Love the Stupid Trending Chart for March


These are the top 100 songs that are making gains at mid-month

March 2020 Trending 100


1              LADY GAGA        Stupid Love        2518.1   10

No surprise that a new dance pop nugget from Lady Gaga would be the #1 trending song. What is encouraging is that it is yet another song that bucks the EDM sound of the last 5 years. I guess it could be described as retro but it also sounds fresh and fun. Already top 10 on Hot AC and top 15 Pop.

2              BILLIE EILISH       No Time To Die 1715.2   5

As a complete 180 degree contrast, this James Bond theme is as somber and downtrodden as the title would indicate at the start. It does go into movie theme territory in the second verse. Doubtful this is going to be pitched to radio.

3              THE STROKES     Bad Decisions    1280.3   28

The opening riff of this 7 years in the making single sounds like it was ripped right out of 1982. The chorus of course adds the signature Strokes-y sound. This is currently in the AA top 10 and Alternative top 25.

4              BIFFY CLYRO       Instant History   1000.8   45

This is the 1st preview into the Scottish band’s 9th album since 2001, “A Celebration Of Endings”, that will be released in May. They have had marginal success on U.S. rock radio while 4 of their last 5 albums have reached the UK top 3.

5              JESSIE WARE       Spotlight              925.7     71

The latest single from the British songstress is a laidback but throbbing disco nugget, reminiscent of Lisa Stansfield. The album “What’s My Pleasure?” is scheduled for release in early June.

6              SAM SMITH        To Die For            881.55   20

I’m not sure what to think of this song yet. At first, I was not even going to give it a second listen, just another depressing tune. Listening to it now, it might grow on me. And certainly, it has dance remixes that would play well on Pop radio.

7              THE WEEKND     After Hours         864.5     68

The dominance of “Blinding Lights” has been evidence on the BR250 the last few months. It eclipsed the 1st single “Heartless” here, though they are currently both in the U.S. Pop top 10. This new single has a bit more of an alternative bent to it. He is definitely a singular artist.

8              PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon  799.5     42

Eddie Vedder and company replace last month’s #3 “Dance Of The Clairvoyants” with this more PJammy follow up.

9              SZA f/ JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE          The Other Side  744.1     103

It seems inevitable that a Trolls sequel would include Justin Timberlake and here we are. A nice slice of R&B/Pop. This is SZA’s 6th R&B top 10 since 2017.

10           DUA LIPA             Physical 654.975                 2

By: Radio Tim 
Mar 19, 2020