41DUA LIPABreak My Heart
13DUA LIPAPhysical
74THE WEEKNDIn Your Eyes
35LADY GAGAStupid Love
56THE WEEKNDBlinding Lights
68DIXIE CHICKSGaslighter
109NOTHING BUT THIEVESIs Everybody Going Crazy?
1410TWENTY ONE PILOTSLevel Of Concern
1611GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)
912TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday
22113THE 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
1114JESSIE WARESpotlight
2615BENEE f/ GUS DAPPERTONSupalonely
17317THE ROLLING STONESLiving In A Ghost Town
3118POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEEDeath Bed (Coffee For Your Head)
1219DUA LIPADon't Start Now
2820SAM HUNTHard To Forget
3521KIESZAAll Of The Feelings
2122BILLIE EILISHEverything I Wanted
49235 SECONDS OF SUMMERWildflower
2524SAINT JHNRoses
1725PEARL JAMSuperblood Wolfmoon
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May 29
Beyond Radio Presents - Castlist 005 - Ep 5 - The 70 Connection Part 2

The latest podcast is a continuation of the our discussion from earlier this month linking current music to 50 years ago. We throw some love at Sly and The Family Stone and Jeff recalls a connection to kids television that proves to be accurate.

We took a break between recording the first and second halves of this episode and in the meantime Covid-19 reared its ugly head. That put a different spin on a song by Canadian's Elephant Stone. This discussion brought in a sitar sub-thread (bringing Harry Styles back for a cameo) and leads to sound-a-likes, plagarism and the Who's Tommy.

Other featured artists include Labrinth, Imagine Dragons, Sudan Archives, The Beatles, Vampire Weekend, The Stone Roses, George Harrison, The Chiffons, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Dirty Honey, Jackyl, Greta Van Fleet, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, The Shocking Blue, Bananarama and Mama Cass. And how does the song "Venus" connect to "Oh Susanna"?

The Spotify playlist features all the songs we've discussed in the Castlist 005 episodes. That is 146 songs in total.

Here are the other podcasts in this series.

Beyond Radio Tim
Weekly music picks, Spotify Playlists and links to independent artists
In a Band? Follow Me
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May 18
Another April 2000 Blog Entry. You can't find everything on the Internet.

Learn more about an era of music and the connections behind the songs. Interwoven with personal anecdotes, commentary and artist history. A unique way to tap into music nostalgia and discovery.

See my April 29, 2000 chart here

The companion Spotify playlist has all the songs discussed in the blog that are available. Individual playlists for each blog entry are available on My YouTube channel.


My Personal Chart, April 29, 2000

YouTube playlist with the songs from Part 6

Part 6, Familial Ties and Unties (Let the Meek Be Strong) and the Ladies Who Lilith

The Eurythmics /Power To The Meek (8)


The Eurythmics went 10 years between the 1989 album “We Too Are One” and 1999’s “Peace”. In-between Annie Lennox had a successful solo career which included the fabulous album “Diva” and Dave Stewart formed the band the Spiritual Cowboys, with members of the Pretenders and Ian Dury & The Blockheads, which released 2 albums. He also released 2 solo albums later in the 90’s.

The “Peace” album was not the comeback they had anticipated with the first 2 singles failing to make the UK top 10 (“I Saved The World Today” reached #11 and “17 Again” #27). A dance remix of “17 Again did reach the summit on the U.S. Dance chart. ‘Again’ was also featured in a season 4 episode of “Will & Grace”. Those 2 songs, and another single “Peace Is Just A Word” only had minor impact on me, none rising higher than #85 on my personal chart.

I was looking for a highlight from the album and found it in ‘Meek’, the fifth single released from the album; a song that played off of their rockier side (it peaked at #3 2 weeks earlier in April). My 2 favorite songs by them, “I Need A Man” and “Missionary Man” both had a prominent guitar edge, that I feel complimented her voice well. That is not to say she couldn’t kill it on a ballad, check her solo debut single “Why”. ‘Meek’ ended up my #32 of 2000, the sixth and final time the band made my top 50 of the year.

Fiona Apple was in my top 20 this week with “Limp” (16). It was a slow burn type of song for me, taking 17 weeks to reach my top 10 (eventually it peaked at #7). Since the release of her debut album “Tidal”, Apple has taken a strange path to stardom. She just released her fifth album (and first since 2012), “Fetch The Bolt Cutters”, to critical acclaim in April. It debuted on the Billboard 200 at #4 and the single “Shameika” is her first to garner significant radio airplay in well over a decade.

A lot of her work can be described as “Art Pop”, not dwelling on the confines of a true pop structure. Rhythm changes, Jazz flourishes, deep poetic lyrics, all combine to create something singular. “Limp” follows some of these. The background of this sounds like it comes from David Lynch’s “Eraserhead”, a percolating cauldron. The song comes from her second album, When The Pawn…’’, which at the time boasted the longest album title ever; 88 words and 444 characters, actually a poem she had written.

