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AAA Monthly Chart  
May 31, 2021 through June 30, 2021

4442.976011COLDPLAYHigher Power4
1724.193174JAPANESE BREAKFASTBe Sweet13
1601.5826405BLEACHERSStop Making This Hurt2
1558.4719106MODEST MOUSEWe Are Between4
1518.122137ALICE MERTONVertigo8
1481.7818398MANIC STREET PREACHERSOrwellian2
1245.4824259JAKE BUGGLost3
1150.25168910SHARON VAN ETTEN f/ ANGEL OLSENLike I Used To1
1110.614811THE BLACK KEYSCrawling Kingsnake6
1092.3420512WOLF ALICEThe Last Man On Earth13
1039.93141113LAKE STREET DIVEHypotheticals15
956.73143114YOLADiamond Studded Shoes6
935.86377715DURAN DURANInvisible2
906.119 NEW 16FOO FIGHTERSMaking A Fire17
881.4327 NEW 17JOHN MAYERLast Train Home0
873.9617 NEW 18BEACH BUNNYCloud 913
860.7514619BEABADOOBEELast Day On Earth11
858.48461821BILLIE EILISHYour Power5
825.7105122LONDON GRAMMARLord It's A Feeling7
795.9891923JADE BIRDOpen Up The Heavens14
793.6898824LEON BRIDGESMotorbike2
779.3481325MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAKeel Timing10
774.67122326LIZ PHAIRSpanish Doors6
764.1863627LUCY DACUSHot & Heavy6
743.591010128SLEATER KINNEYWorry With You2
724.92302129IMAGINE DRAGONSFollow You12
715.24114130KINGS OF LEONEchoing15
705.871854331VANCE JOYMissing Piece1
697.76147132ST. VINCENTDown3
693.3382433COUNTING CROWSElevator Boots6
691.03322234TWENTY ONE PILOTSShy Away8
674.7411435LONDON GRAMMARHow Does It Feel12
674.69510036ALANIS MORISETTERest2
656.0510937LAURA MVULAChurch Girl10
610.0872038LORD HURONNot Dead Yet15
575.48134840CAITLYN SMITH f/ OLD DOMINIONI Can't64
557.68205641GARBAGENo Gods No Masters5
521.6972842LIFEHOUSECut & Run8
512.378443CHRIS STAPLETONCold35
452.281215244SAINT MOTELIt's All Happening2
428.24710646MANCHESTER ORCHESTRATelepath4
425.76101247ST. VINCENTPay Your Way In Pain13
398.6894348SARA KAYSRemember That Night?17
389.5764950GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTYI Hear The Ax Swinging12
387.5363452THE WALLFLOWERSRoots And Wings8
376.9132953THE CORALLover Undiscovered10
372.3574554THE JOY FORMIDABLEInto The Blue11
365354755EAGLE EYE CHERRYI Like It2
358.01124258GARBAGEThe Men Who Rule The World9
357.739859THE LICKERISH QUARTETDo You Feel Better21
357.25514260AMYTHYST KLAHBlack Myself7
343.3473861THE STRUMBELLASGreatest Enemy14
341.1441662TUNE-YARDSHold Yourself17
339.4736964THE CORALVacancy6
339.4568365WILDERADOHead Right11
326.0246066BLACK PUMASColors87
318.74164669LAURA MVULAGot Me2
314.935970THE STROKESThe Adults Are Talking54
310.06317171AMY MACDONALDBridges2
305.843372LAURA MVULASafe Passage13
282.4943275TAYLOR SWIFT f/ HAIMNo Body, No Crime24
281.48511877CELESTETonight Tonight17
279.8657578TAYLOR SWIFTWillow25
279.0391779RAG 'N' BONE MANAll You Ever Wanted17
275.8842680FRATELLISNeed A Little Love15
274.1251481KINGS OF LEONThe Bandit21
270.7229982TONICTo Be Loved15
270.628183RYAN ADAMSDo Not Disturb5
270.26612684DYLAN CARTLIDGEAnything Could Happen8
266.96118785WEEZERI Need Some Of That6
261.137 NEW 86JACKSON BROWNEMy Cleveland Heart0
257.5259787FRANK TURNERThe Gathering3
255.8443089KINGS OF CONVENIENCERocky Trail4
245.639390CORY WONG & CODY FRYComing Back Around11
245.5846591HISS GOLDEN MESSENGERSanctuary16
244.6241692HIATUS KAIYOTERed Room2
24159693CROWDED HOUSEPlaying With Fire2
238.2617094WOLF ALICENo Hard Feelings2
232.6976795SON MIEUXDrive5
232.159496CROWDED HOUSETo The Island15
231.22177998GLASS ANIMALS f/ IANN DIORHeat Waves47
224.2421399NEEDTOBREATHEInto The Mystery2
219.836 NEW 101THE MARIASHush-1
219.42276102PROCOL HARUMMissing Persons (Alive Forever)2
207.952 NEW 104MARQUIS DRIVE21st Century Gospel0
207.92 NEW 105ZELLA DAYDance For Love0
206.935329106THE LONE BELLOWDried Up River8
2001271107AARON FRAZERLove Is9
2001146108BRUCE SPRINGSTEENSong For Orphans16
2001111109ELVIS COSTELLOHetty O'Hara Confidential6
2001273110LARKIN POEHoly Ghost Fire2
199.83222111LANA DEL REYBlue Banisters2
199.62134112SEMISONICDon't Make Up Your Mind37
199.01537113OF MONSTERS AND MENDestroyer8
198.43107114ARLO PARKSHope26
197.272153115CELESTEStop This Flame74
1922264116ALANIS MORISETTEReasons I Drink78
1921139117GRETTA RAYReadymade12
186.34480118THE BLACK KEYSGoing Down South4
1862359119RYAN ADAMSBig Ciolors1
1851401123LOS LOBOSSail On Sailor2
1851149124MICHAEL KIWANUKAYou Ain't The Problem90
1851322125THEE SACRED SOULSWill I See You Again2
1851200127VERONICA FUSAROFool5
1851215128WHITEHORSEI Wanna Make Promises4
182.473202131THE STROKESOde To The Mets44
177.61156132GENEVIEVE STOKESParking Lot11
177.61140134SOCCER MOMMYNight Swimming51
177.62108135TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVERExile43
176.33103136GARY NUMANSaints And Liars8
1751114138BRANDI CARLILEI Remember Everything10
