This is a BIG week at Beyond Radio


First after 6 months at the top of the BR200 Adele is dethroned by a remake of a 50 year old song. And a pretty powerful remake at that. Congrats to Disturbed for reaching the summit with “The Sound Of Silence”. The fact that song has not been promoted to HotAC yet is puzzling. I know that “rock” is a bad word at pop radio in recent years but the evidence is clear that this song deserves THAT exposure. IMO this is the reason Beyond Radio and the personal chart universe is where to discover new music.

Second I have started to post my own videos in addition to the weekly new music pick playlists that I have been posting to YouTube. It was time to put a personality behind the work here. I truly love what I do on this site and I want the audience to get to know me, my journey and my passion for discovering my next favorite song.

My YouTube Channel

Third I have signed off on the website makeover that I have wanted to do for many years. It is very exciting to know that in the next couple of months so much is going to change here in a positive way.  For those of you who have frequented this site over the years, I thank you wholeheartedly. None of the core will change but more will be added to enhance the information already presented here.

By: Radio Tim 
Apr 23, 2016