Shocker, a New Podcast Episode is Finally Available


Beyond Radio Presents- Castlist 005 – Ep 1 – Old Man Grammy Rant, All Time Rave and Music Therapy

Episode 1 of Castlist 005 has been a long time coming. Part of it was first recorded before the Grammys and the second half was recorded a couple of weeks after. It was my intention to get the first part out before the Grammys, of course best laid plans.

It became a painstaking process to get this done for many reasons but here it finally is. I almost split it into 2 episodes because it runs 56 minutes but that would have just slowed the process down more. More episodes of this series could come out in short order (ish) since I’m hunkering down at home during the Covid-19 crisis.

The episode starts in a great place where we both agree on a remake of one of the biggest songs of last year, and as is typical, there is a perfect unintended connection when Jeff brings in some music. Grammy predictions follow and then Grammy follow up.

Once we get out of Grammy mode, I bring up Hanson because of a connection to the previously released episode from Castlist 003, Tonight You’re #1 Episode 9. This ends up bringing us back to the Grammy telecast, musical theater, Billie Eilish and another coincidence, so in the end a full circle episode.

Here is the companion Spotify playlist which also includes songs from upcoming episodes.


In addition I’ve added another entry to the March 1990 music blog

By: Radio Tim 
Apr 7, 2020