARTHoneybee70
1551 NEW 154ELLIOTT BROODStay Out3
1551 NEW 155MICHAEL DES BARRESAnarchy In The UK3
1551161156OLD SEA BRIDGADECall Me When You Land6
1551 NEW 157SARAH JAROSZOrange And Blue11
153.53 NEW 158THE CHICKSSleep At Night1
149.53453159MICHAEL STIPENo Time For Love Like Now17
149.52149160THUNDERCATFunny Thing17
147.36275161BLOSSOMSIf You Think This Is Real Life26
1471 NEW 162FANTASTIC NEGRITOI'm So Happy I Cry5
1471 NEW 163GRAEME JAMESDeath Defying Acts3
1471 NEW 164PAUL WELLERMore3
145.83 NEW 165SHANNON LABRIEFirewalker4
144.061 NEW 166THE WATERBOYSThe Soul Singer2
141.183 NEW 167OLD 97'STurn Off The TV3
1391185169ERIC CLAPTON & B.B. KINGRollin' And Tumblin'10
138.22286171SHARON VAN ETTENWhat's So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding10
136.221 NEW 172SAM ROBERTS BANDAscension3
135.12 NEW 173MARGO PRICEStone Me5
134.73191174HIGH SOUTHAll We Need16
131.92136176SOCCER MOMMYCircle The Drain26
131.83204177BOBBY BAZINIUnder The Weight8
131.425270178UNLIKELY CANDIDATESHigh Low9
1311 NEW 179JIMMY BUFFETTWho gets To Live Like This3
1311131180KT TUNSTALLWash Your Hands6
1311236181LITTLE SCREAMDisco Ball10
1311308183PREFAB SPROUTThe King Of Rock 'N Roll15
1311 NEW 184RAY LAMONTAGNESummer Clouds5
1311 NEW 185THE RUMPLEDThe Devil Went Down To Doolin5
1311 NEW 186THE SUFFERSTake Me To The Good Times3
129.125162188BEST COASTEverything Has Changed27
127.872 NEW 189TRICKYFall Please4
127.32 NEW 190FRONT BOTTOMSMontgomery Forever4
126.812322192CAROLINE ROSEFeel The Way I Want31
125.761207193NORAH JONESTryin' To Keep It Together6
1241 NEW 194OLD SEA BRIDGADECaroline5
123.73224195THE PRETENDERSThe Buzz21
121.521397196PHOEBE BRIDGERSGarden Song18
120.483154197JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITBe Afraid25
120.192218198CAAMPBy And By27
1201108199TAME IMPALAIs It True22
1201216200THE NATIONAL PARKSI Can Feel It6
119.82175201SISTER HAZELGood For You18
119.041221202THELMA PLUMThese Days6
1181222203ENGLISH TEACHERYou Won't believe How Beautiful She Is When It has Snowed6
1181 NEW 204JENN GRANTEye Of The Tiger5
1181 NEW 205LEAF RAPIDSHusavik3
1181224206SPARKSAll That9
115.774290207THE EXPLORERS CLUBOne Drop Of Rain10
115.723301208MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEADI Got You11
115.641177209FOUR TETSchool8
115.567 NEW 210CHRIS CORNELLPatience2
114.92697211RAZORLIGHTBurn, Camden, Burn14
114.462279212NOVASTARWord's Out70
113.281181213BROKEN BELLSGood Luck43
1121159214BEN WATTSummer Ghosts16
1121235215KATIE PRUITTOut Of The Blue14
109.762401216JANE'S PARTYChange Her Mind6
109.761 NEW 217PHOEBE BRIDGERSHalloween4
109.761 NEW 218TOM ROSENTHALAlbert Camus5
1082103219YOLAI Don't Wanna Lie27
107198221BRITTANY HOWARDYou And Your Folks, Me And My Folks14
105.982195222JAKE BUGGSaviours Of The City14
1052194223GIN WIGMOREHangover Halo8
104.86156224FIONA APPLERelay14
103.582 NEW 225SARAH JAROSZJohnny6
103.394157226PAUL WELLERVillage14
60.842536227BANNERSSomeone To You6
102.721 NEW 228MATT BELLAMYUnintended5
102.721310229MADONNAGod Control58
1021 NEW 230GIN WIGMOREFeels Like Me3
1021 NEW 231SONS OF THE EASTInappropriate behaviour5
1021258232THE LONE BELLOWThe Dust Settles6
101.922 NEW 233TRAVISValentine4
100.783284234PHISHEverythings Right10
99.8281235ROB DICKINSONEnd Of The World23
99.511 NEW 236THE STROKESOde To The Mets1
99.143208237NADA SURFSo Much Love31
98.82183238MICHAEL KIWANUKAHero41
98.635351239COLD WAR KIDSWho's Gonna Love Me Now24
