32HARRY STYLESWatermelon Sugar
23DUA LIPABreak My Heart
44THE 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
75THE KILLERSMy Own Soul's Warning
56THE WEEKNDIn Your Eyes
8413DUA LIPAHallucinate
1514KATY PERRYDaisies
6915JOEL CORRY f/ MNEKHead & Heart
1617MICKEY GUYTONBlack Like Me
918TWENTY ONE PILOTSLevel Of Concern
3319HAIMDon't Wanna
2820KENNYHOOPLAHow Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway
6221BLACKPINKHow You Like That
1822SAINT JHNRoses
2323KIM PETRASMalibu
2525REGARD f/ RAYESecrets
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Aug 6
My Personal Chart Blog, August 1980

Learn more about an era of music and the connections behind the songs. Interwoven with personal anecdotes, commentary and artist history. A unique way to tap into music nostalgia and discovery.

  **Bolded and Underlined songs were on my top 100 this month in 1980 & the number in parentheses is its position on the chart.  

See my August 1980 chart here

Part 1, Big albums, Dabbling in Alternate Styles and Six Degrees of Toto and Paul Shaffer

Billy Joel/Sometimes A Fantasy (1)

This was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college and the music landscape was changing. Having moved from New Jersey to Boston in the fall of ’79 I discovered 3 essential things in my music life. Used record stores, small local clubs with live music in a thriving music town, and a different kind of radio palette than I was used to from NYC radio. Of course, the Pop, Dance, and late 70’s AOR bands were all part of it but 3 radio stations were offering a wider mix of rock music; WBCN, WCOZ, and the very local WLYN which would morph into the influential 80s’/90s’ station WFNX.

My personal chart was becoming more diverse because of this and expanded to 200 songs per week on the week of Oct. 21, 1979 (my #1 song that week was “The Main Event” by Barbra Streisand). With so many songs my chart was becoming slower moving so by the beginning of 1980 it might take a song 5 months to reach the top of my chart. In the years since my chart has become much faster paced. To illustrate the point, the top 10 from my original chart for the week of Aug. 3 had 7 songs that had peaked at radio in March, April, and May. Here they are:

2 DAN FOGELBERG Heart Hotels my

3 BOZ SCAGGS Breakdown Dead Ahead my

4 BILLY JOEL You May Be Right ap

5 J. GEILS BAND Come Back mr

6 THE CLASH Train In Vain (Stand By Me) my

8 CHRISTOPHER CROSS Ride Like The Wind ap

9 J. GEILS BAND Love Stinks my

I started creating an updated chart for each week from that period last fall when I began working on the retro personal charts for the website. These move more like my current charts do so the music is much timelier to the date. And certainly, my view of songs has changed with quite a number of songs that never charted for me back then that have become favorites making impact, and conversely, some songs that did well with my 19-year-old self have fallen out of favor.

There were quite a few huge albums that generated 6 or more songs on my chart back then. Ones like “The Wall” and “Against The Wind” I will cover in other posts. The above list features 4 artists whose albums were huge for me at the time. Billy Joel’s “Glass Houses” was one where all 10 songs from it charted for me. Clearly, Joel was a holdover of my NYC radio days. Being a Long Island guy, he was ubiquitous.

Even with that, he had become an international superstar and this album was a departure in style for him. He incorporated a rockier New Wave edge to a bulk of the album, definitely a thing at that moment in time. New Wave and Punk had been slowly rising in popularity in the late 70s’ (much quicker in the UK than the States). The #1 song of 1979 was “My Sharona” by The Knack and M’s “Pop Musik” was another Pop #1. It was typical for artists to jump on stylistic bandwagons as their careers progressed with varying results. ’79 was still early in the process as the next closest songs with that influence on Billboard’s Hot 100 were ‘Let’s Go” by the Cars which peaked at #14 and “Driver’s Seat” by Sniff ‘N The Tears, reaching #15.

