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Castlist 008 – Ep 7 – The Boys of the 2010s Part 1

After a 2 month hiatus, the cliffhanger is finally revealed. We really only focus on 2 bands in this episode but talk about influences, paying homage, and sampling.

We try to pinpoint the origin of something Jeff can’t get out of his head, talk about college, and in the end have to push off the continuation of the discussion to the next episode. This time, however, the follow-up episode will come out hours later instead of 2 months from now.

Castlist 008 – Ep 8 – The Boys of the 2010s Part 2

In the final discussion of our boy band arc of episodes, there is actually a lot to unpack. New music from 5 Seconds of Summer and Harry Styles. How All Time Low found their biggest success 15 years into their career (and a wonderful coincidence that follows it). A boy band that has a connection to Kanye West and finally how the Jonas Brothers tie into a lot of nostalgia about Billboard’s Hot 100. There’s also a #2 Pop hit from this year that I had never heard and a podcast fav artist sees their first top 40 hit.

By: Radio Tim 
Aug 2, 2022