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Hot AC/Adult Pop/Pop Rock Picks 2016

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Adult Pop Picks December 9

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THE FAME RIOT    Heart Stray


STRANGE NAMES    Trespassing


HARPER & THE MOTHS    Lose My Touch


These three songs come out of the alt pop arena which borrows heavily from the 80’s. Tacoma’s Fame Riot consider themselves in a electro/glam mold and have a penchant for glitter and fur. Check out this Band in Seattle profile. Strange Names originated in Minneapolis and are now Brooklyn-based and released an EP in 2012 and album, with “Ricochet” and  ‘Trespassing’ in 2015. The trio rely on synth heavy sound. Harper & The Moths hail from Arizona and incorporate a little disco sheen to their pop/rock sound. The aptly tilted 2016 album “Rock Pop Soul” also contains “Nighttime Tremors” and “Walking Through Fire”.




This song melds an EDM vibe with a synth melody that brings you right back to Gabriel’s hit machine from the 80’s. Nice to hear his voice on an upbeat song instead of some of the gloomy stuff he has put out in recent years. Along with ‘A.I.’ (#25), the band has 3 songs in the current Untapped Resources top 50 with “Let’s Hurt Tonight” at #24 and “Future Looks Good” at #45. They are also recently peaked at #7 on the Beyond Radio overall top with “Kids”.


SHEPPARD    We Belong




Two co-ed bands,Sheppard from Australia and Walk off The Earth from Canada both specialize in a folk pop sound. WOTE came into Canadian prominence doing cover versions of songs like “Somebody I Used To Know”. They have had some radio success up north with some originals like ‘Home’ and “Hold On (The Break)”. Sheppard had an international hit with “Geronimo” in 2014 and followed up with “Something’s Missing” and “Smile”. Lead by siblings Amy & George, ‘We Belong’ is the 6 piece band’s current release.


THE AFTERS    Battles


This is the most recent single from the Texas Christian rock band that independently released their first album in 2001. In 2005 they were signed to a major label and in 2008 they had the #1 song of the year on Christian Pop radio with “Never Going Back To OK”. They have had success on my personal chart over the years with that, 2006’s “Someday” and 2012’s “We Won’t Give Up”.


Adult Pop Picks November 16

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SUNSET SONS    Remember

My “It” band of the moment are a quartet of surfers from Britain and Australian who settled in the coastal France European surfing capital of Hossegor. They have been compared to Kings Of Leon, Tom Petty and the Chili Peppers but they have a more melodic pop rock sound than any of them. They are poised for their first #1 on my personal chart with ‘Remember’ and could score a second quickly as both “Tick Tock” and “VROL” are both also in my personal chart top 20 for the week of Nov. 20th.



Two connections to the previous group as 19 year Simpson is an Australian native, while his current music evokes a Jack Johnson surfer vibe. His 2013 album was called “Surfer’s Paradise” and the theme continued on 2015’s “Free”, also featuring the song “Thotful”. He got his rise performing covers on YouTube. His albums have performed better in Canada and the U.S. than in his homeland.


KT TUNSTALL    Maybe It’s A Good Thing

It’s been 11 years since “Black Horse And A Cherry Tree” was a ubiquitous song but Tunstall has steadily released albums over that decade and usually reached the top 10 on the album chart in her native Britain, including her Sept. release “Kin”. ‘Thing’ and “Hard Girls” are the 2 single releases from the current album but my current favorite by her is from the EP release in June “Golden State”. Not included on the album, I featured “All Or Nothing” on an Adult Contemporary pick list in July and it is currently in my personal top 25 (and one of my husband’s fav songs of the moment). An interesting note is that I thought ‘Cherry Tree’ was a non-starter for me but it actually was my #105 song of the year back in 05. I thought  “The Other Side Of The World” was my fav at the time, but I guess that is only in hindsight. It does hold up well for me.



So I’ve been enjoying this song for a few weeks and figured there had to be a back story. The best part is that his album is called “Adult Contempt”. And what is strange and awesome is that this is a Vancouver rapper who decided to put an album together under a moniker that sort of pays homage to singer Toni Braxton and speaks to his introduction to music in the late 80’s, early 90’s by artists like Michael Penn (“No Myth”– I so hear this in his music) and Terence Trent D’Arby (“If You Let Me Stay”)
According to Wikipedia D’arby released an album in 2016 although it’s not available on Spotify. “Fall (Girl)” straddles that fence but his adult contempt persona seems to like the rockier side of things.