98.62172240STEVE EARLE & THE DUKESDevil Put The Coal In The Ground8
981152241FIONA APPLEI Want You To Love Me15
97.921289242SOCCER MOMMYNight Swimming8
97.61 NEW 243ELLE KINGThe Let Go3
97.61155245RAY LAMONTAGNEWe'll Make It Through6
97.371299246X AMBASSADORSHold You Down62
97.22396247CAITLYN SMITHI Don't Want To Love You Anymore21
96.82403248THE AVETT BROTHERSBleeding White9
962271249FAST ROMANTICSPick It Up9
95.842296250THE CORAL f/ BLOSSOMSDreaming Of You8
95.72303251TYRONE WELLSTime of Our Lives8
95.651342252IAN SKELLYCaptain Caveman8
95.65120253PSYCHEDELIC FURSNo One21
95.651274254SHRED KELLYDisconnect6
95.65272255CELESTEStop This Flame31
95.52 NEW 256MOBYMy Only Love5
94.234313257MAJOR LAZER f/ MARCUS MUMFORDLay Your Head On Me18
941170258CHARLI ADAMSCloverland Drive11
941 NEW 259HAIMAnother Try4
93.22107262PETE YORNThe World15
931298263DERMOT KENNEDYOutnumbered58
92.72569264PEARL JAMSuperblood Wolfmoon24
92.121 NEW 265SHRED KELLYRoman Candle Eyes5
91.422174266RIVAL SONSShooting Stars40
90.61105267MISS EN SCENEDance My Life Away11
90253269CAITLYN SMITHRare Bird21
89.525 NEW 270COLD WAR KIDSYou Already Know5
87.421 NEW 271JACK LEOPARDS & THE DOLPHIN CLUBLook What You Made Me Do3
871184272CHERRY POPPIN DADDIESSwitching To Glide8
871117273JAMESTOWN REVIVALHelplessly Hoping8
871 NEW 274JEFF AMENTThe Divine Perfume5
871307275KATIE PRUITTSearching For The Truth11
871104276LUCINDA WILLIAMSYou Can't Rule Me20
871120277SAN MEICry11
86.12375278OWEN PALLETTA Bloody Morning11
85.7931215279TWENTY ONE PILOTSLevel Of Concern17
85.261273280BAXTER DURYSay Nothing6
85.261 NEW 281HONNELa La La That's How It Goes3
85.261 NEW 282SHRED KELLYUnderground3
84.42 NEW 283KIM MITCHELLWishes4
84.227302285TOM WALKERWait For You8
841146286BIG THIEFLove In Mine14
841285287KATIE PRUITTNormal11
841134288KIDS IN AMERICA f/ THE FGRISWOLDSSummer Of Love11
83.69264289SHRED KELLYDead Leaves22
82.443139290FRATELLISSix Days In June24
82.321233291COLDPLAYTrouble In Town22
81.93228292DEARSThe Worst In Us18
81.432312293ALLEN STONEConsider Me7
81.383212294LOW CUT CONNIEPrivate Lives9
80.911176295OH WONDERKeep On Dancing14
79.982260296MT. JOYStrangers23
781 NEW 297DUFFYRiver In The Sky3
781 NEW 299MT. JOYMy Vibe5
781 NEW 300RAY LAMONTAGNERoll Me Mama, Roll Me3
77.72360301JORGE ELBRECHTTuesday Morning9
77.353239302SKIP MARLEY f/ H.E.R.Slow Down36
772323303OK GOAll Together Now10
75.648238304MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIERThe Bones76
75.331325305JR JRGood Old Days4453.43
75.132343306THE LONE BELLOWGood Times11
751246307KATIE PRUITTLoving Her14
751306308KATIE PRUITTIt's Always Been You14
751 NEW 309THE DEAD SOUTHHouse Of The Rising Sun3
74.881331311BADLY DRAWN BOYTony Wilson Said6
74.763 NEW 312THE HOWL & THE HUMHostages9
73.752226313ILLITERATE LIGHTSometimes Love Takes So Long15
73.492213314REX ORANGE COUNTYFace To Face36
72.61352315ANNA OF THE NORTHDream Girl44
72.61187316NADIA REIDHeart To Ride11
72.61225317TRACE MOUNTAINSLost in The Country8
72.541 NEW 318JR JRThe Way I Do5
721309319CORNERSHOPEverywhere That Wog Army Roam15
71.643 NEW 320TORO Y MOIOrdinary Guy4
71.522460321LEWIS DEL MARThe Celing9
71.151 NEW 322SUFJAN STEVENSMy Rajneesh3
71.09492323CAGE THE ELEPHANTBlack Madonna63
70.61197324HANNAH GEORGASSame Mistakes11
70.61135325SHARON VAN ETTENSeventeen82
70.44391326AWOLNATION f/ RIVERS CUOMOPacific Coast Highway In The Movies14
68.61 NEW 327GLEN HANSARDCold Comfort5
