The Strings of the Soul, Part 1. Our Latest Beyond Radio Presents Podcast


The first half of this 2-parter starts to explore the connection between early ’70s Soul and R&B and more recent artists that have been reviving the style. We cover a lot of ground from later Motown to Quiet Storm to Funk and ’90s Hip-Hop with a total of 31 songs mentioned.

Jeff helps me to identify a sound and I show him how a voice can sound like a guitar. In the end he finds 2 songs he loves, 2 that appeal to him overall and 2 possible throwaways.


As is appropriate for an episode the day before the Grammys, the songs that bookend the episode are by an artist that is up for Record and Album of the Year.

Here is the companion Spotify playlist for the episode.


And this is the playlist for the entire Pod-Castlist 006. As I explain in the episode a Pod-Castlist is the playlist for all the songs in this arc of episodes.


By: Radio Tim 
Mar 13, 2021