New Feature, The “Beyond Radio Presents” Podcast


My annual music party weekend has commenced with this evening’s music featuring the top 5’s from each of the 35 years and in addition, the playlist for the new Beyond Radio feature.

This feature is our Podcast, “Beyond Radio Presents” and has been in the works since last December.

Along with my friend Jeff Morris, we hope to bridge music nostalgia and music discovery with this Podcast. The Podcast will be released in a Netflix series fashion, with several episodes released at the same time relating to a companion playlist, which we called the Pod-Castlist, that is also featured on Spotify.

The premise is to draw off my history of personal charting to relate new to old, old to new and everywhere in between. Jeff gets presented with the playlist and acts as kind of an audience member, giving his feedback and perspective as it relates to his life, thus bringing in other nuances.

Our hope is that the audience will also provide their feedback on the music and suggestions of how the songs relate to their personal soundtracks. We want the music discovery to be circular and run through the decades.

The initial playlist features music from the last 6 decades and this first series of podcasts, 8 in total, start with the songs that were #1 when each of us was born, then move into when we became cognizant of music.

The bulk of the episodes in the first series focus on the band that thrust me into my love for music and my un-ending need to find new songs. We explore the relationships between their early 70’s catalog and artists of the time, along with more current product.

If we can stay on a regular schedule, then we will be releasing a new series of podcasts every 6-8 weeks. The second series is already recorded and just needs to be edited, definitely the most time-consuming part of the project. The audio side has gotten better as we moved deeper into the episodes though more professional equipment will come down the road.

By: Radio Tim 
Jun 29, 2018