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Combined Rock Chart  
June 30, 2021 through July 31, 2021

14008.9461 NEW 1LORDESolar Power8
9359.74812COLDPLAYHigher Power13
7750.5554123CHVRCHES f/ ROBERT SMITHHow Not To Drown9
6133.183324MANESKINZitti E Bouni10
5932.1836 NEW 5IMAGINE DRAGONSWrecked5
5788.6524146FOO FIGHTERSMaking A Fire26
5542.3439 NEW 7BASTILLEDistorted Light Beam6
5047.1239508MANESKINI Wanna Be Your Slave10
4787.945169DURAN DURANInvisible11
4277.9722510JAPANESE BREAKFASTBe Sweet22
4174.1122 NEW 11GANG OF YOUTHSThe Angel of 8th Ave.6
4167.0420812JAKE BUGGLost12
4091.22261313BLEACHERSStop Making This Hurt11
3933.42362014WILLOW f/ TRAVIS BARKERTransparant Soul14
3839.7122 NEW 15SAM FENDERSeventeen Going Under4
3475.4242216OLIVIA RODRIGOBrutal10
3303.232 NEW 17MARINAVenus Fly Trap8
3274.53201018WOLF ALICESmile15
3256.5627419BILLIE EILISHYour Power14
3220.48184220NOTHING BUT THIEVESFutureproof8
3205.61192821VANCE JOYMissing Piece10
3155.54202122MODEST MOUSEWe Are Between13
3140.96313823JOHN MAYERLast Train Home9
2783.57171824ALICE MERTONVertigo17
2718.05141125WOLF ALICEThe Last Man On Earth22
2547.4321627TWENTY ONE PILOTSShy Away17
2489.9512728MANCHESTER ORCHESTRABed Head24
2432.85112529THE BLACK KEYSCrawling Kingsnake15
2401.34124930ROYAL BLOODOblivion13
2395.54164431LONDON GRAMMARLord It's A Feeling16
2354.4811 NEW 32BEABADOOBEECologne6
2327.64179133HOLLY HUMBERSTONEThe Walls Are Way Too Thin10
2313.87141534ROYAL BLOODTyphoons28
2294.75154835ST. VINCENTDown12
2292.8245736SHARON VAN ETTEN f/ ANGEL OLSENLike I Used To10
2262.68181737GARBAGENo Gods No Masters14
2141.6415 NEW 38WALK THE MOONCan You Handle My Love?3
2089.2518939IMAGINE DRAGONSFollow You21
2023.9414 NEW 41COLD WAR KIDSWhat You Say8
1996.96123942WOLF ALICEHow Can I Make It Okay9
1964.8155843SELF ESTEEMI Do This All The Time11
1913.1118 NEW 44MANESKINBeggin'6
1863163145MARINAAncient Dreams In A Modern Land11
1831.73178346TWENTY ONE PILOTSSaturday.10
1814.61104547KINGS OF LEONEchoing24
1804.72143048GREEN DAYPollyanna11
1772.5143449MANIC STREET PREACHERSOrwellian11
1740.4114650WEEZERI Need Some Of That15
1736.815 NEW 51INHALERIt Won't Always Be Like This8
1644.7592352BEABADOOBEELast Day On Earth20
1610.22126453THE NEIGHBOURHOODStargazing33
1600.0494754SAINT MOTELIt's All Happening11
1557.3782455BEACH BUNNYCloud 922
1547.52102656THE VACCINESHeadphones Baby11
1530.341112257THE MARIASHush8
1529.5136958CANNONSBad Dream21
1504.1682759ROYAL BLOODBoilermaker16
1501.815 NEW 60PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTINGPeople, Let's Dance8
1486.316 NEW 61POPPYHer5
1484.95128162VOLBEATWait A Minute My Girl9
1473.01145663KENNYHOOPLA f/ TRAVIS BARKERHollywood Sucks12
1457.3376264THE BAND CAMINO1 Last Cigarette22
