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Beyond Radio Presents – Castlist 006 – Ep 4

From ’90s Alt to Country Crossover

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I teased Jeff and the audience at the end of the last episode by ending before he was aware of the transition from the Editors “Hallelujah” to the Eels.

Once we establish that we delve a bit into that band’s music, sampling, and Beck. This segues nicely to the next artist, who exemplify how Alternative music has changed from the ’90s ’til now.

From there we deep dive into Country (Jeff’s not so favorite place) and talk about that genre’s connection to Pop music over the years. Jeff needs to make a point about the effects of Twang on him and how it relates to a spoken vocal style as well.

In the end, I allude to the theme of the next podcast which also includes some Country music and will feature a great backstory, one of my favorite stories connected to the podcast.

By: Radio Tim 
Oct 9, 2020