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These 4 songs are currently #’s 1, 4, 7and 9 on the Untapped Resources Rock chart.

EVANESCENCE Imperfection
CAIRO KNIFE FIGHT A-Six/A-Two (10 year old band from New Zealand. The duo employs a Royal Blood style guitar/drum attack. The tracks on their current album “Seven” are either in ( ) or A-…)

2 Bands, Same Name, from Distinctly Different Parts of the World

AIRBAG Huracan/Gran Encuentro (3 brothers from Argentina whose debut album was released in 2004. Their style is pure melodic hard rock.)
AIRBAG Killer/Disconnected (Formed in the same year, the Norwegian quartets 2016 album “Disconnected” did not feature a song under 5 minutes. Their epic grandeur has been compared to Pink Floyd.)
KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD BAND Baby Got Gone (Blues rocker from Shepherd. He has placed 7 albums at #1 on the Blues chart since 1995.)
NIGHT RANGER Running Out Of Time (This is the 3rd song from their most recent album to impact my personal chart and should enter my top 50 this week. The last 2 have reached #1 and #2 on my chart.)
THE DARK ELEMENT The Dark Element/My Sweet Mystery (Symphonic Metal from Finland. The lead singer Anette Olzon was the 2nd of 3 lead vocalists for the band Nightwish. Her stint was from 2007-2012. From that era “Amaranth” is 1of 13 #1 singles on the Finnish chart. )

 New England Born and Bred

DIAMANTE Haunted (Another raucous and melodic rocker from the Italian-Mexican lady from the Boston suburbs.)
SORORITY NOISE No Halo (Hartford, Connecticut is the home of this 4 year old indie band.)
ADAM EZRA GROUP Life Of A Thief (Boston based Folk/Roots band who have found a friend in John Oates (Yes that John Oates). The two are frequent songwriting partners. This song has a Kid Rock feel to it.)
PAPA ROACH Born For Greatness (The 9th album from the 2 decade old band has spawned 2 top 3 songs this year including “American Dreams”. This one harkens back to their early days. They were one of the early purveyors of Rap Metal.)
BLACK ANGELS Comanche Moon (The Austin, Texas band specializes in Psychedelic Rock and took their name from a Velvet Undergound song “The Black Angel’s Death Song”.)
WAGE WAR Gravity (A melodic song from the Metalcore band from Ocala, Florida. They keep the screamo vocals to a minimum. Not true of their other stuff.)
BIG WRECK You Don’t Even Know (Another from the 20 year old Canadian band featured earlier this year.)

I Love the 70’s

THE SHEEPDOGS I’ve Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be (This Canadian band is keeping 70’s style classic Rock alive with their heartland Rock sound.)
BITERS No Strangers To Heartache/1975 (Also working off of 70’s rock, this time Glam, Power Pop and Garage, this band hails from Atlanta. “1975” comes from their debut 2015 album.)
WHITE REAPER The World’s Best American Band/Judy French (I hear some Cheap Trick in these songs along with a bit of the seminal UK Punk band The Jam. They call Louisville, Kentucky home.)
 THE USED Over And Over Again (the Utah post-hardcore band had a string of moderate Alternative hits between 2002-2012. Their best charting song on Alternative radio was “The Bird And The Worm” in 2009, also their best performance on my personal chart. )
 STONE SOUR Rose Red Violet Blue (Led by vocalist Corey Taylor who is also the vocalist for the much harder band Slipknot, the original band was formed in Des Moines, Iowa in 1992, broke up in ’96 and reformed in 2000, releasing their debut album in 2002. One of their bigger songs on my personal chart was “Hesitate” in 2011. Earlier this year they reached #1 on the Rock airplay chart with “Song #3. This is currently #18 on that chart.)

The United Kingdom of Rock

GUN Silent Lovers/She Knows (The 1st release from these Scotland hard rockers was in 1989. They have released albums every few years since. In 1994 they scored their biggest hit in the UK with a cover of Cameo’s “Word Up”.)
NUNS OF THE TUNDRA Mind’s Eye (On their page the UK band describe their music as “dirty desert stoner rock”. I hear some 90’s Grunge on this tune as well.)
BAD SIGN Square One/Liars And Lovers (The guitarist for this UK trio is Jonathan Harris, perhaps a distant cousin of mine.)
MILK TEETH Prism/Nearby Catfight (lead singer Becky Blomfield has a perfect voice for this band’s Punk and Grunge approach.)
CREEPER Suzanne (All of the last 3 bands have a producer, Nell Kennedy, in common. Their music is described as Horror Punk and the band was also featured last spring.)
ONLY SHADOWS Fight Milk/Escape (The UK has recently been a hotbed for great Alternative bands with a Rock edge. They do not disappoint on these 2 recent singles.)

Christian Rock, Young and Old

RED Still Alive (Christian Hard Rock and Metal band from Nashville. They had had 19 #1 songs on the Christian Rock chart since 2006. Their 2 biggest songs on my personal chart were “Die For You” in 2014 and “Breathe Into Me” in 20067.)
DECYFER DOWN Anchor Me (Acoustic)/The River (This band from North Carolina, also debuting in 2006, often goes in a Metal direction. They released an acoustic EP in June. “The River” dates back to a 2013 album and is a bluesy slice of heartland Rock, something Black Stone Cherry might record. That band had a #1 on my personal chart in 2012 with “In My Blood”.)
AS WE ASCEND Tell Me/Wash Away (The Nashville band released their debut album “Farewell To Midnight” in March.)
By: Radio Tim 
Nov 6, 2017