DAGNY    Too Young

This Norwegian singer was featured on a pick list in August. Currently she is at #36 on the Untapped Resources Hot AC chart with this song. Her first single was “Backbeat”. Most of her songs, like “Ultraviolet” are of the bright alt-pop persuasion.


3 DOORS DOWN    Inside Of Me

For those who were unaware, these Mississippi hitmakers released their 6th album “Us And The Night” in March. It has yielded 2 rock airplay top 10’s including the #2  “In The Dark”. That song, this ballad and the driving “Believe It” would all song great on Hot AC radio.


Adult Pop Picks October 28

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PARSON JAMES                Temple
His music is self described as “conflicted pop gospel” and that is certainly evident on this buoyant song. James grew up in a small town in South Carolina, a bi-racial child living with his single white mother, where judgment was often at the center of life. Watch the A Sinner Like You video featuring his song “Waiting Game” to get the background.


Sinner Like You/Sad Song
He left high school early and moved to NYC, partly because he didn’t feel comfortable coming out as gay in his hometown. His first major success was on the international hit “Stole The Show” by Norwegian DJ Kygo. The actual song ‘Sinner’ is clearly autobiographical.



Christian artist and Alaska native Brewster plays a brand of contemporary Christian music that is rooted in guitar driven pop rock. This is his most recent single, currently in the Christian top 30. While reading his Wiki it is amazing to me how the threads of connection play into my musical history. He was musical from an early age and at 12 had a band called Lincoln and the Missing Links (his mother on bass and vocals). Of course this recalls the Partridge Family, whom as most of my friends and family know were instrumental in my developing love of pop music. Check out “Brand New Me” and “Somebody Wants to Love You”, 2 of my favorites.

Fast forward to the early 90’s and Steve Perry of Journey fame asked Brewster to be the lead guitarist on his second solo album. He co-wrote the hit “You Better Wait”. I forgot how much I liked this song (yes I’m a sucker for melodic pop-rock and Perry has a great voice). In 1998 he toured with Michael W. Smith on the “Live The Life” tour. That song happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time (yes I’m also a sucker for anthemic uplifting songs, probably why Parson James “Temple” will be a big song for me).

Brewster released his first album in 2006 and it featured the song “Everlasting God” a #1 song on personal chart and my #11 song of 2007. “Today Is The Day” is another hit from 2008. that was my #80 song of 2009.



After talking about Journey it seemed to be a logical step to talk about new music from 80’s bands. And “Born Again Tomorrow” seems to also connect on 2 levels. Certainly it sonically connects to Journey and that era while title-wise, well you know. Bon Jovi have been consistently putting out new product over the last 30 plus years. This is just one 4 new tracks they have unveiled in the last few months. Currently they are receiving airplay for “This House Is Not For Sale” on HotAC radio.

Likewise Duran Duran have been regularly releasing albums over the same period of time. On the Beyond Radio website, bands like these regularly show up on the Heritage charts. These one of a kind charts track artists who have been putting out product for over 20 years and a personal chart panel that consistent chart songs from these artists. It’s a fantastic way to see if your favorites of the past are putting out new music. 9 songs from Duran Duran’s most recent album “Paper Gods” have made those charts including  “Face For Today”, “What Are The Chances” and their most recent radio single “Pressure Off”, a HotAC top 30 song from the summer of 2015.

Collectively these 3 bands have released 38 studio albums since 1980. While arguably all 3 may have mellowed with age (I think Duran Duran most resembles their early days) there is also evidence of experimentation. Bon Jovi has dabbled in country-pop, Duran Duran consistently try to stay with current dance trends and Def Leppard employ a funky edge on “Man Enough”.  They also pay homage to their past on the mellow “We Belong” and show their well tested pop metal formula on “Dangerous”.


JUNIOR EMPIRE                West Coast
This song from new UK band sounds like it could become ingrained in your brain after multiple listenings. Not much to write about as their bio on Facebook is rather cryptic “Roll out the future, an Empire expands, untouched minds and untouched land, Junior in stature but purer than sand, to love you, to drown you, then crumble in your hand..” I do sense a Moby-esque feel here.