68.61384328SONDRE LERCHEThat's All There Is10
68.61 NEW 329WAXAHATCHEESt. Cloud3
68.464 NEW 330DECLAN MCKENNADaniel, You're Still A Child4
67.78149333SAM FENDERHold Out21
66.61 NEW 335DAVID GILMOURYes, I Have ghosts5
66.61261336MORRISSEYLove is On Its Way Out26
65.861123338PASSENGERLondon In The Spring14
65.554359339CAR SEAT HEADRESTHollywood15
65.51293340PHILLIP GLASS & PAUL LEONARD-MORGANTales From The Loop11
65.271230341SHRED KELLYYou Almost Meant The World To Me8
65.271229342SPARKSOne For The Ages14
651 NEW 343BLITZEN TRAPPERMasonic Temple Microdose #15
65145344GERRY CINNAMONWhere We're Going23
651 NEW 345KATHLEEN EDWARDSBirds On A Feeder3
64.21 NEW 346AVI KAPLANI'll get By21
64.21476347THE LEMON TWIGSMoon22
63.61245348HAMILTON LEITHAUSERHere They Come18
63.61247349KHRUANGBINSo We Won't Forget8
63.61102350SPARKSLeft Out In The Cold11
63.362264351ALANIS MORISETTEReasons I Drink35
62.4152352BON IVERPDLIF15
62.331365353HONNENo Song Without You6
621257354M. WARDMigration Of Souls11
60.61337356HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWSI Am There For You12
60.61 NEW 357JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITOnly Children4
60.61373358THE DEAD TONGUESHey Moon6
60.61540359WHITNEY & WAXAHATCHEETake Me Home, Country Roads9
60.082412360HERMITAGE GREENAfterglow16
601234361HINDSGood Bad Times25
59.882150362THE LEMON TWIGSThe One22
59.61 NEW 363ELLE KINGBaby Outlaw87
59.61 NEW 364JOEL PLASKETTMelt The Universe With Brotherly Love2
59.61 NEW 365LUCY ROSEWhite car4
59.61 NEW 366POPPY AJUDHAStrong Womxn5
59.391430367CITY AND COLOURStrangers57
58.61196368GERRY CINNAMONHead In The Clouds13
58.61 NEW 369IMELDA MAYLiberty Belle3
58.61333370KATIE PRUITTGrace Has A Gun14
58.61485371LANDON ELLIOTTBy Now8
58.61383372SCENICE ROUTE TO ALASKACall Your Friends6
58.61287373THE FRANKLIN ELECTRICIf You Could Read My Mind15
58.443447374BEN HAZLEWOODCollateral14
57.66184375THE STROKESThe Adults Are Talking11
57.61 NEW 377IMELDA MAYElephant5
56.61304379BASIA BULATPale Blue15
56.451457380BAXTER DURYSlumlord26
55.81 NEW 381HAIMMan From The Magazine5
55.471350382HAIMSummer Girl51
55.0725 NEW 384WEEZERHero13
551319385SHARON VAN ETTENBeaten Down25
551 NEW 386TOOTS & THE MAYTALSGot To Be Tough1
54.782376387GLASS ANIMALSDreamland14
54.722311388TOTOFearful Heart14
54.681483389BANNERSAlways Yours8
54.681315390SARAH HARMERJust get Here15
54.21326391BLITZEN TRAPPERMagical Thinking11
54.21 NEW 392JARV ISSave The Whale5
54.21329393THE DEAD TONGUESStrangers14
54.21 NEW 394THE JAYHAWKSBetter Pill5
53.41332395BONNY LIGHT HORSEMANDeep In Love14
53.41482396FRANK TURNERBob8
53.41334397POKEY LAFARGEBluebird15
52.81371399KATIE PRUITTWishful Thinking11
52.81339400TASHA ANGELALost In Nostalgia14
52.641316401MUMFORD & SONSForever8
52.641242402LIANNE LA HAVASBittersweet21
52.51 NEW 403OF MONSTERS AND MENCircles3
52.331 NEW 404BADBADNOTGOODTriangle3
52.21295405SAINT MOTELVan Horn42
521 NEW 406COUNTING CROWSInsignificant6
521361407LUCY DACUSNight Shift34
521345408SHAKEY GRAVESThe Recipe11
51.652461410NEEDTOBREATHEHang On7
51.41353411CARMINA LAVERYStars14
51.41400412GUSTERDon't Go25
51.41354413JON BRYANTHeadphones11
51.41356414MOLLY OFGEOGRAPHYI Won't Go Out Today (A Quarantine Lullaby)15
51.261 NEW 415FAST ROMANTICSOnly People5
50.61362417NORAH JONESHow I Weep15
501390418G. LOVE & SPEICAL SAUCE f/ KEB'MOGo Crazy36
501 NEW 419HAIMUp From A Dream5
49.591341420REUBEN AND THE DARKWe Will Get There11
