Lorde gets the green light


As predicted Lorde makes a big leap, up 108 positions to #11. She also has a second song “Liability” enter the Beyond Radio 250 at #205. Right behind her the Chainsmokers & Coldplay rise 38-12 and look to have 2 songs in the top 10 by next week. These 2 songs are also the 2 most added this week, 20 & 17. The third most added song, Calvin Harris’ “Slide” moves 164-47 and after a slow-ish start Ariana Grande’s current pop top 15 song “Everyday” finally cracks the top 100 up 107-58.

Keith Urban got as high as #127 last August with his Carrie Underwood duet “The Fighter” when it was receiving airplay in Australia. Now maybe the poppiest song on country radio ever, where it now in the top 25, finally enters the top 100 at #70. I expected this would be pitched to Hot AC and a different song would be promoted to country radio. The Band Perry seems to have skipped country radio and gone strait to Hot AC with their current single “Stay In The Dark” (194-161). Lady Antebellum’s new single “You Look Good” (57-40) also sounds to me like a Hot AC song. We’ll see how it all plays out in the end.

Beyond Radio Adult Alternative picks March 2017

Feb/March picks on YouTube


DROPKICK MURPHYS    You’ll Never Walk Alone
9 albums in and perfect for St. Paddy’s day is a remake of the oft recorded song from the Broadway show Carousel. The album “11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory” was released in Jan. and reached #8 on the Billboard album chart.

CHICANO BATMAN    Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)
L.A. band who sound like a psychedelic cousin to Santana on this song.

English-Canadian newcomer who explains this song is about “never really staying in one place for very long”.

ALEX CLARE    Tell Me What You Need
Clare had a huge international hit with “Too Close” in 2012 and reached #6 on my personal chart in 2015 with “War Rages On”. This is from the British singer’s new album “Tail Of Lions”.

AMY LEE    Love Exists
New single from former Evanescence front woman. A big atmospheric ballad for a big voice. Last year she did a covers EP which included a cool version of Led Zeppelin’s “Going To California” and a gothic take on “With Or Without You”. 

CAMERON AVERY    Wasted On Fidelity
Australian artist who is a touring member of Tame Impala and formerly of the band Pond. His solo work is influenced by artists Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and others of that era but with a modern alt flare.

CHEF’SPECIAL    In Your Arms
This hand clappy folk tune was received moderate airplay on alternative radio last year but nothing on AAA which is strange. The Dutch band also dabbles in ska, rap and funk.

DEX ROMWEBER    Trouble Of The World
Former frontman of the band Flat Duo Jets, his music is steeped in late 50’s, early 60’s rockabilly, surf and lounge music.

Over 50 years of guitar licking for Mr. Clapton. Here’s some laid back blues from his 2016 album “I Still Do”. And he does.

More blues guitar from this young Australian. Tooling around since 2013, his first full length album of the same name was released last Oct.

SHERYL CROW    Halfway There
A welcome return from Crow, showing her more bluesy side.

HUNTER AND THE BEAR    Won’t You Ever Come Home
This British band sounds downright Petty/Springsteen-ish on this song but that is not their only music direction. “D.R.K” their most recent single has a much heavier rock edge and “You Can Talk” a driving propulsive energy.Not to be pigeon-holed the band has put out 11 singles and 2 EP’s of diverse songs since 2014.

MATT HIRES    Holy War
You can hear the roots rock influence on this tune from Tampa native Hires. It sounds more 2005 than 2017 but I like it.

Gravely voiced British singer offers what has been called “a modern Gothic, 21st century version of the blues”. 

KINGS OF LEON    Around The World
One of the biggest American rock bands of the last decade, these Nashville boys are best when they put a little boogie in their step. The band has the current #3 song on the Untapped Resources AAA chart and it also reached  #41 on the Beyond Radio 250 in February without being released as a single. Their song “Family Tree” was my #1 song of the 2014/15 season. I have a year end list and other to coincidence the annual music party each summer. 

AGNES OBEL    It’s Happening Again
This Danish singer songwriter is influenced by classical music in addition to people like alt queen PJ Harvey. Her music exists in an eerie folk landscape.

Similarly, here is dark acoustic folk from the British singer-songwriter whose had 5 albums (4 UK top 10’s) since 2008. Her latest “Semper Femina” was released last week.

A music collective lead by Nanko Bear, a musician of Apache, Filipino and Puerto Rican descent. The bands music similarly transcends genre lines.

Ashcroft was the lead singer of the British band The Verve, best known for their 90’s anthem “Bitterseet Symphony”.

This Austin, Texas band has been churning out psychedelic rock since 2007. This was released on inauguration day. This is not their first time singing about political issues. 

This New Orleans band reached #1 on the AAA chart 14 months after the release of their album “Men Amongst Mountains” last Sept with “Wish I Knew You”. Just 2 weeks ago it hit the Alternative airplay top 10. I featured it last June on the adult pop pick list. Here’s hoping they continue to gain traction. They sound equally fantastic live.

VISTA KICKS    Baja (Only Wanna Be With You)
Originally from Sacramento, this breezy, summery offering is from their 2016 EP “Chasing Waves”.

THE REBEL LIGHT    Hard To Believe
The perfect companion to Vista Kicks is this song from this L.A. trio. Their EP “A Hundred Summer Days” delves into the 60’s/70’s California folk-pop formula nicely. “They receiving some airplay on Siurs/XM;’s Alt Nation last year with the song “Strangers”.

FOND OF RUDY    Say Something
Staying in a similar vein, this is easy to swallow British indie pop, breezy and melodic.

ZACH WILLIAMS    Chain Breaker
Born in Pensacola, Florida Williams began is career as the frontman of a southern rock band and now has moved into the Christian music realm. This  song recently spent multiple weeks at #1 on the Christian airplay chart.

By: Radio Tim 
Mar 20, 2017