1751151139PAUL MCCARTNEY f/ KHRUANGBINPretty Boys6
174.05258141PHOEBE BRIDGERSI Know The End48
173.762164142THE ELECTRIC SOFT PARADELeft Behind62
172.95354143ANDERSON EASTMadelyn8
171.5278144H.E.R.Fight For You17
170.853137145CHARLOTTE CARDINMeaningless14
1681166147SOCCER MOMMYBloodstream78
166.24348148BOBBY GILLESPIE f/ JEHNNY BETHChase It Down3
165.7266149ALANIS MORISETTEI Miss The Band7
1651135150HOWARD JONESWe're In This Together31
1651112151KATIE PRUITTExpectations63
1651158152SUZI QUATROI Sold My Soul Today18
163.39244153BEN HOWARDSorry Kid10
162.22216154PAUL WELLERCosmic Fringes13
161.71105155JULIEN BAKERFavor15
161.71154156THE WEATHER STATIONParking Lot15
160.83102157MIDDLE KIDSQuestions19
160.333138158ST. VINCENTThe Melting Of The Sun9
158.99635159FOO FIGHTERSWaiting On A War19
158.41165160ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGENHurricane15
158.41119161LONDON GRAMMARCalifornian Soil35
157.784413162NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSWe're Gonna Get There In The End21
156.966176163PANDAS & PEOPLEBad Honey17
156.315293164TRAGICALLY HIPOuch1
148.81175165FRONT BOTTOMSMontgomery Forever47
148.81195166THE KILLERS f/ WEYES BLOODMy God40
147.63188167LANA DEL REYWildflower Wildfire2
1471210168HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWSHurry Back Baby60
1471347170THE POLYPHONIC SPREEShe's A Rainbow5
145.445 NEW 172BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARDNew Age Millennial Magic5
144.8753173DAYGLOWClose To You19
144.151190174TAYLOR SWIFTMarjorie24
144.061253175GARY NUMANNow & Forever4
140.733122179THE LICKERISH QUARTETSovereignty Blues21
140.284127180CHET FAKERLow34
139.82221181JUDE COLETaking Away My Home18
139.323109182CASSANDRA JENKINSHard Drive14
1391249183AARON FRAZERHave Mercy10
1391235186MORCHEEBAKilled Our Love5
1391199188TAYLOR SWIFTSeven44
136.711298189TAME IMPALABorderline31
136.221205190KATE NASHMisery2
134.483125191BENDIGO FLETCHEREvergreen7
134.36757192WEEZERAll My Favorite Songs18
132.82141194ISRAEL NASHStay7
1311226195CHARLOTTE CARDINSad Girl4
130.562183198PEARL CHARLESOnly For Tonight18
128.381297200BOMBA ESTERODeja9
128.381143201GARY NUMANI Am Screaming12
128.381220202UNKLE f/ THE BIG PINKFind The Outsider8
125.761269204KANDLEHoney Trap10
125.761206205SOCCER MOMMYAllison14
124.4272206UNKLEIf We Don't Make It8
1241356207AARON FRAZERDone Lyin8
1241 NEW 208ISKWENight Danger12
1241336209SISTER HAZELWhen Love Takes Hold12
1241315210THEE SACRED SOULSWeak For Love2
122.82513211YOLAStand For Myself1
122.62240212PAUL MCCARTNEY f/ DOMINC FIKEThe Kiss Of Venus11
122.573124213YUKON BLONDEYGTT15
122.573115214DINOSAUR JR.I Ran Away13
122.4290215CANNONSFire For You42
122.133335216MOBY f/ GREGORY PORTER & AMYTHYST KIAHNatural Blues (Reprise Version)3
1201331218HIGH SOUTHGhost Town15
118192219ARLO PARKSCaroline26
1181428220ARLO PARKSJust Go7
1181233221AVI KAPLANChange On The Rise2
1181184222CAROLINA EASTHunger15
1181148223LORD HURONMine Forever8
1181385224SARA WATKINSPure Imagination2
115.641324225GRACIE ABRAMSMess It Up4
113.682325227GARY NUMANIntruder19
113.28274228HAIM f/ TAYLOR SWIFTGasoline49
113.281257229JULIANA HATFIELDMouthful of Blood10
112.512163230JAMESAll The Colours Of You13
1121302231MEN I TRUSTShow Me How14
111.612411232AMY SHARKBaby Steps10
1111306233SAINT NOMADNothing To Lose19
110227234ALANIS MORISETTEPredator13
1102309235DEL AMITRIYou Can't Go Back4
109.761155236BEN HOWARDWhat A Day18
109.082 NEW 237LUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REALPerennial Bloom (Back To You)1
107.22162238DREW HOLCOMB & THE NEIGHBORSI Need To Go Somewhere13
1071380239JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITRunning With Our Eyes Closed2
105.02264240ARLO PARKSHurt41
1051265241MATHILDA HOMERRock Bottom5
1021150243MORCHEEBASounds Of Blue17
1021274244NOAH REIDHonesty57
100.862133246TOM ODELLMonster10
99.511334247LIANNE LA HAVASBittersweet64
99.333167248LANA DEL REYTulsa Jesus Freak10
98.692192249FUTURE ISLANDSPlastic Beach32
97.921 NEW 250TEENAGE FANCLUBEverything Is falling Apart-1
97.61209254TAYLOR SWIFTChampagne Problems24
94.08261256LONDON GRAMMARAmerica8
941350257BLACK PUMASI'm Ready37
93.975268258BARENAKED LADIESFlip7
93.32 NEW 259THE STRANGLERSAnd If You Should See Dave0
931196260KINGS OF LEON100,000 People21
90.771311261HONORARY ASTRONAUTFinal Dream Machine40
90.651462262FRATELLISStrangers In The Street1
90.651241263SWITCHFOOTI Need You To Be Wrong4
90.241246264JAMESBeautiful Beaches6
87.62113266DEL AMITRIIt's Feelings15
871116268AARON FRAZEROver You32
871272269BROOKE ANNIBALEYours & Mine9
85.893129270TEN TONNESEverything You Got8
85.374292271JULIEN BAKERHeatwave12