A reviewer compared the title to Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping”. Not sure what the reference pertains to, but it was that UK band in 2008 that broke her record with a title that had 865 characters. They appeared on my chart this week with “She’s Got All The Friends” (140). If you can believe it, they released 19 albums (7 before “Tubthumper”) and were together for 30 years (1982-2012).

Apple had my #1 song of 1997 with “Criminal”, a smoldering, sexy song that was #1 for 11 weeks. The dissonant piano led song “Fast As You Can” was her only other radio top 10, making it to #8 at AAA. Her father is actor Brandon Maggert who was Buddy in the Jim & Buddy skits on the first season of Sesame Street and played the oldest brother on the Showtime sitcom “Brothers” between 1984-89. Her half-brother Garrett Maggert is also an actor.

See the Rest Here

My Personal Chart, April 29, 2000

YouTube playlist with the songs from Part 5

Part 5, Clueless In Minneapolis, A Basement Full of Music and Indie in the Heartland

Camel Junkies /Beats The Hell Outta Me (4)


I have extraordinarily little information about this indie band. This is a brooding rock song with an impassioned, if not perfect, vocal. I cannot pinpoint what it was that struck me most about this song even though it spent 2 weeks at #1 on my chart at the beginning of April. It starts with acoustic guitar, eventually brings in fuzzy electric guitar, has modulation and gets more intense as the song goes on. The song is not available on any streaming services, YouTube or sites like LastFM of Bandcamp.

I knew I had the CD, so I went to my CD graveyard in the basement. My basement is mostly unfinished with a dirt floor and minor moisture problems. Most of my CDs, albums and singles are down there as we don’t really have space to display them; sad. I was trying to wear a mask as I went through boxes but, oy was it humid. It was not the most fun I’ve ever had though it made me want to figure out how to get these things displayed. I had separated the CDs and books from their cases for the most part and some were in alphabetical order, but not the Camel Junkies. After a third attempt (I have a lot of music down there), I found a promotional case with a sticker listing 5 of their songs. The CD was actually in it! It was blank so I was not even sure that it would have music on it, but it did. I know I have the full album “Random Events & Narrow Escapes” as well but have not found that yet. It was great to hear this angsty song again (I’ve now probably listened to it 10 or 15 times in the last week).

The internet provides scant info on the band. I do not know where they are from. I do know that a Camel Junkies song was added to 2 college radio stations in Jan/Feb 2000, one in Great Falls, Montana and the other in Hoboken, New Jersey. The CD is available on Amazon for $38.99 and one of the 3 reviews on Amazon is from a guy whose friend’s sister dated the lead singer. I love random, stupid stuff like this.

The track that was pitched to radio I believe was “Fuzzy”, which I remember but did not chart. It is a bit of a raunchy song but lively and perfect for college radio at the time. I did chart 2 others though, “I’m Okay” and “Lack Luster Life”.

A good amount of American indie music at the time had an Alt-Country framework. The Scott Laurent Band from Minneapolis was among those. “The Next One” (116) had just spent a couple months in my top 100. In the 80’s the Minneapolis rock scene had produced 2 influential Alternative bands in The Replacements (their biggest hit was 1990’s “I’ll Be You”) and Husker Du (“Makes No Sense At All” peaked at #2 on the UK Indie chart in 1985), and both the Junkies and Laurent seem to be born out of that wheelhouse.

I have to stay with Husker Du for a second. The B-side to ‘Sense’ was a remake of the Mary Tyler Moore show theme “Love Is All Around”. Bob Mould, the lead singer, had a solo #4 Alternative hit in 1989 with “See A Little Light” and went on to form the band Sugar in the early 90’s and had 3 songs make my top 100 of year in 1992 including “Helpless”.

The next band, also Minneapolis bred, is Johnny Clueless, a band that credits their sound to a mix of the Heartland Rock of Indiana’s John Hiatt with the Pop Rock of the Bay City Rollers. You can hear these influences on different tunes from the album “What’s Your Flavour?”.  I was clearly enamored with the band in the spring of 2000 with 4 songs on my chart this week.


**UPDATE May 19: I searched through the last 2 boxes of CD's this morning and I found the actual Camel Junkies CD. It was the third to last of the bunch (a few hundred), of course.The liner notes said it was recorded at Oarfin studios and that record label also was the home of Johnny Clueless and the Scott Laurent Band. They were indeed from the Minneapolis area. In googling the band members I found one, Shaun Felegy, who still lives there.


See the Rest Here

May 14
Coronavirus Songs are Trending in May plus the Alternative Sub Genre Charts and a New Podcast Episode

These are the top 100 songs that are making gains at mid-month

The Trending 100, May 2020



1              THE 1975              If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) 13           1884.9

Strangely all 3 of the 1975’s albums have gone to #1 in the UK but this is the highest charting single on the UK singles chart (#14). The next album, “Notes On A Conditional Form” is coming out on May 22. They have released 7 of the songs from the album already, starting last year with the atypical “People”. Currently “Me & You Together Song” is in the Alternative top 20.