It was perfect timing for Joel because he achieved his 1st Hot 100 #1 with “It’s Still Rock ‘N Roll To Me”. It spent 2 weeks at the top and fell to #2 this week in 1980. This is one that did not hold up for me. It reached #9 on my chart 40 years ago but couldn’t rise above #70 this time around. This was true of the 1st single as well but to a lesser extent. “You May Be Right” reached #17 on the 2020 version of my chart, while it spent 3 weeks at #1 back then.

“Sometimes A Fantasy”, the 4th single from the album is one of the most New-Wavey of the songs on the album and it holds up nicely for me, reaching the summit in both 1980 and now. The song about phone sex actually hit #1 on Feb. 8, 1981, on the old charts but struggled to reach the Hot 100 top 40, finally topping out at #36. The actual #1 on the original Aug. 3 chart was another from the album, “Close To The Borderline” (20), and still made it into my top 5 now. It has a nice staccato guitar lick and a somewhat affected vocal by Joel. He received the Grammy for Male Rock Vocal Performance for the album.

The ballad “Through The Long Night” (148) is a stunning example of a fall from grace. It was #2 on my chart at the beginning of October that year and is struggling to stay in the top 150 right now. The Latin-tinged “Don’t Ask Me Why” became a #1 Adult Contemporary song in the fall and was released as the 3rd single at the end of July. It too may have a hard time making inroads now.

A song that should do equally as well as the 1st time around is “All For Leyna” (debut-81) which made it to #9. Another more up-tempo tune. plus more piano-driven, this was released as a single in Europe and hit #40 in the UK and #16 in Spain. Here it was the B-side of ‘Fantasy’.

Another major artist who took the New Wave direction on her 1980 album “Mad Love” was Linda Ronstadt. She was nominated for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance at the Grammys in 1981 for the 1st single “How Do I Make You”, a Hot 100 #10 that, according to the songwriter Billy Steinberg, was influenced by “My Sharona”. She lost to Pat Benatar (who won the award 4 years in a row between ’81- ‘84. Both ladies had a hard time recreating their original luster on my chart. ‘Make You’ and Benatar’s “You Better Run” (122) made my top 10 last time out. Neither made the top 30 this time. I did not know that this song was a remake, done by the Garfield, NJ (right across the river from my hometown of Passaic) band the Rascals. It was the follow-up to their #1 song “Good Lovin’” and reached #20 in 1966. It fared better than Benatar’s version which only reached #42.

Read the rest here

Beyond Radio Tim
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Aug 3
July Charts are Updated plus an Overhaul of the Untapped Resources Charts

The BR250 July 2020


The combo of Gaga and Grande has a commanding lead over the sugary summer concoction that is “Watermelon Sugar”. The song has not gotten as much radio love in the States as in Europe and Australia but the ladies have forceful fan bases. The one new entry in the top 10 shows up even though it is already descending at radio. "Be Kind", another collab between Marshmello and Halsey, is helped by the compilation charts from Crownnote, M4B and Buzzjack that mostly have had the song in the top 15 throughout the month. I'm not a fan of Halsey generally but this and "Rain On Me" look to enter my top 100 next week.

Right outside the top 10 3 songs surge from outside the top 50. “Parasite Eve” moves 52-12 after placing at #3 on the trending chart at mid-month. Joel Corry was right behind on the trending chart at #4 and jumps 69-15. Dua Lipa releases her 4th radio single with “Hallucinate” and bounds 84-13, making it her 5th top 15 on the BR250 in 2020 (“Future Nostalgia” peaked at #12 but was not pitched to radio, at least not yet).

The return of the Doves with the ethereal “Carousels” apparently has clicked with our audience as it enters the top 25 at #11. The sister trio Haim reaches the top 30 for the 4th time in the last year with the #19 “Don’t Wanna”. “Now I’m In It” has performed the best, peaking at #13 last November.

