Beyond Radio Tim’s 2016 Personal Chart Review, Part 3


There will be a few more installments as the songs that reach the upper echelon of my chart only tell part of the story. Here we segue from summer to fall and for the most part we keep the upbeat nature of the year going.


STRUTS    Put Your Money On Me

STEVE MASON    Planet Sizes

The Struts bookended the summer at #1 and put the party back in music. This is so 70’s, so Sweet, the band (actually there is a lyric “I bet your body’s so sweet”) The lead singer looks a bit like Freddie Mercury and there is a bit of Queen in their music as well. The wildly different ‘Planet Sizes’ also is born out of the 70’s. It reminds me of some earlier Genesis, soft spoken and ethereal.

ARKELLS    Drake’s Dad

I thought the Struts would last for at least 4 weeks at the top but then came this gospel-tinged true story midtempo rocker. Like Brendan Maclean it took 2 weeks to reach the top (although debuted higher at #11). It went on to spend 5 weeks at #1. Another Arkells song worth watching the video and live performance (amazing!) to get the full experience. And Private School live, now I want to go to Canada and see them live among their fans!


GARY ALLAN    Do You Wish It Was Me

After spending weeks at #3 behind the Arkells and the Struts I wanted to give this throbbing alt-rocker by the Australian band a week at the top. It’s their first #1 on my chart but 2010’s “Fader” was my #12 of that year. “It feels so good, so good to be alive”. Country artist Gary Allan first reached my personal chart in 2000 but it was 2016 that he reached his highest position, #2.


The first half of November saw Australian Maclean’s second #1 of the year. Have you noticed a Australia-Canada theme here. Certainly not planned. Maclean went into full dance mode.with this bass, strumming guitar & falsetto driven slice of fabulousness.

THE DEAR HUNTER    King Of Swords (Reversed)

APRIL TOWERS    Silent Fever

The second half of November saw this upbeat string laden pop song at the top. I can’t wait to dive into newly discovered The Dear Hunter’s catalog of rock based theatrical music that draws from rock, pop, classical and I’m sure more. Casey Crescenzo the brainchild of the band, and has had a prolific output since 2006, currently with 4 songs on my personal chart. April Tower’s alt-dance ‘Silent Fever’ had to take a backseat at #2.

SUNSET SONS    Remember



As I wrote on a recent pick list, Sunset Sons are my IT band of the moment. They have spent 3 weeks at #1 this month and could replace themselves. On the fence whether Capital Cities will stall at #2 with their extremely catchy ‘Vowels’. It would be a shame if radio doesn’t connect with this song. Update: I just watched the video and I now have my answer.

By: Radio Tim 
Dec 27, 2016