More evidence could possibly be discerned from these 2 newly released tracks. “Decide” stays in a similar midtempo range while “Danger” has a propulsive electro-pop sound. I said possibly. There seems to be some Coldplay going on here but maybe even a little Duran squared.


RHODES               Somebody
This UK singer-songwriter seems to thrive on brooding introspective ballads. Not a bad thing is “Somebody” and “Close Your Eyes” are any evidence. But as we’ve seen with Sam Smith, you need more than one note, even if it is an excellent note.






Adult Pop picks October 5

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ARKELLS               Drake’s Dad

My current #1 song, this song hit me right out of the box. All story so pay attention to the lyrics and awesome chorus. I’ve said this before, why is this Canadian band not getting U.S. airplay?

A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)/My Heart’s Always Yours

Well they are playing in Boston next Wednesday so maybe I’ll get to see them. 2 more songs from their current album “Morning Report”. ‘Heart’ is their current radio single.

Ballad Of Hugo Chavez

From their 2008 debut album “Jackson Square”.




CRX        Ways To Fake It

So I heard this song and I thought, fun, a bit retro and it could click with an adult pop audience. It was the only song available by them so as I dug to find out more about them I come to find out it is the new band from Nick Valensi of the Strokes. As I listened again the connection was so obvious.




Here’s another example of an alternative band over the course of their career, either becoming more mainstream, or the mainstream caught up to them. The Chiefs hit the ground running in the UK with “Oh My God” and “I Predict A Riot” in 2004, both top 10 singles there, but purely alt rock in the states. Clearly their sound has mellowed in recent years.

Coming Home/Meanwhile Up In Heaven

Both of these come from the 2014 album “Education, Education, Education and War”. Both reached my personal top 10 and “Coming Home” was my #7 song of the 2014-2015 music party season (mimics the MTV awards season of summer to following spring).



TOM CHAPLIN   Quicksand

Lead singer of the UK band Keane who, although having formed in 1995 only really started to make waves in  the same year as Kaiser Chiefs. Both under the alt rock umbrella but Keane was certainly more cerebral and pop oriented. Their biggest song was “Somewhere Only We Know”. I’ve had 11 of their songs make my year end top 100 throughout the years, the best showing “Bedshaped” in 2004, my #2 song of the year (“Bend And Break” was #4). Of interest ‘Somewhere’ only came in at #110 of the year.

Hardened Heart

KEANE  Tear Up This Town

A new song from the movie “ A Monster’s Call”.



TENTH AVENUE NORTH                What You Want

This 4 piece Christian pop band released 4 independent albums before crashing into the Christian charts back in 2008. This current single from their upcoming 5th major label release has just enough EDM elements to make it sound like mainstream radio fodder.

I Have This Hope

Another preview into the upcoming “Follwers” album, released on Oct. 14. They have had 7 top 5 singles on Christian radio.



US THE DUO       Goodbye Forever

Husband and wife folk-pop duo from southern California. They started out as many current artists have, as internet stars. They started out doing a capella versions of hit songs and then started writing their own songs.

No Matter Where You Are

The duo amassed 4.8 million fans on Vine and are the first recording artist to gain a major record label deal through that platform.



THIRD EYE BLIND              Dopamine

Staying in California, this time San Francisco, the boys of Third Eye Blind came back in 2015 after a 6 year hiatus. Even though their debut album went 6 times platinum, it was their 2009 album “Ursa Major” that was their first to reach the top 10, debuting at #3 (although it generated no radio exposure). This is the title track from their 2015 album, a song that certainly harkens back to their early years.

Cop Vs. Phone Girl

New song that was released in late July, a preview into the new EP “We Are Drugs”. Watch the lyric video. It addresses a 2015 altercation at South Carolina’s Spring Valley HS and could be an anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Everything Is Easy

Their first song to chart since 2003, this song hit #39 on the HotAC chart last year.




Adult Pop picks September 15

WHO’S MOLLY   New Tomorrow

Band from Wales that shifts between upbeat pop-rock and heartstring ballads. Here, from their recent EP of the same name, they balance that with a sound that reminds me of X Ambassadors.