The top 10 Alternative radio song by Kennyhoopla continues its upward climb here, up to #20 from #28. Of interest are 2 other current Alternative radio top 25 songs that enter the BR250 for the 1st time this week. Bakar’s Retro-Soul/Reggae AAA #1 “Hell n Back” (Alt radio #17) enters at #242 in its 35th week in release while the Wallows “Are You Bored Yet?” (Alt radio #21) breaks in at #246 in its 79th week.

The last new entry in the top 25, Blackpink’s “How You Like That” *62-21) is one of the few K-Pop songs to gain traction on the BR250. The Crownnote top 100 is the compilation chart that reflects those fans in a big way.

This is a slow week for songs new to the BR250 as the highest debut is Kygo’s update of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It” at #116. Hard to believe she’s 80 years old. The August trending chart will most likely see action from a handful of July late comers, Kylie Minogue’s “Say Something”, Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan”, Billie Eilish’s “My Future”, “Chew On My Heart” by James Bay and the late Chris Cornell’s take on the G’N’R song “Patience”.

My birthday was last Tuesday so the past week had been focused in other directions. Because of that the July monthly charts were a bit late. I have done a major update on the Untapped charts. Originally untapped songs were based on radio saturation in the U.S. A couple of years ago I added saturation in the European and Australian markets to the formula. As of this month I have added saturation on the Beyond Radio genre charts to the formula. This change makes the Untapped charts more reflective of the songs that are bubbling in each genre. There were too many instances when the top of the main genre chart and the untapped chart were the same, exhibiting the waning importance of radio, though it still is a factor.

For my birthday I created a playlist of some of my favorite songs from 1970, 80, 90, 2000, 2010 and 2020, going with the theme of the monthly retro personal chart playlists and blog posts. My August 1980 personal chart will be forthcoming.

Or go directly to Spotify here. You can follow me and access any of my over 300 playlists.

Jul 31
New Music Friday

Happy weekend! Such a simple song but if it doesn't rev you up I can't help you LOL.


Not my typical lane but I kind of like it.


This Brit metal band always entertains. I'd describe this song as electro-thrash.

Cute and clever summery country ditty.

Roosevelt has reached my top 5 twice. This is another electro-dance gem from them.


Nice return from the UK outfit, along with "Carousels", the ethereal side of the Coldplay playbook. They topped my chart in 2002 with "Caught By The River".


Who doesn't like a dance contest in ill-fitting suits set to a strummy-kinetic beat.

If you can't get out of your own way here's a song for you.

For those who are looking for something that sounds like a little 70's summer breeze.

Jul 25
2 Part Beyond Radio Presents Podcast, Castlist 4&5-Our Top 10's

Too much to fit into one super-sized episode so breaking it down into 2 parts. We get part of the way through our top 10's and then go on a COVID-19 tangent in Part 1. Definitely some surprises (and pleasant ones) on both lists. I think I might have overwhelmed Jeff with all the songs that got added to the playlists after the episodes. We talk about A LOT of music over the course of a Castlist.

It's funny how these top 10 episodes can end up being great introductions into the podcasts from the Castlist playlists if you haven't listened to the others.

In Part 2, Jeff floored me again with 2 of the songs in his top 4. After the top 10 we talk about honorable mentions and what he calls his off list. He found so much music to like in what I add to the playlist through our discussions and the narrative that unfolds. In the end he has become a Harry Styles fanboy. We all should be.

Some of the other artists featured include Elton John, The Glorious Sons, Counting Crows, The Interrupters, Guster, Lawrence, Hanson, The Bird & The Bee, J-Hope, Caitlyn Smith, Adam Lambert and Morrissey

Jul 22
Part 2 of My Personal Chart Blog, July 1970

See my July 1970 chart here

The companion Spotify playlist has all the songs discussed in the blog that are available. The playlist on the right is just the songs from this post. 


