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Heritage Charts

Voter's chart fueled by 36 personal charts with a high percentage of Heritage artists

Artist's chart includes artists who have been producing music for 20 or more years.


Heritage Voters Chart  
October 22, 2017 through November 6, 2017

7901.976911PORTUGAL, THE MANFeel It Still36
6842.259932PINKWhat About Us12
6682.731723FOO FIGHTERSThe Sky Is A Neighborhood11
6229.346344U2You're The Best Thing About Me9
6025.051765BECKUp All Night57
5790.318256SAM SMITHToo Good At Goodbyes9
4610.7666237ED SHEERANPerfect35
4333.17778KELLY CLARKSONLove So Soft9
4229.1936199MORRISSEYSpent The Day In Bed7
3862.3282210PAT BENATARDancing Through The Wreckage8
3840.15131011LIAM GALLAGHERFor What It's Worth12
3620.647812BECKDear Life10
3367.3757913THE KILLERSThe Man21
3073.17461214PALOMA FAITHCrybaby9
2957.04101516GEORGE MICHAEL f/ NILE RODGERSFantasy9
2854.57441817IMAGINE DRAGONSThunder28
2688.2441618MIRANDA LAMBERTTin Man31
2598.84331419NOTHING BUT THIEVESSorry14
2542.5991720QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Way You Used To Do21
2512.5871121JESSIE WAREMidnight14
2481.56831322TAYLOR SWIFTLook What You Made Me Do11
2441.78133623ST. VINCENTLos Ageless8
2385.952824KENNY CHESNEYAll The Pretty Girls23
2327.1332625SHANIA TWAINLife's About To Get Good27
2324.78413426ALICE MERTONNo Roots45
2289.15102127FOO FIGHTERSRun23
2173.56433028PHILLIP PHILLIPSMiles12
2096.2582029NINE INCH NAILSLess Than16
2014.19594131WALK THE MOONOne Foot7
2007.89232732THE REVIVALISTSWish I Knew You84
1925.08202533IMAGINE DRAGONSBeliever40
1924.5763134SHANIA TWAINSwinging With My Eyes Closed14
1812.7644035MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAThe Gold21
1784.49193336STEPSNeon Blue12
1748.7494337THE NATIONALDay I Die10
1678.11413238CHARLIE PUTHAttention28
1674.9653739JESSIE WARESelfish Love9
1614.34402940ARCADE FIREEverything Now23
1592.78107941JESSIE WAREAlone8
1576.9535042STEPSDancing With A Broken Heart7
1575.83215143LIAM GALLAGHERWall Of Glass23
1553.393944GRETA VAN FLEETHighway Tune23
1546.6566545TONI BRAXTONDeadwood8
1522.5683546THE NATIONALThe System Only Dreams In Total Darkness25
1489.58393847NIALL HORANSlow Hands27
1484.344948LUKE COMBSWhen It Rains It Pours19
1475.344849SARA EVANSMarquee Sign21
1457.96144750THIRTY SECONDS TO MARSWalk On Water10

Heritage Artists Chart  
October 22, 2017 through November 6, 2017

4016.73921BECKUp All Night57
3931.024012FOO FIGHTERSThe Sky Is A Neighborhood11
3038.74443U2You're The Best Thing About Me9
2560.12964LIAM GALLAGHERFor What It's Worth12
2487.7625125MORRISSEYSpent The Day In Bed7
2413.762436BECKDear Life10
2385.92157KENNY CHESNEYAll The Pretty Girls23
2032.820159PAT BENATARDancing Through The Wreckage8
1971.3621710GEORGE MICHAEL f/ NILE RODGERSFantasy9
1526.119911FOO FIGHTERSRun23
1495.64221112QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Way You Used To Do21
1475.3101313SARA EVANSMarquee Sign21
1397.517814NINE INCH NAILSLess Than16
1368.9131415SHANIA TWAINLife's About To Get Good27
1213.4131016LCD SOUNDSYSTEMTonite11
1132.1121617SHANIA TWAINSwinging With My Eyes Closed14
1051.391918STEPSDancing With A Broken Heart7
1049.7131719STEPSNeon Blue12
1031.1132220TONI BRAXTONDeadwood8
945.911 NEW 21MK178
851.8122822LIAM GALLAGHERWall Of Glass23
807.682423GARTH BROOKSAsk Me How I Know32
805.68126324TIM McGRAW & FAITH HILLThe Rest Of Our Life4
803.36108725MAREN MORRIS f/ VINCE GILLDear Hate4
745.91123026MARIAH CAREYThe Star48
72296527CLIENT LIASON f/ TINA ARENAA Foreign Affair8
691.492628DARIUS RUCKERFor The First Time14
680.162929DREAMCARBorn To Lie28
660.392730GARY ALLANMess Me Up23
658.896031QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEFeet Don't Fail Me7
640.675832SPARKSEdith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)8
635.7135733MARILYN MANSONKill4Me7
631.283434PLACEBOLife's What You Make It54
628.673135SHANIA TWAINWe Got Something They Don't14
627.6811936LIAM GALLAGHERGreedy Soul4
614.1105637DEPECHE MODECover Me6
59062338QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Evil Has Landed11
588.343839REVOLUTION SAINTSLight In The Dark9
586.574740SHAKIRA f/ NICKY JAMPerro Fiel12
58362041DEPECHE MODEGoing Backwards33
574.863742FOO FIGHTERSThe Line7
553.972543GARY NUMANMy Name Is Ruin16
55087844SPOONI Ain't The One31
532.653645TOM PETTYFree Fallin'4
522.6884546PROPHETS OF RAGELiving On The 11015
515.2893047SPOONCan I Sit Next To You35
506.5744548WEEZERHappy Hour3
496.599950OUR LADY PEACEDrop Me In The Water10