The End Of The Line/September

On these 2 songs they show those 2 divergent sides.

WALKING ON CARS         Speeding Cars

A quick jump over the Irish finds this alternative folk-pop band. They started releasing singles in 2013 and finally have a full length album earlier this year. All 6 of those are featured on it. This song hit the U.S. HotAC top 50.

Catch Me If You Can/Tick Tock

Their first single “Catch Me” and their most popular song to date.

BLOSSOMS         Charlemagne

Back across the pond, this British indie-pop band released their first single in 2014 and most recently reached the top 20 in airplay with this in August. It was originally released last October.

Honey Sweet

Their debut full length was released on August 5 and debuted at #1 on the UK album chart.

LP           Lost On You

L.A. based, NY bred singer songwriter who released her first album in 2001. She has written songs for artists like Cher, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys and Joe Walsh to name a few. This is her first “hit”, reaching #1 in Greece and Israel and top 5 in Italy, Poland and France.

Into The Wild

She is probably most recognized from this song which was featured in a ubiquitous ad for Citi Bank which featured the woman climbing a seemingly unclimbable rock formation.

Here’s a CNN story about the commercial.

KT MULHOLLAND             Wild One

Another NYC gal, this indie-pop group from led by KT who grew up upstate, settled in Queens and attended Emerson in Boston. A bit of an 80’s vibe here.

Puddle In The Dirt/I Lie To Myself

A nice subtle groove starts off Puddle which builds over the course of the song. Both of these songs feature vocal interplay with other members of the group and each of these 3 songs definitely have their own feel.

THE NEW ELECTRIC          Life’s What You Make It

Band from Calgary, Alberta have released 3 singles this year. This one made a splash on Canadian radio, receiving airplay on pop, HotAC and Adult Contemporary. It reached #10 on my personal chart this summer.

Inside Out/Ride This Feeling

Their sound is bright, upbeat and positive pop rock. “Insdie Out” is starting to move up my personal top 100 while “Ride” has a DNCE feel to it which could speak well to it’s airplaypotential. FYI “Cake By The Ocean” was the #1 song at my 33rd annual summer music party.


Adult Pop Picks August 30


18 year old from Tennessee in the same wheelhouse as teenage hitmaker Shawn Mendes. His debut full length CD will be released on Sept. 9. He first gained notoriety on X Factor at the age of 14. Spotify has called him one of the next big things of 2016.


SKYLAR GREY f/ X AMBASSADORS           Cannonball

The stage name for Wisconsin native Holly Brook Haferman. She went by the stage name Holly Brook from 2006 -2011. She co-wrote the song “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna.


From their page: Infectious melodies, three-part harmonies, and high-energy anthems have quickly generated a wide-spread local following in Utah, further accelerated by being named Salt Lake City Weekly’s “2014 Band of the Year.” Influenced by an eclectic range of artists—David  Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay, and Arcade Fire, to name a few—Westward the Tide has created a unique pop-rock sound and an energetic live performance that has earned the band invites at some of Utah’s biggest music festivals.


Lead song from Canadian bands 14th studio album “Silverball”, a live version the lead song on their current live CD, “BNL Rocks Red Rocks”. In the YouTube video they talk about the transition from IT band to career band and insecurity to confidence. Great stuff.

DAGNY f/ BORNS             Fool’s Gold

Norwegian singer who became a Spotify darling. She has been a supporting act on tours for Elton John, Sting and Bryan Adams. This is her second single of 2016.


Dagny’s father is a jazz guitarist/composer and her mother Marit is a jazz singer.

BORNS  Dopamine

Michigan native Garrett Borns saw great success last year with his song “Electric Love”. This is the title track from his first CD.

THE LAST BANDOLEROS                Where Do You Go?

I had originally featured this on the Country pick list on June 20. It was pitched to country radio but basically tanked. I think it would have been better served on adult pop radio. To me it’s the Mavericks meet Hanson and those who know me well know how I feel about Raul Malo and Hanson.

STING w/THE LAST BANDOLEROS             Next To You (Live On Jimmy Kimmel)

Original was from the 1978 Police album “Outlandos D’Amour”



Adult Pop Picks August 17

OLLY MURS         You Don’t Know Love

Currently the #1 airplay song in the UK, his 9th top 10. This is the first single from his soon to be released fifth album. All 4 previous releases hit the top 2, the last 3 reaching #1.