49.21366421THE FRANKLIN ELECTRICAnything For Love36
49.21367422THE JERRY CANSSwell (My Brother)11
49.11514423BETTER THAN EZRAGrateful9
48.842544424GANG OF FOURForever Starts Now8
48.61372425NOAH CYRUSYoung & Sad11
48.61 NEW 426PAUL MCCARTNEYYoung Boy5
48.61410427THE DIRTY KNOBSWreckless Abandon25
48.42488428THAD COCKRELLSwingin'7
48.221 NEW 429SUFJAN STEVENSThe Only Thing5
47.992565430THE HIGHWOMENCrowded Table51
47.81489431BEN FOLDSBelinda8
47.81127432TYLER CHILDERSHouse Fire64
47.522 NEW 434THE LEMON TWIGSLive In Favor Of Tomorrow4
47.41380435BUSTY AND THE BASSKids11
46.81277436CELEIGH CARDINALThe Devil Is A Blue-Eyed Man19
46.8190437LEON BRIDGES f/ JOHN MAYERInside Friend16
46.81387438THE LONE BELLOWI Can Feel You Dancing15
46.51340439FAIRCHILDI Said13
46.51 NEW 440GREGORY PORTERMister Holland5
46.41391441IMELDA MAYHome11
45.81462442BEN FOLDSFrom Above8
45.471 NEW 443ELBOWThe Delayed 3:155
45.41496444BRUCE SPRINGSTEENWestern Stars58
45.41398445IMELDA MAYGHB8
44.931 NEW 446LOCAL NATIVESI Saw You Close Your Eyes3
44.491 NEW 447CITY AND COLOURMurderer5
44.11421448FRONT BOTTOMSCamouflage31
43.81402449BLACK PUMASOld Man31
43.561406450ALAN PARSONSI Can't Get There From Here63
43.511440451ROISIN MURPHYNarcissus39
42.81505452NOAH REIDFalse Alarms14
42.41 NEW 453JOSHUA RADINHere, Right Now4
42.41493454LANDON ELLIOTTHurricane16
42.232272455GREEN DAYOh Yeah!29
41.81 NEW 456LPThe One That You Love1
41.81415457SECRET SISTERSWater Witch14
41.71475458LANA DEL REYHappiness Is A Butterfly48
41.41118459JESSE MALINBackstabbers14
41.161263460JACK GARRATTCircles6
40.81 NEW 461ASHLEY CLARKBurn3
40.361478462ASHDarkest Hour Of The Night26
40.131463463OVERCOATSFire & Fury25
39.961 NEW 464CAGE THE ELEPHANT f/ IGGYPOPBroken Boy66
39.41 NEW 465BLANCMANGEMindset5
391480466REAL ESTATE f/ SYLVAN ESSOPaper Cup25
38.871374467BRIGHT EYESPersona Non Grata18
37.21525468MARIKA HACKMANBlow11
36.73473469RUBY WATERSRabbit Hole11
36.361385470JILL BARBERLe Monde Est beau8
361378471PASSENGERThe Way That I Love You20
35.31144472UB40Lean On Me14
35.21 NEW 473POMPLAMOOSEIt's The End Of The World As We Know it5
35.2178474WHITE DENIMI Don't Understand Rock And Roll14
34.751110476HAIMI Know Alone14
34.742348477THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENTHollywood Park15
34.561407478JILL BARBERSummer Nights In Montreal11
34.31 NEW 479BECKStratosphere28
33.61 NEW 481LIGHTNING ORCHESTRAFor Those Who Are yet To Be Born5
33.521541482PHANTOM PLANETTime Moves On8
331349483TAYLOR JANZENDevotion14
32.931470484COLDPLAYEveryday Life39
32.762377485DEARSI Know What You're Thinking And It's Awful15
32.641138486THE NATIONALNever Tear Us Apart21
321 NEW 487ERIC CLAPTON & B.B. KINGLet Me Love You10
31.382469488BEN KWELLERHeart Attack Kid49
31.21459489JILL BARBEREntre Nous14
30.61 NEW 490JAMES BLAKEAre You Even real?4
30.361472491LANA DEL REYDoin' Time64
29.521424492JOSEPH OF MERCURYPretenders40
29.281358493TAME IMPALAPosthumous Forgiveness35
29.073583494FITZ AND THE TANTRUMSI Just Wanna Shine53
26.862 NEW 495MOON PANDASlow Drive6
26.11 NEW 497CARIBOUHome43
24.8416516499LEWIS CAPALDIBefore You Go36
24.791 NEW 500FIONA APPLEUnder The Table14
24.751509501ANOUKI Love You16
24.31417502HAZEL ENGLISHShaking32
23.531405503SAM FENDERThe Borders46
23.41232504DECLAN MCKENNABeautiful Faces26
23.41 NEW 505WORK DRUGSThird Degree5
20.581 NEW 506WILLIE J HEALEYFashun3
20.581526507TOM WALKERBetter Half Of Me40
20.33279508THE BLACK KEYSShine A Little Light56
