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Combined Rock Chart  
May 15, 2019 through July 31, 2019

2329.7711741BILLIE EILISHBad Guy18
2253.364752VAMPIRE WEEKENDThis Life17
2219.128913THE BLACK KEYSLo/Hi21
2050.5827324OF MONSTERS AND MENAlligator13
1615.574265TAME IMPALABorderline16
1604.118326TAME IMPALAPatience19
1337.612 NEW 7THE BLACK KEYSGo11
1099.0437239SAM FENDERHypersonic Missiles21
1084.81271010BECKSaw Lightning15
1068.3667311VAMPIRE WEEKENDHarmony Hall27
1050.694 NEW 12LANA DEL REYDoin' Time11
1043.63352013THE HEAD AND THE HEARTMissed Connection20
1010.0839714CAGE THE ELEPHANTReady To Let Go26
875.21312615SILVERSUN PICKUPSIt Doesn't Matter Why16
780.82542117PANIC! AT THE DISCOHey Look Ma, I Made It55
657.36383318FOALSIn Degrees21
647.27322820DOMINIC FIKE3 Nights26
646.74491321TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUBTalk19
644.74451822HOT CHIPHungry Child17
620.59331423INTERRUPTERSGave You Everything55
610.0110 NEW 24KEANEThe Way I Feel8
594.36919726TEENAGE WRISTMary12
579.87 NEW 27LIAM GALLAGHERShockwave7
550.88491229BILLIE EILISHBury A Friend26
531.6311 NEW 31KAISER CHIEFSRecord Collection10
510.443 NEW 32THE RACONTEURSHelp Me Stranger11
498.991511533COLLECTIVE SOULRight As Rain14
468.06233034CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMENLongshot29
465.52215435THE CRANBERRIESWake Me When It's Over19
457.79147136BADFLOWERPromise Me23
456.33341537GEORGIAAbout Work The Dancefloor18
444.89421138THE NATIONALYou Had Your Soul With You21
444.455 NEW 39BARNS COURTNEYYou And I12
442.9225740BRUCE SPRINGSTEENHello Sunshine14
430.032 NEW 42BUSHBullet Holes10
415.27158043SUM 41Out For Blood14
415.15486644LEWIS CAPALDISomeone You Loved35
409.94184245BASEMENTBe Here Now41
403.71351746CAGE THE ELEPHANTHouse Of Glass21
397.68116347FKA TWIGSCellophane14
382.7206048NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDSBlack Star Dancing13
382.21138849THE BETHSFuture Me Hates Me28

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