85.062330272ROGER MANNING JR.Funhouse13
84.63239274ONR f/ SARAH BARTHELMust Stop28
841392275SHARON VAN ETTENSome Things Last A Long Time2
83.662179277KALEOBreak My Baby70
83.351332278ROGER MANNING JR.The Quickening41
83.12320279ANDY BELLSkywalker13
811104280VAN MORRISONOnly A Song7
80.641339281BIRDYThe Otherside3
80.64163282FLEET FOXESSunblind30
79.22447284COUNTING CROWSBobby And The Rat-King2
781314285SARA WATKINSNight Singing2
781328286THE AVETT BROTHERSI Go To My Heart14
77.72472287GLASS ANIMALSTangerine42
77.52584288BRETT DENNENSee The World5
77.162228289BLACKMORE'S NIGHTSecond Element11
77.12300290LAST DAYS OF APRILEven The Good Days Are Bad8
75.382386293AMY HELMBreathing4
75.331144294MIDDLE KIDSR U 4 Me?32
74.98270295JON BATISTEI Need You16
74.41469296JACK GARRATTCircles49
74.33285298SOFIA VALDESHandful of Water10
73.361455299AMY SHARKWorst Day Of My Life4
72.61 NEW 300SEMISONICBasement Tapes37
72.081218301DUBSTARI Can See You Outside26
70.61374304NANCY WILSONThe Dragon3
70.56162305LONDON GRAMMARLose Your Head21
67.62344306LOW CUT CONNIEHelp Me35
67.521117307CHRIS CORNELLWatching The Wheels24
67.21426308STILL CORNERSThe Last Exit5
66.61227311JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITOverseas40
65.861445312TYNE-JAMES ORGANLondon's Calling3
63.71425313THE CHILLSWorlds Within Worlds2
63.71232314THE CORALFaceless Angel17
63.32431315THE KILLERSDying Breed42
621358318RICHARD CHEESEThe Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald10
621467319SERENA RYDERKid Gloves24
60.761487321JULIA STONEBreak4
59.61360322VALERIE JUNESmile2
59.521375323JAMIE N COMMONSFor Franca7
59.521363324KRAFTWERKHome Computer 20212
58.61172327NATHANIEL RATELIFFRedemption22
57.61400328KATIE PRUITTGeorgia57
57.431371329AARON LEE TASJANUp All Night20
57.221225330SUFJAN STEVENSRun Away With Me34
57.192197331SERENA RYDERBetter Now19
56.41379332ANGELINA JORDAN7th Heaven5
55.51397333REAVESDo It All Again2
55.471437334FLORENCE & THE MACHINECall Me Cruella2
55.471318335PHOEBE BRIDGERSChinese Satellite36
55.431282336SUNFLOWER BEANMoment In The Sun36
54.51497338DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONSMorning in America2
54.36176339THE AVALANCHES f/ MGMT & JOHNNY MARRThe Divine Chord25
54.032438340ROGER MANNING JR.Love's Never Half As Good13
53.872308341FLOCK OF DIMESTwo17
53.694388342THE DARCYSSwerve5
53.51201343PAUL WELLERShades Of Blue8
52.832 NEW 344BELLE MT.Famous Son0
52.641476345MANCHESTER ORCHESTRADinosaur4
52.21509346SYMLStay Close15
521417347KEB'MOMedicine Man5
50.61251348ZACH BRYANHeading South16
50.232504349KALEOHey Gringo6
49.983410350RINSETamaryn (Wherever I Am)15
49.21123352PETE YORNThey Don't Know17
49.21278353TOM PETTYYou Saw Me Comin'13
48.81353354SUZI QUATRODo Ya Dance5
48.61470355FAYE WEBSTERCheers4
48.61177356FRANCES FOREVERSpace Girl15
48.61597357IDA MAEClick Click Domino7
48.6182358LANA DEL REYChemtrails Over The Country Club20
47.061255361FLOCK OF DIMESPrice Of Blue2
46.81252362DINOSAUR JR.Garden8
46.81551363LANA DEL REYWild At Heart10
46.442 NEW 364STILL CORNERSWhite Sands16
44.881128367FRATELLISHalf Drunk Under A Full Moon11
44.11565368WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKSIf It Happens5
43.81 NEW 369PAUL WELLERGlad Times12
43.81457370RUEN BROTHERSCookies And Cream13
43.581409371DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTENImpossible Weight38
43.561394372TAME IMPALAIs It True65
43.491522373THE BLACK KEYSPoor Boy A Long Way From Home2
42.8152374BRUCE SPRINGSTEENI'll See You In My Dreams12
42.361 NEW 375DAYGLOWCan I Call You Tonight?58
42.152414376RUFUS WAINWRIGHTDevils And Angels46
421391377GREENTEA PENGNah It Ain't The Same11
41.41461378CLARY f/ LADY ZMoving Forward14
41.161191379THE VAPORSTogether61
40.332340380BILLIE EILISHTherefore I Am29
39.31365381LINN KOCH-EMERYBlow My Mind11
37.441296383BLEACHERS f/ BRUCE SPRINGSTEENChinatown27
37.04173384SMITH & BURROWSBuccaneer Rum Jum6
36.61477385RUSTON KELLYUnder The Sun20
35.363465388GRETTA RAYBigger Than Me9
35.161389389GORILLAZ f/ BECKThe Valley Of The Pagans32
34.882 NEW 390NOAH KAHANPart Of Me2
34.751453391RED CITY RADIOApocalypse, Please!24
34.691486392KYLE FALCONERRake It In4
34.3191393LPOne Last Time11
34.022516394DAVE JAKESCaterwaul19
33.891295395KAINE FRANCESCOLast Song I'll Ever Write7
33.41223396BRUCE SPRINGSTEENGhosts35
32.11396399JACOB COLLIERSleeping On My Dreams41
31.751341401FIONA APPLEUnder The Table57
31.22186402KINGS OF LEONStormy Weather13
31.21518403SOFT SET7 On Up40
30.61526404DECLAN MCKENNAYou Better Believe38
30.362266405PASSENGERSword From The Stone19
30.361408406TOM JONESOne More Cup Of Coffee8
30.31490407MXMTOON f/ CARLY RAE JEPSENOk On Your Own36
30.182582408SAINT NOMADStay7
