Beyond Radio Update


Hello friends. Yes it has been a month since I last posted anything, life has been getting in the way. I turned 60 in July and it has been a full summer of events. Just got back from an almost two week road trip. Before that my laptop had started acting up, slowing me down the process of this work. I thought an upgrade to the program i use could help and it actually created a loss of some files. Such can be the downside of technology. In the past this would have caused me great stress. this time I just released it.

In addition I have been working a new commission job, working with a friend who is a restaurant broker ,through most of the year which could be great as time moves on but it is a slow ramp up with COVID hesitancy on so many levels. Last month I decided to start driving Uber again which has been really great so far, I actually kind of missed it.

With all of this I have been re-assessing how I move forward with Beyond Radio. The podcast will certainly still be a focal point and most likely the writing I’ve been doing in relation to my old personal charts. The current music charts are the area that may change whether it be scaling back overall or giving the smaller personal chart groups more of a presence. After 25 plus years of processing charts to the degree I had been it may be time to ease up on that. Another thought is a rolling chart scenario, giving updates as they are processed, kind of like the Mediabase airplay charts.

It would be great to get some feedback from the audience on what aspects of the site are most important to you. Feedback has never really been a thing that I have gotten a lot of over the years. Not that I have necessarily needed that. I do this as much for myself as for others. The milestone of 60 is relaxing in a kind of way and this summer I’ve had much time to enjoy, friends, family, gardening, exercise, and of course music. I trust the right mix will fall into place for me and I hope you all will continue to follow the journey.

With that said, here a few of my favorite tunes at the moment.


By: Radio Tim 
Sep 15, 2021