Never Been Better

My #4 song of 2015. I do love a good pop song.


Canadian rock band that briefly entered the Canadian alternative chart in the spring. An upbeat slice of pop rock that is seldom heard on radio these days. Currently in my personal chart’s top 10.

Like An Animal

Their latest EP was recorded in Brooklyn. This was the first single. The band tours heavily, doing more than 100 shows a year.

TEGAN & SARA Stop Desire

Canadian indie pop twin sister duo who have seen their biggest success on the Canadian Alternative chart. They also had a U.S. dance chart #1 with “Closer”. They may be best known for their song from the Lego Movie “Everything Is Awesome”.


Their first cd was self released in 199 but it wasn’t until their 4th release in 2007 that they hit the charts.


This young artist from St. Louis has a sound touted as progressive soul. A writer on said “Now in his early 20s, Brandyn is mixing pop, soul and electronic music into a cinematic soundscape that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.”

State I’m In

WEATHERS          Happy Pills

Los Angeles band featuring 2 Camerons is currently ascending the alternative chart with this song that seems destined to do a pop crossover by the end of the year.

HELEN LOVE       Thank You Polystyrene

Another song that could make you smile. I featured this on the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Who can resist a quirky British song that features the main melody line from Van Halen’s “Jump” on kazoos. The band from Wales released it’s first single in 1993.


Adult Pop Picks July 31

ROB THOMAS    Pieces

Seeing Rob Thomas and Counting Crows for the first time tonight. 2 of my favorite artists. Matchbox 20’s “Bright Lights” was my #1 song of 2003 and the Crows “Up All Night” has been my favorite song of all time for the last decade.

MATCHBOX 20 Bright Lights

COUNTING CROWS         Up All Night

COUNTING CROWS         Meet On The Ledge

Amazing cover of Fairport Convention song from 1969. I think the original is awful.

TOR MILLER        Surrender

Brooklyn born, New Jersey raised Miller released an EP in 2015 and received marginal success with the song “Carter and Cash”. This new single should bring him to greater heights. With Bowie, Elton John and Fleetwood Mac as influences, this single has a 70’s feel with anthem qualities that showcase his unique voice quite well.

MARY LAMBERT               Hang Out With You

Best known for her chorus vocal on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love”. The success of that song spurred her own song “She Keeps Me Warm” featuring the same chorus and according to Wikipedia “draws upon her experiences as a lesbian growing up in a tumultuous, Christian upbringing.”


Christian artist Feliz started out 10 years ago in the band A Current Affair and commenced his solo career last year, bringing this first single to #1 on the Christian airplay chart. I see potential crossover success here. Any of these 3 songs could work.


Never Too Far Gone

O.A.R.   I Go Through

This jam band turned hit makers got their start in Rockville, Maryland in 1996. They did not start receiving radio success until their 5th album in 2005. Their biggest hit to date is “Shattered (Turn The Car Around)” in 2008. This new single sounds like another radio home run.

Heard The World

My #6 song of 2006. They now have 17 songs that reached my personal chart.

Adult Pop Picks July 18

ALLEN STONE     Perfect World

Self described “hippie-soul” musician from Washington State. Both these songs certainly subscribe to that mentality.


This song reached the top 40 on Hot AC radio in 2015 but IMO should have performed much better.

THE ACES             Stuck

Debut single from this 4 piece girl band, who on their webpage say they are four girls about to rule the world.

VICTORS              Tonight

Another debut single, this time from Uk 4 piece guy band who have been compared to the 1975.

AUDIODAMN!   Don’t Call Me When It’s Over

Second song to be featured in our picks lists. This very Maroon 5-esque band adds a bit of a jazzy feel to their slice of funky pop. This German/Austrian trio is playing Lollapalooza next week.

Lights Out

Definitely a bit more of a rock flare.

SAM ROBERTS BAND      If You Want It

Canadian singer-songwriters latest single, released on July 3. He debuted as a solo artist in 2001 and changed to the Sam Roberts Band in 2011. All 5 of his cd’s since 2003 have gone top 5 in Canada.