1396.45159365PENDULUMCome Alive15
1370.529 NEW 66THE VACCINESBack In Love City5
136866367LIFEHOUSECut & Run17
1361.226 NEW 68CREEPERMidnight9
1311.8142969MARINAPurge The Poison15
1297.538 NEW 70FUELHard2
1280.05121971CHVRCHESHe Said She Said15
1269.69 NEW 72GARBAGEThe Creeps7
1264.3494373BOWLING FOR SOUPGetting Old Sucks (But Everybody's Doing It)12
1254.75138674MAMMOTH WVHDon't Back Down18
1246.2755375MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAKeel Timing19
1226.5145576YOLADiamond Studded Shoes15
1222.418 NEW 77OUR LADY PEACEStop Making Stupid People Famous3
1221.415 NEW 78MOLive To Survive9
1209.8512 NEW 80JOURNEYThe Way We Used To Be6
1198.2612 NEW 81AURORACure For Me3
1173.0996882RISE AGAINSTNowhere Generation20
1155.638 NEW 83PALAYE ROYALENo Love in LA3
1089.96107685LIZ PHAIRSpanish Doors15
1089.7149086CAITLYN SMITH f/ OLD DOMINIONI Can't73
1058.687 NEW 87MILKY CHANCEColorado7
1044.651028588JACKSON BROWNEMy Cleveland Heart9
1016.526 NEW 89MANCHESTER ORCHESTRANever Ending8
998.13103290ALL TIME LOWOnce In A Lifetime19
965.046 NEW 91THE SHERLOCKSFalling4
963.7493792GLASS ANIMALS f/ IANN DIORHeat Waves56
927.921612393LAURA MVULAGot Me11
924.386 NEW 94DUBSTARI Can See You Outside35
922.693695THE CHEMICAL BROTHERSThe Darkness That You Fear15
913.3722096ATLAS GENIUSElegant Strangers10
912.18 NEW 97AC/DCWitch's Spell37
908.56 NEW 98THE WOMBATSMethod To The Madness8
900.69 NEW 99BANKSThe Devil6
886.06870100SLEATER KINNEYWorry With You11
885.729234101I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MENew Invention43
881.310109102PROSPAWant Need Love13
874.2874103LUCY DACUSHot & Heavy15
867.910 NEW 106CHVRCHESGood Girls1
856.8551107LONDON GRAMMARHow Does It Feel21
855.195116108RAMKOTAm I Alright Now9
850.613 NEW 109BILLIE EILISHLost Cause8
843.714326110ST. VINCENTThe Melting Of The Sun18
835.13 NEW 111INSTITUTESI Just Can't Keep Myself From Loving You8
829.511349112CELESTE vs. MKStop This Flame83
823.23 NEW 113BULLOCK HEARTSSee You Later10
822.7820 NEW 114MARTIN GARRIX f/ BONO & THE EDGEWe Are The People11
799.854131116ROYAL BLOODMillion And One13
787.85108117PORTER ROBINSONLook At The Sky27
782.45795118COUNTING CROWSElevator Boots15
776.15797119LEON BRIDGESMotorbike11
774.751094120JOYWAVEEvery Window Is A Mirror12
765.77 NEW 122LUCY DACUSBrando6
764.525 NEW 123WE ARE SCIENTISTSContact High4
759.6510280124SPIRITBOXSecret Garden9
7496 NEW 125LAURA MVULAWhat Matters6
737.8661126LAKE STREET DIVEHypotheticals24
735.263119127OLIVIA RODRIGOGood 4 U11
734.916172128THE BLUE STONESOne By One19
733.63 NEW 129TURNSTILEMystery10
713.866 NEW 131YVES TUMORJackie5
703.325 NEW 132INHALERTotally4
698.58196133THE MAINESticky20
694.26 NEW 135CLAIROAmoeba1