29.822427410THE SUNSET KIDSI Wanna Be27
28.831532411OF MONSTERS AND MENVisitor38
28.611352412TOM ODELLMoney3
28.131536413FUTURE ISLANDSThe Moon Is Blue9
27.541523415CHRIS CORNELLPatience45
27.181538416MAXIMO PARKArdour2
27.181 NEW 417RIGHTFIELDGone2
27.11345418PAUL MCCARTNEYSeize The Day21
26.881405419CAGE THE ELEPHANTSkin & Bones35
26.282446420EELKEI'm A Man24
25.682557421POETS OF THE FALLStay Forever11
25.31548422PJ HARDING f/ NOAH CYRUSDear August15
25.191383424SON MIEUX199217
24.782556425COLD WAR KIDSCalm Your Nerves3
22.982555428MAXIMO PARKPartly of My Making8
22.792552429SAM ROBERTS BANDTake Me Away19
22.71376430JON BATISTEShow Me The Way9
21.681503431CHEAP TRICKBoys & Girls & Rock N Roll11
21.361291433SARA KAYSPicture Of You11
21.241559434LOCAL NATIVES f/ CLASSIXXWeekends24
20.882560435WORK DRUGSRunning Scared4
20.831558436JUDE COLEStarry Eyes18
19.81454438DINOSAUR JR.Take It Back6
19.51575439BOSTON MARRIAGEIdols19
17.281549441LANA DEL REYBreaking Up Slowly5
17.222478442BANNERSSomeone To You49
16.741574443MAXIMO PARKI Don't Know What I'm Doing26
16.261323444MAXIMO PARKAll Of Me19
16.111572445FLAWESWhat's A Boy To Do20
15.982569446BLU DETIGERVintage15
15.841570447GORILLAZ f/ ROBERT SMITHStrange Timez38
15.421578448JENNIE VEEOut For Blood19
15.121534449CHEAP TRICKLight Up The Fire18
13.741553450DECLAN MCKENNAThe Key To Life On Earth59
13.621 NEW 451STEVEN WILSON12 Things I Forgot26
13.321579452VACATION MANORCan't Run Forever18
13.251 NEW 453LEWIS CAPALDISomeone You Loved131
13.172586454NEWTON FAULKNERTogether2
12.992580455ROGER MANNING JR.Is It All A Dream13
9.781589457TEN TONNESGirl Are You Lonely Like Me?26
9.761587458SIR SLYMaterial Boy36
9.351261459RAG 'N' BONE MANCrossfire3
8.131 NEW 460JON BATISTEFreedom10
7.349583461AJRWay Less Sad15
7.21593462REA GARVEYThe One27
6.641600463HALF MOON RUNHow Come My Body4
6.371 NEW 464HALF MOON RUNOn And On1
6.351602465GRETA VAN FLEETMy Way, Soon34
6.171596466JUDAH & THE LIONSpirit7
5.851599469OLIVER WOODFine Line1
5.721598470WYN STARKSCircles67
5.381562472LIAM GALLAGHERAll You're Dreaming Of27
4.21605473COREY HART f/ DANTE HARTShoreline14
4.071603474AUSTIN WARDAnother Day In The Neighborhood13
2.222550476ED SHEERANAfterglow23
1.091607477LEWIS CAPALDIBefore You Go79

Beyond Radio’s Monthly Adult Alternative Charts

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AAA Sub Genre Charts, May 15

Adult Leaning Alternative
1              1              WOLF ALICE        The Last Man On Earth   11
2              2              MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA           Bed Head             13
9              3              BEABADOOBEE Last Day On Earth             9
3              4              IMAGINE DRAGONS        Follow You          10
new       5              TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Shy Away             6
new       6              BILLIE EILISH       Your Power        3
8              7              JAPANESE BREAKFAST   Be Sweet             11
10           8              LONDON GRAMMAR      How Does It Feel              10
11           9              ST. VINCENT       Pay Your Way In Pain      11
new       10           COLDPLAY           Higher Power    2
100         11           ALICE MERTON Vertigo 6
16           12           GARBAGE            The Men Who Rule The World    7
7              13           DAYGLOW           Close To You      17
6              14           RAG 'N' BONE MAN         All You Ever Wanted       15
4              15           KINGS OF LEON The Bandit          19
13           16           GLASS ANIMALS f/ IANN DIOR    Heat Waves        45
35           17           MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA           Keel Timing         8
new       18           THE BLACK KEYS                Crawling Kingsnake         4
5              19           FOO FIGHTERS  Waiting On A War            17
new       20           GARBAGE            No Gods No Masters      3
15           21           THE STRUMBELLAS          Greatest Enemy 12
18           22           SARA KAYS          Remember That Night? 15
33           23           JADE BIRD           Open Up The Heavens   12
new       24           JAKE BUGG         Lost        1
20           25           LANA DEL REY    Chemtrails Over The Country Club            18
26           26           TUNE-YARDS      Hold Yourself     15
132         27           TEN TONNES      Everything You Got         6
49           28           LIFEHOUSE          Cut & Run            6
23           29           FRATELLIS            Need A Little Love           13
14           30           THE STROKES     The Adults Are Talking    52