2              THE ROLLING STONES    Living In A Ghost Town  17           1645.35

There are a plethora of Covid-19 related songs that have been released in the last few weeks. This puts the Stones in good form; sort of bluesy reggae-rock. There is also a pop remix by Alok that is not bad.

3              MARSHMELLO & HALSEY               Be Kind 65           1066.25

I have not been a fan of Halsey, but this mid-tempo pop song will be her second to reach my top 100. It has just reached the Pop top 25.

4              MEGAN THEE STALLION f/ BEYONCE        Savage  28           1062.85

The new Beyonce remix has brought this song to #2 on the Hot 100. This is her first Beyond Radio top 100 song, this week entering at #28.

5              EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           In Birdsong         79           814.6

This avant-garde UK outfit has been around since 2010. This is currently #1 on the Underground 100 chart. They were not intending to release the song yet, but it felt appropriate for the time. They have reached the BR250 numerous times over the years.

6              THE KILLERS        Fire In Bone        95           743.8

While “Caution” sits at #2 on the BR250, this second preview into the new album cracks the top 100 at #95. The 80’s influence on this song is evident. During the verses it reminds me of the Cure (though not as dark), but the soaring chorus is anything but Cure-like. It’s a nice mix of quirk and accessibility.

7              BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)        74           728.15

I’m not sure this was supposed to be a coronavirus song but it certainly falls into the mold. The Toronto rockers are feeling positive on this driving, energetic song. All 3 of their latest singles have made the BR250.

8              OASIS    Don't Stop           126         727.6

Released April 30, this demo from the mid-2000’s has a coronavirus backstory. Noel Gallagher found this on a blank cd and thought it was lost forever. Because of the lockdown he was going through old things like so many of us. Ironically, I was looking for a song from 2000 for my personal chart playlist and it was not available online anywhere. I found it on a blank cd in my basement. More on that in my next blog entry.

9              EVANESCENCE  Wasted On You 88           716.2

This is a welcome return from the band after the lackluster remake of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. It debuts ion the BR250 at #88 this week. It should be an easy top 10 for me and potential chart-topper.

10           AVRIL LAVIGNE We Are Warriors               103         656.4

Re-recorded final track from her album “Head Above Water”, proceeds go to Project HOPE. The original was about her own health struggles. Another charity song sits at #20. A great remake of the Foo Fighters song “Times Like These”, featuring more than 25 mostly UK artists. It reached #1 on the UK singles chart in its second week on the chart.

11           THE SCOTTS        The Scotts           155         623.85

12           REGARD f/ RAYE               Secrets 159         618.3

13           AJ TRACEY           Dinner Guest     164         604.6

14           ALANIS MORISETTE         Diagnosis             144         601.9

15           THE WEEKND     In Your Eyes       4              592.05

16           FIONA APPLE     Shameika            73           590.35

Apple recently hit #4 on the Billboard 200 album chart with “Fetch The Bolt Cutters”, her first album in 8 years. It is a singular record, very experimental in nature. 10 songs from the album appear on charts from the Beyond Radio personal chart panel, 5 of those in the Trending 100 this week. This one is #30 on the current Mediabase AAA chart.

17           CHVRCHES          Forever 55           578.9

18           BILLIE JOE            I Think We're Alone Now              45           568.55

19           JACK GARRATT  Better   193         551.2

20           LIVE LOUNGE ALLSTARS Times Like These              110         539.5

21           LADY ANTEBELLUM         Champagne Night            154         525.45

22           ARIANA GRANDE & JUSTIN BIEBER            Stuck With U      212         506.8

23           DECLAN MCKENNA         The Key To Life On Earth               102         504.2

24           THE GO SET         Mixed Tapes      217         498.7

25           HAIM    I Know Alone     218         498.4

The latest podcast for your listening pleasure.

Beyond Radio Presents: Castlist 005 - Ep 4 - The Weird World of BillyHop, Morrissey and Harry Styles

The title says it all. Jeff sheds some light on the hybrid of Country and Hip Hop, painfully executed by Justin Bieber and Florida Georgia Line. Of course this would not be complete without a connection to the Tiger King.

As we move into the actual theme of the episode, the aside does kind of make for a nice transition. New music from Morrissey keeps the wacky quotient up and we get into a 50 year loop that features a well known actor, a disco diva and Solid Gold.

Old soul Harry Styles continues that trend and inadvertently brings in Up With People, lesbians and that actor again. Finally Jeff heard something that I completely missed on the next song by Cod War Kids. As I state in the episode, "I love my life!"

