Podcast Episodes, Finally! And it’s #50 and #51


Castlist 006, Ep 13, Our Top 10’s Part 1

Our 50th episode! The first leg of our top 10 lists are revealed with a fun story near the beginning that ties back in at the end. Also Jeff mentions one of the worst songs from a musical I have ever heard. This episode was recorded 2 and a half years ago and this, along with Part 2, are the last episodes that we had in the can waiting to be edited.

There was a long period of time between this and the last episode, but not on purpose. Through the summer and fall I had my annual music party, my 60th birthday, a number of little vacations, and the adjustment of getting back into a regular work pattern after not driving Uber for almost 18 months. I believe as we move forward we’ll probably take a summer break, probably June-September, each year.


Castlist 006, Ep 14, Our Top 10’s Part 2

Our top 4 are revealed plus a bevy of honorable mentions. Halloween gets brought up again, and false endings may become a rule. We also get to hear about Jeff’s 5 least favorite songs from the Pod-Castlist and one of my favorite songs of all-time is in that mix. I’m so dejected. 


By: Radio Tim 
Oct 31, 2021