new       31           MODEST MOUSE              We Are Between             2
24           32           LANA DEL REY    White Dress       9
12           33           WEEZER                All My Favorite Songs     16
new       34           KINGS OF CONVENIENCE              Rocky Trail           2
25           35           THE AVALANCHES f/ MGMT & JOHNNY MARR     The Divine Chord              23
56           36           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Destroyer            6
41           37           BEN HOWARD   Sorry Kid              8
new       38           WEEZER                I Need Some Of That       4
17           39           LONDON GRAMMAR      Lose Your Head 19
21           40           KINGS OF LEON Echoing 13
135         41           LONDON GRAMMAR      America               6
52           42           GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTY     I Hear The Ax Swinging  10
36           43           MIDDLE KIDS      Questions           17
new       44           CASSANDRA JENKINS     Hard Drive           12
19           45           LANA DEL REY    Tulsa Jesus Freak              8
124         46           THE CORAL         Lover Undiscovered        8
22           47           CANNONS           Fire For You        40
new       48           LIZ PHAIR             Spanish Doors    4
31           49           FLEET FOXES      Sunblind              28
32           50           TOM ODELL        Monster              8

Roots (Roots Rock, Americana, Folk, Heritage Pop)

1              1              TAYLOR SWIFT f/ HAIM  No Body, No Crime          22
4              2              LAKE STREET DIVE            Hypotheticals    13
2              3              TAYLOR SWIFT   Willow  23
new       4              NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS We're On Our Way Now 3
3              5              ALANIS MORISETTE         Predator              11
7              6              JADE BIRD           Open Up The Heavens   12
8              7              LORD HURON    Not Dead Yet     13
new       8              YOLA     Diamond Studded Shoes              4
31           9              BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     I'll See You In My Dreams             10
71           10           THE WALLFLOWERS        Roots And Wings              6
new       11           COUNTING CROWS         Elevator Boots   4
13           12           CAITLYN SMITH f/ OLD DOMINION           I Can't   62
14           13           VALERIE JUNE    Call Me A Fool   14
24           14           GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTY     I Hear The Ax Swinging  10
162         15           ANDERSON EAST              Madelyn              6
9              16           HAIM f/ TAYLOR SWIFT  Gasoline              47
6              17           FLEET FOXES      Sunblind              28
17           18           DEL AMITRI        It's Feelings        13
27           19           HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER           Sanctuary            14
new       20           ISRAEL NASH      Stay       5
new       21           ALANIS MORISETTE         I Miss The Band 5
12           22           BIRDY    Loneliness           14
11           23           PASSENGER        Sword From The Stone  17
new       24           DANNY VERA     Tuesday.              4
new       25           LUCY DACUS      Hot & Heavy       4
43           26           CHRIS STAPLETON           Cold       33
5              27           LP           One Last Time    9
39           28           BIRDY    Deepest Lonely 9
new       29           RYAN ADAMS    Do Not Disturb  3
16           30           CROWDED HOUSE           To The Island     13
21           31           AMY MACDONALD          Statues 13
40           32           CHRIS CORNELL Watching The Wheels    22
new       33           VAN MORRISON               Only A Song        5
20           34           JULIEN BAKER    Favor     13
57           35           TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVER          Exile       41
30           36           BLACKMORE'S NIGHT     Second Element               9
22           37           SERENA RYDER  Better Now         17
35           38           RUFUS WAINWRIGHT    Devils And Angels            44
118         39           KALEO   Break My Baby  68
90           40           KATIE PRUITT     Expectations      61
75           41           SOFIA VALDES   Handful of Water             8
26           42           JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT    Overseas             38
91           43           FLEET FOXES      Can I Believe You              34