Alternative Sub-Genres

Each of these charts now have their own page found on the Monthly Genre Charts Menu


Alt Pop/Electro

47           1              TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern              6

8              2              GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)        12

2              3              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday             20

1              4              JESSIE WARE       Spotlight              11

13           5              BENEE f/ GUS DAPPERTON          Supalonely          10

new       6              THE 1975              If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) 4

new       7              POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEE            Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)            11

4              8              BILLIE EILISH       Everything I Wanted       27

146         9              THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus           7

new       10           CHARLI XCX        Forever 5


Adult Leaning Alternative

1              1              THE KILLERS        Caution 10

6              2              GLASS ANIMALS               Your Love (Deja Vu)        12

2              3              TAME IMPALA   Lost In Yesterday             20

4              4              PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon  13

5              5              THE STROKES     Bad Decisions    13

3              6              PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants           17

72           7              THE STROKES     Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus           7

8              8              COLDPLAY           Champion Of The World                68

11           9              GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!             18

9              10           THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light           45

Alt Rock

4              1              NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Is Everybody Going Crazy?           10

2              2              PEARL JAM         Superblood Wolfmoon  13

3              3              THE STROKES     Bad Decisions    13

10           4              KENNYHOOPLA How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway          13

1              5              PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants           17

9              6              GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!             18

5              7              BIFFY CLYRO       Instant History   13

8              8              THE BLACK KEYS                Shine A Little Light           45

181         9              BILLY TALENT     I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)        7

20           10           THE ARKELLS      Years In The Making        12


new       1              EVERYTHING EVERYTHING           In Birdsong         3

15           2              SQUID   Sludge  7

new       3              FIONA APPLE     Shameika            5

new       4              JAMIE XX             Idontknow          5

new       5              THE BLESSED ISLES           Gone     4

1              6              SPORTS TEAM    Here's The Thing               12

new       7              JAMES BLAKE     You're Too Precious        3

new       8              PHOEBE BRIDGERS          Kyoto    5

new       9              PROTOMARTYR Processed By The Boys   4

208         10           CAR SEAT HEADREST       Martin  7

Retro Soul (R&B, Soul Pop, Jazz Pop, Disco, Throwback Hip Hop)

1              1              DOJA CAT            Say So   20

2              2              JESSIE WARE       Spotlight              11

6              3              KIESZA  All Of The Feelings           9

3              4              SZA f/ JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE          The Other Side  12

8              5              JP SAXE f/ JULIA MICHAELS          If The World Was Ending               25

5              6              ADAM LAMBERT f/ NILE RODGERS            Roses    15

4              7              ALICIA KEYS        Underdog           20

9              8              U.S. GIRLS           4 American Dollars           14

new       9              JESSIE WARE       Ooh La La             4

new       10           THE ALLERGIES  Felony  4


Roots AAA (Roots Rock, Americana, Folk, Heritage Pop)

new       1              THE ROLLING STONES    Living In A Ghost Town  4

1              2              ALANIS MORISETTE         Smiling  13

2              3              HAIM    The Steps            11

5              4              THE PRETENDERS             The Buzz              10

23           5              GERRY CINNAMON         Where We're Going        12

29           6              PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOTT             A Good Day Is Hard To Find          9

new       7              LIVE LOUNGE ALLSTARS Times Like These              4

11           8              NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGES  July.       33

31           9              KATIE PRUITT     Expectations      9

new       10           ALANIS MORISETTE         Diagnosis             4

Alternative Hip Hop

1              1              THE WEEKND     After Hours         13

48           2              YVES TUMOR     Kerosene            6

6              3              RUN THE JEWELS              Ooh LA LA           7

2              4              MAC MILLER       Good News        18

new       5              AJ TRACEY           Dinner Guest     3

13           6              RUN THE JEWELS              Yankee And The Brave   7

22           7              JPEGMAFIA        Bald!      10

30           8              R.A.P. FERREIRA Leaving Hell        9

40           9              CLIPPING             Blood Of The Fang           31

31           10           24KGOLDN          City Of Angels    9

May 12
Parts 3 and 4 of the April 29, 2000 blog

My Personal Chart, April 29, 2000

YouTube playlist with the songs from Part 4

Part 4, Cover Your Jazz Hands and the Long and Winding Road to #1

Guster /Fa Fa (Never Be The Same Again) (4)


This Boston band first hit my chart in 1998 with “Airport Song” from their second album “Goldfly”, which hit #19 on my chart. It starts with an acoustic guitar line; it brings in their signature harmonies and the lead vocals are traded off. Bongos, bass and electric guitar eventually enhance the song and it builds to a cacophony by the end (with the sound of a ping pong game to close it out). This sets the tone for a lot of their work. Interesting instrumentation, alternate percussion, and humor.

The 1999 album “Lost and Gone Forever” solidified my appreciation with 2 #1’s on my personal chart, “Barrel Of A Gun” (which uses a typewriter in the bridge) and “Fa Fa”. This song ended up as my #2 of the year. ‘Barrel’ would have been in the top 10 if it didn’t straddle 2 years. These 2 songs established their presence on the Adult Alternative chart (AAA as it is commonly known), both reaching the top 20 (#12 and #17 respectively). “Fa Fa” also made the top 30 on Adult Pop. The addition of horns, flute and sax in the last third of the song bring a nice nuance to the song. 2 other songs from the album charted for me “Center Of Attention” and “Happier’ in 2000 and third this year “What You Wish For” after producing 1 of the current episodes of the podcast which featured ‘Barrel’ (Castlist 005, Ep. 2, posted April 24).