693.264101136LANA DEL REYBlue Banisters11
6885216137GLASS ANIMALSSpace Ghost Coast To Coast15
679.494102138CLEOPATRICKFamily Van14
675.36535139GARBAGEThe Men Who Rule The World18
674.94 NEW 140MEET ME @ THE ALTARFeel A Thing7
673.54 NEW 141BILLIE EILISHHappier Than Ever1
6722 NEW 142COLDPLAYColoratura2
669.625 NEW 143NOTHING BUT THIEVESMiracle, Baby3
668.68 NEW 144DEAFHEAVENGreat Mass of Color4
6684215145EAGLE EYE CHERRYI Like It11
667.945 NEW 146THE WAR ON DRUGSLiving Proof2
667.37208147CHEVELLEMars Simula15
6664121148EASY LIFESkeletons15
656.87752150NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSWe're On Our Way Now14
656.75796151GIRL IN REDSerotonin21
655.345107152PANDAS & PEOPLEBad Honey26
654.54141153HARD FEELINGSHolding On Too Long12
651.24156154SAVE THE WORLDMiss Muse11
651.157 NEW 155IRON MAIDENThe Writing On The Wall2
647.955 NEW 156BRANDI CARLILERight On Time1
647.52162157THE REYTONSAntibiotics9
645.46124158VHS COLLECTIONThe Dark14
641.48578159ANGELS & AIRWAVESEuphoria11
632.513111160WILDERADOHead Right20
631.135 NEW 161RUFUS DU SOLAlive2
627.25 NEW 162LORDEStoned At The Nail Salon1
625.948 NEW 163JADE BIRDNow Is The Time6
622.2479164TEENAGE WRISTEarth Is A Black Hole39
621.69560165BLIND CHANNELDark Side23
6163 NEW 166JOHNA Song For Those Who Speed In Built-Up Areas5
613.85 NEW 167YONAKARaise Your Glass6
612.5452 NEW 168ED SHEERANBad Habits6
610.086195169INHALERCheer Up Baby20
605.36766171MACHINE GUN KELLY f/ KELLIN QUINNLove Race14
601.477169172SON MIEUXDrive14
595.355177173DREAMERSPalm Reader17
591.484 NEW 174MELISSA ETHERIDGEOne Way Out10
587.694117175DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979One + One26
584.26 NEW 176PIP BLOMKeep It Together6
578.346 NEW 177TOM ODELLLose You Again7
577.54 NEW 178WILLOWLipstick6
576.75275179AMYTHYST KLAHBlack Myself16
573.63 NEW 181HOT MILKI Just Wanna Know What happens When I'm Dead7
566.273265182THE STROKESOde To The Mets53
565.64 NEW 183SAULTLondon Gangs5
562.5284184ALANIS MORISETTERest11
561.44137185AYRON JONESMercy25
5612200186CASSANDRA JENKINSHard Drive23
556.925 NEW 187THE LATHUMSHow Beautiful Life Can Be6
555.67585188ASHE & FINNEASTill Forever Falls Apart22
548.14 NEW 189WITHIN TEMPTATIONShed My Skin4
546.84 NEW 190JERRY CANTRELLAlone1
5426106191GRETA VAN FLEETHeat Above24
5401 NEW 193BLAGGARDSMoonshiner5
537.4799194MEG MYERSThe Underground36
536.13 NEW 195YOLAStarlight3
533.78287196ANY GIVEN SINThe Way I Say Goodbye17
5333 NEW 197YOLAStand For Myself10
532.25 NEW 198JXDN f/ MACHINE GUN KELLYWanna Be4
531.35105199INHALERWho's Your Money On13
529.723 NEW 200HEAVENWARDCartwheels7
528.296 NEW 201THE BLACK KEYSPoor Boy A Long Way From Home11
526.34 NEW 202DESPERATE JOURNALISTEverything You Wanted5
524.75 NEW 203ARLO PARKSToo Good4
