2 Part Beyond Radio Presents Podcast, Castlist 4&5-Our Top 10’s


Too much to fit into one super-sized episode so breaking it down into 2 parts. We get part of the way through our top 10’s and then go on a COVID-19 tangent in Part 1. Definitely some surprises (and pleasant ones) on both lists. I think I might have overwhelmed Jeff with all the songs that got added to the playlists after the episodes. We talk about A LOT of music over the course of a Castlist.

It’s funny how these top 10 episodes can end up being great introductions into the podcasts from the Castlist playlists if you haven’t listened to the others.

In Part 2, Jeff floored me again with 2 of the songs in his top 4. After the top 10 we talk about honorable mentions and what he calls his off list. He found so much music to like in what I add to the playlist through our discussions and the narrative that unfolds. In the end he has become a Harry Styles fanboy. We all should be.

Some of the other artists featured include Elton John, The Glorious Sons, Counting Crows, The Interrupters, Guster, Lawrence, Hanson, The Bird & The Bee, J-Hope, Caitlyn Smith, Adam Lambert and Morrissey

By: Radio Tim 
Jul 25, 2020