The band met at Tufts University and scored a number of movie and TV placements for their songs over the years, including “Wedding Crashers” (“I Hope Tomorrow Is Today”) and “The OC” (“Keep it Together”). At concerts they like to do humorous covers of other artists’ songs like Temple of The Dog’s “Hunger Strike” (a thoroughly unfunny song). Last year they landed another top 10 AAA hit with “Overexcited”, a song sung in a British accent by member Ryan Miller, who felt it was the best way to get into character. The song, which is sung from the protagonist’s point of view, is about a “nice guy looking for a future lover”. There are now 7 or 8 versions with guest vocalists in different languages (French, Hebrew, etc.). The best is the Canadian version with Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies.


See the Rest Here


My Personal Chart, April 29, 2000

YouTube playlist with the songs from Part 3

Part 3, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi , pronounced “Ricky, Mickey, Robbie”

Ricky Martin featuring Meja /Private Emotion (3)


I cannot say I was deeply influenced by the Latin invasion of Pop in 1999 and 2000 but Ricky Martin was an exception. He reached my top 10 4 times during that period with this ballad placing the best, peaking at #2 (though in Dec/Jan “Shake Your Bon-Bon” spent 4 weeks at #3). “Private Emotion” was written by Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman of the Philadelphia band the Hooters. It was featured on their 1993 album “Out Of Body”.  They saw their greatest success in the mid-80’s with songs like “All You Zombies” and “Day By Day”.

His duet partner Meja is a Swedish singer who had modest top 40 hit (#36) in 1998 called “All ‘Bout The Money”. This song as well, was not a huge hit, only making it to #29 on the Pop airplay chart.  It was the harmony on ‘Emotion’ that hooked me. Martin had a large following in Turkey and recorded a separate version with Turkish singer Sertab Erener.

On ‘Bon-Bon’ he paid homage to his Middle Eastern fan base, mixing musical influences from that region with the Latin vibe. This was a top 10 hit and was also featured in an ad for the Toyota Corolla featuring Brad Pitt that only aired in Japan. There was a remix of the song that is hard to find. “Shake Your Super Bon-Bon” (69) which mixes it with Soul Coughing’s 1996 Alternative hit “Super Bon Bon”.

His self-titled album from which these are culled sold 15 million copies. He has been dubbed the King of Latin Pop and started his career at the age of 12 in the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo, that had a revolving cast of teenage boys between 1977-2009. Martin was a member from 1984-89. During his tenure they had their only Hot 100 hit, “Hold Me”, peaking at #63. The lead singer of that song, Draco Rosa, has gone to be a Grammy winning songwriter and record producer who was involved in most of the tracks on this album. Of note, the previously discussed William Orbit co-wrote and produced with Madonna, her duet with Martin on the album “Be Careful”.

See the Rest Here

May 5
My Personal Chart, April 29, 2000 Part 2, April in Paris (Well Actually London)

Sting/After The Rain Has Fallen (2)


20 years ago, I spent 10 days in London working on a business plan for Beyond Radio. I had started corresponding with a DJ from Cape Town, South Africa in October of 1999. His name is Kieno Kammies and he was looking for a partner in developing an international countdown show. After 6 months with lots of back and forth emails, instant messaging and phone calls we met to finalize plans.

He came to the States later in the year and we went on a number of meetings (so much of it is a blur to me now) but the end result was a non-starter.  It was a genuinely exciting period that I would not give up for anything. In reading some of the emails there was lots of energy and enthusiasm. There was also maybe an aspect of naivety. This was a time when the internet business boom was in full swing and we felt we could ride that wave.

Kieno has gone on to a successful talk radio career in South Africa and I had a great second half of my restaurant career, running events at a number of locations for a local New England company and eventually for celebrity chef, Ming Tsai. Never did I give up my work on Beyond Radio, though certainly it was back burner and more sporadic in nature.

Our time In London was mostly dank. Rainy, chilly weather for the most part. I do remember at least one nice day where we went to a woman’s cottage that we had met. Of course, I don’t remember the circumstances of that but I’m confident it was orchestrated by Kieno (he was definitely more outgoing than me). I do recall eating a lot of Aubergine and meat from a small restaurant that was delicious. Neither of us had a lot of disposable money but we decided to treat ourselves to a pub crawl by hiring a livery who gave us a nice tour of the city. That was a great day.

The other part that was memorable was the new music I discovered while there. The first of these was a song I already knew. I had the Sting album “Brand New Day” and this song was the third single release, though it wasn’t released until the end of April. I heard it in a store in London and it sounded like they had done a more pop radio version. It was a radio edit of the Tin Tin Out remix. Back then when a song that I knew hit radio it evoked a certain change, one of excitement. The song hit my chart on April 8, the first week we were in London and moved up quickly, 41-16-4-2 in 4 weeks. I do not recall what kind of airplay it got in the States. It reached #31 in the UK (but only on the chart for 1 week) and did not make the Hot 100 in Billboard.

