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Beyond Radio’s Monthly Genre Charts

AAA Monthly Chart, January (to date)  
December 31, 2016 through January 31, 2017

5086.644631RAG'N'BONE MANHuman3
4628.553312KINGS OF LEONWaste A Moment5
4523.12823SAINT MOTELMove6
3040.923744GREEN DAYStill Breathing4
2917.216245KINGS OF LEONFind Me4
2642.113736ELBOWMagnificent (She Says)2
2580.3425367JOHN MAYERLove On The Weekend2
2544.216508RYAN ADAMSDo You Still Love Me?2
2393.25122510BEYONCE & THE DIXIE CHICKSDaddy Lessons2
2306.1181411MONDO COZMOShine4
2208.91291112LPLost On You13
214620513JIMMY EAT WORLDSure And Certain5
2138.06112014MAGGIE ROGERSDog Years3
2090.9217815THE HEAD AND THE HEARTAll We Ever Knew8
1936.28916KENSINGTONDo I Ever5
1916.5101917HANNAH GEORGASEvelyn2
1878.311618THE SHINSDead Alive3
1731.96151619STINGI Can't Stop Thinking About You5
1652.519 NEW 20THE SHINSName For You1
1634.452321BLUE RODEOI Can't Hide This Anymore3
1623.682223SAM ROBERTS BANDFiend4
1623.02154024KALEOWay Down We Go14
1613.9713025LAURA MARLINGSoothing2
1598.9515 NEW 26LONDON GRAMMARRooting For You1
1568.43352127JAMES ARTHURSay You Won't Let Go5
1514.65828428AGNES OBELIt's Happening Again2
1438.45153729BIFFY CLYRORe-Arrange7
1434.710 NEW 30FOXYGENFollow The Leader1
1424.652731THE DEAR HUNTERKing Of Swords (Reversed)4
1406.85403532THE XXOn Hold2
1397.44205833ALEX DA KID f/ X AMBASSADORSNot Easy3
1355.971534LEONARD COHENYou Want It Darker5
1320.866935NORAH JONESFlipside5
129465936NEW ORDERPeople On The High Line7
1288.319737BASTILLEGood Grief8
1251.653940JUNIOR EMPIREWest Coast4
1245.465141THE DEAR HUNTERThe Revival5
1200.975242LIVWings Of Love3
1162.267143ROLLING STONESJust Your Fool4
1136.17141344THE PRETENDERSHoly Commotion5
1124512645JOSEPHSOS (Overboard)6
1087.1611246BON IVER33 God5
1081.792947BROSTell Me4
10735 NEW 48GRETTA RAYDrive3
1032.563349LETTERS TO CLEOCan't Say4
1019315650THE DEAR HUNTERA Night On The Town4