518.283 NEW 204THE REYTONSExpectations Of A Fool4
516.63 NEW 205WOLF ALICEPlay The Greatest Hits7
515.853143206MIDDLE KIDSQuestions28
513.525 NEW 207CAPITAL THEATREPeople5
510.585 NEW 208SEBSeaside Demo1
507.0140344209MARSHMELLO f/ JONAS BROTHERSLeave Before You Love Me11
5063239210ONE NIGHT ONLYSay You Don't Want It24
504.53 NEW 212FLORRIEStreet Lights5
502.684 NEW 213BLOOD RED SHOESA Little Love9
501.24 NEW 214CAPITOLAlways Saying Nothing4
501.26 NEW 215GRABBITZPigs In The Sky6
5012179216THE LICKERISH QUARTETDo You Feel Better30
496.324170217RISE AGAINSTThe Numbers13
496.323 NEW 218WEEZERTell Me What You Want6
490.93182220THE KNOCKS f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLEAll About You39
488.64129221CHRIS STAPLETONCold44
4856 NEW 222VISTASYoung Forever5
483.843 NEW 223SOCCER MOMMYKissing In The Rain7
482.53232224ALFIE TEMPLEMANWait, I Lied12
481.86 NEW 225KALEOHey Gringo15
480.086 NEW 226THE RECORD COMPANYHow High2
478.64136227HEALTH f/ NINE INCH NAILSIsn't Everyone?13
474.125 NEW 228JOY CROOKESFeet Don't Fail Me Now5
470.68465230JADE BIRDOpen Up The Heavens23
470.37 NEW 231LPGoodbye3
466.94 NEW 232ANGELS & AIRWAVESRestless Souls6
465.946 NEW 233TONES AND IFly Away37
465.015157234AJRWay Less Sad24
464.15 NEW 235HIPPO CAMPUSBad Dream Baby7
4615235236JOYWAVEAfter Coffee19
457.556 NEW 237COURTNEY BARNETTRae Street4
453.364110238ELIZA & THE DELUSIONALSYou12
452.465130239THE OFFSPRINGLet The Bad Times Roll24
451.52165240GLASS ANIMALSTangerine51
4502291241AMY SHARKBaby Steps19
449.85 NEW 242MANESKINCoraline7
448.53 NEW 243JAKE BUGGDowntown1
448.29359244ST. VINCENTPay Your Way In Pain22
446.455 NEW 246SEETHERWasteland46
446.423197247DYLAN CARTLIDGEAnything Could Happen17
446.251 NEW 248BEYOND THE LAMPLIGHTWhat's Done Is Done2
444.64221249AESPANext Level10
444.63 NEW 250WU-LUTimes9
444.34 NEW 251BLACK MIDISlow (Loud)8
443.64126252VISTASStart Again17
4433194253MAMMOTH WVHYou're To Blame25
442.824 NEW 254BOWLING FOR SOUP f/ HANSONWhere's The Love6
441.74 NEW 255THE HUNNABad Place14
440.85222256EVANESCENCEBetter Without You22
439.23 NEW 257MAGDALENA BAYChaeri5
436.24365258CORY WONG & CODY FRYComing Back Around20
435.963 NEW 259FRATELLISYes Sir, I Can Boogie7
4333 NEW 260DARKLYI Want To Be A Line9
426.94 NEW 261THE BEACHESBlow Up11
421.956 NEW 262MDOU MOCTARAfrique Victime15
421.85128263RAG 'N' BONE MANAll You Ever Wanted26
421.85219264IDLES f/ GANG OF FOURDamaged Goods9
420.87 NEW 265LUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REALPerennial Bloom (Back To You)10
420.751 NEW 266ANIMAL ELECTRICITYThis Side Toward Enemy2
4201 NEW 267RAMSHACKLE ARMYHighflyer2
416.154389268DEAD POET SOCIETYCoda18
412.322 NEW 269ARKELLSOne Thing I Know1
4103186270SMALL BLACKPostcard11
