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Castlist #2, Episode 4, The INXS Party

In the previous episode one major story was overlooked in our discussion that centered on the 1998 party. That story leads to a deeper look at the music, especially in the top 10. After that we re-visit a duet I introduced in that episode as well, by U2 and Mary J. Blige. As I expected Jeff and I come from different ends of the spectrum on that one.

Castlist #2, Episode 5, Pazz and Jop. Billboard and the Final Four

Months in the making, this episode is a continuation of the discussion that ended Episode 3 when we lost connection. At the beginning of the episode we discuss songs that made the Village Voice’s Pazz and Jop list in 1997. The final four #1’s also lead to a tangent concerning Billboard’s 60th Anniversary of the Hot 100 and their list of the biggest songs of the last 6 decades. I also lament on the methodology changes over the years.

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By: Radio Tim 
Jan 7, 2019