Pulling the best out of the dreadful Entertainment Weekly Top 100 songs of 2016


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I’ve listened to most of Entertainment Weekly’s 100 best songs of the year. I love the mag but I find many of the songs on this list pretentious and unlistenable. While some of the songs are lyrically compelling I was hard pressed to find 10 songs that were interesting enough to share. Not surprisingly Beyonce’s Formation was #1. I find her quite overrated and have tried to digest this song. It would be on my worst of the year list but that is just my opinion. Fifth Harmony’s fluff pop Work From Home #2 (really!!!?) and Kanye West’s Ultrabeam Light at #4 (ugh another on my worst list, although I did find his Fade to be an interesting tune). At least David Bowie’s Lazarus made the top 20 (the bizarre and epic Blackstar was my personal fave). Surprised the album did not get an album of the year Grammy nod.

BRITNEY SPEARS    Do You Wanna Come Over?
Infectious dance pop

DAY WAVE    Deadbeat Girl
Jangly indie dream pop

Midtempo electro-pop

HOLYCHILD f/ KATE NASH    Rotten Teeth
Dancey electro-pop.

KEVIN MORBY    I Have Been To The Mountain
Groovy adult alternative.

LIZZO    Good As Hell
Swaggering and fun R&B.

LUCIUS    Gone Insane
Paranoid and angsty girl power.

SIA    Reaper
Her more adult side with 60’s style chorus. This was EW’s #3.

STING    50,000
To our dearly departed musicians, somber verses, classic Sting chorus.

Pulsating reggae-ish dance pop.

By: Radio Tim 
Dec 21, 2016