64           44           PETE YORN          They Don't Know              15
new       45           BENDIGO FLETCHER        Evergreen           5
37           46           NATHANIEL RATELIFF     Redemption       20
28           47           ILLITERATE LIGHT & DEVON GILFILLIAN  Freedom             16
new       48           ELVIS COSTELLO                Hetty O'Hara Confidential            4
80           49           YOLA f/ SHERYL CROW &BRANDI CARLILE              Hold On                30
121         50           IMELDA MAY & NOEL GALLAGHER f/ RONNIE WOOD        Just One Kiss      15

Retro Soul (R&B, Soul Pop, Jazz Pop, Disco, Throwback Hip Hop)

1              1              BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON.PAAK & SILK SONIC   Leave The Door Open     11
new       2              JESSIE WARE       Please   3
3              3              LONDON GRAMMAR      How Does It Feel              10
2              4              JESSIE WARE       Remember Where You Are          45
11           5              JUNGLE Keep Moving     8
5              6              LAURA MVULA  Church Girl          8
32           7              KYLIE MINOGUE               Dance Floor Darling         28
15           8              LAKE STREET DIVE            Hypotheticals    13
13           9              TUNE-YARDS      Hold Yourself     15
4              10           SZA        Good Days          20
10           11           H.E.R.    Damage               30
6              12           JORJA SMITH      Addicted              10
28           13           GABRIELLE          Can't HurrÿÿLoe             7
12           14           LAURA MVULA  Safe Passage      11
19           15           GIVEON Heartbreak Anniversary 48
7              16           LONDON GRAMMAR      Lose Your Head 19
63           17           LONDON GRAMMAR      America               6
new       18           SNELLE & MAAN              Blijven Slapen    12
17           19           NONAME            Rainforest           12
8              20           KYLIE MINOGUE & DUA LIPA       Real Groove       28
155         21           LOLA LENNOX    Wherever You Go            6
18           22           BLACK PUMAS   Colors   85
9              23           REBECCA FERGUSON f/ NILE RODGERS   No Words Needed          11
40           24           HAIM    3am       46
16           25           JON BATISTE       I Need You          14
14           26           JESSIE WARE       What's Your Pleasure?   47
23           27           ARLO PARKS       Hurt       39
new       28           PAUL STANLEY'S SOUL STATION I, Oh I    11
24           29           JESSIE WARE       Spotlight              63
70           30           ROISIN MURPHY               Assimilation        6
new       31           ISRAEL NASH      Stay       5
new       32           JORJA SMITH      Gone     4
150         33           PRINCE Welcome 2 America        6
20           34           ARLO PARKS       Hope     24
27           35           ROXEN  Amnesia              11
93           36           ALEWYA & MOSES BOYD               The Code             6
new       37           THE BLOW MONKEYS     More Than A Miracle      9
new       38           LUCKY DAYE        How Much Can A Heart Take       14
30           39           ARLO PARKS       Caroline               24
88           40           CORY WONG & CODY FRY             Coming Back Around      9
29           41           BAKAR  1st Time               28
84           42           SONS OF KERMIT              Hustle   6
new       43           D-NICE f/ NE-YO & KENT JONES  No Plans For Love            8
25           44           SERENA RYDER  Better Now         17
new       45           PHONY PPL f/ MEGAN THEE STALLION    Fkn Around         2
26           46           H.E.R.    Fight For You      15
39           47           MARISHA WALLACE        Faith      15
129         48           PACO VERSAILLES            Something New 6
new       49           LONDON GRAMMAR      Californian Soil  33
new       50           ROBIN THICKE    Look Easy            14

AAA Top 200 of 2020

1              THE KILLERS        Caution
2              THE KILLERS        My Own Soul's Warning
3              THE CHICKS        Gaslighter
4              TAYLOR SWIFT f/ BON IVER          Exile
5              PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto
6              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday
7              THE STROKES     Bad Decisions
8              PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants
9              THE ROLLING STONES    Living In A Ghost Town
10           OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Visitor