**Underlined songs were on my top 100 this month in 1970 & the number in parentheses is its position on the chart.

Part 2, Family Ties, The 70/20 Parallel and the Writer Behind the Song

The Carpenters/(They Long To Be) Close To You (2)


I was definitely not finished with my discussion of the Carpenters. Since my mother was such a huge fan of Karen Carpenter, I was fortunate enough to have my first concert experience when I was 10 years old. We drove in the wood-paneled station wagon down to the Garden State Arts Center to see them perform. I can’t say I remember much about the concert itself, but I remember the excitement of going and the feeling of being in this cool amphitheater. Years later when my sister was a teenager in dancing school her troupe got to perform on that stage as well, which was a big deal.

In listening to the songs from the album I was surprised at how many of the songs I remembered but I am sure that most were played at the concert as well. One of the more interesting ones is the Richard Carpenter/John Bettis penned “Mr. Guder”. Triangle, Flute, and signature harmonies are the backdrop for a song about a robotic company man. With Carpenter, Bettis penned quite a number of the duo’s hits like “Only Yesterday” and “Yesterday Once More”. Bettis has co-written songs for a myriad of Pop and Country artists including “Crazy For You” by Madonna, “Slow Hand” by the Pointer Sisters, and George Strait’s “Heartland”. In addition, he wrote the theme to the sitcom “Growing Pains” and the anthem for the Summer Olympics in 1988, Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time”.

One of my favorites from the album is “Maybe It’s You” with its prominent use of the oboe and lovely chorus. In Sept. 1970 they released “We’ve Only Just Begun”, my #11 of the year, co-written by another well-known lyricist, Paul Williams. Williams had his fingers in another television theme song, writing lyrics for “The Love Boat”. 2 of his most important songs, in my opinion, are Barbra Streisand’s Evergreen” from “A Star is Born” and “Rainbow Connection” from “The Muppet Movie”. Many people may remember him from his acting career as well. He showed up a lot in TV and film through the ’70s, most notably the “Smokey And The Bandit” film series.

The origins of ‘Begun’ are interesting as well. It first showed up in early 1970 as the music in a commercial for the Crocker National Bank of California, sung by Williams. Upon hearing it Richard Carpenter asked Williams if there was a full version of the song. They were both under contract with A&M Records. From an insignificant beginning to a major radio smash (hitting #1 in Cashbox Magazine and #2 for 4 weeks in Billboard), the song was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998 as well as making the Rolling Stone top 500 of all time at #414.

Of particular note, it stalled at #2 in Billboard behind 2 other families. The real family, Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There”, and the fictitious family, the Partridge Family’s “I Think I Love You” (more on them later in the year). Right behind the Carpenters on my July 1970 chart is the Jackson 5 with “The Love You Save” (3), their third of 4 Billboard #1’s that year. While the previous 2 songs had reached my top 10 (“I Want You Back” #7 and “ABC” #5 (38)) this was my favorite of the bunch. You may not be aware that the song references 4 historic figures; Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, and Christopher Columbus.

The ballad “I’ll Be There” followed ‘Save’ in September and became the group’s biggest hit, and their last #1 in Billboard. It would not be the last time the song reached #1, as Mariah Carey brought it back to the summit in 1992. The song replaced Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard it Through The Grapevine” as Motown’s most successful single until it was supplanted in 1981 by “Endless Love” the movie theme sung by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. Of course, Mariah Carey comes back into play, as her version of this song with Luther Vandross climbed to #2 in 1994.

While the group did not have another Billboard #1, the next 2 singles which peaked at #2, both reached #1 in the rival magazine Cashbox. “Mama’s Pearl” was another favorite of the time. It certainly fell in line with the other bubblegum oriented tunes from the group. The original name of the song was “Guess Who’s Making Whoopie (With Your Girlfriend)’” but that was changed (along with lyrics) to keep the 12-year-old Michael’s image pure. The song was kept out of the top spot in Billboard by another group of brothers, The Osmonds, and their song “One Bad Apple” (a 5-week chart-topper), ironically written by a guy named George Jackson. He also co-wrote “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” for Bob Seger and a song called “The Only Way Is Up” for soul singer Otis Clay in 1980 (thought the version that became a hit was by Yazz and the Plastic Population in 1988 ( a UK #1 and Dance chart #2). That version surprisingly only reached #45 on my chart, a song that has stood up quite well for me.