Adult Pop Picks July 3

WRABEL               11 Blocks

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter starting to make impact at Hot AC radio. He had international success as the featured singer on Afrojack’s “Ten Feet Tall” in 2014.

BROODS               Heartlines

New Zealand band currently rising the alternative chart with “Free”. From their just released second CD “Conscious”. Both their cd’s have gone top 5 in Australia and #1 in New Zealand.


FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE                H.O.L.Y.

Top 5 country hit that sounded like a pop no brainer when I first heard it. Starting to crossover now.

X AMBASSADORS            Gorgeous

Hailing from Ithaca, NY, this alternative band has had great success with “renegades” and Unsteady” over the past year. This track from the CD VHS has a funky vibe and pop sensibility that would sound great on the radio. Keyboardist Casey Harris is blind from birth. His brother Sam is the lead singer.

BERLIN AFTER MIDNIGHT             All Night Long

Another New York band who released their debut single in January. The sound reminds me of the pop rock of Simple Plan or All Time Low. There are very positive reviews of the song on their Soundcloud page from Mark Ronson, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Matt Pinfield of MTV/VH1 fame.

Adult Pop Picks June 20

RICK SPRINGFIELD           (I Wish I Had A) Concrete Heart

While a lot of artists who have been around for 40 years sound dated Springfield has managed to avoid that here. Pity radio completely ignores him.

EMMA-LEE          Worst Enemy

Canadian singer-songwriter who released her first record in 2008. This song has a good energy to it and had some moderate success in Canada.


This band from Houston, Texas had their greatest success in 2006 with the songs “Hate Me” and “Into The Ocean”. This song was released to Adult radio last year but failed to make into the top 40. It is a beautiful aching song.

Bleed Out

Another intense song from them from 2014. It was my #11 of the year.

GABRIELLE APLIN             Skeleton

British singer-songwriter who burst onto the scene in the UK with a #1 single, “The Power Of Love”, an acoustic cover of a Frankie Goes To Hollywood song.

The Power Of Love

THE SUMMER SET            Missin’ You

Band from Scottsdale, Arizona who came out in 2007 during the pop punk success of Fall Out Boy. They have released 4 cd’s. This song is straight out pop and was recently in my top 10.

All Downhill From Here

Just heard this one as I was working on this and it potentially could perform even better for me. This would sound great at an outdoor summer party.

Adult Pop Picks June 13

This week’s picks have a southern feel as the first song lead me in a New Orleans direction.

PARACHUTE       New Orleans

Charlottesville, Virginia pop/rock band who had their biggest success with their first song “She Is Love” in 2009.

THE REVIVALISTS             Wish I Knew You

New Orleans 7 piece band who released their first record in 2008. Think Dave Matthews or O.A.R. with a Louisiana spin.

MARC BROUSSARD         Come Around

This 2004 track from Louisiana native Broussard was my #3 song of the year back then.  Best known for his AAA hit from the same year, “Home”.

RON POPE           Hell or High Water

Here’s some real southern boogie-pop from this Georgia native.

MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD               Crazy For You

Heading a little further south, via Oakland California.  Franti uses reggae as the platform for his often cheery outlook as this slice of reggae-pop suggests.

Beyond Radio YouTube Hot AC playlist June 6

JAMIE LAWSON                Cold In Ohio

THE CEREMONIES            Lovecaught

LAUREN AQUILINA          Kicks

SIMI STONE        Natural Grace

ALLEN STONE     Freedom

SHINEDOWN     How Did You Love

MARKUS FEEHILY            Sanctuary

CONNELL CRUISE             Into The Wild

GRACE POTTER Alive Tonight

Adult Pop Picks June 6


If you like Walk the Moon you may like this

FINGERTIPS        Out Of Control

Duo from Portugal who have been together since 2000

COLLECTIVE SOUL            Without Me

I think this would sound great on the radio

ANDY GRAMMER            Blame It On The Stars

I thought this would be the single after Honey I’m Good

ALL SAINTS         One Strike

Spice Girl era girl group from the Uk have a new album out.

ALL SAINTS         Pure Shores

This song from 2000 was one of my favorites of that year, discovered on my trip to London

BeyondRadioTim YouTube Adult Pop picks May 29