Party Time and New Podcast


The latest Podcast episode goes back to the Struts and Glam Rock discussion. Starting with the song “Dirty Sexy Money” we explore glam as party music, follow more of the history from the 70’s to now and end with a bonding moment. In between as always we make connections to a myriad of artists, groupies and guardians.

The next episode should be out next week.

You can find the corresponding playlist for this episode on Spotify. Use the search box and type in beyondradio as one word to follow the podcast and playlists. You can also search Beyond Radio presents to follow the podcast directly.

The music party is a little over a week away. Participate in the 1989 party game and change the original countdown from that year’s party. You can remove up to 10 songs from the original top 60 and swap in songs from lower on the countdown. As a twist you can also boost 2 songs in the original top 60 to possibly help stave off elimination.


You can email your choices to me at

1989 Party Game Board

By: Radio Tim 
Jun 19, 2019