19.981438509OF MONSTERS AND MENWild Roses55
19.42549510JAYMES YOUNGHappiest Year16
18.181388511CARIBOUNever Come Back26
17.281550512COLD WAR KIDS1 X 112
17.281 NEW 513MATT BERNINGERSerpentine Prison7
16.957 NEW 514AJRBang!24
16.261283515FRONT BOTTOMSEveryone Blooms15
16.021537516RUN RIVER NORTHSpiders8
15.382547518BORN RUFFIANSBreathe15
14.341548519DEARSHeart Of An Animal15
14.221474520WOJTEK THE BEARA Long Wait For Bad News42
14.041552521MODEST MOUSEIce Cream Party36
13.141561522OF MONSTERS AND MENVulture, Vulture14
12.352523523LEWIS CAPALDISomeone You Loved88
12.241432524CHANTAL KREVIAZUKLove Gone Insane15
12.151 NEW 525LEWIS CAPALDIForever63
12.121520526DEACON BLUECity Of Love35
11.71546527MARC ALMONDSlow Burn Love31
11.642292528LIVE LOUNGE ALLSTARSTimes Like These15
10.71543529JARV ISHouse Music All Night Long18
10.561 NEW 530DEACON BLUEWonderful5
10.321 NEW 531WORK DRUGSPrime5
10.21 NEW 532MATT BERNINGERDistant Axis7
10.081572533PHANTOM PLANETParty Animal32
102 NEW 534TOM FULLERWaterfall3
9.31 NEW 535GREGORY PORTERPhoenix5
8.75176536AURORAExist For Love11
7.51 NEW 538RUFUS WAINWRIGHTBad Decisions5
7.351581539WEEZERThe End Of The Game48
6.661579540LIZZOCuz I Love You77
6.61192541NORAH JONESI'm Alive18
6.51 NEW 542FAST ROMANTICSHallelujah, What's It To Ya?3
6.51164543NATHANIEL RATELIFFAnd It's Still Alright30
6.431573544MAGGIE ROGERSLove You For A Long Time36
6.251 NEW 545HAWKSLEY WORKMANJust A Dream2
6.241576546BLACK PUMASColors44
6.231519547WHITE REAPERMight Be Right62
6.081 NEW 548TIM BAKERSurvivors5
5.931165549WAXAHATCHEECan't Do Much14
5.681577550HALF MOON RUNGrow Into Love9
5.66551551BILLIE EILISHEverything I Wanted38
4.861556553FOALSThe Runner46
2.331491554TIANA MAJOR9Think About You13
2.271389555PEARL JAMQuick Escape19
1.491587556MEG MYERSRunning Up That Hill74

Beyond Radio’s Monthly Adult Alternative Charts

AAA picks July/Aug 2020

AAA picks May/June 2020

AAA picks March/April 2020

AAA picks Jan/Feb 2020

AAA Sub Genre Charts, July 15

Adult Leaning Alternative

1              1              THE KILLERS        Caution
new       2              THE KILLERS        My Own Soul's Warning
2              3              FIONA APPLE     Shameika
5              4              PERFUME GENIUS           On The Floor
new       5              DOVES  Carousels
12           6              TRAVIS A Ghost
18           7              PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto
4              8              GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)
3              9              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday
10           10           THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus
11           11           JACK GARRATT  Better
6              12           THE STROKES     Bad Decisions
7              13           DECLAN MCKENNA         The Key To Life On Earth
8              14           U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars
19           15           JAKE BUGG         Rabbit Hole
15           16           THE KILLERS        Fire In Bone
30           17           MATT MAESON Hallucinogenics
28           18           TAME IMPALA   Breathe Deeper
34           19           WHITE REAPER  Real Long Time
new       20           SUFJAN STEVENS             America
9              21           PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon
49           22           HELEN LOVE       Songs From My Teens