The next single, “Never Can Say Goodbye” was written by Clifton Davis, an actor best known for his roles in the mid-70’s sitcom “That’s My Mama” and the late 80’s sitcom “Amen” starring Sherman Hemsley of “The Jeffersons”. The ballad was re-imagined as a dance song twice, first by Gloria Gaynor in 1974 (#9 Hot 100, #1 Dance) and then by the UK outfit The Communards in 1987 (a #2 Dance hit and top 5 in the UK).

The next band has a connection to the Jacksons. Alive ‘N Kickin’ was a one-hit-wonder from Brooklyn that scored a major hit in 1970 with “Tighter, Tighter” (7), a song co-written by Tommy James. The band had started working with him in 1968 and he almost gave them his 1969 hit “Crystal Blue Persuasion” but decided to keep it for himself. Their song peaked at #7 on the Hot 100. One of the 6 members of the band was Bruce Sudano.

In 1984 he wrote the song “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True)” for Jermaine Jackson featuring Michael Jackson. That song was never released as a single due to conflicts from the 2 brothers opposing record companies but did reach the top 10 in airplay on the Pop chart in June 1984. It also received a Grammy nomination for R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. Some of you may know that Sudano, who was a member of Brooklyn Dreams later in the ’70s, is Donna Summer’s husband. I discovered their 1979 song “Make It Last” when I was working on the precursor to these blogs last fall. The very '70s era Hall & Oates style song made it up to #62 on my chart this past January. They had a few minor chart entries in the late ’70s but scored best with their collaboration with Summer, “Heaven Knows”, reaching #4 on the Hot 100 in early 1979.

The Jackson 5 had been given the moniker “the first family of soul” but it originally had been bestowed on the Five Stairsteps, a Chicago family of 5 boys and 1 girl. Between 1966 and 1969 they charted 13 songs that made the lower reaches of the Hot 100, many of which made the R&B top 20. It wasn’t until 1970 that they scored their signature hit “O-o-h Child” (18), a song that also shows up in Rolling Stone’s top 500 of all-time at #402. 


Read the rest here

Email Me your feedback, chart, link, etc.

