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Beyond Radio’s Combined Rock Chart

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Combined Rock Chart  
August 31, 2017 through September 11, 2017

9193.125031PORTUGAL, THE MANFeel It Still25
8842.834612ARCADE FIREEverything Now12
8178.514423THE KILLERSThe Man10
4664.873244IMAGINE DRAGONSThunder17
4550.312665THE NATIONALThe System Only Dreams In Total Darkness14
4242.422776FOO FIGHTERSRun12
4236.653487LORDEPerfect Places12
4087.8625158NOTHING BUT THIEVESAmsterdam16
4002.642059IMAGINE DRAGONSBeliever29
3980.04251910NINE INCH NAILSLess Than5
3781.73251011QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Way You Used To Do10
3548.75241112DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979Freeze Me10
3424.16253013NOTHING BUT THIEVESSorry3
2870.22201214BLEACHERSDon't Take The Money20
2712.89192015THE XXI Dare You28
2614.87162916THE REVIVALISTSWish I Knew You73
2590.12181417ROYAL BLOODLights Out19
2574.7220918LIAM GALLAGHERWall Of Glass12
2459.22163419MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAThe Gold10
2323.41192220THE WAR ON DRUGSHolding On12
2245.02202421RISE AGAINSTThe Violence17
2220.24201322PARAMOREHard Times18
2125.122524523FOO FIGHTERSThe Sky Is A Neighborhood0
2083.01122624IMAGINE DRAGONSWalking The Wire3
2060.794911525PINKWhat About Us1
2048.7204426WOLF ALICEDon't Delete The Kisses7
1943.44143228DEPECHE MODEGoing Backwards22
1909.25141629HAIMWant You Back16
1835.64203830PVRISWhat's Wrong?14
1819.17122331ROYAL BLOODI Only Lie When I Love You11
1773.65133732VANCE JOYLay It On Me5
1725.57172134MUSEDig Down14
1717.36241835HARRY STYLESSign Of The Times20
1716.9205436GRETA VAN FLEETHighway Tune12
1687.312018337LIAM GALLAGHERFor What It's Worth1
1682.2208938THE KILLERSRun For Cover3
1594.2697939MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAThe Alien9
1547.51112540ALT-JIn Cold Blood20
1525.89189441COLD WAR KIDS f/ BISHOP BRIGGSSo Tied Up22
1513.76158242STEREOPHONICSAll In One Night3
1496.18183343GEORGE EZRADon't Matter Now9
1487.82207544FOSTER THE PEOPLESit Next To Me3
1486.1176545GARBAGENo Horses7
1418.68175046SPOONCan I Sit Next To You24
1416.4134347DECLAN MCKENNAHumongous10
1376.98144049ST. VINCENTNew York4
1362164250FOSTER THE PEOPLEDoing It For The Money16