11           SEMISONIC         You're Not Alone
12           LONDON GRAMMAR      Baby It's You
13           NEW ORDER       Be A Rebel
14           THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus
15           FUTURE ISLANDS              For Sure
16           DOVES  Carousels
17           FIONA APPLE     Shameika
18           TAME IMPALA   Is It True
19           CELESTE                Stop This Flame
20           PERFUME GENIUS           On The Floor
21           THE CHICKS        Sleep At Night
22           COLDPLAY           Champion Of The World
23           SUFJAN STEVENS             Video Game
24           HAIM    Don't Wanna
25           HAIM    The Steps
26           DOVES  Prisoners
27           ALANIS MORISETTE         Smiling
28           TRAVIS A Ghost
29           U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars
30           ALANIS MORISETTE         Reasons I Drink
31           KATIE PRUITT     Expectations
32           PHOEBE BRIDGERS          I Know The End
33           BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     Letter To You
34           DAYGLOW           Can I Call You Tonight?
35           FLEET FOXES      Can I Believe You
36           THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light
37           BASTILLE F/ GRAHAM COXON    What You Gonna Do???
38           NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGES  July.
39           GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!
40           LONDON GRAMMAR      Californian Soil
41           ALANIS MORISETTE         Ablaze
42           ROMY   Lifetime
43           LIANNE LA HAVAS            Can't Fight
44           PEARL JAM         Retrograde
45           GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)
46           MICHAEL KIWANUKA     Hero
47           THE GO-GO'S     Club Zero
48           ARLO PARKS       Hurt
49           LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love
50           ARLO PARKS       Black Dog
51           JAMES BAY          Chew On My Heart
52           BAKAR  Hell N Back
53           SHERYL CROW   In The End
54           SEMISONIC         All It Would Take
55           THE KILLERS        Fire In Bone
56           JAKE BUGG         Rabbit Hole
57           MORRISSEY        Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?
58           MATT MAESON Hallucinogenics
59           MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIER           The Bones
60           TAME IMPALA   Breathe Deeper
61           JESSIE WARE       The Kill
62           BECK      Uneventful Days
63           THE PRETENDERS             The Buzz
64           ALANIS MORISETTE         Diagnosis
65           SAINT MOTEL     Van Horn
66           MAGGIE ROGERS             Love You For A Long Time
67           THE STROKES     At The Door
68           PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon
69           THE STROKES     The Adults Are Talking
70           BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted
71           PHOENIX             Identical
72           BLACK PUMAS   Colors
73           GLASS ANIMALS               Heat Waves
74           EOB        Shangri-La
75           CHRIS CORNELL Patience
76           THE PRETENDERS             Didn't Want To Be This Lonely
77           FRATELLIS            Six Days In June
78           SAM FENDER      Hold Out
79           BLACK PUMAS   Fire
80           DERMOT KENNEDY          Giants
81           RAY LAMONTAGNE         Strong Enough
82           MORRISSEY        Knockabout World
84           WHITE REAPER  Real Long Time
85           KALEO   I Want More
86           TENNIS Need Your Love
87           BLOSSOMS         The Keeper
88           WHITE REAPER  Might Be Right
89           LOCAL NATIVES f/ SYLVAN ESSO Dark Days
90           AMY SHARK        Everybody Rise
91           JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT    Dreamsicle
92           AMY MACDONALD          The Hudson
93           HAIM    Hallelujah
94           MICHAEL KIWANUKA     Rolling
95           COLDPLAY           Everyday Life
96           CAGE THE ELEPHANT      Black Madonna
97           SAINT MOTEL     Preach
98           DEEP SEA DIVER f/ SHARON VAN ETTEN Impossible Weight
99           TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern
100         BANNERS            Someone To You
101         THE KILLERS        Blowback
102         FOO FIGHTERS  Shame Shame
103         LAURA MARLING             Held Down
104         SOCCER MOMMY             Circle The Drain
105         TOM PETTY         Leave Virginia Alone
106         NATHANIEL RATELIFF     And It's Still Alright