Beyond Radio Tim’s Top 150, June 14

1              1              HARRY STYLES   Falling  1(2)        12
The former 1D old soul reaches the #1 position for the2nd time after “Sign Of The Times”. He just missed the top 10 earlier this year with “Adore You” reaching #11 and “Treat People With Kindness” made it to #21 in March.
2              2              5 SECONDS OF SUMMER              Wildflower        1(3)        8
The boys have spent the last 6 weeks in the top 2. So much better than the stateside single “Old Me”, a non-starter for me. “No Shame” peaked at #12 last month.
5              3              LOTTERY WINNERS         Love Will Keep Us Together        3              5
The UK newcomers have placed 10 songs in my top 150 this year and this is looking like their third #1. Their album debuted on the UK chart at #23 in March but as of yet none of their singles have reached the top 100 there.
3              4              HANSON             In The City          3(3)        8
In doing my 2000 blog last month I re-discovered this song from the album “This Time Around”. A true rocker from the brothers that still sounds fantastic. The flute recalls Jethro Tull and John Popper of Blues Traveler on harmonica gives it a great energy. Will it be denied a #1 peak? Not necessarily. OK Go re-surface as well because of the current 2010 blog.
4              5              NOTHING BUT THIEVES Is Everybody Going Crazy?           4(3)        11
Another UK band. This is their seventh visit to my top 10, 5 of those reaching the top 5
7              6              EVANESCENCE  Wasted On You 6              6
Like an old friend, I love Amy Lee’s voice. Their first appearance on my chart since 2012.  A nice contrast between verse and chorus.
8              7              THE SIDE DEAL  Ghosts  7              7
What happens when you team former members of Train and Sugar with 2 brothers whose music is steeped in roots music. A 90’s era pop-rock toe-tapper with rootsy undertones. Grandmaster Flash gets a shout out.
6              8              CREEPER              Cyanide               5              11
A second top 10 in a row for the horror-punk band. In this mid-tempo sort-of ballad Christina Applegate gets a shout out (“she’s my cyanide”). This season of “Dead To Me” went by too fast.
9              9              CAITLYN SMITH Rare Bird             8              14
Caitlyn Smith’s second album “Supernova” is an up and down affair but when it shines, it shines. This simple song highlight’s that voice.
11           10           JESSIE WARE      Spotlight             10           11
It has taken me a while to find the right song from this sultry vocalist. The light disco pulse of this one brings to mind Lisa Stansfield.
10           11           ARKELLS               Years In The Making       9              14
12           12           THE MAKEMAKES            Heyo     12           17
15           13           LIVE LOUNGE ALLSTARS                Times Like These             13           7
One of the better COVID related songs. This one a remake of the Foo Fighters song from 2003. I recently discovered a Glen Campbell cover as well along with a cover of Guided By Voices “Hold On Hope”, a beautiful song (also through doing blog research).
22           14           STUCK ON PLANET EARTH            Higher Than The Drugs  14           7
18           15           HANDS LIKE HOUSES      Through Glass   15           9
23           16           ADELITAS WAY Habit     16           9
13           17           KINGSWOOD     Bittersweet        2              17
25           18           SAINT MOTEL    A Good Song Never Dies               18           9
27           19           ALL TIME LOW  Wake Up, Sunshine        19           6
16           20           ROB DICKINSON               End Of The World            1(3)        16
17           21           LOTTERY WINNERS         18 To 30's            17           12
31           22           GORD BAMFORD             Just Let Go          22           5
14           23           KID BLOOM        Lemonhead        6              16
19           24           BT f/ ROB DICKINSON    Always 19           13
20           25           KENSINGTON    Island    20           13
29           26           SHRED KELLY      Dead Leaves      26           10
26           27           ALL TIME LOW  Getaway Green 26           9
21           28           WHITE REAPER  Headwind           1(2)        20
52           29           MAGIC GANG    Take Back The Track       29           4
24           30           CREEPER              Annabelle           7              17
38           31           LUCIA & THE BEST BOYS               City of Angels    31           5
34           32           THE WEEKND     In Your Eyes       32           9
32           33           YOLA     I Don't Wanna Lie            32           11
36           34           WYN STARKS     Circles  34           8
40           35           THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus          35           7
37           36           LOTTERY WINNERS         Hawaii  36           10
28           37           LOTTERY WINNERS         I Don't Love You               25           12
35           38           FRATELLIS            Six Days In June                35           12
51           39           POETS OF THE FALL         Moments Before The Storm        39           8
41           40           JIMMY EAT WORLD        Criminal Energy 40           15
48           41           JANE HOLIDAY  All Yours              41           9
55           42           THE KILLERS        Fire In Bone        42           4
47           43           DUA LIPA             Break My Heart 43           9
46           44           ASYLUMS            Catalogue Kids  37           10
30           45           BIFFY CLYRO      Instant History  20           15
45           46           CAITLYN SMITH Fly Away              45           9
57           47           THE ALLERGIES  Felony  47           4
49           48           BILLIE JOE            I Think We're Alone Now             48           8
53           49           LOTTERY WINNERS         I Know  49           7
60           50           THE MAKEMAKES            Million Euro Smile          50           5
96           51           SHINEDOWN     Atlas Falls           51           2
33           52           DUA LIPA             Physical               17           18
42           53           ELEPHANT STONE            Hollow World   42           17
54           54           AWOLNATION  Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever 54           8
56           55           LOTTERY WINNERS         Elizabeth             55           7
39           56           MORRISSEY        Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?      1              23
65           57           U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars          57           7
68           58           NIALL HORAN    Small Talk           58           6
63           59           TIM HICKS           No Truck Song   59           11
74           60           CHILD OF THE PARISH    Relic Of The Past              60           7
66           61           SWIM DEEP        World I Share    61           8
70           62           WEEZER               Hero      62           5
43           63           STEREOPHONICS              Don't Let The Devil Take Another Day    30           18