new       23           JESSIE WARE       The Kill
14           24           LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love
24           25           RAZORLIGHT      Burn, Camden, Burn
27           26           TENNIS Need Your Love
53           27           BAKAR  Hell N Back
139         28           UNLIKELY CANDIDATES  High Low
46           29           KENSINGTON    Island
23           30           BEST COAST        Everything Has Changed
26           31           MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSON             Don't Let Me Down
13           32           COLDPLAY           Champion Of The World
25           33           FLORENCE & THE MACHINE         Light Of Love
91           34           MONDO COZMO              Upside Down
35           35           HINDS   Good Bad Times
83           36           THE HEAD AND THE HEART          Honeybee
126         37           PHOEBE BRIDGERS          I See You
37           38           RUBY WATERS   Rabbit Hole
54           39           COLD WAR KIDS Who's Gonna Love Me Now
16           40           PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants
40           41           LOCAL NATIVES Dark Days
new       42           NICK MULVEY    Begin Again
36           43           SONDRE LERCHE               Why Would I Let You Go
75           44           TAME IMPALA   Is It True
55           45           MAJOR LAZER f/ MARCUS MUMFORD    Lay Your Head On Me
32           46           DEARS   The Worst In Us
70           47           OWEN PALLETT A Bloody Morning
66           48           JORGE ELBRECHT              Tuesday Morning
new       49           DIZZY     Roma Candles
122         50           PHANTOM PLANET          Only One

Roots (Roots Rock, Americana, Folk, Heritage Pop)

1              1              THE ROLLING STONES    Living In A Ghost Town
7              2              HAIM    Don't Wanna
3              3              ALANIS MORISETTE         Diagnosis
8              4              KATIE PRUITT     Expectations
new       5              SEMISONIC         You're Not Alone
18           6              MATT MAESON Hallucinogenics
2              7              ALANIS MORISETTE         Smiling
4              8              MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIER           The Bones
13           9              LAURA MARLING             Held Down
69           10           THE PRETENDERS             Didn't Want To Be This Lonely
22           11           NICOLE ATKINS Domino
5              12           HAIM    The Steps
55           13           JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT    Dreamsicle
30           14           RAY LAMONTAGNE         Strong Enough
16           15           MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSON             Don't Let Me Down
125         16           LIAM GALLAGHER            Sad Song
64           17           NEIL FINN f/ STEVIE NICKS & CHRISTINE MCVIE   Find Your Way Back Home
48           18           LENNY KRAVITZ Ride
6              19           LIVE LOUNGE ALLSTARS Times Like These
170         20           KATHLEEN EDWARDS     Options Open
100         21           THE HEAD AND THE HEART          Honeybee
new       22           RUTH B.                If I Have A Son
new       23           HAIM    Los Angeles
11           24           NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGES  July.