107         GERRY CINNAMON         Where We're Going
108         TRAVIS f/ SUSANNA HOFFS          The Only Thing
109         CELESTE                Little Runaway
110         BLOSSOMS         If You Think This Is Real Life
111         TAYLOR SWIFT   Seven
112         PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOTT             A Good Day Is Hard To Find
113         SUFJAN STEVENS             My Rajneesh
115         LIANNE LA HAVAS            Weird Fishes
116         NICOLE ATKINS Domino
117         GORILLAZ f/ BECK             The Valley Of The Pagans
118         HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS             While We're Young
119         SAM FENDER      All Is On My Side
120         MY MORNING JACKET   Feel You
121         OF MONSTERS AND MEN              Wars
122         SAULT   Wildfires
123         THE ROLLING STONES f/ JIMMY PAGE     Scarlet
124         JAKE BUGG         All I Need
125         JACK GARRATT  Better
126         BILLIE EILISH       Therefore I Am
127         JADE BIRD           Headstart
128         BEST COAST        Everything Has Changed
129         CANNONS           Fire For You
130         DECLAN MCKENNA         The Key To Life On Earth
132         THE KILLERS f/ WEYES BLOOD     My God
133         CAITLYN SMITH Long Time Coming
134         KATHLEEN EDWARDS     Hard On Everyone
135         ALANIS MORISETTE         Reckoning
136         JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT    Be Afraid
137         DECLAN MCKENNA         Beautiful Faces
138         LIAM GALLAGHER            Sad Song
139         PETE YORN          I Wanna Be The One
140         KHRUANGBIN    Time (You And I)
141         TAYLOR SWIFT   Willow
142         THE CHICKS        March March
143         PSYCHEDELIC FURS          Don't Believe
144         MANDY MOORE               Save A Little For Yourself
145         FIONA APPLE     I Want You To Love Me
146         LEON BRIDGES  Sweeter
147         ZELLA DAY           My Game
148         CELESTE                A Little Love
149         MARGO PRICE   Letting Me Down
150         CHRIS STAPLETON           Cold
151         OVERCOATS       The Fool
152         LP           The One That You Love
153         ELLE KING           The Let Go
154         LUMINEERS        Salt And The Sea
155         KHRUANGBIN f/LEON BRIDGES  Texas Sun
156         KATHLEEN EDWARDS     Options Open
157         FLORENCE & THE MACHINE         Light Of Love
158         BON IVER            AUATC
159         WEEZER                Hero
160         LEWIS CAPALDI Before You Go
161         SAM FENDER      Will We Talk?
162         BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     Ghosts
163         COLDPLAY           Arabesque
164         I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME          Leave Me Alone
165         DAWES Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
166         KACEY MUSGRAVES        Oh, What A World
167         CELESTE                I Can See The Change
168         LANA DEL REY    Mariners Apartment Complex
169         NATHANIEL RATELIFF     Time Stands
170         THE HEAD AND THE HEART          Honeybee
171         COLDPLAY           Orphans
172         SAM FENDER      The Borders
173         DERMOT KENNEDY          Outnumbered
174         PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOTT             You And Me (Were Meant To Be Together)
175         HELEN LOVE       Songs From My Teens
176         THE HIGHWOMEN           Crowded Table
177         OASIS    Don't Stop
178         CAROLINE ROSE Feel The Way I Want
179         THE LICKERISH QUARTET               Lighthouse Spaceship
180         TAYLOR SWIFT   The Last Great American Dynasty
181         YOLA     I Don't Wanna Lie
182         LIANNE LA HAVAS            Bittersweet
183         SUNFLOWER BEAN          Moment In The Sun
184         ZZ WARD             Break Her Heart
185         HARRY STYLES    Sunflower Vol. 6
186         THE LEMON TWIGS         The One
187         SHRED KELLY      Underground
188         SEMISONIC         Basement Tapes
189         BRIGHT EYES       Mariana Trench
190         COLDPLAY           Trouble In Town
191         MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSON             Don't Let Me Down
192         SAM FENDER      Winter Song
193         HALF MOON RUN            Favourite Boy
194         ROGER MANNING JR.     The Quickening
195         NEIL FINN f/ STEVIE NICKS & CHRISTINE MCVIE   Find Your Way Back Home
196         BASTILLE              Survivin'
197         THE KILLERS f/ KD LANG Lightning Fields
198         REAMONN          Promise (You And Me)
199         AJR         Bang!
200         PATTY SMYTH    Drive