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Combined Rock Chart  
April 15, 2019 through May 15, 2019

6623.825311THE BLACK KEYSLo/Hi6
5523.475252TAME IMPALAPatience4
5268.293123VAMPIRE WEEKENDHarmony Hall12
4921.915874BILLIE EILISHBad Guy3
3596.3516 NEW 5VAMPIRE WEEKENDThis Life2
3485.3417 NEW 6TAME IMPALABorderline1
3219.722137CAGE THE ELEPHANTReady To Let Go11
1986.289 NEW 10BECKSaw Lightning0
1963.4226611THE NATIONALYou Had Your Soul With You6
1910.2527912BILLIE EILISHBury A Friend11
1804.55334013TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUBTalk4
1790.39161814INTERRUPTERSGave You Everything40
1723.1188715GEORGIAAbout Work The Dancefloor3
1617.55241017CAGE THE ELEPHANTHouse Of Glass6
1600.62412518HOT CHIPHungry Child2
1520.14166919CAGE THE ELEPHANT f/ BECKNight Running3
1485.33224420THE HEAD AND THE HEARTMissed Connection5
1456.86303121PANIC! AT THE DISCOHey Look Ma, I Made It40
1405.1171422IMAGINE DRAGONSBad Liar23
1389.3202923SAM FENDERHypersonic Missiles6
1345.2615824FLORENCE & THE MACHINEModeration12
1344.95682525MARSHMELLO f/ CHVRCHESHere With Me6
1321.211 NEW 26SILVERSUN PICKUPSIt Doesn't Matter Why1
1260.9231527TWENTY ONE PILOTSChlorine26
1192.411616628DOMINIC FIKE3 Nights11
1163.05173029HATCHIEWithout A Blush7
1144.0191130CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMENLongshot14
1142.8214231FRIENDLY FIRESLack Of Love5
1137.435 NEW 32OF MONSTERS AND MENAlligator-2
1125.85213933FOALSIn Degrees6
1109.3263234CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN2all4
1084.16 NEW 35RAMMSTEINRadio-1
1083.93172036MUMFORD & SONSBeloved21
1044.6589537KAREN O & DANGER MOUSETurn The Light5
1007.6381238YOUNG THE GIANTSuperposition32
1003.3897339JENNY LEWISRed Bull And Hennessy12
992.55131340WHITE LIESTokyo14
981.5173441YUNGBLUD & HALSEY f/ TRAVIS BARKER11 Minutes9
973.561112142BASEMENTBe Here Now26
939.43 NEW 43FLORENCE & THE MACHINEJenny Of Oldstones-1
917.64113344THE KILLERSLand Of The Free14
912.17 NEW 45THE AMAZONSDoubt It1
912.1148246MODEST MOUSEPoison The Well3
885.4101747FOALSOn The Luna9
874.9593648JESSIE WAREAdore You9
869.13614449THE 1975It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)25
867.35128850ALICE IN CHAINSRainier Fog27

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