674DUA LIPADance The Night
136GHOSTJesus He Knows Me
28KAARIJACha Cha Cha
910LEWIS CAPALDIWish You The Best
1812YOUNG THE GIANTThe Walk Home
2613BLURThe Narcissist
1914JONAS BROTHERSWaffle House
2115DEF LEPPARDUnbreakable
3816KELLY CLARKSONFavorite Kind Of High
4817HARRY STYLESSatellite
1019ROMYEnjoy Your Life
1421GORD DOWNIE & BOB ROCKIs There Nowhere
2523GORD DOWNIE & BOB ROCKLustre Parfait
2024POST MALONEChemical
1125MILEY CYRUSFlowers
Sep 26
Beyond Radio Presents: 8Trax with Manic Bloom

The Beyond Radio Presents universe has a new podcast. It is something I am very proud of and excited about. A special and unique way to interview musicians coming from a fan's POV and musicians promoting other musicians. Let the lovefest begin.

This is the inaugural episode of our artist interview podcast (a two-parter). The title, 8Trax, harkens back to the era of the 8 Track tapes and indicates that 8 main songs will be discussed. The interview style is set up as follows. The artist brings 3 of their lesser-known songs that they love to the table and I do the same. The conversation moves through the stories of these songs and of course, leads down many roads. I felt that proceeding in this manner gets people deeper into an artist while my approach is that of a fan. The remaining 2 tracks are from different artists we wanted the other to hear. I love the idea of artists promoting other artists.

With my weekly personal chart background I have delved deep into many artist's catalogues. For these indie rockers from Nashville, I charted 20 songs from their 3 records with all but one making my weekly top 20 and 12 of them going to #1. Yes, I am an absolute fan.

Even though they haven't put out new music since 2015 this year they have been featured on 6 episodes of Beyond Radio Presents so far. A 2-part episode comparing them to major bands of the last 50 years (Queen, Live, Muse, etc.), a most beautiful interview, and snippets from the interviews that became their own mini-episodes.

I explained the premise of 8trax to them and they wanted to be guinea pigs for the pilot episode. Clearly, there was still much to discuss as it is another 2-parter. David, Hildee (Jeff), and Andy are fun, cerebral, spiritual, introspective, and serious (I'm sure the same can be said for the missing members, Jeff and Matt). I consider them a gift unto my life. Most importantly, their music deserves to be heard.

In all over 30 songs were discussed or mentioned and all but one of those can be found on the companion playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

Jun 16
The Music Party #5's

The #5’s include 3 songs that were my #1 of the year, “Life Is A Highway” in ‘92, “Pink Motel” by the Glorious Sons in 2021, and “Sing” by My Chemical Romance in 2012. One of the most powerful remakes of all-time is also included, “The Sound Of Silence” by Disturbed. Nickelback and Christina Aguilera show up twice and Jewel sort of does back-to-back. “Foolish Games” was #5 in 1997 and in 1998 it was Fastball’s “The Way”. The beginning of that song is the sound of someone flipping through the radio dial and Jewel’s voice is heard for about a second. Another interesting Jewel anecdote is that she showed up at #4 (“You Were Meant For Me”), #5 with the aforementioned “Foolish Games” (both in the same year), and in 2002 #6 with “Standing Still”.

Jun 6
Latest Podcast episodes

Three recent episodes, the first is an update of an episode from April 2020 featuring Guuster and some of my all-time favorite songs. I'm going to see Guster tomorrow evening with the Boston Pops Orchestra.

As the title suggests we start to explore the bridges in songs and this leads to a '70s band popping up again, a ghost singer (?), a '90s music magazine trend, and 2 of my favorite albums of all-time. I test Jeff's memory (some things click, others don't) and we end with an intense vocalist whose legacy is tragic on more than one level. Oh and a guest appearance by a couple of members of Manic Bloom.

This is the full conversation with the members of Manic Bloom about "Army".

You can get the direct downloads of the episodes at the link above or find the episodes on Spotify.

