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Combined Rock Chart  
March 31, 2020 through April 30, 2020

12199.146151THE KILLERSCaution8
6435.863832TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday18
6041.492713PEARL JAMDance Of The Clairvoyants15
5116.652424PEARL JAMSuperblood Wolfmoon11
4735.942045THE STROKESBad Decisions11
4732.0729 NEW 6NOTHING BUT THIEVESIs Everybody Going Crazy?8
4586.34297DIXIE CHICKSGaslighter9
3515.9625148GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)10
3356.331479GREEN DAYOh Yeah!16
3068.7836 NEW 10TWENTY ONE PILOTSLevel Of Concern4
3059.8129811BILLIE EILISHEverything I Wanted25
2957.43151012THE BLACK KEYSShine A Little Light43
2622.4218 NEW 13THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus5
2509.7111 NEW 14PEARL JAMQuick Escape6
2482.34192015COLDPLAYChampion Of The World66
2430.5254516HAIMThe Steps9
2233.925617BILLIE EILISHNo Time To Die12
2174.852923918POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEEDeath Bed (Coffee For Your Head)9
2038.14221319BIFFY CLYROInstant History11
2037188120KENNYHOOPLAHow Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway11
1990.8147121BIFFY CLYROEnd Of9
1982.63122122U.S. GIRLS4 American Dollars12
1968.68171523DECLAN MCKENNABeautiful Faces13
1934.75211124HAYLEY WILLIAMSSimmer15
1889.45195625BUSHFlowers On A Grave9
1835134427LOVELYTHEBANDLoneliness For Love12
1816.1211228THE 1975Me & You Together Song15
1772.52125829NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSCome On Outside10
1757.64153731SPORTS TEAMHere's The Thing10
1753.11116232FRATELLISSix Days In June11
1747.2162733ALANIS MORISETTESmiling11
1722.4171735BEST COASTEverything Has Changed14
1678.5672236FOALSThe Runner33
1515.81134737CAGE THE ELEPHANTBlack Madonna50
1502.211 NEW 38JACK GARRATTTime6
1486.3193039THE GLORIOUS SONSCloser To The Sky18
1483.5151840CELESTEStop This Flame18
1433.713 NEW 41CHARLI XCXForever3
1406.7114342DMA'SLife Is A Changing Game13
1393.9893243CARIBOUNever Come Back13
1361.820 NEW 44THE PRETENDERSThe Buzz8
1271.413 NEW 47GORILLAZAries3
1260.64109748TAME IMPALABreathe Deeper12
1258.18103849COLD WAR KIDSWho's Gonna Love Me Now11
1223.771411150NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGESJuly.31

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