408.513103271CITIZENDeath Dance Aprroximately17
408.3688272DAUGHTRYHeavy Is The Crown20
407.043 NEW 273THE HAUNTED YOUTHComing Home6
406.983189274FOO FIGHTERSNo Son Of Mine30
406.14 NEW 275BLEACHERSHow Dare You Want More6
405.555144276THE WALLFLOWERSRoots And Wings17
404.23345277KERO KERO BONITOThe Princess And The Clock23
402.499 NEW 278TONES AND ICloudy Day6
4025 NEW 279MATTIELThose Words7
400.63 NEW 280TENNIS SYSTEMAurtophobia6
399.84142281TWIN XLSlow Heart19
398.75 NEW 28210 YEARSThe Unknown53
398.43139283ROOSEVELTEasy Way Out22
396.92 NEW 284DIRTY FENCESInside Out2
396.93299285GEORGIAGet Me Higher9
396.22 NEW 286KATY J PEARSONMiracle5
391.582 NEW 287EVE 6I Wanna Bite Your Face4
391377288ROYAL BLOODLimbo19
388.51 NEW 289WOLF ALICESafe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall In Love)6
388.256296290SURF CURSEFreaks18
386.9832158291BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON.PAAK & SILK SONICLeave The Door Open22
3852114292BOBBY GILLESPIE f/ JEHNNY BETHChase It Down12
384.884 NEW 293MODEST MOUSELeave A Light On6
384.723145294TEN TONNESEverything You Got17
382.877 NEW 295TAI VERDESA-O-K13
382.162 NEW 296QUICKSANDMissle Command6
380.52263297FOO FIGHTERSCloudspotter26
377.4282298TEENAGE WRISTWear U Down25
3772 NEW 299FEE WAYBILLHow Dare You25
376.044164300GHOST OF VROOM f/ MIKE DOUGHTYI Hear The Ax Swinging21
375.52132301THE HAPPY FITSHold Me Down48
375.33 NEW 302LONELADYFormer Things3
3752 NEW 303W.H. LUNGPearl In The Palm7
374.851 NEW 304GOON SAXIn The Stone1
374.52 NEW 305GREAT GOOD FINE OKSo Far So Good6
370.444 NEW 306BLAME MY YOUTHFantastic43
367.52 NEW 307MIDNITE CITYAtomic22
366.82 NEW 308PALAYE ROYALEPunching Bag2
3652315309REAL LIESLate Arcades15
364.73218310HALF ALIVEWhat's Wrong15
364.233255312AMY MACDONALDBridges11
363.64 NEW 313BABY QUEENAmerican Dream7
3622395314H.E.R.Fight For You26
361.83 NEW 315GHOSTLife Eternal21
360.34 NEW 316LADYHAWKEMixed Emotions7
3601159317THE CORALVacancy15
359.722 NEW 318BEABADOOBEEHe Gets Me So High4
3593228319DUPLEX HEARTKeep Coming Back To The Start13
358.262225320TONICTo Be Loved24
356.32 NEW 321NOTHINGFamine Asylum39
355.82 NEW 322SHIRE TBlue Kiss6
354.451 NEW 323GROUPLOVEOxygen Swimming5
354.282 NEW 324SUPERBLOOMPollen7
350.1928233325PINKAll I Know So Far13
3501 NEW 326TOKYO MOTOR FISTBlow Your Mind17
349.922 NEW 327GRACIE ABRAMSMess It Up13
346.564 NEW 329RISE AGAINSTTalking to Ourselves9
346.51388330KALEOBreak My Baby79
345.55362331CROWDED HOUSETo The Island24
343.83356334PACO VERSAILLESSomething New17
343.22133335BILKBad News13
341.883181336CHEVELLESelf Destructor30
341.194 NEW 337AGAINST THE CURRENTAgain & Again5
341.14298338NIGHT RANGERBreakout10
340.83 NEW 339EMMA-JEAN THACKRAYSay Something5
