Beyond Radio Presents – Castlist 009, Episodes 1 and 2


Oh My! I’ve updated my personal chart on the right. It’s the first time since February. I will be making a concerted effort add more content here.

Below are the 2 latest episodes of the podcast and some current playlists I have. At the end of the year I look back 10, 20 years etc. and reassess my favorites. I have 2 of those playlists ready, 1972 and 1992. I will be posting my year end chart and playlist soon, along with the 1982, 2002 and 2012 playlists. You can follow me on Spotify by typing beyondradio in the search box and going down to profiles. You’ll see Tim Harris, that’s me.

Episode 1 – Super Quirky Cordiale

Artists discussed:



The Go! Team


Lime Cordiale


Blood Cultures

Henry Gross

Bright Light Bright Light


Episode 2 – New For Jeff 2022

Artists discussed:


Echo and the Bunnymen


Cabaret Voltaire


Rui Da Silva

LCD Soundsystem

July Talk

Nine Inch Nails


By: Radio Tim 
Dec 6, 2022