The song starts with a Middle Eastern flavor and ends in an anthemic “there’ll still be love in the world” repeated lyric. The loose subject of the song is about freeing a Saharan princess. There were a lot of world beat sounds on the album which won a Grammy for best Pop Vocal album. The title track was the first single and did marginally well and featured Stevie Wonder on harmonica.  The album sold 3.5 million copies, propelled in large part by the second single “Desert Rose” (43), which features Algerian vocalist Cheb Mami. The song was not looking as if it would be a hit until it was featured in a Jaguar commercial in March 2000. While older songs had been used in commercials prior to this, ‘Rose’ was the first new song to be used like that. Since then there have been a myriad of songs that have risen in popularity because of commercial placement.

There were other songs that I heard in London that did not get airplay in the States. The song “Pure Shores” (7) by British/Canadian girl group All Saints has had lasting endurance for me. It had a similar trajectory to Sting’s song, moving 43-18-7-7 over those first 4 weeks, ultimately peaking at #4 on my chart. In total they charted 9 top 10’s in the UK but only 1 song, 1998’s “Never Ever” (the spoken intro is cringe-worthy) was a hit in the States, peaking at #5. ‘Shores’ was featured in the Leonardo DeCaprio movie “The Beach” (there is a line “take me to the beach” in the song), so it did get some exposure here.


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Beyond Radio Tim’s Top 150, Apr. 26