May 8
Music Party #13's

The Party #13’s starts with the iconic “Safety Dance” from Men Without Hats. It was written by the lead singer in response to being kicked out of a club for pogo dancing, a form of dancing that was becoming popular with new wavers. The following year “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” by Yes landed at #13 and was their only Hot 100 #1 song. 1985 saw another Hot 100 #1, “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister take the unlucky number.

In the ‘90s the ladies dominated the #13 position. Bonnie Raitt’s Something To Talk About” in 1991. The fabulous “Sleeping Satellite” by Tasmin Archer in 1994 followed by Sheryl Crow’s debut hit “All I Wanna Do” in ’94, and then by Natalie Merchant’s solo debut “Carnival in ’95. The unbroken heart of Toni Braxton was at the position in 1996 and the end of the decade saw back-to-back Madonna songs, “The Power Of Goodbye” and “Beautiful Stranger” in 98/99. Overall I really lost interest in her as the decade progressed.

In 2003 the Russian duo T.A.T.U. scored with “All The Things She Said”, their only hit in the States. In 2005 it was “Take Me Out” by Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. A #3 UK and alternative hit, it was chosen as the #1 song of the year on the Village Voice’s Pazz and Jop poll and also on the Australian influential alt station Triple J. The Welsh singer Duffy came in at 13 in 2009 with the very Amy Winehouse-ish “Mercy”.

Shinedown’s “If You Only Knew” is one of 4 songs that made the party top 50 from the album “The Sound of Madness”. This one was a pop and rock hit and still sounds great. The other entries from the album were “Sound of Madness (#26), “The Crown and The Butterfly (#20 and talked about on the next episode of the Beyond Radio presents podcast), and their biggest pop hit “Second Chance (#4).

More rock showed up at #13 in 2012 (“Gold On The Ceiling” by the Black Keys), Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” in 2015, the cover of the Cranberries “Zombie” by Bad Wolves in 2018, and the unlikely combo of Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, and Bruno Mars on the blistering “Blow” in 2020. If you haven’t heard that one, I highly recommend.

Apr 23
Music Party #17's

The first #17 was one of my sister's favorites of 1983 (possibly her #1), Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes". His debut solo single, it only reached #12 on the Hot 100 but I think it would have possibly made the top if MTV airplay was included in that chart.

I was listening to the playlist the other day in Uber when this next song came on. My passenger was so excited to be hearing a Backstreet Boys song (her favorite artist). We had a lively discussion about music and she shared that she has had a number of bad Uber rides and it became a thing she often shared with her friends and co-workers. She said this was her best Uber ride ever and a positive way to start the day. I love when those things happen. Other than my connection to music and the joy that the podcast brings me, Uber is the most gratifying job I have ever had. One-on-one connections that lift the spirit.

Imagine Dragons had back-to-back #17's and Pink had 2 with Bandi Carlile's "The Joke" separating them.

My least favorite #17 came in 2021 and perhaps is in my top 5 worst songs of all-time is "WAP" by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion. Nuff said about that. It sits between 2 cool entries, Lizzo's "Boys" in 2020 (and should have been a hit) and last year's "How Not To Drown" by Chvrches & Robert Smith of the Cure. This is by far my favorite Chvrches song, spending 2 weeks at #1 on my weekly chart and a welcome return to the airwaves for Smith.

The most interesting song to grace the #17's is Just Jack's "Starz In Their Eyes" in 2008. It was a #2 hit in the UK in 2007. It only reached #63 on my weekly chart and I know it clicked with a small circle of participants.

Email Me your feedback, chart, link, etc.