64           64           ADAM LAMBERT f/ NILE RODGERS          Roses    64           13
84           65           JACK GARRATT  Better   65           3
73           66           FRIENDLY FIRES Offline 66           6
50           67           LOTTERY WINNERS         Little Things       1(5)        21
101         68           ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES               Call Me 68           2
67           69           SISTER HAZEL    Memphis Rain   67           14
71           70           THE SHERLOCKS               One Day               70           7
78           71           NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS               Come On Outside            71           5
44           72           BADLY DRAWN BOY       Is This A Dream 27           16
69           73           BEN KWELLER    Heart Attack Kid               69           14
77           74           THE GO SET        Mixed Tapes      74           5
81           75           RECLAIM VIENNA            Change The Echo              75           5
95           76           THE ALLERGIES  Since You've Been Gone               76           3
62           77           ECHOSMITH       Diamonds           45           13
61           78           CAITLYN SMITH Long Time Coming          1(2)        23
new       79           BROTHERS OSBORNE     All Night              79           1
59           80           LADY GAGA        Stupid Love        24           15
88           81           TWIN ATLANTIC                Oh! Euphoria!   81           10
90           82           BOSTON MANOR             Plasticine Dreams            82           5
58           83           5 SECONDS OF SUMMER              No Shame           12           17
113         84           THE JACKS           Threw It All Away            84           3
100         85           MARTHAGUNN We Don't Need Each Other         85           4
87           86           TYLER FARR        Only Truck In Town         86           8
111         87           TENNIS Need Your Love 87           5
89           88           RHEA     Stuck In The Middle       88           12
92           89           JJ WILDE              The Rush             89           8
132         90           BROTHER FIRETRIBE       Bring On The Rain            90           3
86           91           NADA SURF        So Much Love    86           10
79           92           KEITH URBAN    Higher Love        19           8
107         93           THE 1975              If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)               93           2
new       94           THE LUKA STATE               Feel It   94           1
128         95           MORRISSEY        Jim Jim Falls       95           2
97           96           THE GLORIOUS SONS     Spirit To Break  96           6
75           97           TENILLE TOWNES             White Horse      38           21
98           98           TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday             98           6
106         99           THE BLACK MOODS         Sunshine             99           3
110         100         MOBS   Big World            100         5
115         101         SPITFIRES            Tear This Place Right Down!       101         4
76           102         ALMOST MONDAY          Broken People  51           14
112         103         RINA SAWAYAMA           XS           103         3
105         104         LELAND BLUE     Lying To Myself 104         10
109         105         ROACHFORD      High On Love     105         4
80           106         BLUE OCTOBER Oh My My           73           9
103         107         ALGIERS               Dispossession   102         9
120         108         MOBS   I'll Be Back          108         6
72           109         THE BLACK MOODS         Whatcha Got     32           22
118         110         TRUE TIDES         Survive 110         3
82           111         TWENTY ONE PILOTS     Level Of Concern             78           8
122         112         JOYWAVE           Coming Apart    112         3
127         113         DMA'S  The Glow            113         4
137         114         BRETT ELDREDGE             Gabrielle             114         2
142         115         BEN HAZLEWOOD           Collateral            115         2
94           116         KAKKMADDAFAKKA       Baby      91           9
new       117         OK GO  I Won't Let You Down    117         1
125         118         HIGH SOUTH     All We Need      118         3
126         119         BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)       119         3
130         120         SHAWN HOOK  I Don't Wanna Dance     120         4
121         121         PEARL JAM         Retrograde         121         5
83           122         SARAH AND THE SAFE WORD     You're All Scotch, No Soda           61           14
117         123         MORRISSEY        Knockabout World          111         5
148         124         THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE          The Last Goodbye           124         2
149         125         NOVASTAR         Word's Out         125         2
85           126         PETE YORN         I Wanna Be The One      62           15
99           127         ADAM LAMBERT              Velvet  94           9
91           128         LESLIE ODOM JR.              Go Crazy              48           13
141         129         ASYLUMS            A Perfect Life In A Perfect World              129         2
93           130         LOTTERY WINNERS         That's Not Entertainment            1(2)        19
new       131         OK GO  The One Moment            131         1
123         132         ANYWAY GANG               Eyes Of Green   119         8
new       133         FLYING COLORS Mask Machine  133         1
119         134         GUSTER                Don't Go              107         8
104         135         CHILD OF THE PARISH    Before The Moment's Gone       64           11
143         136         ELISA     Soul       136         2
114         137         SEA GIRLS            Why Won't You Admit  110         6
102         138         ROACHFORD      Love Remedy    5              22
136         139         RETRO VIDEO CLUB         Youth    132         4
133         140         BLACK PUMAS  Fire        131         5
new       141         THE EXPLORERS CLUB    One Drop Of Rain            141         1
139         142         THE HOWL & THE HUM Hall of Fame      139         3
new       143         MERCYME           Hurry Up And Wait         143         1
144         144         AWOLNATION f/ RIVERS CUOMO            Pacific Coast Highway In The Movies      144         3
169         145         ALANIS MORISETTE         Smiling 145         1
147         146         SEA GIRLS            Do You Really Wanna Know        146         2
108         147         BLACK PUMAS  Old Man              81           15
new       148         TOTO     Fearful Heart     148         1
129         149         THE STRANGLERS             Sweet Smell Of Success 111         7
146         150         GROUPLOVE      Deleter 143         4
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The typical (pop, rock, country, etc.) and atypical (heartland, rhythmic adult) as charted by our personal chart panel. See the full top 100's and the top 100 of each genre's primary voter panel side by side. The voter panel charts show you what songs in other genres the panel appreciates as well. The Top 10's

