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Combined Rock Chart  
November 30, 2018 through December 31, 2018

2279.453511PANIC! AT THE DISCOHigh Hopes31
2240.4638 NEW 2GRIMES f/ HANAWe Appreciate Power5
2102.062843TWENTY ONE PILOTSMy Blood17
1651.742665MUMFORD & SONSGuiding Light14
1631.120 NEW 6THE STRUMBELLASSalvation5
1606.0525 NEW 7ALICE MERTONFunny Business5
1575.0714178THE BLUE STONESBlack Holes (Solid Ground)23
1569.49117 NEW 9MARK RONSON f/ MILEY CYRUSNothing Breaks Like A Heart5
1476.16212010DEATH CAB FOR CUTIENorthern Lights10
1463.635711MARSHMELLO f/ BASTILLEHappier21
1414.41202312INTERRUPTERSShe's Kerosene31
1391.5521213IMAGINE DRAGONSNatural24
1389.31224714GRETA VAN FLEETYou're The One9
1386.28281315THE 1975It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)10
1364.7612 NEW 16THE RACONTEURSSunday Driver2
1153.172724218MO f/ FOSTER THE PEOPLEBlur10
1151.28181119GHOSTDance Macabre33
1122.17121620BARNS COURTNEY9917
1066.52172521YOUNG THE GIANTSuperposition17
1037.15185922SYMLClean Eyes13
1007.591614023SAM FENDERThat Sound9
985.64207725JADE BIRDLove Has All Been Done Before8
963.67171926STRUTS f/ KESHABody Talks26
909.16141527JADE BIRDUh Huh20
899.62917428THE GLORIOUS SONSSawed Off Shotgun (S.O.S.)52
892.01152129FRIENDLY FIRESHeaven Let Me In10
888.66137330FLORA CASHYou're Somebody Else35
886.49271431GEORGE EZRAHold My Girl42
860.961710932FIDLARCan't You See9
859.53181033IMAGINE DRAGONSBad Liar8
852.33 NEW 34DAUGHTERSSatan In The Wait4
849.779335SMASHING PUMPKINSSilvery Sometimes (Ghosts)15
812.56131236WEEZERCan't Knock The Hustle11
809.7818837HOZIER f/ MAVIS STAPLESNina Cried Power16
771.3192738BRING ME THE HORIZONMantra20
738.68175139MAGGIE ROGERSLight On12
723.211217340SUNDARA KARMAOne Last Night On This Earth9
702.531210741THE 1975Love It If We Made It23
700.7393942SLIPKNOTAll Out Life8
693.6711 NEW 43BROKEN BELLSShelter3
680.1910 NEW 44PAPA ROACHNot The Only One6
669.991312145THE VACCINESAll My Friends Are Falling In Love7
654.62115046ALICE MERTONWhy So Serious16
645.3414 NEW 47CIRCA WAVESMovies5
642.471819148DERMOT KENNEDYPower Over Me9
631.63612349VIRGINMARYSLook Out For My Brother8
628.39212950SIGRIDSucker Punch12

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