Beyond Radio Tim’s Top 150, May 7, 2023

2             1             MANIC BLOOM Answer
30           2             GORD DOWNIE & BOB ROCK       Is There Nowhere
1             3             MANIC BLOOM Farewell (Instrumental)
7             4             MATCHBOX 20   Radio
8             5             ALL TIME LOW   Calm Down
5             6             JESSIE WARE       Pearls
6             7             MANIC BLOOM What Scares You Most
9             8             GORD DOWNIE & BOB ROCK       Lustre Parfait
3             9             PICTURE THIS     Get On My Love
4             10           PINK      Trustfall
12           11           RODRIGO Y GABRIELA    Descending To Nowhere
14           12           MANIC BLOOM When You Sleep
16           13           ALL TIME LOW   Tell Me I'm Alive
13           14           PARKER MCCOLLUM       To Be Loved By You
18           15           THE JEFF HEALEY BAND Heart Of An Angel
10           16           WE ARE SCIENTISTS         Settled Accounts
34           17           KELLY CLARKSON              Mine
21           18           MUSE    Sunburn
11           19           WILDER WOODS               Maestro (Tears Don't Lie)
23           20           DARIUS RUCKER               Fires Don't Start Themselves
20           21           JUKEBOX THE GHOST      Hey Maude
27           22           PINK      When I Get There
17           23           SPOON Feels Right
19           24           COLE SWINDELL Drinkaby
22           25           FALL OUT BOY    Hold Me Like A Grudge
15           26           FALL OUT BOY    Love From The Other Side
26           27           KANE BROWN    Like I Love Country Music
29           28           THUNDER            Everybody Wants Her
39           29           JONAS BROTHERS            Waffle House
43           30           DEF LEPPARD     Open Your Eyes
71           31           YOUNG THE GIANT          The Walk Home
28           32           FALL OUT BOY    Heartbreak Feels So Good
24           33           THE LUKA STATE Bring Us Down
40           34           ELECTRIC ENEMY              Voices
36           35           BUTCH WALKER Leather Weather (Mr. And Mrs. Understanding)
48           36           MANIC BLOOM Won't Be Alone
35           37           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Welcome To The DCC
38           38           LOREEN Tattoo
41           39           BEACH WEATHER              Unlovable
25           40           CAITLYN SMITH Lately
46           41           GOOSE  Hungersite
59           42           BAR STOOL PREACHERS Doorstep
33           43           SAULTS Stuck In Old Fantasy
44           44           AVA MAX             Million Dollar Baby
47           45           KING CALAWAY I'm Feelin' Good
42           46           WHISKEY MYERS               The Wolf
45           47           LIBERTY DEEP DOWN      Hey You
53           48           CITY AND COLOUR           Underground
79           49           YOUNG THE GIANT          Otherside
57           50           ELECTRIC ENEMY              Bleed Me Dry
58           51           DEMI LOVATO    Still Alive
37           52           POETS OF THE FALL          Requiem For My Harlequin
69           53           TELENOVA           Lost In The Rush
54           54           NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS Easy Now
70           55           TRAMPOLENE    Thinking Again
77           56           ALL TIME LOW   Modern Love
62           57           MATCHBOX 20   Parade
88           58           DEF LEPPARD     Unbreakable
128        59           SPOON The Devil & Mister Jones
31           60           MANESKIN         Baby Said
66           61           VISTAS  The Beautiful Nothing
73           62           NEEDTOBREATHE             More Time
78           63           SAM TINNESZ    Prozac Perfect
64           64           JONAS BROTHERS            Wings
63           65           KENNY CHESNEY f/ OLD DOMINION         Beer With My Friends
51           66           THE LOTTERY WINNERS Worry
76           67           MARY FAHL         Don't Let It Bring You Down
55           68           SPOON On The Radio
75           69           NEW FRIENDS    Ricochet
82           70           THE REVIVALISTS              Kid
91           71           MANIC BLOOM In Loving Memory
210        72           BROTHERS OSBORNE      Might As Well Be Me
50           73           WHITE REAPER  Fog Machine
116        74           SHINEDOWN      Hope
86           75           GIANT   Chained
87           76           DRAKE MILLIGAN             Sounds Like Something I'd Do