2              1              WHITE REAPER  Headwind           1              13
After “Real Long Time” spent 2 weeks at #2 in Nov. the band finally sees the #1 spot. If not for “Pink Motel”, the former song would have hit the summit. Possibly the most fun band of the past year.
1              2              LOTTERY WINNERS          That's Not Entertainment             1(2)        12
The 2nd #1 for this UK band, they would receive the runner-up spot for most fun band at the moment. Currently they have 6 songs in my top 150 with more waiting in the wings.
3              3              ROB DICKINSON               End Of The World             1(3)        9
This newly discovered track from 2008 reminds me of how much I love his voice. I fell in love with this beauty of a ballad instantly. Who would you spend the end of the world with? Oh and Billie Eilish has done a cover of this song.
8              4              KINGSWOOD     Bittersweet        4              10
This Australian duo is new to me and if this song is any indication, it is time to go back and listen to some of their catalog. They have had 3 top 20 albums in Australia since 2014. This has a feel similar to 2017’s “Dead Dreamers” by Demob Happy that spent 2 weeks at #1 on my chart. Also Royal Blood.
6              5              LOTTERY WINNERS          Little Things        1(5)        14
This song has spent 11 of its 14 weeks on my chart in the top 5.
4              6              CAITLYN SMITH Long Time Coming           1(2)        16
Smith racked up her 6th #1 on my chart in early March. The distorted blues guitar bridge is just fantastic.
5              7              ROACHFORD      Love Remedy     5              15
This Brit had a #1 song on my chart in 1989 with “Cuddly Toy”. That song reached #25 on the Hot 100 and #4 in the UK and had a decidedly dance-rock edge. This is a throwback breezy soul nugget that brought him back into the UK top 30, his 1st single since 2011.
11           8              CREEPER              Annabelle           8              10
On another side of the UK music scene, these got-punkers had a couple of songs reach my top 100 in 2017 but have eclipsed those songs with this, an anthemic punk-pop ditty, and “Cyanide” which will join this in the top 10 and owes a lot to Oasis.
7              9              GREEN DAY         Meet Me On The Roof   7              12
The video features Gaten Matarazzo from “Stranger Things”. The song sees Green Day at their most retro-pop-doo-wop-ish, nice to see them having fun. Billie Joe’s also having fun during quarantine, putting out covers of “I Think we’re Alone Now” (getting some radio love and “That Thing You Do”, an homage to Adam Schelsinger of Fountains Of Wayne (who wrote the song) who died of COVID-19 on April 1.
15           10           KID BLOOM        Lemonhead        10           9
This is the 3rd top 10 entry for the California indie-pop artist. His synthy confections are steeped in 70’s pop goodness.
12           11           SUNDARA KARMA           One Last Night On This Earth       11           17
10           12           GRACE POTTER  Every Heartbeat               10           21
26           13           HARRY STYLES    Falling   13           5
Styles will eclipse the great pop tune “Adore You” with this ballad, most likely following “Sign Of The Times” to #1 on my chart.
9              14           A GREAT BIG WORLD      Fall On Me          4              20
13           15           LABRINTH            Something's Got To Give               6              15
20           16           5 SECONDS OF SUMMER              No Shame           16           10
This Aussie band reached #2 on my chart in 2016 with “Jet Black Heart”. This and the fast moving “Wildflower” (at #34 this week) will undoubtedly give them 2 more top 10’s and probably their 1st #1.
32           17           NOTHING BUT THIEVES  Is Everybody Going Crazy?           17           4
This will kae 6 top 10’s for the UK outfit who have been consistent performers on my chart since 2015.
14           18           MORRISSEY        Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?        2              16
This former #2 song is a must hear. Fantastic instrumentation, wacky lyrics, a Door-y organ break and a crazy assist from Thelma Houston. Almost 6 minutes of awesomeness.
19           19           STEREOPHONICS              Bust This Town  18           23
24           20           THE MAKEMAKES            Heyo     20           10
This Austrian band represented the country in 2015 at the Eurovision contest. I’m starting to discover some cool stuff from them. The boppy 2014 single “Million Euro Smile” will debut on my chart this week.
30           21           ARKELLS               Years In The Making        21           7
The Canadian band that spent 5 weeks at #1 on my chart with “Drake’s Dad” in 2016 will hit the top 10 for a 6th time. Within the next few weeks.
31           22           CAITLYN SMITH Rare Bird              22           7
16           23           DUA LIPA             Future Nostalgia               3              17
17           24           THE GLORIOUS SONS     Closer To The Sky             16           14
18           25           DUA LIPA             Physical 17           11
22           26           ALTER BRIDGE   Godspeed           22           13
25           27           GREEN DAY         Oh Yeah!             25           11
21           28           TAYLOR KNOX   Live It Up             19           20
36           29           LOTTERY WINNERS          18 To 30's            29           5
23           30           TOTO     Running Out Of Time      23           16
27           31           LADY GAGA        Stupid Love        27           8
33           32           BIFFY CLYRO       Instant History   32           8
47           33           CREEPER              Cyanide 33           4
170         34           5 SECONDS OF SUMMER              Wildflower          34           1
35           35           BRANTLEY GILBERT          Fire't Up               35           16
37           36           BADLY DRAWN BOY         Is This A Dream 36           9
41           37           LOTTERY WINNERS          I Don't Love You                37           5
45           38           BT f/ ROB DICKINSON    Always  38           6
new       39           HANSON              In The City           39           1
28           40           ALPHABEAT        Goldmine            27           13
42           41           TENILLE TOWNES             White Horse       41           14
43           42           STEREOPHONICS              Don't Let The Devil Take Another Day     42           11
34           43           KENSINGTON    Uncharted          34           16
44           44           THE BLACK MOODS         Whatcha Got     44           15
29           45           HARRY STYLES    Adore You           11           18
49           46           KENSINGTON    Island    46           6
39           47           SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS              Runaway             39           14
52           48           CELESTE                Stop This Flame 48           9
53           49           PALM SPRINGSTEEN       Sister Sister        49           14
55           50           ELEPHANT STONE            Hollow World     50           10
38           51           HARRY STYLES    Treat People With Kindness        21           15
58           52           LESLIE ODOM JR.              Go Crazy              52           6
60           53           ALMOST MONDAY           Broken People  53           7
70           54           JESSIE WARE       Spotlight              54           4
64           55           ECHOSMITH       Diamonds            55           6
50           56           OZZY OSBOURNE & ELTON JOHN               Ordinary Man    45           11
48           57           JONAS BROTHERS            What A Man Gotta Do    11           14
40           58           ADAM LAMBERT               Loverboy             8              20
69           59           JIMMY EAT WORLD         Criminal Energy 59           8
72           60           LOTTERY WINNERS          Headlock             60           5
