Countdown to the Music Party, Participate and Change the Outcome


With 4 weeks left to the 36th annual Music Party you still have time to submit your favorites of the last 12 months and also participate in the 1989 countdown game. In the second half of the party we will countdown the top 60 of 1989 but you can alter the chart from the original party by replacing up to 10 songs from that countdown with songs that were further down the chart.

For those who are unaware the first half of the party features the countdown for the current 12 month cycle and the guests get to participate in the game where they try to put the top 45 in the correct order. You can access the 1989 gameboard and a list of music in various genres from the last year via the links below.

If you want more information on the party which is scheduled for June 29 at my home just outside of Boston

Email me here.


1989 Party Game

2019 Music Party List

By: Radio Tim 
Jun 2, 2019