Join Beyond Radio’s Personal Music Assistant service


Join the new music revolution and let Beyond Radio be your Personal Music Assistant. You’ll receive music picks regularly in the genres of your choosing and be able to listen to genre playlists on Spotify or Napster.

You can join right here, right now for only $20 for the year through the PayPal link on the upper right..

Or check out the GoFundMe page on the upper left to see the promo videos and read about the journey to this point. There you can sign up for a longer period or make a larger contribution that can potentially pay you back once we reach a certain subscriber threshold.

You’ll also be added to the Personal Music Assistant Facebook page where you’ll find more picks and be able to interact with other members to find even more great music.

The Beyond Radio website upgrade is also imminent, just working out a few bandwidth bugs. Technology always likes to throw some curveballs especially when Mercury is in retrograde..

Beyond Radio is your path to new music discovery.

By: Radio Tim 
Sep 6, 2016