73           61           YOLA     I Don't Wanna Lie             61           4
51           62           HANSON              Where's The Love '18      1(6)        28
59           63           JORDAN ALLEN  Never Give It Up               57           13
77           64           FRATELLIS            Six Days In June 64           5
68           65           PEARL JAM         Dance Of The Clairvoyants           63           10
new       66           KEITH URBAN    Higher Love        66           1
46           67           ADAM LAMBERT               Stranger You Are              6              24
86           68           ALL TIME LOW   Getaway Green 68           2
100         69           ASYLUMS            Catalogue Kids   69           3
103         70           SAINT MOTEL     A Good Song Never Dies               70           2
107         71           DUA LIPA             Break My Heart 71           2
54           72           ELBOW White Noise White Heat               28           22
63           73           EDITORS               Upside Down     59           12
78           74           ROB THOMAS    It's Only Love     74           10
79           75           PETE YORN          I Wanna Be The One       75           8
87           76           CHILD OF THE PARISH    Before The Moment's Gone        76           4
66           77           HAYLEY WILLIAMS           Simmer 64           9
62           78           INTERRUPTERS  Bad Guy               2              26
80           79           JACK SAVORETTI               Greatest Mistake             79           13
83           80           MITCHELL TENPENNY     Can't Go To Church         80           9
90           81           SARAH AND THE SAFE WORD      You're All Scotch, No Soda            81           7
88           82           ADAM LAMBERT f/ NILE RODGERS            Roses    82           6
76           83           THROUGH FIRE  Listen To Your Heart       76           9
71           84           EMAROSA           Ready To Love   45           14
56           85           LIZZO     Boys      47           24
150         86           ADELITAS WAY  Habit     86           2
127         87           THE WEEKND     In Your Eyes       87           2
98           88           SHRED KELLY      Dead Leaves       88           3
65           89           STATIC SHIFT      1965       56           17
128         90           CAITLYN SMITH Fly Away              90           2
57           91           BOY & BEAR       Suck On Light     24           19
89           92           SISTER HAZEL     Memphis Rain   89           7
130         93           JANE HOLIDAY   All Yours              93           2
92           94           JOSEPH OF MERCURY     Pretenders         89           11
93           95           JESSIE WARE       Mirage (Don't Stop)        93           7
94           96           MICHAEL W. SMITH         Waymaker          94           9
149         97           HANDS LIKE HOUSES       Through Glass    97           2
61           98           TEBEY    That's Gonna Get You Kissed       32           20
97           99           BLACK PUMAS   Old Man               97           8
99           100         BEN KWELLER    Heart Attack Kid                99           7
126         101         BLUE OCTOBER Oh My My           101         2
115         102         TWIN ATLANTIC Oh! Euphoria!    102         3
84           103         THE GLORIOUS SONS     Pink Motel          1(10)      32
101         104         MISTERWIVES   Why Why Why  101         11
106         105         TIM HICKS           No Truck Song   105         4
82           106         DIRTY HONEY     When I'm Gone 71           9
111         107         SPYRES Otherside            107         9
75           108         I FIGHT DRAGONS            A New Brain       75           11
105         109         LUCKY DAYE        Fly          105         8
81           110         BLOSSOMS         The Keeper        65           12
109         111         BASTILLE              Admit Defeat     109         5
67           112         DAUGHTRY         Alive      37           13
112         113         SUNRISE AVENUE            Thank You For Everything             112         9
74           114         UPSAHL Smile For The Camera    47           16
113         115         G. LOVE & SPEICAL SAUCE f/ KEB'MO      Go Crazy              113         7
117         116         SKINNY LIVING  No Messiah        116         4
120         117         LOTTERY WINNERS          Hawaii   117         3
123         118         ADAM LAMBERT               Velvet   118         2
95           119         DOJA CAT            Say So   74           10
125         120         NADA SURF        So Much Love    120         3
91           121         ADAM LAMBERT               Closer To You     11           23
122         122         DEACON BLUE   City Of Love        122         4
85           123         DEVON GILFILLIAN          Unchained          71           13
121         124         RHEA     Stuck In The Middle        121         5
124         125         LOVELYTHEBAND             Loneliness For Love         125         6
139         126         SEA GIRLS            Ready For More 126         3
96           127         DEIDRE & THE DARK        One Night            47           13
140         128         KAKKMADDAFAKKA        Baby      128         2
new       129         BILLIE JOE            I Think We're Alone Now              129         1
143         130         COLD WAR KIDS Who's Gonna Love Me Now        130         3
142         131         JR JR      Low        131         2
147         132         ALGIERS               Dispossession    132         2
164         133         GUSTER Don't Go              133         1
104         134         COLLECTIVE SOUL            Crushed               85           12
144         135         TWIN ATLANTIC Barcelona            135         5
166         136         TYLER FARR        Only Truck In Town         136         1
119         137         LIZZO     Jerome 94           13
159         138         WYN STARKS      Circles   138         1
179         139         AWOLNATION   Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever  139         1
197         140         TWENTY ONE PILOTS      Level Of Concern              140         1
162         141         JJ WILDE               The Rush             141         1
145         142         LELAND BLUE     Lying To Myself 142         3
108         143         YOLA     Goodbye Yellow Brick Road         70           14
129         144         JASON ALDEAN Champagne Town            124         8
182         145         POETS OF THE FALL         Moments Before The Storm        145         1
152         146         ANYWAY GANG Eyes Of Green   146         1
154         147         SZA f/ JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE          The Other Side  147         1
194         148         SWIM DEEP         World I Share     148         1
132         149         LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY      Live Again            130         9
116         150         THE WEEKND     Blinding Lights   100         13
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38THE BLUE STONESShakin' Off The Rust
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1310THE USEDParadise Lost, A Poem By

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91SAM HUNTHard To Forget
23CAMTill There's Nothing Left
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79MANDY MOORESave A Little For Yourself
1910BON JOVILimitless

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22TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday
5673NOTHING BUT THIEVESIs Everybody Going Crazy?
116GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)
37BILLIE EILISHEverything I Wanted
1189POWFU f/ BEABADOOBEEDeath Bed (Coffee For Your Head)
610THE 1975Me & You Together Song

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32DIXIE CHICKSGaslighter
13PEARL JAMDance Of The Clairvoyants
24THE STROKESBad Decisions
115HAIMThe Steps
46TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday
NEW 7THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus
88COLDPLAYChampion Of The World
2210FRATELLISSix Days In June