32           77           JERRY CANTRELL               Brighten
94           78           CARLY RAE JEPSEN f/ RUFUS WAINWRIGHT           The Lonliest Time
104        79           RINA SAWAYAMA             Eye For An Eye
93           80           GORD DOWNIE & BOB ROCK       The Moment Is A Wild Place
90           81           JUSTIN MOORE & PRISCILLA BLOCK          You, Me And Whiskey
112        82           THE LATHUMS   Struggle
182        83           MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE             Dead!
56           84           BRIAN MAY         Driven By You
52           85           DOVES  Pounding
100        86           SALIVA  High On Me
60           87           PABLO CRUISE   Worlds Away
67           88           NERVOUS EATERS             Superman's Hands
92           89           AVA MAX             Dancing's Done
103        90           OZZY OSBOURNE             A Thousand Shades
65           91           PALAYE ROYALE f/ LP       Line It Up
84           92           SHINEDOWN      Dead Don't Die
95           93           MAMMOTH WVH            Another Celebration At The End Of The World
61           94           WE ARE SCIENTISTS         Turn It Up
68           95           SHANIA TWAIN Giddy Up!
110        96           ELECTRIC ENEMY              Burn
89           97           SADHAPPY          Better Everyday
99           98           NIALL HORAN    Heaven
72           99           SIX60    White Lines
101        100        GODSMACK        Soul On Fire
97           101        BRKN LOVE         Under The Knife
96           102        CHRIS YOUNG    Looking For You
49           103        CARLY RAE JEPSEN           Talking To Yourself
81           104        DEPECHE MODE                Ghosts Again
74           105        K'S CHOICE          Time Is A Paradite
119        106        PACIFIC AVENUE               Spin Me Like Your Records
109        107        SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR     Breaking The Circle
147        108        SON MIEUX        Tell Me More
118        109        SHINEDOWN      A Symptom Of Being Human
108        110        CONNER SMITH Creek Will Rise
163        111        PINK      Runaway
111        112        KINGMAKER       Armchair Anarchist
194        113        NIMMO When I'm With You
127        114        KAYLEE BELL        Boots 'N All
177        115        SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS f/ MEARSY        DNA
113        116        PICTURE THIS     This Morning
136        117        MATCHBOX 20   Wild Dogs (Running In Slow Motion)
145        118        OLLY MURS         Do Me Like That
129        119        BEN FOLDS          Exhausting Lover
83           120        GIANT   Stay
149        121        HOT CHIP             Down
115        122        AGAINST THE CURRENT Blindfolded
new       123        FINGER ELEVEN Together Right
80           124        TOBY KEITH         Oklahoma Breakdown
123        125        CHVRCHES          Over
135        126        TOY MATINEE    Remember My Name
98           127        TY HERNDON & TERRI CLARK       Dents On A Chevy
205        128        GHOST  Jesus He Knows Me
85           129        LINKIN PARK       Lost
102        130        CHEAT CODES f/ DOLLY PARTON Bets On Us
117        131        TEN TONNES      Monday Morning
130        132        CITY AND COLOUR           Meant To Be
205        133        BROTHERS OSBORNE      Nobody's Nobody
196        134        OLIVER HELDENS f/ KYLIE MINOGUE        10 Out Of 10
133        135        BLACK PAISLEY   Promises
138        136        RENEE RAPP       Too Well
122        137        TELEMAN            Short Life
106        138        NICKY YOURE     Eyes On You
new       139        COLLECTIVE SOUL            Rule No. 1
139        140        NICKELBACK       Those Days
107        141        JAKE SHEARS      Too Much Music
132        142        RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS         Face Down (Symphonic)
162        143        GROUPLOVE      Hello
148        144        CIRCA WAVES    Never Going Under
210        145        MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE             The End
125        146        BEN FOLDS          It's The Small Things, Charlie Brown
151        147        WE ARE SCIENTISTS         Operator Error
191        148        THE SHERLOCKS Don't Let It Out
193        149        MATCHBOX 20   Our Song
190        150        BEN FOLDS          Winslow Gardens
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