335.32 NEW 340RAH'SOur Design4
334.23 NEW 341THE WRECKSOut Of Style70
334.051353342JACK GARRATTCircles58
333.543 NEW 343TIGERCUBSleepwalker5
3333274344THE RASMUSBones11
332.6487345LAURA MVULAChurch Girl19
332.352 NEW 346ARKELLSAll Roads7
331.44 NEW 347REZZ f/ DOVE CAMERONTaste Of You11
331.323238348BOXTELESYou Can't Fall In Love For The Sake Of It24
330.123 NEW 349STILL CORNERSWhite Sands25
329.63304350DARKSIDEThe Limit16
328.724237351ONR f/ SARAH BARTHELMust Stop37
3273 NEW 352LAURELWild Side6
325.642 NEW 353ISLANDOctopus4
325.24160354ARKELLS f/ K.FLAYYou Can Get It19
323.962 NEW 355TURNSTILEHoliday5
321.31 NEW 356DROPKICK MURPHYSMick Jones Nicked My Puddling8
321.12 NEW 357AFFLECKS PALACEThis City Is Burning Alive6
320.463 NEW 358SAINT NOMADStay16
320.43 NEW 359SQUID f/ MARTHA SKYE MURPHYNarrator27
3193154360POPPYFear Of Dying (Jack off Jill)10
318.24 NEW 361THRICEScavengers2
317.942260362KINGS OF CONVENIENCERocky Trail13
316.372 NEW 363GIRLFRIENDS f/ TRAVIS BARKERWhere Were You21
316.3229322364ELLE KING & MIRANDA LAMBERTDrunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)22
316.21 NEW 365STILL CORNERSThe Last Exit14
3162183366BEACHY HEADDestroy Us18
312.6552 NEW 367DUA LIPALove Again70
310.07375368SARA KAYSRemember That Night?26
308.843 NEW 369NEW FOUND GLORYThe Last Red Eye4
308.72273370THE JOY FORMIDABLEInto The Blue20
308.4436305372DOJA CAT f/ SZAKiss Me More17
3061204373TAYLOR SWIFT f/ HAIMNo Body, No Crime33
305.43151374PALE WAVESFall To Pieces24
305.22 NEW 375JAMESIsabella4
303.93 NEW 376ANNIE f/ JAKE SHEARSNeon Lights5
303.663174377RUN THE JEWELS f/ ROYAL BLOODThe Ground Below57
303.32 NEW 378LAURA MVULARemedy4
3032333379SOLARSTONESeven Cities11
302.92 NEW 380SAINT PHNXHappy Place3
302.755 NEW 381ARCHITECTSDead Butterflies28
3022 NEW 382MANESKINLe Parole Lontane4
301.93153383THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Fall Into Me26
301.12 NEW 384MOBY f/ GREGORY PORTER & AMYTHYST KIAHNatural Blues (Reprise Version)12
301.084167385WEEZER f/ AJRAll My Favorite Songs27
300.854 NEW 386LORD HURONMine Forever17
300.723 NEW 387THE ANIX f/ JULIEN KYour Lies Are Like Fire11
3001 NEW 388ANETTE OLZONParasite4
3001 NEW 389BLUE OYSTER CULTEdge Of The World19
3001 NEW 390KISHI BASHII Am The Antichrist To You2
3001323391PEACH TREE RASCALSChange My Mind15
3001 NEW 392POWERWOLFDemon's Are A Girl's Best Friend2
3001303393RYAN ADAMSDo Not Disturb14
3001 NEW 394SELF ESTEEMPrioritise Pleasure2
3001 NEW 395VLUREShattered faith7
298.522161396TEENAGE WRISTYellowbelly28
298.54 NEW 397BEARTOOTHThe Past Is Dead19
297.51 NEW 398HUNTINGTONSJudy Is A Punk7
297.51 NEW 399TAME IMPALABorderline40
2972 NEW 400ALWAYS YOUCrimson Red2

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