79           25           HAIM    Hallelujah
54           26           HIGH SOUTH      All We Need
34           27           NATHANIEL RATELIFF     Time Stands
new       28           HAIM    Gasoline
38           29           LOCAL NATIVES Dark Days
new       30           THE CHICKS        March March
12           31           GERRY CINNAMON         Where We're Going
14           32           OASIS    Don't Stop
56           33           MAJOR LAZER f/ MARCUS MUMFORD    Lay Your Head On Me
new       34           DERMOT KENNEDY          Giants
new       35           HAIM    3am
24           36           PAT BENATAR    Together
111         37           LUCY ROSE          Question It All
62           38           LUMINEERS        Salt And The Sea
91           39           PHANTOM PLANET          Only One
49           40           THE JAYHAWKS Dogtown Days
new       41           MARGO PRICE   Letting Me Down
new       42           DONNA MISSAL Let You Let Me Down
32           43           CAITLYN SMITH Rare Bird
26           44           MORRISSEY        Knockabout World
28           45           MORRISSEY        Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?
21           46           CAITLYN SMITH Fly Away
80           47           DONNA MISSAL Hurt By You
29           48           THE JAYHAWKS This Forgotten Town
68           49           YOLA     I Don't Wanna Lie
20           50           PETE YORN          I Wanna Be The One

Retro Soul (R&B, Soul Pop, Jazz Pop, Disco, Throwback Hip Hop)

4              1              JESSIE WARE       Save A Kiss
1              2              DOJA CAT            Say So
new       3              VICTORIA MONET            Experience
9              4              ARLO PARKS       Black Dog
5              5              U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars
2              6              JESSIE WARE       Spotlight
new       7              JESSIE WARE       What's Your Pleasure?
3              8              THE MAMAS      Move
8              9              KIESZA  All Of The Feelings
14           10           SURFACES           Sunday Best
new       11           JESSIE WARE       Soul Control
7              12           SZA f/ JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE          The Other Side
28           13           MICHAEL KIWANUKA     Rolling
15           14           NICOLE ATKINS Domino
new       15           JESSIE WARE       The Kill
new       16           ANDERSON.PAAK            Lockdown
6              17           JP SAXE f/ JULIA MICHAELS          If The World Was Ending
34           18           BAKAR  Hell N Back
18           19           CELESTE                I Can See The Change
new       20           JESSIE WARE       Step Into My Life
16           21           YEBBA   Distance
33           22           LIANNE LA HAVAS            Can't Fight
12           23           JESSIE WARE       Ooh La La
new       24           IZZY BIZU             Faded
125         25           LEON BRIDGES f/ TERRACE MARTIN         Sweeter
23           26           TONI BRAXTON f/ MISSY ELLIOTT               Do It
20           27           JOE GODDARD & HAYDEN THORPE           Unknown Song
new       28           JORJA SMITH      Rose Rouge
29           29           LENNY KRAVITZ Ride
38           30           MARCUS KING  One Day She's Here
11           31           THE ALLERGIES  Felony
24           32           ARLISSA               Healing
61           33           MAYA JANE COLES           Run To You
new       34           JESSIE WARE       In Your Eyes
41           35           WYN STARKS      Circles
new       36           CARO EMERALD Wake Up Romeo
19           37           BLACK PUMAS   Fire
86           38           ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES Call Me
116         39           SURFACES f/ ELTON JOHN            Learn To Fly
36           40           NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK             House Party
new       41           LIANNE LA HAVAS            Weird Fishes
90           42           REBECCA FERGUSON f/ NILE RODGERS   Nothing Left But Family
17           43           HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS             While We're Young
49           44           LIANNE LA HAVAS            Paper Thin
63           45           THUNDERCAT    Funny Thing
30           46           ZELLA DAY           My Game
13           47           KHRUANGBIN    Time (You And I)
59           48           BREAD CLUB       Never Go Again
66           49           NICK HAKIM       Qadir
new       50           SERATONES        Over You