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Beyond Radio’s Monthly Genre Charts

AAA Monthly Chart  
August 31, 2017 through September 30, 2017

4141.85051PORTUGAL, THE MANFeel It Still7
4127.524232THE KILLERSThe Man4
3959.014813ARCADE FIREEverything Now4
2488.382644THE NATIONALThe System Only Dreams In Total Darkness5
2151.92271815LIAM GALLAGHERFor What It's Worth2
1915.7319136THE XXI Dare You4
1851.24141087THE WAR ON DRUGSPain2
1836.15205128BECKDear Life2
1752.16271019NOTHING BUT THIEVESSorry3
1686.6221810IMAGINE DRAGONSBeliever8
1669.27136611BELLE & SEBASTIANWe Were Beautiful3
1662.17191012THE WAR ON DRUGSHolding On4
1644.7923213LIAM GALLAGHERWall Of Glass4
1540.61227214JAKE BUGGHow Soon The Dawn2
1354.561219115MICK JAGGERGotta Get A Grip2
1336.03187616COLD WAR KIDS f/ BISHOP BRIGGSSo Tied Up3
1287.76174817THE REVIVALISTSWish I Knew You18
1250.311311418STEREOPHONICSAll In One Night3
1207.29162219ST. VINCENTNew York3
1190.48176020MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAThe Gold4
1158.68164021BARNS COURTNEYGolden Dandelions3
1132.89161822SPOONCan I Sit Next To You7
1057.6352323LORDEPerfect Places3
1046.06192724GEORGE EZRADon't Matter Now3
1034.120925BLEACHERSDon't Take The Money6
1030.86115426MOON TAXITwo High5
995.7883328RON GALLOYoung Lady, You're Scaring Me8
975.881119229TORI AMOSCloud Riders3
908.82144631DEPECHE MODEGoing Backwards6
896.19824332JACK JOHNSONMy Mind Is For Sale3
892113033ARCADE FIRESigns Of Life2
887.91136734VANCE JOYLay It On Me3
861.34106935BLONDIEToo Much3
839.7671536THE WAR ON DRUGSThinking Of A Place5
765.73149737IMAGINE DRAGONSWalking The Wire3
765.5118338GRIZZLY BEARMourning Sound3
762.252540339JESSIE WAREMidnight3
761.8317740HAIMWant You Back5
729.1695341THE WAR ON DRUGSStrangest Thing3
717.394442LIAM GALLAGHERChinatown3
702.3138743ALICE MERTONNo Roots9
696.6773144FATHER JOHN MISTYBallad Of The Dying Man7
687.1753345BROKEN SOCIAL SCENEVanity Pail Kids2
676.34931646DEER TICKJumpstarting2
672.021131447X AMBASSADORSAhead Of Myself2
664.64112048LONDON GRAMMAROh Woman Oh Man5
656.16125949CHRIS STAPLETONSecond One To Know5
640.621753950PHILLIP PHILLIPSMiles2