Hot Ac Monthly Ranking  

62HARRY STYLESWatermelon Sugar
23DUA LIPABreak My Heart
34THE WEEKNDIn Your Eyes
2210ONEREPUBLICBetter Days

Monthly Pop  

52HARRY STYLESWatermelon Sugar
23DUA LIPABreak My Heart
34THE WEEKNDIn Your Eyes
476DUA LIPAHallucinate
16310BLACKPINKHow You Like That

Monthly Dance  

84ERASUREHey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)
56DADI FREYRThink About Things
98LADY GAGABabylon
NEW 9RAYENatalie Don't
NEW 10KYGO & TINA TURNERWhat's Love Got To Do With It

Monthly Urban  

102BEYONCEBlack Parade
1388KANYE WEST f/ TRAVIS SCOTTWash Us In The Blood
11210JACK HARLOWWhat's Poppin

Rock Monthly Ranking  

12SHINEDOWNAtlas Falls
26THE ROLLING STONESLiving In A Ghost Town

Country Monthly Ranking  

43SAM HUNTHard To Forget
NEW 4ERIC CHURCHStick That In Your Country Song
15MICKEY GUYTONWhat Are You Gonna Tell Her?
426LUKE BRYANOne Margarita
179MADDIE & TAEDie From A Broken Heart

Ac Monthly Ranking  

72ERASUREHey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)
254JESSIE WAREWhat's Your Pleasure?
26JESSIE WARESpotlight
NEW 7KYGO & TINA TURNERWhat's Love Got To Do With It
68MELANIE CBlame It On Me

Alternative Monthly Ranking  

161THE KILLERSMy Own Soul's Warning
12THE 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
64KENNYHOOPLAHow Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway
109BIFFY CLYROTiny Indoor Fireworks
1210GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)

Aaa Monthly Ranking  

104HAIMDon't Wanna
15THE ROLLING STONESLiving In A Ghost Town
888SEMISONICYou're Not Alone
910PEARL JAMRetrograde