Hanson’s Christmas #1 & Bubblegum Pop


I don’t usually give in to Christmas songs but there was no denying the awesomeness of Hanson’s song. It will definitely be taken over next week by one of my favorite songs in recent memory, “Not Today” by Twenty One Pilots. That should spend multiple weeks at the top. The juxtaposition of it’s happy melody and downer lyrics recall Everclear’s “Wonderful” in tone. Perhaps with the recent passing of David Cassidy my top 2 reflect my nostalgic love for bubblegum pop. “Not Today” especially has shades of the Partridge Family and that era’s pop music.

That has also helped the recently re-discovered “Running Away” by Polyphonic Spree back onto my chart after almost 10 years. It well surpasses its original peak, up to #30 this week. Another song reflective of the era that is moving up my chart is Hudson Taylor’s “Feel It Again” with a very Simon & Garfunkel vibe.

With Twenty One Pilots assured reign it looks like Mika will not get to reach the top with “It’s My House”. That may also hold true for Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke”.

Next week should see 2 songs by the Last Bandoleros inside the top 10, making 4 top 10’s and a top 15 in the past 18 months. Fittingly in the past I have described them as the Tex-Mex Hanson.


By: Radio Tim 
Dec 31, 2017